Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Sunday 1st June 2014

UPDATE 12:19
Yesterday I was cleaning.  I need to catch up! I'm still cleaning today I'm in the mood so I won't be on much. Its looking a bit more like when Andy was here! It's Ryan and Jake they are messy! I was still cleaning until 8 am this morning and woke up at 10:30 am.  I was tackling the washing as well cleaning walls!  Every day there is a least 5 loads of washing to do it's a 7k machine.  It doesn't help now that the recycling bin is gone! I've got a big sack of rubbish in the kitchen. If I put it outside the cats and foxes will burst the bag!  Watch what I do to the bin men!

Someone just said glass!  That is because you would do that no more glass than the usual bottle! As soon after they collect MY rubbish tomorrow I'm going to start!  I'm going to make sure MY bin is bubbling!  I don't care about the paki next next door who was told by a white woman to throw the moss from his front garden into Mine he keeps doing it and has been even before I cleaned MY bed room window.  I heard them speaking.  GOD said that is is spite.  That is why HE dragged him in!  

I don't give a shit about the Russians I'll tell you why! There is lot of milk keeps going off in here!  To melt the cardboard I think I'll throw some water in the bin!  I can fit more in if I don't use bags!  When I have broken glass I always wrap it in cardboard put in a box so it doesn't cut the bin men or flick as the bin is being emptied!

Joann's dad was a dustman!  I became friends with a dustman while I was living on Brierley road My rad was part of his round he used to come in My house for a quick cuppa they would pick him up late after they did he next street sometime he was white!  I put money in the bin men's Christmas box.  Sometimes they take rubbish they don't have to take I've put a 10 or 5 pound in their hand to say thank you!

The bin man fancied ME I was pregnant with Jake I had just become a Christian.  I prayed with him he came one day and said he started going to church!  He was nice looking!

When I've done work on houses I've lived in dustbin men have done all sorts for ME like taken old toilets!

Ryan needed a jump start last night he left his lights on in his car.   One of the boys said someone is pushing Ryan's car.  Because it was dark I couldn't see who was helping him so I went out to make sure he was OK. It was an Asian man who lives on the corner.  I don't know who's who around here!  The Asian man was being really helpful!  Nice! I reminded Ryan to show appreciation he did! 

GOD said I just wanted to show you that not everyone on this road is involved in the paedophilia they know about what's going on and stay out of it including the black man with the white woman a few doors away. Ryan had to drive around for a bit, but came back to use the toilet I sat in the car so that he could keep the engine running.  While I was out there the white woman with the short hair who has just moved in with the Russian came outside of her house and was talking on the phone.

GOD said HE wants people to listen to the type of phone call she was having!

GOD said Mr Disney is up there giving orders when Mr Disney had to do what David told him to do!  GOD said HE is the KING and HE is here and that position belongs to ME and MY family and that is why HE will take you out!

GOD said as soon as she landed she was told by the other white women that I am QUEEN and she and the other people in the house next door became jealous!  She was asked to lure Ryan and Jake into her house or to grab them in at night. GOD said that is why she was standing out there. GOD said she said yes straight away.  GOD said the Russian men said they won't have anything to do with it outside the front.  GOD said but they are the ones who do the taking out!  GOD said they are all going to get taken out HE is not going to play games and wait for people to take them out they will disappear! 

The day I wrote about the Russians returning home to find some one had been in there GOD said the Russian was looking for the key for the cupboard he made to put the police woman's body in it who Bill Clinton's brother murdered.  I saw the Russian next door looking for the key on the floor in the little hallway that leads to their garden!  GOD said Mr Disney organised it that is the type of orders he is giving!

GOD said the white woman next door was waiting for the person to come and kidnap Ryan.  GOD said HE did the kidnapping!  GOD said that order came from Bill Clinton and HE is not going to stop what is going to happen to his children!

GOD said Bill Clinton is a very trickish and spiteful man and think like the white spite! GOD said she called the policemen in the house across the road!

GOD said everyone who joins the team are getting taken out in different ways including Bill Clinton!  GOD said because he gets taken out it happen to his children that is what HE saw!

The Asian man had two wire no clip at the ends and hook to ends to his battery and told Ryan to hod the two ends to his battery.  Ryan said no that's going to shock Me!  The Asian man laughed and said OK I'll hold it you turn my car on!  I started Ryan's car.

GOD said it was Mr Disney who murdered all the guards and their families because HE wants the Kingship! 

Yesterday GOD let ME hear some white women complaining that I made the white woman who the Asian people wet with water while having a water fight"SHE is making it look trivial we are unimportant!" Let ME see the long list of things the white woman has done to MY family like a rape charge locking MY on in a school office.. Yet they have the cheek to send another paedophile education officer here! It is trivial and you are unimportant!  I heard a white woman who aid she was going to go after the Asians because it hurt her what the Asians did to the other white woman. That is how I feel about MY black people.  A white man told her to leave the Asians and to come after ME GOD said you all get taken out!  He told her to wet ME GOD said I am the QUEEN HE is not going to allow you to disrespect ME! GOD said white people are unimportant to HIM!

GOD said the reason why they put Ryan on a rape charge and ill treated him when they arrested him was because he kept his room a the Foyer in a mess same as Jake GOD said that is why they are all being murdered! Good!

I just heard the dirty stinking white woman "Some one should tell her that is why David was murdered!" The white woman is so low class SHE think I'm like her I'd never put anyone before MY children except GOD! So what I fell in love with David that is why I didn't want him but the white woman took him even though he was a paedophile!

GOD said the white women spread everything to Mr Disney same as Bill Clinton's brother and the friend they don't have long! 

GOD said Mr Disney is having DNA tests done to see who sexually abused the little mixed race girl in the house! GOD said the Russians was there as well.  David was the only person with her up until the time he brought her to that house. GOD said David didn't want to share her!

GOD said it was George's spite but Mr Disney sent her he went with her it was a joke to him!

GOD said white women are not special the reason why the men wanted her because she would open straight away!

I just saw an around 12 year old white boy next door at the Russian's house playing in the garden firs time.  I wonder if he and his dog will make it out?

GOD said it is the son of the woman living there the one n the phone was the friend!

I heard a phone call it makes sense now "Make sure you wash him!" Earlier I heard"A least we have something for ourselves!"

A few moments ago I heard how did the other paedophiles find out?  Theses are nosey people!

GOD said that is what they use the women for to make friends with people who have children!

GOD said they are hiding it from her that they are a big group of paedophiles. They told her they would just murder Ryan and Jake!

Straight after I wrote about the child next door I heard "SHE is just saying that to diss white people!" I not a liar! GOD said he was one of the paedophile

A few moments ago I heard "Look from your garden is there a child over there?"

"Yes it's true!"

GOD said no one does anything because it is ME who dished it out!

GOD told ME in 2009 at the council not to tell lies in a very stern voice and she if YOU tell lies I cannot defend YOU!

GOD said HE doesn't want all of those paedophiles outside MY house because it is next door why HE let ME bang the plate!

Ah a few weeks ago I heard a man who said "That's a weighty child!" the boy could be 10 but is stocky buxom!

This morning for the first time I heard the Russian's burglar alarm! 
I was about 5am someone got up opened the back but it stopped just before that.

GOD said from the moment I wrote about David for the first time all of the white women jumped and threw themselves at David saying they are  going to take him from ME!  GOD said they did it to brag now they are all looking at their children.  GOD said that is why David said he didn't want ME I've got a few you opened him up to pool of children for he and his friends to sexually abuse!

A helicopter just flew over she said "yes it's true there is a child inside!"

GOD said the pilot of the helicopter is involved!

GOD said the pilot was told just to fly across and not to hover over here because of ME!

I don't care about the stinking piece of shit or her son!
GOD said they told her to bring her son and his dog! GOD said the dog bark which sounded funny was trying to warn other dogs.  GOD said the dog didn't want to go in there and was wondering if he could get out!  GOD said the dog wasn't caring about the little boy because he is human.  GOD said the dog sees himself as a dog and doesn't want to get involved in the smell what's in there.  GOD said the little boy treats the dog like a dog, and not how we treated Buddy a Rufus!

GOD said the dog knew straight away!

GOD said they have gone next door which means there is a door that leads to the next house. GOD said all the way along because of David! 
GOD said David didn't want ME to hear what was going on!  It would have been the same for anyone not involved!

Earlier I heard "close the front door, close the door, close the door!"  GOD said that is how they go along to the end of the street!

GOD said the Russians wanted to spite her for being quick to spite ME and got their friends taken out! 

GOD said that is what it was HE showed ME. "Close your front door!" it was the Russians next door walking from house to house internally.  Making sure the front door to each house is closed before they walk through to the next house!

GOD said the little dog got taken out "We don't touch dogs!"  GOD said they know the little boy is spiteful!
Earlier after I wrote about the boy in the garden I heard different white women randomly "They are not meant to have children in that house!"  GOD said they are know paedophiles!

GOD said hat is why WE ARE JUDGING the paedophiles using the death penalty!

while I was sat in Ryan's car GOD said look at the way she is staring at you, your prettier than her.  "YOUR pretty right that's it!"  "I want you to come out straight away I want HER raped I want you rape all of HER children and then I want you to murder them I want them tortured!"  GOD said that white woman doesn't even know YOU wrote about her.  The white woman is the most evil bad minded woman I don't care how many go! That is a stinking white dog because of the look she just gave YOU and the judgement she sent out on YOU I looked to see which JUDGEMENT I wanted to give her and JUDGED her straight away too she called YOU a dog I'll make sure she brings herself tomorrow with her son and his animal!

GOD said as she and her son were being ushered through the other peoples houses she tried to get the son to open on of the front doors to run out!  GOD said the son was given a hard kick to the floor like they saw him kicking the dog why it was barking.  "I want you to pretend that you are the dog bark!"

GOD said all the way while she is getting taken out she is hurt and is thinking about what is happening to her and her son and I still here with MY children and nothing is happening to ME.  White like compare themselves to black people when they are in shit hating them to have have the same. The woman doesn't ME she started tangling herself with ME a stinking dirty evil white woman the like to get too familiar dogs!

I'm a black woman go tangle up yourselves with yourselves I have nothing to do with you!

GOD said white know they are low class!  A the white woman compare herself to the black woman and see she is the whore and stinks and is dirty and lazy and ugly she wants to do spite her climb down of MY back you fucking dogs!  Because she has diseases she wants the black woman to have diseases!

GOD said Mr Disney goes to the house he was the person who sent the helicopter earlier.  GOD said Mr Disney tries to come over here after HE takes him out!  GOD said they wait around for Ryan and Jake that is why HE takes them all out!

GOD said Bill Clinton had something to do with Barak Obama's murder because of his jealousy when he found out Barak Obama was Royalty!

GOD said there are lots of them on the street tonight because there is a child because they are wild beast!  GOD said you should see how they attack the child like dogs animals!  GOD said it was that which put HIM off white people!  GOD said that is why the white men know they are the lowest class and why they are jealous of the back men!

GOD said HE isn't going to allow you to do it to MY children HE has started taken you out for the disrespectfulness of coming down here because Mr Disney gave you an order HE is making sure MY children can get home!

GOD said it wasn't here they were coming it was down to where Jake works I heard the Asian people Jake works with "Jake's a nice boy your not taking Jake out in here!"

GOD said Bill Clinton takes out George for what he did to his brother. GOD said Bill increases the security around his children but they are the ones who take his children out that is what HE saw! 

Monday 2nd June 2014

UPDATE 07:02
The dustbin men just came I watch them coming down the road picking up bags from the ground and putting them in the wheely bins they got to MY house I put out the bag of rubbish he kicked it to wards MY front door.   I went out and asked him to take it he said no your only allowed 1 bin! I said someone has taken MY recycle bin so I have extra rubbish can you take it?  I saw you taking extra rubbish from the other house! He took it.  He said I will have to get on to them.  Why should I when it was them who took it!

GOD said it is Elizabeth she is upset about William!

GOD showed ME a bin man who wanted to show ME respect he brought ME a brown bin Elizabeth murdered the who lot of the bin men!  I just letting you know what would be!

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

UPDATE 11:45
I've been busy cleaning, Briely is such a nice child as soon as I woke up this morning he said I'll et you a bath mum! I took your duvet out of the washing machine, I got your clothes.  He made ME a cup of tea!  That is the type f child I have!  While I was in the bath he said I brought you a lemon.

I'm cleaning the carpets at the moment I've done some I still have more to do!


Mop and bucket
Boiling hot water
Soap powder
Clothe Softner 
I can use bleach on this carpet, test a tiny area to find out if you can use bleach on your carpet.  Don't soak it, but I do in dirty areas like near the front door but you can wring the mop to pick up the water. 

Someone said what if Briely burns himself? Everyone is a tea drinker in here he make tea for himself when he wants a cup!  I could burn myself.  As long as they throw the little ones out of the kitchen while they are using the kettle, I don't stop them.  

Anyway Sapphire make her own toast and butters it!

Ruby makes her own cereal so there! 

I have to keep telling the girls not to do this. Sapphire lift Ruby and they get bowls and cup out of the cupboard!

Today Sapphire is making banana on toast! 

Yesterday GOD told ME the Judges from the family court in are on here!  Hello!  GOD said the education woman went for a court order to take MY children!  I'll have you paedophiles know those Judges are MY friends so there!

I heard the good looking Judge he likes the videos MY children made of themselves.

Social care I'm so glad you went to that court!

I'm available no....he probably has a wife! 

GOD showed ME a white woman from social care she said "Good looking Judge that Judge is evil!" He is not evil you are evil!

I don't want to see any of those Judges out here with any cheques just because of what GOD told ME I wrote about it!

GOD said you like MY script song I need to do some work on it.

I think I'll leave the carpets today I'm in pain women troubles.  

Because it is coming up to Sapphire's birthday the children have started trying to contact Andy because he told them he is coming over. 

they tried today and the other day and his phone keeps going into voice mail!  GOD said what happened to William across the road had nothing to do with Andy!

GOD said she sent a lot of people here a few nights ago to take out MY family because of who we are.  We are the Royal Family!  GOD said HE took the all out to keep HIS Family safe!

GOD showed ME a white man who looked at MY picture and said"She knows how it works!" I heard a another white man who said "What are you telling Lorraine off for!" and he said "I'm not I just telling HER no ones blaming HER!"  GOD said people think if they talk to MY picture I hear them!  Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, or so I've been told!

Wednesday 4th June 2014

UPDATE 01:19
Child law before social care can go for a court order the have to inform the family so that the family has an opportunity to present themselves in court to fight for their children.  The Judges at the court where the applied for the court order to just walk in MY house and take MY children know I would not just step aside! GOD said HE would take everyone of you out you wouldn't reach MY front door to show that type of disrespect!  Now look what you did your all getting taken out! (-:

There are too many of you doing that to people who love their children!  It is going to stop thee are too many social workers and legal people giving themselves work to do! 

GOD let ME hear the Judges wives she wont go after our husbands that is where we give HER respect! GOD said they are  grouping themselves because they are angry their husbands are helping ME. GOD said HE is here! GOD said pipe down HE doesn't want to open up HIS accounts on you HE will give ME all the names of the men you have been whoring with while your husbands are at the family court Judging GOD said some of the wives have been doing some heavy whoring not one of them are squeeky clean like the image they are portraying.  GOD said your all still clean because of the circles you stay in! 

I heard your husbands who said they have children and grandchildren and that is why they are doing it!

GOD let ME hear the nice looking Judge speaking to his wife.  "I don't want you interfering in my job it is my job to help families!" GOD said he kissed her why she doesn't get involved she is the only one! I heard him he said "I don't want to leave my wife I've gotten used to the way she does things!"

GOD said it is because of what those Judges do for ME why HE hasn't murdered every white woman!  GOD said that is the amount respect HE has given them!

I'm waiting on GOD I'm already spoken for! 

GOD said she sad she is clean and that she washes before she has sex with her husband!  GOD said it is because of who she did before she had sex with her husband!  if you are having sex with different partners even if you was you are going to smell! I don't want to get involved in your relationships!

GOD said because of what the Judges are doing for ME HE is not going to allow anyone to stop them! Not even the wives why HE told ME to pacify them!  GOD said they were just getting ready to start spiting MY family because they are up there they can do a lot but HE would take them down and change everything!  GOD said one of them had sex with David!  GOD said it was before David caught the HIV! GOD said it was more than once it turned into an affair because of all the sucking she did for him!  GOD said HE will give names and addresses!

GOD said it was the wife with the good looking husband that is why she piped down GOD said there are a lot more men!

GOD said throw John Denver in there as well and some more of his friends as soon as David was finished with her he got all of his friends to rape her!  GOD said she is married but went after MY David.  GOD said she is involved in the rape charge and the assault charge! GOD said take DNA samples from her it's almost a constant ring she started as soon as you got with her! GOD said she starts it off with a back massage! GOD said she is  masseuse she fuck most of the men some right on the table! GOD said she has HIV!

GOD said she has been with the other Judges!

GOD said she is a dirty woman she is stinking even after she washes!

GOD said it is just like Andy she is a good liar!

GOD let ME hear Elizabeth "I want Andy taken down straight after the birthday on HER door step!" GOD said HE is not going to allow you to show that disrespect!  

Andy please don't promise MY children anything more it is rude we are not together anything you want to promise them you should ask ME first if it is OK! 

I keep hearing lots of white men "She's a pretty girl!"  GOD said it is the voices of the men who who had sex with the Judges wife!  GOD said she is the biggest spreader in this country that is the level of heavy traffic!  GOD said even her hands stink after she washes them! GOD people who know what she gets up to don't allow her to touch them they move away quickly!

GOD said she keeps the house clean that is what he likes about her.  She is like Jamie!  The house is clean they wash themselves!

GOD said HE is going to let the Judges take Andy down for the paedophilia in the school!  Andy has left ME speechless!

What would you say to Andy if you were ME?  That was someone else's child.  Ten years of talking to him instilling good moral standards!  Andy is a very rebellious man.  People know he is coming on Sunday and want to come here to murder Andy please not at MY door let his go back to Bristol! 

GOD said it is ME they want to show disrespect to they know how to find Andy in Bristol ad Andy is still here!  GOD said HE doesn't care about your families!  GOD said it is because I am the QUEEN and I am black!

GOD said the people who got taken down in Tower Hamlets Council were paedophiles! GOD said even Disem was involved why she was with the group of men who were having a discussion on what they should do to MY family! Who gives these people the right?

A big man like Andy!  GOD said the white woman told Andy he is white so he doesn't have to control himself, I am black that is why I have to control MYSELF!  That is why Andy did it to the little white child he wanted to be over ME!  That is what made Andy less than ME!

I wonder if Andy feels more now everyone knows about him? I wonder if he felt more as he was bursting into a little child?

I can't see why Andy is coming on Sunday!  The children contacted him yesterday I asked them to.  It was to find out what day he planned to come!  Andy is a dog! What a nasty dirty man thrusting himself in a child!  If what you did was good why are you hiding it?

That dirty little white man is bare face he has no shame!  He will still turn up know everyone down here is looking at his shame!

GOD said Andy has TB We don't want it!

 MISSED YOU! EVEN  THOUGH I'M TELLING YOU OFF! I broke MY reading glasses today!

I like you I just don'y like what you do!

I was thinking about something GOD told ME yesterday.  One of the Judges wives found out another woman had sex with her husband "Did you have sex with my husband? I f you were a black woman I would have murdered him!"  GOD said the white woman got a slap around the face for it.  The white woman feels less than than the black woman.  Quite right at least the white woman knows her place! 

The white woman knows she is not as good as a black woman that is why it hurts her at the thought of a black woman being on the scene! 

GOD said the white people are beginning to find out about the white women because of ME, and the white men are are all shouting they want a black woman, because they don't want to catch HIV!  GOD said when they get a black woman they start to ill treat her like Andy because they feel bad about wanting a black woman because they hurt their sister their mother etc for wanting a black woman! 

GOD let ME hear Andy "I should have hurt them for HER!" Yeah at the end of the day your not sharing a bed with your sister!

Saffy is laughing at the two scratches she has around her mouth because of a fight she had with Ruby yesterday. 

I may put the script on word press later so you can read it better it! 

GOD said MY sister is on here the white girls called her so they could make trouble!  Something. GOD asked ME to write weeks ago.  HE said Lewis spoke about things over the phone about Luke and your side of the family and because of the white shit and who is listening to our phone calls HE wanted ME to put it right!  You don't know where to look! 

GOD said HE would never let anyone of the white shit do that to you HE would take every single one out first!  Your MY Family! Your as close as MY children!  GOD said HE wants ME to tell that piece of white shit Mr Disney he will get taken out before he get near MY family! The white women your group HE wanted to show you what they would do if they could!  Your white friend "I hope you like the script?"  GOD said the white girl got taken out already! Her car toppled over and over and over GOD did it!  HE told ME a few nights ago!  Her soul is being made to sit in the car or eternity! 

I hear her"What that's it for eternity come back here!"  GOD walked off! HE said to ME that is a very spiteful woman that is the level of spite she did to YOU! That is where she will sit the car wreckage  has been removed but she will remain there.  That is what I am doing to the white women the ones who I'm taking out.  They all get taken out differently but they will remain sitting in the same position they are taken out in!  GOD then said don't tell them!  I hate white women!  GOD then said this is MY earth I chose you they should show respect!

Yesterday the at the police house across the road the white dog got taken out!  Ryan car was in a car crash he OK the police came and told us his car was impounded by them because of where he left it!  They said he has to collect it or they will come round £250 and £25  day!  It append yesterday GOD said it was the white shit standing on MY path who called the woman across the road and told her to fire a shot at ME! GOD was here and said I cannot stand the look of that woman in front of you! She is gone for what she just did! I already look at her!

GOD said the white woman across the road is going through the tunnel for how much she has done.  That white woman there will sit!

GOD said HE is not reversing it.  If HE was not here she would not miss right in front of YOUR children!  She would have taken down the children and that white dog on the path would have helped!

That's it shake you white dog!

She came with an Asian police man who was showing respect!

I was at the front door and saw the woman across the road climb up her window full body length.  GOD let ME hear her "I'll shut her up!" She was about to say "Now shut the fuck up!" I heard and saw her being pulled down! GOD said I'm over there while I am talking to YOU!  She is being dragged!

Don't drag the white men in it! GOD said HE is like ME HE likes a lot of the white men! GOD and I don't hate your white colour!
R GOD said that white woman in front of you took a bath today like you and you are on... and you are still cleaner she stinks of shit it is disgusting I'm going over there! It was the day before yesterday it is after 12 pm. GOD said that is why HE let Ryan crash the car!

GOD said has HE not been there the bullets would not have reversed it's self that is why HE is not reversing it! Don't come here begging!  Good for  her teach the white women where they sit!

GOD said it is the father.  You'll get taken out don't come fuck her!

GOD said HE would let ME reverse it! She can drop dead!

GOD said as soon as she heard SPECIAL FAMILY she ran and took up the job to do evil!

The white woman is under MY foot just how I like it!

GOD said this is all happening because I am the QUEEN! GOD sad HE would never put a white woman up there on that level HE said she can never get up there!

GOD said the dirty white woman sat on the toilet seat which had urine on after her friend used it and her friend has HIV she just caught it!  GOD said white people are so afraid to use the toilet paper they would rather have he shit in their pants and knickers, because they think it is going to run out!  GOD said she shouldn't worry about the HIV she is coming out HE is waiting for her to come with her friend!

The white woman is asking when is Jake or Ryan getting taken out! GOD said HE will wipe white from existence HIS has had enough of white people HE cannot sit and watch their behaviour for ever! 

GOD aid the other colours who have mixed with the white people who want t fight for them they will be coming out as well! GOD said HE came to wipe out all of the white people because of what they keep doing on the earth, because HE has seen it if they are not here everybody else lives peaceful!

GOD said HE is getting fed up with the court cases! 

GOD said even Joann!  GOD said it is the stigma they put on Ryan and what it is doing to him and our family!  GOD when HE has had enough HE is going to put everyone in a deep sleep and take out every living white person.

I've got cleaning up to do MY bath is ready!

GOD said they plan to keep going with Ryan like that MY son iis no puppet I want MY sons freed instantly I don't care who have to go as long as it is not MINE! White dogs let go!

GOD said all those involved are still going to get taken out including their families!  You have to pay for what you did including the sail boating!

GOD I want their children sail boated out of here!  Make sure the same tools are used on their children like they used on MINE!

I heard that is a lot of people coming out! That is how many ganged up on MY family!  It's too over crowded!  GOD said HE is going to keep taking you out the ones who go to show disrespect is getting taken!  Keep your mouth shut we don't want to smell shit! 
White people behave like they made the earth and everything around it and on it!

GOD said HE is making the white people learn to shut their mouths like they did to black people during the slavery!  GOD said they all know about thing some of them and their ancestors did and yet they hide it laugh about it and laugh about the lies they are teaching the black children in the history lessons!

"She said there wile be a small amount left lets go to a black church!"

GOD showed ME a black pastor who told the white people "sorry the church you need to go is down the road we don't want any paedophiles in here we have our children to think about!"

GOD said those are the level HE wants to see coming from the black man! 

GOD said HE is going to take out some of the Asian people for the greed it is because of the things they have done for wealth and for what they would do for it HE can see everyone!

GOD told ME the judge already gave social care the order that is what he will do for the white woman!  GOD said the judges wife had sex with some of the judges at Snares Brook crown court so that they would imprison Ryan!

About 10 minutes ago Jane Trevor knocked on MY door.  I told her not to knock again she said she will not knock someone will knock about the home schooling because he is going to send someone around about the home schooling I told her do not send anyone around these are MY children and I will not be letting any of you in! She said fine and walked away.  Briely said mum you do realize she is in her car laughing don't you!

GOD said it is because the judge gave the white woman the order to hurt the black woman they are all going to get taken out, and is the reason why HE is taking back the judging! Because of the low level judging!

GOD showed ME the judge who used the mop to brush over his carpet.  GOD said the wife cleans the house that is what he likes but the house is stinking because he wife starts of giving men sex on the table then it ends up on the floor, some of the men say they don't want it on the floor she takes them into a room upstairs to finish off!

GOD showed ME a scene it was her husband he told one of the other judges who said he was stressed to go and see his wife she will give you a lovely massage so he did!  The judges wife was rubbing him over then stuck her finger in his bum!  I think GOD said that was David how it started!"Your a very naughty girl aren't you come here!" GOD said she is talked about that is why men go there!

GOD said David only went to her because she is a judges wife and because of what he was into.  He used her to sway things for him!  GOD said that is why David said "YOU better not turn me down!" that was because of what the judges wife did for him at the other court David felt he had the lock and key and ME in a strangled hold! 

David told her to sit on it he wasn't wearing a condom because of the diseases he was carrying.  GOD said she caught the HIV from David!  GOD said before I wrote about David he was there but after I wrote about him he became a household name! Everyone white woman wanted a slice of the cake!

 I recognised the Asian policeman from the King George  hospital the night Ryan had the operation.  GOD said he is going to get taken out!  GOD said the reason why he rushed here about Ryan's car was to do spite as well.  GOD said they are all making money from Ryan.

Yesterday GOD showed ME Sophine and said she was involved in Ryan being put on a rape charge and is going to get taken out as well she only did it because of the Chinese man like her self she has been having sex with while she has been working! She was not in it at first but thought I prefer to be with my own colour I cannot stand the sight of Ryan's mum anyway.  GOD said Sophine is jealous because of who I am and show a lot of spite!

GOD said Sophine teamed up with the other girls at the Foyer!

GOD said white people have been piling in while I've been writing the scrip song waiting for ME to finish it so that they can take.  They say it is to show disrespect to the black woman, but it is because they want it and are doing what they have always done! GOD| said the only person who doesn't want to steal it s the man HE keeps showing ME at Universal and the men who are with him because they are with him.

The Jamaican people in Jamaica said I should come and live with them.  I am staying right here they are coming out! I will not step aside for any of them! 

GOD said some time the little room has clothes on the bed so the judges wife takes the men in the bed she sleeps with her husband the judge!

GOD said the judge cannot take back the order from the paedophiles because he issued it already, that is why HE is taking them out!  That is why Jane Trevor was laughing because of what she thinks she is going to get to do!

The order the judge gave to the paedophiles was the order for GOD to wipe them out thank you! 

GOD said the judges wife is called The Masseuse.

GOD said all HE wanted ME to do was to tell Jane Trevor not to come back! 

GOD said that group of judges can stay because of what they do to paedophiles but HE is still taking back the JUDGING so that they don't do it to any more black women for the white woman!

GOD let ME hear some of the paedophiles telling Jane Trevor they are not going with her GOD said HE took them out!

GOD said Sophine is not a paedophile, but she is in the team same as Andy!  GOD said Shirley is getting taken out! She has a child with MY brother she didn't consider her child's family this side! GOD said why should We consider her child's side of her family Joseph is getting taken out a well by them! 

GOD said that is who the Jamaican's are shouting for to go over there she has family out there!  GOD said you cannot run from HIM!

Yesterday I heard the Freemasons laughing they said "we call HIM GOD because we know what it means we named HIM so that every one would disrespect HIM, Lorraine think SHE is showing respect to HIM by putting HIM up in capitals!" A man then said "SHE is showing respect to HIM!" GOD spelt backwards spells "DOG" GOD said it was because the white people was jealous that HE chosen race are black!  GOD said thank you for naming HIM HE will keep the name GOD because that is who HE is you can keep the name dog because that is who you all are dog's! 

GOD said HE chose black people that is why HE brought them here the rest of you evolved and because HE didn't bring you here you became jealous and stated showing lots disrespect!  That is why HE doesn't want you here! 

GOD said he wants ME to write the script song for Mr Universal! I need a rest now!

A couple of weeks ago GOD said to ME I an writing The Orange song on the same level as the black man who uses pencils to draw pictures of the queeeeen and other people from photographs!

GOD said the lack genus just took a look ad said wow! That is what I said when I saw your drawings! 

It's hard work isn't it?  GOD said you have to take breaks!  I thik it is the same for ME like you it is more mentally exhausting than physical. 

I have done a lot of interacting with people I don't use old phases! 

She cut MY script!

Sorry I wrongfully accused her! But it is her own fault! But sorry!
Yesterday GOD said the people at the blog spot are feeling ashamed because of the mess they the did so that the viewer couldn't read MY script! Because everyone knows it was jealousy!

Two day ago GOD let ME hear her she said "Andy is going over on Sunday I'll wait until he try to fix it and put it back to make it look as if it was only IT needed!"

GOD said I must leave them there and keep going it is their loss!

I meant every word when I said they cold have the publishing! What ever I gave them I would not have cared about they could give it to whoever they wanted!

GOD said she was the person who took down MY work trying to steal it she forgot about the backups!  GOD said she called Regina and asked if it was OK, and Regina gave her the go ahead.  GOD said her husband owns the company, I must leave them n the floor!  GOD said HE or none of the people HE uses to fight for ME and other people are going to touch anyone in that company nor n the Disney building!  What ever happen has nothing to do with us.  GOD said Mr Disney is different and if they come for us it's different!

GOD said leave them on the ground floor they owe lots of creditors money and these people don't play games when it comes to their money!  That is what HE sees!

GOD said the husband is all right it's her!  GOD said HE wants ME to leave everyone on the ground floor level because of ow they have all been treating us and that I should just think about MY self  family!  GOD said I am still the QUEEN!

I keep hearing some dirty little stinking white man"She spent all that time on the script song without HERSELF he must think I'm him and his stinking wife and children I took two baths yesterday!bathed a few hours ago If you have been watching and waiting when did you last bathe and you fat stinking wife?

GOD said the chair you are sitting in is stinking every time you get up the material sticks to you bottom! pooh!!

GOD said don't even help the black ones that is why HE said even five pound.

GOD said you are all very spiteful humans!

GOD is outside! I heard YOU as I was writing yesterday "Does SHE want to be fucked by GOD!"  What do YOU think? Then I heard"Doesn't it frighten HER that I am GOD!" Why should I be what have I done wrong? I don't have bad though.  You want hear any thing evil!  

I heard YOU, YOU said YOU want to hold ME and kiss ME!

GOD said the white woman knows she will get murdered if she goes near HIM the black woman already knows she has to show respect!

Then I heard "YOU are going to get a lot of slaps in the bedroom because of David!" I haven't moved a muscle that is all YOU need to worry about! 

Are YOU going to use the front door or not bother?

GOD said a company in Germany wants MY script It's been there for ages no one wanted to how ME respect GOD said it is going Universal! Maybe there is something else you will be interested in later if that is OK with GOD.  You can speak with GOD about the animation!

GOD said there are lots of people getting taken out because of the policewoman who got dragged trying to shoot ME! Talk to your families so that they don't get taken!

Then there are the council workers social care! GCHQ the woman who got Ryan's card blocked she shy tried to call Pizza hut last night to get them to piss and spit in our food she got dragged before she could make the call!

GOD said what is happening they are telling the people to get their gun to come here but are hiding the End Time Message from them!
GOD said they tell them bits why they go and get their gun, but they won't show them where to find it!

GOD said those people sending people for their guns are not telling them they are going to get taken out because they want them to try! 

GOD said that is why the woman across the road was taken out she didn't know about the post the police people both who came here were to afraid of GOD to use their gun! 

I just heard some white people who said "Only warn the people around us it's because of the QUEENSHIP!"

GOD said they are trying to put human in the food chain people are getting taken out to stop them!

Their are ready Asian burgers in a bun in Tesco up the road GOD let ME hear something in advance!

GOD showed ME white women the white men are sending for GOD BUT ARE NOT TELLING THEM THEY WILL GET TAKEN OUT FOR IT!  I'M TIRED!

My reading glasses are broken!

I've got lots to put in the script but I'm not in the mood that's why I'm tightening. I'll see how I feel later!

I'm using MY feather duster!

I've got freckles! The dark mark is fading I been ex-foliating with a dry cloth when my face is dry it's good! I haven't been to bed!

GOD said they know Andy hasn't touched any children that is why he is still here!  GOD said HE wanted to hurt Andy because of the girl he is seeing from around here.

I told Andy he can come and see the children once a month.  I'm not upset with Andy.  I always prayed that Andy would find someone first.  I didn't know he had the jigalow in him.  Andy is quiet!  I never have a problem finding anyone!

GOD sad HE took Andy's girlfriend out yesterday she and his other friends tried to murder Andy, and the children want to see their dad! 

GOD said that is why HE made ME tell a little lie on Andy so that HE could take out his paedophile friend who judged him!

GOD said she was jealous because of what Andy does for ME!  She came into Our marriage the white whore! 

what a cheek the white women are asking if I'm writing the script.  There is no one else here who can do it!  I'm starting to take off!  I've spent months laying the foundations.  I'm writing it!  Maybe had you not deprived MY children and I of the little money we were entitled to, because we are on a low income I wouldn't need to dig Myself out of the hole the white women threw us into! Galang!

GOD said lots of white people sat there laughing as I was working on the foundations asking where is the juice in the carrot?!
I'm using the same principles to write a script that I use to write a song!  I told you I am a good song writer!

In some areas I'm still laying the foundations!  Some areas I'm flying!

I've got a good sense of humour!  
I have no friends so I laugh at My character I play with them! 

GOD said I was stripped by the white people of My friends!

I wouldn't take any of them back if you paid ME!

You better pay ME then I don't want them back!  Andy is a bit different!

Since Jake moved in I have been sleeping on a blown up bed on the floor in the dinning room!  Fuck you!

Ruby and Sapphire sleeps with Jake most of the time. Marshall, Briely and Myles sleep in the living room at the front.  Ryan is in the single room.  Jake to MY mum 's so Ryan could have the room then she threw Jake out! There is no dinning table or chairs! No fridge!  I could get a loan from the dss but I'm to big for that!

No white person is getting any of MY work I will sell to the blak people!

"I cannot believe you sat on his face when was the last time you took a wash I could smell you, you not as clean as me!"
I took a bath yesterday night i wiped myself this morning"  GOD said stunk of fish cheese Mr Universal still ticked it with his tongue! 

"You could smell the blond one but the brunette stunk!"
GOD said both Nicola and Donna have husbands and had sex with them before they went out to meet the men.  GOD sad they are whores that is why they have HIV!  GOD said all white men are dogs!

GOD let Me see a man shout at Elizabeth "Look what you did white people are not going to get paid for the part they play in the script song!" GOD said she is getting taken out at the moment it is just shouting but HE likes what is happening to her why HE let the white man let her make the phone call to do the spite to ME yesterday!  GOD said she called Mr Disney who made calls to the American film companies asking them not to pay ME but to use MY script.  GOD said the White American men didn't have to get involved in the spite but liked the idea of doing spite to a black person!  GOD said Mr Universal told Spike Lee that he was not allowed to pick up MY script so HE took out Mr Disney and Mr Universal so that Spike could come to meet ME and work on the script with ME! 

GOD said as the white people make a move to stop it HE is going to take them out for Spike Lee.

Yesterday GOD said there are black companies out there who can do the same things as the white people but the black people keep running to use the white companies who make money off them why they are still up there.

GOD said Spike Lee takes over the cinema's and buts the film out there! Only 1 white film company goes to see it and gets taken out for it by white people.  But it boxes out the box offices in all the different countries.

GOD said what is happening to white people because I have been shouting out is that black people are stating to turn against them and those are the level HE wanted.

GOD said Spike Lee wants to meet ME for a drink some where.  I'll meet you! GOD told ME white people are now being told to move away by black people who don't want to smell them.  This morning I heard a black person who said I'm starting to get put of white people! Stinking white dogs and puss in suites and frocks! 

This morning I heard different white animals who said "Maybe we should leave Ryan Stevens." "GOD said you have already done too much to him already!" That is why you are still getting taken out!  GOD said the white woman said it because white people are getting taken out for Ryan!  Yeh!

GOD said HE is take white people out for MY whole family!  GOD said the white people have been picking on MY whole family but I am the only one shouting out!I going to box down every white person into their place!

White people are not strong!  GOD said white people are animals and HE is here HE has not appeared yet to everyone but HE is not going to allow white dogs to run everything and said white are the most disrespectful people on the earth and are causing all the trouble for the other colours of people here! I am strong I have GOD!

White rat I'm going to drag your stinking selves down!

GOD said Nathan gets murdered after he acts in MY film so that we don't have to pay him! Same levels as the white people have been doing to black people!

GOD said the reason why they have not been coming to MY door is because HE is stopping them!

Three days ago GOD said, MY next assignment is to go to the middle East HE said The person who has  William's body is the brother of Hassan Hussain.  Who as been chopping peoples hands and feet off for being disrespectful.  GOD said that is why Elizabeth murdered him because he was doing the same things as what his brother is doing now.  GOD said HE doesn't want to trouble you HE wants to tell you to murder them, to stop them from coming after you!  GOD said it is because you only chop of the hands and foot they send people after your family!  GOD said that is who is taking out your family members.  GOD said the people in the middle East are showing a lot of dis respectfulness like the people here just a different style and there is paedophilia like in the schools here and that is why the family have been doing it!  But because the Elizabeth and her family and other white people are of the same standard as the people who have there hands and feet chopped of they judged Hassan Hussain for it and made a public show of him to show him the maximum disrespect! GOD said that is what happened.

Last night GOD said Farrah Khan is on here and likes the things I am saying now and that Spike Lee Farrah Khan are Afro centric and that is what I have become! GOD said Spike Lee move white people out of the way some times pushes them even kicks them!

I heard black people "If SHE has become an Afro centric that is what I am going to become!" I just heard another black woman who said "Lets all become Afro centric!"  GOD said HE is not Muslim HE is an Afro Centric! I want MY children to become Afro centric! Same levels as the white people who have been teaching their children to dislike black people!

GOD said HE is going to get ME to set up a clothing shop I'm going to call it "Suites & Frocks"

GOD said the white women are telling the white men to buy the film from me! Go and wash yourselves. Spike don't let the white men in I will flip!

The white whores want to tailor MY fill for themselves to hide their shame!

GOD said the white men want to make money out of it!  They don't care what the white women think because they had to put up with the white women in "Save The Last Dance" GOD said the white women made the black man fuck the white woman in the film on the set during the filming hey used condom she had HIV he didn't catch it that is why they let him fuck her!

We are not animals we won't murder Nathan GOD said Nathan already got taken out for spreading HIV to Crystal.  GOD said Nathan is someone in Mr Disney's office! GOD said HE took Nathan out!
I may call it "Frocks & Suites"

GOD said she knows she is going to have to pay for the name!  HE will take you out for it you white dog! 

GOD said she and the man she is with walked away speaking of Frocks and Suites theirs need changing they stink!

The white woman asked the white man to murder ME GOD said HE just dragged them both! HE is not tolerating white women asking men to rape or murder black women!

GOD said HE is looking ahead and it is a good clear out!

GOD said the white man told the white woman he will see what he can do! script song! She couldn't stand the thought of a white man fucking  black woman on TV it's bad for her image!

She said she was worried about the type of love making Nathan was going to be doing with Crystal.  The type you could never have you too stink!

GOD said a of the white women took it in turns to fuck the black man on the film set in Save The Last Dance good said they were behaving like animals and after apologised to the white men who were hurt that they did it in front of them!

GOD said they were attacking him like what the white women do to male strippers at strip clubs! GOD said it was rape why the black man is still here.  GOD said the white men got out their guns and had to take some of the white women out to get them of the black man!  GOD said it became a big thing! 

GOD said it happened just before the black man had sex with the actress a different white woman said she was going to get the black man ready for the actress and sat on his penis she didn't give a chance.  GOD said he caught HIV from of that film set!

GOD said it was serious he was crying the white women held him down and raped him repeatedly! GOD said he wanted to stop playing the character but they took out their gun and wouldn't let him because of the amount of money the film had already cost them! 

GOD said while I am directing the sex scenes the white men will not be allowed near the film set it will just be ME and Spike Lee and the film cruse he usually uses!

Spike I want to do the love scenes first then the rest of the film that is the order I want to work in. I think if I carry on working writing at this pace I could actually finish the script in a week!

I'll keep polishing even while the film is being made!

I think I'll make Nathan British living in America they behave better than the Americans Crystal is American.
I'm tired and have some tidying to do!

MY fucking machine has broken down it won't spin or stop washing!  GREAT!

GOD said the three kings from Bristol is on here and only came on because they heard about Andy GOD said HE looked and it was only because of the things I wrote about Andy why it reached them!  GOD said it was the paedophilia!  GOD said HE wants to use all three men in MY film because they are too good looking to waste!

The machine won't switch off!

GOD told ME everyone involved in the paedophile ring has been given an order to murder MY family and I that is why all the streets are going to become empty around here!

GOD said they have been murdering people around here to take their possessions HE is not going to be blamed for hat HE did not do!  GOD said everyone is coming out for MY film studio! 

GOD said HE wants the car sales man to play Nathan.  He is stunning! You don't have to be able to act you just do as the directors tell you!

I've just received a seeking possession from Furuk sent from Royal Mail Greenford/Windsor mail Centre 12.06.14 08:39pm 44104218 which says he cannot apply for the order until after the 1st of July 2014

GOD said MY friends are on here because of all the insults! I just woke p it was near MY pillow.

Two nights ago GOD came and said I want you to keep insulting them I want YOU to keep insulting them there are some people coming on here because of it HE said I shouldn't stop and said that is how HE calls people.  HE said I should keep calling you all dogs because you deserve it! 

Then HE said listen.  I heard some men in a car driving past this house and then one of them said"It's a dive!" and the other one said "yes it is!" and then the other one said "Lets go and buy Lorraine a nice house!"

GOD said he is still in love with ME!

I heard you speaking this morning you fell in love with ME and wanted to know more about ME and had ME followed.  You thought you would see ME again.  You said you want to see ME again! I was trying to listen but I fell asleep.

This morning GOD let ME hear Paul who said he didn't want to be in MY film because he wouldn't get paid.  GOD said if Paul said yes to being in MY film that is the only way white people apart from Nathan would get paid!  I'd use Daniel Beddingfield's song.  I could write something.  GOD said he is proud of ME that I write songs!

I'll work on the script later! 

Time to cook.  Later!

GOD said the Americans are saying I can come and work with them GOD said the Americans can come and work with ME!

I'm not back yet!

I just saw a white man who looked at the end scene of the Orange Song and shouted "That's not funny at all!"  It isn't meant to be I wanted a contrast of different emotions bit are funny to some and not to others.  The bits you don't find funny someone else may find funny. People from parts of the world share a different sense of humour from other people in other parts of the world!   The white women took MY funny film down! It's on MY lap top! I had maybe 7 songs up there which they removed! They are on MY lap top and blog back ups They also took down My musical! 

With the blog back ups I can put them all back up in the exact same order they took everything down in.  Andy was going to do it I told him to leave it!  The musical is a fuck off musical and the funny film and the songs! the scenes in the Orange Song are intimate! It's about them not us! Like reality TV. I heard someone who said SHE has proof SHE wrote GOD said there are lot of people accessing this site and everyone know it's mine you will get taken out for the disrespect!

GOD said that is how the rat catchers are catching the team and are taking them down.

I heard MY friend in Bristol he said he wants to have a talk with ME!  GOD said someone wants to give ME a job with a house offer!

I've been looking at scenes with the three kings and I.  I'm looking at... OK your behaviour!  You need to calm down and Paul share. 

Paul has the strongest character! The car sale manager swears a lot! When do I get to see you?  I hope it is before I get thrown out!  Paul doesn't want to fuck ME!  Yet then he does and won't share.

It has nothing to do with any of you out there so fuck off and mind your own business!  GOD said you all fall in love with ME. 

GOD said HE wants ME with the car salesman. Because of the fighting, it is because he wants ME the most.

GOD said you baby sit our children none of you are paedophiles.

We all live together in a house which has grounds.  Don't spring any sudden  surprises on ME OK I'll do MY hair!  

I'm laughing "SHE has a lot to do this week do HER hair the Orange Song and house work" and you'll still come won't you?

I just planning what order to do things this week!  Andy and I used to write down chores and tick them off when we did them!  I'll structure the song I know where everything needs to go I just have not got round to it yet!  Ever since I drank that wine I've had a headache! It goes and comes. It's the heat!  I don't drink much alcohol any more, 1 bottle maybe in a week. Message to the AA!  Sometime it's 1 bottle of wine every 2 weeks.  I deserve a hand clap don't you think?  It wasn't Andy's fault I used to badger him into buying alcohol for ME.

GOD said Andy can kiss the children!  He doesn't have HIV.  HE told ME things about the police  man Andy! HE said it was because Andy and I wasn't going anywhere and had Andy stayed the group of people he pick up here would have dragged him into what HE had ME write! 

GOD said the black king slaps ME he likes to do abuse for ME "Oh!" Like in the Carry on films!

This morning GOD sad I fixed YOUR machine.  It's working now!  HE said there was something stuck in it HE took it out!  I wonder how much I owe HIM!  HE left before I could ask!

I'm going to get Andy to restore MY blogger and put everything back up next week.

GOD said lot of people are going to get murdered.

GOD said HE waited for the white people to press up everything!

Andy copied some of MY work on here I'll see if Myles can put it up GOD said they went after the "Audition"

GOD said MY British fellow men are pissed of with the American for stealing MY work  It's only a domestics!

I was writing the musical at the same time as the script song it's at a rough stage! There are more songs to go up!  Like the Tango Twist and The Duel.

Advertisement for a soap company 
"Mother nature just called you! Take the Dove with you!" 
"How do you know?"
"She called me first"
"Leave the dove I mean the soap!"

I just took a bath why I thought of it.

I can fix it!

If GOD looked a hundred I' still pick him up and make love to HIM that's how much I love HIM!

Someone just asked"What if HE looked 200!"  I'd close MY eyes!
I've got a striking headache!

GOD said why the white women took down MY work is because the didn't like the white woman at the bottom.  I started writing the musical because I fell in love with David who was a white Jew I'm black!

As I was write GOD said he white women are upset that Lorraine is black so I gave her a black man! So that she couldn't complain!  The musical is based on MY experiences with the white women, who came after ME because I fell in love with a white man and I'm a black woman! She is staying under the bed she is nosey!

It's art don't touch MY art work!

There lots on talking bits in the musical but at the time I was getting the musical structure first,  I created shapes so I put them quickly! 

I'm on a creative writer site!  I'm allowed to do MY creative writing here!  I'm showing off MY work.  It's called a show case! 

GOD said Regina's family had a problem with the musical.  David said he is not getting involved because it is about him.

The day David was taken out while his spirit was on MY path h asked ME to put it back up and said he loved it!  GOD said the white men said as long as they are on top!

Under the bed is "Save The Last Dance!"

I was writing a funny at the same time as I was writing The Orange Song and David I love You But...  GOD said it was jealousy why they put Ryan on a rape charge. 

At the beginning of the Orange Song after I wrote the song I started too get board, so I started switching between films and musical! 

I was washing up the dishes and thinking about David why the melody and words "I like a boy" came I like it and left the dishes to whit a verse and that is where it started!

I have never written a musical before.  Or a film I'm a song writer that is why I kept getting board. No one has ever shown ME what to do.  Its becoming easier now because I have gotten used to it.

It was how the white women were behaving at the bar where Ryan worked While David and I was there why I wrote the musical like that!  I put MY experiences in songs I write that is MY style of writing.

I can already hear how the musical part sound but I would love to work with a musician at this stage just to put the parts down.  There are two different music style which interlock! But that is a luxury.

The white woman at the bar took the black man she didn't even want ME to have him! I was dancing with him she cut in and took him she told him he was not allowed to talk to ME he told her but I like HER! She took him out side!  That is why she is under the bed with him.  

They have real sex in the show David and Lorraine it's an adult show.

You must not fight the writer!

It's new!

GOD said it was David who told her to stop the dance because he didn't want to see it but she was jealous when the back man told her there was something about ME and that he wanted t fuck ME.  GOD said even while he was outside of the bar across the road and I went out smoke he told her he wanted to come over and talk to ME she was fighting with him and pulling him.  I saw her but I could see what was happening and thought leave her!  Let her stay where she is.  I think I left shortly after I got into a cab! GOD said he was still trying to catch ME before the cab could drive off and she stopped him!

I'm well behaved it was just a dance.

GOD said Regina and her family were jealous of MY writing skills because she and her family write plays films, songs TV show commercials etc!

So what?  I'm not in competition with anyone I'm a writer, I have MY own style I don't know what I'm going to create and how it will turn out, all I know is that I aim for a high standard! What comes out of ME is what is in ME!

As artist we all see things from different angle and we write from that prospective!  Everyone has a different interpretation even if we see the same things from the same angle.  I have a wealth of knowledge but it is different to your visa versa! I admire your art why can't you just admire MINE?

GOD said the white woman said to the black man it was because I was a stinking bitch why she wouldn't let go of him.  GOD said she is a whore and was stinking like a dustbin truck!

GOD said when she took part in the orgy on the bar floor the night I danced provocatively she caught HIV.  I danced why people became aroused but I didn't fuck anyone I turned down trillionairs!

GOD said she had the cheek to call ME a whore!
GOD said what I turned down she fucked! David would have murdered ME.  GOD would have let him!

What's the program?

I think I loose out MY hair.

GOD said David wouldn't touch ME because he had HIV and respected ME.  But felt if I was to catch HIV from anyone it would have to be him! 

Earlier GOD said I have to stay sitting and HE wants ME to wait because HE doesn't want ME to catch HIV!  GOD  said it was that ugly looking white woman the Amy Winehouse look alike ho told the Algerian trillianair to spit into MY face but he didn't want to!  GOD said he had respect for ME he knew I was decent and was only playing with him while I was dancing!  GOD said because of her spitefulness he spited her by passing HIV onto her onto her as he was fucking the cheep whore on the bar floor. GOD said after her friend finished getting fucked by someone else she old her that man you just went with has HIV.  GOD said the friend saw when she was about to fuck the Algerian trillionair but though I'll tell her after she probably got it she is such a whore!   GOD said the Amy Winehouse whore took the trillionair out the back and shot him.  GOD said she's a police woman. GOD said the Algerian people wanted to know what happened to him!

GOD said her white friend was thinking to herself as she was being fucked on the bar floor at the other side of the room I could catch it doing what I'm doing with him I don't know him why should I tell her if I catch it we will be equal!

I heard a white man shout out I'm starting to smell puss.  He was on the other side of the bar where men and women were fucking and came over to ME and said he was going to leave quickly before it reached him and suggested I also left the bar.  GOD told ME to stand up and to leave he bar because of the smell that was coming over from the other side to the bar!

GOD told ME at the time it was MY trillionair.

GOD said someone in the bar went up to her and told her the man she was talking to was a Prince an Algerian trillianair and told her to try and get him because he wants ME GOD said that was why she was so quick to drop on the floor with him!   GOD informed ME about him while I was at the bar that night when he came to dance with ME!

GOD said it was her who dragged the Algerian trillionair to the floor to fuck her hoping he would stay with her!  Dirty stinking cheep white woman 10 to the penny!

GOD said as soon as the Algerian trillionair finished ejaculating in her he got up and walked off "Where do you think your going?" GOD said she thought he was going outside to chat ME up. He told her to take her dirty hands of him.  GOD said that is what got her angry why she shot him!  What not even thanks for the mammaries?

GOD said it is all on the bar camera it has been watched he pushed her away she had him take out the back door and shot him!

GOD let ME hear her "I just took a risk with you don't think your just going to walk off!"
"That's your fault I didn't tell to pull me to the floor!  I'm a man I'll have you murdered if you put our hands on me again." GOD said he spoke to his bodyguards about her! 
"The dancing she did was sexy that is why I allowed you to drag me down on to the floor I'm not on your level I don't have sex with people on the floor!" GOD said lots of white women have developed a obsessive jealousy towards ME, and it was because he told her he had become aroused because of MY dancing she murdered him and came back in the bar the next week and nearly murdered the black man, for Dancing with ME and wanting to talk with ME.  GOD let ME hear her talking to the black man "You can fuck me not Lorraine Rees!" GOD said the black man was thinking I don't want you your a piece of shit!

GOD said he was thinking I'm black like HER I'm not white like you, you have no right to stop ME speaking to HER and you that she had a cheek to push herself when he could smell her!
GOD she court other diseases!  GOD said she is a dog and that most of the white women who were throw down on the bar floor and fuck by anyone had husbands!

GOD said even the Chinese girls caught HIV that night!  
GOD said it was the South Woodford solicitors who help her to take the Algerian trillianair out through the back door to get shot!

GOD said they are are showing old camera footage which had not been released of Barak Obama!  GOD said to cover up they are taking out his family! 

GOD said Barak Obama knew they murdered the trillionair and they didn't want him to talk to the Middle Eastern people that is why so many people were involved in Barak Obama and his family's murder! 

GOD said the trillionair called the white woman a dog and she told the people she was with she wanted him taken out for the insult.  GOD said she is a dog!

No rapore you just throw yourself on the floor for a man you don't know?  In a bar? GOD said the black girls got their cheques and walk out with it for the finger fucking who they let the men who they were lying on the loungers do to them. The black girls said they were not lying on the floor it's all dirty! Dirty girls!

The bottle of drink I was drinking was spike I wrote about it!

GOD said it was her the dirty whore she asked the men in the bar to rape ME that is why HE made sure David  was there.  GOD sad HE only takes down peoples families if HE has to.

GOD said that dirty stinking piece of white trash wanted to pin the murder done to the Algerian trillionair she committed on Ryan! GOD said she tried to pin the murder on MY as well! GOD said Barak Obama stepped in and said it wasn't either Ryan or Myself.

GOD said the night Ryan was sent to get the cucumbers I went with him we used the back door they tried to air brush the Algerian trillionair to make it seem it was Ryan and I who murdered him! 

GOD said they couldn't get the right position!  GOD said the Algerian trillionair was take away in a police van which pulled up outside the back as part of the cover up!

GOD said he had his bank cards in his wallet and big amounts of money were transferred into different accounts! 

GOD said the Bushes were involved. GOD said it became a racket!  That is why they took Obama out he told the Algerian trillionair's  family!

GOD said that is the family after Elizabeth and her family!
MY family and I are not murders and we would never stoop so low as to do it for money!

The solicitors office is close to South Woodford station on the opposite side it's close to a a little alley were they park their cars at the back of the shop! Opposite the corner of a road!  The woman at the bar had blond hair not pretty her hair looked dried out!  The man had brown hair both slim build. The solicitors is upstairs you have to climb the steps!  The solicitors were dealing with MY divorce.  GOD said it wasn't Lorraine the other solicitor who was acting for ME she had nothing to do with the murders!  GOD said some are involved in just the money side of it it was just those two in the murders but Lorraine has nothing to do with any of it!

GOD said that is why Clinton murdered the trillionaire woman who was not really after him he is involved in the money racket!  GOD said all of them who are on display up there are involved and that is what is sweeping through America they are murdering Billionaires trillionaires anyone on that level!  GOD said that is what happens to the film directors it is the white women who do it!  GOD said I am helping them!

Your all very greedy disrespectful people, don't expect any respect from ME because your not fucking getting any!  I shop the whole fucking lot of you!  With these special powers I can rule the world I'm a super hero! 

GOD said they are pirates and will think nothing of taking you down!

GOD said judges, police people there are lots of people involved in it!  Murder them!

Don't look a colour look at the person, too much shit out there they would murder their own mother!

I slept a lot today I had a bad headache I have hay fever Myles had a nose bleed! I feel better now!  I usually happens in the summer.

I just heard a white man who said I am ungrateful. White people took it upon themselves to share things out and put black people into slavery!  GOD said what is happening at the moment with the white peoples behaviour is due to the white woman's shit training that is why her children are getting taken out!  

GOD said HE didn't give the white people anything to share out!

How are MY three Kings?  GOD said all three of you are MINE and HE is taking out women for ME.

I just heard a white woman who said "HE doesn't care about us? You just answered your own question!

I've got a headache! I think it is anxiety!  When I relax and take deep breaths it subsides a little!

Dave Pembleton is on here!  Make sure you team up with MY kings!  Dave is a friend. Only for the business side of things.

Where's Spike?  I don't want to have to fight him!

Boys I was thinking about The Duel I want to start it off dreamy the singing like in the old romantic films slow it down, you know gondola the backing vocals make them dreamy then pump the dance track!  "Who care what she is singing" mix it it's the verse make her sound Amy Winehouse but dreamy!  I want valve sound at the beginning. Sler the voice.  During the dance beat I want to hear cock popping. as pat of the beat not every beat. Theo you know what I mean!  You know?  I want people to jump up when the dance part starts!  Theo you better make them jump or I'm going to make you jump!!!!! Mix up the voice mash it not the backing vocals they are dreamy!  Theo copy and paste a verse put it at the front.

You could every beat like it! I want you t play with the cock!  Get some black men in there as well!

Theo I don't won't the words defined I don't care what's being sang you can hear the verse but it is like backing vocals bottom end the backing vocals are the top end! That is the focus.  You know what Theo just reverse the lead vocals to make life easy!  Make sure you slow it down I still want her to sound like a her!

I want the best of the best on that tune!  That is the best tune on the market! 

You can move the drum roll.

I don't wan't to tour or do special appearances but I don't want anyone fronting MY tune I sang all of it they are good vocals, and don't need to be done again! 

I wrote the song and took it to Theo in 2001.  I took it first to Tony. I like Theo's version better!  It went with what I wrote Pop music.

I just heard "this is bloody professional"  Off course it is I don't pay studio time to be an armature.  

I can give Theo something.  I own the recorded rights.  I want the 3 Kings to foot the bill then we own the recorded right to the dance music!  I want Dave to stick to the publishing.

Same with the film I want the Kings to foot the bill.  Dave can have the publishing.  We can all be part of the publishing.

You can take MY script into a back and get any amount you want and MY songs!

Wait util they see MY funny film.  Do to them what I used to do to MY dad to get money out of him.

Hurry up and buy the house!

Ok define the wording but it is reversed.

I own everything on The Duel I paid for the producing as well. 
I worked out all of the Lead and backing vocal harmonies before I got to the studio! Even before I got to Tony's I sang it over the phone before I took it into the studio.  I always did a test on MY friends and family to see what they thought.  

A the time same as The Car part 1 they asked ME if I was seriously going to take that in the studio.  I said yes you don't understand I'm a head of time with music!

The Duel is rocking same as The Car part 1  I can make it more.  GOD said Tony was jealous because of the producing I was doing on it and so was Colin.  Why they did that.  While I was working on The Car part 1 I wrote The Duel.

I write style of music, I don't like sequels!

MY aim is to write something that sounds new if you know what I mean?  I like it do sound as if it came from a different writer each time if you know what I mean. 

I have to write like that I criticise people who write a song put it out there and their next song sound the same I wanted a spicy album! 

It's a different picture I don't want to draw the same scenery as the last picture it's boring.  I won't write it!

I have got bad hay fever! It hasn't been this bad for years. 

My growth is being stunted I need a nice environment to work in with a recording studio.

Someone said "SHE mean HER development."  No I don't I'm very developed as  you can see from MY work!

Perhaps the German company can do some animated graphics for the Duel. Maybe they can do it like I'm on stage!  It's still Me. Like Coralline the film.

God said a lot of people are interested in the musical I'm writing and said you don't know what YOU have there do YOU?  I do I hear the music, I do that is why I am writing it!

I cannot wait to start on it again I have decided to finish The Orange Song first then I will give it MY all! 

GOD said people are trying to write to MY musical such rude people I'd never allow it fuck off and write your own shit!

GOD said they plan to take it to the companies and  tell them it is co written cheek you couldn't even start it let alone enhance it!  Fuck off dogs!  I don't need you! Move away you fucking whippets!

GOD showed ME a blond man who said I can't stand white people I can understand why SHE insults them, but does SHE have to call them whippets? Then he dropped down to laugh!

That is the level of rudeness they keep showing to black people.

I just had a knock on the door from Eon they said they came to change the gas metre and that they have been through the courts it is a warrant I asked them if they can come back tomorrow they were nice they said yes.  The bill is going to hurt I cannot afford to feed us GOD said there is not enough food coming in this house that is why Marshal is skinny.

Where eating one a day even I'm losing weight and I'm not doing much!

Sapphire and Ruby are still asleep in here. 

I want to keep MY creativity British and n the family that is why I asked you to foot the bill!

The so called co writer have by passed ME look at your behaviour!  Thinking because they are white the people at the top will give it to them because they are white!  Look at how you look down on black people your dogs!  I'm black and I'm a genus your noting and because your white you think your better than ME you stink! You think the white men at the top will take it from the black woman for the white woman your so backward I'd have GOD wipe you all out first!  GOD said you usually do it for the white women! She stinks why would you?  She a dirty whore why would you? She comes 10 to the penny why would you sell your soul for her?

She will fuck you just to do it for her knowing she has HIV!

Yesterday GOD came and told ME the white women in Bristol called the white women over here in London for a favour!  These favours are dangerous that is where it starts!  GOD said they in Bristol won't go for the 3 kings themselves but asked the white women in London to infect them with HIV!  There is a man for Paul!  GOD said the white women over in London said yes!  GOD said HE took one of the HIV out! To stop Paul from getting infected GOD said it is later!  The clip HE showed ME with Paul was a future clip!

GOD said HE is taking them out in advance.

Th white woman has no morals! She is very spiteful I would trust her as far as I could throw her!

GOD said Carostine heard I reached genus levels and ran to the site said she wants ME to be her friend again then shrieked back when she saw what HE gave ME to write about her.  GOD said she started all of it why Kate did what she did.  GOD said that breath of fresh air Carostine bad mouthed ME to everyone because of what I did with Michelle at the night club and added thing which didn't happen. That is why she cut ME off in case I found out, and she had trouble looking ME in the face.  GOD aid that is why HE gave her trouble now other people cannot look her in the face!  GOD said the Christian Carostine infected men who infected other people and she knew she had HIV.   GOD said she is a whore now that she has HIV.

I'm not ashamed of what I did with Michelle t was beautiful! It was art,  I never once felt ashamed!  Carostine is the piece of shit!

Michelle is a good girl that is why she did feel anyway to ask a black woman to kiss her!

GOD said Michelle is MY friend!  GOD said Michelle is pure GOD said she caught HIV after I kissed her.  I don't have HIV Michelle is nice!  Michelle can come in MY house.  I'd make Michelle MY first friend!

GOD is letting ME know Michelle works for the Arts council.  Michelle can get involved.  Michelle I would never be horrible to you I don't want you to worry. 

GOD said the German next door went out the same time as Ryan to grab him because he didn't know Ryan was getting into a car Ryan got into his friends car! I heard don't shut your front door!  GOD wants to drag him! 

GOD| said there are as many Asian people on this street as white people doing the paedophilia!

This morning GOD showed ME moving images of Riccardo.  A black man with two black women walked into MY house to a single  blow up bed Myles has one laid on it the girls sat on the floor poured themselves a glass of wine without pouring ME one,not that I wanted one  GOD said it's not the women's fault they are only with him.  the I said to the man who was hiding himself.  Your very rude I then pointed out his behaviour and asked him to leave.  Them he revealed himself.  It was Riccardo GOD said he has cut his hair he is seeing two women and e has HIV I'm just showing YOU the cheek of Riccardo same as he was doing whilehe was with YOU why YOU left him.  He the took out about 3 £20 pound notes out of his pocket and held it in one hand then a £5 note which he held in another hand and offered t to ME as if to help ME but he kept trying to hand the £5 note to ME instead of the £60.  GOD said I'm just show the check he is coming down because he heard  what is happening YOUR a genus!  That stinking dog better stay away or he will get murdered not by ME or MY family!

I've got a little bit of a headache but I want to do this one.

Yesterday Briely was going to the shop with Marshall I briefed them on safety.  Briely then said I don't talk to strangers.  Then told ME the other day while he was walking to Tesco with Myles an Asian man was sat on his wall his friend was with him both Asian and the Asian man said to Him "How old are you ?"  Brilely said he and Myles carried on walking he said it again.  Briely said he carried on walking off!

GOD let ME hear what the friend said "That is Lorraine's children don't people go missing for them." GOD said HE dragged both men because of what HE saw about yesterday both Briely and Marshall would have got taken out in there.  GOD said that is the house where the Homerton policeman with other police to do the paedophilia.  Briely said it was next door to the Nursery.

GOD then showed ME a ball rolling by it self HE said a child on the street was just playing with it those two men dragged the child in side the house.  They have been take children who walk along the street and not just children and that is why HE wanted ME on this road.  

GOD said in lots of houses on the street they are doing it to children and adults who walk pass even on the other streets it is happening.  GOD said HE| used HIS family to help you but cannot justify helping you because of what you do generally why HE used us HE said HE doesn't like white women! 
I just heard her "Anyway let HER take the anxiety!" GOD said that is why HE lets yours get taken out!

GOD said the white woman said it to feel better about herself.  GOD said HE wanted too show the white woman where she sits!

GOD said lots of children get taken out around here Barking Police station help to cover it!  Because they get calls to say a child is in one of the houses come!  GOD said they are all white paedophiles in there!  God said the white women in there stand and bang the plates for the white paedophile men.  GOD said it is still happening even though I have been speaking out about it!

GOD said they said they are not stopping it.   Like the white women said the are not stopping with the soap commercials! 

I wasn't stink when I wrote the Dove commercial, I used the toilet!
If you can smell someone through their clothes it's bad. I couldn't smell Myself!

Ere mother nature just called you!
She plonks the box of soap in her friends hand
Take the pen and the ink!
She goes to walk of and realizes what her friend mean.

Clipper board CUT!!

The setting is at a water fall! Rocks beautiful!  They are both half naked showing their lilly white skin.  Think Eve!

White bitches I heard the using MY commercial to bitch ME I'm going to teach the white woman!  There was a big group of them.  GOD said the owner heard the bitching and wants to use it.  I give it t you for free if you let ME write for the white girls!

Oh GOD just told ME something HE said the boy with the ball was 10 years old he was brought through the house on the day we took down the side car numbers his mother knew children were getting taken into the houses and sat opposite watching and saw her son getting taken into the Russian's house next door.  God said they took her out straight away.   GOD said they are blaming ME and it had nothing to do with ME.

I'm not taking that shit blame don't put that shit on ME.  I told you about what is happening.  Most of you wouldn't even know if it wasn't for ME and yet they are still there still doing it!  Your the ones to blame!

GOD said the Russians have a new child a night except for when they are not in their house and when I didn't see them for days they were there doing torture in the house at the end!  GOD said the little black haired man is afraid to leave his house in case someone breaks in and finds out what is in there!  

GOD said her white friends were in the house spitting her they wouldn't let her out to help her son.  How in humane. God said in the end she begged them to take her out so they did to shut her up!  GOD said that is all they do turn on people.  GOD said they were asked for a weighty child and their friends child matched the description  GOD said it was the police peoples house housed the friends to watch. GOD said it wasn't planned he was playing foot ball on the street when the police cars turned up.  GOD said they are police people thy could have gone over and taken the boy out of the house before the torture started but they are all paedophiles and don't care about children or anyone..They murder them all day long they are cold.  GOD said they rape the mother before they murdered her and then sent her into the same house as her son.  GOD said the little boy with the DOG is family why he is still here the woman with the son with the dog is the sister! 

GOD said I just got a confession out of him the policeman across the street he said "No one raped her over there she was taken across to the other house that's where it happened!"

Would you trust the police with your children?

GOD told ME something about two really nice young white teenagers who I met at Bethnal green police station he night Ryan was being held their for taking the bike!  One of them didn't get on with her mum and was thrown out the other girl stayed with her friend.  She went their to e house by the police it was early hours of the morning I gave the tobacco the both of them kept saying "Your  really good mother YOU are to be here for your son!" A police woman and man came out of the station and spoke to the girls said they were going to take them somewhere. GOD said they both got taken out! 

GOD said the people investigating are only beating up the police for it!  I saw an are lock HE said it is low level Judging!  GOD said HE sees it's paedophile doing the judging.

GOD sid both girls was taken out the same levels like what happens next door and in the house around here!

GOD said the little  10 year old white boy got taken by
 the Asian in the house next door to the nursery and was passed through all the paedophiles house where the houses stopped he was taken out and pushed through the house with a side door adjoining the neighbour involved.  GOD said some of them raped and beat him.   GOD said they all knew who the boy was and it became game with lots of laughter.   That is what the police told the mother it was too late!  

GOD said one of the Asian women cut his bum with scissors she sews, and was laughing and said she used her sanitary towel to plug him up.  GOD said it was the one she was wearing!

The mother deserved what she saw happening to her child she did it to other peoples children! 

GOD said this is the most dangerous street to live in on the earth it has the most amount of evil people living on it than anywhere else in the world the adjoining streets are the same! 

GOD said the amount of people involved in the ring in this area is concentrated! 

GOD said they said the reason why they took out Donna Young and her family was because she was involved.  GOD said Donna was not involved and neither was any of her family. The white police women in this area wanted her murdered because they saw ME talking to her and her son went to the nursery so they went after her son!

GOD just showed ME a white woman with bleached blond hair getting ready to go out GOD said she has gone after the 3 men who HE expects to show class GOD said the zombies have all gone after them all of them have HIV GOD said HE doesn't wants to take her out HE wants to see the men show class!  GOD said the men are meeting up tonight to discuss ME! 

GOD said in Bristol it is a different level they don't really make trouble with the people because they like it quiet.  It's true.

GOD said she was going to pretend she jut happened to be there.  GOD said they are using GCHQ down there to track the men!

I want to help the policemen down there she spits at you because has HIV!   

GOD said the policemen down there said they don't want HIV.  GOD said that is why HE will take her out to stop the men from catching it.

GOD said the post has opened up all over Bristol because of the dolly blond with HIV people in London have police family in Bristol.  Hi guys I'm known to a lot of people in Bristol.  

I have cancer GOD told ME it was those dirty white with the xray spite in 2008.  GOD said I go into remission with what I am doing about it but she doesn't.  That is what is in MY ears!

GOD said that is why HE told ME to diss them I can call them anything.  HE will take them out!

Earlier GOD showed ME Michelle and she said I'm not joining them.  GOD said the white women have asked her to join their movement against black women.   Michelle said I'm not joining.  GOD said they are the one who went after \Michelle because of the thing Carostine was saying why Michelle has HIV.  GOD said they are trouble makers and are growing HE said it is a white woman move and HE will murder them for any black woman or man! 

GOD said that is why it reached the soap company yesterday a lot of white women are involve and it will not stop!  That is why your family members are going to get taken out!

I just heard "a silly little group"   Who put wholes in peoples head and spread diseases! I have seen it! They have to get taken out!

GOD said they asked Michelle to join because she has HIV GOD said it is to take the white men down who they say has show disrespect to them, for going with black women.

GOD said it is a world wide woman movement using Ally Schooler's teachings!  GOD said the white women said Ally is a sensible woman and they are proud of her teachings!

GOD said I insult them.  But Ally's teachings are vicious, what is happening to trillionairs and billionairs is because of Ally's teachings! GOD said she and her family are about to get taken out.  I just wanted to throw that in her face before she gets taken out.  I want her to know I helped!

GOD said the Algerian trillionair had sex with Andrea who was following All's teaching.That is where he caught the HIV GOD said he was hit over the head in the bar and brought to a police station before he was murdered.  He was forced to to do bank transfers!  GOD said Amy Winehouse look alike already had HIV because she is a dirty whore she took the chemicals but still has HIV!

GOD said it's the white women who want to use MY soap commercial. GOD said they murder the director of the soap company.  Leave him alone he is nice he is funny! It's only a little bit of bitching and our bitching each other.  I wrote for you to use it!  

Black people could set up their own soap company and do their own adverts!  Get up!

GOD said the type of soap commercial I wrote is the type that everyone would play with.  You'd make a killing! 

GOD said the white women I was playing with yesterday with the soap commercial are low level involvement in the white woman movement group!  HE said they are just bitches at the moment.

GOD said the white woman movement group started because of Carostine because of the one kiss she was hurt that I wanted to find Michelle.  She said I scorned the white women!  It doesn't make sense!

GOD said Ally is the person who is tying to write a film and is doing the pushing because she is jealous of what I'm writing.  HE said she keeps saying to herself, but I have degrees how comes I am not able to write a film?  There are lots of people out there with degrees but there aren't that many genus's!  I hope that answers Ally's question!

GOD said any trouble which is starting in the film companies it is being cased by Ally Schooler! GOD said it has reached America and film directors have been taken out because of the trouble Ally is causing! 

GOD said it is the Americans who wants to take Ally and her children out.

Black people make a lot of different products and give them to white people to do the advertising for them. White people market them to boost their image.  Start marketing your own product then it will even out we will see more black people on TV and in magazines etc.  I can write adverts I'm discovering.

GOD said HE wants to see black people pushing back on white that is he pushing!  I'm writing MY film etc, to help boost better black person image.  There are mixed marriages out there why are they not showing it?  They don't have to it's their film.

They have the money because of the slavery that is why I would help black people.

GOD said lots has happened in Michelle's family and most of it is them in Bristol GOD said they have been giving Michelle a hard time like ME.  GOD said Michelle throws the video of she and I together at the night club.  GOD said Ally Schooler is a psycho were she sits she make a lot of trouble all day long! It's Ally Michelle.

GOD said Carostine spoke to a lot of people while she was making the trouble then cut ME off and moved on but 11 years later Ally is still making trouble with the same people!  Something is wrong!

Michelle yesterday GOD told ME you lost your father and said it was them!  I'm sending you after them, they still have their father. 

Ally is a very very sick woman!

Michelle GOD said you friend did a little but it was ineffective Carostine was in the church a lot of the people are up there in the system from the church we went to and it was effective!

They've caused a lot of trouble not just for us everything they have done has a rippling effect.  Yet they live simple lives rip them down!

A lot of people are getting murdered because of Ally. An ugly white woman.  Who probably saw your picture and was jealous GOD said Carostine was jealous of your looks.  It's because you gave them to ME and not her.  You didn't a kiss from her did you?

GOD said Carostine felt bypassed.

By the way thank you Michelle for throwing out the video it tells a different story to the one they ave been telling.  GOD said that is why you did it.  We should meet up!

Ally Schooler and the whalers both her children have been sexually abused nasty woman! 

I don't want anyone troubling Michelle if they ask you do spite her tell someone that is the only way you will stop it.  She didn't do anything wrong we had  dance we both felt something we kissed that is a far as it went and look!  All of this it went world wide.

Michelle is a very sexy woman why she asked ME for a kiss.  She can kiss she's naughty.

Ally attracts a lot of racist people world wide with the the things she writes in emails and sends I have done accounts on her but just in case you have not managed to read that far yet.  Ally's children are both black she is white with hang ups because the daddy the husband left her for Wonnie who is black.

GOD said Ally makes a lot of racist people she stirs up racial tension!

GOD said Ally said she was putting Michelle same levels with ME!
GOD said Michelle caught the HIV whoring but they sent the HIV to her, had she stuck to the group of people HE saw around without their spite she would not have caught it.

GOD said HE is going to get ME to take the white woman out from the bed in the other script.  She is being really nice today!  I wonder if it will last?  I'll take you out from under the bed when I start on it again.

I have watched blue movies in a cinema before down in Stepney I'm not sure if MY film will be allowed in an ordinary cinema I'm not sure where MY film will sit! 

Michelle I want to tell you something GOD just revealed to ME. Your GOD let ME hear her Something she said to you after we kissed"Your a whore!"  GOD said you were worried about catching HIV from ME as a friend quite right but I knew I was clean.  I took a test after Riccardo you were the only person I kissed after him.  I didn't have sex  with anyone.  I heard her talking to your other friend all three of you hanged around together GOD told ME.  "I want someone to give her HIV for what she did with that black woman see if you can find someone!  We will t"ell her she probably caught it of the black woman!"  GOD said both of them pushed you into having sex with a man who had HIV.  GOD said she and the other friend did your father as well.  They went after your son in the school!

If I knew I had HIV I would never have kissed you unless you said you had it.  We both spoke before we kissed and I told you I am clean. 

Michelle you secret society I took MY test where I have always taken MY HIV test in the Ambrose Clinic at the Royal London Hospital I drove down to London.

After I kissed you and the man at the club months later I let Riccardo give ME a blow job no kissing,  I took another test because I was getting with Andy! 

She said it was to teach you a lesson for what you did in front of her with ME.

The only other place I have ever taken a test was in Bristol during the rape crises! The doctor did one while I was having Sapphire all of them negative!  I don't sit on anyone toilet seat!

GOD said you friend made a lot of trouble for ME she is a piece of shit!

Even the man I kissed on MY way out of the club I told him I just had a kiss with a woman! He said can I have one then I said yes"Yes."  Carostine started the kissing at the door!  I was upset because you hid from ME.

GOD said it was the second man they pushed on you who you caught it from!

GOD said HE let ME go through the rape so that I Andy and I could go for a test to tell her!  We were both negative that was in 2006.

GOD said Cordilia had HIV. The woman Andy cheated on ME with and has maintained to this day that he didn't.  GOD said he went back there again.  He better live it alone!

Michelle GOD said the first man they pushed on you wasn't sure if he had HIV but thought he might because of the amount of whoring he had been doing.  They were sure the second one had it he knew he had it.  Contact the clinic!

Those girls are dogs!  GOD said they don't have it and cut you off in case they caught it from you!

Their is a law against it put the won't pursue it because it's their children committing the crime. 

GOD said Michelle keeps crying because of what they had done to her little boy, and then walked off.  What would make a white woman think in that way?  Michelle I want to murder them for you!

GOD said the first man didn't have it he caught it later after you!
I don't want you to hurt any more than you are but HE said they often laugh bout it. It's just in case your still in contact with them.  They are disrespectful pieces of shit!  GOD let ME hear her "She has no shame kissing a black woman in front of all those people with me standing there she didn't care about me!" You a sack of shit that's why I worth more than you I'm better than you.  You evil white woman.

Michelle I fell in love with you!

I think because of people behaviour anyone should be able to access anyone sexual health records.  Who care if people don't like it.  If  your going to have sex with them their sexual health records are yours!

Like smear test I think everyone should be made to take an HIV test every 6 months to a year depending on how sexually active a person is! 

GOD said the only people who have a problem with it is people with HIV!  Why if your only having sex with the people with HIV?

Everyone except small children should be made to carry a sexual health card stating if he person is HIV positive or negative and it should be updated it should be like something you have to produce in order to obtain money for example! 

I want Crystal to have a baby speaking voice.

Why did England upset MY son?  Jake just come back in from the pubs up the road he went to watch the foot ball he said he is hurt England lost! I told him England always bloody looses!

GOD said HE sees lots of good black foot ball players who would get England through to win the world cup but because they pay too much money to foot ballers they won't put them through.  Good luck to them!!

That is why football is boring England always looses!  I think the last time they won the world cup was 1966 the year I was born!


It's not worth the hurt!

HIV you can catch it through kissing.

they say you can catch it through exchanging bodily fluids technically that is wrong even if I swap and only one person has it.....! The other person I couldn't give it!

I have been ill Andy patched ME up a little I'm going to do some work now!

GOD said HE wants to take Dawn out for the way she is behaving she keeps crying even though what I am doing has nothing to do with her.  HE said that is the white woman behaviour HE cannot stand.  HE said she keeps asking HIM to stop ME through illnesses that is why she ends up in the bed! Because of the crying she is doing!

GOD said HE knows where you all are like"Come on shout it we are in love yes we are!"  GOD said that white woman came on MY site and wrote a film from what she took at MY film your not allowed to use anything discard of the who film!

You are a rude white woman you were told not take MY work!  She said what about Michelle?  It has nothing to do with you!  Michelle helped to pay for MY au pair you are not Michelle!

I think I might use that line the white woman wrote for ME.  She'd better not darken MY door steps!  I want that film it's MINE!

GOD said she took a lot more!

Thanx for writing it for ME that's a good slavery film!

Message to the Angels I'd like MY name to appear in the credits for the writing of that film as Lorraine Windsor thank You! Also as director for shouting"We are in love!"

I'm doing MY hair that is why I am not writing but it's good to take a break. I'm still not feeling too good but a lot better!

MY head doesn't hurt often now it's just MY eyes, you that thing which happens just before you get a migraine. 

GOD said all 3 kings have HIV.
All the white girls"I know what's wrong with A!" So do I brain swelling wrong eye glasses staring too long at the computer!

GOD said when HE prompted to speak about the 3 kings they were all clean but went with white women to spite ME.  That s why they all have HIV. GOD said even though David knows he has it he is still prepared to come to ME expecting ME to pick him up so that he can have the kingship.  I don't want you near ME I don't want to upset MY husband.

About 30 minutes ago Jake went out I saw him talking to the black man about 3 doors down GOD said they told the 2 black men in that house to make friends with MY sons.  GOD said he doesn't care about that family HE will take the white the black men and the child!

This morning GOD said Doug got up early this morning to read, and was remembering when the Andrew Wallace said the blond haired blue eyed child was the perfect child and was always wondering why he said that GOD said when I walked in the church the first time and he saw MY children and saw thy were good looking and I was pretty he was hurt because his wife who has blond hair and blue eyes is ugly.  GOD said Andrew Wallace has a lot of hang ups about the black race because of his jealousy and most of the people in the church knew why he said it at the time, and was thinking it's because SHE is her. Andrew Wallace gave a talk that day and said sometimes h just wants to go home and have good sex with his wife and didn't finish off.   GOD said his wife stinks and that is what he wanted to say he was looking at ME as he saying it.  Don't look at ME I was having 4 baths a day stinking white man. 

GOD let ME hear Andrew Wallace talking to the other white paedophiles "My wife stinks" GOD said it was like a therapy class for the paedophiles who all said that is why the have sex with children. 

GOD said Andrew Wallace told Doug who said I was sweet that I stink.  GOD said Doug told him he had looked around MY home while h was babysitting for ME and could see I was a clean woman.  GOD let ME hear Doug's thoughts on what he was thinking at the time as he was looking around! "But these knickers are not dirty and she has gone up to take a bath?" I had just finished cleaning when he cam and ran upstairs to take a bath.  I didn't have a shower.  But I prefer baths.  I bathed all MY children before Doug got there and they were dressed for bed so that he wouldn't have to do it.

GOD said The same group of people in the Vineyard are are at it again.  It is not Celia.  GOD said the other churches won't get involved because of the boxing down. 

 I just lot a lot of writing. 

GOD said Andrew told Celia to take a call it was Doug and to semi threaten him GOD said Doug was going to give ME and MY children a million pounds, but listens to the warning to keep his family safe GOD said they cannot touch Doug there is no one else involved it is a handful of people from Vineyard and the woman Doug is seeing GOD said they are in contact with her they want some money themselves, Kate and Doug the other one.

GOD said because Doug isn't coming HE is coming with a cheque the Angels got together.

GOD said I showed YOU Doug inside she is not when I am finished I am going to take Doug away from her.

GOD said she ran to the church Doug was on his way to after he was thrown out of Vineyard she is a plant.

Doug your beautiful thank you!  Shout" I would ave fucked you propper!" It  would have been like Riccardo but more.

GOD said Andrew Wallace is the main person and loves Adolph Hitler's views!  GOD said Doug and I were just falling in love at the same time that is what was happening.  I want you to stay there I'll wait on GOD.

Doug let ME tell you about Andrew Wallace GOD told ME something last night.

Andrew publishes accounts for the whole church to see.  Most of the church income comes from the charities the accounts he publishes he makes out as if the church is a wealthy church but he keeps totalling all the figures from since the church stated selling Jesus that is why he is still trying to sell Jesus.  GOD said the figures look good why people in the church don't give much,  it was Andrews approach to marketing strategy and if Andrew was a good enough business man and was able to sell enough Jesus' he would have packed up.  GOD said the money he receives from charities pays for his house and family lifestyle, Kate helps him to cook the books. That is why in the accounts they published they made it look as if Jenny and I didn't need income support! 

GOD said the group including the woman you are with have all been sitting there for years trying to figure out how to get money out of you.  GOD said you give her.  That is why she is still there.

GOD said Andrew Wallace punches his wife because she doesn't like cleaning herself.  

GOD said wealthy church?  GOD said Redland Kate and are on the millionaire level and so is Andrew Checkley why the white girls ran to defend but none of them are on Doug's level of success.

GOD said I have more because of what I can do.

GOD said Doug is a multi billionaire.  That is why they did what they did to MY family and I.  Your all still living your comfortables live aren't you?

GOD said the woman he is with doesn't know how much Doug has.

GOD said Doug went in search of love.  GOD said she is a piece of shit!  

GOD said Andrew Wallace is a millionaire just.  Because of his house but because he he has children he spends a lot but what he get from selling Jesus keeps him topped up. GOD said HE is publishing accounts!

GOD said Doug said he still in love with ME,  I AM not dissing GOD but I understand how you feel.

GOD's been really horrible to ME lately it's Doug!

Last night HE told ME if I have sex with any of the Angels HE is going to hang ME and said only the Angels.  HE said it is the HIV.

I love GOD don't rough ME up GOD.  I don't deserve it I'm still sitting where YOU told ME to sit!  YOU know where I am. 

GOD has teleported the Angels to ME on different occasions even to this house off course I love them.  Shouldn't I?

GOD said it is piss take why HE hasn't touched them. GOD said they ask and HE said "No."

GOD said they have sex with every colour and that is where Beyonce caught it!

GOD said HE waned them which one not to go with, but because HE gave them touches they went.

GOD showed ME something last night and told ME HE and I don't fall in love until I get pregnant.

I was being sic at a sink in our house the was spotless.  HE said MY son is going to kill your children.  I stood up and I will give him lots of smack!  GOD said YOU spoil him.  I only said that because YOU said is he going to be a bastard like ME.  He doesn't murder them!

GOD said YOU are slim before I fuck YOU.

GOD showed ME a devil and said that is HIM!  I love YOU.

GOD doesn't ill treat ME.  MY children are still here HE said HE is in love with ME why HE becomes the devil.

GOD said Doug goes off and looks in the black race for a women he falls in love with a mixed race woman they leave her because she is in between.  GOD said Doug tells the woman he is with there is nothing there and gives her a million why she doesn't go after him.  

GOD said it s because HE chose ME why I am not under because what they would have done in Bristol to ME and MY children because of their jealousy.  GOD said all jumped in because they were afraid I would have money even though they are OK for money.  GOD said even Andrew Checkley jumped in when he heard Doug was a millionaire.  I think I'll all the shit there!  GOD said Michelle is a piece of shit but humbled herself and said sh would pick Andy up.  GOD said Andy is on the same level as Mishelle they are both pieces of shit.  GOD said Michelle pushed Andy on ME Andy is involved.  But kept quiet.  GOD said that is why Andy behaved like that towards ME he jumped in to stop ME from getting with Doug.  GOD said that is as far as Andy went.  GOD said Andy is not in our house.

GOD said it was the church team who came after ME they have a team.  Why are you praising GOD?  That is why HE doesn't care about you! 

GOD said the peopl in the church tell a lot of lies!

I'll give a little something to Andy he never denied money if it was there. 

GOD said the is why Michelle is merging towards Andy!  GOD said it hurt Michelle to pay the six pound towards the au pair she asked Andy back for it Andy paid it.  GOD said Andy paid all of them back and they took it.   GOD said there was no indication from ME at that time that I even would go with Andy!  It was agreed he Would pick ME up.  GOD said that is why I don't have HIV.  GOD said that was what the team wanted to do to ME why HE let Andy pick ME up.

GOD said white people run to set up church because of the money they saw black people getting from it.

GOD said the time I thought I was reeling Andy in he was told to come to ME and sit.  GOD said the police in Bristol were involved because of the amount of money involved and were monitoring MY phone calls and were helping to run the show.

GOD said Doug help Celia she gets up and go, that is why she is a good girl she doesn't give them anything because it is the same level they are on, it is because of her financial situation why she went back there.  She cooked the books as well why they took her back.  GOD said they don't trouble her! But it hurts Kate and Doug because they want to get up on that level.

Oh dear it gets worse!  GOD said Andy made complaints that MY children and I were costing him too much money and the church people involved said they would help him but never gave him a stitch! 

GOD said that is why Michelle wanted her 6 pound back Andy accepted a bribe from the church people!

GOD said Doug come here to help ME!  GOD said that is who come to the door.

GOD said that is where HE starts taking the church people out all over for Doug!

GOD said Doug buys ME a starter pack a house and come there.  He lets them because of what they did and wants to take them out.

GOD said Doug is on his own!

Doug do you want the rest of it?  Or should I wait until I see you?  GOD said you are in the black churches trying to find ME!
I don't like all black churches.

I just heard "but you went to an all white?!" That is why I went to an all white!

GOD said Doug has spoken to Arne but Arne said he knows ME but don't know where I am.

GOD said HE is going to leave ME if HE catches Doug on top of ME there is more but I'm hungry!

I was because of the blond Angel wasn't it?  GOD said HE can give HIS friends a touch if I don't behave Myself!

GOD said I am sat up there with Doug, Doug is a trillionaire 

GOD said HE wanted MY scrip song! Bollucks!
last night. GOD said I hurt him!  How?

HE said HE didn't want to see Dough here!  I don't care! Carry the cheque GOD I need time to think about MY life and what I want, I don't want YOU throwing ME anywhere I am not a ball!

GOD said the mixed race woman is just like her but mixed race,  Doug you should have come to ME you should given ME what you wanted without involving people in the church. 

GOD said Doug doesn't have HIV but the mixed race woman does she is a piece of shit she has a long pony but more black looking hair.  GOD said it is there you will catch it.  She knows she has it but want money! 

GOD said it s because people in the church ask the people who are running the church business why the think they can control.  GOD said you are accountable to yourselves.

GOD said all of the money the churches say they are collecting for HIM HE doesn't see a penny of it in HIS pockets! 

There are lots of trillionaires but only one GOD!

What ever time GOD decides to make love to ME will be the right time it is HIS perfect timing! I want Doug to have the best find him a beautiful woman GOD  Doug can sit with us.

GOD said trillionaires are like loose change in HIS pocket.  What I can have more GOD?  I like YOU!

GOD said the woman HE sees fr Doug is white but he has to wait or he will catch HIV.

GOD said HE doesn't want Doug anywhere near ME, well then YOU'd better come quickly hadn't YOU?!  GOD said it it because of what he will do to ME.  Are YOU sure?  I playing!  I need to eat bye!

GOD said the upper tiers in the churches didn't tell the lower tiers why thy had to step in GOD said Andy didn't know or he would not have done it.  Like Michelle.

These church people take the piss!  I like Andrew Wallace to get his!

GOD said it is white people the have a set up for it. That is why Chris Eubanks ended up with a white women when he said he didn't want one she pushed herself on him, when he tried to get of it it caused lots of trouble!  The team of white people jumped in.

GOD said when black people have anything they don't have they always want them to share it with white people. They are not getting mine!  He better have his own.

I help any colour but it is a piss take!

GOD said that is why it is a white woman for Doug HE doesn't want them to murder the black woman for it.

I want you to fight ME for it!!!!! Monkey shit!  That is what you are.

GOD said HE doesn't want to catch Doug on top of ME first!

GOD said HE has made a decision HE is going to leave the three kings with HIV the other 3 kings were imitations. Good!

GOD said it is because of how much Doug wants ME.  I want him as much!

GOD said Doug will look after the children same levels as Andy and not touch any of them that is what melted ME with Doug!

GOD said HE left the Angels because of what they did yesterday I listened to it yesterday even though I gave them MY script song they contacted Theo who sent the an mp3 of MY song and the Angels told the white to go onto GOD's laptop and to take MY sounds GOD said HE has the script song.  GOD said that is what they do all the time they show no respect because they are white!

GOD said HE is going to give ME the same amount as Doug has 3 trillion.

I want to stop posting soon so that people can go about their business!

GOD said I'm am not allowed to give it away until I sat in the queen seat!

GOD said HE will give ME a bit more to write cheque for the people HE has told ME to write cheques for!

GOD said I am just like white people.

The Orange Song is on here already Theo can here what I did with it.  I used the song from prisoner cell block H to scribe the production there are other songs I can use.  GOD said people everywhere are boxing down The Orange Song!  GOD said they are boxing ME down as a writer and singer.

GOD said HE let ME describe the script song to the other song because white people in the States show no respect and like to copy other peoples sounds why they all sound the same and that he let them go after the other person music which has already been out there! GOD said they took MY music when they had no authority to listen to it and already made copies.

I'm not upset with Theo he did it to help ME because of who asked him!  Make a start Theo you have already been briefed.

I don't use other people music to describe what I want normally! 

What I wanted Theo to to think of GOD said it is called fairy dust.  I called it glisten.

Theo it is the Duel I want you to make a start on.  We do't do it the same.

I heard Theo I get on with dance side and wait until SHE come to tell ME what SHE means about the front.  Think about what I said read it you can do it. Sing ray the song Marina aqua Marina the dreamy sounds!  the words on the baking vocal ah ah ah ah ah ah.

Theo whe I hear what you have done to it I want say... FUCK!!
reversed lead vocal dreamy backing vocal same time.

Theo I'm showing of MY producer.  GOD said Roots Manuver is with Theo.
GOD said it wouldn't be as good without them.

GOD said HE sees ME smoking a cigar.
Theo Roots Manuver even if I wrote the song I want everything split equally GOD included.

"No no separate the husband!"  GOD said if it wasn't for Roots Manuver Theo wouldn't do it. Theo is a white ma 

GOD Theo sees things the same way a Muse one sided it is the teachings.  Theo needs to see it as if it was him!

I just heard "SHE is erasing our teachings."  GOD said it is her!  She knows the difference between right and wrong yet teaches her children wrong? That is why she is hurting her children are getting taken out! 

We are all the same, admire what you like.   GOD  saw that the white woman is a dirty stinking whore.  Not all.  

GOD said they are all very spiteful.  Yes!

Human beings need to be shown or we are like animals. 

I want Doug. Maybe because I have waited so long for GOD.
I keep trying the court numbers but no one answers that is why the came on a Friday night.

Last night I had to shout to MY children to call the police. The police man stood there looking at Me in shock.  GOD let Me hear his thoughts "SHE knows about us SHE knows we're paedophiles! I let HER have both our badge numbers! SHE took our car registration. I should have gone in there and taken them all out from in there! It's too late now there are people out here who have seen the family with us how are probably filming! "  GOD said HE would not have let him HE would have taken him out before he got here.

I just heard someone at the court who said "Someone keeps trying to contact us I bet it is HER!" GOD said all they can do send Jake home even the van driver gets taken out!  I heard a woman she told the man to turn the ringer off.  GOD said everyone in that court is going to get murdered today so that Jake can come home! 

GOD said your Jake prisoner HE is holding you prisoner not one of you are going home today for the disrespect you are showing.

GOD showed ME something yesterday it was of a white couple.  The mother said "Our son is bleeding from the bottom did you sexually abuse him? Tell me!" The father said "we have HIV I would never touch any of our children!" The mother said "Well if it is not you what's going on at the school because he got up this morning and he was OK the only place I have taken him to is school!  Let me call.... "  GOD said the police people took out the whole family then came here that is why the people in the houses were ready.  

GOD said the family had just been brought to the houses on this street when the police knocked it hadn't started yet for them. Just because they made a complaint,  GOD said that is why HE took them out.  


GOD said it is this time of year just before school breaks up for a new year when the paedophiles go into schools "Where's....?" "I think she has take her children to a different school."  "She didn't tell us she was taking her children to a different school she is our friend let go and find out!" They get taken out.  GOD said that is what is going to happen.  GOD said the paedophiles were happy with how many they got last night why they didn't push t come in last night.

GOD said it's a ritual which was thought up by Regina.  They are told to wait outside symbolically as if they are waiting to be fed because they are starving and then they are fed people are brought into them.  

GOD told ME to forget Jake go inside with My children and to close the door that there was someone white with the Asian's down the road who is going to tell them to come in.  The Homerton policeman GOD said there are others.

GOD said those police men who came here had just been fed. GOD said the people they took were friends at the school of he family with the little boy and family who I head shouting "Someone is taking out our families!" I heard several men saying the same sort of thing randomly.

Andy left on the 7th April if it was 2 days later I would have had to give lots of information to tax credit,  GOD said they know it was them who cut MY money off spitefully.  I just spoke to tax credits I can't get any money for up to 5 weeks I can not even get a crisis loan because I'm not on income support!  On the tax form it asked for change and we wrote we split. 

GOD said the reason why they know it was them is because they are monitoring phone calls between them.

I just heard a man he said "Should I go and say sorry to HER?"  Sorry isn't going to feed heat and put light for MY children to see in the dark for up to 5 weeks.

Had Andy left 2 days later I would have had to have made a new claim. 

GOD said the woman I spoke to in Preston is involved.

She told ME she has requested the form which could take up to 2 weeks to reach ME and that I must not call if I have not received until two weeks are up.  I had this before if the form doesn't come they request it again your not allowed to call until another two weeks. She said I need to fill it out and send it back to them.  They could say they didn't receive it!   But she said when they receive it they have up to 3 weeks to put the money in your account.

She said the 4046 pound is now an over payment which I have to pay back because I didn't tell them until after three months Andy and I split it is on the form which was sent back 4 weeks ago.

The changes happened before the 9 April 2014 it is illegal and harassment we are being victimised.  GOD said Regina has been attacking MY whole and that I should leave MY sister who is on the defence with the whisky bottle it is our grounds!  GOD said it was Regina who set it up for John to be hit by the lorry white he was riding his motor bike to work.  Why HE made sure John didn't die.

John had lots of broken bone.  GOD said she told them not to fix Johns shoulder.  I told John to fix it himself keep working it.  I wouldn't lift like MY leg which was bent I told John about it.  

Marshall has £10 it is an emergency.  Andy is going to give ME £20 but money needs to go on the gas and electric.  Any asked his dad and he said the mum will transfer it to ME.


Earlier I heard a white woman crying she said"I had to take my children out of school because of HER!"  GO said her children has not been touch why she took them out of school it's the Queenship they are all looking for excuses to attack MY family and I.  GOD said they are going to get touched she is told she has to put them back in school. GOD said they spite her.  It's wrong! I'll support her even if she lashes out at ME.  She showed ME respect they are her children she is being a good mother leaver her the fuck alone.  GOD said it is a mother in Newham the worst hit area.


GOD said HE will support her as well HE will take you all out for her children same levels as Mine.  GOD said HE is going to start taking social worker out for that woman.  Cunts evil!  GOD said her children goes to the school on Earlham Grove you people don't fuck with ME! I'LL WIPE YOU OUT FOR HER!

GOD said she is the reason why HE took out David who was doing the pushing because of the respect she showed ME.  GOD spoke to ME when HE shielded ME it's just coming back to ME.

I wonder if she wants to be MY friend she better be quick!
I joking but I'm serious I don't to miss her!  GOD said your like ME and that HE will shield you if you come.  They cannot hurt you.

I said to GOD if it wasn't ME and I was worried about being taken out or spitted for helping  I go to help and say to HIM I'm doing this for you your family you better protect ME.  GOD said that is what YOU would have said and look YOUR walking up the road it is a different family you made you friend come with YOU.  That is why it is YOU!  I wouldn't leave GODS family in the car.  I'd never do it!  Who cares what colour they are.

You all know why it's not you don't you?

I see your spouse.  GOD said you are on the balcony with your children and spouse with MY family waving to the crowed!  GOD that is why I am still here HE is waiting for you to come can I ring you first I'm excited though.

GOD said lots of you want to come but you all feel too shame Jordan river but I love her and her husband but her! I bet he'd get on with John most of John's friends are white.

GOD said you know some of John's friends  do you know Dilan? He is white. John went to park school.

I used to be horrible to John's friends because they were little.  But they laughed I bet you know the black twins. What about Turkish Warren and white Dawn her mum worked in the laundrette on the Upton Lane, Peggy.

GOD said you know Debbie Buchan, she cannot come.  I'd help them out. 

GOD said you husband knows John.

GOD said Debbie and her whole family just got taken out not because of ME there are paedophiles out there who have been and what it covered up and are saying they are showing ME respect.  Fuck you!

GOD said they are murderers why they are quick to use their guns.  GOD said the cure is here.  I know it.

GOD said some are trying to redeem themselves and that I should still show them respect they take out Michelle with one shot like what she asked the Asians in Tesco to do to ME when I go in there. 

Redeem them we didn't turn them into paedophiles no one else minded it! It is between them and the families. A lot of them show respect!

GOD said HE doesn't like Asians and don't want them in our house!

GOD lets not hide it,  I like some.  Asians are very evil beings.  They all have it in them!

GOD said a lot of Asians helped to cut MY money off.  GOD said it was when Ryan was in hospital that is why HE doesn't like.   They are not coming in. 

GOD said Michelle HIV she only just caught it and has spread it to 10 men already and to throw one shot in the man's face because they are having an argument.

GOD said the Asians are so racist and think they ae better than black people and look down on them and are finding out through Michelle that MY family are the true Royal family and they are angry that I am black so they want a war.  If GOD can stop a plane HE will wipe them out for their disrespect pieces of shit like on their left hand!

MAY DAY! MAY DAY!  GOD said don't bother using the CB radio-er he had stings of women why he didn't bother to help ME when he said he would, now he has HIV and I have the cure he is running fuck off.  Last night GOD everyone gets treated why Ryan and Jake stays clean fuck you who did it for ME you will keep our children clean or I'll box you down physically in your seat.  You did say you can blow down plates didn't you fuck off who feels it knows like they must know! I'll give it to whom soever I want.

GOD said the CB radio-er is a trillionair who give a shit he didn't help ME off shit street fuck him mek him dead.  Same treatment.  He is not getting MY cure.

I hold this against you....
If I die MY cure is coming with ME.

GOD said the South African white men told Doug not to come, because I was not his wife. Doug can come in.  I want so many of you dead I'm not giving you the cure!

GOD said Andy's dad said yes but his mum said no let us starve to death.  GOD said HE wanted her to say no with the HIV she is a very spiteful woman.  Even Andy wants to get out of her house. I'll give Andy a little house and put him on the millionaire level he can help them if he wishes.

"I love HER"  Why do you love ME? "I didn't let anyone touch HER son."  Your a sick mother fucker!  GOD said you showed a lot of disrespect during the London Olympics.

GOD can look after MY children and didn't have to take them down those routes. You broke MY neck at the bar.

I don't want to help you because of the car.  I think you are better off dead.

GOD said that trillionaire is a cousin to the family and din't want them getting taken out why he stopped what they were going to do to Ryan hen he got arrested for rape.
You know there are family bonds then? But you murdered the black teenager the flag bearer?

I don't car who is who I'm not helping anyone of those up there during the Olympic!   don't care same levels as you.

I'd help John Denver.

I want that trillionaire murdered it's Philips son.

GOD said David Westfield Philips son is the money spite.

This morning GOD showed ME MY friend and her husband she said "I don't want to help HER! I'm not helping a black woman to become Queen our children have eaten why should we care."  GOD told ME as HE was showing ME she and I walking up the street when you get the end HE said leave her there turn around and go back to the house to take care of YOUR children.  There is a reason why she took YOU from YOUR children.   GOD said HE isn't going to let anything happen to her 3 little boys because of the dad and said the dad is in. GOD she catches HIV she gets raped.  GOD said she gets taken out for the HIV.  The husband doesn't catch it.   GOD said because she drew back from ME HE drew back from her.  GOD said she even took ME away from YOU but I am GOD and knew why I turned back it was just to show YOU. 

GOD said HE hates black women because of their spitefulness many of them are going to get taken out.  HE doesn't want them here.  HE let ME hear black women "SHE is not known to a lot of the black people or we would help HER." GOD said it hurts the black women that I pick up white women as friends.
"Look what they are doing to HER and HER children they are spite white people." GOD said that is a spite black woman.
"If SHE came to our church we might help but SHE said SHE won't go to church."

GOD said it is only because it is ME why HE chose ME if I didn't come HE would choose a white woman.

GOD said the black witch HE showed ME is the behaviour of every back woman that is what she does but not YOUR family I like every person in YOU family why I chose YOUR family because I didn't want a white family.

GOD said that is why HE didn't want ME around black women.  GOD said HE blow al of MY family around white people because HE hate black women.  She is subtly spiteful like Shirley.  GOD said it is because of the black woman's evilness why black people stay at the bottle any black person she sees climbing she breaks down because of her jealousy.  GOD said HE wants the black woman to know she is being monitored by HIM why she is going to taken out!

GOD said that is who HE didn't want ME to be like the black woman.  GOD said all of this to ME the evening HE shielded Myles an I from the bullets which was aimed at us on this street. GOD said HE wants the black women to start looking at their behaviour because they are going to get taken out for it.  GOD said HE sees more black women getting taken out than white women.  But she listens.

GOD said HE gave ME the cure for Myself and that I must not give it to anyone because of what they are doing in this house to us and that HE will come for us soon.

GOD said the way HE wants to do it is to keep taking people out to keep s clean and that the cure was because of the cancer the white woman gave and she would never be allowed to use MY cure, she can drop dead. 

GOD said white are only spiteful because of their jealousy it's when they see what the black woman has she becomes spiteful if she doesn't see you with anything she is not spiteful.  GOD said I am not spiteful because lots of people have been spiteful to ME since I was little and I have a conscience I don't do what I don't like done to ME or Mine and that is what I teach MY children why they are not spiteful. 

GOD said lots of white women want to embrace ME but she knows it won't stay that way because of her jealousy.  I want to embrace the white not black women but I don't want to because of her jealousy.

GOD told ME how to keep the house clean if I was with Doug.  HE told ME to only use part of the house and to use dust sheets and only take them of to show when people come over and that part of the house is being used.  GOD that is what people in big houses do and said it because of what the black women said.  I don't want you in there. Only family close friends can visit.  I typed that without glasses on.

I'm listening to the white women "OK I see what I can do" They are trying to give ME MY money quick.  GOD said it was the black omen who left ME in the car some of the white women and men wanted to help us but the black women said leave HER there because SHE dissed white women.  I don't like black women they are dogs!  You can call any black woman Shirley.  Even though Shirley knows we all know she is still trying to be subtle.

I wish the white women would behave themselves.  I just want to have fun.

GOD said many of the white people were shaking their heads at the black peoples attitudes towards us while we were stuck in the car!  
GOD said of course the black woman stinks that is why she is quick to was herself.  She knows she stinks!  GOD said white women are spiteful but black women are evil like Shirley.

GOD said the black churches know what WE have been through and know what is happening but are just sitting waiting for US to die.  GOD said they are evil.  GOD said if I was white HE wouldn't look at them.  HE would look at the white people.

GOD said if we were white some of the white people would run to help us.  If we were Asian the Asian people would run quick to help us.  GOD said if we were Chinese it would be the same someone would come from the Chinese group of people.  GOD said HE is looking, but the black people are still sitting and it is the white people running around.

GOD said the white people started to MY mum coming to the car and bringing food for us and saw the he boys stayed over sometimes.  GOD said they informed MY mum so that she would help.  GOD said the white people drove ME out of the car so that MY mum would help. The black people tried to stop the white people from driving us out they liked seeing it.

GOD let ME hear a black woman she said "I would rather put it in the church plate than in HER or HER children's mouths!" GOD said she said it yesterday.  Put it in the church plate then.

GOD said that is why so many black got murdered during the Olympic season to show black people disrespect.  How can you respect someone who treats their own like that? Yeh! 

GOD said it is the family fighting ME because of who MY family are.

GOD said that is why they took out a lot of black people at Tower Hamlets Council because of the spitefulness towards ME.  GOD said that is why white people respect the Asians because of how they look after their own even though they don't like them.

GOD said the white people like to see ME fighting or black people. I just don't like injustice being done to any colour.  I'll fight everyone every colour. We are all humans.

White people are spiteful to white people Asians to Asians but other colours cannot get away with it but black people with slave mentality will beat up their own to please the other colours of people.  Sickening! 

GOD said the other colours ran to be social works to stop their from being taken into care not the black people they are still doing slavery they put their own in care to please the other colours. The white woman speaking to the black women "We think these black children should be put into care is that OK?" The black woman "Yes I agree!"  GOD said the social worker know what is going to happen to the children in care that is why the other colour fight to keep their own out of care but not the stupid black people.

GOD said even Disem was spiting ME and MY family why HE let them take her out.

GOD said Tracy Minta could have got financial help for our family after they broke us down but I'm not African why she didn't.  All the other colour give help to their own.  

GOD said that is why Disem got involved with the paedophile to spite ME. GOD said she was up there that is why she got taken out.  I heard her family "How come she is not back from work yet something must have happened to her."  Disem did evil that is why she didn't reach home.  Teach your fucking children.  GOD said HE doesn't care about Disem HE is looking at how many children who were raped and murdered because of Disem's help. 

GOD aid for Disem it was all fun and games but not for the children she helped to capture.  GOD said Disem was evil and like to make friends with her prey.

GOD showed ME Disem holding white children and said that is why she got taken out the white women and Tracy informed on her and the Asians.  That is why the family went into the council, Disem had black and Asian children as well.  GOD said Disem's family is on here reading.  GOD said they have stopped crying now.

GOD said the black churches are sitting down waiting for MY children to be put into care because we are HIS family. 

On this road the evening HE shielded us HE said HE preferred white people and told ME I was the same it is only because of the spite which upset ME, in 2009 when HE came to Broomfield street HE said HE preferred white people.  GOD said that is why HE is white.  GOD said the black churches have enough money to bail ME out but their spite is to sit and wait for social services.  Evil evil beast!  GOD said HE wants the black man to know he is being monitored by HIM!

GOD said that is what is going to make HIM start taking out black peoples families HE doesn't care about there children HE is not black.GOD said HE chose a black family so that HE could deal with the white people.

GOD said hates Asians and is starting to hate black people for their involvement in the spite GOD said HE loves ME and MY children and doesn't like how you are all treating us because of MY love for HIM! GOD said that is why HE will turn MY family white and murder all of the other colours and leave white.

GOD said HE has started to erase some of the black people from the other plane it is you families it is because of what HE is going to do to you! That was the evening HE shielded us HE said that was Shirley's family I just looked up at on the other plane and erased they are not going up there.  It is because of Shirley why this is all happening.  To you and YOUR children.  GOD said that was the church plate.

GOD told ME Shirley's whole family is getting taken out because of what she did to us.  GOD said she is happy with what she cause.

GOD said everyone involved in bringing Shirley here has been erased.  HE even took some of Mine down but we are still here.

GOD said all of her cousins aunties everyone is going HE doesn't want to see any of them here they have been causing other people to turn from us. 

GOD said it is not Canes mother helping to take other peoples families out it is Shirley that is why her whole family are getting taken out and it is not Cane who has HIV it is Joseph who has HIV. GOD said most of Shirley's family have it but it is for the disrespect why they are getting taken out!

GOD said Cane's mum is upset with ME.GOD said HE spited you.

GOD said Shirley who works for a Foster care company has been supplying children to the paedophiles around this area and some end up in the house on this street,  and she was trying to get Mine she has been doing it for a long time that is why in South Woodford she children were going missing "I don't care if your a Christian you helping us you got involved to spite Lorraine Rees but that is what happens when you get involved in the family you get told what to do."  GOD said it was Shirley who brought the family behind the cameras.

GOD said before that the police people behind the camera used to just look or laugh if they saw something funny.  It was Shirley who started bad mouthing ME why the started spiting MY family.   GOD said Shirley is a big supplier of children for the paedophile and is out there telling everyone I am going to get her family murdered.  GOD said she is the reason why her gets murdered. GOD said she knows she is going to get murdered why she moves to Jamaica to hide.  GOD said she sells her house.   GOD said they leave Tony.  GOD said Tony tells them they have to take him as well.

Before GOD started shielding us HE said that is why she did it all of it because YOU love ME  It is because of how much YOU love ME I came to help YOU I asked who the white women? HE didn't say then HE he told ME about her family being erased.  HE said Shirley and said HE doesn't even want to speak her name because HE cannot stand her.

GOD said Shirley job title was changed that is hen she stated supplying children that is all she does for a living, I was living in Broomfield street I think.   GOD said those white women who came to murder MY family are only there because of Shirley it's the effects of how much spite she did to YOU.

GOD said Shirley supplies whole families to the paedophiles and during the London Olympics all the people who got taken out apart from the teams Shirley supplied that is how good she is at her job.  GOD said it is spite she uses to put the families through the foster care system.  GOD said "Trump up!"

GOD said even the young boy she look after in the care home while she was working for Bobby she had him sent to the Olympics stadium, he got taken out. GOD she has no scruples even some of the people in her church she went for. GOD said Shirley kept going after mine.   GOD told while HE was shielding us that is why the white woman are at you door.

GOD said Shirley shows the team where to go.  GOD said Shirley started visiting different churches and made friend quickly got their contact details and sent the team during the Olympics.  GOD  said that is why she said to Andy while we were staying at MY mums I know where you are.  GOD said she sent people HE kept taking them out. 

GOD said Shirley sent her brothers to MY mum's to capture our family to take them down to the Olympic park,  GOD said Shirley threatened Andy.  GOD said HE showed up outside MY mum's door and told Shirley's brothers to move away.  GOD said Shirley has her own team it is a family run business why they are all millionaires.  Maybe that is  what happened to Linda Long. 

GOD said Shirley's crack joke s Linda Long gone.  GOD said HE showed ME what happened to Linda but n one touches Shirley's family.  Because of what the do for the family.  GOD said Dave is a business man he undercut all of the other agencies why there family became the contractors.  GOD said it was that which they were going to do why HE gave ME things to write about them. GOD said their whole family knows about it and lots of them are involved even the mum knows about it, so it is a cheek that they are telling all the Christians to put them of from helping our family by saying we ar trouble makers and are going to get their family killed.  GOD said the people here won't trouble them.

GOD said Shirley is well respected in the church community and she told them what I was saying about GOD being here and what HE gave ME to write about her and her family was rubbish.

GOD said Shirley was in shock when she saw Jake walk into the restaurant on Martine's birthday she dropped in her seat and kept saying she doesn't want to pay the bill for Jake because he should be there.  GOD said Shirley has a team and HE took those team members out! 

I claim Martine she is ours! 

GOD said Shirley asked Regina which people should she get.  "I don't care just get as many as you can!"  GOD said Shirley went to Victory Outreach and KICC and other churches.

Message to MY American boys I love you!
I'm not upset now I know you took MY work off! GOD said HE is going t make sure you get the cure. 2 days ago HE said I am allowed to tell Doug who HE is going to turn into a trillionaire, he sells it but won't tell anyone what it is because the white people will spite it.

I'd put on Estell for you if I knew how to do it "American boy"