Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Matthew I need your help again

Matthew Foruk just called Myles Myles said he did not answer. What do I do?

I have no money and nowhere to go and it is their spite why the rent has not been paid.

Half the children are still asleep and I have not told any of them what is happening.

I don't want My children upset.

Matthew I need you to call it off. 

We don't deserve this. The are lots of piece of shit out there and their money has not been stopped their housing benefit has not been cut off.

GOD said it is a rolling spite all of them are.

Why can't I just do MY music and writing in peace?

I don't want MY children to hate ME.

They keep unsettling MY whole family.  I don't want to bring MY children up in this house but I don't want MY family thrown out on the street.  Matthew you'd better be a friend and sort it out! I want to see you before I see them.

I don't want to go through this again.  I'm gone.

I'm on heavy and have a really bad stomach ache.  Just like the last eviction. 

I don't want to be a crook or a thief or anything like that.  So what should I do?

I want to write that is MY passion.  I don't want to be famous any more just write for other people occasionally I don't mind singing on song and putting it out there but I don't want to front it.  I want to write films and musicals.  I want to move into music production as well.

I want to write films with some people like maybe I start it and the go over it and clean it up just because I have not been trained.

I write any music pop even R&B.  I can do voice overs.

MY children are into music Myles wants to be n actor, Ruby, Briely, Sapphire, Davina all of them can sing.  Everyone sings in tune. Even the rest of MY children can sing and in tune.  They can all act.

GOD said had they left us in Bristol Ryan and Jake would be really good at what they were doing.  Ryan played the drums and Jake played the base guitar. They were both into rock music and still are.

They loved The Red Hot Chile Peppers.  Like ME they like all types of music.

I don't know what to do.  No one is taking MY child I'd murder MY children first. 

Ruby and Briely can sing I like Briely's voice there is something in it.  Like the singers in Bugsy Malone.

Matthew I hope your doing something. 

The fact that David moved in on this road and the Westfield people keep coming on this road says a lot does't it?

Look how many nice roads and houses there why this dirty street? 
A street is called a street because it has trees on it.

Matthew I want this day to end just like this, and I can't wait for this day to end and don't want tomorrow to begin.

Matthew I do hope you are receiving ME.  I'm using MY special Powers and know you are on here.

GOD said Foruk went off somewhere.  He  just came back to do the eviction.  Why did he go off?  GOD said he was called to the hotel car park the night Regina and her family were murdered.  GOD said he is on camera as well.

GOD said he went to India and while he was there he was doing what he likes doing spite.  GOD said the Asian people who moved in at the end came because of him.

GOD said Foruk knows his family are getting murdered because of him and ran and left them.  GOD said Foruk help to murder Regina and her family.

GOD showed ME Foruk doing stabbing during the abuse that was being done to Regina's family. He was kneeling on the ground.  GOD said he murdered the Asian hotel workers.

GOD said they can see what Foruk is doing but the white woman with them showing who is who doesn't want to tell them that it is Foruk they are looking at doing the murders she want us to be evicted.  Foruk is not very tall for man he is slim and light skinned bold head on top and short sides. Foruk wear glasses.  Most of the time he wears a suit. GOD said his wife and children were murdered in that house at the end of MY garden both house he ran away.

GOD said it is still his family in the shop running it. Matthew  I need someone to record from outside.

GOD said he put his family in all of the houses he has.

GOD said it was because he went there and did the murders his family got murdered.  Otherwise they would still be here.  GOD said Foruk was still in his shop when his family were brought to that house and murdered. GOD said someone got word to Foruk to get out quick why he got away.  GOD said his family who are taking care of his affairs are trying to sell his businesses for him he is gathering money and has gone to the banks to borrow money.  To start again.

GOD said put a block on him the banks won't get the money back.

GOD said it fraud he is borrowing money against the house and businesses which his family are selling for him.  GOD said he is planning to take all of the money and run, so that he can live like a king in his country.

Foruk is short if he is taller than ME it is only just. Foruk likes to dress like an English gentleman over coat and brolly.
Foruk sounds more English than Asian although he has a slight Asian accent.

GOD said the hotel down the end of MY street near the mosque where all the murders took place belongs to Foruk not his family.

GOD said Foruk did a lot of cleaning up on the cameras.

Hello again

Saturday 30th August 2014

UPDATE 19:18
GOD told ME something yesterday HE showed ME the whore in MY house HE said there is a lot of whoring taking place in the house that is how it is but they have their own quarters.  HE said HE showed them which ones to go for.  HE showed ME the Beyonce she ended up with Kirk Franklin HE showed ME different clips of them having sex with the ones HE paired up she wanted HIM but because she is a whore she had sex with Kirk when she was finished she said to him "I should not have done it with you."

GOD said HE doesn't want her in this house she has been asked to come and help.  She said "I am dreading cleaning that house!"  Why are you there?  You are there to sever ME the QUEEN.  You are not the QUEEN!  I no longer require your services. See that she get paid and see her out.  She lets the white people in.  GOD said because she had sex with Kirk Franklin she tries to murder him and ME so that she can have HIM.  Even though HE has already told all of them I am HIS wife HE is reserved for ME.  GOD said all of the women were looking at HIM why HE paired them.

I'm listening to lots of white women"Couldn't she hold herself?"  GOD said she has already made deals with the white women to murder ME inside the house GOD said like he German woman in the bar HE would take her out before she could do it.

I don't want any of MY children near those  quarters. MY children don't see whoring from ME I don't want them seeing it from someone else.   GOD said there is lots of partying in there.  It better be far from ME.

I like a party every now and again put not every night I have children.  There are lots of bars and clubs you can go to meet up with people.

Christian's are the biggest hypocrites.  GOD said there is no HIV why HE has not said anything but as the catch it outside they wont be allowed back in their things will be handed to the at the door.
I'd put a hammer to the stereo.  I don't give shit!

GOD said I must show you the level you are all at those who are serving ME.  If I drop something you run to pick it up.  If we are out and you insult ME buy not running you get taken out for it.

I'm not GOD I would scratch the music and tell you all to get the fuck out of MY house.  GOD said there are two spiteful bitches in the house and those are the two HE wants To see running to pick things up for ME.  Pieces of shit!  I don't think I could contain MYSELF I don't want them near ME or MY children.

GOD showed ME the woman who has an out burst at the end in the song happy Day Kirk Franklin's version.  HE said she as well.

GOD/ David YOU need to be more assertive.  They are rude YOU are GOD not on their level.

GOD said there was lots of drinking a smoking.  I presume it was their night off!

GOD said the woman who has the out burst in the song is jealous of how I sound she can no do it but I can do what she can do.

GOD said that is why all of the white American's came over here to fight ME because of MY singing the white woman though I was trying to sound like her, why HE told ME to show Khalia.  GOD said all of the American's are now looking at the black British.  They thought there was no black talent here.  Off course there is the white woman and white man lock it up!

GOD said HE wants ME to sign Khalia keep her clean.

GOD said the woman who does the out burst, that is all she can do.  GOD said YOU heard her didn't YOU? She is out of tune.

GOD said she walked out because I bitched her.  But both of them sat bitching ME.  In MY house it won't be tolerated if you have nothing positive to say about someone don't say anything.

Jake bought 2 packet of Tesco 8 Beef burgers today.  GOD showed ME a white woman who said she is upset because MY burgers taste better than hers, and that she spent a long time getting the seasoning right for her burgers he asked a few white men which tasted better MINE or hers.  GOD said he made up some of MINE after I wrote I make MY own burger and don't add anything to the meat.  GOD said she added the same topping o both burger her and MINE the men said they preferred MINE.  GOD sid she didn't tell them it was a black persons recipe "Don't you think that one taste bland?"
"No I don't this is the best burger that is how I like nothing in it."  

GOD id she threw burgers on the floor.  She was angry and made a call to someone and said she wants to support the white spite team, and said she is coming to the eviction.  GOD said she said it wasn't because of the QUEENHIP it was because she is upset that MY burger taste better than hers.  GOD said that is the type of trouble the white women like to make, and is the same type of trouble all of them who are coming like to make why they are coming. GOD said as the reach the front door to stand up HE is going to stop time and take them out some will get taken out before they can get here so that it doesn't upset MY children HE doesn't want them to see any of it and said those are the ones he who HE said HE didn't want to see on this road unless they have a good reason to be on it. Either because they are visiting a friend of family etc.  GOD said HE doesn't want to see anyone loitering on this street.  If you are passing by because you have to pass quickly or you will get taken out!

GOD aid even to be in this area you have to have a reason or you are going to get taken for being part of the rally.

GOD said does the white woman think HE is going to let you starve us throw us out on the street and then let the paedophile social workers a paedophile police and the paedophile agencies grab MY children from ME and put ME and MY older children in a metal institution along with Davina put Ryan and Jake in prison sexually assault ll of us and them murder us.  GOD said HE still has a little bit of a heart for the white men same as ME but not for her he white woman same as ME.

GOD said even the white men hate the white women he like his own wife and bring his daughter up like the white women but because it is his daughter he like her but hates other whites women. 
GOD said the other white men hates his family because they are white women. 

GOD showed ME two white women crying HE said it just happened this was two night ago when I told GOD I loved HIM.  One of the women to tissue out of her bag for her friend who was crying because HE rejected them.  They were both crying and were saying but it is the same.  GOD aid the white woman cannot understand why HE doesn't want what is between her white legs.  GOD said she says it is the same as a black woman.  GOD said it is kept different.

GOD showed ME a blond white woman with short hair who said HE insulted white women ans so she is going to charge at ME like a  bull white white must think I am weak and feeble.  Anyway it keeps her happy.  You insulted yourselves fighting for de cocky you dotty white dawgs!  How many times must you be told HE doesn't wan you even the white men keep telling you HE doesn't want you.  Those two white women who were crying said "SHE is the winner."  GOD aid they are fighting ME for HIM because HE is GOD.  Dirty white trash!

GOD said if it was not this black WOMAN it would a different black woman HE would never pick up a white woman because HE hates all of them it is the teachings they are being given.  GOD said HE and I keep trying to make the white women understand HE doesn't want a white woman.

GOD said that white woman the bull charged down here tat night HE took her out outside MY front door! That is her family's problem. 

I received a personalised letter from tax credit.  I'll type it out later.  But I will tell you what GOD let ME hear and see. HE said there is a white woman behind it all. I saw two white men speaking "Send HER this after you have sent it wait for it to come back then send one out for Ruby and the do the same wait for it to come back then send one out for all of HER children on;y the smaller ones make sure you get all of their birth certificates and passports off of them We will have to get HER older children pass ports and birth certificates another way we will ask HER to send HER passport and certificate if SHE wants any money and SHE i still not getting any."  GOD said all of them have already been taken out to stop them destroying our Identification.  GOD said people down at the registry offices are being takenout for it to stop them.  GOD said HE took whole books.

I heard the white woman talking to the white man who was designing the Briely from he said "You put one too many no's on the form he said shush it is fraud."  GOD said it is fraud deTsigning a for without the correct persons permission is fraud Regina was the person who designed the forms because she is down as being legal.  GOD said it was the spite which brought the people who went in there to look at the fraud and take out people in there because of it and said people are still getting taken out in there.  

GOD said that is why HE told ME to fight the white woman for MY money.  GOD said it is the shouting which I am doing which is getting them taken out.  Good!

On the form it says it is to verify who  Brierly is.

I heard the white man talking to the other white who said "The people at the passport office said they will erase HER and HER children from their system."  We are still talking to people at the registry offices.  GOD said HE is designing new passports for everyone apart from those low level people who got involved.  They won't be able to travel or claim for anything without a birth certificate.

GOD said hold on to your birth certificates like you said amongst yourselves that I should.

GOD said none of it is low level you are all getting taken out for it even in you beds at night people are tuning up at your houses and are taking you out for it.

GOD said the type of people who are dealing with it are dragging people out of their bed putting Hercules bags over people and are beating them to death GOD showed ME. 

GOD said the family members in the house are being told not to get involved as they get involved they get taken out they won't leave children by themselves because of what they see they take them out quick if they see. GOD said their necks are snapped.

GOD said the people are taped up firs so that they cannot move around much in the bags the bag is sealed air tight but a little hole is left open at the end.  GOD said most people use a hammer these people use a hammer also.  GOD said Regina knew ot to mess with MY birth certificate so she sent an insult.

GOD let ME hear all of the news reporters being threatened not to to report GOD said all of the news papers belong to us.  GOD said it is not us who is threatening it is the German's. GOD said HE is taking them all out for the disrespect.  GOD said there are lots and lots of white German women crying in Germany they sent them.  It is not yours why did you come here to take over?

We like the media.

Oh yes I wanted to tell you something about the burger the seasoning she used in the burgers are what the powder company make for pork sausages.  GOD said it has pork in the powder and the burgers are beef Jake and Ryan don't eat pork.  GOD said she knows what is in the powder, pass it off asher recipe.  "Don't put too much in case it tastes like the sausages."  GOD said it took her a long time to get the balance. GOD it is the powder companies recipe.  GOD said the powder company belongs to us and has lots of black people working there.  GOD said she is going to get taken out for it.

GOD said the police has no jurisdiction HE can see them going to hold Ryan HE is going to take them all out.  They are not supposed to be policing.  The decision will not be revoked WE do not want white men and women nor any people who were sworn to Elizabeth and Regina policing our streets.

GOD said same as the judges they like controlling people why they are till policing and judging.  There are people who have come over here to police and is taking out all of the police and judges because they won't listen.  GOD said they are not black they are contractors Regina hired.

GOD aid MY black police is going to take out the police and judges for the paedophilia mainly.  GOD said if anyone of them go after any of MY family HE is going to take them out because it is illegal.

GOD said not even the people working for the NHS is getting paid because of the King George it is being funded. But the money is running out very quickly.

GOD said white people are going to starve black people won't starve.  The fuel pumps are going to dry out.  "I'll pay you to fly this plane I'll fill it there and back!"  GOD said the plane don't come back it is too expensive. the crew is murdered and the plan is hijacked. GOD said they are all MY planes they are not going out in that case.

GOD said HE is going to stop take food everywhere from the German's who are now putting radiation in the food they send it to Russia.  GOD the food companies producing the food are MINE.

GOD said the German's produce a lot of the food we buy in this country all over the world.  GOD said a lot of black people don't eat that type of food.  GOD said I don't have any children who eat baby food they started by putting broken glass in baby food.
GOD said I have farms HE is going to send the black people to take over.

GOD said HE will stop time so that they can take over.

The day I went into Tesco.  I woman he son and an older woman walked into Tesco.  The mother asked her son what he wanted to eat an said he can have anything just name it.  He told his mother he wanted a roast she was talking loud she shouted "Your not having a roast." GOD spoke to me there and then and said that s a mother who ill treat her son she just asked him what he wanted when he told her she said no GOD then said the boy has been touched by the paedophiles why HE came to speak to ME seeing as she knows who YOU are and came into the shop to show off to YOU she knows they cut YOU money off she reads what YOU re writing her son has HIV and none of YOUR have it now YOU can show off too.  

GOD said it didn't happen in the school at first it happened i her house she lets the paedophiles in.  Who keeps paying visits to her son at the school because they love the weighty child.  She is dog shit!

GOD said the paedophiles did it in front of her but knocked her out first when she woke up she found out both she and her son were raped and she kept quiet.  Told the son not to tell the dad.

GOD said that is the white woman the whole family has HIV even the mother who was with them. GOD said she is the reason the white woman why HE doesn't want ME to give away MY cure.

I heard her a few minutes ago "I told you I've got it." You nasty cheap no class woman.  What about your son?

GOD said the only reason she can afford to buy food is because the husband works.  If it was down o her she would drink and use the money for drugs.  GOD said the husband warned her before that he didn't want the type of people he saw her with in his house in the day time while he is a work the house become paedophile city.  GOD said the paedophiles only made friends with her because of her children.  GOD said David fucked her son he is about twelve  GOD said she has a little girl David went with as well.  GOD said she has locked it up from the husband.  GOD said the son was bleeding so was the little girl"Promise you won't tell anyone let it be our secret OK" "I won't tell anyone"

GOD said David cut the little girl with a Stanley knife to get in that is how young the child is.

GOD said the paedophiles knew she knew and kept quiet about so that the dad wouldn't find out.  That is why there has been heavy traffic in her sons bottom an mouth in school GOD let ME hear the the boys class teacher in the school he attends "Why does everyone keep going to that one?" "We don't want to do to many in case the parents find out his mum knows we have been there she won't tell." 

GOD told ME to go out to Tesco that day.  GOD said someone on here is going to tell the husband.

GOD said almost all of the police officers up the road has been with the little boy HE feels sorry for him because I feel sorry for him.  "I'm sore today again mum." "What's going on in that school they better not be letting those people in!"  GOD said the boy has every disease."

GOD said the council worker pack up the school jam packed waiting for their turn to go with the little boy.  GOD said they bash him because the mum won't tell.  GOD said some of the men call him their boyfriend they are regulars.

GOD said even the paedophiles next door has been with him.  GOD said HE saw her at the MY front door at the rally.

They are shouting "we are going to have to take out the whole family"  GOD said it is to hide their DNA on the little boy the whole family.

GOD said she has left the little girl with the paedophiles the women in David's team and has gone to the shop.  "I'll leave the men to talk in the kitchen I'll be quick."
GOD said whn she came back they wouldn't let her into her house they kept her standing on the door step until every man in there emptied himself in the little girl and told her if she tried to call for help they would take her and her family out. What and she is siding with them and wants to spite ME and wants MY children done.

GOD said the little girls hole looks liken an old woman so does the sons rectum. 

I don't want any white women siding with ME.

GOD said she only came into Tesco to show off on ME and pick up a couple of things she didn't need.  What kind of woman is that.  Where is the boundary line the cut off point?  When you stop doing the spite that which happened to her children is the worst.  There are a lot of dogs without tails!

All the white women teach their children is to get money and to defend it must not let the black people have any sit down a run down people all day no life skills the woman is shallow. She sits there teaching her children how to do spite she hollow.

GOD said the husband know she told him only because she has a big mouth he went for David David told his team to pin him down he was rapped. White people are dogs!

Back off you dogs!

The cheek of it she came into Tesco thinking she was better than ME.

That is the white people cheek!

GOD said HE want children and would never allow a white woman to have HIS children.

GOD said the husband knew David if she did listen to husband and leave the women in David's team at the school gates none of it would have happened but she fancied David why she didn't say anything when her children were sexually abused by him.  GOD said it is because of things I wrote about David why she ran into Tesco spite ME and it is because of how she felt about David why she waited outside of her her house while David and his  team sexually abuse her little girl.  GOD said she had sex with David before he sexually abused her children and she fell in love with him.  GOD said David was a regular visitor.

GOD said while she was in the bedroom fucking David she would leave the baby with the women in the team the men in there David's team would be raping the baby.  she could hear the child cry because they gave the baby the chemicals.  GOD said she is the other person down the road David would go to she was the hotel car park.  GOD said she was David's girlfriend right to the end why she is on here obsessively.

GOD said she said the rally people are all going to her.  GOD said she lives near to the end of the street they better stay down that end but if they show any signs even stares at MY children they are going to get taken out HE said they'd better all fit in her house HE doesn't want any loitering. Everyone of them are dogs like her same level.

GOD said those white women are spiteful to Nagwa they told her to meet them here and t take her son with her GOD said because I have informed them about about what is going to happen t them they have decided not to come here.  GOD said they read what I write but Nagwa doesn't know about what I am writing only what they tell her she hates ME being the QUEEN.   GOD it is because of her colour why they are spiteful to her they do it to each other but to the other colours first.  Black would be first on the list.

GOD said she is the person organising the rally.  She is upset about the things I wrote about David GOD said she is jealous.

GOD sid she is a very stinking woman David was a paedophile who went with prostitutes lots of people back and front and she has a husband.  GOD said she washed before she went with the husband but she still stink of shit.  GOD said all of the diseases David had she has.  GOD said even the mother is a stinking little whore.

GOD said everyone invited to the rally are on that woman's level even Nagwa.  GOD said Nagwa has cheated on her husband because of the white women she likes to play with at the school where she works.  GOD said the pushed her and she did it with one of the male teachers there.  GOD said itr happend after I left and went to Bristol.  GOD said Nagwa has HIV and so does the husband be he doesn't know.  GOD said the white women knew the teacher had it why they pushed her into having sex with him.  GOD said the do check they have friends who work in different place who can check secretly for them.  GOD said HE didn't want ME hanging out with Nagwa because she likes to spite in food and drinks he give to people.  GOD said she is a dog!

This morning I herd "What is SHE finished with HER American boyfriend now?" No! Why are you jealous?  When the writing on a page gets too long, it takes time to publish I have a slow connection. 

GOD continued speaking to ME this morning but the WI FI went off and the children were asleep so.

GOD said  Nagwa had sex with Mr Shannon the head at St Peters School he has HIV but she didn't catch it from him.  She caught it from a man outside the school gate she met while she was looking after the children in the play ground.  GOD said he wasn't David but like David he was dark skinned looking Jew.  GOD said he started speaking to her because he fancied her he knew he had it but thought she is not Jew and she is a married woman and doesn't care so he infected her and dropped her.  GOD said the women pushed her but after that they didn't need to push any more.

GOD said her son has HIV.

GOD said David found out about her being involved in the spite she bragged because she knew ME and knew spite was being done to ME.  GOD said they used Nagwa to make phone calls to do spite to ME.  GOD said David didn't send paedophiles into St Peters but to the school where her son attends.  GOD said to detangle from their webs HE get ME to write about them to clear MY name.  GOD said the spiters go to where I have been.

Something else GOD told ME the white woman doing the rally was asked to do it by someone because he said it was out of his jurisdiction.  GOD said it is the judge who gave the eviction letter even though it was out of his jurisdiction.  GOD showed ME a black haired man who asked him do something,  the judge said it was out of his jurisdiction.

GOD said Nagwa thinks her husband has cheated on her because of the hour he works but that husband doesn't cheat but the white women's husbands cheat.  Nagwa's friends thy have HIV.

GOD said Nagwa sat telling everybody about Julie Pound cheating on Martin but she had sex with the man straight after Julie.  GOD said I had just left and London and moved to Bristol.  GOD said she called Julie a dog and all sorts of names she is the dog and all the names she called Julie.  Julie was good girl, she was hurt because martin was in a gay relationship, but always said the man was just his friend.  GOD said Nagwa did want her husband because he was too good to her.  She always said he was too old for her.

GOD said it was her the rally who got up this morning and came on this and found out what I wrote about her and said "What has SHE finished with HER American boyfriend now?"  GOD said she contacted her friend a white woman.  GOD said she didn't tell the husband she and David were boyfriend and girlfriend and didn't finish. 

GOD said they went to see who I was writing about behind the Tesco camera and placed her at the hotel car park the night Regina and her family were raped tortured and murdered. 

GOD said she went out with David hoping to get things fro him but David didn't give her anything he bought drinks and paid for food and things but that was it.  After David was murdered and heard what was going to happen to the rest of his family she though she would go to see what she could get out of it.  GOD said she went with the friend she just called from her mobile phone.

GOD said her son is frightened to answer her back she beats him. GOD told ME that while I was in Tesco.  GOD said she beats the little girl as well.  GOD said social services said they are not going after her because they don't want those type of children in care homes because of the diseases.  GOD said she can not understand why HE wouldn't want her and would choose a black woman instead of her.  GOD said she can understand now.  GOD said she was hoping to get a car out of David like the one he had.  GOD said it was her who asked if they could keep the car and change the number plates she wanted it.

GOD said they took all of David's jewellery from his house everything of value and threw the stinking clothes why the bin was used and full last week at the front that bin doesn't get used.

GOD said David dragged the body of the judges daughter out of MY garden for his brother who he said was stupid for leaving it there because of other helicopters.  GOD said David was dirty why he didn't mind coming in MY dirty garden with dirty water to do spite.

GOD said as David was dragging the body he said he didn't care if I open the material I had up there he wasn't going to do anything to ME because all I would do is sit and write about it.

GOD said when he saw what I wrote he couldn't stop laughing.

GOD David was a Kray David Kray I named him David Westfield.  GOD said David had lots of girlfriends it wasn't just her.

The night I heard David dragging the body I knew what he was doing that is why I didn't look.  David was a bastard that is how I saw him.

GOD said David saw ME as a bitch and a naughty friend same levels. GOD said the older Krays Ronnie and Reggie like William MY mum's husband like David liked ME. GOD said David only knocked MY door because his girlfriend t the other end told him to and said it was time MY children were sexually abused.  GOD said that is why HE never let ME see David properly had I recognised him good I would have opened the door David was on a high.  GOD said that woman is piece of faeces.  At the bar David's hair was short it grew fast when he knocked the door it was long he looked short inside the house it is raised it was dark outside MY eye sight is not too good at times.  Jake came and started telling ME off for being horrible.  David left.

GOD said HE is going to give the Krays some of it HE is going to give small amounts to the the people running the businesses.  HE told ME that days ago.  He showed ME some naughty white men who are putting out lots of different brands of tobacco and doing deals so they say and said they are doing it because they are heavy heavy smoker and think they are going to loose their jobs because I am hear.

GOD said HE love them they are funny but not her.

GOD said they have not made it cheaper it is the same price they said they don't want to take liberties but they have made smaller packets smaller and said it is in case doesn't have enough money an can just scrape a couple of quid they said the are not petty and have given rolling paper away for free in case some needs a smoke and afford the rolling paper.  They crack GOD and I up something chronic.  GOD said they are thinking of themselves while they are doing it,  GOD said it is because they work there they are highly addicted.  One of them said "we better respect HER so that SHE doesn't kick us out of a job."  GOD said he was sweating.  Ah.

GOD said they are making rolling tobacco for every brand of cigarettes they smoke they all like different brands in case the can not afford to buy cigarettes because they are more expensive and finish quicker.  GOD  said they are very respectful towards ME because of the addiction.  GOD said they told the white women who are addicted like them that they are not getting involved.  GOD said they are nice.

GOD said they don't have access to the accounts they sell to their friends.  GOD said HE is not giving the white women only the white men so that they can control her.

A GOD just told ME something. "David can you buy me a car."
"I'd buy a car but how would you explain it to your husband?"
GOD said David would have sat with her because she let go with her children and her but she had a husband.
"OK if you come to Westfield I'll buy you a ticket and let you win a car I'll make sure it is the winning ticket." 

GOD said the car David was driving he won for her, but didn't want to give it to her because he thought she was a piece of shit for trying to get him to sexually assault MY children and murder MY whole family because of her jealousy towards ME, and felt if he was going to give the car to any one it would be ME| because he felt I was more deserving because I am a nicer person he became familiar with.   GOD said I put David Westfield on map.  GOD said getting her that car caused lots of jealousy with the men and women at Westfield.  GOD said that is what sparked it all off they said it was stealing.  David told them it all belonged to his family how was it?   GOD said the girl knew David got the car for her and that is why she went to the hotel car park to ask if she could have it because David got it for her.  GOD said some people knew it was for her but some heard it was for a woman and automatically thought it was for ME. GOD said people went wild  GOD said after she told them it was for her they smashed it up in front of her face.  GOD aid that is how they behave.

GOD said David told them he would rather give it to ME.  They though he was going to give it to ME.  When hey saw ME on the the road with Myles the night we went to the shop panic buttons were pressed.  GOD said they had a set up if he gave ME the the team would move and take him out.

GOD said David got the car that day.

GOD said David was kind and was thinking the car wasn't big enough for ME and MY family I'd have to leave some at home and that he would start putting family cars on display in competitions.  He thought he would let her have that one.

GOD said the air brusher started smashing it and said it was an insult to the white woman because David said he was going to give it to the black woman.  GOD said that is why the old woman's son attacked David.  GOD said thy didn't want David nowhere near this street with the car in case he gave it to ME.  GOD said that is why the whole family were taken down.  GOD said it was their insult to ME why HE told ME to go out there!

GOD showed ME what looked like an army of white men gone out in droves to take out all those who took out their family.  Good!

GOD let ME hear two white woman who just said "An insult to HER how can it be an insult to HER?" Because it belongs to family and what am I a piece of shit? Why I am not allowed anything because the white woman said so. GOD said everyone who HE lets ME listen to apart from those on the opposite side like those avenging the murders. are getting taken out yes that means you two as well.

GOD said he is making sure none of you get away.  Something else GOD told ME this morning it was the girl down the street who lied and said she was afraid David would give ME the car and she want him stopped.  GOD said she told them that David rigged it and won it for her and said he felt I deserved it more.  GOD said David only want the sex he could get from there.

GOD said that white woman gave the order for them to murder MY whole family and to take the car from David and to give it to her and to murder David for the insult he gave to white women. That is a white dog to max!  She has got the cheek to see herself as more.  GOD the men who sexually abuse her son and little girl regularly felt she deserved compensation he cousin Muse jumped in there an said yes.  GOD said it was a build up.  She panic button even before the car came she wanted to insure she got it.  GOD said she told the men she knew they were sexually abusing her son and that she had not said anything, none of them got into any trouble for it.

GOD said she so desperate for the car she said to the policeman "I'm not upset by you abusing my son at school I know you are doing it.  I was at first but t"he damage has already been done and it it is like going to the toilet to do a no.2 and I do that myself after a while it doesn't hurt you can carry on."  Oh GOD!

GOD said the child is embarrassed he knows what is happening to him his mum has told him and said it is OK .  GOD said if see is rectum.  GOD said he doesn't have to push when he goes to the toilet GOD told ME in Tesco she the white woman sold her son into child sex slavery. That mother she doesn't care as long as she gets things.

GOD said she doesn't think she is better than ME that is why she is jealous of ME why she sold her children into sex slavery "You can do my little girl if you like!"
"It's a done deal like Lorraine Rees said."  GOD showed ME the lead singer from Muse he went into her house and sexually abused her children.  With her permission why her children will not get taken out by them.  GOD said she did contact the school to give her permission for the paedophiles to go in and sexually abuse her son.

Regardless of that what about government policies Every child matters he has human rights!  It is all evil. GOD said the school is closed but they prefer to use her house.  GOD said there is heavy traffic lots of callers people she doesn't even know the lead singer brings lots of new face from the music business she sits and talks with them while they are waiting in the cure to have sex with her children.  She should die a very very slow death.

GOD said she has money in her account now.  GOD said she and the mother run the business "I've never been with an older lady before."
"It has been a long time since I have had a young man."  GOD said the business is in full swing David would have controlled it.  She lets anyone in.

GOD said lots of musicians have been seen on camera from the main road coming on to this street with their instruments and some thought they were coming to ME.  This is her "The music you are playing makes a nice atmosphere while all of this is going on."  GOD sad the children are not given the chemicals like when David was there.  they are told which positions to stay still in. 

GOD said she give different day for people on the road to go like the German's next door, and different days for the officials and different days for the musicians.  "Can't you squeeze me in? Your on a different day no I'm sorry."  GOD sad she is thinking of having more children for the business but she has HIV and know they would tell her to terminate the pregnancy. "I want you to do what they tell you when they come they won't hurt you that is how I can buy you boos and toys and nice clothes."

GOD said that is why the police are not coming her in packing upthe street with their cars.  "I wish there were more mother like you!  I hate mothers like Lorraine Rees."

I wonder if his wife who has his children will do it?  Let ME leave it there.

GOD said she is the only person pushing for the eviction Foruk got taken out by the team.  Luke MY nephew bout some Indian for Jake to celebrate his birthday the napkins he was given had the trade mare The Ritz London and an emblem.  Yesterday I asked Luke where he bought the food from he said Farhanna's.  GOD said Foruk never stole them Regina gave them to him listen "Take some napkins for your shop you can advertise for us."  GOD said Foruk didn't want to use them he put them under the counter on a little shelve in case they came n he could pretend he was using them.  GOD said that is ho high Foruk was put to do he spite to ME and other people for them.  GOD said people have died after eating from his shop.  We never ate from there.  GOD said the people in there now saw the napkins and used them to save money but don't know why they were put there.  OD said they took Foruk out to hid the things he was asked by them to do. It is because the American's came over.  GOD said because of what that white woman is doing for the paedophiles, anything she asks for they give it to her they said she is the queen and said she is standing in as queen. 

The first and last time I saw that woman was in Tesco on Jake's birthday.

GOD said it is going to keep happening while I am on this level They spite us and we don't know them but they have seen us why HE is taking us up!

This is dog street MY family and I are not dogs we don't belong here.

GOD said they were arguing the woman and the police people at the car park because she used the other team of paedophiles to murder David, some of the police who were there left because they didn't agree with what was happening why they group who didn't agree smashed up the car.  GOD said they were worried about their families.  They felt she was a piece of shit to murder David over a car.  the team was trying to take over and some didn't agree.  

GOD wants to know if I am hearing HIM loud and clear and do I understand the drill for tomorrow.  Yes SIR!  I tell YOU in a little while. 


Early start I need to get washed and dressed Sir!
I won't even bother going to sleep.

You going to stop Jake at the door he starts a new job tomorrow Sir!
That's good.

Ryan is going to be told to clean up his room Sir!
Good serves you right!

We all have to pack up the rubbish Sir ready to be taken by a van Sir!
I hope HE has got something to wear.

We are going through Central London Sir  get Davina on the way!
Scary I hope HE doesn't want us to shop.

I must not say no.  I must not say no. I must not say no.....  ET go home! ET go home! ET go home!

You are in the studio Sir!
I'll probably need sleep first.

This morning I heard the people who in Foruks shop one of them said "Stop using the tissue.  I think they have found out."  GOD said they are posing as Foruk's family.  GOD said those important gun shot I heard the other day out the back garden which Ruby thought was fireworks was Foruks family being murdered.   

GOD said Regina MYSELF nor Foruk turned up to the eviction court case.  GOD said Foruk was warned not to go because it was not his house. 

I heard a white man and woman speaking this morning. She said "Why did you put Asian's in the shop why didn't you put white people."  He said "They wouldn't look like Foruk's family then would they?  You girls are so stupid it worries me." 

GOD said the judge at the eviction court case was murdered for the paedophilia.  He told the man it was out of his jurisdiction because the man asked to grant the order even though all in question had not showed up for the hearing.  GOD said the man wrote out the letter himself.  

When I saw that letter it looked doggy no eviction time a printed signature.  it was an empty letter.  GOD said the man used the judges signature it was fraud and murder.  GOD said he murdered him so that he could write and send the order.

This morning I heard people waking each other come lets go!  Then I heard we have been told not to go to HER door.

GOD showed ME a white man and woman "It was worth a try."
She kissed him and said "Thanks for trying for me." GOD said it was the man who murdered the judge at the eviction hearing with his new found girlfriend.

Thank you I hope I get to meet you?  We are half starved.

Jake got the sack GOD said the boss was told to give Jake a hard time.  Ryan has just been paid and hardly has any money left.  Andy helps a lot but does't get much.  I don't have 1 pence what Andy gave ME this week I put in the gas and electric and food. 

GOD said they have been putting out sanitary towed with diseases in this area and know MY cycle they have just put some out and did last month.  I just want to warn other women.  GOD said Boots, Asda, Tesco even in the Asian shops.  GOD said it is the white woman who works in Tesco at the bottom of MY street.  GOD said she is very spiteful white woman a man was in it as well,  GOD said he ejaculated inside the packet waited for it to dry then sealed it he is doing it to all of the packets. he has everything he is a paedophile.  She has been rubbing the pads on virgina and sealing the packets she has HIV and herpes.

I am listening to women "Please don't tell me that?" Last month they waited for Myles.  But just happen to get it somewhere else.

I just heard a white who said "it is a gun fight but I thank HER for telling us." I don't want a gun!

Myles said to ME last month there was only one packet of sanitary towels in Tesco and it look as if it had been opened why he didn't but and said "I know you would not have wanted those would YOU?  I know hat you are like if one fall YOU throw it." 

GOD he murdered all of the judges in that court for her so that she could keep this house.  GOD said they know Regina and her family are gone.  GOD said are the team who helped take them down.  
GOD said that man is not a judge but works at the court in Romford.  GOD said a lot of white women are making commitments to sleep with the men so that they will do the spite for them.  GOD said that is why she got with him because he works at the court that was dealing with the eviction order.  GOD said it is the woman David's girlfriend who wants this house.  GOD said they are calling her the queen.  GOD said the judge has family they are the one ho said it is a gun fight   

GOD said the family of the lead singer in Muse are looking for him.  He has been murdered.  GOD said he was murdered in her house.  by other musicians, who HE showed ME running out of there after they did it.   

GOD said it happened the dy I wrote I am not taking down his music.  GOD said she said she doesn't know the names of the musician's who did it their names are in her book the go there by appointments.  GOD said she left her mum with her children.  While she went with other musician's who were there to help dispose of his body.

Something else GOD told ME yesterday.  She murdered her husband out side of the hotel the night Regina and the rest of her family were murdered. GOD said lots of people were there and saw her do it.  They were having an argument.  GOD said he left the son to look after the daughter when he found out where she was and what was happening there.  He told her to go home and look after his children and not to get involved.  GOD said she hid that his children were sexually abused and didn't want him to find out because of his behaviour so she slashed his throat.  Someone gave her a knife the same knife used on David.

GOD said as soon as she did it she dropped the knife on the ground and went into the hotel to was her hands.  GOD avid's car took pictures and they are still there.  GOD said it was the woman who slashed David's throat to finish him off who told her what to do and she did it.  GOD said she kept thinking about murdering him to keep hidden that her children were both sexually assaulted by David.  GOD said at that point it was only David.

GOD said the family of the singer wants to know where they put his body.  GOD said usual place that group like using the steps.  GOD said that is why HE said they are contaminating the Thames. she showed them. Someone showed her after she murdered her husband. "Come I'll show you where we keep our stash!"

GOD said a trillionaire, billionaires and lots of millionaires make appointments with her and she allows them to go to her house and sexually abuse her children all they give her are £40 insults. some tip her children £5 or £10.  GOD said someone told them not to give her too much because they want her to stay there doing it.  GOD said some of the paedophiles after they finish with her children throw money on them while they are in a dog position, and get turned on by it and start again why they tip.  GOD said the man are left with the children on their own.  Sometimes she hears her children cry out and they won't let her in the room.  GOD told ME yesterday this is not dog Street it's Beast Street!  HE said what dog street?  Beast Street!  HE said I only show YOU some of the things which happen down on this street.  Because I am detangling YOU!

GOD said she knows about YOU money she told them she didn't want it put back on and they listened to her.

GOD said a big fight broke out in her house among the musician's about who's turn it was to have sex with her children the singer had just walked in and went straight into the room with the little girl and said he had led them there so he didn't care.  GOD said Theo's name came up those musician's don't know of ME but they had worked with Theo on the music Madness some of them who were in there on other songs unrelated to Muse.  GOD said Theo was already up there because he was good. GOD said HE was bitching like ME. Theo was a better producer than ME.

GOD said they liked this road because there are no cameras but don't know about ME and that I have cameras.  GOD said his throat was slashed she spent hours cleaning up the blood which she cannot get off her sofa.  She has to buy a new one.  GOD said it happened right in front her children, when the argument flared up everyone stopped doing the sex and went to see what was happening including the children who were worried bout their mother.  GOD said they were afraid of being left there on there own with the paedophiles.

GOD said all of the men in there were German's the band members in Muse. GOD said they have been helping the family look for the singer.  one of them said "Seeing as you murdered Theo you can get murdered I liked Theo better than I like you I don't like you!"

GOD said there were other men in the house having sex with the grand mother and mother they are all prostitutes.  GOD said there were policemen and people from David's team some of the people I saw David with at the bar.

GOD let ME hear a white woman speaking to a white man yesterday she wanted ME to help her find out what happened to the singer it was his mother it was drummed into her not to come here and ask.  I don't want people knocking.  GOD said because he was speaking for ME HE let ME help her he was there. 

GOD said he did not do the murder but helped to dispose of the body.  I know who it is it is Matthew.  The man in the high waisted suit who I spoke to in the bar who was with David and his crew when the broke Ryan's finger.

GOD said Matthew didn't go with her he showed her where to place the body.

I like Matthew I don't like what he does.   I felt comfortable airing MY views to Matthew more than anyone in that bar.  There is something really nice about his.  I not wrong. GOD said Matthew is the nicest out of the lot of them why he showed her.   He didn't want to get involved.  But he was there.  GOD said I am not wrong.

GOD said he doesn't want the singers family hurting ME.  That is someone I forgive he messed up.

GOD said it wasn't David it was Matthew who I fell in love with.  I want Matthew to have MY cure.  Move away from that shit Matthew.

Matthew I mean it,I want you to walk away from all of it, everyone it it get murdered.  Its sods law.

GOD said it was your spirit I was speaking to on MY path.  But HE stopped it.  GOD said it is the mother of the singer who would have done it.  But the family get taken out.  GOD said just because you tell them where to put the body.  He was a piece of shit anyway.  GOD said she already found out that is why HE told ME to write about your involvement because they have shifted all of the blame on you secretly to get out of the shit and said you did it. GOD said the mother was shown where the girl live and went there.

GOD said the whole are now after you she managed to convince them.  GOD said it was her she did it because he made her child cry out.  The men held him so that she could do it.  Oh GOD said he murdered her daughter in there.

GOD said she is a Tracy Regan everywhere she goes she causes trouble. It follows her.  GOD said that is why she only had her son when I saw her.  It happened before I gave the accounts of the singer getting Theo murdered.  GOD said it was him who shot Theo.
GOD said he murdered the little girl right in front of her mother in front of everyone to spite the men in the cue. Because of the argument they were having because he pushed in.

GOD said the boy could around but he put the little girl in chains.  How can that mother et upset?  Maybe it was the lose of business that upset her.

Years ago when Ryan and was just born Tracy Regan kept telling ME to leave him with her I said no I don't leave MY children with anyone.  GOD said she did the same as this mother and her son Rodger Regan into child sex slavery for drugs.  The little boy she looked after she sold he was murdered.  The white woman.

GOD said Rodger has HIV and caught it from a young age.  HE is looking at how man people HE infected.

She kept begging for ME to leave Davina with her to play with Rodger.  I said no.  GOD said she didn't want her son used.  Matthew I'll whisper the cure in your ear.  
I bet you miss David.

Matthew you will have to come and meet ME I trust you. 

GOD said David told Matthew it was OK to help ME Matthew dealt with what happened at the bar.  GOD said Matthew is the one who got Ryan out.  Matthew was the one crying for ME he is sensitive. GOD said Matthew just paid the rent.  Matthew I wanted to give you the cure before GOD informed ME about what you have been doing for ME.

GOD said Matthew didn't touch her children he has taken over from David and is supplying the chemicals because it is inhumane. 

GOD said Matthew is not David.  It is not you problem to worry being there is how you get involved.  Don't make it easy for them. Make them live with themselves.  GOD some of them see the faces of there children in the children they are abusing let them see it.

GOD said Matthew is not a paedophile that was where it started because of the chemical he went to take.  GOD said HE didn't want him to start it because he kept himself good why HE let the singer put the child out of her misery. 

"She is the same as me she had the same smell as me before she was touched.  They are going to do it when hey are older anyway the hole is going to look the same size when they are older, might as well give the an early start they are my children anyway."

GOD said Matthew got involved in rape but not murder or paedophilia. 

Matthew do you think you can get MY money on tomorrow.  It is enough.

GOD said she said it is the same but the baby's womb  has been knocked out.  GOD said that is a prolapsed womb.  I heard a white woman "He paid the rent lets send him a begging letter."  GOD said they are going after him now.  GOD said HE s going to take her out.

GOD showed ME Rodger who was crying and he was sorry he didn't know he had HIV.  GOD said Rodger is nice.

GOD said Matthew doesn't have HIV it was Rodger who HE showed ME upset because he infected his girlfriend and didn't know he had it.  GOD said Rodger grew up good and stays one place. 

GOD said member of the band in Muse got murdered the German's helped.

GOD said as they were running to get away the were getting chopped up why they were trying to get away.  GOD said it was the people next door holding the axes, cutlasses and choppers the tea sent for them the tea helped to so that Muse didn't escape.

GOD said the German's next door show a lot of disrespect and said OK the lead singer but the other band members were just sitting down waiting there turn and playing their instruments and they started chopping hem up.  GOD said it was jealousy.  The team said they were showing off on them. GOD said same like what they have been doing to ME.  musician's play music how is it showing of? You cunts! It is visual it is audio fucking jealous fools.

GOD said it was the white women in the team who started it and wanted them taken out because of their jealousy.

GOD said they were paedophiles and there was under age sex taking place but the mother opened up her house as a brothel and gave consent for the paedophiles to have sex with her children.  GOD said the music made it atmospheric.  It was calming. GOD said it was the money levels they reached the white women in there thought the £40 were insults.  These white women like to fass up themselves. They are sickening with greedy selves.  

GOD said the mother named she and her children's price.
GOD said she was calling for more men so that she could make more money.  GOD said she was sore.  She is a dirty greedy woman.

They paid too much she is a nasty stinking worthless woman.  She is cheep  GOD said these white women like to turn it around turn it back around for her.  GOD said the white women in there who were also selling their rotten virgina's were jealous of how much money she was making from using er children as sex slaves. 

GOD said they asked the millionaire for more money said they want the same as the mother/madam and they were told no because they were told not to pay any more.  GOD said it was them who called the German's from next door and gave them an order of spite.  That is how bad minded white women are.  GOD said it was all fun and games for the German's next door who like chopping people up alive. 

Friday, 29 August 2014


You very trouble making aren't you?  I have been looking at you your very jealous natured.  You are over here you want a fuck don't you?  That is why you came.  I need to do a few things first then I will meet you. Did you get MY house for ME?  I heard you earlier. " If SHE thinks....." It was straight after I wrote about the ticks I gave to Andy.   Yes I want to fuck you. I know what you look like black hair tall hansom really white teeth black suite slim.  I saw you grabbing your cock. You clean.  You said you know how to deal with ME.  OK! I don't like being fucked up the ass!  Is that OK?  But you can fuck ME back ways.  I let you thrust in MY mouth.  I'll push MY tongue your ass do you like that?  I get a little carried away some times you might get a slap will that offend you? Well if MY children were not up Id be you know.....? only because I saw you grabbing it. I'm going to sleep now to think of what I'm going to get from you! 

This morning I heard "Do you know where I can get chloroform from?"  You will get taken out for it show respect!

This morning My American boyfriend shouted in MY ear "I just like you!" That scares ME. Really.

Andy was easy he didn't give ME any trouble. It's GOD the American boyfriend.  Your not nice.  Your very over the top, why do you shout?  You don't like ME going out with MY friends.  You told ME to get out.  I don't know if I can handle it.  I'm a calm person.

Your going to have to calm down.  I want you lively don't want lots of arguments.

You went and got your gun!  It was because I was laughing at you while you were arguing with ME.  OK I wounded you up.  But why did you have to get your gun? I expect you to walk out.

You threw scissors that is what upset ME.  I saw it a few weeks ago. I blew it downwards.  You didn't aim it at anyone.

You going to have to behave yourself around the children. I don't care about what you do when they are not in the room or around.

He said he will behave himself.  
That's good!
I heard you just now you said"What does Andy think? I would never give him a woman as good as mine!" 

I can't wait to see you now.

Hi I am still here MY boyfriend is local I need you.  I know what you do for a living you are a bodyguard. 

I wish I could say something to the four judges but not on here I want you to go and get something.  GOD said I can leave MY children with those 4 judges and go out.   I'd like that,  I'm joking.

I want the judges to come here to ME.  I'll inform you later on times.  When the appointed time comes I'll tell you what to do next you'll to wait MY instruction.  I know you will come. When you come come with your guns keep them in your cars.  It is not dangerous, Just have them.  I want you to come later today 8pm  22nd August 2014.  When you are outside MY house wait be prompt you can bring who you like don't make it look too busy.d

To MY boyfriend help the judges.  Be around.  Can I see you later?  I want a kiss.

I still haven't had any money. 

I've had lots of updates I don't ant to write the judges know what happened to the other judge.

I know 2 bodyguards come to MY door,  I only want to fuck one.  Later not today.  I want the tall one the other one has been naughty.

The naughty bodyguards name is David,  I don't know what MY boyfriend's name is.
Hey naughty GOD showed ME what you did,  you looked at MY picture said  " want YOU but I want to have her first."
GOD said it was a black whore she gave you HIV she knew she had it.

GOD said after she did it she said "Go and help Lorraine.". in a subtle soft voice.  GOD said she is very spiteful.   She gets murdered for it. I have the cure don't worry.

MY boyfriend is funny he eats a lot.  I want you slim.  I'll slim down.

I'll feed you friends.

You need to be looked after.  I'll cook healthy meals.  I love lots of sea food, vegetables, salads, fruit. You can still eat the foods you like I make MY own burgers from mince I don't add anything apart from toppings but it is healthier. 
 I love BBQ food cooked on real coal.

GOD showed ME MR Toy story he only wanted a burger he asked for a knife and fork.  Then he asked if there were any more GOD said he ate everything I put on the menu.  

I'll put some West Indian food on the menu I'll  cook some Chinese and Indian food for you as well. I'll throw a party.  Your invited.

There are lots of people can invite lets not go too over the top.  I'll invite the judges.  Nice people.  My son's will fill it with girls I'll control it.

I'll get some whores Jake and Ryan's friends are good girls. 

GOD said all Mr Toy Story wants is the cure.  Oh!  GOD said you leave with Jake and Ryan's friend she has HIV, you are still with.  She is mixed race.  I get stressed if I think people will hurt MY children.  You should have some so you can understand.

When the cure is made up.  I will take of friends and family first. I don't give a shit about the rest of you.  Some of you I will never give it to..

Yesterday I heard "Why did HE give it to HER SHE hasn't got it."  Your rude it is MY cure.  
"She should give it to the children in the schools."  Why didn't you stop the paedophilia.  Those children are not MY priority I don't care about them.  You don't give a shit about Mine.

GOD said anyone who show disrespect like going to a hospital for the people there to analyse what they have been give will be given the cure but will get taken out to stop them being analysed.  I give the cure to black people. 

GOD said 999 calls go straight to GCHQ.  They are the people who take the emergency call and pass it on to the police, fire or ambulance services.

Message to the 4 judges please show up.  At 18.05 I'm going to give out information I don't want anyone else to get what I am giving you.

I'll do this now rather than later why procrastinate I'm holding on to things for later after I give you what I want to give you but GOD said the father and son judges were in the end house the night David was taken in there raped tortured and murdered.  GOD said listen.  "I don't want to see you doing it." "I don't want to see you doing it either."  "Why don't you go in first I'll go in later there are different sittings."
"I'll see you later after we have finished."  GOD said that is why father made himself head judge.

I'm going to make sure it is safe for the four judges.  I'm coming..

Hi judges I need to tell you something I know about what happened to the female judge I was talking to the other day she got raped and murdered same levels as what her family an father has been doing to others.  GOD said it was her father who sent her to GCHQ on her own.  Don't feel bad.  She showed up to Wapping to get the bodies because her fathers DNA is in David's body. She turned it into race with you.  

GOD said he her father has sent people out to murder MY family.  GOD said that is why HE is letting them murder his family. That is the juge GOD showed ME drinking ugly fat little man his is a piece of shit.  GOD said the other female judges at the Old Bailey are in it.  It is only you 4 in the whole country who are not.  GOD said hundred rape the female judge because of how she was behaving.  Because of who she was.  GOD said it was the selfishness as well she only went to clean up her family's shit.  GOD said the man who I heard as he was say it "Where can I get chloroform?" was shout "it is inhuman I know she is getting take out but she is a white woman if she was black I would care!" 

GOD said the American's GOD bless them.  Went to the court and spoke to the judges and told them to leave Ryan and Jake to release them because they want to do music with ME and threatened to murder all of them if they didn't.  GOD said Regina and her sister Elizabeth didn't like it and threatened to turn all the judges in if they let Ryan go.  That is why they started taking out her family.. GOD said the prostitutes were told to help take David out why the male prostitute went to the hotel to protect the white girl, the Asian girl just jump in the car David was showing of because he saw ME.  I'll tell you something later.

GOD said the prostitute said she needed a reason to murder David why she kept going in and out of the hotel room to her friend who was helping to jeer her on.

GOD said the blond prostitute was the one David always went down the road to see, he liked the way she looked.  GOD said if she was busy he would then use a different girl.  GOD said she was street and would talk to David and tell everything that was happening that is how he kept up to date.

GOD said she was told to turn down work that day.  GOD said i t happened early hours of the morning and later that day the rest of his family was murdered that was the Carrington's HE told ME about which I wrote about in South Woodford.

GOD said Regina threatened to turn all of the judges over to the Americans.

I don't think I am going to get MY kiss today.

GOD said the policeman shouting for chloroform pretending to be the good Samaritan had already emptied himself in the female judge.  GOD said the place was full of policemen doing the rape.  GOD showed ME the policeman the best air brusher he started it and was he person who made the decision to take down the female judge.  To protect himself.  because of what he wanted to do with David's mutilated body parts.

GOD said she and he were fighting over the body pieces.

GOD said it is the dissing that I give white people why MY music is still sitting there the American's have taken offence.  GOD said the final straw for the American's was the "keys."  GOD said lots of white American's behave themselves.

The key was a white man's joke Dave's gay joke.  For Richard and his friend's.  I had a BBQ Richards friends came Richard was living with ME I was seeing Dave Dave's white friends came all of his friends were white.  GOD said they kept themselves to themselves and cracked joke it was Ted's joke.  Richards friend were all white except for Freddie.

It was the worse party ever.  GOD said it wasn't it is because they didn't tell ME what was happening because I was busy trying to keep everyone happy.  GOD said Dave and his friends were falling on the ground and tears were rolling down their faces.  The gay friends were running in and out talking to Richard because they fancied Ted and were convince Ted fancied them including the other men because of the looks Dave and his friends were giving them.

GOD said that is where it started for some of Dave's friend who became gay .  Bob was closet gay.  GOD said they went to the front of the house on the street to talk quietly.

I was the only woman there the men left the wives at home.  I think some came for a short while and left.  GOD said the gay men got men from the heterosexual group.  Phone number were exchanged.  GOD said that is what it is like at parties like that straight men don't want anyone to know.  Oh!

GOD said that is why that group of Dave's friends came to the party including Dave.  I thought they were being horrible to Richards friends.

GOD said most of the American's in the entertainment business are gay like those two out the front.  It is because I have the cure. Oh! OK! I want you to help look after the 4 judges tonight.

GOD said Regina and her sister Elizabeth murdered Theo Gordon.  GODsaid it was the team who did it for them and they are trying to blame it on Roots Manuver.  GOD said Roots Manuver know about the murder they were with him when it happened.  It was because Elizabeth wanted to still all MY work but didn't want anyone to know it was her how would have put it out there Regina was the same.  So they used Theo they said "We want you to sign a life long contract in return he could have all of MY work and she would also put him up on the millionaire level. "  GOD said Elizabeth didn't pay Theo Theo is the greedy little man who said yes to ripping ME off because he is white and I am black and he wanted to get up there.  GOD said that is the disrespect of the white people HE doesn't like.  GOD said that is why HE told ME to give the songs away Elizabeth sat at the Top of Universal so it was given to her.  "Theo is shit why do we need Theo"  GOD said she said it like that only because he worked with ME.

GOD said the team tried to say it was I who murdered Theo.  GOD said the policeman who said it to one of the 4 judges was the one who murdered Theo  "Don't insult my intelligence Lorraine Rees doesn't go anywhere"
Well perhaps it was Roots Manuver then!" Watch your back.

GOD said they shot Theo infront of Roots Manuver to warn them not to say anything.  GOD said they asks Roots Manuver to sign as well they said no they are not doing it to anyone but a black woman no and a friend of The no.  GOD said they let them go they would have let Theo go as well had he said no.  GOD said the white people don't mind showing that disrespect when it comes to black people.  GOD said the night I wrote about the key that was the white friend the black people moved away from he was about to be shot.

GOD said the policeman sad he was only joking when he said it was ME but strongly felt it was roots Manuver.

It is almost time for ME to give you the information the Americans are and will stay here.  GOD said they won't leave lots of draggings tonight.  

I want the 4 judges to gain entry to the house with the brown wooden blinds opposite Mine, keep watch back and front.   To gain access you you'll need to go to the other street parallel to this one.  Go upstairs look under the bed you will find a back book which belonged to David with all the name of the judges everyone he supplied the chloroform drug to, that was David's job.  GOD said inside are lots of recording of the house.  GOD said they put a sound device inside the Russian's house. They took him out and they put oner in the end house.  David was recording just being nosey nothing was on that night when he saw ME going to the shop with Myles the night he was murdered and rushed out and forgot to turn the switch off.  The tape ran out but you hear David's screams.  GOD said only Regina and her family went in there no one else was allowed why when he dropped his book he said he would get it later. 

GOD said that is the tape HE showed ME Michelle destroying HE just let ME insult her GOD said she was just getting ready to go in there for herself because she helped to murder Barak Obama and his family.  That is the only time she went in there and because the Americans are here she has been worrying about it.

One last thing the switch is under the side table top in the room upstairs.  Lots of people want to go in now but only you get it the Americans don't go back in there they saw the book but left it.  The team know what is in there but were afraid to go in case the German's found them in there.  

Last week GOD told ME they they sent the German people from next door into the end house to take out the Turkish family Asians straight from India are moving in as I type,  GOD said they asked the Asian people here to take out MY family and I and they said no we are a nice family.  They sent an Asian person to India to get people to do it in exchange for the house and jobs. "is SHE watching?"  "No SHE was standing outside waiting for HER children"  "SHE showed a lot of disrespect standing out there looking SHE should have stuck to looking one way instead of at us!"  GOD said they are jeering themselves up to murdering MY family. "Is SHE looking SHE might call someone we need a house we have come all this way."  GOD said Barking council has told them they have to break in. They can no be seen to be helping them. GOD they are all going to get taken out HE wants the Asian people to see the disrespect of those people coming here for that,and wants you to see the disrespect of what your families are being used for.  GOD said an Asian family here turned it down so they went there and called their family members.

GOD said it is the German's the stinking voice woman who has gone up there to take over she is looking for the accounts they are in the house with the brown blinds I gave you everything message to the 4 judges.

Hey the Asian's have left big containers out side.  GOD said they are for ME and MY family.  Shit!!!!  GOD said even the dole money is controlled in the house.  Everyone is fucked those judges better have people in there.

GOD said the judges thought I was trying to get them here under false pretences the American went back in the take control of the accounts hold them for ME thank you.

GOD said MY American boyfriend aid it is all for his GIRL.  The best GIRL in the world.  GOD said everyone has been tearing up the place looking for the account.  Oh dear! To the judges there are lots of pictures of children and their families who they murdered.

He said he fell in love with ME.  I'd better finish MY hair only a little left to do.

GOD said that is how they controlled everyone.  GOD said that is why David was always here he moved in there and called it central control.  GOD said everything has been sucked out why HE didn't want ME on here writing HE said I am super quick at the accounts but MY typing is slow.

GOD said I don't pay the police they are voluntary.  I have MY own Police American's. 

GOD said the white girls are crying.  So is Shirley he said he took it today because they didn't come.

GOD said Elizabeth stopped paying the British police. 

It's hilarious GOD said the police ran to the dole office and said they are taking some they were told it is for the people and that they couldn't take it.  They told them they can have some but they have to join the dole cue.  Same with the judges.

GOD said Regina set it off after they murdered her son.

GOD said I give the 4 judges 3 trillion they are the contractors they pay their team.

GOD said I was in Regina's way it was nothing personal she wanting to evict ME.  David and his family didn't know about the end time message.  They paid a white woman who was coming on MY site and taking bits of what I wrote and told them.  She told them she could read into the future "Devastation lots of devastation! " "What do you see now?" "More devastation!"

GOD said she goes in the house where the paedophiles live on this street and the other street she is not a paedophile but they tell her everything to help her with her predictions.  GOD said there is always lots of laughter.

My American boyfriend shifted all of the gold that was in the house opposite.  GOD said David was the most trusted member of family.

GOD said she took all the money back from the councils.  

GOD said she dismissed all of the judges and police she threw away all of her workers. 

I was in her way because she want a door put in here so that the paedophiles could take people through the whole block of houses without having to stop.  Why do I bother with you!

I love the white woman for what she did to you,  it can stay.

GOD said all arrests done by the police and the judging being done by the judges are all illegal you have been dismissed that is why when you go after MY family HE is going to take you before you can do it.  You dogs! 

GOD told ME Michelle and Andy are walking hand in had it was Andy who told Michelle what he wanted he said"He wanted ME thrown out penniless and that MY children should be taken from ME."  Why HE told ME to insult her.  HE showed ME Andy and said Lorraine look she is pumping Andy, Andy isn't wearing a condom look at the soar on her.  She is a gaping hole.  Andy is behaving like she is you the woman who he woke up with every morning with for the past 10 years she is a whore. GOD shook his head.

GOD said Andy didn't get any enjoyment from the sex she gave him, It was a stinking gaping hole he learned about the white woman on that day. 

GOD said Andy came but in his mind he was having to jeer himself up into coming.  It was not like when he was in ME.  He forgot everything because of how I felt.

GOD said even without the ball inside ME I am smaller than many of the young white teenagers who have not even had children.  Black women have stronger muscles than white women once the women have been opened that is it.   They have to do a lot of keep fit to close it back.  Black women close back naturally. 

GOD said when Andy first went inside Michelle he was thinking "what is this?"

GOD said Andy fell in love with Michelle she fell in love with him too.  As soon as she got on top for the first time and started pumping him he fell out of love straight away.  GOD said the first thing hit him was the smell but thought "when I move in with her I'll make sure she washes"

GOD said it is because they have been cut of together the judges started mixing with the police.

GOD said Andy started to feel disrespected because of the smell and the gaping hole and thought it was done to disrespect him.  GOD said everyone has had access to the camera images and footage.  Michelle did it there to show of MY move as if they were her own.

GOD said Michelle was stinking of shit!

GOD said Michelle told the peopleto watch she and Andy on camera while they were doing it she wanted to show off on the black women  I heard a black woman this was a week ago "He is a dirty cunt!!!"  I heard another black woman"But he has a nice wife at home Michelle stinks!  Everyone knows about her she is a whore."  I heard a whit woman telling them. "His wife doesn't sleep with him they are not together."  GOD said it was a team member she was feeling shamed with some of the comments being made as the sex was taking place.  GOD said the white people have kept the end time message from the black people.  When we did a blast a lot of it went to spam some people look and thought I don't care.  It was the text message I sent to the school teachers at Marshall's school which switch the white people on because I was writing it and I only live up the road.  It was the paedophilia which I was writing about what they were all involved in that made them hide the end time message.

GOD said the black people knew he had  wife because he was signing on for us.  He took Myles in there once why he stood out in peoples memory.

GOD said lots of people has seen Andy with MY children and admired him for it.

"I thought he was a good man." black woman.  It is were he did it low class white trash.  I don't feel anything not 1oz nothing.  I'm seeing it how they are seeing it.

Andy shamed himself not ME.  It is nearly 4 years since he and I had sex.  GOD said that is why HE told ME to tell Andy to move out HE didn't want it here. 

Andy the cinema was empty it was lunchtime.  GOD said Michelle murdered Andy. You make ME cry GOD.

GOD said they span the video the white girl who was told to give it to her slung it at her"Here you are!" "What's this?" "Your blue movie everyone thinks you made yourself look cheep!"  Ok! That's enough of Mira Hindley and Ian Brady!

Policeman 1 "It's true normally those judges wouldn't give us the time of day push them out!"  
Policeman 2 "Have you noticed we are the ones buying all the rounds!"  GOD said the judges have said they won't join the dole cue they don't want to take that disrespect and that they have enough.  GOD aid the police are showing the judges a lot of appreciation for hanging out with them they are paying for everything that is why the judges don't have to join the dole cue the police peoples money is running out some have already run out of money.

GOD said it is because the judges won't join the dole cue their money run out.  GOD said some have asked if they can claim without signing on they have been told to go sick.  You are going to pay for it.

The people are telling them they can claim for furniture and clothes and that they don't have to pay it back.  Everyone is made to pay it back.  If you come out of care or prison they may give you a grant which you don't have to pay back. 

If you have savings of 5,000 or more you not eligible for the dole.

I bet they are helping them to make up fictitious people, using different aliases.  

Take some of the budget! Cut it by half everywhere.  I don't want to see any waste.

Take all of the housing benefit money away people can just live in the houses and flats. 

Pay the dust bin men no one else. You can pay the school who has not let in paedophiles.

GOD said I can do more like that in there.

Make sure parking attendance don't get paid just as she left it.

If people don't want t comb their children's hair or keep them dirty it's up to them.  Social services are not getting paid they can go home and look after their children properly. 

GOD said social services started as an orphanage the paedophiles took it to the next level and started taking peoples children from good parents to sexually abuse.  I want to go back. you dirty cunts. 

I'll create jobs like getting teams of people to jet hose the streets they are filthy. 

Tracy Minta's son was a drug dealer on drugs!

I just heard what is going to happen to the children if people don't look after their children.  I tell you what you can do fuck off and mind your own business.  You too fass!  The system is tough why people struggle and take drugs for escapism.  It is mainly white women who don't look after their children.

If she murders her children she is not going to prison they are her children.  If she murders someone else children she will get taken out for it.  I'll let the family avenge it.I

Better the white people who are very aggressive take out their aggression on their rather than other people.

I just heard a white man telling his white woman to murder the child she won't get into trouble mixed race.  Serve the black man right.
GOD said it is mainly the white women's mixed race children being sexually abused.  Lots of the white men only go with the white woman to sexually abuse the black man's child a lot of them have HIV.  GOD said not all white men are paedophiles but in the circle of friends...

GOD said lots of black men show the same disrespect.  Treat them the same.

GOD said Michelle did a shit in the toilet at work before she had sex with Andy in case he wanted to push it up her back passage.  GOD said Andy was thinking "I want a tighter woman."  GOD said most white women are gaping holes both ends that is why the men become paedophiles.

GOD said Andy was thinking."I'm going to start looking around now that I have done this."  GOD said that is why HE let ME tell people Andy caught HIV.

GOD said Andy keeps looking at secondary school under age girls.  GOD said they are watching him in Bristol he is a perv!

GOD said Andy was a little bit more stable when he was with ME.

GOD said HE didn't throw scissors it was what would have happened it was for Andy and it was someone else in the house who did it. 

GOD said it was the lead singer in Muse who told Regina what spite to use on Theo to spite ME.  The contract.  GOD said it was the lead singer who told Regina some of the things to put in the contract and to and the get out clause later after he signed the last page.  Murder.  GOD said he is level with Regina in terms of evilness.  David supplied to him as well his name is in the book.  GOD said he hated Theo because Theo hanged out with black people.  Some of the things he and his group speak about  black people he did feel free to talk about in front of Theo. 

GOD said he said he has the best song out there Madness and didn't need any more.  GOD said he did it out of jealousy because of the songs I write but he is going to get taken out for it so is his family.

Message to the American contractors 

GOD said the Forest Gate Santander branch took the tax credit.  A white woman n the tax credit office asked a white woman in the Santander back to take the money as soon as it goes into MY account I heard the white woman speaking to an Asian man in the bank "Should I put the money into our accounts?"  He told her no in case they have to pay it back and to sit and wait for a while.  GOD said it is only white and Asian involved in the evilness.

Also GOD said someone on this road an Asian who is involved in the paedophilia ring is helping the Asians who moved in yesterday "Your in now just murder THEM quickly and you can stay here." I was a woman's voice.
My hair is finished.  I'm just tidying up.  I received the possession order today, I'll type it. 

This morning I heard a judge he said "SHE is turning the police against us let by a few rounds show them we are not mean."
I heard the policemen complaint why I wrote it.

I heard a white woman "Elizabeth knew HER!" off course she did that is why she gave every thing to ME.

GOD said Dave put little tiny cameras up in the end house and next door.  The day HE shielded Myles and I Regina went to take a look and which judges murdered her son.

Order for possession

In the County Court at Romford
Claim Number: A01RM678
Claimant: Mr Foruk Bokth
Defendant:  MreLorraine May Jennifer Rees
Date: 20 August 2014

ON THE 18 August 2014 District Judge Dodsworth

sitting at the County Court at Romford, 2a Oaklands Avenue, 

Romford, Essex,RM1 4DP

Upon hearing the Claimant in person 

This order has been made on mandatory grounds 8 (Schedule 2, HA 1988) (arrears over limit), and the court orders that:-

1. The defendant gives the claimant possession of 109 Faicross             Avenue, Barking, Essex, IG11 8QZ on or before the 1 September     2014.
2. The defendant pay the claimant £5551.52 for the rent arrears and     £42.85 per day for the use and occupation from 2nd September       2014 until possession of the property is given to the claimant.
3. The defendant pay the claimant cost on the claim form at                 £280.00.

TO the defendant

The court has ordered you to leave the property by the date stated in paragraph 1 above.
If you do not do so, the claimant can ask the court, without a further hearing, to authorise a bailiff or High Enforcement Oficer to evict you (In that case, you can apply to the court to stay the eviction; a judge will decide if there are grounds for doing son.)

Mr Foruk Bokth
111 Westrow Drive
IG11 9BW

GOD said Foruk and his whole family are going to get taken out.  I heard a white woman "Foruk doesn't have to the eviction."  GOD said the two white women were discussing it after Foruk got taken out.  GOD said those to women are going to get murdered.

GOD said it was Regina who called on the Americans to do the contracting she sent them after the paedophiles all of the judges because of what they did to her son.

GOD said the judge who gave the eviction order Dodsworth helped to murder David GOD said he was in the end house.  There were different sittings GOD said every judge in the court was involved different level.  GOD said they said it was protest bec ause they are not being paid GOD said it is because that is what they do.

Someone just said "they are going to take our hole family out."  Asian. "How can we stop it" a man then said "Lorraine can stop it!" I'm not stopping anything you should have stopped it a long time ago fuck off!

GOD told ME earlier all of the deeds are in the house across the road including the deeds to this house.  GOD said Regina would never give Foruk the deeds.  Foruk knows Regina and here family were murdered.

MY American boyfriend is hungry GOD said the food in the house is good David and Regina took the best for themselves the food comes from Westfield you can eat it.

Wash things before you use them.
GOD said David was on his way home. GOD said it is only you who have been in there.   GOD said you were given keys.
I have a tiny bit of MY hair to do it's nothing.  I think they have shut Davina's money off.   GOD said they did the same to Davina I will never help white women.

GOD said you said you won't use Davids soap  because of the HIV  I already know you don't have it, look in the cupboards I bet you'll find new bars. 

I'm laughing you are becoming a recluse.  At least I switch the light on.

I know you were in MY garden this morning.  I heard your thought as you were looking in.  when are you going to come and rescue ME?

I must get another pair of glasses or maybe they just need cleaning. Can they be cleaned?

We are really being ill treated I have no money £5 can you do something about MY money like murder some people?

GOD said there is a lot of tobacco in that house.

Your sat by your self. It's good they are not like us.  GOD said lots of black American men over here fighting for ME.  We will have a party later to celebrate.  

GOD said they all have guns.  Too right it was MY great great grandfather a black man who invented guns white people shouldn't have them.

GOD said all of the white people in South Africa are of Dave's class level white trash, street people who on't have but want to live like kings that is why they go there.

GOD said the back American men are here because of what they did t Barak Obama.  It is a liberty that he media over here are still putting him in the new when they know he is not it is an insult to black people.  They murdered him for being black. Tuesday 19th August 2014
London Evening Standard GOD said it is the family free run news paper. No love lost!

GOD  said lots of black men here want to join in with the American team.

These whit people don't want to take anything of MINE I will wipe them out.

I only use black policemen.  I want the Africans to join in.

When the white ask "what are you doing?"  tell them teaching white dogs how sit.

GOD said the white woman thinks black people are afraid of her.
I can insult you 24 hrs a day why are you afraid to come?

I heard the black men last night who said "We came here to show HER respect."  Thank you that is why I love MY black people any mix.  

GOD said at the Santander in Forest Gate it is the white female bank manager who took MY money and has it the male Asian bank manager joined in.  I want it back.

GOD said all of the white people work together world wide.  I want all the black people world wide to do the same.  GOD said HE teleported into the house across the road.  

I saw the best air brusher in a group of policemen he said "Someone is in that house?  He is getting taken out then lets leave" he turned his back.

GOD showed ME a box of Amber leaf tobacco HE said HE could go out and buy for ME then showed ME blood all over it and said that is what would happen if HE went through the door there are enough explosives in that house to rip up all of the streets all th way to MY brother.  HE said HE has taken the book to give to the black American men.   The white people don't care about what the other white people do. 

GOD said it was the air brusher who took out the people at the end to hide what he did.

GOD said the Asians there don't want to take us out and said they said "we are here now who is going to send them back?"  GOD said it is the Asian woman helping them who wants us taken out.

GOD said the white people have put the Asians not the Chinese equal to themselves and together they plan to murder all of the black people living on the earth.  GOD said all white people are getting wiped out.  HE doesn't like them why HE is helping black. Last night, GOD said HE loves ME because I stood up first that is the only reason and said it is because YOU stood up why they are doing that to YOU.  GOD secretly they are murdering black people,what the paedophiles are doing in Jamaica they are doing in all of the Caribbean Islands as part of their plan to wipe out black people. I heard a white woman this morning she said "If we start murdering the black people on the streets they are going to start murdering us aren't they?"  The man said "Lets not start that!"  No lets not.  GOD said they keep shuffling back.  When I called on the African there was a big shuffle.  

GOD said the black American men are Barak Obama's team who was here but didn't bother to go and help him because of what he was doing the paedophilia.  GOD said they get ME in there.  GOD said it is the American men who go into Africa and show the Africans what to do to the white and Asians who are over there showing disrespect to the black people.   GOD said the white woman knows she has been thrown down.  

This morning GOD said the explosives in that house across the street can stay because of what the men are going to do with it.  GOD said HE only got up because I change MY police to all black.  the white one's said they came to show ME respect but were sent to fight for white.

GOD said I must as the American men to speed up a bit. HE wants us out of this house.  HE wants ME to buy clothes for us with the money they are holding.  GOD said this is MY house.

I want to use Africans to take over some of the white countries.

GOD said HE used Andy to put £30.00 in MY account this morning.  

Oh yes!  GOD said GCHQ is at Romford police station.  HE said all of the white leaders have been taken out that is why the are using the air brusher as their leader.

GOD said GCHQ is where they are controlling from they have taken up leadership, and are give instruction to all the white countries.  GOD said that is where the air brusher is.  

GOD said we don't need clothes.  GOD said all of the white women are saying they feel insulted they are all standing up as they say it.  GOD said I have the best team and white and the other colours are stupid.  GOD said the stinking voice woman who is a GCHQ told all the army people to get out of the house it was because black people were in there the white ones followed her orders but the black people pushed them all out of the way and went in and were too frightened to fight the black people.

GOD said the only 2 black people HE doesn't want in there is a woman and a man the white woman tricked them and said they could have it.  The white woman is not in control number 1.  GOD only because one of the black men stood up and said no one in here is showing that black WOMAN that disrespect for a white woman why she and he stood down. GOD said HE doesn't want anything to happen to them but HE doesn't want them in the house.  GOD said the white woman already knows I am HIS wife and HE will not tolerate that disrespect shown to ME and know HE wouldn't protect the black woman and man.  GOD said HE would let the white woman get it back.  GOD said it is a disrespect to HIM who you saw stop a German plane the white woman sent to hit the building because she was not inside it.

GOD said it is because of the contemplating why MY family are still sitting down in here.  GOD said I can fight her from in there.

Send two limos we need a van to move our stuff to throw. Only MY lack team I will write about it and let it wait so that I know it is you but GOD will tell ME.  GOD said Ryan and Jake are in shock when they find out.  They think I'm watless all of MY children do.  They ill treat ME in here because of it.  They think I sit here on here all day writing foolishness which cause trouble for us.

GOD said for every day you keep us waiting and HE has to use the white man to help us HE is going to give the white woman something back this morning it was some of her children the ones like Andy.  GOD said time is of the essence.  GOD said we are going in there.  HE will come and tell ME to get a cab if HE has to. GOD said HE doesn't like the disrespect your showing.  GOD you are the black people who live in the house you don't want for anything we use special powers in the house.   Send someone tonight.

I heard that piece of shit in MY house she said "Already SHE is making trouble with us."  earlier she said "I think it should be us."  GOD said HE called you to help,  You are making trouble with ME.  Get that stinking bitch out of MY house.  GOD that is the Beyonce who get the scissors to do MY hair the juggler.   GOD said she and her boyfriend has already made deals with the white woman and it is the white woman who murders them because they know them. Black fools!  GOD said because of the deals they made the white people are sitting there calling them black fools. GOD said they would give it back to the woman why HE never gave it to them.

GOD said she is going to try and do spite while she is in there.  GOD said she is a spiteful piece of shit.  OD said she is level with the white woman and is doing it to meet the white woman's approval the white woman would murder her to cover up.  Black fool.

No white people are allowed in MY house, GOD can teleport you cannot stop HIM.  Switch on the fence for ME.

GOD said the white people were feeling confident.

GOD said that is one of the things the dotty white women told her to do.  They would have murdered the lot of you in there including her.

GOD I just want YOU and MY family in there.  Those people deciding if they should give it to ME or not.

GOD said those are the people HE takes out in the house.

Send them out to do the job they know police.

I don't want your children in MY house GOD said they are upsetting Mine.

"Everything is about HERS!
That is right I am Queen by birth rights. They are MY children and MY house and they come first. 

If the parents are like that I don't want their children in MY house thanks!

GOD said HE wants you to stay at your post to greet ME.  I promised you a party but later.

You have forgotten the cause it is not good.  You dropped onto their level.  Fix up. She and her boyfriend must now.  There are lots of hotel out there.

GOD told ME the money printing plate and press is in there don't touch it.

GOD said they must not be touch.  GOD said you are looking around don't touch anything don't touch the paintings.

You may sit in the common part of the house there are things in that house which cannot be replace or fixed.

GOD said there is a lot of tapestry Charlotte sat and made. 

If white people were not so spiteful I'd open up a section to them.  I'll take picture for house and homes.

I'd let the 4 judges in.  I wouldn't let Andy in.  I do what he does for ME little bits.

GOD said you can leave the judges to walk around the house by themselves.  HE wants to take them up as friends.

GOD said Charlotte drew the picture on the material then did the tapestry HE said they are beautiful.  The women are being told the people in the painting are of MY family and not theirs.  Why should you need to be told you did your job.

GOD said you are musicians HE called on to help.  You should know your place.

GOD said the black woman is starting to realise she doesn't belong in there.

GOD said she doesn't know where to sit.  Sit in the kitchen it is IKEA furniture it can e replace.

GOD said Charlotte painted and paint her family.  GOD said there is a reason why black people they call servants are in nice clothes in old paintings.  GOD said HE is going to show ME MY family.

GOD said Charlotte was a genus painter the best around like ME with MY writing.

GOD said that is why white are in there because the black people said "why should we give it to HER?"  GOD said the judges are controlling it. 

That is why people will be treated the same.

GOD said some of the black people in the paintings are of Charlotte cousins and brothers etc they had a party and dressed as waiters. That was the fashions at the time for everyone.  Charlotte made the outfits and chose to put everyone in the same colours to waiter. 

GOD said Charlotte lived there with her family only why the house is big.  The people in the paintings her family were all taken out in the same way a Charlotte and her children.

GOD said the Welsh man who was on TV because he was angry about his family's black looks and was shown who they said a painting of a black slave.  Which was Charlotte's cousin.  Came from a long line of black slave why the look is black.  GOD said you are not in there.

GOD said they only showed you the painting to break black people down.  GOD Elizabeth and her family knew the black people in the painting were of Charlotte's family.  GOD said Charlotte put paint on their skins to make sure it was the exact shades.  She got it perfect.  GOD said no white person would sit for hours on ends painting and drawing picture of black people.  Yet alone slaves.

GOD said all of the picture of Charlotte are self portraits she had to try a few times and family to try but her worst attempts were better than there's she sat in front of mirror.

GOD said Benjamin had just invented photographs but Marie and her family held on to everything so they were not available to everyone.  GOD said even though Charlotte was a Queen and she was with a black man Marie was still a white woman why she went and fucked George behind Benjamin's back which split them up..

GOD said Benjamin didn't want it after that Marie told them to take Benjamin out.  GOD said she sent the dirty white women after him in the field in Jamaica. GOD said Benjamin was settling and picked up a black woman in Jamaica because she was seeing George.

GOD said Marie was a whore and herself onto George.  HE showed ME the both of them.  GOD said because of what thy both did to Charlotte and Benjamin HE made sure MY mum and dad got together.

GOD said George would never murder his family why they all live in a big house Marie wanted it she did it and used her friend but the same people murdered her as well..

GOD said Marie wouldn't do it to hers she loved her children.  But she did it to George's.  GOD said that is why HE let them cut up her face.  GOD said George didn't want to be seen with her outside and didn't want her to have the house he built for his family.  GOD said Marie was a piece of shit.

GOD said white people here were becoming nice because of Charlotte.  Who did nice things for them and made where they lived look nice for them.  Charlotte started the benefit system.

GOD said those 4 Judges would drink ME under the table.  I was just looking they are laughing the are in the IKEA kitchen.

GOD said HE looked at the woman in the bank and took her out HE said she is still sitting there but she is finished she will soon go because of what she did to YOU.  GOD said HE is giving the Asian man time to put it back.  GOD said HE is going to do the same to the Asian man if he doesn't put it back straight away warn your family.

GOD said Asian black live good together it is the white people causing the trouble between them.  GOD said HE wants them out from the Middle East.

"That's the girl in the bank."
"She works over the road"
"I know that girl."
"Where is the drive?"
"It was a hit and run."
"Who would do this call the police."

"Don't worry everybody is going to take HER family out!"
"Make sure lots of people go down there!"
GOD said the air brusher is the leader of the pack of wolves!
You should all be very afraid.
GOD said even if you don't come yourselves you are still going to be stripped from where you are.  It is too late to turn around send your lynch mob.

GOD said Nagwa is gone she is finished she left her children.

All of you people are finished.  GOD said HE is not going to allowe the white Americans kkk to get back on the planes because of what they came here to do to ME and MY family because of their jealousy.  GOD said that is why they are all coming because of the Quenship they want to stop it.  GOD said Nagwa brings her son HE is getting taken out HE said she followed the white women in the school where she works but because she was MY friend he is getting taken out.  GOD said HE is working back to front and has look at all of the people who HE saw at the door had I not told you I know they all gone.  Dirty stinking dogs!  GOD said Nagwa is a stinking piece of shit that is the woman who has a cheek and said you bent and smelt her.  She stinks footish but not foot! GOD showed ME Nagwa's body rolling as it was being pushed along by a digger.  GOD said the American black soldiers are still out there because they are not bad-minded and that I have to pay them.  I'm laughing.

"Lorraine I can't do anything tonight because I'm having a bath."
"Well you know I took MY bath don't YOU?" Two nights ago.
GOD said Nagwa's husband has to keep telling her to wash herself he is fed up and puts up with it.  GOD said she baths every 2/3 days and shouts it out. Even after sex with her husband she wipes put her clothes on and goes to work.  When she does have  bath the husband jumps on her quick before he can smell her.

I heard someone who said "HE is taking out peoples precious children." GOD they brought their children with them to take out MY precious children.  HE said HE cannot take the parents and leave the precious children in the buggy's.  Stinking pieces of shit.

GOD let ME hear the white police trying to arrest a black American policeman.  "You are not allowed to touch me you have been discharged" They murdered the white man.  GOD said it is because they are wearing he uniform and still arresting people why they are getting taken out.  The white policeship is over.  GOD said she did to all of the British counties it is world wide.

GOD said HE doesn't want to tell ME what happened to MY American boyfriend.  The box of Amber Leaf.  That's evil he was nice.

"What happened to HER American boyfriend?"
"Nothing happened to him he murdered everyone inside there!"
I'm glad he is OK.  Looks like I'll get MY kiss one day. One day! One day!

GOD showed ME a nice looking blond man HE said is kkk and said he sent the men to get taken out I heard him laughing with a dark haired man who asked him if he should send more.  GOD said he is sending more they are laughing but HE is not.  GOD said as they are getting taken out they are drawing al the money out of their accounts.  That is why they are sending them.
"SHE is not really racist it is because they are ill treating HER and HER family"
"I know SHE is just a little bitch."
"Yes but SHE got Regina and her family taken out with the bitching"

GOD said they work for the record company.  Universal.  GOD said they were all told to pay for their plane tickets and hotels and to keep receipts for food bills etc and that when thy got back they could claim the money back.  GOD said those men have read the whole End Time Message.  GOD said they are playing games and are trying to jeer on the British.

To the American men who from the music and film industry who came to help get out of the house opposite straight away the British are taking you out because the white women feel insulted.  It is GCHQ people doing it the air brusher in the stinking suit and there are others.

GO said the woman t the bank already spent the money she transferred it straight into her bank from MINE the Asian man told her to put it somewhere else she said"No!"  GOD said she was asked for the money back by the people at the tax credit office she said no they cannot have it back the person told her she could keep it."   

GOD said it was the man at the tax credit office which I spoke to who told ME he didn't think it was wrong to leave families for weeks without money. He said to ME he longer wanted to to continue with the phone call I told him neither did I.  Before he could put the phone down on ME I put it down on him.   GOD said he was fuming it was his spite he got ll the white women he works round to call the bank to take MY money. GOD said he was trying to disassociate himself with it.

GOD said they pay back the money but then she is taken out for the disrespect by someone in that office.

GOD said it was Prince who took down MY songs he was hurt because he can only write pop songs.  What a piece of shit.  You need Prince.

GOD said that was quick the people next door the German's have take out the new comer to the street in the end house they stunk which upset the people next door.  GOD said the took out the piece of shit on this street who was helping them.  GOD said they all hd TB airborne.   GOD said they were told they had to come into this house and should have been in here tonight, and because of the type of deal they made to come here HE let them take them down.  GOD said it was GCHQ "Now you have been fed."  GOD let ME see them getting beaten and pushed into the bathroom.  GOD said the council was a little worried because I wrote about it and didn't want it to be seen that they told the Asians to break in.   GOD said the woman helping was their family and worked for the council.   The day they were breaking in one of the walked past ME as I waiting for Myles I greeted him.  GOD said he walked past to look in tis house and was thinking this hose is better than his one,  why he was ready to come so tht they could have this house s well.  GOD said that is what the Asian council worker sit up there turning down other colours so that they can give the house to Asians who come over here illegally without anything.

GOD said HE doesn't want a decent family moving into a Fred West house because of the amount of diseases in there and the big disrespect some like them can move in.

GOD said it was the council workers at Barking and Dagenham council who murdered the Asian woman who were helping her family in the end house.  GOD said she turned up for work and they murdered her.  GOD said they knew her family in the end house were getting taken out some had already been taken out. 

GOD said people are getting murdered now and yesterday told ME to shout to the white women.  HE is finished using you to take out Elizabeth and Regina's dirty family and that HE no longer requires your services and that HE is taking you out for any type of spite you go to do to MY family, and said HE is fed up with you maybe it, is because we find your face ugly because of the white colour.

Two days ago I heard and saw a small group of white men, one of them said "Where is that smell coming from check that bag of washing."  GOD said they were in David's house across the road GOD said David's house is filth that is how he lived why he never allowed anyone in his house. Yet had the cheek to keep coming here in MY garden to take pictures.  GOD said said Regina the who family lived like it they are a dirty family, but Regina and Elizabeth had people to clean for them why their houses looked better.   GOD told ME a couple of months ago that everywhere Elizabeth sat she left stinking of fish, and that twice she left the tapestry seat in the places she entertained different government ministers and her friends stinking.  The people worked for her told her off a little the cleaned all of the upholstery for her and then told her it was best if she washed before she went over that side of the house because the people she entertained could smell her fish smells.  She greed.  GOD said they was her she had a nurse to do it not because she was sick.  GOD said the rest of the house stunk of her.  GOD said David's soap had shit all over it.      

GOD said Charlotte used big massive canvas sheets to do her tapestry and filled them and even copied some of her paintings of her family on them she loved her new house and wanted it to look nice GOD said Charlotte love artefacts lots of African art.   Elizabeth said to people see what you can do with this tapestry but cut out the black faces.  GOD said she did things like that all around the house she damaged things so did Victoria and her family. GOD said William as a big man started digging holes in the paintings and other art work he aid it was because it was black people.  GOD said the white woman who ran in there recently started looking around ans said everything in ere is Charlotten.  She got murdered before she could start destroying things. GOD said that is the white woman who knows she didn't belong in there.  GOD showed ME a white man who shot the ceiling and wall and said "Lorraine won't mind will SHE it wasn't the floor." GOD said both men were about to shoot the floor they were murdered before they could do it.

GOD said Nathan the white man in America who has been sending the kkk down here to lynch MY family and I is murdered both of them.  GOD said don't worry about the name kkk it is the same as the Freemasons. They both do the same nasty things,  he doesn't need to send them there are British here who do the same things.

GOD said Prince is threatened and is warned if he does anything like that again they are going to start taking out his family but he would have to continue writing songs for them.  Prince was dragged up.  

GOD said Charlotte did a lot of travelling with her husband all around the world some of the things Elizabeth and her family from Victoria and her children until now destroyed because they though it must be black, were not from black countries but they didn't knows where they were from and put it down to African or black. 

GOD said Elizabeth broke noses off from statues in the house because they were from Africa.  She re enacted what the Catholics did to the statues in Africa.

GOD said they destroyed a lot of thing, and in photo's which Elizabeth used people in the house to take pictures to send to magazines, all of the things you see in one room she took from around house to make the house look busy they broke  lot of things.

"Shine that up bit we are taking pictures the keep asking to come in I don't want them in here"
"Where should I put it?" 
"Anywhere it looks nice here."

GOD said when Victoria moved and while Elizabeth was people went in and noted what was in the house.  Elizabeth was told none of it belongs to her and that it was protected GOD said it is not the same for ME it belongs to MY family.  GOD said said they heard about her temper that she would throw and smash old things in the house why they went in.  Because what they recorded as being there is no longer there she didn't want to let them in the house.  GOD said she gave things away to some f her friends because they said they liked it.  GOD said some of the old things had been in MY family since the monarchy started. Pieces of shit.  GOD said she didn't give them away as such she sold things.

GOD said Elizabeth sold the old kitchens all of the furniture why she asked David to put a new kitchen in so that she could move in because I wrote Queens House belongs to MY family.  GOD said she stripped the house. Some of the things in house and homes comes from the other houses. GOD said she sold everything cheap for what they were and ow old they were her people could do proper evaluation and let things go cheap.

GOD  said Elizabeth said it was a Victorian so she was allowed. GOD said Victorian didn't do anything around the house apart from turn it into a shit house.  Victoria didn't care about the house the money and stone she sold things around the house GOD said she sold all of Charlotte's and her family's jewellery.  She said she didn't want what was sat on the black woman's neck or hands. 

Two days ago GOD told ME Foruk is still there the paedophiles who were told to take him out gave an order to leave him.  GOD said those paedophile have been taken out so Foruk comes to the door with a big group of his Asian family and friends.

" Days ago GOD told ME to tell you the police and judges are steeling from the shop not food from the tills they have people who work there who count the money and is giving them wods of it Asda Tesco all the shops everywhere.  GOD said that is how they are getting by.

GOD let ME hear white women at the Tax Credit Office after they finished getting someone to take MY money "Team work I want to do it again to another black person. " GOD said they are very racist in those parts it is because he could tell I was black why he did it had it been a white woman he would have shrugged it of.  GOD said Regina only put the Tax Credit up in that area to give white people there jobs. GOD said Elizabeth and her family didn't mind them stealing as long as it was in the white woman's hands. "Don't take the piss not because of me but because of the others I am not in control of." GOD said that is why they are all getting murdered in there they took the piss they are stealing lots of money.

Davina's money ha been cut off as well GOD said it is part of the same spite they got to someone where Jake was working and are trying to get to the people where his currently working.  GOD said these ones don't want to get involved in the money spite.

GOD said Foruk knows this is not his house and HE is looking at the the sticks and bottles metal bars everything even guns.  GOD said HE is not going to allow them to show that disrespect to us.  They are the ones at the front door which HE looked at.

Andy text ME about an hour go to say he £30.00 in MY bank account it is not there he put £20 for Davina I'm not sure if she got it, I don't have a penny. Andy put the money in MY Santader account.  GOD said they take over the bank lots of people get taken out.

Last night at the front door I could smell a chemical not sure what it was but it smelt like plane fumes.   GOD showed ME a white dark short haired woman she said "Don't worry someone has gone down there to blow HER up."
"Who sent them?  They are going to get taken out."
GOD said she turned her back she knew they would get taken out she did.  I'll leave you to murder your people.  White women and her children are going to get ill treated too.  I'm going to throw the white woman on the ground.  I hate white women that is not where I started,  GOD asked ME to bare with HIM why I am here we are waiting for the eviction.

Andy transferred the money to Davina's Santnder account instead of Mine.

GOD said the white female manger at Tesco Bromley By Bow was desperate for the African man in the petrol station to go to prison to cover herself because of the amount she has stolen.  GOD said it is because everyone is stealing in there he stole.  GOD said  she beg ME to help her catch the thief. More like capture the black man.  GOD said she made herself a multi millionaire and tells her friends she is self made.

GOD said it was the Germans with the bomb.  That woman who sent them end up in the house on this street because of who family she got taken out.

GOD showed ME what the German's did to the Asians who just came over they didn't want to touch them because they were stinking they use a broomstick. GOD said the do what is on the order.

GOD showed ME 2 GCHQ white women who are sitting waiting to get taken out in the house.  Good!  GOD said they allow them to read the end time massage.

I heard them whisper "SHE said they do what is on the order". They are in a place even if they shout you won't hear them.  GOD said they are getting the same as what they have been doing to others.  It's fantastic.  I have been waiting for this day to come and others like it.  White dogs!  I heard "he is getting us out!  Oh he got thrown in with us." Yes!!!!  Give the black woman satisfaction. 

GOD told ME those to are the one's doing the eviction.  GOD said they are told they can talk while they are waiting but if the start shouting and screaming their mouths are covered.  It is very dark in there.

I just heard a gun shot across the road. I just heard another one.

GOD said someone was coming to help them they finished it quick. That is a different one.

GOD told ME why 2 white men got shot "We come to tell you that we are going to take Lorraine and HER family out because SHE is upsetting white people all around the world." GOD turned an look at MY picture and  said "No one is touching HER."  GOD said they didn't like the black woman being given satisfaction.  GOD said black people everywhere are being given satisfaction.  I'm taking great pleasure in the white man's pain.  No one is facking takin ME out get it!

GOD said you are not touching any of HIS.

GOD said the white people don't want to look at themselves.  That's OK black people are looking at you and have been, that is why they are getting satisfaction from your pain.  Your pieces of shit!

GOD said she said "it is OK YOU can give them satisfaction."  She is going to get murdered.

GOD said the white men were trying to make friends with HIM and HE is white like them and trying to get HIM to turn on ME.  That is  GOD and would never have ever you stupid people.  GOD said that is why HE shot them because they are stupid and shot them for the stupidity.  GOD said that is why HE made HIMSELF look white.  Can you stop frustrating GOD?

GOD let ME hear a small child making noises but didn't cry HE said they have a small child in there a white woman's child one of their children a paedophiles child it sounded like a baby.  MI na care!

Now you will know ow it feels I saw a big group of white women one was crying good! they took her child "It's funny!" Dogs! You have a cheek to cry. It sounds as if the baby is in lots of pain.  The dirty stinking baby is a whore.  GOD said that is what the white call Sapphire.  That whore baby is get what she deserves. The helicopters outside you must not stop the sex.

Put the baby in the freezer quickly.

I just head "SHE is helping the paedophiles?" Yes! GOD said HE is protecting them why they are still here.

Night before last GOD ME her Jamie talking t her sons.  They said they could not remember.  She then told Taylor she loves him same as she did with the other son.   GOD said she was saying I look after Taylor when he was young and it could have happened while I was looking after him.  I never look after Mitchell they have both been sexually abused.  I never allowed anyone up to MY flat while I was looking after anyone's children.  GOD said I am not a paedophile try elsewhere.  GOD said they only have their grandfathers DNA on them. 

GOD said I shouldn't worry bout the 4 judges they are one's who said not to give ME MY money back and are doing the clean up everyone who has been on this site is being murdered to keep things quiet.  GOD said they know they must not touch black or Andy.

After Jamie had Mitchell she stopped bring Taylor she got her dad to baby sit.  GOD said her dad used to sexually abuse her when she was little he never touched Paul.  While I was in Wapping I chatted with Dave he said "I have just baby sat for Jamie I love MY own more! I don't feel the same about hers."  He baby sat for her lots of times before that.  GOD said Jamie bitched Davina to Leanne and said she is a bad mother why social services took Briely from her and that she is sat there doing nothing and could find time to take Briely gymnastics.  GOD said HE didn't want Briely on the same trampoline as your children they had HIV.

This morning the big group of white women HE were all in the same boat.  GOD said they have all had their children taken from them by the paedophiles.  I heard all of the screaming "Catherine!!!" The mother of the whore baby who had a cue of men waiting next door wanted to go and get her child.  GOD said the paedophiles gunned her down like a dog.

GOD said I pay the black policemen but HE pays the judges.  GOD said it is going to happen to the 4 judges because they are starving ME and MY children same levels of what it happening to the others.

GOD said Catherine's whore child was the first.  GOD said there were lots of white whore child waiting they are being brought in.  GOD said they know not to touch the paedophiles next door.

GOD said the children are not being kept there they are somewhere else the helicopters are out searching for them and are looking at all of the house they have brought children to.  GOD said white people are going to start going through things up until now HE hasn't allowed them to go through anything but no that HE is with a black woman HE is going to start making them go through things and said Catherine could have stayed to go through things but they gunned down the dog!

GOD said Catherine's child was brought next door there children have been sent to all of the paedophiles addresses where they took children.  GOD said because white people don't go through anything they don't understand and HE wants them to understand.  GOD sad it is because they have it why they don't go through it. 

GOD said the 4 judges has not been through anything, and they are the reason why Catherine and the others have had their children taken.  GOD said normally HE doesn't give ME names but HE wants you to know what I am telling you is accurate.  I want Andy to do a blast.  GOD said the 4 judges are hiding themselves because they the bank accounts.

GOD said they have people out all over the world to take out people who have come on here and Catherine and the others are the first batch.  They are ruthless!

I am toothless I wouldn't take your children. Unless you took MINE GOD said you can't take MY that is why I would never take yours.

GOD said I must shout it HE only wants black people doing the account everywhere in our businesses.

GOD said it is the 4 judges who just got the German's to take Elizabeth and her whole family out it just happened.

GOD said the 2 gun shots last night was them the judges.  GOD said the 4 judges went to see Elizabeth because they are not getting paid.  GOD said the judges went to look for things.  Elizabeth told them to leave.

GOD told HE wanted ME to box Elizabeth an her family down for the dirtiness to help her a little.  GOD said she was an old woman.  "Your still not getting paid like you stopped Lorraine Rees from getting paid."

GOD said the judges did the murders themselves the can be see on camera with blood on their clothes as they re leaving.  GOD said Elizabeth's family was clean it was just David and the brothers. 

GOD said the type of people the judges brought with them would smash up the house to be spiteful they would shoot holes through things.

GOD said the judges told the people they brought with them to wait outside why they didn't take out the judges as well. GOD said it white people the German who went with the judges and it ws them who said "I think we should have it!"

Between 10 and 20 past seven there were 2 gun shots fired near the ally at the back I'm not sure if they came from the houses on the main street or on this street Ruby looked up as if she was expecting to see fire works.  The helicopter came after the second shot and hovered for about 15 minutes.  GOD said they murdered a lot more than two people they line them up to be spiteful 1 row to see how far the bullet will reach the second shot is to finish the one that the first shot didn't. The shots were about 6 minutes apart.

GOD said Jamie is the perfect mother what!  She beats her children why they are quiet she even allows the man she is with to beat the her children are afraid.   She  is little but Jamie is a bully she is very trouble making.  She is a good enough mother but not perfect.  GOD said sometimes when they were little she couldn't be bothered to get out of bed the nappy would stay all day on her children.  She would give them bits to eat why they were skinny.

GOD said I must put Theo's family out of their misery and said to tell them where Theo's body is he has a big family even the cousins keep asking the police to find him.  GOD said Elizabeth and her sister Regina had his body flown out to the wider part of the Thames near Bristol the helicopter dipped low just like they were told to do during the London Olympic season and to drop the body in the middle of no one will go in there to get his body. GOD said Theo was a good boy it was what he did at the end HE didn't like.  Hold a memorial for him.  Theo was nice. 

GOD said they had ME down on computer as decease, I went to the shop today Tesco twice the first time GOD was walking along with ME and said I showed you the white woman this morning she is new a police woman they haven't told her what is happening or what has happened.  Listen to her that is the white woman she is starting trouble it will soon blow up again because of how you walk and how you look.  GOD said paedophiles are still there.
"Who is that woman?  What is HER name." 
"Do your work forget that woman!"
"Yes but I put her picture in to do a search for her and HER name isn't coming up something should come up!"
"Something went wrong with the system some information got lost!"
"Yes but every body else's  picture gives me a name."
"Who are you why are you interested in HER?"
"I like HER hair, why do You fancy HER?" 
"Watch her!"
Second time to the shop
 HER name is Lorraine Rees!"
"We told to mind your own business who sent you?"
"Why are you trying to keep things from me?"
I saw the 2 men drag her down onto the floor.  GOD said they raped her and took her out.

GOD said where ever I go the white will start because of their jealousy why HE is taking ME up there the whit woman can stay down here.  We can keep sitting here and new white women would come along and start.  She is not worth it.  It is time to move on.

GOD said the second time she didn't mind seeing ME because I carried lots of bags.  White woman's behaviour. She is piece of shit the white woman.  GOD said this morning she doesn't mine the businesses she doesn't like the QUEENSHIP tough it is MINE through MY birth rights!

GOD said no one sent her it woman's behaviour she is doing extensive digging.  GOD said while she is digging hard she has made it her job to find out.  She is looking at everyone all of the paedophilia she is not interested in some of it.  

"Who is David?" GOD said that is why they drag her.
"You should have just done your job."

GOD said MY children are down as decease.  That's very presumptuous.  GOD said the blast is Theo's family.

The German's are stinking cunts!

GOD said the German's who are coming over are street people no one is sending them The government are not trying to take over "Only pending we want it because it is available!" But they are  helping the street people by giving them bombs and gun. GOD said I should push them out of the way.  GOD said the white British are so stupid they take German street people into all of the places even the MOD and showed them everything all they re really interested in is the accounts.  GOD said the German's are using scare tactics, Generally the British are afraid of them. You German dogs move!! I am not white.  You are all getting taken out you fools.
It is Jakes birthday.  Earlier I heard a German dog he said "I think I will take him a present!"  Bye! Bye!  I am the QUEEN.  GOD said there has been lots of security breaches because of the stupid British HE is going to change the whole system because of it.

GOD said not one of you German's who came here to take over are going back the way you came.  Not even Doug he should have understood the first time.

GOD said I must tell the Asians what is happening to their family members. Tight community what!  New people are moving in across the street GOD said so that they can murder the Asian families they are telling other Asians if you don't say anything we will let you keep their houses or businesses.  GOD said it is the Asian's doing the murders.

GOD said it is the white woman sitting there behind the camera.  The German's sent her.

Theo was good with music the lead singer in Muse.....  Theo didn't deserve it.  GOD said The was threatened and push Theo doesn't do shit like that and would never sign a life long contract they threatened to murder his family.  GOD said the lead singer in Muse goes after his family so that they cannot take him first.  He said contractors.  Take him out take his family out first so he knows how it feel. Theo was the best with the wasp.  GOD said Theo was best of the lot.  His family Theo was the bread winner for his family.  Muses songs are shit the best song they have ever done is Madness because of Theo's input!  The hit parts of madness was all Theo. Don't buy their shit songs or go to their shit concerts! His singing sounds like shit. GOD said it was the white woman in the video his sweet heart.

Who is going to feed Theo's family now?  Take it from him and give it to them.

The evil dog from Muse said he want his music off MY site.  I'm not taking it off fuck off it's staying up there!  I want it up there!  GOD let ME hear the white dog in the video she said "Murder Theo we don't need his wog box anyway we have finished using it!"  GOD said it was nothing to do with ME it was because she saw him with Roots Manuver who are an all black crew it hurt her to see it.  GOD said she didn't know about ME yet.  GOD said she is a whore and has HIV.  GOD said the lead singer didn't tell her about ME had he done so she would not have been in the video because she is deeply racist.  GOD showed ME Theo's sister with blond hair she shows a lot of respect.  She is street that's why.  GOD said Roots Manuver is sitting with the whole family and is still friends of Theo.  They only moved when they fired the gun because of the HIV.  Had Theo stolen MY songs because his families lives were in jeopardy I would not have been upset with him.  GOD said I would have got hem back. 

GOD said the lead singer in Muse is family to Regina and was the person who put him up the he is the eviction and is the rape charge. He didn't start it.  GOD said he is the person who called for the street German and it his to him all those children went to the ones who were taken including Catherine's child.  But that child went next door.  GOD said he is doing all of the controlling he was the person who sent the German's to murder Elizabeth and her family and was the person who told them to murder Regina and her family.  GOD said it is called the uprising, the why he wrote that song was out of jealousy for what his family had, he is a cousin.  GOD said the 4 judges are German.  The white woman in the Madness video is German.  GOD said he went to the the hotel the night Regina and her family were getting taken out to look into their faces.  GOD said he didn't touch any of them.  GOD said they realised then it was him.  GOD said she went there with him the woman in the madness video.  GOD said she is the stinking voice woman who went next door.   GOD said the stinking suite policeman went with her she had sex with a few of them because she wants to be QUEEN. That position is already filled.

GOD said the led singer in Muse and the stinking voice woman were a couple and because they both had HIV they had sex with different people neither of them minded she let him be a paedophile but because the stinking suit policeman who she had sex with behind his back was better looking than him he was jealous and told them to murder her and he also had the stinking suit policeman murdered as well.  GOD said Michelle went into the house across the road with the stinking suit policeman all of the people who went in there got murdered. 

GOD said they went in there to clean up after themselves because I wrote David and his family put recording devices in there.

GOD said the stinking suit policeman's body was dropped in the same place he dropped Regina and her family's bodies.  GOD sad the Thames is badly contaminated because of what they are doing.
That is drinking water.  It is mixed!  GOD said he is the person who takes down the stinking voice woman's family to stop them from taking him out.

GOD let ME hear a white woman HE said it is the woman in the video's family she said"SHE needs him moved out of the way leave him."  GOD said the lead singers whole family are in involved why they can take down someone like Elizabeth and her family and Regina and her family and lots of others.  GOD said HE wants you to leave it.  GOD said HE takes him down because of what he did to Theo same levels why HE left America to come and help ME.  Theo didn't have The End Time Message I can bang MY drum.

GOD said the person who came to help ME doesn't like talented people being stopped from being creative.  He doesn't care about colour. So stand there and get murdered don't even scream.  It's funny!

GOD said Theo said he wasn't doing it why they shot him.  I'd bring Theo back if I could.

Message to the Chinese can you do ME a favour I would like a talking device for when I get MY car  When people get too close to it, it tells them to fuck off and to move and to stop being nosey but I don't ant it to sound robotic.  Thank you!  It says "Can you not see that I am waiting for somebody".  I'd love it to respond to them. It says "Don't touch me." It dials the police and give it's location and description.  It takes and sends pictures. 

Car registration and owner details come up on the pictures.

The car says "Is this the police?  Help I am being abducted!"  and screams. It says it in front of them.

You'll get fined if you get your friends to steal it for a laugh.

YOU can do a drill but you will have to pay.

Every device says something different they have different personalities.

Ryan bought a car today.  Maybe he can take us to Central London.

Oh Si bad boy how the wicked yesterday?  Still wanted today.  GOD said your analysing "Chuck it so"  He is taking the piss out of Simon.  Buju Banton sickened by Simon's behaviour and wants to stop him from getting murdered.  Si  is bad man. He's buxing down Simon. Simon is throwing his life away he knows he is gonna get murdered but he is a bad man why he won't cross the border.

The reason why Buju says run away and words like that with a cockney accent is because it's posh Jamaican "I'd like to buy some heggs and happles!"    

The man dem from out so say who? What?
Translation:  The men from out so... over there..
He is saying he doesn't care who or what or what they told him to do. Don't be a fool and go back around there.
The men called him because some one out there did dissing to them they called him to fight the men with them. 

upon border and you nor go.
He is not going.

He is telling Simon he has to stay alert and expect any something (Trouble) He and his crew messed with the wrong people. Now even his friends are after him.

Either you kill the law or they murder you.

Buju told him to rewind. (Start again cross the border)

Buju said he has to take it down town (Music Studio)

He said simon has a baby mother who has to go to his uncle to find food and nappy. 

You can get English translations this is mine. 

Ever disturbing BB and your crew (Bad Boy)

Your murdering people what for?  A you bring in a your mind.

When me ask ya!
Ya! (Here)

They like talking bad he says "appy" (Nappy) Buju is taking the piss out Simon bux down why he said appy  They can talk clear for you to understand.

GOD said Simon is still ther it is Buju's friend but Simon was that bad that is what you do with music it is sparked off by something.  You add more than it is to make it interesting but people can still identify with what you are saying.
Got to go.

Jake has a friend a Black British female friend she is good she has videos out there She sound British when she talks but when she sings chat  she sound Jamaican she is young.  Jamaican like Buju.  I'll leave her out there I just heard a white woman who shouted "She stinks!"  You stink black girls keep themselves clean.

Hya! she doesn't really sound like Buju.  Her name is Khalia  GOD said HE wants her on here. GOD let ME hear the black girls in America trying to up stage her.  You need to fix up.  She is nice she came over once.

I want MY American boyfriend to sign her. You can get more from her voice.  I think she can look really pretty like Rhanna.  I think she is about 21.   I don't want her catching HIV I want her spoken to.  I think she is pretty but she can look better.

The people in her videos are her friends.

GOD said HE gave ME this in advance she said she doesn't care about HIV she wants to get in she will protect herself.  GOD said the friends she brings with her said the same.

GOD said she is a little whore why she stayed over night.  GOD said if she stays on this level she won't catch it but if she goes in she will.   It is up to her let her know.

I think people should show respect. respect her and her friends. Maybe that is why GOD doesn't want ME to give out the cure. Teach you!

GOD you'd better be busy!  Slick it back to hide the bald patch but I want to see you.

Ancient of days!  You make ME laugh.

"I love you more than money GOD!"  I said that to YOU in MY early Christian life.  I still love YOU more than money I love YOU from the depths of MY heart.  I can't say no to YOU. 

I just heard YOU "SHE loves ME."   YOU know I love YOU.  YOU get ME into trouble YOU do.

I leaped YOU'd better catch ME.

Why is there a place in France called Lorraine could it be because of one of MY ancestors? Lorgain