Thursday, 24 April 2014

Sunday 20th April 2014

GOD said they are trying to find the person causing all the trouble in America.  GOD said it is the Scott Pilgrim white woman why the blogg spot women did what they did to MY work.  Yesterday I heard her"How did SHE know it was me?" I head another white woman "SHE uses Special Power." Then she said "Why has SHE got Special Power and not us." GOD said she keeps comparing MY English in what I am writing to what she has just put out and realises her film Scott pilgrim is a shit film.  GOD said if I was white she wouldn't have a problem with what I am witting.

Typical white woman dis the Chinese girl to make the white woman look better, now that she has finished "breaking down" the black woman.  The white woman is stinking in the film her waters is being mixed with different people.  She says she keeps hurting people.  That's Scott the Chinese girl the bady and her smell plus all of the others she keeps hurting!  Struff!

In the film the Chinese girl show class the stinking white woman shows herself white trash!

GOD said the white woman who wrote the film Scott Pilgrim could see anything wrong with the whoring until I showed her because she is a whore that is why them men she whored with let her put out such a shit film.  It's crap from beginning to end! I haven't watch the middle to boring just like the white woman!

GOD said that white woman did a lot of whoring to get the film out there she caught everything same like Andy but more.  GOD sais she did it because a black woman wrote a film that would box down the box office and she wanted to stop it.  GOD said that Black woman is ME! 

GOD said she has another film coming out same shit! 

What she is giving them they can get from a prostitute on the curb same levels!

UPDATE 04:32
GOD said the only reason why Andy sexually abused the little girl in the school was because a gun was pointed at him.  GOD said that is why HE still throws a little bit of protection on Andy.

GOD said she did it again she brought a little girl to Andy and told Andy he would have to dispose of her.  GOD said Any was thinking of Sapphire GOD said she was mixed race GOD said when Andy's girlfriend left Andy put thelittle girl out in the street hoping someone good would find her.  GOD said it is Bristol why she was taken to the police station and then into hospital.  GOD said the people who took her to Andy already had her.  GOD said that is how they all get caught.  GOD said they murdered the little girls family so they could take her.

GOD said the day Andy was leaving he told his girlfriend to come in and get Sapphire for him GOD said Sapphire would not have reached Bristol.  GOD said she went upstairs and HE wanted to kick her down the stair to cut her head open on the radiator but HE didn't want her blood spilt in here and didn't want them to blame it on ME GOD said that is why she came in GOD said HE could have stop her at the door but HE wanted to show you she left empty handed it to set the levels for the next house  heard GOD speaking to her then HE marched her out and told her she is not taking Sapphire and to get out.  GOD said HE let her walk off to meet Andy because of what she is going to do for HIM. 

GOD said the white men and women are very spitefull,they know about the group of paedophiles and have left them to carry on GOD thinking it is spiteting HIM and that is why they won't let Ryan go GOD said because you like spite why you won't let Ryan go, every single white person here is going to loose someone in their family and in some families they are going to lose more than one family member that is why HE doesn't want to take out the whole family at one GOD said HE is going to teach white people a lesson and HE is using Ryan.

GOD said even if you were to let discharge Ryan now HE is still GOD wipe out the spite those are the levels it has reached.  BYE!

god said the little mixed race girl looked like she could have been Sapphires sister.  It frighted Andy when he saw them bringing her towards the front door.  GOD sad Andy thought We were all murdered.  GOD said because of what Andy has got himself mixed up in he doesn't want Sapphire he know she is safe here with ME GOD said it is the white paedophile woman Andy picked up is the person pushing for Andy to take Sapphire.  GOD said Andy could have taken Sapphire when he was leaving put knew what would have happened to her GOD said Andy would have had to get past HIM first!

Yesterday GOD said Sapphire is a very nice little girl who grows up to be a very nice person that's why HE doesn't want her in school mixing with spiteful girls.

GOD said HE doesn't want sapphire mixing with the white children because HE doesn't want her to become a whore.  GOD said Sapphire grows up decent because I don't send her to your schools.

GOD said lots of people don't care that GOD is MY husband neither do I, I just like winding pieces of shit .  What's the big deal.  Your making ME turn GOD into a super star. 
The day you speak to ME like shit David is the day you get out!
GOD said you throw ME out the house for your friends!  I don't think so they're paedophiles and they are not allowed n MY house get you own gaf you can come and visit piss off! 

GOD said they are not paedophiles yet until they come into the house.

I want MY own house!!

GOD let ME hear a future clip of MY future HUSBAND who said "thanks for MY children now fuck off, well are you coming then." that's how you treat the white woman show ME respect if WE should split up they are MY children you can visit.

We say please and thank you to each other in here if someone is being rude in here there is a reason.

MY children would hate you if you spoke to ME like that,  you would have to leave I not going to lose MY children over a man!

GOD said some of the men you are with have HIV they pick up white women the other night to spite ME. that is why GOD said not them.

GOD said they ran to pick up the black women so that they could make you jealous that is why the black women showed the spite because of the things them and your men were talking behind your back. 

Those stinking black sluts are not coming in MY house GOD said the white women teamed up with you team of men and made paedophile commitments. 

GOD said they murdered the black woman Linda Malcom.

GOD said Linda was doing MY sexy look to get you because she liked spite.  I wasn't trying to look sexy that's how MY eye go when I'm having good sex!  GOD said she watched a video of ME dancing in the bar compliment of the white woman.

GOD said because they took out Linda they are taking down the whole family. 

Andy's girlfriend is still here? 
GOD said you are all going to pay for it.

GOD said because I said I'm going to the court with MY children they have stepped up on security the American paedophile rapist tortures murders.  GOD said HE has Ryan and I don't need to be there GOD said it is the real IRA.

David said he is not going back to Ireland his friend is nice.  Don't blame yourselves GOD said they were sent to take MY family and I out THE REAL ROYAL FAMILY!
I hear them trying to get in a few minutes ago.

This morning I heard a white woman she said "make sure SHE doesn't get to see him!"  GOD said she is trying to imprison HIM.  GOD said that is why HE starts to murder her. 

When I'm writing I have to be economical with words songs are usually 3.5 minutes long it needs to tell the whole story! 

I like make a list of little phrases I make up that I may like to us in the song.  The try to find other related phrases to rhyme.  

I usually find a nice melody which I make up in MY head a song should be smooth the melody changes shouldn't sound like they belong to different songs.

There are different styles of songs you can have extreme songs(over the top).

Get your foundation throw in any phrase to get a structure the you can fix it after. 

You get better with practice.

Your song needs a beginning middle and end the story is usually told during the verses.

A middle 8 only happens once in a song usually it's eight bars 4 beats to a bar. I't is to break up the monotony of a song.

I don't count bar I know I've been writing for a long time I started off counting bars though. 

Sometime you need a bridge between verse and chorus to link them up so that the song will flow(synchronise).

The bridge on The Orange Song isn't a bridge.

In The Orange Song musical there is lots of dancing.

I'd better be a mother to MY children now! The Orange Song needs some sounds.  Ooos! and Ahhs! I'll leave some for the film directors.

I just heard someone who said "how do you count a bar?" Look at MY middle eight in The Orange Song it 8 bars sing the melody there are 4 beats in each bar you can work out the timing.

I don't care what colour plays Crystal.  A long as she is not bitching ME.

You can have different version I'd like a white woman to play Crystal to say sorry to some of the nice ones.  Just remember who cast the first stone!  I can't wait to work on the other music which I'm writing. 

I think it is better than The Orange Song!  It's a big musical number! Some nice cuts but at a rough stage!

You can marry the two The Orange Song is on the same lines.

GOD said MY students write the best songs!

Ryan just came back from work vexed they sent him to work at Paddy Power commercial road today next to Mc Donalds. He said the white manager said his till was down and asked Ryan to check His Ryan said someone ave Him a 50 pence tip which He put in the till his till was 50 pence up.   Ryan said He checked His till between 6:45 and 7:20 He had finished He went to the shop to buy some biscuits when He came back the manager said my till is ok now check yours.

Ryan said He check his till again and it was 200 pounds down.  Ryan said all day the manager who was on the training course was in and out of Bet Fred betting shop putting on bets.

Ryan said the manager had the chick to tell Him the he has sorted it with head office and have told the it's His fault and it is all going to get sorted out. I gave Ryan 20 pounds today to get to work He said He was anxious to sort it out He spent 18 pound on credit for His phone and couldn't get anything sorted out and said some one from the money place is coming to deal with it tomorrow.  GOD said that was the manager HE was talking about.  Ryan isn't a thief. I just had to give him more money to go to the shop to get some beers.  I want someone to contact head office to check the cameras.

GOD said that is what it was people are handing in script songs your teaching them.  I just wanted you to box the down because of what some of them helped Regina to do to you.

That's why I wrote on here to show you.
 Some one just said she wrote for HERSELF. Yes but I wanted to teach you.

GOd said you are learning to twist and turn it.  The song!

GOD showed ME a white policeman who wrote his first song because of MY teaching.  GOD said he takes it to a record company they love the song but because of the spite towards ME they don't want to take it on.  that's MY student I want him up there.

GOD said lots of the people who come on here are ordinary citizens and are nice they are not secret society members that's why HE let ME teach them and said the policeman who wrote the song isn't a paedophile, that's why they didn't want to take his song GOD said there are a lot of good people here and said HE I have power like Carry White in the movie "Carry." GOD said it is because of what you are doing to MY family.

GOD said it is the white women behind what happened to Ryan at work yesterday.

GOD said the white women and men put the men from Universal Studio in prison and want the family members to know GOD said they came to offer ME a deal. 

GOD said HE is not going to allowed the to murder those men.  GOD said the white men they are going to stop the white women GOD said there motive is because they don't want ME to get MY POWER GOD said even MY children are getting power like the movie Carry. 

GOD HE wanted ME to make a call to David Westfield to help the American men. GOD said the white women are doing the job for the white men I'm waiting on GOD I going to physically bater batter people.  

GOD said it was the white woman who contacted Universal is the one who did it.

Yesterday I heard someone mention Ilford police station they are involved.

I heard "don't use plastic it hurts no!"
"your going to rape me?"
"shut up!"
"No why have I been brought here? Why are we here?"
"I want to make a phone call!"

GOD said the men have been pushed around they are going to take them out.  GOD said the men are afraid they have asked to stay in their cell. 

"No phone call!"
"But I'm entitled to a phone call I want to use the phone!"

GOD said all of the men are involved including David Sommervill that is why he is there. 

"I'm not a criminal why am I here?"
"we have been asked to bring you in that is why you are here?"
"by who?"
"I have been asked no to tell you that!" GOD said they are being ill treated they have been beaten.

I want every single beast in Ilford police station murdered.

I want Andy's girlfriend and her team murdered straight away.

I want every Sydney and her friend Hana Williams acting in the trump up rape charge the put Ryan on murdered.

Every white woman or man any one fighting for king and queen ship is going to be murdered MY family are the heirs.  

GOD said HE doesn't want anyone shaking OUR hands when WE go up there unless WE put out OUR hands first you are not on OUR level.

A bout 4 days ago after Sapphire finished watching the film Smurfs she said "mum that film is really racist" I asked why she felt that she said "I keep watching the film and I can not see any black people not one!"

After she muttered something under her breath and turned away GOD said she said "Not even mixed race." But she said it was a god film!

She is still messing up MY work yesterday I put Nathan at the end of a sentence today it was at the end.

she has messed more !

Should I make the animals talk?

A big thank you to Mr Disney who is helping Ryan, I think Ryan has court today if not tomorrow but he is going today I won't be there I think he will be on his own.  I' like to thank Dave Pembleton for sending MY music to Mr Disney.

I'll create something nice for Universal.

Nigh before last GOD let ME what Dave sent to Mr Disney The Duel Dave has The Car Part1, The Tango Twist and Blue Sky. I re named some of the songs. 

GOD said Dave is a friend.

I'm glad I sent Andy back to the manufactures.. Yesterday GOD said he is breaking out in cold sores because of the Herpes he has picked up because of the whoring he was doing behind MY back.  GOD said that is why HE made ME send him back he would have kissed both MY girls because he knew he had it and would have stared using clean towels underwear which we would have used not knowing what he did to infect us deliberately.  GOD said that is how spiteful Andy is.

Ryan and I are both convinced court is tomorrow. Ryan needs to call his solicitor.

Ryan said his solicitors are not picking up the phone.  The Judge 
said 21st or 23rd  GOD said they told the solicitor not to pick up I heard "I want  Ryan re arrested."  heard "I want lots of car outside the Family home."  GOD said they know court is not until tomorrow.

Come on then you stinking white dogs!

I heard "Makes me want to go and arrest Him wait until after ten o'clock." GOD said that is the date they try to shift.  It's still tomorrow you white pigs! Your jealous of OUR FAMILY! It hurts you so much that you are mud bloods pig shit rats.  Your all paedophile you've all fucked your children they are diseased. dirty lazy beast! 

I think I'll go to bed now don't knock MY door!

The police are on a power trip fucking idiots! Fuel for the Sun! Roll up! Roll up! All the fun at the fair!

Guess who just knocked MY door education.  Told her ms reez don't live here GOD said they just sent her she left GOD said they are telling her to turn back. 

GOD said it not her it's them she doesn't know!  That is why they sent her.  The dirty stinking paedophiles!  GOD said it's all of MY work and the revenue they are jealous!

That's probably someone's mother these animals are heartless! 

Tell her not to come back GOD said HE doesn't want to have to take her out!

GOD said that is the only person who said she is not getting involved HE wanted to show her to you so you don't take her out with the rest of them!

Who don't hear must feel!

 How many of you know you are no match for The Living GOD?

To he whom have an ear let him hear! Amen!

The white animals are starting to fall!

GOD said WE are in the bowling alley! Skittles!

It' gonna be a good good summer!

Tomorrow it' the Judges and the people in the courts turn even if they don't go to work!

GOD said HE is going to take posses of the Judge so that Ryan can walk out then everyone in there is going to get taken out! 

GOD said Andy is doing to his mum and what he would have done in this house with the Herpes.  GOD let ME see a woman speaking to Andy's mum "I heard Andy murdered you both"  GOD said Andy's mum and dad are feeling shamed they know people are reading about them it's close nit in Bristol.

GOD said Andy's mum and dad are desperate for him to move out and want to help him but don't want to have to re-mortgage the house because they are on a pension and are thinking about all the money they lent ME and Andy which we didn't pay back!  GOD said as long as I got MY half.  GOD said Andy's mum helped Cordelia to take the money out of the house they met up at lunch times and sometime after work Andy introduced her to his mum as his bit of fluff they all worked on the same street next block.  That is why HE didn't allow us to pay them back.  GOD said Andy's mum had the bulk of it. GOD said they are on shit street.

GOD said Andy has TB GOD said all Ryan has is a cough there is no TB no one in MY has TB.

GOD said HE let Andy stay here for a bit with the diseases so that we would build up immunity like doctors and nurses in hospitals.

GOD said no one in MY family have any of the diseases Andy left with he took all of his shit with him.

Yesterday at about 4:55
I received a call from a police woman who said she was calling from the Sapphire Unit at Stratford police station. She sounded like she was trembling as she was speaking to ME.  She said she had spent the day in court and Ryan was meant to be there and that she has a warrant for Ryan's arrest, and that she didn't have to call ME. I said to her you can not not arrest Ryan and that the court date was not until tomorrow.  GOD said it was only because I wrote I wasn't sure if the date was the 21st or 23rd the white spite bullies jumped on the band wagon to attack Us GOD told ME the day before HE was going to wipe them all out and said HE doesn't want ME back in the bar where Ryan worked that's why HE had Ryan sacked and that I don't owe anyone one! and that those are some of the group of people who HE took out today. 

Yesterday evening some Asian's were on the street one tried to knock MY door GOD said they are using the Asians on the street and that everyone on this street except for Us are going to get murdered.  GOD said wait until YOU get the check! GOD said HE just wanted to show ME how HE is controlling them and that all day HE had been taking people out so that I could get some sleep, They tried to knock because I told them not to.

A couple of days ago GOD said I AM gong to make YOU walk in and take it from her that is why she is still here, and after I have taken it HE is going to take her out almost straight away.

Yesterday GOD too out the police woman who called MY phone straight after the call. GOD said she knew something was going to happen to her she didn't know what it was but she knew and that was why she was trembling!

Yesterday GOD said HE want's ME to teach Skepta! GOD said they help to calm MY children down.

GOD said it was the type of spite why that white police woman spent all day at the court, GOD said she ordered a lynching to be done to Ryan and everyone who work at the court s 

id they wouldn't let Ryan go tomorrow!  GOD said every single Judge at Snares brook crown court took part in the tortures rapes and murders during the Olympic season right there in the court house because they like murdering black people and have the white cheek to sit and judge and now beg HIM for their lives GOD said HE is the JUDGE and HE doesn't want any of you here that is why HE chose Snares Brook Crown Court and not The Old Bailey!  Look at them! Look at them begging for their lives! 

GOD said it was the check for MY creativity why the the white woman was crying and ran up there to do spite and because she was a white woman they all said yes GOD said she spoke to a lot of people who said yes that is why HE let her go!  GOD said the black female Judge who sit up there with them is a very evil woman and she is going to receive the maximum penalty for the longest time.

GOD said HE is the whole team today HE is taking on every role.  GOD asked if HE can borrow Ryan today obviously I said yes.

GOD aid MY brother Errol is coming to terms with ME being put on top of him. It's the half's  who are coming to fight ME that is why they are never going to be given anything! 

I want to keep the same levels you left it at!

GOD said because Errol is a KING and I am head QUEEN HE is going to give people choices of who they want to come under!

GOD said when HE puts Errol and I together there is no noise same class levels Errol is head KING! GOD said HE threw ME on top!
There are too many people with a say around the world MY FAMILY are going to become The One World Government! Like it was in the KINGSHIP at the beginning. 

GOD said I AM on top because I AM HIS wife. GOD said HE is giving MY Family power to rule.

GOD HIS KINGS ad MY QUEENS have to listen to HIM because HE is GOD!  GOD said everyone in the Family listens that is why it is this FAMILY.

If Andy's parents were smart they would sell the house and move into a council flat because what they have is an ex council house. But seeing as they are not smart because I have had to tell them I want them to stay on shit street, they are not allowed a council place.  Seeing as Andy was not allowed to have a job because he was with a Black Woman he is not allowed a job because he is with a white woman.

GOD said the solicitor GOD the bulk of the money but didn't tell Andy's mum GOD said she made lots of deals and the only people who were better off was the people she made the deals with.  GOD said Andy's mum played a big part in throwing us onto shit street because of racism! GOD said it was starting to look like a God father movie she made lot of orders!

GOD said Andy's mum and dad was hoping Andy could get a job to support them that is why he is still there. When I met Andy he was on £27,000 pa I told him to get a different job so he did he was on I don't know 30,00 I told him to tell them he has family he needs more they topped it up to 35,00 I told him look for work in London that is why Andy was earning good money! He was £350\370 a day!

GOD said it was Andy's mother spite why Andy couldn't get a job she started it that is why e couldn't pay her back.  Stinking dog! 

GOD said she was jealous of what Andy was bringing home and giving to ME she wanted him to move back in with her on weekend and to stay in London hotels during the week! 

GOD said Andy's mum put in the orders and the white women enjoyed doing the spite to he Black Woman for her!  GOD said the sex abuse which started taking place down at the nurseries and schools in Bristol was started because of Andy's mum she plays a big part in the paedophile ring her whole family does and that it started in the schools because she wanted to spite ME and sent men after MY children GOD said HE took the men out to top it.  GOD said Christine Hurley/Rees and Cordelia became friend in a cafe near to where they both work and it was she who sent Cordelia after Any but she didn't know about the HIV but Andy wore condoms why he didn't catch it.  GOD said had Andy not got his mothers approval he would never have touch Cordelia and that is why he continued to cheat on ME.  GOD said Andy wasn't in the ring!

Just to tell those at the court you will not be holding Ryan GOD said HE is holding!
" Message to the people in the court GOD said while you are sat in the court judging HE will be taking all of your families out the same level as what you did to the black African people in the court house during the London Olympics they are going to get hacked up! 

GOD said Andy's mum sent the paedophiles to rape torture and to murder MY Family same levels as Andy. "Murder them!" "Cut the mother rape her!"

GOD said HE didn't murder the Asians yesterday HE only drove them away but HE will next time for the disrespect.

GOD said there are a lot of German and Russian people in the court today who plan to do the lynching.

GOD said MY video is very emotional I pick up every Grammy! I want to call it "Dancing With GOD."

GOD said that is what hurt the white women HE appeared in MY dance video she want to cut it I want her murdered before she can do it!

GOD said HE took out some of Elizabeth's family yesterday because of what they would have done in the court today to Ryan.  GOD said William was the first to go.

GOD said Mr Disney wants MY video Mr Disney sounds like he wants everything!  GOD said HE showed HIMSELF banging the ground I was laying/sitting on the ground crying!

GOD said Mr Disney is a genus film director he wants his own cut of the video he takes out his cheque book and pen.  Which seem to be mighty-er than the sword! 

GOD said there a lot of nice people working at Barking police station not all of them are paedophiles the paedophiles who were on this road a few weeks ago came from as far as Twickenham but mainly from Ilford and Newham police stations.  GOD said the policemen at Romford police station like ME but wouldn't give ME MY video if I went in and asked for it but would give it to a white woman.  It's a white cheek! They are not coming to the Grammy's with ME! Maybe they can ask the white women to take them! GOD said it is the white man's jealousy towards black people why they wouldn't give it to ME but gave it to a group of white women from Westfield who walked in from off the street who they didn't know from here to Adam who most of them had sex with and caught diseases from! Mr Disney said I just made it cheaper for him you were asked not to give it to anyone!  He still pay good money and you get to keep it! I won't sue.  Mr Disney said he is taking money off or the law suit. Mr Disney pay 1 or two million pounds.

GOD just touch MY shoulder and said one of the stinking white shit said put it on her shoulder GOD said that is where HE wants it so do I!

I listening to lot of black people who said they want a chip on their shoulder as well! Ryan should be at court now he has work later! Make haste!

GOD said al of the Judges and the people working at Snares Brook Crown court are paedophile it was black the sexually abused tortured and murdered including the father and son.  GOD said they feel shamed but not ashamed they are full of pride! GOD said HE like the way I phrased it! At YOUR service thank YOU. 

Word don't come with a knowing that it is why it is  knowing!

I could write I feel GOD said... But then it wouldn't be a knowing you have to know if you know what I mean?

GOD just showed ME a white female Judge she takes of her robe children have just been murdered HE showed it to ME yesterday day as well she wants to go home but a male Judge say he will call an ambulance so she can be sedated.

The woman who looked after the female Judges children was asked to call the Judge to tell her her children had been murdered just before she was murdered GOD said it happened because the Judge is a piece of white shit! 

I was just listening to two men discussing the phone call I received yesterday from the police GOD said the Judge said there is no issue about the court date it was the twenty third. While I was in the courtroom he said three dates he said on the twenty first then said the twenty second then said not the twenty second that is wrong the twenty third. He then said only Ryan and his mother was in here.  earlier I heard a white police woman who said I hope He gets into trouble today.  Yesterday GOD said these people are weird they did it to Ryan and are are talking amongst them self saying they want justice for the rape GOD said even though they did it to Ryan they have convinced themselves that He did it and are speaking like He committed rape.  GOD said they are extremist and it started because of there jealousy over MY gift.  GOD said that is a psychopath.

The police woman told ME she spent all day at the court and had not long got back to the police station straight from the court! I told her that was her business that Ryan wasn't due to appear until the twenty third. She said she had a warrant sat on her desk to arrest Ryan for not appearing in court today and she could come and arrest him if she wanted to but he should just turn up tomorrow and explain to the Judge about the mix up and that they should let him of I asked her why was she calling MY phone when the court date isn't until tomorrow. 

I just people Lorraine knows how to box her out of the way!  I don't want people like that on MY earth they are evil every one deserve to have the life they create these people are messing MINE and MY families live I want then taken out!    

The group of women have been putting holes in men's heads or infecting them with HIV because they voice an opinion by saying they like ME.  

Earlier I saw the black haired Mr Disney who spoke to MY picture and said I need an invite.  Drop ME a note leave your card. 

Ryan was held in the cells at the court today and was told he is going on remand for not turning up for court yesterday GOD said the white women changed all of the paperwork.  GOD said the men had to go down in the cells to get Ryan out Charles was murdered today along with his son William.  I heard a white woman they are murdering all of the people in that court. Thank You! Ryan was released about 4pm.

A few day ago GOD sad listen I heard"lock the doors"GOD said those are the levels you brought it to.  Hey you, you white dirty whores your going to get murdered.

Ryan said they said to him where not going to put you on remand.  I heard Elizabeth "where is HER son?"a woman answered with HER! Fantastic isn't it?  GOD said Philip is gone as well.  That is why GOD wanted to borrow Ryan today.  Elizabeth they were only white animals anyway.  Someone put the kettle on Elizabeth's had a bit of a nasty shock!
I feel an advert coming on!

PG Tips the solution to every Englishman's problem!
"Problem solved!"

I've got all of MY offspring!  MY Children are precious! 
They are all nice looking. 

I've got children to represent every breed!

Ryan and Jake's Grandma on Lenny's side was half Chinese.

Marshall's Grandma on Riccardo's side was half Indian.

MY little octave mineral Sapphire is half white and black. 

Briely and Ruby is mixed race black and white from Brian's mum she is mixed raced.

I  don't show Sapphire more love than Ruby.  Sapphire keeps kissing ME!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


 1. Nathan:  You're the air 
             01.(Nathan sniffs)
 2. Nathan:  A smile 
 3. Nathan:  A picture
 4. Nathan:  A smile in the photograph
             04.(Crystal giggles)
 5. Nathan:  Don't laugh
             05. They both chuckle
 6. Nathan:  You're Crystal
 7. Crystal: That's my name! 
 8. Nathan:  A raindrop
 9. Nathan:  You're the orange in the sky

 1. Nathan:  Mmm, I want a piece! 
 2.Crystal:  You're the orange in the water
 3. Nathan:  There's more than one.
 4.Crystal:  Orange?
 5. Nathan:  Lake! Orange reflection,
             like this one?
6. Crystal:  Why didn't I think of that?
7.  Nathan:  I brought you some flowers                    
 1. Crystal: You bring me roses 
 2. Nathan:  Which colour? 
 3. Crystal: Just like the springtime's
 4. Crystal: Pink ones
 5. CrystalLike the morning dew's!
 6. Nathan:  Take them quickly!
 7. Nathan:  It's because ...   
 8. CrystalThank you
 9. Crystal: You bring me roses
10. Crystal: Just like the sunshine's
11. CrystalMmm, fresh!
             Just like the midday sun's. 
12. Nathan:  Wait a minute, are 
             you insinuating that I stole
             them from the spring, the 
             morning dew and the sun just to
             give to you?    
             12. Crystal batters her eyelids 
13. CrystalOh...Nathan... I'm telling!                   Nathan I can see a worm Yuck!                  take them
14. Nathan:  Ouch! That was wild. Sorry about              the fall you had Mr worm
             What was that Mr worm? He said he              fell on a leaf and that he didn't              hurt himself. The criminal                    charges have been dropped what                was that Mr worm? 
   Mr Worm:  I bump my head on the stem but I              think I'll be OK!                      Nathan: perhaps I'd better take                        you home Mr worm. It's because                I...You like to play don't you?                
             016. Nathan taps feet and looks
             in the air, Both giggle
18. Crystal: Not boy games, what should I                  write?        
             05. Both giggle 
20. Nathan:  May I have a go?
21. CrystalGo ahead!

 1. Nathan:  You're the moon
 2. CrystalThat's special
 3. Nathan:  The sun  
 4. Nathan:  The only one!
 5. Nathan:  The Orange in the sky 
 6. Nathan:  You're the star
 7. Crystal: There's more than one
 8. Nathan:  Oh you want me to make you
 9. Nathan:  OK, you're the Earth
10. Nathan:  The Universe!
11. Crystal: Don't shout!
12. Nathan:  The Orange in disguise 
13. Crystal: No...yes!
14. Nathan:  You're you 
15. Crystal: That's me
16. Nathan:  I'm me
17. Crystal: Your special!
18. Nathan:  That's why we are writing
             this very special song.

 1. CrystalYes
 2. Nathan:  I want some
             02. Nathan holds her
 3. Crystal: Nathan, I... !
 4. Crystal: Not yet.   

 1. Nathan:  You bring me roses
 2. Nathan:  How did you know they were roses?
 3. Nathan:  Fresh like the springtime 
 4. Crystal: From the mildew
 5. Crystal: As you were picking them I saw
             them through your arm
 6. Nathan:  She tricked me!
 9. Crystal: Nathan how did worm get on the                roses?
 7. Crystal: Maybe that's why... 
 8. Crystal: You give me roses 
 9. Crystal: Bright like the sunshine
10. Crystal: And the midday sun 
11. Crystal: I don't know (3 beat pause)
12. Crystal: Why I love you 

 1. Singers: Baby I love you
 2. Singers: Baby I love you 
 3. Crystal: I going to get you back Nathan!

 1. Crystal: You're all that I need and more
 2. Nathan:  You're all that my heart beats
 3. Singers: Let's stay together  
 4. Singers: For ever and ever.
 5. Singers: You and me.
 6. Singers: Say it's forever
 7. Singers: Yes it's forever
 8. Singers: Stay with me.
 9. Nathan:  Marry me

   BRIDGE (2)
 1. Nathan This is all that a love should
 2. Crystal: All that a love should be 
 3. Singers: Let's stay together  
 4. Singers: For ever and ever.
 5. Singers: You and me.
 6. Crystal: Yes. 
 7. Singers: Say it's forever
 8. Singers: Yes it's forever
 9. Singers: Stay with me.


 1. Both:    Over the rainbow
 2. Both:    Way over the rainbow
 3. Both:    That's where I found you
 4. Both:    Waiting for me.

 1. Nathan:  That's where I found you.
 2. Nathan:  In the middle of the rainbow. 3. Crystal: How did we get up there?
 4. Nathan:  It was a miracle!
 5. Crystal: There are pots of gold at
             each end of the rainbow, 
             you know.
 6. Nathan:  That's just leprechaun stories
 7. Crystal: Yes, but we didn't get there 
             to find out.
 8. Nathan:  We did, we just didn't know it
             yet as we were crossing the
             rainbow we would join in the
             middle, jump down together,
             like a falling star
 9. CrystalMmm, leprechaun stories...You                  just told one.

 1. Crystal: (Gasps) Nathan, I just
             saw something move, over there
             behind that bush!  
 2. Nathan:  What did it look like?
 3. Crystal: It was furry, dark brown.
             Nathan, why do you keep jumping
             up? It makes you look funny.
 4. Nathan:  It looks as if someone is 
             playing with sticks.
 5. CrystalThe bush isn't that high jump
 6. NathanI'm trying not to make a loud                  sound they're not sticks,  
             they're antlers, it's a
             stag, a male deer!  It's
             coming out from behind
             the bush it's coming towards us, 
  7.CrystalThere's another one. 
             Yes it's 2 deer! One of them                  them doesn't have any antlers,
             that's the doe, the female she                looks good. Not as good as you! 
  8.CrystalThey must have heard you
             shout, why they came.
             They are incredibly big, and
             scary, it' staring at Me!
  9.Nathan:  Crystal see if you can find Me a              longer stick! I'll use it as a                javelin poll so I can jump higher            
 10.CrystalWhich stick would you like?
 11.Nathan:  Look for one behind that bush                  that way the way we came Quickly              Crystal,you will have to be                    quick,quicker Crystal the deer is              about to charge like a raging                  bull. 
 12.Crystal: That stick is too big he is not                hurting... that's little! well                it's a big! Deer furry animal.                Is this stick small enough?
 13. Nathan: Oh He won't hurt you! That's                  little! Couldn't you find a                    smaller stick?          14.Crystal: No that was the smallest. Nathan              were you trying to get me to run              away without you?              
 15.Nathan:  I will use this stick to save us              both is that OK? You'd better                  leave my girlfriend alone you are              not having her! He turned away.  16.Crystal: Good! Nathan would you really                  have wanted to hurt the wild life              with a stick?
 17.Nathan:  What, like the wild live worm                  which dropped on the floor? well              he had sticks. I wasn't after his              girlfriend she was cute though.
 18.Crystal: Javelin He tricked me! Nathan,                you don't suppose they are in                  love, why they're together like                us?  Nathan, look,there's a baby              with them! It's cute!
19. Nathan:  It's called a fawn that's why he              didn't want to fight me, he's got              his daughter with him the                      troublemaker it was the stick why              he turned away. 
20. Crystal: Nathan, serenade me, sing to me.

 1. Nathan:  You bring me roses 
 2. Nathan:  Fresh like the springtime
 3. Nathan:  From the morning dew
 4. Nathan:  That's why I love you
 5. Nathan:  You bring me roses 
 6. Nathan:  Bright like the sunshine
 7. Nathan:  And the midday sun
 8. Nathan:  Maybe that's why
 9. Nathan:  Maybe that's why it feels 
             so good.
             09. Just a nice Spanish guitar 
 1. Singers: Whoops, I, baby I love you
 2. Singers: I love you baby, yea
 3. Singers: Whoops, I...

 1. Crystal: Nathan, it won't go away.
 2. Nathan:  What won't go away?
             Oh... Crystal... I'm telling!
             That's it, you're mine,
             Crystal. Come here!             
 3. Nathan:  Whoops, I...
 4. Nathan:  Crystal, I don't want to wait.