Thursday, 17 April 2014


Monday 7th April 2014

UPDATE 00:23
Yesterday morning GOD spoke to ME and said every one in MY FAMILY has an Aston Martin, HE said they are the nicest-looking cars on the road, but because of the price, every member of the family has one including the people living in the house.  GOD said even MY younger Children have miniature-sized versions.

Aston Martin, how much do you want for the miniature versions, bearing in mind it is less material?  Ruby, Sapphire, Marshall, Briely, Myles.  £100,000 each?  Do you do a diesel, it's cheaper to run?!

UPDATE 01:38
Why don't singers sing with diction, like Nicole C. Mullen?  There is something about darkness she sings about but you cannot understand the rest.  She is trying to sound pretty and White!  I don't like it.

Even when she is singing "GOD" she is trying to sound English, Americans said "Gad!"  She is doing too much.  GOD said she is a bitch and very spiteful!  HE told ME that about a year and a half ago.  Fix yourself, bitch!

UPDATE 12:15
Yesterday GOD said "Let Andy go, that is why the white women have been beating YOU up."  GOD said Andy deserves the life he had with you because of the spiteful things he has been doing to you.

UPDATE 12:28
GOD said the White women will let Andy have a job now because he won't be giving anything to the Black woman.  GOD said it was the education welfare officer who did the spite to Andy because he slammed the door in her face while We were in South Woodford.  GOD let ME hear what she said "That white man needs to be taught a lesson!"

UPDATE 12:35
GOD said it is the things Andy did to ME why HE picked ME up.  GOD said Andy s very disrespectful towards HIM because Andy knows it is HIM but I show HIM a lot of respect.

UPDATE 12:39
A week ago GOD said to ME Andy enjoys lying to YOU, it adds to the spite.  GOD said it is his mother's fault.  GOD said his mother knew what he was doing and told him to leave ME.

UPDATE 12:46
A few days ago I AM in advance, not in everything, some things I AM behind in, like Mr Disney.  There are lots of things HE told ME.  Mr Disney was about to rip MY stuff off, that's why HE let him get shot in the head.

GOD showed ME a White woman and said that is what is down the road.  GOD said she wants Andy to get an IT job so that she can get money.  GOD said that is the HIV.

UPDATE 12:49
I wonder if she will pursue him when he goes back to Bristol?  Yesterday GOD said to ME HE likes spiting Andy because of the spite Andy does in the house.  Yesterday GOD said to ME Andy's friends in Bristol think Andy is a piece of shit because of how he has treated ME and say I AM a decent woman.  I don't care how Andy has behaved, he deserved the life he had with ME.

UPDATE 12:51
Ever since I let him in, life became hard.  

GOD said it was the White women because of the IT job money.

She did her bit, but it was the spitefulness from Andy and the lies and all the talks I had to give him. Did he change?

UPDATE 12:55
Andy is high energy maintenance.  I could have been writing music, instead of sitting down to the early hours of the mornings talking to Andy.  It is because I AM Black he spited ME.

UPDATE 13:44
I told Andy to take a better suitcase.  GOD said Andy is trash!  

GOD said I AM showing HIM a lot of respect by sending Andy out.  GOD said HE stopped it with Cordelia twice and kept stopping it while Andy was working.  GOD said Andy is a whore but HE would never allow him to show ME that type of disrespect.  GOD said that is why HE told ME to throw Andy out before it starts and said HE is not going to allow it in this house, HE would let Andy get murdered first.  GOD said I AM a nice person.  GOD said Andy's friends at Bond Pearce, the men, are the ones who thought Andy was a piece of shit and said "I wouldn't mind having a woman sit and wait pick me up from work and drop me to work." GOD said his Christian friends paid money for us to stay in a nice hotel when We got married and knew how Andy treated ME on our wedding day and felt he was out of order.  It was Andy who wanted to get married, I didn't want to, but Andy said he was a Christian and didn't want to have sex outside of marriage.  I said I didn't care about marriage, it was just a piece of paper, and a noose!

Ladies and gentlemen, Andy has left the building!

UPDATE 01:08
She's messing with HTML dirty white dog I know how to fix it it is her she is taking bits out. I'M going stop writing on here I'll go local.
the page I was writing is mess all over I don't have to work from there it interferes with MY creativity sorry everyone.  after I dissed her the Russian next door shouted " It is because we want your script song". 

Yesterday GOD said it is because MY English is better than their's.  GOD said they have been messing up MY work for months. Andy kept having to fix it.

GOD said I was working on the script song at the same as I did with Andy because he dragged his heels jealousy!  But I had to keep fixing the mess until I realised it was the dirty sting white whores!

GOD said that is why Andy kept going to the shop.  Andy turned house husband how it hurt him.  He started doing all of the cleaning washing etc. The only things he didn't were the ironing and washing up, I did the cooking. 

GOD said because the blog spot white know Andy isn't they scrambled MY work.

Andy your piece of shit GOD said it was you who did the KFC spite because of the script song and you told the white women you teamed up with you wanted ME raped. I waited until after you left to write it.   GOD said you had sex with that white woman and you have HIV and what HE stopped was her coming on this street to meet you.  GOD said you wanted to be first to have someone.  GOD said she wants money from the script song that's why your not getting any.  GOD said straight after you fucked the other white men at the work program went in her and all caught HIV and spread it to their girlfriends who set it up.

GOD said she was a prostitute they put in office clothes so they 
could spite you you blond.

GOD said it is the spitting in MY tea and what you would do MY children especially Ruby why you had to go straight away. 

GOD said you squeezed the death row on the bottom piece of chicken and took yours and Sapphires from the top.  GOD said you liked what the white gave you I heard you "I feel like man now 

I haven't had sex for a long time".

Then the white women asked if she was cleaner than ME and  you said there was never any smells when we used have sex.  GOD said she was stinking even though she told to take a bath and she did.

GOD said you had sex with her on the same day Barack Obama was murdered next door.

GOD said Andy took something at of the post it was what HE told

I through this at Andy I couldn't be bothered to listen to lies, Andy swore blind he didn't and for the first time didn't call GOD a liar he "GOD isn't a liar you are!" GOD said Andy is on film. I gave Andy a message from GOD the day before "I'm going to take Andy out for the lies he likes telling ME."

GOD said Andy took something out of the post what I wrote about his family I heard the white women telling him to take it out GOD said Andy's mum finds out about the HIV and wants him out of the house GOD said she has it her husband is in the ring and caught it from one of the children he sexually abused.

GOD said Andy is a paedophile and now the he know has HIV would have gone after Ruby that why I held from telling him.  GOD said I AM a good mother why Andy never touch MY children that why he made ME sit in the house.  GOD said HE would have murdered Andy to stop him fro touching MY children GOD said all of them are like that. 

GOD said Andy's mum the Christian sent people after MY family because she wanted her son back.  GOD said she is a stinking dog.

GOD said Andy's whole family are paedophiles.

GOD told ME month s ago Andy's mum sexually abused Andy right up until he was a little boy still young enough for him not to understand.

GOD said HE let ME go to Jamaica because it was safe the shortly Andy became a Freemason that why Themy the youth bus worker said one of the two of You is a Freemason. GOD said Themy thought Andy had a cheek not to tell ME about and want Me not to give a story about the trouble in the square. 

GOD said Andy is being controlled by the white women GOD let ME hear her I want you to rape Lorraine's children.  GOD said Andy's family are being threatened so he dose what the white women tells him to do.  GOD said Andy wishes he didn't get involved it happen in South Woodford a the last IT contract why they gave him the one months contract.  GOD said to And they told  they would give him work.  

The curs a has a mind of it's own 

GOD said Andy and his family get murdered but HE wants ME to do what Andy did to ME.

GOD said there are as many white men involved in the white spite as there are women.  I just heard a white dog he said if they come say we were being threatened you stinking dirty piece of shit I want the white spite men murdered same levels as the white spite women.

I'M having an allergic reaction to something.  GOD said the white dogs gave Andy something to put in the cream  I have been using. GOD said enjoyed that spite.

GOD said Andy caught the HIV the night he went to stay in the hospital that was the way he could get of the house without explaining why he was going out for the night GOD said someone fancied him and Andy said he wanted to try it.

GOD said is why HE never allowed to write anything all he did was the typing.  GOD said the spite he did with MY script song was the white women ask him if he helped and he wouldn't tell them GOD said he knew if he lied to them they would take him out for the disrespect. 

GOD said the lies Andy told the white women wasn't about HIM it was about ME.  GOD said the spite they gave him was to keep lying to ME then they step up.

GOD said even though Andy ate the KFC on the top of the box the death row was mixed around and that it won't do anything to US GOD said the rash will go that's all it is.

GOD said I must warn the black people to run from Germany and Russia.

I just heard "Only a rash?" GOD said Andy only put a tiny drop of what they gave him to put in the cream.  GOD said he didn't like spiting ME for them.   

GOD said Andy has been living a double life. I didn't fathom. 
GOD said what upset Andy with the rest of the white spite is that they told him to rape Sapphire GOD Andy said he would do Ruby but not Sapphire.  GOD said the white women are jealous of sapphire.d

GOD said white spite paedophiles keep getting the white women to Sapphire for them but they keep getting dragged.  GOD said HE is taking out every single paedophile.  HE is looking at ways to make cut starting with them.  

GOD said told the white women MY cooking wasn't nice I AM a very good cook that is why he said it jealousy sometimes the is nice he knock it.  Andy is a very bad minded man.  GOD he ate what his mother put the table for and went straight to bed. GOD said she spat in it,  in anger for being throw out by the black woman.  GOD said even though he wipe what I wrote about them HE made she read it.

A few moments ago I heard Andy thoughts sapphire is better off with  HER.  GOD Andy's white paedophile girlfriend said she is going to help him to get Sapphire. Andy will get dragged.

GOD said that is the level HE wants for Andy so be it.

GOD said the White women made Andy go into the schools and
abuse a child GOD said it had just started GOD said when he
finished she told him the other paedophile would have to do MY children that is why he didn't call the police.  These MY children and I AM not paedophile I dot care deals you made with Andy you are not touching MY children.

 GOD said the little girl was cut for Andy and he enjoyed what he was doing, then was told the child is going to get taken out now I 

heard Andy "Why does the child have to get taken out I don't want the little girl murdered." Andy was told it was not up to him GOD said it happened the same morning he had sex with the prostitute.  I heard a white tell Andy she is going to feed his passion.  GOD said Andy told the white spite thing I told him.

To punish Andy for trying to help the little girl they made Andy do the murder.  GOD said that is where it was heading same level as his mother and father of and the rest of his family cousins uncles.  GOD said the only person not it is Andy's sister but she knows about them and says nothing so she is in it.

Andy has always had a coldness about him that's the thing I said to him fell on deaf ears, but I saw a different kind of coldness from Andy when ask him to leave.  GOD said was as to choose which colour child he would like to abuse he choose white GOD said is very racist.  I heard if "I knew the child would be murdered I would have chosen a black child they are clean not Asian they stink." GOD said that is what made them make Andy do the murder. 

I told just a few things GOD told why he had to leave he said few times why I'm not causing any trouble and smirked Andy doesn't speak like that GOD then said that what his new found friends say when they make the trouble for ME.

Then  Andy started to kick of when he knew I wasn't joking and said he is not leaving I threatened to murder in here if he didn't leave.

That behaviour was Andy but this time told ME to give him his marching orders.

GOD said Andy told his white spite friends I couldn't read or write I AM documenting not MY children ME many times I have to keep correcting Andy.

Andy very dum to take up with white spite and not tell. GOD they're all dum and are all at the intelligence level of Andy white people. 

GOD said where cut it off for Andy was when he went into the school GOD said people are very good at being evil and spiteful. 

I just heard a white woman who shouted that is why we are were we are! hats why you all disappearing because you all dum to brag when your being drag by GOD who you are fighting knowing you have no escape route.   

GOD said people can only see things from white angle black people can see from colour of persons angle.

GOD said the white people told Andy they are going to show him how to enjoy himself and how to be white again.  Andy don't listen because of the jealousy he has black people like all white people over ten years I've been speaking to Andy bout white people.  look he lost soul to the devils his going to hell. 

I have not slept yet I have things to do.

I heard the white women "And she has to do things for herself." have legs arms eye your getting chopped up.

GOD want to meet ME that why it is now! I can here a white men trying justify the spit "she'll come out more take her children out."  I threw out Andy not you you are so dum I shouldn't even bother to respond.

GOD said Andy wanted to go because of what he got himself into. GOD Andy was the cleanest out of the group and they documented it this morning I heard Andy touch our children GOD said Andy went to the same school were the paedophiles next have going into to sexually abuse other peoples children.

GOD said Andy is the best one out of his whole family GOD he and family get murdered HE won't put them on the other plane, but HE isn't going to put them in Hell like the others HE is going to erase them.

GOD said it was because they were Christians.  GOD said Andy's mum hid the paedophilia for her husband that's her involvement. 

GOD said Andy knew the two police men who came to the door he met them at the school that is why he would have let them in.
GOD let ME hear what they told Andy when we come to your door let us in, you can run out with your daughter we just want Lorraine and her other children.   GOD said Andy agreed.   GOD said they would not have let Andy get out they wanted Sapphire so they could do the same things they all just came back from doing.  GOD said the police were on their way here any.

This morning GOD showed ME moving images of Maria young laughing at ME because of what I AM writing.  She called ME stupid and  mad, then found out her son had been sexually abused at nursery school.  GOD said he has HIV.  GOD said the paedophiles next door did Maria Young's son and HE is waiting for some one to step up to the mark.  like ME. 

GOD said Andy got involved in the Barking group because he wanted sex and didn't care where he got it from.   GOD said Andy was in rebellion.

GOD said Andy started complaining to himself first and then is new friends. "SHE locks me up, all I am is a slave writing for HER and HIM."   GOD said Andy hated HIM it was jealousy.   GOD said HE gave Andy a choice.

Andy was free man to go and come as he chose, there was no padlock or key.  GOD said the first woman he had sex with twice was Cordealia I was the first person Andy had sex with before we got married.  GOD said there were other at work, the white spite women went after him to spite ME.  GOD said there was only one he turned down because I was pregnant with Sapphire and MY HIV test was negative.  GOD HE kept touching Andy to keep ME and MY children clean.

GOD showed ME six white women and said Andy has been with since he has been with YOU.  GOD let ME hear Andy bitching ME at least I can get a woman even with broken down teeth.  Andy's breath stank I kiss Andy one or twice in the marriage.   GOD said it was all spite why they went with him they all had HIV that is why they left him when they finished the job.  GOD said those were the ones in Bristol when he came to London there was more and they all kissed passionately. 

GOD said as soon s Andy went outside the front door he knew wasn't going to see MY children again GOD said to ME if you go outside the front YOU will see them Andy knows he is being watch because of what he has done I stayed sitting where I was.  GOD said they let him reach to Bristol. A few moments ago I heard a white woman who said Andy said "SHE wouldn't let him hug the children." GOD  said she called Andy and then sent people take him out for the disrespect of cry.  GOD said that type of woman and all the place she has been Andy wasn't clean even though he bathed GOD said Andy has the same diseases as the people next door and then went with her fish Herpes EVERYTHING! 

That's why he let her steal the turtle.  Andy had no class.  GOD told day before I through him out when he leaves YOU won't see him again his finished  and last night showed ME Andy and his family being murdered an said what Andy and his family did was still low level compare to them that is why they are going to be erased.
I heard Andy where should take her to dinner.  GOD said she heard him and said I don't want your school dinner money GOD said that is how she spoke down to him and that was how she looked down on him. 

Can the post men stop banging the letter box fast and hard GOD said you all going to get taken out for it.

I order more of the same cream GOD said Andy told the white women they could spite that cream themselves. 

GOD showed ME a white man with a sun tan who said he is taking over this house, GOD said he is a judge's son HE takes him out and his whole family. GOD said other white come to show the same disrespect and get taken out.  

GOD said I must tell the white women who are planning to take the container it's a drag!  also hoes who plan to start shooting foxes HE will take you out for the foxes HE put them here you put yourselves trying to take over. 

GOD said the fox know there was lots of disrespect coming from this house and know it was Andy and that's why HE want ME to show respect just once to the foxes in this area.  Night before last I heard the female fox she said SHE uses a knowing like us.  GOD said foxes have the best smelling senses in the world but it is the knowing they use why they know food has been put for them.  it the clean container.  She knew the food didn't come from off someone's ones plate but straight from the pot.  

  1. GOD said it's a cheek Sydney and her whole family are on the other plane because of Sydney  involvement in the rape set up they did to Ryan.  GOD HE is taking every person who plays Sydney and that I warn the black people because it is the Black mothers who are sending up their daughters, so HE doesn't care if they lose their whole family because of the bribe they accepted  they know it is spite because they are prepared to go up on the stand and lie in on someone and they know they are not Sydney who made the rape allegation same levels as her friend. 

  2. GOD said HE is trying to stop HIMSELF from taking down the whole family who i pushing to put Ryan in prison GOD said HE did a dragging because of what they are doing for the script song andid was the think thy are special GOD said you are special to the people who put you there and HE did not put you there.  GOD said Ryan did not commit Rape ever and this why Ryan is so special and that is why Ryan is not going to prison.  the girls and their families who play Sydney and the friend family to the are guilty and that is Why they are going to be murdered I did give shit.  I'm listening to the white men get HER sister.  Go and use MY sister.  

Last night GOD said I left David feeling upset and said David is in YOUR garden again and said David is the person ho keeps blocking the drain with the fat from the chip fryer, which has been used to fry humans and that is what is in the fat human.  David has a funny sense of humour and thinks it is funny. I don't appreciate it an you please stop it?  GOD said HE allows you to come it to this garden to do what you are doing because you find it funny, but the only place HE sees HIM taking you out and your whole family is if you come onto the ground were WE live together.  GOD said HE will not tolerate it.  GOD said HE expects you to show respect.  GOD said HE would never put ME with anyone who has eaten human.

GOD said Regina is behaving herself and HE is proud of what she and David is doing because of the scrip song however Elizabeth is starting to give trouble because of jealousy.  GOD said she said I didn't give her anything "I don't owe you anything!" I did as GOD asked.  GOD said because she is angry she has ordered that MY family be murdered.  GOD said she knows the people she send is going to get taken out and it's because I wrote HE said she is not special GOD said you are not special.  GOD let ME hear a white woman and man yesterday who said because HE won't make the white woman special we will make her special.  GOD said that is why she is murdering all your families because you made her special.  GOD said the white woman is not special the Black WOMAN HE is with is special.

GOD said it is because of her hair the white woman think she can have whoever she want even if she is ugly like her hair.

The white men better move their stink self if they think they are picking ME to block ME for the white woman.

GOD said HE wants ME to play ME to play more with Mr Tribune. 

Mr  Tribune I sent the links to MY children's videos for you yesterday sorry I should have said I didn't know they made them Sapphire put them on yesterday I saw them for the first time.
In the video Briley says "that sucks." I couldn't do typing for a living it's boring. 

So when are we going to hook up?  Your a boy I'M a girl! 

GOD said you want give some money but don't trust the banks and don't want to give ME any insults pretend that MY letter box is a hole in the wall deposit box what the maximum amount of cash can you withdraw from all the cards you have start with that.

I want a car!

I just heard you "SHE can have anything as long as SHE is a girl and I am a boy."  You missed out "My".  Oh and "Her".

I'll let you start.

Your name is David still black hair but not the same David who blocks MY drain you only came recently.

It is You who is across the road.

You built us a house.

GOD said Elizabeth's family murders the people they use and have already started murdering all the Sydney's and the Sydney's friends I the friends surname is Williams GOD said it is Samantha Williams daughter Samantha Williams is a psycho. 

The last time I saw Samantha was at the Glita ball on Shirley's birthday 2011 they use to go to the same church City Gate.  Shirley's daughter Charity.  Samantha and Samantha's daughter all went to America together and left Charity stranded because Charity wouldn't babysit Samantha's daughter's baby.  GOD said Shirley is involved in the rape set up which they did to Ryan. 

GOD said they started it. Samantha make a lot of trouble when I last saw her she had just picked up a man at the Leytonstone Fitness first gym which she joined that day GOD she has HIV and is a spreader.  I think he was a policeman Spanish or...  She tried to get ME to join the gym to pick up I said I wasn't interested.  She is very pushy.  GOD said her ex husband who was a white policemen sexually abuse her daughters.  I  met Samantha Williams when her daughter Hanna's name was Nikita.  Samantha told a lot of lies and caused trouble with ME a Doreen Williamson I wrote about.

GOD said HE can see the gas vans coming even the David across the street paid the bill.  GOD said Zoe said she is holding the money in her account because she doesn't want a white man paying a Black woman's bill.  GOD said HE will take them all out outside the front door they are all involved except the Black man. 

GOD aid the gas people are coming in the morning but they are not coming in HE going to take them out. 

GOD said it is the American men scary!  GOD said there are bodyguards.  We won't hurt him promise we are not violent.  

David you can come in with you gun but I don't want to see it the rest of you can stay outside.

Can you not come later in the day GOD just sprang it on ME some time after 2:pm?

Yo keep asking the same question "I wonder what SHE is like to live with?" fucking horrible 12 times a year but I'M a good fuck!

I'll tell you what calms ME down making love. 

GOD said Andy was very jealous had you and I gone out together he would have murdered MY children but it would have been a case of HE would not have want for MY children to be left unattended.  GOD said Andy hated David because of what I wrote about him that is why HE rubbed it in, and one night when I went out to the bar Andy called ME I was in a cab on MY way home Andy called ME to find out were I was I told him I was at  Ilford round about and that I would be home in about 5 minutes and asked him if everything was |OK he said "yes".  GOD he was planning to murder to murder MY children because he thought I was out with David.  That night GOD said HE didn't want ME back in the bar. 

GOD said he would have murdered Sapphire to spite ME that is why HE had ME throw him out because his service were no longer required.  

I'm still in a little bit of a shock about Andy I never thought he had it in him.  All those women.  Andy knew I'd never have sex with him again we discussed it I thought it was settled.  From the point I could have opened MY leg to anyone that was MY business.  Andy must have though I was his prisoner.  The only reason why I didn't is because I am not a whore.  Andy is a joker.
Andy brushes his teeth about once a year and I usually had to say don't you think it is time.  but his breath only smelt because of the bad teeth not like the man at the bar that stunk lick shit.

It wasn't Andy's that put ME off him it was the rebellion. I asked him not to do something he would do it non stop year in year and say he forgot time and time again it was wearing.

Every relationship is different in every relationship there rough edges to knock off people like thing done differently it was simple thing he has no respect.  

GOD said Andy treats the white women the same when he was in this he did as he was told.  GOD said Andy is feeling suicidal his family is the most looked down on family and they like to be thought highly of why they plonked their stinking asses in church.
GOD said Andy blame ME for the fun and he has been having why caught HIV.  GOD said as Andy was walking up the street he was wishing he had sexual abuse Sapphire himself when he was here.  GOD said it is because I am a good mother why he didn't I told I wouldn't go to the police.  GOD said he would murder him first I don't give a fuck about your charges!

I'm not fobbing you off can you make evening or night. 

GOD said Andy has tried tried kill because of the HIV. What not for the murder or child abuse at the school or for leaving MY front door open for his paedophile to come in and rape never mind MINE but his own?

All these these year I sat down with man and he has been emptying his sacks in other women behind MY back and have the cheek to want to control.  He help to control the spite outside that was coming inside and kept quite wolf in sheep clothing.

Ask social service what they thought of Andy.  Andy never change very quite don't speak much gets on with what you ask him to do.

GOD said the people in Bristol who I  fought in the school knew Andy had been with other women and were looking down him. 

GOD said because Andy knew the white people he was playing with got up he wanted to show them he was in with them and told he made a bucket list and on it was to commit a murder GOD said is a murderer.

As Andy was  leaving he told a ME all of his friends here and in Bristol are white and he has a girlfriend outside and she is white.  I think he was trying to get a reaction out ME I was just worried he would miss his coach.  I would not have let him stay.  GOD was here and said "he is the one who has been doing all of the spite and he is talking like you angered him he is just like the outside he is white spite I hate him for what he did to you he is finish once he leaves and go through that door you see  him again."  

GOD Andy is the reason why HE going to keep the fire burning high in HE needed a push. GOD said HE doesn't want Andy to kill himself he is going to get hacked into by the white women I need to sleep. 

I keep hearing David down at Westfield Lorraine must write a scrip tell HER. David I must tell you I will not writ any script nothing is going to happen to MY precious boy even if you have to get murdered for him now fuck off you pervert.

David GOD said I have seen you before at the court babes you have a bird tattoo on your neck there was something nice about you

I looked!

David did you take the script from David and Regina?  give it back. I want ME name in the credits as the writer but let them have it.

David has special needs they are doing good.

GOD said David wants the music parts  to the musical I'm not putting them on the blogger people will take them.

To the Americana I've not long woken up, can you not put your number in MY door so we can arrange to meet up? 

GOD said Mr Tribune was worried about reputation and went of with the white women and caught HIV.

David and Regina can't you be nice to Elizabeth?

There were things I wanted to write in the musical but I was busy with The Orange Song the musical is still at a very rough stage.

This morning GOD showed ME to bags of sugar one represented ME and the other the America.

GOD said I write something for MYSELF later when I'm in a different house and it is different. 

GOD said it is Elizabeth and her family who have taken all of MY work GOD said they said they would finish it GOD said Elizabeth said she took it because I dissed her GOD said she ook it because it is good and she wanted it GOD said they are making lots of big hole which they can not fix.  GOD said Regina and her family took some but only because Elizabeth took some that's why HE said give it David and Regina.

GOD said Elizabeth wanted the scat for her play the tap dance the broom the brush...

GOD said HE doesn't want to murder anyone for a scrip give to David and Regina.  GOD said HE is going to make Regina Queen because of how she is being.

GOD said they know they can not ask ME to work with them because of the distrustfulness they have shown ME. 

GOD said there are dents everywhere and it has a white woman's shape.  GOD said they are digs.  Oh dear!

I am leaving it with David and Regina I will write something fresh but not on here. GOD said The Orange Song is top heavy.

Myles and Ruby made a sponge Bob from a kitchen sponge Ruby picked it and Myles used brown paper to make short.  David came to y garden and saw it on the the worked through the window.  I heard him that's good merchandising I got something else out of her. It has a little red tie it looks really good it's not finished I'm sure David will finish it off.

GOD said the white woman took MY work so that she could say she was the genus I heard Regina " don't like it" GOD said Harriet gave all of MY work her shape that's why she gets murdered.  

GOD said that is why HE told ME to insult all of them.  GOD said they feel ashamed to put what they took out there.  GOD said every one love MY cut MY shave everything I did in front of the whole world and it is their family who is the most looked down on.

GOD said that is the open show!

I am not an amateur write. 

GOD said the family went to America to the blogg spot office. The nigh over the scrambling what the wanted they were taking down hence the scramble that is why HE said give it away.  I heard a white woman in America at the blogg spot "we shouldn't have let them do it."  GOD  said she only said that because of all the people they murdered when they went in there GOD said the white people in there wanted them to do it to ME because they didn't know it would hurt them.  GOD said Elizabeth sent her family in there. GOD said it wasn't at the Disney office.

I heard lock the main door GOD they went up floor by floor and murdered everyone they could see on each floor all the way to the top.

I have all the back ups I can put it all back.

GOD said the blog spot white people let them in because of their jealousy except for the boss.  |He stop the workers from taking it down why they let the Hitler family in. 

GOD said the man outside will help ME to put it all back up and it on the blogger where all the dent are.

GOD said it was the blog spot people who was just getting ready to release all MY work to everyone for free.

Last night GOD showed ME something HE said that's David he did. There is a big search party and people are shouting where's her son.  it's a big search party.  GOD said it's not your son there are helicopters YOU haven't reach that level yet.

GOD said Ryan is still going to prison I want Regina, Elizabeth and both their families murdered.

Sunday 13 April 2014

Yesterday GOD said there are only two people who went to work at the blogger the day the Hitler family went in to do the murders still alive because it was them who did it GOD said it was because I showcased MY work.  GOD said they made the call to the Elizabeth I heard the white woman "But you are the Queen you deserve respect." 

 I heard "were are you two going"
"We are going to hide we don't want the to know it was us!" 
"No you are not you are coming with us to show us where everything is."
"But we work hear they all recognise us."
"Don't worry about being recognised they are all going to be murdered"

GOD said two of them were commended the white woman and the white man for their good service. Check their bank accounts!, The two were told they would be coming back it the building again and would like to use their services again.  There was hand shaking and agreements made.

GOD said if Barack Obama was here he would have hidden it for them.

GOD said that is why the Blog boss is out side he was told I was the reason why it happened.  Look how long I've been insulting the Hitler family years why now?  GOD said the want control of the company.

Yesterday GOD said HE is going to give Us power to clean David.

Last night Ryan and Myles went to the shop and shut the front door when they came back they said the front door was open.  GOD said it was the friend he was trying to come in HE had to take him out.  GOD said he took a medical and found out he had HIV and that is why he tried to come in.

GOD let ME hear the white woman at the blogger "I will help you for a fee I'll get a team together so far there are three of us." 
"Wait I don't want to big a team that's enough of you I don't want too many people involved it will get too messy."

GOD that is why she is saying maybe we should not have let them do it because of the accounts I'm giving.

GOD said she told on her friend and got her friend murdered. Her 
friend took some of my work for herself that's why she was pushed down the lift shaft leaving two of them.  GOD said as they watched their colleagues being murdered they were sniggering.

GOD said they were trying to wipe all proof that I wrote MY songs GOD said HE has been taking people out around Theo and other people who I have worked with on MY songs like Andy and MY other ex band members.  GOD said they fell in love with The Audition.

GOD said when Regina saw what Harriet did with The orang song and MY funny film all of it she was fuming GOD let ME hear David stop the kiss at the end and carry on GOD said after that it went top heavy.  GOD said Regina took her frustration out on Harriet and had David murder her straight away and said that's what Regina is like, even though the order was for Elizabeth and her family Harriet was considered low level to work in that side of the family so she worked in Regina's team.       

GOD said the Hitler family people called the blogger woman back and ask wee to find things but she didn't know everything so they told her it was OK to get her team GOD said as they finished using them and after the hand shakes they murdered all but the two because they didn't want to pay the large fee they said it was not cost effective had their been more songs it would have been.  GOD said they were looking at revenue and said they could make a killing from what I had written and that's why they did it GOD said the whole thing happened because of greed and jealousy. 

GOD said the Hitler family plan to take over the business and plan to move their people in there hence the clear out GOD said that is what that family is like.

GOD said both blogg spot people are murderers GOD said they help with the murders to stop people escaping so that they wouldn't get found out.  GOD said they keep looking around them in the building and are noticing black people are filing up some of the job positions and don't like it and have made calls to Regina I heard Regina "that's it you tell Regina." I heard the white woman "I don't want to see any more in here."
Regina told her she is coming and not to worry just keep reporting to her.

GOD said when they were finished they went to the camera control room and destroyed the camera evidence of the murders but they missed some.  The ones outside, Obama would have sorted that out if he was here that's why he is not here.

I heard "who control he cameras out here?"
I heard the white woman who work at the blogger "Central Control are you going there?"
"No I'll have to see if I can get someone to go in there later."
GOD said that is why they go back.  GOD said they were too tired to go.

GOD said the man I heard her talking to was David from Westfield GOD said David fucked her before he left and that's why they were outside together they were going to the hotel down the road.

GOD said she has got a husband and gave him VD.

GOD said David has got HIV.

I heard her telling David she is clean and doesn't go anywhere because she is a Christian. David said "Yeah!  I know a much better Christian than you," and she ask "who?" and David said " a Black woman in London who doesn't live far from me," and she asked "what's her name?" and David said Lorraine stinking Rees." and they both laughed on their way to the hotel then David told her he smelled ME and he couldn't smell anything and she said "but you must have smelt something."  David said Lorraine is a very clean girl.  GOD said she took a shower before they stated both of them.

 GOD said it hurt her. David told her he was in love with ME after he fucked her and told that the reason why he wouldn't have a relationship with ME was because he has HIV, Herpes and other diseases. GOD said she was crying as he was fucking her how it hurt her because he compared her to ME.  GOD said David wanted to hurt her for being spiteful to ME even though he was doing what he was doing.  GOD said even though they took a shower she left David stinking GOD said David is very clean.   GOD let ME hear David speaking to her you are a very stinking woman she said "but I'm clean I just washed myself. "  GOD said she rinsed.  David said to her "you have a cheek to complain about what Lorraine Rees say about white women SHE is right they do stink some of them are very smelly that's why I am with a black woman she s clean I don't have to tell to wash and she washes clean." GOD said she burst into tears and said you had sex with me and you are with a black woman.  GOD said David gave her a back hander slap in her face.  I heard David "how did Lorraine Rees say it should be done to the white woman again? oh yes like this" Blam! GOD said there were a few blam's.   GOD said because she knew she was now infected as soon as she went home she got straight into bed and made love to her husband without any protection she didn't tell him. 

GOD said David only comes here to make trouble with ME because he likes ME.

GOD let ME hear the blog spot woman speaking to her friend "He made me stink perhaps it because of the black woman his with GOD said No yo don't David is clean HE is not having you spread rumours about David it was you sinking of and fish and vomit.  I'm defending David who is MY rapist attacker before he caught diseases David didn't make ME stink he left his scent but he it didn't stink. 

GOD said David picked up Melissa to spite ME only because he knew I liked him. 

GOD said had David picked ME up he would not have got himself mixed up with all that hit which happened during the Olympics David hadn't eaten human yet but he would have cheated on ME and I would have caught HIV that's why he let him pick up Melissa.

GOD said Melissa's punishment is David is still in love with ME.  GOD let ME hear Melissa speaking with David "why are you always around HER why do you go there?" 

If David had asked ME for a song I would have given it to him.

GOD said it is David trying to make ME catch HIV and it is David who trying to make ME eat human so that he can be with ME.
GOD said that is David's punishment.

GOD said it was the white women who sent Melissa but stays with her because she is a clean woman.

David GOD ME about Melissa last week HE said the white women sent her because she had herpes they wanted to send a woman with HIV but because you went after a black WOMAN they sent you the black woman Melissa.  

GOD told ME Melissa is spiteful to David's whole family all of them are catching the Herpes virus same levels a what Rickia did did to us but the children saw her and we washed even clean stuff no one caught them except for ME on MY mouth I used strong salt water they never came back. 

I'm not in love with David any more it's gone but I like David David didn't have to steal from ME.

I beat David up a little bit but not that much.

It wasn't that I didn't trust David in the bar on the floor I didn't trust MYSELF it was because of how I felt about him I glad I went to the bar I had to let go.  It didn't happen straight away but it's gone.  

GOD said it was his group of friends why I let go. It's true scary people. 

David listen to Brian Mc Knight: Kiss your love goodbye!

I took a cleaning job with robin David I didn't know you owed the company.

David you hurt ME I didn't deserve the beating you and your friends gave ME.

David I'm cracking up.  GOD said you couldn't stop laughing at the dancing I did on MY birthday 2010.  I wasn't trying to be funny I was vexed.

Tuesday 15th April 2014


Yesterday GOD told ME HE was fed up with David so HE took him out GOD I was the reason why David was still here because I said I was going to break David GOD said David broke and finally admitted he was in love with ME.  GOD David was told he was going to get taken out and he said he wanted to make a will. David was asked who he wanted to leave it all to and he said he wanted to leave it all to MY children and I and that he couldn't think of anyone more deserving.  GOD said the place was full of people.  GOD showed ME the Cornish woman she said "how did it happen?"  GOD said all she kept enquiring about was Westfield GOD said she is making lots of phone call how she is behaving is why David didn't leave anything.  GOD said it was all MINE|anyway their family stole it from MINE.

GOD said HE took took out David quickly for he was the fist so it wouldn't hurt him because his whole family is coming out.  They are all being hacked into like what they like to do to other people it is because they murdered the American President.  GOD said it is for all of it.

Andy wants to talk to ME. Andy yesterday GOD said your girlfriend was kicked to death by policemen because they didn't show any class because they let you fuck them!  I heard her "tell HER it your daughter."  GOD said she told you to leave with Sapphire I heard GOD as you were leaving go with your girlfriend but you leave Sapphire here GOD said you would have got dragged. GOD said you didn't want Ryan or Jake beating you up. You paedophile.

I heard her yesterday after she told you to call ME to tell ME you want access and to start court proceedings your a paedophile no access you cast your daughter to the paedophile ring I want to batter you with a blunt instrument.  don't come GOD said it is the access you are pursuing why your are going to get murdered and said I should tell you to forget about Sapphire and get on with your life.  Andy have you nonced any children lately?  You disrespectful little man.

After she got of the phone to you she said "I can't stand that man he sickens me he sounds like Wersal Gumich!"

Andy you got "bumped" used. Fool! Waste-man!

The Africans want to know want "bumped" means.  Robbed.

GOD said Andy is up set about the Scottish Cornish woman who GOD said smells like puss.  GOD said it's Westfield which is hurting Andy.  GOD said HE is going to make ME start hurting And and I'm going to keep hurting him.  GOD said I'm already hurting him from the minute I mentioned David.  That was yesterday night HE spoke with ME.   She stole MY skirts! GOD said she is going to get murdered because of what she is going to try to do GOD said it's a dragging' 

Andy is so jealous of ME I saw it straight after We got married I never stopped seeing it GOD said  HE is going to get you back for the rash on MY face it is very itchy.

GOD said you took up with those spiteful white women to do spite to ME to spite HIM for not giving you any SPECIAL POWER!

GOD said had HE given you some you would have sat with white people to do spite to black people.

Andy GOD said you are spiritually dead because when you leave here you are going straight to HIS furnace. 

Andy you knew it was GOD you made yourself HIS enemy.

GOD said I must thank you for the child that you gave ME.  Tanx beautiful, beautiful bye! 

Andy you are a very ugly man your whole family are very ugly to look at, all of Sapphire beauty comes from ME! 

GOD if you had a baby with a white woman the baby would come out ugly. GOD said all through both your lines everyone of them come out ugly.  I heard your cousin Lindsey the day we went to Bristol and saw you aunt in hospital Sapphire is the best looking one in our whole family.

GOD said most of the white families have moved on from the middle ages because of the mixing they have been doing with other colour but yours and others like yours because of the racism remain ugly.  GOD said is how you can how much racism in a family by the ugliness.  GOD said HE is soon to do a filim about the middle ages and wonder weather or not to put your family in it.  peasants.

Andy your family look down syndrome.  GOD said that's the incest Andy you are very see through looking GOD said that is how incest is in you.  Last week GOD said you are the best one out your family and said you were stinking piece of shit! 

Did I write about this when we stayed at Andy's cousin sue's house Ruby and Sapphire caught nits.  GOD said sue brusher the head lice off her daughter head into sapphires head deliberately and did it to Ruby as well thinking I'd have to cut Sapphires hair off Myles and I sat for week coming eggs out of their hair we used the the shampoo for it.  We were moving around because we were homeless and didn't detect them Myles notice eggs.  I saw a lice in Ruby's hair while we were at MY mum they kept spring up but we cleared them in the end, we had to keep using the chemicals GOD said that's how bad minder you and your family are.  Sue invited us to stay the week and then threw us out after 4 days after I finished cleaning her un-kept house.  GOD said most of the people in the church were she attends have HIV Sue has been spreading it she has been spitting in the food and drink for them.  GOD said she caught it from Stewy.

GOD told ME about she did when we saw the nits GOD told ME to stop the lice from falling out of Sapphire and Ruby's hair she in bedded them with the brush.  GOD  said Sue spoke with Andy's mum and sister and Aunties and the budgies an cat and dogs and the people in the church.  GOD said she told Andy's family she was going to do spite to us that is why she invited us down.  GOD said her pastor and other member in her church took part in the spite they called social service on us.  GOD said it was their own spite because I was a black woman with a white man. I received a call from social services up there while we were there.  it started because begged for money for us without knowledge because want some we didn't even tell her we were homeless GOD said Andy's mum told her.  GOD said everyone who took part in the spite in that church caught HIV HE is MR FOX.  hold it down you piece of white shit. 

GOD said even some of their children have HIV because of Sues spitting GOD said You knew we were in trouble and you wouldn't help us the pastor who came up to ME and said he would give was a call to social services.  GOD said sue told the pastor we were in trouble.  GOD said you gave Sue money to commend her for telling on the black woman.  GOODA! 

GOD said HE let Sue throw us out because social services were coming and HE did want us to catch HIV from Sue and her children.  GOD said Andy was in the social service spite as well he was going to take Sapphire and let Social Services take the rest of MY children.  GOD said Andy and Sue spoke GOD said his whole family was involved.  even though Andy knows about what happens to children in care? 

GOD had Andy's family scheme gone as planed Sapphire would have been nonce up straight away by Andy then by the dad then the dad would have said "I'll look after her." then he would have lets paedophile friend come over then they would have taken it in turns, and told Andy they he took her out and lost her. GOD  said 
the friends would have murdered her the first time he left her with the dad.

A few month ago GOD said Sapphire is very confident and HE want her to stay that way.  Andy GOD said get one of the white women you have with to give you a white baby then you can nonce it up but you are not doing it to Sapphire.

GOD said Stewy went round there the night Sue told us get out her house Andy had to talk to her to ask if we could stay until the morning she said she didn't care.  GOD said Stewy told her he just found out he has HIV GOD said that is why she came in the house angry a told us to get out.

GOD stewy was a whore and was seeing someone another woman at the same time he was seeing sue and wasn't sure. he caught it from.  I heard Sue "You gave me HIV please GOD no I have children I'm on my own Stewart how could you what's gong to happen to then I on my own my mum is old please tell me you didn't and it is a joke I trusted you."  So did his wife "Stuart my children are going to end up in care!"  why is she worried about her children going into care?

Sue and her family are very dirty.  GOD same levels as Andy and his family Andy cleaned up because of ME.  A couple of weeks ago GOD said you think Andy's mum and dads house looks clean all the time like when you go there because they are expecting YOU?  GOD said Andy's mum stink it's only because she went to work.  GOD said the chair she sits in stink but uses threw which she takes of and was, when people are going over to see them the uncover the sofas to make it look as if they are clean and keep the house clean. GOD said the they day we told them we were coming she was rushing like mad to clean up.  GOD said the house was stinking, that's why the toilet was so clean she had to scrub.
GOD said Ann Brooks was a flea bag her family just did up the house that's why she invited people around and as soon as the white girls saw her house they picked up and she drop her only friend ME the black girl, but Ann is still a flea bag, just like Andy and his family they did up their house so they could let ME in.  GOD said they are flea bags that's why they speak like Wersal Gumich.  It's true I knew Andy and his family were low class they're sit with the lowest class families in Bristol.  People with upper class background don't speak like Wersal.  GOD said that is why Andy's standers are low.  GOD said Andy is not on the same class level as ME that is why he old ME not to marry him.   

GOD said didn't you smell the coat Andy's mother threw down the stairs at you.  It was stinking but downstairs didn't stink like that.   The smell of the coat was so bad I could wear it.  Any put it in the suit case she lent the same one he went to Bristol with Andy mashed it up he is the only one who uses it.

GOD said now Andy's mum is no longer working Andy keeps smelling her.

While we were at Sue's, Sue took 1 quick 2 minute to meet Stewy.  that is why they call man dogs she and  Stewy had sex more than one she likes to brag.

The only one of them who got up and took a shower every day was the oldest daughter who went yo work. GOD said she had a boy friend she's the nicest out of the lot.

The rest of her children took a shower once each over the 4 days we were there and they put up an argument with the mum, who used showers and bath as a punishment.  If they they were naughty they were not allowed to have a shower or bath they didn't look as if they wanted one anyway.

I just went to take MY bath in case some knock the door and tell ME I'm low class!  

I have not been to bed yet.  GOD told ME after Andy finished sexually using the little white girl in the nursery part of the school the white German woman Andy's girlfriend who wipe her down for Andy asked Andy "did she smell nice?" "Andy said she smelt like you!"  GOD said the little girl was stinking and made Andy smell GOD said Andy was angry at himself for doing it GOD said that was his first time.  GOD said the other paedophiles are angry with the women for bringing Andy in because they feel it has brought trouble to their door step GOD said the women got permission from the men before he was allowed in.

Just before I went to have a bath Andy called about an hour before that GOD showed ME Andy's mother talking to Andy she said "SHE is bad mouthing our family try and make her stop!"

Andy called to tell ME he will making a new claim for himself.  It would be fraudulent not to.  GOD said Andy's family like to bad mouth ME.  That is what HE  is going to keep doing to people who bad mouth ME give ME dirt to dish out on them.  However I'm concerned with the spite GOD Andy's mother is doing in MY family.  GOD said it is not Andy it is his mother. 

Speaking of low class there is a white man with back hair who keeps saying I'm incredible GOD said he is saying it because of Westfield.  GOD said the man with the tattoo is HIM that is how HE chooses to look HE didn't want to have to keep fighting the women and men of speaking of low class HE had to punch the pretty freckled  face mixed race girl with HIV who Dave caught the HIV from because she went after him because GOD said HE is MINE GOD said there is a sudden large influx of women HE doesn't have patience for. 

The white woman still think she is pulling the strings.  Day before yesterday GOD showed ME a group of white women one in particular who contacted the film industry said she wanted MY children in films and raped. I heard we are not paedophiles take her out take her outside first I don't want that staring in MY company.  I'd only black people no.1 and no2 the children can do the filming themselves.   GOD said HE wanted her to contact those ones.  Your nice!

Yesterday GOD told ME a white policemen broke one of the white spite women's jaw GOD said HE appeared to him and stopped time to stop him from catching HIV and spoke to him.  And him HE love white people but the ones who show respect and told him I like white men but not the women because of this and that it doesn't take much for the white women to change, and that even though I jump in to help every colour of children the white women turn quickly and turn it it into just the insult and that she is beating ME and MY children while helping her  because her jealousy. 

GOD said the white woman became white spite soon after she watched the waste-man video of my children she said Sapphire was a groupie and I have turned MY daughter into a whore and because her behaviour was addressed she twisted it an said it was because I said white women stink GOD said it was her who was stinking of puss.   

In the video Sapphire said \I just want to be with the show Sapphire is very intelligent that good line which she thought on the spot. GOD said Sapphire is not advance with sexual thoughts like her children it is her daughter who is the whore she has had sex already and she is only ten.  GOD it was consensual she is a whore.  GOD said Nicole Rider levels.

GOD said she called her family and the policemen said he didn't her family to come GOD said because you said you don't want them to come HE took them all out.  GOD said you said you feel special you are special.

Back to bag puss in Bristol where is the iron?   Andy make yourself use iron you mothers face! Gordan bennit.

GOD said Andy's mother has been speaking to Andy's girlfriend the German and Andy's told her she wants MY family split up and for MY children to be kept away from ME like I kept her son from her all these years.  The German woman "Any more!" Andy'S mother "yes and..."  GOD said the team went to Scott Davina's boyfriend who they told to work on Davina GOD said Scott is going to get taken out for it.  Do n't bother to call you mum.  GOD said they gave him mein camf to read.  two week I have been leaving messages or her to call no phone call. 

GOD said because he doesn't to call his mum until he wants something and he is there because he wants something he blamed ME.  When I was with Andy all the time I would tell him to call her Andy doesn't give a shit about his mum.  Why should I have to keep flogging him it's his mum he has never once said to ME "call your mum." Andy and I haven't been together for years his been with the white women it must be them who stopping him from calling his mother. 

 GOD said now put them back to bed I want him to stay there

When ever Andy's mum was coming over Andy would get us all running around to tidy up. GOD when my mum was coming round he'd to himself let it stay like shit.  GOD said they are all laughing there's wants you together so that it is one hit.  stinking rats!

GOD said someone else wants Davina who better her level that's why HE allowed Scott to get involved in the spite HE wants Scott taken out because o how far he would go if HE allowed him to! 

GOD said HE doesn't want Scott in OUR FAMILY!  WE are ROYALTY.

GOD said that stinking little white woman in Bristol likes giving orders because they told her they are going to give the white woman what she wants.  Andy yesterday afternoon GOD told ME HE murdered your girlfriend.  GOD said your next. HE said further down.

Yesterday GOD popped buy just to say I have just been made QUEEN, Elizabeth has just been hacked into and said HE is going to use ME to humble the white woman.

I just heard a white man who said it was that weed shit why he gave it to her.  It was to spite you! It was MINE MY great Grandfather was the King, and it was the weed shit why he never gave it to ME! You white cunt! It must be the slavery! 

GOD said MY Great Grandfather was already the King, George the sixth murdered MY Great Grandfather made himself king and hid MY history. 

GOD said George murdered his own brother  for a Jewish whore! GOD said he murdered lots of his family, but HE let him do it so that WE could stay Black!

Sapphire is a QUEEN same as Ruby, Ruby is MINE!

I  can make sister a QUEEN if I choose I'll see how she behaves.

GOD said Errol is KING he can stay with Joann she is his Queen but not MINE.

John is a KING but not while he is with that ol dotty legobeast! Give her the house she will settle the cheep tramp!

Errol children are Princes and Princesses!

John and Doreen still have the title it there inheritance but they get what comes with it until the comply! 

John can build until he drops he not coming up until he leaves Margarita I'll pay off the mortgage.  So that he can sit and think about his future.  I don't do part time!

John she won't sit on the shelve for long! GOD touched the men, HE didn't want to touch her!

what I write has effect on the past! You should have caught it and sill have but I just turned around why HE touched the men! She's a doggg!!

I just heard Andy's mum who said"see you should have stayed with HER to make yourself clean."  The peasant what does she think I'AM a washing machine needing spare parts.

JJON ask your sister if she got any money we can ave.

I'm going to make sure he leaves her!  She harmless I want her at the same level as Andy leaver her there!


Andy went down on the white child like he did on the German girlfriend who had an out break of Herpes.

MY face is inflamed.  At least it's not Herpes!

I rubbed it with lemon the other night GOD told ME it stated to get better.  I just put some on MY face.

GOD said they said they want  ME to look like how the Daily Star made ME look.

GOD said it was Andy's spite!

Errol don't throw her down, it's your fault she is boring.  IT'S you who tied her down.  I never let any man tame ME except in the bedroom!

GOD said if you didn't she would have become a who because she would have been messed around!

I'M a bit wild but I AM not a whore.

GOD said what they gave Andy to put in the cream is the same srt of thing they spited MY mum with when she had the bad alergic reaction but I took it externally.

GOD said nothing I wrote insulting the the white women or white men stirred up any ill feelings it was their jealousy because I am Special and it brought out the racism that was already in them GOD said HE is GOD and knows and HE has been monitoring like on a barometer.

Who wants a fight?

No word of a lie if you go to Bristol the Bristolian's will tell you themselves they are all interbred everyone In Bristol looks like Andy's mum except for the people migrated. what I mean is that they all look related! I'm laughing but it's true!

I bet the Chinese go to take pictures.

There is a Bristolian look but they are nice most of them.  They are more laid back.  But a lot of white shit.

I don't care what you white problem is white people are not important.

GOD said Barak Obama tried to move every one out of the way so that he could become king he tried to murder the other side of the Hitler family GOD said he went for the Germans and Russians and came after ME hence he was next door that is why he was murdered.  GOD said he wanted to be put first before ME.  GOD said I come of the KINGSHIP lines his veered off because it came from my grandfather on MY dad side GOD said MY dads and mum blood are both as pure as MINE MY brothers sister but different, it acts like positive and minus.  GOD said Regina fund out about Obama from David and had him murdered. GOD said their family went in the house and joined in even Elizabeth because of the level his greed reached.  GOD said he has put a lot of people on death row even them.  GOD said even some of the fishes in the sea.  |I heard "ouch  even me!" GOD said you behaved yourself same level as ME HE drew it out before it reached.

David you couldn't fight all of them!

David why don't you keep Westfield?

I don't want David touched.

I'm staying with American I don't cheat.

David I heard you that's would murder the whole lot of them for HER you did!  Didn't you?

David you are very smart way above genus levels you orchestrated everything .

Speaking of awesome.  Myles subscribed to a site where they send him boxes of goodies books everyone's  a reader Ryan, Jake....Apart from the girls and I you get a little bag of sweets he has had 3 boxes in the last 6 weeks it's free GOD said they wanted ME to advertise for the  the sit is called "A Box of Awesome." 

I don't want you laughing at the white woman it's just some they are nicer than a lot of the black women but they need to get slap down.

GOD said HE just wanted here to look at herself. 

Some of those black women are stinking pieces of shit!

A few nights ago GOD told the Americans were watching the video of ME and Riccardo and wanted the black women they were with to loosen let go a bit of their inhibitions.  GOD said after they watched in front of the American men they stated breaking ME down but they are using MY move same like the white women.
"anyway SHE has tha mark on HER face hasn't SHE"
Trying to  style it"look at what the white women did to HER, SHE has put on lot of weight hasn't SHE?" GOD that's why HE calls ME when I'm sat with them because what they are about to to ME.

A white woman will humble herself, it's just the jealousy. At least the white people stick for their own. 

GOD said the black woman's spite would have bee worse like the hair spite.

I need anyone ushering ME through I already know I'm special. Hard to find genuine people.

You ain't got what I've got it might look the same but it's not.

GOD showed ME what those black women did they started making twisting and breaking movements with their had GOD said they are doing which craft  and are sending it on ME god said they think they are going to walk from it,  but it is going to them GOD said HE is not going to let any of it reach ME or MY Family or MYSELF OR HIM and it has to go some where HE there. 

GOD said Linda Malcom was there but didn't get involved in the witch craft.  Because she is a Chistian but all of the went up there to do spite to ME they pushed themselves up there why it happened to Linda GOD said David raped her and passed HIV to her because she wasn't spiteful and said he would stay with her Linda said she would stay with him.  It was because David was ready to settle down.  GOD sait it was because HE showed David where he was going,  David was told to choose.  GOD said David was coming to get ME and that HE would rather Linda than ME. THE END

GOD said I touched the white women up a bit like the gloss front cover of a cheep magzine but the white woman is still the lowest class of woman.  one of them say she is going to take her top of to HIM as soon as she does it HE is going to take her out.  I heard a white man who said Lorraine doesn't want you as a friend I don't want the white woman's friendship street level is OK.

GOD showed ME a white woman who takes everything of the black people save they start fanning themselves because of the white woman's smell.  GOD said leave the black people there. GOD turns and walks away.  GOD just spoke to ME and said there is none mo re beautiful ta gaze on than YOU.

GOD said Andy said he doesn't want to see ME be QUEEN. I don't need a crown however GOD Andy sent them to murder MY whole FAMILY if HE wasn't here. GOD said Andy's mum takes him to the hospital it the wrong level the moment he can succeed HE is going to show up and drag him that is the correct level.

Wednesday 16th April 2014

Last night GOD said My FAMILY have been in the British Monarchy since Queen Charlotte and King George VI was not mad the white women who were jealous that he married a black woman started calling him mad for marrying a black woman GOD said these one carry on the same way.  GOD said Victory was Jewish and not related to MY ancestors king George and Queen Charlotte.  GOD said they are going to have to erase a lot of their writing and throw away their history books because their are lots of lies documented With the paper he has and is showing the Judges and MY grand mothers letter everything ties up GOD told ME over 2 years ago Francis James MY Great Grandmother was Queen. GOD said I look just like MY Great Great Grand I'm not sure of the distance King George VI except I'M a woman and brown.  GOD said HE is going to show ME painting George was very handsome. 

GOD let ME hear Victory talking to a man use the name George then you can say you're the sixth it will look better.  GOD said they only George in MY line which came after King George the 5th was MY brother Errol who is Errol George Stevens GOD said MY dad was a King. 

GOD said the liberty the white people took with MY family isn't going to happen again!

GOD said the white people think they are going to start murdering people on this road and other roads to take their possessions GOD said you will be dragged before you can do it.  Your going to toe the line!

A few weeks ago GOD showed ME Beyonce she had half a metal head and a wig on GOD said she is still doing shows, the judge let her keep the other two people's scalp at the back because their families didn't go to court.  I heard Beyonce friends bitching her behind her back just after they told her the wig look good they ran out of the room to laugh.  GOD said that's what YOU did!  GOD said she kills herself.  Today GOD told ME she kills herself because I AM QUEEN and she can not bare it! 

GOD said just like the white shit Beyonce keeps falling.

Who wants to hear one of MY funny stories? 

When I was living in Bristol I walked to the local shop one day and saw an old white man on crutches I had never seen him before I was simmer I think I had on short and a low cut top stop him and said if you can can catch ME you can have ME he nearly fell over we couldn't stop laughing he called ME a wicked girl.

Jogging advertisement! Sports Shoes!

Yesterday GOD said show Andy's parents what type of son they have HE said is looking around Bristol and is thinking he was to come back to London so that he can hide and is wishing he could murder his mum and dad for the house, so that he can come back to be with his friends to do spite to ME.  GOD said Andy's friends are getting taken out same level a Andy.

Yesterday GOD told ME Andy was cleaning his mother stinking room they were all having a clean up someone contacted them and told them their family is going to get taken out for the paedophilia. GOD told ME they have been watching Andy on camera looking at young school girls like what I caught him doing after we got married.  yesterday morning GOD said Andy is about to become a rapist because he can not get a woman it's a school girl. GOD let ME hear Andy's girlfriend what ever you see out their if you want it just take it your going to get taken out anyway.

Andy told ME after we got married that he used to watch sex videos, his a man I've done but then he told ME people in the club started sending him picture of children and he was horrified and stop accepting their down loads I said that was good.  I never ever seen child abuse videos apart from the one they showed on TV of the little girl from the refuge.  Andy kept looking at women and young girls when I was with him in the end I didn't care but I used to box him down for the disrespect he kept showing ME I told him to put his head down I'd box him in front of who ever he stared at to show him the same disrespect!  

I spoke to Andy's mum about his looking at other women said I must put with him. GOD said she thought I was talking about Cordelia I then took it further because couldn't believe her response we were in Andy's house at the time I was decorating it to sell it they pop over to bring a tool I think I said Andy is looking at young school girl she and Andy's dad looked each other and didn't say a word I was thinking what kin of family is this?  I sent Andy to the church leaders who Andy and I did a marriage counselling course with before we got married when he came back I asked what they thought and said he said they said it was to be expected that he is looking at white women.  Andy looked at Asian women a s well and mixed race.  I don't give a shit what colour she is he is disrespectful I married the man I never did to him.

Andy better not be calling MY name in his shit I'm not a paedophile I have children I'm not touching yours that's why your not touching MINE!

GOD Andy wasn't a paedophile util he went with the white women in Barking.

GOD said was the German woman who said she wanted to bring out his most inner desires and he said he would try it.  GOD said David Westfield is behind it because he was ready to settle down with ME same as he did to Linda why HE came.

From the early 80s I never wanted to push any sexual inhibitions how far can a can a couple go in the bedroom before they start pushing for other things I don't do fantasy I don't do sex I make love or I don't do anything!  I did sex with Andy it was MY duty MY chore.  We were friends with a piece of paper.  I was Andy's behaviour which did Andy is a passion killer.

I filed divorce papers in Bristol because of the looking disrespect.  I think it was about a moth after we got married I wanted out but he would have had to move in with his parents I didn't want to shame him. He still had the house just. Because of the wedding we owed his mum and dad a few grand he couldn't ask. We paid them when we sold the house GOD said had I not done up his house he would have lost it the man who bought it only bought it because he didn't have to do anything I let it spotless.

I scraped all the wall paper of and painted a light cream new cream carpet new bathroom sink new curtains everywhere new kitchen blinds new lino.  Jet hosed the patio cleaned all the widow serviced the boiler had maintenance done to a leaking radiator all by MYSELF. Take all the heavy rubbish to the skip. ME and the children sometimes, move Andy furniture to where we had just moved. I weeded the garden I organised for a new bin to be sent to the house. it was tough competition there were a lo of nice houses up the road for sale, when I finished it looked new.

at night I was doing our house Andy was in love with Cordelia he couldn't move I didn't know, he didn't even wash his self.

We paid most of the credit card company's we had about 15,00 pounds left GOD said Andy knew Cordelia took the bulk money and didn't say anything I heard her to Andy " I want some your not giving it all to the black woman." 

Andy was MY slave.

While I was doing up Andy's house we couldn't get any credit I used MY benefit money! His wages paid the rent the mortgage the car finance and got him to work most day I dropped him off and picked him up. We had to pay school dinner money diesel food clothes everything.  I paid about 250 pounds for the carpet about fifty pounds for the rolls of underlay Bristol's is cheaper put I had to drive around the lino was 50 maybe it was a two bedroom house.  I paid drew 60 pound that man made it look expensive with all the nips and tucks he did a fucking good job. I'm chatty!
Did I ever tell you the story about Smithfield market?
I was going out with Riccardo who ate a lot of grape, so one day he was coming over and I decided to go and get some fruit over over Smithfield there was a fork lift driver who took a shine to ME I was chatting to him he told ME to get on his fork lift so I did. He drove to every stall holder and got ME boxes of fruit for free.

GOD said he lost his job for that but HE got him a job straight after the which paid a lot more money for less hour because of what he did for ME and MY children. He was white.

What I don't like about women I know I have written the like to set tension fuck off and go home ME and the boys are having fun.  You know what?  Don't come your not allowed! Old bag!

Women try too hard to look pretty so they can't let their hair down they are frauds.  Old fisherman's wives in the women's toilets.

She is not the woman you fell in love with!!!  She's a stinking spiteful bitch!!!  She's the same woman she always was except when she was reeling you in.

Look at her, look at her begging for life! I talking about you bank account!

That's why she has to fantasize in the bedroom she can not make love to you because she doesn't love you. And why she has to use sex aids and creams.

The reason why her conversations are boring is because it's all about she is selling herself.  Her Unique Selling Proposition is her virgina.  I've got one of those MINE is clean! 

She knows she can not satisfy you in the bedroom because she doesn't want you she doesn't care if you stumble by making you fantasies about little children anything as long a you don't notice she is not giving you herself.  Sure you will cum! Now she has satisfied you physically what about the emotion?  Tell hr you are made up of mind, body, and soul.  Tell her she going to put your soul in hell with the fantasy.

She won't hold you she holding on to your money though!  She will let you go but not the house the car the money!  She suffered to get it!

I just made scrambled egg in a cup in the microwave you have to take it out and chop it up a few time to scramble it, it puffed up it's in a short wide cup I put it onto a side plate with toast I must work on presentation.  I couldn't find a clean bowl.  Don't for get to put a nob of butter. 

While Andy was here, one day he I'll just check your bank to if the child tax credit has come in.  they change the day from a Monday to a Thursday over a year ago Andy went and checked on a Wednesday I said but it is Wednesday he said it has just started coming in after half ten on a Wednesday.  For months it has been coming in on a Wednesday 10.30. Last night I went to Tesco and checked it wasn't their then GOD let ME hear a white woman behind the camera who spoke at ME "Sorry YOU don't get those privileges" I heard a woman who said "what do you mean by that what privileges?"  GOD said that is the girl who Andy is seeing. GOD said that is what she used to get Andy to do what he has been doing and to do the spite to ME.  GOD let ME hear her speaking to Andy "that is what I can do for you"  GOD that is all she did for Andy.  GOD said that is where Andy is a sell out. not even a bowl of soup the bowl is there.  What privileges might  I asked I had money to buy what I wanted and it was due to come in an hour and a half later you beast!

I washed last night but they used the bowl I was cleaning yesterday!

She a policewoman I'm not a criminal why is she allowed to control MY bank account!  i bank with Santander. MY bank is at Forest Gate the same branch who shut down MY account GOD said their was fraud taking place people put money into MY account because we were living in the car.

GOD said HE going to let Andy murder his parents to stay their. GOD Andy didn't murder the child they did he just did the sex abuse.  I heard his girlfriend he said "here use the Hercules bag Andy refused to."  GOD said the child suffocated. 

I heard Andy mother shouting last nigh. "Is that all we are to you a house you only call when you want something we want you to leave."  She blamed Andy for messing up her life.  What about the paedophile husband?

GOD said Andy's girlfriend told him she was worried about how it would look if he stayed with her and knew lots of single gay men with the same diseases as him who wouldn't mind him staying with them and she would have to look around to find one suitable and told him to hang on.  Earlier I heard her telling someone she is starting to develop feelings for Andy.

GOD said Andy has already taken over the house.  GOD said Andy is by himself in that house.  GOD said the more evil they do the more they push them up there.

GOD said the people who helped Andy used the helicopter.  I heard where can I steal a car.  GOD said when they were finished they put it back in the same spot which they marked.  GOD said they help Andy so that he could tail ME GOD said Andy is going to get dragged.

GOD said they gave Andy a gun. 

GOD let ME hear Andy's girlfriend telling you are just going to have to murder your parent or sleep in door ways.  GOD let ME  hear her tell Andy he will have to clean the blood up himself GOD said she went with them to see the house.  that's why Andy was cleaning.

GOD said Andy fucked her in his mother's bed.
GOD said she is playing mind games with Andy.
GOD said she is spiting Andy for being with a black woman.

What she is saying he does exactly what the white woman tells him keep telling him it's funny. 

She just said she feels I am undermining her. Come on you've got to admit it it hilarious. I'T A CARTOON OUT HERE!!
It's like watching Laural and Hardy.

Your bring joy to a lot of people.  I'm getting a lot of hit thank to you! 

Who need telly?  I AM the QUEEN  I commend you for the promotion that you and Andy are doing for ME well done.

GOD said the Asian solicitors acting for Ryan keeps trying to trip him up.  GOD said she has forgotten about the murdered Asian shop keeper he was nice but she is not.

Earlier I heard a lot of German women Andy fell in love straight away with the white German woman I denied him sex for three and a half year.  Didn't you read what I read he will rape children because he can not get a woman.

GOD Andy is spiteful and only got with ME because he thought I was going to go out with Richard or Andrew Checkley.

GOD said he enjoyed using Andy more he did more for HIM GOD said I'm HIS, HE would have still come to get ME now! That is why HE made love to ME in 2000!

GOD said Andrew Checkey would have looked after ME better I would have had a nice car etc, but he is a paedophile that's why he ran to Africa where all the little girl were and go ran out of there!

GOD said Richard was the best but he had a girlfriend and caught HIV that is why he ran away.

Sounds like the white women put Andy on a very lonely dusty road. 

Andy you should have stayed out from the ring of cheese!
Little donkey 
Little donkey
on a dusty road 

GOD said Andy cried and was going to say his parents aren't here because of ME.

GOD said that is the cat and mouse game he was talking about!

I heard Andy arguing with his parents shut up you evil people how could you throw your own son out in the street to sleep in doorways if you don't care about me why should I care about you?

I heard Andy's mum Andy how could you do this to us we are your mum and dad! GOD said Andy drew out a knife the same one his girlfriend gave him to murder ME.

GOD said because I threw the phone down on Andy a couple of day's ago he took an over dose his mum too him to he hospital.

I heard her "divorce her and marry ME" GOD said that is why she told Andy to murder his parent for the house.  GOD said HE would wait until just before he put it on it to drag then and the pastor as well because of who would marry them!

GOD said Andy doesn't want her. She make him feel guilty, nervous, cold, claustrophobic.  GOD said Andy is afraid of her! GOD said Andy was very relaxed with ME he is feeling very unsettled.

GOD said Andy is realising he had an easy life with ME.  I never troubled Andy there was nothing going on in MY head. If  I were to ever feel anything I addressed it, that's it finished.

GOD said was hurt the I cared about David being settled and not him.  GOD said Andy and David are the same standard level same level as Linda but David has more respect for ME.

I heard David "is that all I get she stinks of fish!!" GOD said David cleans her up he tell her to use the lemons as well.  David it's BV black women was too much hence the fish smell BV.

GOD said Andy is the same level as Riccardo.

GOD sad I AM on the same class level as the American.

GOD said David falls in love with Linda.

GOD said David is secret society and found out about Andy so he use the girl to drag Andy out of here! Thank you David.

GOD let ME hear Andy speaking to her "you stink where else have you been!" GOD said Andy was trying to get rid of her, but the insult he gave her made her start to develop feeling for Andy GOD said that is why HE is going to take them both out!

GOD said Andy made sure he made a deposit first.
GOD said Andy she has made Andy depressed Andy feels she messed up his life!

GOD said Andy's sister can have it.

GOD said Andy is slow and easily led but he is spiteful.

GOD said it takes Andy time before he realises what's happening.  I never took advantage of Andy that's why he was here so  long.

GOD said they have been waiting for ME to throw Andy out because he didn't have a job to give him one. I don't treat a friend like that!

GOD said all she has done is cause a lot of confusion in And's life. GOD said she was the woman who said she wanted Andy.

GOD said David found out about MY divorce papers in South Woodford that's why why he got involved. GOD said it was because I was with Andy why David stayed away.

I just heard a white woman "that's the kind of spite we like" then I heard "but SHE ended up with GOD."

The other day GOD told ME it was Melissa's daughter who the other Dave took the paedophiles house. GOD said Melissa was African. A lot of her family are out there and they didn't knw what happened to her daughter.

GOD said David ripped his grandfather head of her son.  He though the child looked like Melissa.  Had she not fast herself she would still be here.  GOD said David would take people out for the unauthorised spite they did to MY family and I even though he was spiteful to ME.

The other day I went in Tesco GOD spoke to ME and said the reason why the diluted drinks are in the fridge is because they are hot it is death row I don't want you picking any of them up I will swap them for Ryan and Jake but YOU know, it is the Russian's they are doing it to get there own back.  They have done other shops as well.

GOD said one of the policemen involved his wife went in there and brought a drink and gave it to her children I heard "where did you buy that rink let me feel if it feel very warm don't give it to our children don't drink it" "why what wrong with it?I've already given it to them." GOD said leave the Mighty White bread.

GOD said that is why the white girl put down her head she thought we were finished Jake picked up Ribeana.  GOD said it isn't her spite.