Sunday, 20 July 2014


Tuesday 1st June 2014

GOD told ME yesterday when HE let ME kiss David's eyes David was clean but because I kissed his eyes the white women went after him and infected him with HIV. 

GOD said HE wants ME to deal with the band members on here and told ME a few days ago Michelle has been told she is going to get murdered for her involvement in what happened with MY song The Audition and that I should take her out of it and said it is only because all the other white women said they wouldn't go with Andy but Michelle said she would.  GOD said HE is thinking of Andy and that the other white women would go with Andy but only to infect him.

GOD said HE doesn't want to give them credit for the au pair the band members paid £6 each once and the second time discussed it and said they didn't feel they should pay it.  GOD said it was John who felt no one should pay it.  It was Andy who suggested everyone help so they said to Andy would he like to carry on paying it Andy paid for the year!

GOD said Dorrelle is a very spiteful man and said I should him respect by not calling him a paedophile like all of his church friends because of the young girl he was friends with.  GOD said they did it and shifted the blame on Dorrell.  GOD said HE doesn't want Dorrelle in it even though I said I showed him respect e would keep trying to infect ME with HIV to do spit for them.  GOD said the other are OK.

GOD said it was Michelle who pushed Andy onto ME and that I should push him back to her.  GOD said at the time she would have with Andy but had Das.   

GOD said it is only because Michelle wants to get close to HIM why she said she would pick up Andy GOD said she knows she cannot get up there and behaves herself.   GOD said Michelle sits and carries on sitting she is not a whore but Andy heats on her with white women but she still sits like when she was with Das. GOD said HE doesn't want ME to give Michelle any money because of what she did that I should give it to Andy who gives her why she stays with him and is grateful for the things he does for her.

GOD said Debra is a very clean white woman why her husband married her quick soon after he got with her. Michelle will get home late at night sometime and get into bed where the man is asleep and say she will wash tomorrow why Das cheated and why Andy would cheat on her because she is not clean like ME and say it to her.   

GOD said HE would never allow Andy to cheat on ME, and that the biggest disrespect was at the bowling alley. 

GOD said Michelle is a white she is a piece of shit and did what she did for the money!  

Off course she is a piece of shit but you said help MY friend!

GOD said what was upsetting for Michelle she upset her friend.

Yesterday GOD showed ME a big round music box and said everyone in the band got murdered except for Michelle because of what I did for her.
GOD said Andy speaks to her but she doesn't listen that is why he cheats same as Das/Darren. 
GOD said Michelle washes in the morning before she goes out. But later when the man she is with wants to bend down and suck her he cannot suck her.  That is where she is a white woman.  Michelle is nice.  GOD said there are lots of musicians on the grounds.  GOD said Debra brings all her children and the husband and there is somewhere for them to stay.  GOD said Debra bring her children up to show respect.  They play with MY children. 
GOD said they don't fight they have lots to do they make films.

GOD said everyone in our house including the friends who are there uses Special Power's and it is the same. GOD said MINE is more.

GOD said a lot of people like MY views here some!

GOD said HE doesn't want to give Debra's children power to lift things because of what she would allow them to go out of the grounds and do with it.  GOD said they are turning over cars and killing people she thinks it's finny. I'm laughing because she thinks it's funny but it's not more to come....

GOD said for that reason HE said that is what HE wants for her white children to do the murders.

Hang on a minute GOD what is the difference of white evilness out there and in our community?  I don't want her children doing murders.  I want us to get on with being creative.  This is a discussion between GOD and I.  GOD said HE that is why HE wanted to use MY children because they make other peoples children good.  Hang on a minute GOD I don't mind MY children teaching a little but MY children are children themselves I want them to relax not feel it is their job to teach other people children to behave themselves.

GOD said I don't wan't Debra's children there because of the trouble she will cause our children can lift things and she feels her children should have the same, it's OK no one get s murdered on the grounds they just get sent out.  Why should MY children be penalised for other peoples children's bad behaviour the have been penalised enough because of people bad behaviour. We are your family what YOU give us has nothing to do with anyone else it is our house they are our guest and should be grateful for what they receive we don't have to have them in here or give them anything.. GOD said YOU didn't have a problem with ME giving her children special power but she had a problem with ME giving YOUR's even though we gave hers some that is where I teach the white woman how to behave herself.  Don't give her any until there will no longer be a problem.  GOD said she is going to be sent out the husband can stay but he goes with his wife!  

GOD said the white man followed his wife HE is following HIS WIFE!  That's it! 

GOD said she had some but because I am black and had more because I am HIS wife she felt because she is white she should be put above ME HIS wife and be given more to her her children and husband. I don't want a stressful house hold it is MY house go home!

GOD said the fight Ryan and Jake had was because of lack because of them!  Ryan and Jake had a fight over something the both needed to wear for work there was only one it it was a misunderstand as to who bought it. GOD said because of them we have lost things  instead of building on what we had!

GOD said our situation changed and we had to start again but the money we had coming in stayed the same at the time!

GOD showed ME something yesterday a moving clip.  Just outside Central London.  It was of a white policeman fighting with a white man GOD said the policeman is fighting with that white man to stop him from getting taken out by HIM. Only because he is white he bothers he leaves the Asians to get taken out which is racism and disrespectful because of the uniform he has on.  GOD said the wite people are about to fire guns at us. I then heard a white woman she said "Look there's Ryan and Jake shoot them!"  GOD said HE took them all out. Then...

I saw an Asian woman who was told to move away she refused. GOD said the Asian woman was not born here that is how high the white people has put them because of the spite they have all been doing to the blacks!  She gets taken out GOD said YOU are in.... I have taken over Central London they are not allowed through here because of what they want to do to the buildings. I then heard the Asian woman asking what colours of people were allowed to go in but was desperate to find out if Asian people were in there.  she was told there are whit an black people in there she said "But what about Asians iI need to find out if there are Asians in the did SHE fight for Asians?" A white policeman told her SHE has white friends I'm not sure about Asian friends and that I only thought for My own colour and why should I fight for Asians as long as I let in white he didn't care.  She go for him and he murders her.  GOD said that is where it starts that is where Asian people start to get taken out.  GOD said HE took out the white man and the policeman fr the disrespect of what that white police has done to black people because he is white and wears a uniform!  GOD said he had a cheek trying to protect the white man from HIM.

GOD said off course there are Asians in our house but there re less because they don't mix with back people they think they are too good for them! There is one.

GOD said the Asian woman get raped before she is murdered the Angel are in there.  GOD said no one touches the children in there HE would take them out before they could do it but they wouldn't be allowed in there.  

GOD said Debra laughs at her behaviour and said she will behave herself but gets sent out.  GOD said the hey can visit! Debra is a good girl.

GOD said the white people out there beat up Debra to behave herself so that white women can be included  GOD said that's why we let more in, GOD said they behave themselves.  GOD said that is why they are upset they want to be included, they feel they included black people even before we told them black people were in this country before them.  I like white people.  GOD said black people like to just turn up and come when we are there.  GOD said Ryan Jake and Davina bring in white people there are lots already.

GOD said our friends ask if they can bring friends in and HE says yes but to some friends even before HE can see the spite they would do and HE says not that friend. They listen.

GOD said HE is building a community and is pushing out all the troublemakers.

GOD said the one Asian friend Ryan has been hanging out with brings in other Asian friends that is how they get in, but thy try to take over HE has to control the numbers GOD said HE is GOD and wants a good balance.  GOD said people are allowed to express themselves but most of it is about ME because I am a back woman and I am with HIM but the other black people talk to them.  I don't care it's not My problem I don't have one just so you know all of your upset which you are feeling is coming from you!

GOD said Dorrell is not allowed in there even though John and men from the house in Bristol are bad minded they are still OK He takes them on as HIS friends and teaches them how to behave because they want to behave better but don't know how to.  GOD said HE is going to touch with HIV, so that they can come in and mix with the other people.  GOD said there are a lot of children many of whom are mixed race!

GOD said Debra has nice white girlfriends that is why HE keeps sending her out HE wants her to keep bringing them in!

Ryan and Jake have other Asian friends and Chinese friends they don't like bringing their friends here.  But they will there.

Debra is a wonderer you'll here the door knock and it is Debra on her bike she come in for breakfast because she is bored. I liked that about her.

GOD said it starts from Tower Bridge just before.  She'd bring her little musical instruments.

I like when musicians come over to ME and feel comfortable enough to turn up play I prepare food for them.  It's creates a nice atmosphere.  

GOD said things went sour from Grittleton road lots of people felt I should have asked the church if I wanted to open MY house up to fellowship.  Why should I it is after church, most people go out to the pub and other places to eat after church I gave them a different option, it had nothing to do with the church it was an open house your rude!

GOD said that is why HE didn't pick ME up yet HE wanted you to understand Me first.  In Bristol I was surrounded by musicians, men women! 

The church is too controlling.

GOD said it was both Kate who started the problem.  I was busy in the kitchen everyone is the host at MY dinner parties I don't get much time to talk when I'm entertaining. If I'm cooking.

I wanted to make friends in the church that is how I made i made friends it the home group I went to.

I was knackered Carostine went out the night she dropped ME home in the morning I peel lots of potatoes and skinned and cleaned  the chicken and marinaded it.  I cook some before I left for church and cooked some when I got back it was hard work the girls help after church. The fellowship was straight after church.

I couldn't believe people went to a church for a long time and played in a band together some and yet didn't know each other that is why I did it.

Well I got beaten up for it.  In MY house when they came over a lot of the time people are speaking to each other not ME I away with someone but I'm busy, I'm glad the are occupied it's relaxed.  I wasn't after the men. People would be in different reception rooms or in he garden or conservatory I don't know where they are I'm looking after My children and them. That is how it was we were not all sat together chatting about people.  GOD said that is a very trouble making church!

GOD said they got all of the other churches involved in there fight against ME.  There was always lots of laughter around My house.

I'm going to clean up and do MY hair see ya!

Just a quick hello to say something GOD told ME yesterday.

South African Doug was the person who left the money at the church office for ME I received £430 if MY memory serves ME correctly.  GOD let ME hear Kate who worked in the office the school teacher "I want some i need some!" HE said she was jealous and called Berlinda the white woman South African Doug was dating to help herself.  GOD said Kate wouldn't take any and that is why she called Berlinda who Doug ad not long broken up with becase she cheated on him.  GOD let ME hear Kate speaking with Berlinda "SHE is after Doug SHE is a black woman who needs to know HER place SHE is not having any white from this church, it's a cheek he gave her all that money."  GOD let ME hear Doug "Black bitch? SHE is a nice woman I gave that money to you to give to her for her and HER children put it back!" GOD said the pastor was involved it was his idea the church said "no!  They are not getting involved."  GOD said the church was just getting ready to beat up Doug so HE pushed him to where he met the woman he is with she doesn't cheat on him but he doesn't want her in our house but Doug is there.  GOD said there was an argument why Doug left the church thinking what type of people are these?  GOD said Doug knows it is them because of what he encountered.

I told Kate I thought Doug was nice, and she said "He is seeing someone I backed off!"  I was told by the girls Carostine he and his girlfriend split why I said it to Kate I was single at the time I broke it off with Riccardo months before I was clean.

GOD said Doug wanted to get checked out first but because the menacing behaviour of the pastor to warn him off from coming after ME Doug left the church!

GOD said Kate was angry when I told them I was with Andy and showed ME a big group of white people shouting "SHE got one its OK it's only one!  Hopefully SHE will drop it!" "I'll see what I can do!"

GOD let ME hear one of the men in the church HE said it was Andrew Checkley who heard the things they were saying about ME he said to them"That is Lorraine you are talking about why are you saying that about HER why are you treating HER like that!" GOD said that made Andy move away from them why he went to Africa.  He didn't want to go back to London and though he would try somewhere different.

GOD said Andrew Checkley is not paedophile HE beat him up to look.  Andrew found out about the paedophilia in the church and didn't say anything and moved away because of it, it was what they said they were going to do to MY children why Andrew found out about the paedophilia in the church!

Andrew was MY best friend in Bristol until they started causing trouble I didn't fancy him!

I loved Andy a lot!

GOD let ME hear Andrew Wallace the pastor speaking to Kate from Redland"How should I start on first?" She said "Leave Doug go after HER we don't want HER" here Doug has gone up there he is with a white woman "But what if he comes back to get HE?" "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it but for now we want HER where he cannot find HER!"  GOD said Doug is a millionaire why the woman they pushed on him makes love to him and why the church attacked ME and that is the reason why they went through all the attacking GOD said it was the pastor and Kate from Redland who used Ali Schoolar to contact Social services to do the radiation spite!  GOD said other people got involved but hey didn't tell everyone they were defending money.  I did know Doug was a millionaire there was something there that's why.  Even before he bough the fridge.  I always thought it was Andy who left the money for ME.

GOD said Doug stays with the woman he is with because she makes love to him that is all he wanted but didn't get with Berlinda.

GOD said Andrew Wallace contacted the church where Doug started going to he was being watched by them they used the men to keep tags on them and told the church to get someone quick to throw with Doug and told them he was a millionaire and she said she would do it!  GOD said they are both clean HE would never allow Doug to catch HIV just because of what he did for ME.

GOD said Andrew to Doug to go and leave his church.
What's going on in that ear of MINE it's laughable.  GOD said your going to start hearing breathing it has gone to the second stage the whistling was the first stage, and that I should continue taking the cure!  I not taking it at the moment because of how ill I have been feeling.  But I will soon. It sounds breathy.

I'll finish off what they said"It's OK that one doesn't have much."  GOD said there are people in the churches who got involved who work in banks and they check people finances for the church leaders!  They checked Andy's bank accounts and financial background. 

GOD let ME hear a white woman in the church Cecil she was really nice"It has nothing to do with you!" She used to baby sit for ME.  GOD said she said it because of Doug I heard another white woman tell them of from the church. It was like Spartacus. GOD said the churched started to lose members. Because of how they were treating ME.

I didn't know why Doug had left but I though it was best to give he and Berlinda a chance to sort their stuff and dropped it.  I only heard that he had left.  I enquired him and was to he is with someone he met at a different church I was thinking that was quick. But was glad he met someone he was going to marry.  It was Carostine which I spoke to.  GOD said she knew because she was involved. What stinking piece of shit! You can't come!

Carostine is a Bromy she's from Birmingham she has no right to not want ME in Bristol none of you have you piece of shit you shouldn't be there!  Your all fucking paedophiles I just wanted to remind you!

Might I remind you of this all so seeing as we are on reminders!  I added nice things to the Bristolian Community all you have done is taken their money and nonced their children up and murdered some GOD said Doug told his wife Kate that he would murder MY children to cover up the sex abuse he wanted to do to them while I was at band practice, and that is why you threw him out because you didn't want to be involved in murder.  GOD said Andrew Wallace was waiting along with other men Kate asked what would you do with Lorraine and he said murder her too SHE is only a black woman.  GOD said Kate felt disrespected by her husband and hurt she threw him out straight away. Not good enough!  

GOD said had Kate's husband Doug tested the waters before because of her jealousy she would have said yes waited until the other paedophiles had tuned up at MY house walked out and left them with MY children that is the type of woman Kate is. 

GOD said the business man Andrew Wallace has a gun that is why South African Doug let straight away.  I heard Doug"I don't want any trouble with you people!" GOD said Doug saw peoples behaviour at Victory Outreach where I first met Doug and heard peoples testimonies why he left there and have seem things in South Africa which he was trying to escape.  GOD said Doug is like ME he like helping people even black people he doesn't care.  Doug has a beautiful persona about him.

GOD said Kate only turned like that because of the husband.  If you asked ME Kate you should have taken some of you own advice you gave ME about Riccardo and get out a long time ago!  I'll tell you when you should have got out of it when he opened up his mouth to sex he wants to do sex abuse.  You a disgusting woman and so is Roslyn, Grommet/Andrew Wallace's wife!

GOD said straight after I moved to London you made contact with the people in London ie Social Services GOD even before you were not sure if I was going but you call fed them a pack of lies about ME and MY children, and the London people said OK we will take it from here!  GOD said you contacted Education and other agency's evil liars!  GOD said because you are church people and "professionals"it added lots of weight!

GOD said a lot of people got murdered because of the lies you told and things you asked them to do like paedophilia to children in the schools and that is why the council workers were murdered! They got murdered for being paedophiles so should you be!  Dogs!

Today is the 1st the day those who said they are seeking possession start seeking possession because of them in Bristol!

I couldn't get MY children into a school for about 9 months after we left Bristol because the schools were full I think it was that long. GOD said it started as soon as the Bristol Education people phoned London Education to brag about the sex abuse the were allowed to get way with in the Bristol schools GOD said they did it so that the London people would go after MY children!  Other Catholic school let them in before St Mary's and St Michaels.  GOD said Miss Falkner held them of as long as she could until MINE started but couldn't get them to go in there because they were afraid I would kick off again by going to the media.  GOD said that is why HE filled ME with righteous indignation so that I wouldn't settle for their shit why I went to the media. But they went to the priest house secretly and did child sex abuse.   

It is because I am a black woman I will not settle for the white man's shit!  That is where I put Myself way up there!  The white woman settles!

Ere it's good on ere I can say what I fucking well like MY words are untreated it's raw!!! Yeya!

GOD said there was a lot of phone calls to and forth Bristol to London and commuting by the paedophile thanks to ME those phone calls are being listened to.  Fucker! You fucked yourselves haven't you?

GOD said it was because I kicked off in front of the judges at the family court why they found out what the people at Tower Hamlets council were doing in the schools.  GOD said there is a reason why the paedophilia started in Tower Hamlets after Bristol because we moved straight from Bristol to Tower Hamlets!

It was them in Bristol who did! hey are very disrespectful!  Keep bragging I'll teach you not to fuck with ME!

Oo! Have I over spent MY welcome must dash!

Just remember when it is happening to you the BLACK WOMAN did it to you! 

Time to deal with Riccardo backside!  GOD said the reason why Riccardo left left his son Marshall and went to look after the white woman's child is beause he fancied the daughter.  GOD said Riccardo didn't touch MINE he touched Tina's even though he knew he had HIV.  GOD and I think Riccardo has a cheek to catch HIV from the white woman and to only now start going with black women to spread it to them!  What Marshal don't know he won't miss! 1 birthday card an nothing in it! Black trash!

I heard Riccardo "SHE is going to get me taken out!"  GOD said David made personal contact with Riccardo said he must take out ME and Andy and MY children to stop ME from take MY rightful place  GOD said Riccardo has become a hit man in David's team David gave him guns a lots of bullets Riccardo said he can take us out and is confident.  GOD showed ME David yesterday who was told to sit down and that the only seat he was allowed to sit in was the one at his desk.  He tried to take out the Angels! 

Straight after I told those in Bristol to remember it was the black woman I saw Andrew Wallace who GOD said spoke to another paedophile in the church office he said "Quick it's time to get out of here book my plane tickets!"  GOD said to ME wait until he books the plane ticket they are planning on leaving mid term they are not going to get out "Where do you want to go should I come with you?"  Oh classic!  "I don't care far away from here!" Newzetland!!! Doug you mother fucker!  I bet you have read last weeks post!

I want Doug and Grommet to stay here in England in the same place as Lorraine Windsor!

I heard "Right everybody out there is an emergency at home I have to go!"  GOD said that is how Andrew speaks to people.  GOD said the back way of the shop but there are cameras it's the same thing! GOD said he calls it the shop which sells Jesus!

I switch accents it messes up MY English. I stopped doing it in Bristol!

Make sure you take DNA from those men GOD said there are lots of rings on both married men!  Doug still doesn't have HIV he only goes with children who hasn't been done before!  GOD said he is picky and choosey!  GOD said Tina cannot sop crying and wants HIM to give she and her children.  GOD said Riccardo pushed himself in the whole family!  GOD said that is one family HE will never touch because of all the spiteful things she did to ME!

GOD said Tina said she and her children need a touch GOD said that is why HE let you take Riccardo from ME!

GOD said Tina paid money and sent people after ME and MY children even though she had him I just moved to London that is why Riccardo called ME he found out about what she was doing! Good for what is happening to her!

GOD said YOU want to see the way they dress their children she gets money out of him!  The white women broke it up between us because of his money.  GOD said Riccardo has  been with nearly everyone of her friends they all have HIV!  Good! Dem get what di duck get!

GOD said even Ann the ex-wife caught HIV from him he went up there and fucked after he found out he caught it!

I keep hearing a white woman calling ME a good worker because I'm writing GODs accounts like I'm working for her.  GOD said I must tell her the more I write the more accurate
I become using some of MY special powers!  Kill yourself then!  GOD said she keeps on saying she feels sick!  It' must be the juices she is stewing in.  GOD said she stinks!

GOD said people who take Riccardo out break every single bone in his body! Riccardo is heartless to say he will take his own son out for money that is the correct level of JUDGEMENT for him!  GOD said that is why HE doesn't want Riccardo to see ME.

GOD let ME see a white man with blond hair he said"What SHE thinks I'm going to take Riccardo out for HER? That is why I'm going to do it to get rid of my frustration!" GOD said it is Tina's family.  "What SHE told him I'm gonna have to take people around there with me now!"  GOD said that is why him get brock up!

GOD said Riccardo burst through her little boy and still lived in the house and it went undetected he'd push her out to go out with her friends and tend to the children's injuries sustained by him!

GOD said the little boy wouldn't stop crying and she kept asking Riccardo if he did something to her little boy"Have you done something to him?" "Don't be so stupid!  What could I do to him?  Your here!"  GOD said while she was there he was sexually abusing her son because he couldn't talk yet"Should I take him up the hospital?"  "He probably wants his ball here!" GOD said that is ho he treated her children like dogs behind her back and front!

GOD said Riccardo did it to her children because of the people she sent after ME MY children his son!

GOD said Riccardo was offered a lot of money by David to take ME and MY family out he didn't pay much for Andy.  GOD said Riccardo has a commitment that is what a commitment is they pay already! GOD said Riccardo bartered and said he wants more for shooting his son.  GOD said he has not got one drop of feelings for Marshall he just wanted more money! Dave gave him double what he paid for ME I fetched the highest price!  GOD was laughing at that bit when HE told ME yesterday night! Yesterday GOD showed ME the sward that get pushed in Riccardo's bum the person said"That's the way your getting taken out!"

GOD let ME hear Tina's family the man with the sward "We not letting a black man do this to our children!" GOD said he didn't want to say black he is remembering the little black boy he did it to in a school he is a paedophile!

GOD said that is why HE didn't stop Riccardo from doing it! 

GOD said he wants them to remind the people who have gone to take out Riccardo he has a gun.  GOD said Riccardo shows a lot of disrespect!  I have know anyone as selfish as Riccardo GOD said David is like Riccardo it is because of his good looks Riccardo's is because he thinks he has beautiful eyes the white women told him they are beautiful!

I just heard "Did you tell him that? Did you tell him that?"  GOD said he is asking people who don't really know the couple! Don't tell ME him gwan jook ou di yi now! 

GOD showed ME a white man he said"I don't know what's the matter with Lorraine Rees!"  GOD said "Windsor!" He said "Rees" "Call HER Windsor!" GOD said that is why HE said HE has no need for the Angels!  GOD said they are struggling to find someone white suitable to put up there and it is YOURs that is a lot of disrespect that is why I am not showing any of those who are showing that disrespect any!  Take the Kingdom by force! GOD said HE already showed ME I am in there HE is taking it back! Any body dead because they are trying  to stop ME it there fault you cannot fight with GODS! 

GOD said it hurt Riccardo when he found out that is why he enlisted straight away! 

Move out of our way! GOD said shoo!  I want the French to know soon come!

The French are disgustingly racist the French said it is going to affect their jobs fuck your jobs like you don't give a fuck about the people.

You are fighting us so we are going to make life hard for you but those of you who want change life will be easy!

Mine! mine! scuz! scuz! bux dem out di way! Mek MI pass tru! MOVE!

GOD said it was what some of the men who are with HIM did the night before they came onto MY road into the house along the street to rape ME just ME because of the film I'm writing HE took them out!  GOD said they are men in the sex industry they were told I am special and that they must not touCh ME!  GOD said they would have taken ME and MY children out to cover up after they had finished relieving themselves and HE doesn't want anyone here like that no one is showing him or ME that much disrespect! GOD said that is why HE told ME to pick up Michelle so that they couldn't say I was insulting all white people and I'm racist!  GOD said the Angels who showed respect understood ME!  GOD said HE told ME to write that HE told ME to start insulting them yet they show HIM respect because HE is white but won't show ME any because I am black!  I don't want to win you over!  I like who I like!

GOD said Debra is a much better person than Michelle but HE will sort Michelle out because I like her!

An echo of what GOD just pointed out to ME Michelle is humble HE said even what I'm doing to her here is boxing her down!

I really must go it has really been a pleasure coming to see you!

GOD said what all the en in the sex industry wants is the black woman thighs! That is why they came on this road.  GOD said they are not really Angels they are HIS friends HE gave special powers to!

GOD said there are women out there, there is one a long way away like ME! but HE chooses ME but she is a piece of shit!

I just heard a white female bitch I want the early edition I forgot the but! You can come! You bitch!  She said she is small.  GOD knows who you are!  She said she is shrinking. Stop playing I told you I've got to gooooo. Where is she gone?

GOD said she has something in her eyes so have eye!

GOD said the taking out HE did to HIS friends HE teleported them back to America.  HE said HE doesn't want take peoples families out HE is careful because of all the friendship HE sees we are going to make there are lots of aunty Jan's.  GOD said when I start meeting people there is going to be a lot of crying and hugging!  GOD said is a police woman! That's nice!  Your a woman in blue!

and I love her




My redemption song I'm sing it to You GOD's friend.




Buzz looses Woody but still gets there before him.  Wood has the battery in his pocket. Wood took it out earlier. Woody wanted Buzz to go with him.  

Woody is sing the song but is causing annoyance to Buzz, Buzz is sulking. They are being childish.

I thought I might as well finish that section. 

GOD said Toy Story is HIS friends film and He helps Himself to MY work He helped to bring ME here You take anything I love You thank You!

I listening to the Angels they are laughing and said SHE muscled on our film where going to muscle in on HER film.  I want You to have The Orange Song I want to start on the musical kep the film because I love You! 

GOD said HE knew what I was going to do to Toy Story why HE had MY children watch it.  I was drinking. I only had 1 bottle.  I wasn't drinking when I spoke to the woman in blue.

GOD told ME You already said it was Yours because I took Your Toy Story Your very naughty!

GOD told ME a few days ago Marguerite feels bad.  That's good and MY mum! GOD said HE look a Marguerite because of Colin and Jenny at OUR parties, they like her we don't want to upset them.  GOD said HE doesn't care about John or his children's feelings neither do I. 

Jenny said that it wouldn't be right without her there.

GOD showed ME a white South African man who shouted out yesterday"Don't worry Lorraine I know people!"  He can come!  GOD said he contacts Doug.  Doug GOD said the woman HE pushed you with makes love to you, because of the way she makes love to you, HE want you to stay with her you won't catch HIV.
GOD said she started of like that.....

GOD said there are lots of people like Doug in South Africa.  It's good to know.

GOD said it was just bitchiness with her.

I was just thinking why don't they sell films at cinemas?
It doesn't have to be one that has just come out. Could call the shop The Film Studio

Make the feel proud to buy their films from there.  The logo and theme old fashion movie cameras reels.  Older films get lost in supermarkets. The uniform could the black visor like old movie directors wore you know?

I don't want the Toy Story film I don't want any credit it is not MY film I have no association with it. I played with it last night you know why.  But it is here and I'm just playing with it.  I don't want to upset anyone! The makers of Toy Story can have it if he wants.  I heard the song in the background last night.

I'm getting some nice backing vocals for The Orange Songs.  Nice harmonies.  Maybe that is what I will do look at harmonies backing vocals.  I doesn't need much I like to keep a song like that simple.

I've got something simple for the chorus,  I don't think it needs more than that.  Then the song is finished you hear things coming from the music take it from there!  I wonder if you would want ME there for the music I  have a very good ears for music.

Hi I was just wondering would you like ME to do some singing for you?

I as thinking the chorus is simple like the rest of the song maybe guitar music you can make it glisten. I was thinking I could sing the choruses even though the actors sing it you can use mine to float in and out.

There was a program which used to come on in the 80s called prisoner cell block H  it's simple like that that is what the song reminds me of.

It's not the same Theo knows what I mean.

Yesterday GOD told ME the cheques Doug wrote out in MINE and MY children's names put Andrew Wallace Kate and Doug Andrew Checkly and other all on the millionaire levels!  £6 million.

GOD said Carostine didn't get a million buts she got a lot!  Someone in the bank took a hand out the person goes to a church.

GOD said Michelle knew she got what her house is worth.

GOD showed ME Andrew Wallace yesterday with the group.  Andrew Wallace shouted "We are not paying the money back your a trillionaire you don't need it need it why did you give it to HER and HER children you not having it!" GOD told ME at the time it is happening now.  They were all sat around a computer.

GOD said Hitler was a paedophile the behaviour of Andrew Wallace is the same sort of behaviour Hitler showed why it all happened to the Jews. 

GOD said everything which has been happening to MY family and I because of them they have been sitting there and laughing cracking joke "we gave HER pots."
"Doug and I did offer to pay HER car insurance!"

GOD said it was Andrew Wallace HE wanted ME to insult.
GOD said HE didn't want ME to have it up there because I would have given most of it to them.  GOD said Ginny got the same as Carostine.  GOD said even Mark Penderard.  GOD said Danny is a big time paedophile now up there.  GOD said he is allowed in the schools, hospitals everywhere!
GOD said they used 1 million after they put themselves on the millionaire to do a church share out some of the people didn't know. 

GOD said Michelle said she will stay with Andy until the money is gone then she will be gone.  GOD said Andy would still pick it up that is his class!

GOD said they let Doug think I had a disease.
GOD said Celia got a million why she went away.  GOD said Celia can cook the books the box are hot that is the type of cooking she can do.  GOD said let Celia have because of what she will do for you.

GOD said that is why HE got involved because HE sees it as a big disrespect in the church! GOD said HE doesn't like what HE has to keep taking ME and MY family out of because of it!

GOD said the whole church knew about it all of the churches knew about it except Andy and Myself and our children.

GOD said they were laughing when we were in the car why HE told ME to start disrespecting them.

Doug said he is upset! Earlier Doug said he thought they were nice people.  So did I, I didn't want to move back to London because I loved  them.

Doug I'm listening of some of them many tear and much suffering later. "Lets show some respect to Lorraine lets give it back!" Doug I don't want any of it back! 

I like someone stealing a wedding ring them wear it for years then give it back!
Doug look what they did to MY family?  I have problems at home not major but there is lots going on.

There is a rape charge hanging over Ryan and an assault charge over Jake because of them and another eviction! 

GOD said all of them sold their souls they are not going up there!
GOD told E where they are being sent when they leave here is very dark and that is where they will stay because of what they did to ME.  GOD said it is what they ordered after!  GOD said the rape with the police men was them.  GOD said that was the school teacher Kate.  GOD said that is why she has no HIV!

I heard someone a few moments ago who said"A lot of our families got taken out because of them!"  Piss of your families were troublemakers why they came after MY family and I why they got taken out they were racist why they joined in! Or probably a paedophile.  How do you know it was because of them?  Your involved.

GOD said everyone got paid to turn from ME why they all turned from ME. Even Richard.  To back up their lies that I made trouble!  I don't have it in ME. It's not in MY nature.  

GOD said Shirley's brother Dave wanted to give Jake a cheque the other day at Martine's birthday bash,  for My script song GOD said he is a millionaire that is why he is not getting taken out the white woman wants it.  Does she think I wrote MY script song for her! Cheek I can go to bank with what I can do!  GOD said that is why she made Dave a millionaire.  GOD said it was her who sent the men she just flicked her long hair.  GOD said the whole group are going to get taken out!

Theo right at the end of the song use a sample I want the words spoken "Maybe Next time you will show some respect.!  There won't be a next time" "BANG!!" She took out the woman but she says it anyway I can do I can still sing the song the same as I did it then. But you can use a TV sound. OK take her out after she says it.

 I don't want a radio sounding voice.  You can use a white woman's voice.  Use Niece.

GOD said Riccardo already got taken out before the beating up I gave him a few days ago. I was Regina's family who did it because of the paedophilia one to a white child by a black man.  It was the man who took David off ME at the bar because he is racist.

I deserve some respect! BANG!! that is all I want at the end of the song.  I want it to sound like the old black and white films.  Try it.I want stops in that song nothing else in them use heavy heavy key and then stop.  Niecee can help.  I want at least 6 stops random. 

My single is the most expensive single on the market. 





















It is not a video it is a film.



NIECEE I'm dissing Riccardo not you we can turn him black. GOD said HE doesn't want Riccardo taken out he is still here.




"I said I don't want you I want HER!" Money!  I didn't see any of it only the money kept giving him because he kept saying he didn't have any.  I WANT MY SONS TO STAY ORIGINAL I DO'T WANT ANYONE MUSIC IN IT OR I WANT THE WHOLE THING STOPPED.  EVERYTHING IS THERE LEAVE THE MUSICIAN'S GO AND LOOK AFTER THE FILM BOYS!



Sorry GOD I didn't realise I was being rude you said YOU will tell Doug.  I feel bad.  HE just used a white woman to tell ME I am rude.  Was I rude to the people well I usually box people down that is what I have been doing a lot of lately.  But I feel like shit I upset GOD.  YOU ALL WHITE EXCEPT ROOTS MANUVER THAT IS WHY I DON'T FEEL BAD!  "Hey wait up come back don't leave me this way I feel a song coming on!" I'm playing with you! I want Skepta in there!  Wait a minute GOD said anything HE gives ME I can put it out!

I just heard a black woman who just said"Have YOU forgotten about YOUR on colour?"  The answer is no you couldn't give ME £5 while I was living in the car there is more not to forget!

I'll help black people in Africa but the one over here well....

GOD said the black people from over here who I am making trillionaires can help you if they wish to.

GOD said they said they want to stay trillionaire.
I'll jump down for the the black people here who GOD points out for ME to help!  The ones who show respect.

We will jump down for any colour as long as they show respect start fixing up!

Yesterday Ryan took the boys to the park.  When they came back Myles said a man dropped in the lake HE was drunk the person who falls in the pool of water in MY garden has only a shiver but not for the person who fell in the lake.   GOD said they have been dropping all the bodies in there that is where they dump them.  GOD said HE pushed him he was a paedophile.  That is how HE keeps MY children and some of the other children safe. 

Rude black "Some"  GOD said you would come once the money came.

"listen to ER!" Black girl!

GOD said the police camera on the street on looks the pond. They are paedophile that is why the Russians are still there and can't wait for us to move to start coming down with their side car numbers again! GOD said it will be business a usual but HE see your children in the houses.  The paedophiles children the police peoples children.  That is why it is only some.

GOD said many of the police people getting taken out are getting taken out by the people in these houses that is why HE left them here.   GOD said the white vultures are waiting for when we have gone to take them out to take the house GOD said you will get taken out you are not allowed to show that disrespect.  These house are going to get knocked down like Fred West's house because of the disrespect.

GOD said people are trying to behave themselves they are not saying anything that's good if you don't have anything positive to say don't say anything.  Pastor Brian preached it once.

GOD said Ryan gets upset and shouts because of Me being with two men it is because of how HE treats ME because I chose to be with both of them.  GOD said it was because I smacked HIS son and it hurt HIM why HE doesn't want Ryan upset.  GOD said the reason why HE doesn't want Doug with ME on our own is because of how Doug was feeling in Bristol about ME but walked off to be with the white woman.  GOD said she is fighting for Doug now only because she found out from ME he is a trillionaire.  GOD said Sapphire is a very pretty girl when you look at her good.  She is.  GOD said Doug has been warned that is why he won't touch her and would murder anyone for my children, but his friends would and HE doesn't want them in there because of it that is why HE showed ME Doug on his own.  GOD said the white people are only quiet because they think Doug is getting the distribution, and this why they would start trouble if I was with Doug so HE is leaving Doug with the white woman who gets murdered later.

GOD said HE is taking all of the distribution and is going to use companies like Doug's.   OUR product will be viewed on the truck as any other commodity such as rice or flour and will be on the same trucks at the same time GOD said Doug's financial level moves up because how many call outs.

GOD said HE wants Sapphire with someone black because white people are too disrespectful.  GOD said I have three rings on MY finger which are eternity rings.

GOD said Niecee couldn't stop laughing today when she saw the song.   GOD said Niecee is MY friend her group of friends are the group of white friends HE told ME about and said they are the white women I am like.

I only want Niece to hear The Duel she can let her group of friends hear but no one else and they must not talk about it.

GOD said HE doesn't want people to laugh too much HE wants them to dance to the song HE doesn't want to much.

GOD said lots of white women fell down today when the saw how I am cutting the song  GOD said many of them share MY humour.
I don't want to box the white omen any more some of the black women need boxing down. 

GOD said if Doug's woman behave herself and don't trouble HIS load then she won't get murdered.  She has enough.
The black are being boxed down because I prefer white girlfriends.  GOD said that is what hurts her.  It is the same levels as before.

I'm good to black people I help them a white woman would leave them there.

GOD said many of the black women behave like Shirley why they all of them jumped in on Facebook to beat ME up if it wasn't ME HE would choose a white woman.  Black women are very rude women.  I don't want to be like her.

GOD said the black women who was on here reading at the time We were in he car said "Why doesn't SHE go and ask Debra for money seeing as SHE gave her some."

"SHE love beg people!"
"SHE needs to brush HER teeth."

GOD said if it was a white family in the car other white people would have taken them out quickly.

GOD sad it is the black people who are the dogs!

GOD said the white people look at the black peoples behaviour why they leave them there.  
GOD said I am the only black woman HE could see helping other black people HE was going to jump down for them because of their bad mindedness that is why HE left you there.  It is the white people who give you jobs to include you or to sweep their floors.

GOD said the black DJs buy MY song but it is the white people who buy MY song because the black people are jealous of ME!

I'm with GOD and will only jump down fr the black people who will jump down to buy what I put out or I'll them there same place they left ME on shit street.

Your piece of shit that is what you are.

A white woman would have said "It's not me but at least it is another white." She would have treated her with respect.

Black women stink just like the white women some of you leave it too long too.  Lots of you r are whores to and like to take other people man!  Is you mi will tell move to!
Off  course white people wash that is why you don't smell them.  They rub it with flannels as well.

GOD said that is why the black men leave the black women and suck out the white woman because she is clean as well, and will do more for him.

The black men think they can fuck better than a white man look at the sex videos the white man can pump!  When a white pick up a black woman he treats her like she is precious.  Lots of black treat the black woman like Riccardo treated ME. Mi no want him!  GOD said that is why the black men came to the car to laugh.

White men are sexier than black men they want it al the time and will fuck you anywhere!

Some of the black men are paedophiles as well.  I wouldn't leave MY children with them.

I made the black people feel special because we have been down trodden on then look you tread pon ME I GODS wife!  Your dog who don't appreciate a gourmet meal.  Hi nyam dotty dinner! 

GOD said the black people won't come after ME though tat is where they have shown the most respect to HIM. 

GOD said the white men left from over here and went to South Africa in search of black women because they wanted to fuck them in peace without the white woman causing them bother.  It is the type of black men over there why the trouble started GOD said the same type of African men which came to the car to show their dotty teet.  GOD said their breaths were stinking!

GOD said African men have hang ups because the black women in South Africa like fucking white men.  GOD said it was Idi who had the biggest hang up.  GOD said the white still showed respect when they went over there they didn't go east Africa to fight the people over there for the artefacts.  That is why HE told them to go because they like mixing it is the white women who went over there to cause trouble because of what the white men were doing with the black women why lots of people have been murdered.  GOD said the type of respect Doug shows HIM is that he has lots of trucks and lots and lots of black men working for him.  But the white woman he is with told him to sack all of the black people and give the jobs to white people, that is the type of trouble the white woman caused in Africa why lots of people have been murdered.  GOD said Doug told her no and that is why they keep breaking up.  GOD said she is a piece of shit.  

GOD said as I am trying to show the black people respect the white are hanging onto MY children even though HE is in control, and the black people have been showing ME lots of disrespect that is why HE said just worry about OUR family, and said I don't want YOU jumping down for any of them that is why I am letting YOU pick some of the black people who show respect so that they can jump down to them, because I am GOD and don't want to see YOU on their level.  

GOD said it is the black women shout for ME to send MY children to school because they know paedophiles are going into the schools and sexually abusing children and know the evilness which has been documented for ME. GOD said black people are very evil but have been controlled why they don't do it themselves that is why HE allowed slavery.

GOD said that is why HE doesn't want to many at the top! GOD said most of them are like Shirley!

GOD said HE brought Ryan's church friend to calm him down again GOD said it is not what the white people are doing to Ryan why he keep getting angry it is the subtle thing Lenny is saying to Jake and Ryan why they ae behaving like that towards ME and that if Lenny doesn't stop HE is going to have to take him out because of what Ryan will do to ME, and said Lenny is behaving like he has always been there.  GOD sad Lenny is hanging on to Ryan and Jake because he has heard what is happening and has been on here he want money to set up his business but is not getting any from us.  Everything Ryan and Jake spend money on will be classed as a business expense. 

Lenny is a dog!  GOD said he was jealous of the way I looked when he let Jake hold his birthday party there 2012 and said "Why did SHE come?"  i was invited by Jake and Ryan why I went.  GOD said that is where Lenny started turning MY children.  GOD said listen that is his girlfriend she said to him he better stop or he is going to get taken out.  Too right the dog!

GOD said Ryan and Jake keep thinking MY mum comes first SHE is the one who has been there!  Why don't you fuck off Lenny to the same place before 2012.

Lenny I don't have a problem with you seeing MY children but when you are turning them away from ME.  I don't do it to them back of I don't owe you anything.  Have your relationship with MY children but don't come between us.  I'm no interested in your world only in MINE.  GOD said it hurts Lenny that I married a white man.  Andy that is why he started fuck you Andy did your job for you much better than you!  Andy is Jake and Ryan's dad!  They give him respect which he deserves he never ill treated them or imparted fuck up views.

I better go now Andy is on his way over I broke the toilet hinge as I was cleaning it yesterday he is coming to put a new one for ME! Lenny wouldn't come all the way from Bristol to do that for ME but the white man would fuck off! 

Andy knows I want him to help ME clean up!

GOD said Riccardo has never done it to Mine but would have pinch MY children eventually like h has been doing to Tina's little boy that is why HE sent him out!  GOD sad Riccardo has a cruel streak in him.
I would have dashed him out no one does that to MY children in love or no in love!

GOD said the paedophile who they sent into the park yesterday because they knew MY children were n there has to get taken out he has the black death!  GOD said it was the white police woman who sits behind the camera monitoring MY family obsessively. 

GOD said she told him to push Marshall in the lake so HE pushed him so that MY children could walk on the path GOD said they know what the lake does to those who fall in.  GOD said people touch the water and are ok but it is not like when you fall in.  GOD said you should see what it does through the penis and rectum and mouth ears nose!  GOD said the Thames is a moving river the lake is still and stagnant.  The man is in trouble 

GOD said the Thames is cleaner the fish the bodies out.  The man himself uses the lake to throw bodies! Took a shower and changed their clothes.

Myles said two black men fished him out.  GOD said they are ok they left the park and washed their hands.  GOD said the paedophile has HIV.  GOD said Marshall doesn't have HIV he eats once a day all of us are losing weigh.  Marshall lost weight on the cross trainer before and was slim.  The gas is costing lots and the electric.

Some people eat more like Sapphire she helps herself to thirds and uses the microwave our stomachs have shrunk.

Marshall sleeps for long periods he is not eating.   He is not eating breakfast or snacks.

It's cost about £65 a week gas and electric and it is only hot water and 40/50 minutes cook a day.  I get £270 a week £290 every 4 weeks. I still help MY older children when they need it.

Toiletries cost a bit it doesn't leave much for food £10/15 a day to feed all of us.  I buy extras every 4 weeks.  Davina's little cooker broke down last month.

GOD said the what white woman told the man to push Marshall and said he has HIV.  GOD said she has it Marshall doesn't.

GOD said show.  That is why no one wants to go out of the house no ones got any decent clothes.  GOD said that police woman knows about the spite she is in it, it was her spite!

GOD said the group in Bristol have booked tickets or them and their children to Mexico.  GOD said they said it is for the school holidays but they don't plan to come back.  GOD said Andre Wallace has already started selling his house and has just found a buyer because he is sell dirt cheap.  GOD said it is a private sale.

GOD said Kate gets raped and murdered.

Last night GOD took ME into Kate's room I heard a slap GOD said she got raped by black "I want HER raped by white men seeing as SHE wants our white men!"  GOD said HE wants ME to tell people what is going on so that they know what will happen to them if they show that type of disrespect.  GOD then took ME into Andrew Wallace's house"Get out of my house why are you in here?"  "Because you are getting taken out!"
"What about my children?"
"Them as well!"

I heard the men who were taking out Kate "she is stinking I don't want to touch er make her wash herself!"
Andrew Wallace's children have HIV. 

I heard Doug a few moments ago "I have to work hard for that money so what if I am a trillionaire!" 

Today I heard a phone call "Elizabeth what is going on how are you running this place? paedophiles going into schools why is you family attacking this family that is a lot of disrespect what kind of Queen are you?"
"Lorraine is Queen?"
GOD said they are going to Germany.

Earlier GOD said there are still a lot of black people going to the top because of the respect they show HIM.

GOD said they have been listening to MY old phone calls with MY friends and beating ME up for it saying I am rude now they are going to Brian Villalobos asking him what he taught ME. Teachings like if you have nothing positive to say say nothing they beat ME up for.  GOD said Doug called David Westfield normal people what end the call and that is it not that family they go through all of that persons phone calls. 

GOD said Andrea used to do it for them.

GOD said Elizabeth is already showing disrespect in Germany HE is KING and I am QUEEN where ever we go.  She called Germany this morning and told them she has been thrown out and that when she goes over to Germany she expects to be Queen there! 

GOD said Doug wrote the cheques of to ME and MY children to spite Berlinda for cheating on him, that is why HE didn't want us to have them.  But Doug is genuine and shows a lot of respect. 

GOD said there are white women working on the film for The Duel that is OK if she doesn't mind I don't mind. She is showing ME respect by wanting to work on MY stuff it's nice thank you.

GOD said HE doesn't want her hiding her name in the credits.  That's right.  GOD said the women are very good better than the men in there.

GOD said the women in there become friend with Niece and that is My group of friends. GOD said they are nice white women gentle and funny.  I want the girls to hear the song so that they can get a better picture.

one thing I do want to tell you the rhythmic spoken verses are different each line is spoken or sung differently.  It sounds good the way I do it. There is a format.

Andy is here maybe I can record it for you to hear it. Before he goes back.

Someone just said the film has nothing to do with the song some times you see things differently if you see the other half. Someone is arguing "Don't do that film!" Jealousy.  Some people become afraid the other person will move on without them. Siamese twins.

You get one life if you don't live it at the end who are you going to blame the husband who could die tomorrow or leave you ,you missed your chance.  Marriage is not a guarantee. That is how I talk to MY friends why the husbands never like ME.

None of the husbands like ME but they stare at ME when her back is turned.  I don't mind the showing dislike.  I don't want to be propositioned, I don't want to have to tell MY friend about her husbands behaviour towards ME.   

GOD is telling ME something.  MY first friend in the Vineyard church was a blond woman young I have forgotten her name.  Gary and his wife were friends with her she worked near Bond Pearce. She was seeing the blond young man who worked for the BBC in Bristol he went to the Vineyard church and the started going to Woodlands I have forgotten his name.

She said she was bulimic and was always being sick.  GOD said she had HIV and knew she had it and spread it all over Bristol. She met really nice man who got engaged to her not long after he met her it was a nice apartment in St Anne's, she was not from Bristol her first day at Vineyard was MY first day. GOD said they blamed ME for the HIV in the church GOD said Berlinda had sex with the blond man her friends boyfriend and that is where she caught HIV.  GOD said she brought it to the church. She cut off the friendship.

She didn't stay with anyone for long.  GOD said she only had sex to spread it and then would leave break it off.  GOD said after Berlinda cheated she and a group of friends from Vineyard left the church and went to Woodlands most of them  were walking around with it because they are all whores and spread it to some of the people in Vineyard. GOD said Doug caught it.

GOD said HE pushed Doug away from ME and because the white woman who was going after him for money and to spite ME HE pushed him over to her and she caught it Doug is just finding out.

I'm sorry Doug.

I asked her so when are you getting married? She said they broke up and he has found someone else. This was all within a space of 3 month which includes the BBC man. White people have a cheek to blame the black woman!

GOD said the money they stole they said was compensation.

GOD said David who was seeing MY au pair caught it from someone in Woodland who went with someone in the group who left Vineyard and went to Woodlands. GOD said she was the first person in the church with HIV.  GOD said she is still there moving around at the same speed. GOD said some of the men insist they use a condom so she stays until they take it off then leaves.

I picked her up from work a couple time she worked in a hotel near Bond Pearce. on the side streets. not on a major road the car park is under the building. She is quite pretty 5"5 slim.  GOD said she had sex with men in the hotel.  I remember she told ME she met a guest at the hotel who wanted to see her.  I asked if she was going to meet him she said yes I made a comment she didn't like and she cut ME off. I asked her about the person she was with who put the ring on her finger.

Someone just asked ME what year it was it's the police.  I was driving MY fiesta maybe 2003/4.  I was living at Weston Crescent BS7.  L247 RMM I think that was MY registration number.  If you ever catch ME on camera giving it a little scratch it is only because I used to shave a little. I did!  I shaved MY armpits yesterday.

GOD said she took down half of Bristol and said when I first moved up there I could have had sex with anyone I was around.  Now most people up there have it because of her and that is why, HE didn't want ME over there.  GOD said most of the children there have it, and that there are as many people there with it as there are in London and London is a much bigger place!  GOD said he girl who spray canned her bedroom wall with Jake's name has it. Some of Ryan and Jakes friends up there have Myles friends have it and so does Marshall's friends even children Briely was in nursery with have it.  GOD said Julie in Bristol have it. So does the woman who boy friend died on Satchfield close.  So does Julie's daughter who had sex with the mum's boyfriend after she split up with Derek.  GOD said Julie caught it from Derek.  The daughter spread it to her boyfriend. Her friend caught it from whoring with the daughters boyfriend.  GOD said the 15 year old friend was a little whore he didn't want Andy near her she was after Andy because he was with a black woman.  She took of her top and sun bathed on the road all the men used to look through their windows or come out and stare she didn't live there.

I shouted at her once show some respect putt you top on I have a husband a young sons I don't want them seeing that get up!  She got up fast an ran into Julie's. I told her every man looking out their window because of what you are doing is classed as a paedophile it is not his fault. She was a pretty white girl.

GOD said Julie went with the car mechanic who does insurance work for Tesco insurance who spayed MY the Sharan that I wasn't happy with and he caught it.  

"I never knew she had it then!" GOD said no but Julie knew she had it then.  I remember when she went into depression just before had sex with the Mechanic.  GOD said Tricky from Massive attack went with Julie.  GOD said between she and her friends who caught it they have knocked a lot of men down.

The 15 year olds tity was showing at first she put her top across them slowly it came down.

GOD said Julies daughter had sex with the step dad he was arrested but they let him go and she caught it from the 21 year old her mother allowed her to see as her boyfriend at 14.

I think I'll let Niece do the music and leave the acting she is too classy, the woman on the floor gets fucked. it's a blue film. Niece is a billionaire!  She is too classy!
"What are we trash we make the films!"
"Yeh that is how you show respect to the white girl!"

You won't be getting any from ME your trash! Lots of girl will do your job from the red light district areas don't have to worry about finding a girl like you to fuck in MY films i don't have to show you respect either you a prostitute!  I DON'T OWE ANY WHITE RESPECT SHE IS A PIECE OF SHIT BECAUSE SHE IS WHITE.

I want to see him digging it! I don't want that porn star I want someone fresh to put up on the trillionaire level.  Riccardo can 


I used to stay in the same hotel in Bristol in Clifton St Pauls Road I think. In the centre. Not Clifton on the hill

It was a family run hotel they grew grapes in the garden!  I started going there from 2000 I booked in the name of Lorraine Stevens.



A few days ago GOD spoke to ME and said that child running up and down in the garden next door is seen as precious to the paedophiles but I am looking at what they do to other people children.  I said to GOD what child? I don't hear one! Do you mean the child who was there a couple of weeks ago?  GOD the child is not here yet YOU will soon hear him.  GOD  said I'm going to use the other paedophiles to take out his son but he is still there!  Then GOD said all of those men sitting there have all already sexually abused the little boy and are pretending the to the father and mother the the little boy is precious.  GOD then said the little boy has HIV I don't want YOU to look out of the window when YOU hear him talking so that they don't see YOU look out and they will start trouble with YOU.  I don't want to take them out because of how they get taken out that is why I am talking to YOU.  I heard the little boy yesterday but I didn't look out to see him.  

GOD said I don't want to tell YOU too much because I don't want YOU to write about it when the little boy is here they have all gone into the house even the women they are all paedophiles because of what they are going to do to the little boy.  GOD said they were laughing with the dad because he son keep screaming dada but none of them could stand the little by why they murder the father as well.  GOD said they don't like children why they are paedophiles.

GOD said I was being controlled by HIM.  I didn't think to look out.
If they keep letting it happy why am I the only one who cares!  Who is at the top?  I have been shouting out why is nothing being done about any of it?

GOD said Elizabeth put the paedophile who live next door there why they are still there.  GOD said it is Elizabeth who is making all of the trouble!

GOD said Barak Obama's body is in the lake people know but no one cares because of his colour. 

GOD said it was Elizabeth who told the people to take Barak Obama and his family out and it is Elizabeth who allowed the paedophiles to go into school why they are still allowed to keep going into schools and other buildings like hospitals.  GOD said the paedophile don't care if I shout out because they are being protected by Elizabeth.  GOD said before anyone can do spite they have to get permission and Elizabeth is the person who is the person here who they have to go to, to get it.   GOD said Elizabeth has given permission for a lot of things that she know should never be given.  

GOD said HE is going to go back to restraining people in their houses so that MY children can continue walking up and down the street because of the way HE sees the people on this street are going to get taken out the same level as what they have been doing to other people.   

GOD said the paedophile at the top in Bristol keep looking at their children with HIV. GOD said they speak to their children not to have sex with but they are children and go off with other teenagers and have sex and catch HIV.  GOD said that is why HE let the Bristol people flag ME and MY children out of Bristol. 

GOD said now one in this house has HIV not even Andy who is coming.  Ryan and Jake can still meet with friends who don't have it it is only Sidem the resting police woman with AIDS who keep trying to infect MY children since South Woodford who don't want her.  GOD said Sidem has infected a lot of men because of her spitefulness.  GOD said she came back because Elizabeth told them to send her to keep trying. GOD showed ME the ration there were about 10 youth around Ryan 10 around Jake in Bristol there was 1 youth who didn't have HIV to one girl them HE said there are none that 1 caught it. 

GOD said Ryan and Jake are around people with it but they are not after them.  

GOD said the paedophiles in Bristol has been using the chemicals on the teenagers in the secondary schools, they have even been in the colleges. GOD said the paedophiles/rapist have to get Elizabeth's approval before they can go anywhere, once she gives it they can keep going without having to keep asking.

Lots of people in this room lots of distractions they don't stop talking to ME.  They can see that I am typing.

GOD said if the Bristol people had not done what they did to MY family because of our colour HE would have take Andy's mother out and stopped it.  

GOD said the paedophiles would still be there doing the paedophilia but in secret like they always done and said when they get hold of a child the normally take them out.

Doesn't matter how angry I am I'd never send paedophiles after someone children that is dog and beast behaviour!  How I view it if you send them after mine and they get yours good for you.

GOD said they are all trying to pass the buck.  Andy's mum said she was feeling emotional because of what they showed her I was doing to her son why she said she wanted done to MY children and only voiced it in anger they took it to the next level nor her, and that she only said about MY children no one else's.   GOD said she was emotional why HE cleaned up our family mess Andy's family is My family why MY children were not touched and are still here, and that is why HE will take people out for Andy's family.  You will have to try else where for someone to blame! GOD said that just leaves you the paedophiles!

GOD said Andy's mum and dad or sister have never touch children if HE saw that they would HE would never have allowed ME to be with Andy.  GOD said it is not Lindsey it's the husband Andy's family are all Christian's even though there is bad mindedness. 

GOD said Andy's dad was roped in and was told he had to drive for them. He is old and unwell, he ad a stroke and cancer, and don't like trouble he said yes. 

GOD said what upset HIM wit Andy's mum was the coat!

She is an old bag!  GOD said at the wedding something fell on the floor and she put it on the plate for ME and Andy, Andy ate it.  So HE didn't care.

I will try to record the verses to The Orange Song later when the house quietens down I need to cook I'm making a lasagne tonight.

I'll do some backing vocals for the chorus maybe not every chorus.

Only look At the high light as backing vocals I sing the first line of the chorus to show you placement,  I'm not sure if they are all placed correctly I'm using the metronome in MY head.

There is a glisten but on the second chorus or first there can be an AH!  Sung like a breath of fresh air. Or just before the 2nd verse which might have script in between chorus and verse I have to check. 

Put the "AH" straight after the glisten, before the verse.  That's where the breath of fresh air goes.  Sing it straight.

Backing Vocal for The Orange Song

after glisten deep breath Ah your the moon

GOD said Niece has gone into the studio to cause trouble.  Time is money I don't want to have to throw her out I an not playing games Theo is MY producer anyone else listens to Theo. She is telling him to chop up MY sound because she wants it.

I don't want Niece in there she can talk to Riccardo in the film.  I don't like people upsetting the creative flow I know how Theo works I rust him.

GOD said Niece said she wouldn't take anything GOD said she has her phone and is recording!  I don't want trouble that is not why people have gone in there.  GOD said it was her father who told her to do it!

Theo I want to hear MY whole melody in there work around the song what makes it special are the TV clips. You Theo are a musical genus.  GOD said it is not what you have done it is what you can do.  Click your fingers before you start!

You can copy some of the laughter change the voice higher lower what ever put it in a different place slightly to make it sound like a different singer. 

We are not on the billionaire level we are hungry we ain't got time to fuck about!

Theo you can mix that tune tonight minus the spare parts the TV sections.

Roots manuver are there they can do the TV voice overs! Use all of the resources around you don't waste anything.

When the TV comes on I want to be able to hear it like when MY children put the TV on and I have to keep telling them to turn it down.  Make sure the beats are kicking.  I want the base to rock ME through the speakers!

To the film people after we have watched the TV tear it down.  After you tear it down back to the love scene.

I don't need to show any friends laughing just the woman who falls on the floor.  I don't want any club scenes.  TV and love scenes.

I'll think about what else I want to put in there remember there is the gondola at the front.
The car was a ford Mondeo.

You can take short breaks.  I don't want anyone leaving the building except to do filming I want that tune cut tonight.

I just heard Niece she said she wants a shoot out!  Why?

GOD said she want to get Theo to stop him from working.  Please talk to your daughter it is not our job.  Theo never cause trouble he is very polite even when your annoyed with him!

GOD said they showed Niece the video of ME and Riccardo making love and she was crying.  That is not MY problem that is why she should never have come between Riccardo and ME. She did it to herself.

Don't use Riccardo in the film only the video.  GOD said and Niece spoke and he told her to mess things up because he is jealous and told him to ask for 18 million I don't want him to have that much. 1 million that is all he's part is worth, I want Marshall to have the rest.

GOD said it is Marshall who is on the bed causes the controversy. 

Riccardo take it or leave it we are using it anyway.

They are calling ME a nasty woman and Riccardo a paedophile.

Thank you Doug!

GOD told ME yesterday Doug went and picked up all of Videos which those here didn't want GOD said they are the corner stones. 

To the video tech people spin the love scene thanks.

GOD said Ann is bragging Riccardo does for her children but not Marshall.  GOD said that is why he gave Ann HIV when he went down there to do for hers.  GOD said that is why HE didn't want Riccardo to do for Marshall! 

GOD said Ann is the nasty woman Riccardo caught it from her and she new she had it and was hoping I would catch it why she had sex with him.

GOD said as Riccardo was ridding her he fucked her like she was a whore he was thinking "That is my wife!" Yes many men ago!   GOD said she was stinking.

GOD said Riccardo spread HIV to Niece and he knew he had it.  GOD said the day we broke up he was at Ann's house after she had sex with him she told him she has HIV and that is why he came banging at MY door to spread it to ME. But made a decision it was over.   GOD said he went to Niece.  GOD said even thought he went down on ME he didn't have a lot in his system for ME to catch it like that.  GOD said he and his group do more spreading than the church girl I was friends with.  GOD said Nice starts trouble where ever she goes and that she is a very jealous woman why she didn't even want Riccardo but came between us, and that s why she caught the HIV.  GOD said Riccardo is in America let her go and start her shout out down where he is. 

3 months after I let Riccardo give ME a blow job I went for a test I was clean.  

A few moments ago GOD said Regina just told someone to put the little red ants next door the Asian woman is complaining and said "Why do we have to have them here?"  That is why I am seeing black ants in the hall way.  GOD said she knows she cannot murder the people next door or disobeying her.

Marshall was crying on the bed like a good mother that I am I kept feeding him his dummy I want to hear the baby crying more than once.

I don't care about how much you want to show of ME.  It's a sex film.  I want the men to cut the sex scenes.

GOD said HE touch Riccardo and made him clean I sent him out he didn't come back.

Lots of good white girls in MY team but she knows she is bitchy, and cannot trust herself.  That is why I called for the men to do the sex scenes.

I don't want the men using her.  Tell them to fuck off!

GOD said she still fucks them!  If I was there I'd drag her from him!

A freebie to throw out!  I don't want any association.

Modify the words.  I'M in melody mode.

I'm tipsy, not drunk, but I'm thinking of a film company, first come, first served.
Slam it!

Ah!  I heard a white man who said "make sure you put a black woman in there even if you slam the door on her!"   

Annie Lightyear.  

GOD said some Australian picks up slam it and says that was for the glisten they write a whole film. 

GOD said Theo puts Chris Brown to My dance video! We are all working together nicely.  GOD said if I was there I wouldn't be able to sit in the directors seat.

Don't diss MY singing I was drunk last night I sang slam it and passed out.

Theo I want to sound natural I don't want MY voice treated. Andy bought ME a bottle and Ryan came back from work with a bottle he bought ME.

I was thinking of Riccardo and it came.

I've got some bad news. I have a court letter.

I just heard the the Australian writers "What if SHE takes it back?" I won't take it back write your film I have no association with it.  I don't want to write everything that comes out of ME I want a life!

They made ME be horrible to you!

There is a lot of creativity on this site.  I'm going to be nice and let people have of what I don't want to use for free.

I'm interested in MY funny film and the orange song and MY songs and MY musical.

I like writing commercials they make ME laugh as I am writing them.  I think I am getting better at writing commercials.  I learn a lot writing on here I have discovered I have other talents.

I enjoy being rude to you but I'll still be nice to you.  I'm not rude to your faces though.
The court date is on the 18th August at Romford county court. I'm not going.

The paedophilia is real lots of what I write about is real.  I don't give a shit about the ones who have been beating My family and I up!

GOD said it is their shame. Lots of gun shots it's really I give accounts they are all real.

Theo I don't mind you moving verses around in The Duel.  GOD said there are lots of jealous white women why I am sitting here working.  You can come and work with ME later!

GOD said I have white female friends but they are still jealous. But they change because of MY dance video.  GOD said HE keeps shaking HIS head at MY dance video.  It was a bit cheeky to use police cameras.  But that is art it was unplanned. I enjoyed making that video so much it was a release or ME.  I work with the police and they know I like them that is why I did it.  Oh and I don't get Myself into any trouble.

I can tighten any commercial on here I just write quickly to show you.  GOD said that is what makes HIM laugh how I tighten.  HE said HE likes MY humour.

Yesterday GOD said the police said they cannot override what Elizabeth says that is why they cannot touch the paedophiles.  To you never join in!  Elizabeth and her family are accountable to Someone in America.  They are going to get dealt with.  It is not her children that is why she gave her approval Elizabeth is a piece of shit!  Everyone is catching HIV for the stinking old woman. 

She makes ME bang MY drum she said she is not accountable to anyone.   Oh yeh! Elizabeth Hitler is accountable to ME!  Elizabeth has to do as she is told.  That is why I have special powers to blow the whistle!  Elizabeth and her family have taken the piss! I causing a lot of trouble for her and her crew! The woman shows no respect she and her family show as much respect as pigs!  Don't respect them they are giving your children HIV. Everyone needs to put their foot down on her and her family.  They are not special I'm special.

GOD said Elizabeth has been playing games with MY family even the black woman they sent with forms they would have made ME sit their filling out the thick bunch of paper for housing benefit and turned ME down there is no benefit cap only for our family Elizabeth kept having them cut off the housing benefit and the cut it down to £43 a week which would have got ME thrown out anyway.

The County Court at Romford 2a Oaklands avenue Romford Essex RM1 4DP  18th August 2014 at 14:00 
Claim number A01RM678

GOD said that is why she takes Foruk out! GOD said she starts taking out his family.

GOD said lots of British show respect they want ME to bang MY drum they want that family taken out from there.  They said they are fed up with them.

The rent is £1300 pm.

GOD said it was Elizabeth's family who took the people out in Asda that is the type of disrespect they show.

GOD said the reason why Ryan is at home sitting down is because she spoke to someone and told them that she didn't want Ryan earning too much in case he helps ME to pay off the rent.

I'm listening to arguments lots of white women are arguing with men "Yes we are we are taking all of what SHE is interested in!" GOD said Elizabeth told them to do it but white women show a lot of disrespect.  GOD said I must tell you where to contact if some steals any of MY work Universal GOD said there is a KING in America.  Send an email to the boss of Universal. GOD said the KING is the boss of Universal any complaints you have like about the paedophilia take it there she is accountable to HIM.  Don't bother HIM for little complaints but what is happening in schools, hospitals etc with the paedophilia is a big thing you can go to HIM. 

Mad Lizzy ha ha ha!
I don't care about the paedophile who show that disrespect they don't care about anyone but themselves and their families.  Rather them get taken out that an innocent child. People love their children that is every parents nightmare for their child to be a victim of sexual assault. GOD said the paedophiles used to hide themselves but because Elizabeth gave them permission they are bold as brass. GOD said Elizabeth has someone taking all the pictures off the internet of MY Great Granddad King George v and is replacing them with her ugly family type in George v and it is her black haired family who comes up George v was bond with blue eyes like MY dads.

GOD said she has started on MY Great Grandmother's photo's Marie Antoinette. GOD said she is taking out photo's of MY Great Grandfather Benjamin Banaker. Queen Charlotte is MY Great Grandmother.  GOD said I am like all of them.  But like Marie and George because I fight.  But I am soft like Charlotte and smart like Benjamin.  GOD said I am funny like George.

GOD said some gets word to the KING a white policeman they won't go after you they won't know.

GOD said the policeman is by himself coughing with the laughter!
I know why your coughing I will never tell them. He was a KING from the KINGSHIP line why they took Him.  I wrote about it.  Marie and Benjamin are MY mothers Grand parent, George and Charlotte are MY fathers Grand parents.

I want to sit in MY rightful place Elizabeth and her family have to get out!

Message to the KING how would YOU like it if she and her family traded their place for YOURS? 

GOD said they are commoners from off the street. They can go back to Germany where he came from. GOD said I don't have to show any respect for it already belongs to MY family.  MY family are the true ROYAL FAMILY. 

Elizabeth told the council to turn part of this road into a one way system and to make the park restriction from 8.30 am until 9 pm on this road because MY children have friends with cars who come here we just got a letter.  I want it left.

GOD said the white men are only boxing down the white women who want to take MY work so that she doesn't get taken out"Come on lets make it look like we are showing respect to Lorraine and HER family."
That is why I will treat you like Elizabeth has been treating you so you can respect ME like you respect her!  

GOD said the writer of the theme tune to prisoner cell block H shows respect.  GOD said there are lots of good song writers in Australia.  I love your song and singing! I think you show bring it out again but market it better it is beautiful. Maybe we can share the distribution.

GOD said the white woman who slam it went to is the white woman in there who show respect.  GOD said she is MY friend she is on MY level.  GOD said the white men because I mentioned sharing distribution want her to share MY CD box GOD said she is not on that level,  I'll put MY seal on her CD case.  GOD said she is not upset!  We can write songs together if you like. 

GOD said people are going to start getting taken out for using MY seal which is the crown.
I've seen MY family coat of arms even on the sugar packets I want it all off.  Big disrespect to MY family! 

I'll wait until I am sat there to give people time.

GOD said all Elizabeth made was paedophiles I heard her "No one here will touch us!"  GOD said Elizabeth let them all do the paedophilia so that they would all protect her and her family.

GOD said HE is not going to touch your paedophile families except for the ones who showed ME disrespect but you are not allowed to touch the back children even if the black policemen have been allowed to show that type of disrespect because many of the black people don't how that disrespect.  GOD said you can touch the black peoples children who have done the same as the white and other colours of people who have been sexually abusing other people children in the schools etc.

I  couldn't help it 

I...I've never been in love before 
so love is an open door
I...I've never been in love before 
so love is an open door
Shut the door
Shut the door
Slam it
love is an open door

If I've touched it, I don't like to leave it dirty if it's going somewhere!  It's compulsive disorder behaviour!

Shut the door and slam it can be used as direction only and doesn't have to be sung.

That which I've written in slam it is enough it says everything.


I just found a nice melody but I'm not going to write it to show my friend respect. 

I was just writing a song while I was washing up Ruby help ME to write some, I said Andy open the window Ruby said "Yes daddy's got us burning in here!"

Try Me On
My baby's she ain't treating me right
(Suck the air)! 
Don't you keep me burning in hell!
(Spoken) Cause I'm scorching!
Oo! Ah! You know that I want you
You know that I will fit you tight
(Shout) Try me on!
I got nothing but my love tonight
(Shiver spoken) Take it all!
(Shiver spoken ) That's right, loose the shoes, and the dress yea and the bag! 
(Shout)Take it off!
Yes this mama's got me burning in here! 
(Shiver spoken) Woow!

Take a cold shower
Wait baby where are you going with the bag?

Written By Ruby Johnson and Lorraine Windsor

I picture the dad in Everybody Hates Chris while I'm writing Try Me On. I don't know his name it's not for Everybody Hates Chris it can be.

I play with words later I have a melody.  Ruby is always making up song,  GOD said she was listening to what I was singing in the kitchen why she said that.  I like Ruby's melodies she is always singing.  GOD said she did it in the style to what I was singing.

The British just brought tears to MY eyes I'm crying.  Yesterday I heard "We are proud of HER."
I just heard "Put HER in the recorder."
It's a news paper.

I don't want anyone dying for me!

Andy has gone back.

GOD said dream works wants Try Me On 

They are playing music it's off putting it's not loud but... Ryan's play rock music I wish I could hear Myself think it's not loud.  I 'll come back later.  

I'm happy with the Try Me On cut it could go in My funny film. 

I was washing up today and was singing the backing vocals for The Orange Song shoo bee doo and bounced it that is how Try Me On started.

I messed up MY musical notes and I thought I like this and then Ruby said what she did.

Ruby likes talking in an American accent that is why she said it lie that.

I'm sat here thinking about tailoring the hair dressers scene. 

I need to tidy everything first before I put more in.  But I need to finish MY hair first!  I've got a feeling I'm going to have guest soon.

Ship Wreck is under reconstruction we apologise for any inconvenience. 
"SHIP WRECK" song title
Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa    Pa Pa   Pa 
(Steps)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa... 

You and me we both just met
So why is life just one
Big Ship wreck?

We were sitting on a sunny shore
Listening to the sea shell
Building our house with the sand

Bridge 1
Now Lorraine is calling....
It came tumbling down
(Trumpet)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa   Pa Pa   Pa 
(Trumpet)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa   Pa Pa   Pa

(Little crystals)
(Scatch drums, sax)
We should be running through the rain
Making splashes in the rain
Looking through our window pain
At the rain rain
Can't stop the rain
Do do do do do   do   do do   do
You left me in the rain

You and I we both just met
So tell me why 
Is life so unkind?

We should be making movie scenes
Like movie shadows on the wall
Making love that's how it is
Through the rain rain 
Can't stand the rain 
(Trumpet)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa   Pa Pa   Pa 
(Steps)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa...

Bridge 1
Cause the rain is falling...
It came tumbling down
It came tumbling down

Harp solo

The rain is falling down on me
I'll close my eyes so I can see
In the rain rain 
Can't stop the rain
(Trumpet)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa   Pa Pa   Pa 
(Trumpet)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa   Pa Pa   Pa

Can stand the rain  
Can stand the rain  
Can't stand the rain rain rain
(Trumpet)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa   Pa Pa   Pa 
(Walking out trumpet)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa    Pa    Pa 


(Trumpet)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa   Pa Pa   Pa 
(Trumpet)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa   Pa Pa   Pa 
(Tuba )Ba ba ba-  Where's the sun?
(Spoken)The sun?
(Bell)Ding ding ding - Does it shine?
Yes the sun does shine(M/F straighten)
(Spoken)Over there!
On the other side(Backing M/F straighten)
(Tuba? sax?)doby doby doby do- Thank you for singing
(Spoken)Thank you for playing with me as well
(Drum)Scatch scatch 
Thank you too!
Everyone says goodbye
Good bye to you too have a nice time in the sun 
(Trumpet)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa  Pa Pa   Pa
(Trumpet walk out)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa   Pa Pa   Pa
(?????) di di di- It's raining

Bridge 2
Yes the rain is falling....
it came tumbling down

Backing vocals round
(Girls)Oh yea Scratch scratch oh yea  scratch scratch    
(Girls)Oh yea Scratch scratch
(Boys)Oo oo wee

(Flute) ----Come with us
(Spoken)I'm sorry I don't understand!
(Tuba) Boa...-come
(Spoken) Oh you want me to come to the other side with you
OK I'll come.
(Trumpet)It was wet and miserable Pa Pa Pa Pa  
(Singer)Yes it was wet and miserable 
(??????) Leave him over there
I left him over there that is why I coming with you  
(??????)----I hope he get wet
(Singer)I hope he gets wet 
(?????)------ I hope he gets ship wrecked
(?????)-------I didn't hear that
(Singer)He said he hopes he gets ship wrecked
(Singer) Oh!
(clapper) clap clap clap clap
(Trombone) Doa boa boa boa boa- Laughter
(Sax)Ba ba- Laughter
Do do do do do - La la la la la la la
Laughter everyone Ba ba ba ba different sound different timing.
Clapping percussion with laughter.
(Trumpet)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa  Pa Pa  Pa
(Trombone) Boa boa boa boa boa- Laughter(Overlap)
(Trumpet walk out)Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa   Pa  Pa Pa  Pa

Yes you and I we just met
So tell me why is life 
So unkind

Words and melody written by Lorraine Windsor

1 2 yea yea 1 2 yea yea

I think this ship wreck song is fitting for KING.

I want a dance mix as well.

I bet the musicians drop on the stage 

The white woman at the blogger changed MY arrangement The white told her she can move things. Those black musicians are good. Doesn't the white woman feel shame?  She is shaming all the other white women. 

"Life seems so unkind"

The um's are the base.

I want to voice that tune some voices are too tinny for that song. It's a big tune.
To the musicians "Can't stand the rain" should end on the same note as The rain. same wiith all the ending.  Put what is needed.

I'm sorry to change things the first verse forget strings brush the drum!

I want it white sounding no oo oo  wee!

GOD said Theo is n there with them .  Theo please keep MY sound thanks.  Think hair shop!  I don't want any over playing. Backing vocalist when you sing yea yea sound like a little girl.  I want My riffs to stand out PA PA.  The rest is back ground atmospheric. The must stand out or I'll sing it Myself! 

Cu later...
.Please use different instruments to talk.
Egg shaker saxophone/trumpet I'll let you choose instruments.  I want the instruments to talk doby doby doby doby doby doby do.  Up and down down and up it's quick, he only comes in twice on his own. In the back ground of conversation softly played the rain rain rain rain
I want everybody in there talking the sax...
The only time I want to hear the drums is when it is being scratch.
(Same melody as the sun)

Do do do do  do  do do  do
one voice like rain drop keep falling on my head keep it simple. The trumpet walks out of there.  It's a white woman song because of her voice.
You don't have to use that spare part.

I like the melody 

I need to do stuff. I'm getting the hang of writing script songs. I'll look at it later.

That song brought tears.
There are lots of black people who shouting why is SHE writing songs SHE should be plating HER hair why don't you fuck off.  Bad minded.

I'll record it later and ask Myles to put it on You Tube.  It's a nice song I love it.

I sorry about vocals and bad timing I just wanted you to hear the tune.

Message to the KING YOU may knock up the tune if YOU like. I wrote it for THE KING.  I like 60s tunes.  I'm thinking about putting some more words but I'm very tired. The singer can sing it how she feels it no restrictions.

I'm tempted to put backing vocals but I think I will lose the sound.
Make sure the musician thanks her for telling them where the sun shines.

GOD said they have started calling ME the sound bank!  Yesterday a nice melody came into MY head I threw it out quickly because I was writing the the rain.

I'm listening to the white women bragging about looking after other white people.  GOD said you are as bad as black people but show a different type of disrespect. HE is looking to see how many of you who have had the other white people children take from them by social service and had other white peoples money stop from the social security because of jealousy.  But HE does see that disrespect from black people only the black social worker. GOD some black men do paedophilia but it to their own children and it is on a small scale.  But nearly every white child has been nonced up by a family member.  I have not been to bed yet!

GOD said black people are more aggressive because of the ill treatment they keep getting from white people.  I'm not  aggressive but lots of white people.  I don't hit anyone.

I am not blaming the one who was against the shit you cannot fight everyone exclude MY family.

GOD showed ME a white woman who took her picture with Barak Obama's decapitated head,  HE said it was Elizabeth the put his body on a stand for her,  Just now HE showed ME a white woman with a fishing net who was told to get Barak Obama's body from where she throw it in the lake next to My house in the park.  GOD said it i deep why they can put little boats on it. GOD said it is full of body's because of Elizabeth and her team.  GOD said his head was cut of while he was still breathing.  That is MY family in that lake.

The income support people put back some of what they have stolen from ME £30 or GOD said the white people want some thing are the one who come running when the money comes.  You are not getting any, spiteful people.  Black people are not getting any,  I get people jobs.

GOD said the KING has taken over The Orange Song  HE likes it because it helps people and it makes HIM laugh.   I glad it's a lot of work.  I'll help where you want ME to.

GOD told ME the American musician want to work on music with ME I'll show you the parts to the musical.  I have a lot of writing to do so taking The Orange Song off MY hands is good I just need a relaxing break before I start on it again.  I don't want to have to think about The Orange Song or songs I wrote yesterday.  If they are being taken care of I don't have to think about them.  I'll keep writing when something pops into MY head that I am interested in but I going to finish MY hair.

GOD said it is MY living condition which makes Me tired I used to staying up all night. 

I like it at night everything goes quiet I like to think although I don't do much thinking I write.

Crystal needs to say something wrong why Nathan teaches her. It is the quick, quicker.

MY work has gone to the KING at Universal Studios I stipulate.

White women cannot keep ME out of America it's MINE.  she doesn't have to speak to ME I don't care it is not hers.  She can tell ME she doesn't want ME in her house!

GOD said it is the white singer song writer to Prisoner Cell Block H theme tune who steals peoples music like Let It Go in the film Frozen.  GOD said she came on here while I was writing the song for the Orange Song she sent people after ME to murder ME so that she could steal MY music to pass off as her own.  GOD said the song Let It Go was written by a white woman who hid HIV from her family who later found out GOD said she murdered the young woman and took the song.  GOD said she was the same woman HE showed ME sucking her fingers after she played with her virgina after reading MY sex film which turned her on because it was a black woman getting fucked by a white man. Now she is causing trouble in America because MY film depicts a black woman making love to a white man. 

GOD said she steals a lot of peoples work why she has so much work out there and that she is angry that I am being picked up even though she a trillonaire because of the song writing.  

GOD said I do more than her just the song I wrote for the KING yesterday would take her and a big team of strong writer 6 week, and would be as good as what I wrote because of their 1 style of musical background. GOD said I can sing better than her.  I can!  GOD said I am a better writer than her.

GOD said that is why all the musicians want to work with ME they're bored.

This morning GOD came and said"YOU can go and work in America now she just threw herself out of a job!"  GOD said she said If the KING picks up the song I wrote for HIM she and her team of women were not going to do any more work for Universal.  GOD said she is still holding on to the I wrote and gave away.

GOD said she steals other peoples films as well.  GOD said that is why I have done more than her.  GOD said she wrote and sang the theme tune to Prisoner Cell Block H which got her in there everything else she has stolen that is why the film directors have to wait so long for parts she has to wait around until something gets sent in to go with the film being made she goes through lots and lots. That is where she earns her money.

GOD said she works at Dream Works but works at Universal as well!

I'm not touching anyone's work I don't have to steal.

I am a better singer than her call Theo!  I still sound the same I can sing live. I love when white men sing it make a change from listening to women Rain drops keep falling on my head  such a clean sound no ooing and ahing. boring! No yodaling. 

GOD said Theo was called to America she herd My singing why she kicked off and threw herself out of a job!

GOD showed ME a white woman she shoots her mouth, GOD said it is her!

I just heard lot of white women commenting the best one was "Oh dear you must not let it come to that!"  GOD said the white women out there know about themselves that is why they are always going for therapy.

I don't need medical I'm only visiting we will not be having sex with anyone most people out there have HIV.

GOD said the white women HE let ME listen to were she spoke to expecting them to start a war trillionaire women! GOD said the women already knew what was wrong with her. They dealt with theirs. 

GOD said the troublemakers here already knew Theo was called why they put the pennies in My account the money they have stolen from ME expecting ME to show appreciation for it because some of them white women sent by white men were planning to come here and ask ME to write them a cheque.  GOD said people I don't even know people who helped to beat ME and MY family up.

That is disrespectful. 

You went past the stage of MY kindness I want MY children to have a good life!

GOD said those same people have been sitting dissing the old time music I put up on here and have been laughing at MY songs dissing ME for MY film.  GOD said they said they are going to try and write, but said they cannot catch up to ME. move! GOD said the girl who calls and was coming for money.  Dog!  GOD said she called Andy while he was here and told him to leave and to touch the Orange Song.  I'd never let him touch it, GOD said that is why Andy book his ticket without telling he was planning to go home until the night before the morning he was leaving.  GOD said Andy is starting to show lots of disrespect to ME GOD said Andy knows what going on and is jealous.  Andy will only get peanuts from ME. GOD said the white girl is hovering for what she thinks I'm going to give Andy.  Andy doesn't need anything.  He can get a job from ME. 

GOD said it was her who told the benefit agency to put the extra money in MY bank so that she could come and beg for money. She said I have never seen her so she would come here and tell ME it was her who put the money in MY bank!  I'm not Andy batty!

GOD said she told them to take it back next week.

GOD said it is Andy's behaviour why they will not want him there where we will be.  GOD said it is jealousy. He pointed out he is not with ME while he was here there was a lot of cheek after he jumped up like the white woman's lap dog to take her call.

GOD said the white woman who is after My money and is going through Andy has HIV.  GOD said they murder her and get another white woman to try!

I don't want Andy living in MY house he can live with his mother.  GOD said I buy a little house ad he lives in it.  It's because of who he mixes with I don't want them in MY life Andy will cause trouble for them because that is who he is.

GOD said the people Andy is knocking around put down spite near his name the people in Bristol have already started spiting him not the whole family just hi for helping ME to diss them.  He waited 10 day for his dole money.  GOD said they contacted the hospital down there!

GOD said her name is Michelle the woman down here who calls Andy.  GOD said because of the spite she does she hasn't told Andy her real name.  They all give different names.

GOD showed ME a white woman in America who banged her plate and said "I'm having a party at MY house everybody can come except for Lorraine!" She pushed MY to tell ME I cannot come, I boxed her into the pool! I told her don't put your hands on ME GOD said HE and the musicians stay and we create music.

I will talk to her like shit if she thinks I going to take her shit.  GOD said she is jealous about the musicians who want to work with ME.  the can work with them too.

GOD said HE stops the fight HE tells ME to stay sitting let her bang her plate!

GOD said HE is looking and doesn't see any glass in the fight it is only the pieces of shit here the white women who glass other women.

GOD let ME hear white women spreading the word all glass the black woman/women GOD said it is te white women here telling the American white women what to do!  GOD said HE is not going to allow the white women to do it HE will take them out first.  Hear that. GOD said it is because of The Orange Song!

GOD said lots of men take out their gun and shoot the white women in America to stop it.  GOD said over here people care when someone goes missing why HE doesn't like to take out your families but in America no one cares. 

GOD said in America people don't care if black people reach the trillionaire level it's only over here they care because there aren't that many people who reach that level.

GOD tells ME a lot of things these days I won't respond to but we can use some in a funny film why I write about it. GOD said a white woman is complaining that she wasted her money on phone bills because of ME.  GOD said she spent thousands on phone calls to the team spiting MY family and thinks I should give her something.  GOD said it is Michelle Andy's friend that is her class level. 

GOD said that is how white people like to get their way "I concerned about the glass." GOD said they don't want ME sitting with the directors. GOD said it is because I will be sitting with HIM the KING. They have never been allowed to sit with the KING even though they work there,  GOD said that is the level I work at and I am the QUEEN!

GOD said all of them in there steal other people work because they are white shit that is why the director don't ask them to sit with them. 

GOD said the people are paid to bring material so that the directors can make films.  I is not their job to find out where the film came from.  GOD said that is why HE told ME to put MY work on here so that it wouldn't get stolen by the workers!  I set a forum so that people would chat with ME and I could show case their work because publicity I have done to generate high volumes of visitors to MY site.  GOD said HE ant it to be taken down. 

GOD said it is not the volumes it's who it attracts.

I not spiteful I would put a link to sight on MY site or you can advertise from MY forum you don't have to talk to Me.

GOD said the people are afraid and said they will when Regina goes.

GOD the people contacted the forum people and email people and told them to take all of the messages out.  GOD said it was Michelle.  A trillionaire asked about ME they took out the trillionaire. GOD said it was Michelle who got the trillionaire taken out!  Michelle is in charge of that spite.

I think I should say something the reason why I sang The Duel like that is because I as taking the piss out of Niece who I don't dislike if she doesn't cause trouble. 

GOD said Michelle has been told to stop over and over again and won't stop she and her whole family are getting taken out because of what she did yesterday she sent people after Andy and they all got dragged.

Please I not writing tonight a melody popped in MY head so I thought I'd jot a few lines down it's a bal

No shoulder to lean on I'm I glad I didn't listen 
there'd be no one holding me 
just shadows on the wall
Yea I'm glad I didn't listen

Hold me hold me
So listen 


I'll say the things I say in bed while I making love.

GOD said the white woman said "Push your tongue in my ear!" Maybe there is a G spot in the ear? I just heard them "Maybe it's time for another battle!"  I don't want to fight the white woman I don't want HIV.

"This time tell everyone!"
"Thanks for telling us!"
Why are you battling you must be loosing the plot!  HE has seen all of the white women and doesn't want you have you no shame woman?

GOD said she was sucking her fingers and they stuck of fish! Chips anyone?
"What Ryan is still going to prison?"
A white woman is not allowed to have that power! The slag!
"Maybe there's a G sot in the mouth!" Well at least there is secretion!  Oh yes the white woman "fuck my ear wax!" At least he can fit in MY mouth I give My man pleasure and pain! "Well maybe you can fuck my ear ring holes!" "It still won't fit!" 

GOD said she is a white whore they sent in after him to stop Me and said she went off with the men that is what HE uses the men for.  But HE cannot let his friends catch HIV, that is why HE let her go off with them they are whores why HE doesn't want them, and said that is how many she went off with why she said fuck her ear.  GOD said HE marries ME that is why I am QUEEN.

I woke up and remembered the tune I wrote for the KING let ME do some work on it.  I have a cup of tea first.

I better make that cupa!

"Through The Rain" was one of the easiest songs to write. 

Message to the KING I couldn't resist turning you script song into a song.  You can always cut it.

See you later...

A big thank you to people at The London Music School.

GOD said it was Elizabeth who caused trouble at the LMS because her daughter was there and got the same treatment as ME she got free training. That was a good school Elizabeth and her daughter mashed it up because daughter didn't want it any more. Elizabeth keeps saying she feels sick.  GOD said it is because I am going somewhere because of the the training and her daughter isn't going any where with the training.

GOD told ME a few weeks ago it was Elizabeth who looked at people medical records and told Randolph he had to spread HIV.

GOD said Elizabeth told Jo Kemp to ill treat ME she wanted ME thrown off the course, and the begged not make them do it.  GOD she threatened to murder everyone at the school if people didn't catch the HIV.  GOD said it was because her daughter had sex with someone up the road not from the school neat the school and caught HIV.  They didn't ill treat ME it was Wayne told to do something to show.  The Christmas show was being filmed.

Musical directions are a guide I'm not with you to shout "yes!"

It's a white woman's song. Get a nice looking singer.

C u l8er...

I think I'll stay in England.  I'll visit later.

Message to the KING this morning I heard a conversation between a man and woman Elizabeth.  She told the man to take the money back from ME 5 minutes ago there was 75p on MY electric 2 minutes ago it dropped to 14p.  She told the man not to touch the gas only the electric.

GOD said everyone out there is trying to show ME respect even the man she told to do the electric spite even Michelle.
GOD said everyone is going through the motions but they don't want Elizabeth and her family here.

Sorry I'm on the defence it will change when I start mixing.
Sorry Myles said it dropped 14p.  It's taking more than £5 a week. I just put £20 it took £5 £12.55.  Briely is getting skinny!

I don't want anyone trying to put their stamp on MY song even though I gave it to the KING sing lines if you don't like don't take part.

GOD said she is trying to add things.  I want the musicians to of with the laughter etc. She is a writer and know better don't change the melody.

Songs last for ever you won't get another song like this show respect to Me for it! Even her she couldn't write it!

Seeing as the white musician don't want to show any respect use black musicians.  GOD said they are all holding back.

GOD said there are lots of white musicians over here who would show respect. There are orchestras over here.

I'm still working on it Philharmonica,  You can not top them.  GOD said they are hers and she told them to walk away don't blame them. 

GOD just let ME hear the white woman who did the singing today shouting "Right everybody it's my cut going out even if we get taken out for it."  GOD said don't forget to wipe everything.

GOD said Michelle can have a cheque now she doesn't need Andy.

Guess what I have another song 30s. I'll jot something down.
I need some body who can hold me 
(mus)Cha cha cha
Ah ah ah ah ah(Dreamy)
console me 

I don't have somebody
oo oo oo  
someone to squeeze me tight
ah ah ah  
I just want woman 
to hold me through the night
come on and help me out
someone who will never let me go
come on and let me know

can you please take me out
She doesn't have to have money
she doesn't have to have gold
Just don't leave me in the cold
(shiver)oo shiver
someone to call my own

(tenner bouncy fast piano same note but) 
you can leave on your shelf you can hide me in your hair  I can be you teddy bear ,as long as you treats me right

I need some body who can hold me 
(mus)Cha cha cha
Ah ah ah ah ah(Dreamy)
I need some body to console me 
I just need a pillow to cry on every night


you push me through your curtains 
you can lock me down the hall you can stick me on your wall
you can hide me under you carpet
you can put me any where
You can leave me in your car

I just want somebody who promise to treat me nice 

the tenner is black don't see him you d but a white man sings the song.
Maybe we will see him if this goes in the musical.

The blogger people took something out. The backing vocals.  Don't touch MY work!

STEP BACK Script rock song

I'm a leavin
I'm a goin 
(screech) step back!!! jump back!!!!
Why do you put my song in your mouth? It's my song!!

He's a leavin
He's a goin
Why do put his song in your mouth? It's his song?

I hate you!!! Respect!!!

Why do put your mouth in his song?
He's a leavin

It's not yours!!!

He's a goin

(Spoken)Put down the guitar
Why do you have to take my song my song?
(Spoken)Look at me! Why my song?  
Why do you put your name to my song? 
(Spoken)Why not...? Don't walk away talk to me.
Why do put your face to my songwan aw? 
Fuck you!!!

He's a leavin
Step back
He's a goin
Jumb back
Why do have to steal his song?
He's a leavin

Fuck you!!! 

He's a goin

I ain't coming back!!
He drops to floor he's rocking
That's my song that's my song

Why do have to steal.....
we've done that one already
He's a goin
which one should we do?
He's a goin
why do have to......
He's a leaving
Take your guitar quick!
That's why he gonna take your guitar
He's a leavin
He's a goin

Singer rhythmic spoken 
(Spoken)That's right I'm gonna take your guitar!
(Spoken)See how you feel
You made me drop my guitar

He's a leavin
He's a goin
That's why he's gonna take your guitar
(Spoken)That's right! Give me the guitar.
F you! Get out my way!!!
(Screech)Aw!!!! Respect!!
I wanna kill
I wanna hurt you
That will teach you!!!

He smashes up the guitar and is kicking things 

Fuck you!!!
Fuck you!!!

Why do have to take his song

Take my song!!!!

He's a leavin
Jump back
He's a goin
Step back
Why do make him break his guitar?

fuck sake get out my face!!!

Why do make him break his guitar?

It hurts!! 
Wait that was that was my guitar 
Thank you! You made me bust up my effin guitar!!

Thank you

My arm I think I've broken it.

Why do make him break his arm?
He's a leavin 
He's a goin

Now I gonna break your guitar!!

Singer talking
look what you made me do
Look at all this fuck stuff! 
I'm disgusted with your behaviour.
It's all busted up everything is broken.
This an't a joke how am I gonna pay for all this stuff?
What did you say? 
Take a job?
I've never done a 9-5 job what would I do? 
I Don't have any qualifications.
I was gonna use my guitar to try and win battle of the bands getta a cheque or somethin. Now what am I supposed to do? I have nothing.

I'm a leaving 
I'm a going Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea!
Aw step back
I'm gone! 
Yea yea yea yea!!!
Fuck you!
I'm a leaving 
Jump back!
Yea!(He's screaming)

He's a leavin
He's a goin
why do have to steal his song?
He's a leavin
He's a goin
why do make him break his guitar?
He's a leavin
He's a goin
why do make him break his arm?
He's a livin
He's a goin

It's illegal rock back, 
drop back oh!
they're bitches

You don't have much of a song to learn only your lines. There are other band members there are only two actor, They play for a bit. 

I wander if The London Music School would be interested in this song! Tomas Lang

I'l show it later...

He walks off you can hear the wow wow from the guitar on the floor.

I just wrote it.
one of my songs they took down was called  It's too ate for sorry, another was do what your doing I'll put them up later! I need to rest I finish off tomorrow! Later.

Got stuff to do see you later...

GOD said I just taught lots of American white rock musicians how to right a script song and said many of them are like ME they don't have anything. GOD said they are nice they like ME why they come on here.  GOD said it is because of the white women out there why HE told ME to pitch it in England she would change it and the white men up there would let her.

GOD said the white people here show more respect.  GOD said she would only change it to be spiteful.

Only one person would get this song if I pitched it over there put look how many of you now have a different direction.

It was a really easy song to write.  GOD said a lot of the rock musicians over there are very gentle. GOD said there are lots of white female rock musicians who are nice like the men.  It's the white women up there where the men are.  GOD said white people on the street are nice. I know that those are not the ones I diss.

GOD said lots of white people in America agree with ME and said Muse felt like ME why they write the type of songs they write.  I like Muse we've bought their albums in the past.  Andy and I had thousands of CDs.

A lot of the songs I put up I used to have the Album white it's not only the well known tracks up there. As a Christian and musician I don't agree with robbing the artist that is why I buy CDs.  but I don't buy now!  I don't have a stereo. I need to feed My children.

Andy and I gave hundreds of CDs away because we moved from Bristol and had no space for them.  The songs I put are about 1% of the songs I've listened to.

I'm going to do stuff now !

I bought every album of Mariah Carry and Whitney lots of other singers.  The last album I bought while I was in South Woodford was Mariah's album and lots of Chris brown.  I don't have them any more.  Davina buy CDs as well.  I throw a lot of stuff and gave some away and left stuff back n South Woodford.

GOD said the American's have grouped themselves to take My work because I put their songs on MY site it is because you want don't lie.  I don't make any  money from your songs GOD said sales have gone because I put your songs up here  We buy DVDs for our children even since we have been here piss off!  GOD said that is the type of disrespect the American's show why they are getting taken out for the disrespect.

GOD said people hear your songs on here and download them from places like ITunes, That is why I put them up there.

GOD said the couters shot up for NAS even in the White House they sit and listen to i and love it because I dissed them with it, GOD said even she Elizabeth listened to it.

I used to have NAS' album in the 90s, why I know it.  Some of you like Maria I bought the same album twice because it got scratched or....

I'd buy films and songs and songs in supermarkets while I'm shopping I've had stacks of DVDs and videos for my children every week I bought them a new film or 2 or 3. 

I used to take MY children cinema 2 times a month and buy the film. Including toy from the film.  I not a thief.  Beyonce we bought every album.  South Woodford was the last time. Eminem same.  We don't always know what's until after we bought it.

While I was staying at MY mum's I look at her collection lots of Beyonce.

Undercover brother I went to the cinema to watch it and bought it on DVD Spike Lee.

I had lots of white people in my music collection. Dion ,Stanfield...

I want people pictures next to their name in the credits even if they play an instrument. 

GOD said on the day all different people are going to hug ME to thank ME for the song all different colours but the white women does it to show ME that I cannot smell her.  GOD said HE can still smell her.  I don't want anyone hugging ME keep your bacteria to yourself!  GOD said I hug Theo. 

I do't want a lot of people only those who are needed.

I don't want backing singers I'll do it I'd like a harpist.

GOD said some of them try to suck up to ME because they see MY face they know I going to throw them for loitering. I want to see more black musicians I don't want to see too many white people thanks.

I'd just like the white people to remember 60s sounding music I have just written is black people sound even hair shop music is black music.

GOD said the white people were coming down in plane loads kkk.  Arranged by the white woman prisoner cell lock H.

All the money needs to be recouped I'm not pay the white people expenses.

GOD said she has been throwing big extravagant parties in MY name she is paying for it.  She didn't get MY permission and I have no association with her.

GOD said she gave 3 trillion away to white families as MY business expense.  GOD said it is bill she has been told she has to pay for it.

GOD said she is not allowed to touch the business account.  What a stupid white woman.  GOD said she borrowed the money from the bank against her name.

GOD showed ME her having sex with someone at one of the parties she kept.  She had sex with someone and spread HIV.  GOD said she knows she has it.  GOD said HE is coming to England with HIS friends.

GOD said the writer doesn't know she has HIV she is a whore and had sex with a man just before she had sex with the 4 men.

GOD said a man gave Michelle a cheque to take Andy out. GOD said it is a contract.  GOD said Andy wants the girl why his behaviour change every time she calls him to do spite to ME.   He behave like dog his voice changes. Not like a dog but he starts behaving like Tessa.  I only owed Andy £10 he used to buy food bites while he was here. I gave him every penny he spent while he was here.  GOD said he went to the coffee shop with her and paid He had £80 and the day before and nothing left the evening and tried to blame ME.  I asked fo accounts he said he topped his phone up and paid for other things for himself and his ticket and then said "Oh yes and...don't worry about it!" It tied up with what he had in his pocket. 

He said he didn't want to stay too long so that al of his money didn't run out.  Cheek!  I don't care about his ticket he came and went to see her and he ate while he was here.  That's the £10.

I heard a white woman who said I'd love to work with HER but SHE won't work with white people.  Not true I don't want to work with too many just like white people do to black people.

I want an all black people orchestra there are still white people working with us. 

There are lots of good black musicians sitting down rest like ME because white people who are controlling every won't gives us the same opportunities they give to their own.  I want to give those black musicians the same opportunities as the white people give to their own. 

There are enough white people doing for white people it is time there was someone doing for black people. You got yours we want ours.

GOD said lots of black musicians used to play music together all in the clubs but the white people got jealous and started spitting the the black people who played to smash it up and took it for themselves.

GOD said HE is using ME to show who the white people are.

You can mix MY backing singers that is where the white woman can sing on the song.

GOD said the white people are started to tell the other white to stay away from black people.  It is the white people who caused segregation, what are black people meant to do carry on resting until they are dead?  I heard a white woman "Where ever black people go they always have fun."  GOD said they don't want white people at are show because it is them who will be resting!

GOD said almost every person in the orchestras over here have HIV. 

Last night GOD said HE doesn't care about the men catching HIV they helped to do the spite.
GOD said let the white people segregate themselves let them keep their jealousy to themselves.  GOD said there is too much HIV among white people.

GOD said when thy keep themselves over there the spite stays among them they are very spiteful people why I am moving away from them.

I want the black writers to start writing hold on to it.

I can help to tidy up the black peoples work.

GOD said I must keep drawing out the black people all the white do is spite them when they are around them.

GOD said I am better than Theo but he is Roots Manuver he is OK. But he stood up to go and was told to sit down.  I'd love him to stay but I don't take prisoners.

Black people can use some of the phrases. Don't waste anything.  GOD said black people stop sending their work in to the companies white people stop making money. Respect what I am cutting.

I'm listening to the white people"I'll tell you were to stand then push HER off!" GOD said she would get murdered as soon as her bit is finished like at white shows.

I just heard "those white women are so spiteful" It's the white men!

2 white men and 1 white woman 
Woman A
Man B
Man C
Man B wants to fuck a black woman without taking her out he doesn't want to spend on her.  He tells man C to tell woman A to tell man B to rape the black woman.

GOD said HE is going to start taking the white men and women out for it!

GOD Holy the stinking fat dog shit who is with them and is hanging out with Jake is going to get taken out! HE said a bit later!

She has been insulting Jake over the phone I heard them telling her to insult Jake she chim dog shit over the phone I knew then she was with them.  GOD said Jake thinks that is the way she plays.

GOD said HE wanted ME to tell HIM that! GOD said there is no HIV why HE let her come.  White dogs shoo! If you didn't trouble black people black people wouldn't be dissing you! I gonna mash it up for the white people you troubled the right one!

I'm listening to white people "She doesn't have HIV? Get another one!"  GOD said that is a drag! "We said leave HER song we turned away!" That is why you have dragged back your not walk away from this!  GOD aid HE is taking rapist out "What an accident?  That's a shame isn't it?" GOD said HE will take you for steal MY work on here. Dogs!

GOD said Holy's parents are glad she doesn't have HIV and said they are going to tell her to stay away!  GOD said as soon as Holy goes to cause trouble in MY family by telling Jake HE is going to take her out! Dog shit!

GOD said the KING was waiting for ME to fix up the ship wreck song I still have a little bit of work to do on it! 

I'm sorry I have been busy to show case the rock song it is not as simple as when Andy puts it on GOD showed ME a white male rock singer who wants it.  The other song is finished but I haven't been to sleep yet.

Another satisfied customer.  Next!! 
GOD showed ME a black man who called the KING Sir because the KING put a bo boom in the song he tried to tell HIM it didn't sit right.  I not calling YOU Sir I rather not talk to ya!  I let YOU mes up the song.  The singing should be laid back!

HE called ME spoilt! Hardly... I'm just looking at where I live. I don't care about mess and dirt any more. I took a bath last night and was thinking why bother I'm clean but where I'm lying is not at least I don't stink.

Let the dirt rain. But I'm house proud. Even if the door are hanging off!

The boiler keeps shutting down I went off last night I fed up!

I'd better tidy up before I sleep.  Just in case the door knocks.

Who's that knocking on MY fffucking door it's only half past ffucking four! I nicked it from Martine but she didn't swear.

I'll fix up the rock song a bit better for you.  GOD said it is a different song but will do the same as the ship wreck song. I want commission. I joking with you. GOD said HE is doing deals! I can't stop laughing.

To the black people you can take Africa, the only film I wouldn't want to watch is Clara Sonas.

GOD only lets me spy on funny things to do with me or on trouble makers.  Use Sapphire move where they are dancing on the table for the backing vocalist. 

GOD said it was the men why the writer did the spite. I wonder if she will behave.  I was being nice to her.

Better Find Out
I met her on the highway(Lead singer)
No it was the free-way
Better find better find out
(Strum your guitar low) 
Yes she got me rockin
yea she got me rock
Oh oh oh oh.....
Oh oh oh oh 

No it was the Highway
No it was the free way
Better find better find out!(love to your guitar)
Oh oh oh oh.....
Oh oh oh oh 

Yes it was the free way(lead singer)
No it was the Highway
Better find better find out!(Jiggle it)
Oh oh oh oh.....
Oh oh oh oh 

I'll fix it later!

Written by Lorraine Windsor 07765181853
You must not go too over the top with the guitar. Just have a little bit of fun with the audience.

I was thinking band members can sing back
No it was the free-way! You have to belt it out I didn't.

I better wake one of them up so I can record it it rock I was just washing up and it came. Nice melody i just woke he recorded it I'll put them on later. I to give pit like this because I will never get the washing up done It's beautiful. I'm tired.

When get rich I'm going to buy The London Music School a nice building and kit it out like Abbey Road. I've never been there.

Bet you couldn't play the guitar with it!  That is a top song!  Same level as the one I just finished but different.

GOD said HE used ME to box everyone off here yesterday and before because they would have stolen it.

Maybe you can put a bottle neck on it! 

The last time Andy came here he went upstairs and was going through the cupboard I asked him what he was doing he said tidying up the clothes.   GOD said he was looking for grandmothers paperwork.  GOD said Andy is going to get taken out I don't care, he is against ME.

I'm listening to the Americans who are saying how Andy go against ME even if I am black when I have a child for him.  GOD said Andy wants to be King and have seen what he will do because they asking him,Andy is a piece of shit he would murder all of your children and leave his.  GOD said that is why he had Andy sent out because of what he would do and to try and wean MY family off him.

I've got a message for someone he is blond and good looking who sings the song Better find out you must not take it out or you will get murdered straight after.  GOD said it is the directors daughter but he show ME a lot of respect so she doesn't get taken out she walks off.  GOD said play but don't take it out.

GOD said he likes ME.  I don't want him to get taken out.  GOD said he doesn't do anything he is nice. GOD said he likes ME because of the rock songs I write. I write any style of music I don't like to limit Myself.  

I need to catch up on house work tonight.  I need rest from writing I've written about 5 song over 7 days I come back when I have had rest see ya.

GOD said it is because she is seeing him and felt disrespected quite right! But did you have to shoot him?  GOD said she is nice.

I write what ever music I want when I want no one tells Me what to write or when to write.  I pitch it where I want. It is My music. If I want to sing it it is mine to sing if I choose for someone else to sing it it is My choice I have the right to tell you I don't want a particular person or group singing My music.  It's Mine. I'm not sitting down working for any company. I write independently. I own 100% of song writing.  If you like My songs you can contact Me by post it's better I don't like people I don't want to work with them. I think you are all pieces of stinking shit! But I'm nice to your faces. That company director needs to teach his daughter to show respect, that was why she shoot her boyfriend. I gave Sip Wreck to the boss of Universal and she has her hands on it perhaps she wants them broken!

All I wrote was broken hands she shoot her boyfriend.  All of what I am writing I have pitched to Mr Universal. I think people talk a lot of bullshit I cannot listen to shit! Holly Wood how could you listen to people trying to sell themselves all day long.  It's too long! That is you song Mr Universal 100% it didn't take long to write. So I put some music to it for you.  It started of as a piece for a film, I turned it into a song because I liked the 60s sound I created. The Orange song is 60s music. I can sing Ship Wreck if you would like Me to I can sing it nice. You don't have to use My version you can use other singers. I cannot wait to hear what you do with it, the Ship Wreck song.  GOD said he didn't like what I said about his daughters hands.  Oh no?  Well are the reason why she walks free after murdering your friend's son she shot him in the head I wander if he likes it?  Teach her to show respect you cannot be there or her 24/7 Someone out there may not be so loving towards her like daddy!

Respect starts from in side the house if they cannot show respect in the house they cannot outside they slip up!

It just came back.

GOD said HE doesn't want Andy back in this house because of what he would do to us, he listens to everything she says.  I looking at it properly.  The day Andy was going through the cupboards upstairs I heard al the door being closed why I went up to see what he was doing. Like at the office I was cleaning with the white girl. When I went into the room all of MY papers were on the floor and scattered in the cupboard.  GOD put blinders on ME after I spoke to Andy briefly and told ME to go down stairs he will tidy it and won't cause any trouble why HE let him do it, and said it was to show ME Andy who is now a different person to the Andy I know. I asked Andy what are you doing tidying the clothes because the clothes are down stairs.  He said "Does it look like I am tidying clothes?  I not tidying any clothes I'm looking for something!" I asked what are you looking for?  He said "Don't worry about it!" and carried on at that point GOD spoke to ME and told ME to go down stairs and said it is because of what he is doing why I'm here I won't allow him to get it Andy is a piece of shit! 

Andy has no paper in MY room everything which belong to him among MY paper work he went through and took the day he was asked to leave.

GOD said the girl think she can get in through Andy and would murder Sapphire and Andy too.  GOD told ME she said she could never have sex with Andy even to spread the HIV to him because he sickens her with his behaviour he reminds her of a dog!

GOD said he would get the paperwork she give him a gun and he would use it in here because she told him to.  GOD said Andy is desperate to make a name for himself and his family is behind him.  GOD said Andy is not a King e is a piece of shit and would never allow any of them to go in even if HE had to make Doreen Queen! 

GOD said it is Doreen who starts the trouble outside the palace.  She drinks a whole bottle of whisky to herself to celebrate.  We go onto the balcony to wave and because we are a black family the white people outside are looking at us in disgust and are saying things to us.  Gets up and shouts "I'll show them how to show respect!"She throws the bottle towards them but she knows it won't reach them but it is to show them the same disrespect they are showing our family. People outside empty the bins they throw rubbish.  GOD said that is why HE didn't make Doreen Queen HE would have to take out too many people there would only be our family on the streets.  GOD she is as trouble making as David. Same levels.

GOD said HE like the way every member of MY family behave.  GOD said they are funny.

GOD said HE doesn't take anyone out because of it because MY sister started it. People get taken out for trying to come in.  She is going to behave herself or I will throw her out!

GOD said Marguerite is in there she knows she has to behave herself and she does. 

GOD said MY friends are in there even if daddy is upset with ME for telling off his daughter he comes.

GOD said Martine is family Joseph comes in as well but Shirley knows she cannot come in.  GOD said she comes in with her dad GOD said she makes him behave himself.

Sorry to change the verse especially if someone has already voiced it you can just record that verse I wasn't happy with it.

I'm going to do MY hair today I've finished the song I'm happy with it.

(GOD WROTE THE SKETCH)As she is walking she breaks the branches and drops them on the ground I'LL DO SOMETHING ELSE LATER I STILL NEED TO DO THINGS.

"Broken branches" spoken higher spiteful



I can't execute it very well. I'll in the process of putting it on. THE VIDEO IS IN A YOU TUBE CUE.

This song is more whispered 



GOD said I am asked to sing and I go but Mr Disney come he is still upset and causes trouble.  GOD said he doesn't have to be there.  He tries to ave ME raped.  The man and his daughter are piece of shit.  GOD said she was involved in the blogger spite why they did it.  GOD said it looks as if HE is going to have to take them out!

I saw Mr Universe having to pacify Mr Disney, why his shit stinks! 

GOD said Mr Universe cannot stand Mr Disney who is a paedophile and wants to squeeze his daughters throat.

Those American men I am listening to are nice people they are discussing Andy and have said h is not part of Regina's team it's more of a domestics and are thinking of Sapphire. it's a good evaluation. I can be around people like that  Andy need to get threatened.

GOD said that was what the 13 year old clip HE showed ME of her was about she was upset.  GOD said Andy is trying to figure out how to get in the house but he was in there and throw himself out trying to put the people in there!

GOD said they want ME to tell Andy he is nothing.  We finished nearly 4 years ago it is MY family who are royalty not yours.  You and I are never going to get back with each other you should have treated Me better.  

GOD said the paper work Andy was looking for is nothing it's keep sake because it was MY Grand mothers and grand fathers.

Andy has always been a piece that is why he can do what he is doing. Scrawny little white man who is nothing.  Don't even care about his own child.  You are not fighting for Sapphire she is royalty. He'd murder his own family that is why it is not you.

GOD said Andy was asked and he said yes he would help to murder MY whole family so that his family could get in there and didn't car that Sapphire didn't have her brothers and sister now someone wants to take down his whole family for the disrespect! That is why Sapphire was upset. Ugly pigs they are such an ugly family.  Sapphire is the prettiest one in there family because of Me.

GOD said Sapphire is thirteen and wasn't touch until Andy's family took over they are paedophiles the whole lot of them and Sapphire is black why they do it to her lots of them in Andy's family.  GOD said Andy has been told to try and take Sapphire.  GOD said HE drags Andy!

GOD said they will keep going because they feel cheated from the Kingship and Queenship.

Andy GOD said Sapphire would rather loose just you than her whole family.  GOD said it is the trouble you family will cause all down your ugly line.  GOD said your family are level with Elizabeth's family in terms of evilness.

GOD said while Andy was going through MY papers he was feeling and thinking to himself that is a secret agent!  Pig shit!

Sapphire's phone rang a few times yesterday she said he missed the call and said it was Andy.  Don't upset her, what ever happens to you because of your doing I will explain to her.  GOD said Andy tried to make the people feel sorry for him. 

If there is a body I'll take her to the funeral tell her daddy head got broken along those lines.

GOD said Sarah comes running she belongs to the white family GOD said she can stay with them!  She not in our family Sarah doesn't like black people and doesn't like being mixed race.  GOD said HE let that family take her because they never touch her she is theirs. Sarah doesn't mix with our family even though we all met her in her teens.  GOD said Sarah and her are not coming in.

GOD said Sarah say we are not her family Joann and Errol and their children can continue to see her outside HE doesn't want that family trying to get in.  GOD said HE is using the law.

GOD said Joann is starting she was the person who cut off her own child.  I had shit too but I kept Davina Joan is not royalty she can leave.  I'll end up throwing her out!  Errol as well.  GOD said the real reason why Joann gave up Errol's child was to be spiteful to Errol but blames her parents. GOD said it was because of the different girls Errol was seeing at the time all different colours!not her husband.  GOD said he soon go anyway.

MY mum can live on the grounds but not the husband. GOD said he soon go anyway and that he is the reason why MY mum ill treats her children because of his pushing!  He has children they can look after him if she wants to come.

GOD said at thirteen Andy knows what the men are doing to his daughter and doesn't do anything but he doesn't touch her.  GOD said HE wants to murder Andy.

GOD said she is told by the women in the house to use the lilet but is not on her period it is because them have just been.  I don't want Andy near Sapphire.  I'd murder her to stop it from happening to MY baby! Evil white man.

GOD said it is not Andy it is the type of men in the house the white people he help to get into the house.  GOD said Andy cannot stop it Sapphire is kept prisoner.  

GOD said if they got those papers that is what would have happened it is what they would use them for.  Andy is a stupid man so dumb that is why I left him I couldn't respect him and he has a cheek to do spite to Me thinking he is better than Me because he is white!

GOD said it is the people Andy listens to the ones he is knocking about with.  GOD said they wipe out Andy's whole family but leave Andy and Sapphire why they are allowed to stay in there!  GOD said HE is making sure they all get wiped out.  Andy's friends! Regina's team. GOD said Andy would do it again because of his jealousy towards black people.


GOD said Mariah rand and recorded Ship Wreck! I can hit the harder ones too.  GOD said Mariah Carrey lip sinks! GOD said the woman who does it for they put up on the billionaire level straight away why she does it for her.  GOD said forget her husband was the Sony boss.  GOD said that is why I have a better voice than Maria Carrey.

GOD said and she too she was involved.  That is why the song is under reconstruction.  You couldn't wait could you?








Cry me a river

I only had one bottle this time.

My little bablooga I just woke Saffy to send her to bed I called "Saff" She answered "I here!" she is still asleep if anyone took Ruby I'd murder myself.

Jake missed court yesterday for the assault charge allegation he called them they told him to go into day he is late and is trying to call them he has to attend Bow Magistrates.  GOD said I should let people know because it is them. 

GOD said the female judge at Bow magistrates court said bring Jake to her she wants MY whole family locked up why Jake got arrested and charged for assault. GOD said she is a friend of the Hitler family.   GOD said that female judge is big member of Regina's team. GOD said her husband is involved as well in the team.

GOD told ME last night their plan is to give MY family and I an unsettled way of life even if I was to find housing after house they would do it again they call it the rolling spite.  I don't give a shit about any of them. GOD said they plan to take MY children from ME during the unsettled way of life.  GOD said I have a team as well. You pieces of kack!

GOD said every time I unblock the drain they send the helicopter to see if I have cleared it and when it is cleared they send people to block it again. The Russian neighbour just knocked on the door about the smell. GOD said it is Regina but she and Elizabeth use the same team.

GOD showed ME the female judge at Bow among a group of people she was laughing they all laugh at her spite jokes "I know!" She said "Why don't we give HER an unsettled way of life!"  One of the women amongst the of people said "That is a good idea I'll make a start tomorrow!"

GOD let ME a white woman a few moments ago she said"It's not really HER with the water I'm not allowed to say." GOD said HE wants the people doing the taking out to sift same like you did with Andy a lot of the people have been sucked in and are low level nd are being threatened.  GOD said the people with the doors in their house did know they were going have to let the paedophiles take children and adults through.

GOD said the female judge sits with people who work at the court after work instead of going home like they used to do before MY name was brought to the court to do spite they sit like it is a social club drinking and conjuring up spite for MY family.  GOD said there is always lots of laughter it has become their past time way of life.  GOD said the have cell groups like churches and the court house houses one of the cell groups there are cell groups in different areas they are called satellites groups. 

GOD said the group at the court is a core group and some of people in that group come from other courts or police station etc it is a meeting point .  GOD said it is white and Asian they don't allow lack people to join they give them funny looks when they walk over to them because it is all based on racism and it is a black family they are attacking. 

Jake is just making his way over to the court now he left 5 minutes ago.

To the record company GOD said battle of the bands is coming up, You can fix up the rock tune.  GOD said you can write I know that.

I feel a little unsettled Jake is going to the court but later when I see him I'll record the other rock tune for you. 

GOD said Holy is involved in Jake getting arrested for he assault charge he is on but is not in the core group she is a satellite.  She gets calls to do spite GOD said Holy helped by getting Jake to drink in Bethnal Green near the court and police station where the group are,  Jake doesn't go to Bethnal Green. If you get arrested in a certain area you have to appear at the local court or police station in that area.

GOD said that team pan to murder Jake and the other team plan to murder Ryan same thing.  GOD said both teams have done a lot of murders.

GOD said there is a core group at every court which wasn't set for MY family.  GOD said they are very evil people.

GOD said that is why nothing happened to the police people who shot Mark Duggen they know they will get away with it.  GOD said it is a very big network but not everyone at every court is involved in everything or in any of it. 

GOD said HE made Jake miss court yesterday and go in late today because of what they planned.  GOD said she was going to lock Jake up yesterday and today.  I didn't know Jake had court.  I don't think he knew the date.  Those court people show n respect and have the cheek to demand that people to show respect in the court room.  GOD said that is why Mark Duggen was murdered because h missed some of his court cases.

GOD said the record companies are showing ME respect and that I should give them everything on here.   I don't care about any of these songs or the film I just don't like disrespect.  The record company helping MY family can take it all for free it yours.

GOD said someone wants ME to sing for them.  When I'm settled when I know we are securely housed.  I cannot go swanning off when Jake and Ryan has prison sentences hanging over them.

I have not told Jake or Ryan about the eviction.  I'm already evicted.  GOD said any one who peak out gets tuned over to the groups at the courts.

GOD said a lot of the people who are being controlled by the team are glad the Americans are over here.

GOD said even the German people said they are going to help. GOD said it is the paedophilia no one like they have families over here.  GOD said the people in the legal system in this country has shown the most disrespect.  GOD said it is the amount of paedophilia they are allowed to do.  GOD said it happens in other countries but these people are taking the piss, all of it is piss take.

GOD said the people here in the justice system said they are allowed to take people out because they are using the death penalty, it is legal  GOD said said HE using the death penalty to take them out!  GOD said what the Americans are to the team is legal they are using the death penalty.

GOD said HE wants to see more work on the table it's not enough.  I will last night I did something else.  GOD said that is how WE are paying. I tilt MY head. I'M A NINA SIMONE AND I'M PROUD!!!!

Get the tunes from Theo keep them. Levy. GOD said even over there I have to keep paying. GOD said a lot of people are getting involve there is lots of people in the share out.

GOD said it is the Americans who get Jake out.  She told the team she wants Jake brought to the house next door. GOD showed ME a clip she has her head chopped off for treason the other people in the team also has their heads chopped of for High Treason Jake is a King. I'll do work to night I just want to see Jake.

I'll put music parts down tonight for the musical. The scat s a tongue twister there is no music just voices. I did shape any colour of woman only at the end. All of it was trial and error. Things came from it.

Jake's back thank you everyone, I'll clean up take a bath bath the girls to cool us down and I'll start. Thanks!  I didn't see any black people in the musical only at the end I was trying to write some in, you could licence the musical to different countries. 

I only put her under the bed because of the white women at the bar. you can take her out.

She was suppose to come out of the wardrobe with him but had to hide quickly. Why they ended up under the bed it's only because they are nosey!

I started writing the musical because of the spitters at the beginning they take all the men of her even the black ones and that is why she ends up with him.

I did put any directions because at the time I was writing the music. I did't have to write the story line shapes were more important that is what I was doing.  I was writing MY story. There are other story lines.  I wanted them to look at their behaviour why I was drawing the things they were doing.

They talk in the musical but I didn't get to that bit I was structuring the shape.

That's a fantastic idea GOD said he want's Ship Wreck in the musical.

GOD said he doesn't want the musical parts on here. fare enough.  I look at the sixties song later there is a cue for bath 4 has been done I'm second in the cue!

GOD said the Asian people are upset tat their families are going to get taken out because I told on them I don't care about some of you who are evil. GOD said after the Asian people murdered Ryan at the King George hospital the walked away feeling content because they felt the got revenge and it is them who are helping with the planning and murders of black people and are doing spite and same planning of evil for MY children fuck you!  Why are you in it you known the risks.

Jake told Me he went to the court today and there wasn't anyone working because it was late he was told to speak to a warrant officer who he asked if there was a warrant for him and the warrant officer said to him "If I look and see one I have to call a police officer to come and arrest you now! do you want me to look?" Jake said he said no he will go on Monday.  Jake works and will loose his job.  GOD she called someone to have Jake taken out yesterday! Stinking white dog shit! 

GOD said they went after Ryan today while I was worrying about Jake HE took out a lot of people. GOD said all of them go back on their word! 

GOD said it as Michelle who sent people after Ryan she is still at large.

GOD said someone paid to have her taken out she is still there.  GOD said she is helping HIM! GOD said everybody she sent disappeared! 

GOD said all of the other policemen said they are not coming here to arrest Jake the only ones who will come are them and will get taken out! This country is becoming a safer place to live and walk on the streets.  They got a lot of warnings don't cry for them.  They show a lot of disrespect why they won't listen. Safer children in schools! GOD said n child in this country is safe in school Elizabeth and her family made a lot of paedophiles!  You had a choice you have reach the age of understanding.  You dogs beast pieces of shit we don't want you here!  All the children with HIV stinking dirty old men! All these police people with guns know you colleague is a paedophile going into school shoot them! You don't do films or music but you have the right to ask for a percentage!

GOD showed ME a policeman who takes people out over here they make him a millionaire and give him a big house for him and his family.  GOD said stay here it is safer over there they show more disrespect than over here it's not the people who give you the cheque. 

GOD said the white woman who wanted the flower people script song is given it because she is showing the black woman respect then turns it into a song to show the black woman disrespect because of the Queenship that is why it is not safe in America.  GOD said the person who let her have it takes it back from her he says "give me your hand broken branches..."  GOD said that is why HE gave ME the clip when what I would write and saw what would happen to her!



It is unusual for the Asian people next door to have their music loud where I can hear it! This time of night!

Don't touch Andy or his stinking family GOD said HE will drag Andy. I'll get a devoice!

If Andy grew up in a clean family like they like to portray why did I have to tell him to wash himself after 4 day of not washing because he took the week off.  GOD said he would have waited 7 day until the morning he work, that is their family behaviour! Stinking dirty people. I stretched My leg the day he came and he had the cheek to ask Me if it was woofing up!  I told him that was the first thing I did this morning took a bath GOD said something HE said It is his mother he keeps smelling woofing up why he said it to YOU!


GOD said Elizabeth wrote out the cheque for ME and MY family. The cheque was cleared. She told the men to take some for themselves and that if I didn't want the money she would take it back.  Gun dogs down!  GOD said I am class they are white trash!

The bathroom is flooding!  GOD said MY hole family are classy it is in us! MY brothers Sister GOD said we were born that way because of who we come from.  The power keeps flickering.  That's scary! Thunder and lightning.

GOD said Elizabeth sold MY work as her own and that is why they are getting taken out. I'm still paying the toll!
Michelle told Andy to murder ME with one shot next time Andy said he would see!

GOD said the Americans want to do a deal they said they will lend ME the 3 trillion but want double it's a deal and the record company get to keep MY work on here!

Early this morning Jake came in with Kane and two white youths it was pouring of rain I think they were both white one of them was.  Myles told ME he said he didn't see both of them because Jake gave them some dry clothes to change into so Myles and the MY girls were asked to leave the room.  I said to Myles ask if they would prefer to wear something of Mine I have small stuff I've never worn they can have them.  Myles said they wouldn't fit her I said they are size twelve clothes Myles said she isn't even a ten not even.... se is skinny.  GOD said that is the person who i told you Kane catches HIV from.  Listen to her views "I've got it so he can catch it with me we are together." GOD said HE didn't help him because of what his mother Beverly did to MY family and said now everybody is skinny but you and your family don't have HIV.  GOD said I should have left that white woman outside.  Next time.

GOD said the 6 trillion is what they have in their personal bank account between them Elizabeth and her family and HE doesn't want ME to have any loose change 

GOD said the girl with the HIV said it to the other girl but it it is her attitude why HE would never touch her GOD said it is because Kane is black why she went with him knowing she had HIV.  GOD said she caught it from a white man she went with now she only goes out with black.  GOD said HE won't touch white women or their children.

GOD said the white women out there know about the white girls both of them went with the same white man.  They sent them.  GOD said as soon as the white girl found out she had it she "I'm only going to go out with black people now!"

GOD said the white women in Bristol are waiting for HIM to touch their children HE said HE is not touching any of them and that they are all going to have to get taken out, and said it is the white woman and white man's disrespect why their children have HIV. GOD said HE is looking at the children with it and none of them were born with HIV.  Dotty dogs!

GOD said those to white girl will turn London like Bristol HE wants them taken out and said the men were outside last night and know how to reach them.  It is the spiteful game white people like to play why there is so much HIV.  GOD said people are getting taken out for having HIV

GOD said that is why HE made it rain last night so Jake would come straight home to change. HE was dripping!  GOD let ME see white men telling white women to send those two girls to the King Jake.  That was last week.

GOD said HE doesn't care about Kane because of the mother and that she is going to get taken out for the spite her son is going taken out as well because of the HIV let him go with her it is his mum. GOD said Kane's mother is a very evil woman that is why she is getting taken out because she has been involved in.  GOD said it is not because of the money spite she did to MY family she has done a lot more.

GOD said she has been getting whole families taken out because of her jealousy.  That is why her whole family are getting taken out.  GOD said she works directly for Regina helping to get families taken out she even pops in to see her.

GOD said the white women are saying they don't want Kane to get taken out because of how good he is with the Kings of England. Everywhere! I heard them "Kane only goes out with white girls" It is seen as away way in to her to infect MY family.  GOD said we are with HIM and MY family cannot catch HIV.  You'd disappear first!

I did a version of our day will come in the 80s at roll over studio GOD said Philip let Amy Winehouse listen to MY version why she sang it.  I was working with a black producer called Peter he only booked the studio.  I want to do another version of Our Day.  I did another song with Peter is semi pro MY singing but nice. It was semi pro because I didn't learn the words. I failed to prepare.  Oliver was the engineer.  GOD said HE wants ME to pick up all the black music and sing it.  He said I'm only allowed to sing black music because of the disrespect the white people are showing Me.e 

Last night the GOD said the Asians next are the reason why we were given this house as opposed to the house nearer the station.  GOD said he was involved in what they did to Ryan at the King George Hospital and wanted to do more spite to our family and told the Hitler family to murder the people who was living in here so that we could be brought to him.  GOD said the girl he was with was not involved in that but stole some of MY songs.  Why the record company took them out.  GOD said he murdered HE is looking at what he did to Ryan and doesn't give a shit about him or his family it is the girl HE feels sorry for!

GOD said they put someone in there quick thinking they can take it GOD said all of these house are getting knocked down like Fred West's house so that I can build MY film studio and hotels. GOD said when the time come every one is getting thrown out at the same time they will be given only a few hours to get their shit out!!!

GOD when white people want to steal the credit for black peoples music they get a white singer to over what the black person has already done like Amy Winehouse white don't white people sing their own music leave the black peoples music alone? Dirty stinking white dogs that why Mariah went and sang MY song I'm writing go and change you stinking baggy if you have nothing better to do.  GOD said is not blaming the ventriloquist. 

I can MY own music black people are the originators of rock music that is why I can sing it!  Elvis stole all the black peoples music stinking dirty dog!  

GOD showed ME a black woman sitting next to Elvis when he was here he said "Teach it to me!" GOD said after she taught it to him he sliced her throat on the seat she was sitting on.  GOD said Elvis was only working for the record company, after the he stated sing that is how he took black people music he murdered them.  GOD said he launched himself.  Evil white cunt GOD said the white people know.

GOD said as black people went into the record companies to cut their record the white people murdered them and took their music the black ones who got through were sing in clubs so the white people couldn't say it was theirs so that white people could copy they put those black people up there I sing music Elvis stole if white people have a problem with it we will slit their throats!

GOD walk with an Angel they teleport and take people out for disrespect.  GOD let ME hear HIM telling the Angel to take down the plane the white scientist was going to use MY HIV as his own. Take the whole fucking plane it's only white people mainly on it anyway ethnic cleansing.  

GOD said he made up MY cure I don't want you to have rude people don't pull that stunt again! Dead it mainly white women with HIV, so I don't care.

I'm not letting any wite people use MY cure look how long they could have shown some respect to ME, none you not getting none! The matter is closed.

GOD said there is no point keeping people here who has HIV because we don't want the children here with it because they will spread it and the white woman will just sit there all day spreading it! 

A few days ago GOD told Me Andy is get annoyed with the white woman smell every now and again he keeps smelling his mother she stinks and came here and took it out on YOU!  GOD said tell Andy YOU are not a white woman. Nasty dirty white to let her son smell her. GOD said I cleaned Andy up why he is fussy!

GOD said Mariah Carrey is a white woman who lies about her colour in the photo with the black man I can't live she was stinking so much the black man didn't want to touch her he got upset! White people don't keep themselves clean.

Even though I cleaned Andy up sometimes I smell him and have to keep asking when last did you have a bath sometime 2 3 day he is not MY man so I don't care!

Andy was stinking a few months ago while he was here he went Tesco when he cam back the smell boxed ME back I asked how could you go Tesco smelling like that?  GOD said the woman in Tesco complained to her colleagues about Andy's smell. 

GOD said why Andy joined white spite is because he thought I had a cheek to say white people stink!  It would be a cheek if you smelt Me the only time you can say you ever smelt was in the car some times.

I swear on MY children's lives.  GOD strike them down dean right now I have never had ex with Andy without washing just before even though I may have had 2 or 3 baths or showers during that day! That is why it is a cheek!

GOD said the cleanest person in Andy's family is his sister only because she worked as a nanny in different houses and knew they must not smell her.

GOD said he showers 2 a day because she has a boyfriend.

I did like sex with Andy much bland boring! Everything he knows I tough him but because of his jealousy it was lacking and empty. He's static. That is why I stopped having sex with him.  FUCK THIS FOR A GAME OF SOLDIERS!

For years I kept telling Andy to get circumcised he won't even try to pull the skin back to wash it and had the cheek to think he can put that in ME I'm sensitive I'd get an infection. I told him I'm never having sex with you again it's not a bad smell but I want to finish on the same smell level as we started we both took a bath before! It wasn't never fish fanny!

GOD said that is what hurt Andy why he joined!  I don't give a fuck it's MY body you don't own it! Pull it back and wash it I don't like to keep repeating Myself!

Andy said the first time it ever came back was when he had sex with ME. Dirty stinking white mother!

At the bar each week the type of stinking smell coming from white women an Asian smelt like the big G. They stunk of shit!  GOD said the white women spread rumours to the men not to touch ME because I sink the men kept moving away from ME!  Except for David and his friends and family who washed up because they knew I was fussy but they are clean. 


Myles said he is not staying in here long because he is mosquito buffet! It's the swamp outside it stinks!

It's baking in here I'll put some one shot down the sink again tonight.  Myles got Me some.  Yet he is not allowed to by plastic spoons and forks in a packet because it contains plastic knives!  Why have got to pay 3p for a plastic shopping bag in Lidl to advertise for lidl? Myles is not allowed to by tobacco rolling papers because he is under age. 

GOD said Regina's

Jake has jut been arrested! help



They said they said they re taking Jake barking police station.  Where he will be taken to court tomorrow.

He said he is not giving me his badge number and said he is not showing me the warrant he held t up for a second! 

Jake was sleep he said he is coming in and that he was going upstairs and stood on MY foot Jake had to tell him to take his foot off from Me! They both had black hair.  He said it was not normal behaviour because I want to take his registration number because it was not a marked police car!

Some of the people on the street came out of their house like when the police cars jammed up the street the day we took the side car numbers! There was trouble down here 3 mornings ago man a woman no one came out of their house they only looked through their windows.

GOD let ME hear a white man he told the people on this street to go back into their houses! I heard an Asian woman who said "Why are they getting taken out?" The policeman insisted he was coming in I told him they are not coming in and that Jake can dress himself at the door!

I forgot to say the woman who asked why is MY family getting taken out was told OUR family has show disrespect! Where? Show ME!

Using MY Special Powers I heard "SHE came out of HER house is too late we can not do it again close the door!" GOD spoke to ME and said that was the Russians.

I asked the police which court will you be taking Jake to they were very rude with their attitudes "We don't know we don't people to court!" Each time I asked he said the same thing.

I heard a white police woman shout treat as an abandoned vehicle. 

Eventually the policeman said Jake will either betaken to Barkingside court or Romford court.  Jake was trying to stop ME he said from getting arrested and said go inside you have ll the children in there. I'll get arrested but I don't want you arrested. I said I want the car REGISTRATION.  I TOLD HIM TO MOVE! 

GOD said to ME YOU did what I wanted YOU to do YOU got Jake off the street look all of them waiting outside their houses they show a lot of disrespect even the way she is asking I'll take it from here!  GOD said look they are all starting to disappear! That is the policeman YOU just saw he is gone and there is another one even the woman who I showed YOU shouting out she has been taken and for eternity will be treated as an abandoned vehicle. 

GOD said even Regina got taken out she went to take Jake out inch by inch! GOD told ME before HE went to take over that every person who work and was at the station last nigh is going to disappear!

GOD said they take Jake to court HE lets them...

The people were already waiting out side their hose before we got outside.  GOD said everyone down except for MY family are going to get murdered. 

GOD said David as well GOD said Regina went with her whole family!

GOD said the side door set was put in before I got here at this house. I asked to see the policeman's badge he said "no!"

The policeman who didn't do much talking went into the car and put a riffle and other guns into the boot from the back seat! GOD said he was hiding them! A ford Mondeo.

GOD said Andy is going up there with them.  GOD said Andy's friends take out his whole family.  GOD said the two white men who are helping My family and I walked away from Andy and his family.

GOD said they are doing it to be spiteful to ME,  Andy made his bed.

I just called the police operator who told ME Jake was brought to Thames Magistrates court Bow and that the court is shut until 1:30 pm and closes at 2:30 pm. She said court was this morning at 9 am to 12:30

Yesterday GOD said Regina and her sister Elizabeth have been working parallel to what HE is giving ME to write and that is how Regina came up with feed my people the paedophiles are their people. GOD said even if the Hitler family re not here her people will feed themselves GOD said David is gone but they are still being fed.  GOD said now you are going to see lots people walking on the street take by her people that is the disrespect they all show.

GOD said Elizabeth and her team are trying to turn it by calling ME evil the only people I have gone after is Elizabeth and team because they keep going after MY family and she has what is Mine and I want it back.  GOD showed ME something which happened GOD said people know about it I didn't. It was of Elizabeth he fell and a ordinary citizen went up to her he was white and didn't know if he was allowed to touch her.  He asked if he could help her up and she excepted after he picked he her up because he had wasted time she felt.  She ordered the people shoot him.  GOD said she let him walk off as soon as he was out of sight from the people who were watching he was murdered.  GOD said it is Elizabeth who is evil I haven't reach the level of evilness.  

GOD let ME hear a white who said they are fighting in America over MY songs the different record companies.  I gave MY and work to Universal it is up to them who they choose to share it with.

GOD said David went away for a little while as soon as he got back he blocked the drain and said he is over ME and now it is MY turn to get taken out.  GOD said David was the person giving orders the other night when they came and arrested Jake.  GOD said David told the other paedophiles to do what they wanted to do to MY children but they should not touch ME, he wanted to see if he is over ME and it was because I gave money of their..... away. GOD said he didn't even want to say it is theirs.  GOD said that is why he came back, because he heard about the bounty.

GOD said David was shot on this road and the Asians paedophiles who was standing out side with him where taken out also for the same disrespect David was showing GOD said white families were in that being taken out but it hadn't started yet.  GOD said that is why David did not want Jake in the houses on this street,  GOD said he made a call I heard it.  The white woman he spoke to told him I've already started posting car reg and badge numbers.  David knew it would cause trouble for him.  So he told them to leave ME and MY family.  GOD said even though the went off with Jake David to them to break MY front door down.  I was what I post straight after the police went off with Jake stopped him from making them do it.  

Ryan was out at a party with Joseph, and Jake was asked to go but Jake said he had work early and skipped going. GOD said it was a genuine party there was nothing sinister behind it why HE let Ryan go.  GOD said HE stopped Jake from going because HE didn't want Elizabeth team in here.  GOD said they Elizabeth and her family monitor everyone's calls in this house and those connected to MY, and knew Ryan was out and that if they took Jake I'd be b Myself with MY children why they came for Jake.  GOD said they knew Jake would would show at the court on the Monday and would not have bother.

GOD said Regina went to the court to tell them not to let Jake out because her son had got murdered. Because they had already let out she murdered her team members at the court.  GOD said the Angel who named themselves why they are written about in the bible threatened the people at the court after Jake was let out they left.

GOD said because of what those men have been doing for ME and MY family HE is going to make them Kings.  GOD said there are only two people on the earth like ME and it is those two men. GOD said that is why I have two husbands the other one is to good to give away.  GOD said that is why HE let them fuck ME in 2010. I South Woodford outside Prezzo's.  

GOD said they want ME to do MY hair.   I will I've been trying all day to unblock that fucking drain!  I need to clean the turtle tank!  

I put one shot down it and boiled pots of water. The boiling water made it bubble and stink even more.  I'm going to try again later if it doesn't clear fuck it.  I do MY hair you can come get ME!  Fuck that foe a game of soldiers!  Oh GOD said David is still alive in one of the houses oh!  They are looking for him. GOD said it is because I am over David he gets murdered. 

GOD showed ME David there was a gun pointed at him.  I'm over David too!