Friday, 23 September 2016

about 4 nights ago i went out with sapphire and ruby to the tesco metro at dagenham east god let me hear a paedophile behind the camera "she is pretty" then he started acting like a dog jumping up and telling the other paedophiles to leave ryan and take me and the children out.  they told him to leave sapphire alone.  god said hethe pesrson who told him to leave her.  god said the white woman spoke to andy and told him to go to court to and to take sappire and ruby.  i cant see a thing sorry.  god said andy knows what would happen to sapphire if he t let them take her but does not care.  if that woman anyone turn up at this door i am going to bang it it her face.

andy ia a paedophile weirdo.

god said i should let you know they are putting shit in the  cereal why he told me not to buy it for my children  let their children eat it.

it has been on here before.  god told me andy went into the school up the road from where we used to live with his friends from the job centre which he met at the work programs people working there michelle set it up.   sexually abused a white child then did the murder lots of men tuuk part women were there all white people.  then came back to the house 109 faircross ave washed himself again that morning then kept telling me he was going up the shops.  went next door and cut barak obama's back his kidney were exposed.   god said the cut went up about 4 inches at the top of his spine.   across the op of his spine then down past the kidey.  god showed it to me.  the he start prising at the open flesh trying to rip it off telling them he knew what he was doing i let him clean chicken at hom .  god said his fingers kept slipping.

god said all of the white people down on that road and other places knew what was happening to barak obama and his family in the house next door why they were all looking pout of their windows.  but kept i from the black people.

let me tell the white peoploe because got let hear them.   "why are we doing the white children leave them to grow up do the black children it's still a hole."  god sai in every school they have done nearl all of the black children that is the level.

god showed me a white police woman telling the black people it wasn't he r then i heard slash her.

god said the black people took out  a white child on it's way home from schooll.  they don't care like you don't care about their children.   god said there are going to be lots of ground fights the black people are going to wipe out london.   because of what the white paedophiles did to there children.

god showed me black men who went to take out a white family they bursted in.  they did not go through a window,   they threw the white girl onto the floor and raped her infront of her parents before murdering the whole family.  god said that is what is going to be happening.

god showed me black men who went to talk to sandra power and asked her where tony's family was they asked for the mother who i saw knocking on doors at colville rd she knocked on 33 where i was the woman down stairs told her she had the wrong adress.  god said they took the mother out.  god said the black people are asking how many has gone.

god said the white people are going to try and bring the british army to help fight the black people.  god said that is why he has come.

i don't care about 911 stop troubling my posts.  trying to take off the spotlights on yourselves too late.

the people knew who did it and didn't do anything to elizabeth and her family why shpuld i care.   god said i lost a family member as well.

god said the reason why white people murder black people and steal from them like in the music business is because they give elizabeth and her family everything and have nothing left so they need to get it.  god said white people like spoiling that white woman.

god said they were going to take out sandra power only because she is pretty.   do you know the gardeners a black family who had a pretty daughter they lived in 95 alpha rdchingford same house where i lived the klu klux took them out because the girl was pretty they saw her on camera .  god said that is what they are using the cameras for.  the 16 year old black girl who went missing in chingford god said was them.

god said the african army said if the british army comes into it then they are going to come into it the other black countries said they will send their armies.

god said the w people have been sitting down for a long time wanting a black and white war.  this is it.

god said what he showed me of the white girl being raped infront of her family all of the children were raped wass the black army all of the different black countries together.

god said there arn't that many white people but it is still too many.

god sait good for them it is because they are troublemakers on the earth why they sat waiting for a black and white war why they kept starting on the black people why he is standing with the black people.

god said it was the cuts you gave to mine why he is letting me take you out.

the white people kept sending the black people after my children they were crow bared and bottled the works.  god said that is what made the white woman and man laught like ldoreen the dog.

god said i do one.  i can't wait like the white people.

god said he is going to let me push the knife in the white woman infront of all of them to show them.

i'd ust like to tell the white people you are not allowed to touch sapphire because she belngs to the blond angel who is sitting and waiting for her to grow up.  ruby has an husband angel as well and so does dorren. and davina.

the angel who has picked me up said the blond angel follows him that is his level if he tells him to sit he sits.

god said the angels were looking for a good family to sit with my family were the best they are asigned to my family they are not allowed to pick up anyone else from another family once the pick up they are told to sit and stay sitting.

to the angel who has picked mr up.  the other angel let me hear you say you are going to take a shower first i am in the room with you at the hotel.   you knocked the door and asked if you can come in you had a bottle of chamgne how did it get to that?  what are you expecting?  what was wrong with you bathroom?

what i mean is you already took a bath that evening

i do blow jobs number one and number two.
one bottle is not enough lets have a party me and you.