Monday, 15 September 2014

Hi Matthew new route

Matthew I don't think you and I are going to get on as a couple, too much disrespect already.  But wa can be friends.  I'll tell you what I want.  

Matthew I want what belongs to MY family.  I want the dogs called off.  I want to write MY music and what ever else and I want to be free to find who I want.  Then I will be happy.  I need MY money reinstated.  But you have take charge of the accounts.  Do I still ring them?  Matthew I am asking that you stand down from the kingship.

I've just been informed someone else out there wants ME.  The man I saw outside the cafe in South Woodford.  Mr Bahrain can you hurry this along?  It is very distressing being in this situation?  It is not fitting for a QUEEN.

I liked what I was looking at outside the cafe why I was looking.

You looked very classy that is what I like.

Matthew I left the women to fight like dogs for you.  That is why I am a fish called wonder.

I'm glad MY sister hasher black boyfriend it take her out from among the dogs.

On Sunday night I heard white men and women "Foruks gone!" Then I heard white women in the group "Foruk's gone we cannot do anything to HER!"  GOD said the hotel up the road belonged to David, but because Foruk knew the family were murdered he and some of his family moved into it that is why he got taken out and why they are murdering his family for the disrespect the Asian community like to shout for things.

GOD said when Matthew found out his family were getting taken out he went into hiding why he is still here.  GOD said Matthew is waiting for ME to reach rock bottom so that I will let him pick ME up he has HIV which he caught from the singer in Stooges while the Olympics were on, and why he let ME become the fish called wonder.  I don't have HIV and he knows that.

GOD said she knew that she had it.  GOD said it was she why Matthew left us in the car and spited us even though I didn't do anything to him.

Matthew I need MY money to feed MY children. This is where you become a beast. I'm no longer interested in you why I became to the fish called wonder.

GOD said Matthew is Philip and Regina's son.  David's older brother. Matthew what makes you think I would want you? It must be because of all those low class women you are around.  She would let you pick her up for things.  

GOD said it was because he and David were brothers he wanted to take ME out when he saw David and I were o the bar floor.  Because he had been.  Both of them spited ME,  Matthew made David do it.  I bet David didn't know Matthew had been.  I didn't know it was Matthew.

Detangle ME from your Webb!  I don't know you, you have no right.  Go back to the Stooge woman who gave you the HIV.  I'm sorry but I don't care about you problems.  GOD said as soon as you finished raping ME you went and had sex with the Stooge woman.  Let ME spell it out for you I don't have HIV.  GOD said you sent someone to collect DNA sample from the faeces we threw out on the Wanstead flat while we were living in the car.  GOD said Beverley Craven all of them told you to rape MY and the Stooge woman was was with you the night you raped ME the white women pushed you to do it.  I don't want you and YOU want ME now you have been denied a sexual experience.

GOD said you knew it wasn't ME but you have been take out your frustration on ME.  It is not right.  GOD said it is only because I was in the car why I became every bodies punch bag. GOD said HE used Matthew to move everyone out of the way for ME.

GOD said Matthew was with the Stooge woman he pick her up instead of ME while I was doing the cleaning job.  But she had sex with someone who she found out had HIV and used the women to push Matthew to rape ME so that she could hid the HIV came from her.  GOD said Matthew raped ME but she did not have sex with Matthew straight after she caught it.  She waited until after he went with ME and was prying I had it.  GOD said that is why HE told not to go back there.  GOD said she had someone with her in their hotel apartment who she went with the night Matthew raped ME. 

GOD said I stopped using that hotel and she told someone to go and get ME.  People make ME laugh.  I GOD looking after ME have you no fear?  GOD said HE took out a lot of people because of her.  GOD said it was Balasconi the person she had sex with.  I don't know how to spell his name sorry.  GOD said she was seeing him behind your back Matthew.

Dirty low class!  GOD said that is why Balasconi's men were trying to abduct ME she sent them.  GOD said they did go in the school and did the paedophilia.  Matthew I'm glad you threw this fish back in the pool to sit and wander with your friends what happened to it.  Yeh!  GOD said the Stooge woman thought Balasconi was better looking why she did it and why they had better sex.

Matthew GOD said you sat back and allowed everyone to run things to spite ME why your whole family got taken out by the rule. 

GOD said you want to take out the Stooge woman, but she sends someone after you and take you out first she stays. GOD said you took her out why you are by yourself why you came running. You dog!

GOD said because of your low class level Matthew your only just beginning to realize everyone who has been around you are all pieces of shit including MY sister except for ME.

Matthew put on the song "Just when I needed you most"

GOD showed ME you spirit South Woodford we had fun.  That is why I fell in love with you.  I wasn't after anything other than love.  I went to Westfield to look for you I didn't know where to find you. 

Matthew put on "Silly" By Deniece William's
I grew up.

GOD have I told YOU lately that I love YOU. 

GOD said as soon as you picked her up you didn't give a shit about ME and that because you went inside ME and liked it you didn't want anyone to have it.

GOD let ME hear a white woman she said "I understand Lorraine"  then she and the other white women put their heads down.  GOD said they feel shame because I walked off a long time ago and they have been fight amongst each other for themselves because Matthew has things and they want it.  GOD said them fighting ME has nothing to do with ME I walked off.

I could respect you white girls if you were fighting for the cocky!

GOD said that is how they got in with David and his family, fighting ME, so that they could get things.  Then they all went and murdered the family because they are beast and dogs.

White people are very destructive.  I'm not paying anyone.  Greedy white men and women.

I'm listening to white women who are feeling shame and empty because of how much evil they did for things"We should not have been so spiteful to HER!"
Earlier I herd her she was telling the other white women not tout their heads down.

Matthew GOD said HE wants you to stay here and avenge it.  GOD said HE is looking at the white shit and how many murders they have done lately which has left them cold and empty.  GOD said they are beast. 

GOD said the white women are only just starting to feel shame because I just told everyone I walked off a long time ago but they carried on ding the beating up.  hen I went to look for Matthew there was no one fighting Me for Matthew that I could see. GOD said as soon as I wrote about David the white people started to squeeze David's family.  Like in the bar when i shout I was going to be there because the family went down there because I said I  was going to be there.  GOD said they murdered the family to stop them from giving ME things.  GOD said white people are even more weird than the Asians. GOD said it was David's and Regina's training they told the team to make sure I didn't get anything.

GOD said Regina appreciated the newly found friend who wanted to help her family to fight ME but it strange for her it was too many in one hit.  She didn't know what to say to them.  GOD said she didn't really want to beat up MY family she went with the flow but was feeling squeezed when it first started happening. GOD said on MY birthday 2010 David was there at the bar on his own. Last year when I went there while Ryan was working there all those people who squeezed ME in the bar were with David those are the people who volunteered to help Regina and her family fight ME.   GOD said Regina told people she felt squeezed, but because the Olympics were coming up she said she did want to throw them out because she can use the extra help. 

GOD said Regina started throwing them out after I moved here which was a build up for them to murder her and her family why the poker was heated up and pushed in al of her holes even ears and eyes, even though she and her family wasn't alive through all of it.

GOD said Regina said she wanted to go back to the way her life was before she felt squeezed.  GOD said Regina started to feel depressed because of here they were taking her family.  GOD said all of her family caught HIV because they were being led and she became depressed and they gave her drugs.

GOD said the Russian's next door wouldn't have gone to Regina and her family at the hotel because of the cameras because of who it was but they went in to the end house later and did David. 
Matthew had you picked ME up then while I was cleaning you would not have appreciated ME GOD said you said during the Olympics you wanted to try everything.

A lot of black men are fussy they don't want to dip it into anything.  It's good to be fussy.

One night while we were staying at the Westfield hotel. We went to KFC we sat and ate the boys used the toilet they said there was a cue lots of men waiting a white woman was using it.  They said she opened the door when she finished and everyone was heaving.  GOD said she was a prostitute.  She went to clean up but was still stinking.  Men outside still went with her.  

GOD showed MY the German's/Russian's next door walking along the street this street to go into the end house.  GOD said they knew the whole family was getting taken out and to show disrespect they didn't bother to use the side door.

Mr Bahrain wants ME to say something to him I wish you would hurry up I'm snapping.

I just heard Matthew who said "SHE wants to get fucked?"  What do you think?  it is nearly four years I am human.  then he said "I might as well go and hold Doreen then!" GOD said that is why you get taken out.  Can't help yourself can you?  Can't stop doing spite.  GOD said it was your spitefulness which got your family murdered.  

GOD showed ME a game which is being played chairs are being taken away a white woman couldn't find a seat so she got murdered.

GOD said they are fighting for seats.  That is what he is doing to them.  Well it is still things.

GOD said that is why the white women are starting to feel shame the are having to fight for a seat.  Matthew make sure it is filmed to show the white people themselves. 

This morning GOD showed ME Mr Bahrain who look at MY picture and said "YOU do know how to open YOUR legs don't YOU?"  Yes! 

He got ME rockin! 
Yeh he got ME Rockin! 
Oh oh oh oh oh oh!   

Better find, better find, better, better, better, find out!  AW!

Here! I was thinking the band members would have to be quick
Each member could sing each phrase as an individual.
Singer 1 Better find
Singer 2 Better find 
Singer 3 Better
Singer 4 Better....

That Bob Andy tune I put on here someone likes it and wants it re done because of the poor sound quality.  I was thinking to change a word I don't want any credit

No2 Because I was born a man
No1 It costs nothing to be a man
        And I deserve the right to live
        Like any other man

You can say be as well
I would swap the lines it might be like that already
That is a warrior song.  GOD said it would be used in a film.

It starts with the leaders I am the fountain drink ME.

That sounds along the line of the super man film I am the gate keeper.  Was it super man?

Mr Disney I reckon you should make a film about Obama and use Nas' song. 

Mr Disney I'll call you Nathan.  GOD said HE is going to let ME work with you all of you soon.  I can't wait

I'm chilled listening to Crystal Gale.  
The film I see Obama walking with his bodyguards.  Nas' song is playing  He goes missing.  He doesn't come back.  My accounts are there.

You see the evil they do to the different victims but they are flash backs Obama goes through shit in there as well with his family.

In the film they are trying to track his last movements. But then it flicks to a scene like he and his family enjoying special treatment late night shopping they are having a good time but are being fattened up for the kill. 

it flicks to the house next door to the not too distant future he and his family are having a still shopping.   

I don't want him waking up in cold sweats this is real.  GOD said make sure all of the bodyguards are white.  GOD said when white people do evil they like to share the responsibility with black people. 

GOD said their family did it to MY family Charlotte and her family, Marie, Benjamin and George all of them now it is level.

GOD said that is what happened Obama walked off with the white paedophiles all in suite  HE said Obama didn't bother to ask his black bodyguards to go with him because of what they were going to do he didn't like the looks the black people gave him because of the paedophilia. 

I like Obama's black team I want them.  They show respect. 
GOD said they all got on a plane and that was the last Obama was seen in America.  GOD said because they were American he felt it was better then using bodyguards over here.

GOD said the paedophiles he came to England with were helping to capture Obama and his family but were murdered here as well.  In that house. GOD said other houses were being used to murder them.

GOD said his black bodyguards came but were told to use a different plane.  GOD said they split up.  Obama's plane arrived here before the black bodyguards.  GOD said Obama was cracking jokes about his black bodyguards the white paedophiles cracked jokes so that he would trust them.

GOD said the black bodyguards kept trying to speak to Obama to warn him but he ran them down to make his white friends laugh.  In front of their faces.  GOD said Mr Disney/Nathan knows he can help with the film.

GOD said the black woman I wrote about as being spiteful is a very good girl she kept going back to speak to Obama who kept dissing her.

Yesterday GOD told ME something HE said Mr Disney and the other people who work with him came recently to help they say ME Matthew sent them back to America GOD said they went to the hotel to help take out Regina and her family they have been helping to take down the whole family why they were over here.

Matthew said he needs a team.  

GOD said people are starting to feel sorry for Matthew.  GOD said I should leave him there to avenge it and why should I pay to avenge what they did to his family he did as well and that that is why people are disappearing so that I don't have to pay.

GOD said Matthew shot ME in the head the time he came to tell ME Beyonce put ME in a box.  GOD said he came in a helicopter I was asleep with just the children in the car and came playing bad man.  GOD said HE let him do it so that HE could do him later. GOD said HE re-wounded time.  I remember banging on the window of the car and shouting David I want to talk to you .  GOD said stay where YOU are YOU cannot open it he cannot hear YOU.
GOD said Matthew murdered Elizabeth and her family he had sex with the stinking voice woman who he was going to put in there as his queen to spite ME.

GOD said the only reason why Matthew hasn't raped MY sister is because her boyfriend is black.  It put him off her.  GOD said that is why HE made sure she had a black boyfriend.  

GOD said Matthew didn't have anything to do with his immediate family murders.

GOD said all of the women Matthew calls friends he raped all of them now have HIV.  GOD said all he and David did was spread HIV.

Off course I left him there he stopped MY money left us in a car spited us.  That is why I don't care about his upset.  GOD said he is broken.  

GOD said he planned to come to ME I turned him down so he is broken.  GOD said it is him why they would murder Ryan next week. Matthew did stop MY money initially.  GOD said he behaves just like Philip and Adolph Hitler.

GOD said that is why HE let them spite ME for long to leave them there because I like to pick them up because I feel sorry for them.
Mr Bahrain keeps saying he is in love with ME.  You need to make your way over to ME. ASAP. Come later this evening if you can.  Mr Bahrain the money situation is bad.

How should we play it?  Do you want to give ME a little warning first?

I heard your thoughts as you I was staring at you "What is SHE staring at?  It must be my phone SHE is making me feel uncomfortable why do I feel so nervous?"

I was looking at you and was thinking.  That is a very classy man.  There were other men at the tables in suits but you stood out.  I didn't bother looking at them because I didn't want to miss any moment while I was looking at you.  They may have had suits on.

I told you what I was thinking.  "I wonder if he will come to find ME."

I want you to come.

I liked your phone.  I liked your shape and your olive colour.  I wish I heard you speak.

Mr Bahrain I got up yesterday morning with a bad pan in MY chest I can hardly move.  I just get it that is why you asked if I can open MY legs.  It was an advance question.  Yes but you will have to do all of the work.

You were the cleaner on the 5th March 2009.  You lost a bit of weight.

GOD said it is the same as the problem with MY shoulder. It happens because of the fall in the bath.  It has happened before.

Mr Bahrain said the white woman and white man know not to come to do any beating up HE is the reason why people disappear.  That is MY husband and is also the JUDGE.  The person who came to get ME at the council.
I have been desperate to be with you for a long time, your taking so long!

Since 2000.

I just heard a future clip of us it was beautiful.

"Can you do the washing?  I'll find some clothes!"
"Who do you think I am Andy?"
As long as that kind of comment stay under your breath.

I won't ill treat you.

I just heard a white man who said "Everyone go out and punch HER!"  your gone.  As for the rest of you, you can get on with your stinking evil little lives.

Matthew said he knows MY sister wasn't there.  Not one member of MY family would get involved in that shit with what happened to your family.  Not one, MY sister might do you something in temper like ME that is it.

I'm warning they white women and men what will happen if they try it with us.  I'm taking the time to warn you.  The white women need to behave.

GOD said MY sister hangs with them most of her friends are white, but she pick up a black boyfriend to show them she is not like them, she is not a whore.

There are still nice white women out there.  GOD said it is the team women who do it the other white women would just look.

GOD said I have a punctured lung.  I have had it before it fixes it's self.

There are a lot of bad minded black women out there it is the same.

If we murdered all the white women there wouldn't be any white men.

I like to see different colours.  But I want to see more of a balance.  More equality.

Matthew I have been showing you where to go.  GOD showed ME something your family were not too up on spite you might have been.  It is because they were not street wise.  It is because of the people who squeezed them why they became street wise.

GOD said Andrea was a millionaire like the others they went there and took things.

Matthew you murdered ME why I couldn't open the car door.  I was so happy to see you I wanted to tell you, you misunderstood ME.

GOD told ME Regina and David started taking drugs after the Olympics because of the things they did to other humans which left them feeling guilty.

I try to write as much of what GOD tells ME. 
GOD said your family were squeezed and pushed.  By most of the people who were police people.  They are on a different level of spitefulness because of what they do to people on he street when they are policing them.

GOD said it was a little different for Elizabeth's family they didn't mix with them,  so they were still not street wise.  although they did a lot of murders if people disrespected them.

Matthew GOD said your the foot long and that is why you are not a paedophile because it is deformed it is too big.

I appreciate what you did for ME.  You murdered Foruk because he took the piss but to show ME respect.

It's a mess isn't Matthew? 

That's probably why all the women line up they need something big enough to fill their gaping holes.

GOD said HE has given you all the main people who murdered your family and that is it.

Matthew GOD said the people next door were saying to each other "I wish I could go to the hotel to give it to Regina!" GOD said they were worried about the German people in Germany finding out about what they have been doing over here.

Matthew GOD said you are MY friend.

Matthew GOD said you take a chunk for yourself.  But then I make it back.  Matthew I need you to put MY money back on today.

Matthew GOD said you want to know why the American's got involved.  They wanted the companies for themselves.  They knew your family were getting take out.  They wanted to make sure no on would go after them.  GOD said they took the view of well your family murdered their king and his family Obama.

GOD said Mr Disney is family to Elizabeth that is how he got in.

The name of the classy man is Joshua I received it this morning.  Sexy name.

Joshua Your a solicitor!  
I just heard a white woman she said "wow!" Because of MY gift.  GOD said she is not the same as the police women.

I could use a good solicitor.  You deal with criminology. Beep!
Beep beep! Beep!  I've captured you on MY radar.  You live in South Woodford.

Joshua this morning I saw a whit woman telling you I am writing about you.  GOD said they told her to the white women have already started on you. 

Joshua I saw you stand up.  How would you like to be dominated by ME?
Don't try it I mean the plate.

Joshua I was writing a song I think I'll tailor it for.  
You can put in you cellar
You put me in your hall
you can...
You can hang me on your wall

I'm just looking for somebody 
Someone to treat me right

Your single.  I'd really like to see you again.  I feel ready to open up the shop.  Seeing as I cannot do much I can do things I took a bath but I'm in pain, I might write the song.

Earlier GOD said it is the white men doing it and that I should tell the white women who don't know.  GOD said all the white men want ME.  As soon a man comes along like Joshua who is not them they send the white women to murder the men and to do spite to ME.  GOD said the white woman with short blond which HE showed ME who said "Wow!"  Started off like that but it didn't take her long to tell the person who contacted her to tell Joshua about ME that she wanted him murdered.  GOD said nothing is going to happen to Joshua that is why she is going to get taken out.  GOD said it is starting up again.

GOD said it is Matthew.

GOD said that is why HE told ME not to write yet because of the disrespect they are poised waiting to pull it down again.  I'll just chat with you Joshua.

GOD said the white woman who said she wanted Joshua murdered is not the team she is just out there.

GOD said she was say wow to Joshua trying to show him there was no jealousy.

Joshua how badly do you want ME?  I'm looking at your behaviour as you are looking at ME on screen I know that you got a massive erection.  Have I said that right?

Don't worry about them make sure you come straight to ME.  I will take care of you.  Have you got a car? You have a nice car.  Your flash I saw that why I was looking. 

I wanted to sit with you but I was late. "Excuse ME is this seat taken? "
It's no taken
"Would you mind if I sat here?"
Be my guest sit
OK I will be your guest it's very cosy!
What you mean the little round table we are seated at?
"The traffic is horrendous!"
Are you from around here?
Yes I live just over there
Me too
Oh where about's? You must live in the push part I live in the poor part. So are you married?
No but I would like to be.
Your nice looking man I can't see you having a problem finding someone.How about yourself?
I'm married but I'm going through a divorce he and I split up although we still reside together I have children he helps.
I'd like to see you again
wow where did that come from?
I think I would like to see you again too.  My husband babysits.
I'm very health concious I don't have any diseases I haven't been with anyone while I have been married.  I haven't kissed anyone.
Me too I am health concious.
That's good.
I've been with MY husband for about 8 years.  When was the last time you took an HIV test?
Shhh! I'm taking one tomorrow. I don't need one I'm GOD. Can I get you a coffee or something?
I'll have a tea thanks 1 sugar.

"I'm going inside to get a coffee can I get you something?"
I'm OK I already have a coffee
"Would you mind watching MY bag thanks!"

I saw Joshua a few moments ago a white woman was him about ME that is the woman who said wow. Joshua told her he knows about ME and knows what site I am on.  She was told not to tell him where to find ME but he already knew. 

GOD said the woman who said wow said it was not her.  I believe you.  GOD said it is someone.

GOD said it is the men.  Earlier I heard a man who said he doesn't care she is still a piece of shit.  GOD said the men are obsessed. 

GOD said someone is outside because I am speaking to Joshua.

Matthew everyone knows it is you behave yourself, leave that woman alone.

Matthew that woman is upset all she did was passed on a message.
GOD said Matthew sends people to Preston because of the disrespect and so that they will pay ME but I talking to Joshua....

Matthew is upset about his family.  Losing one member of the family is a lot he lost everyone all at once. But Matthew needs to know, I cannot be with him.  

Matthew I'm hearing you are taking people out in the tax credit office.  I agree with you!  Fuck em!

GOD let ME hear the white women laughing in the tax credit office "I am enjoying this spite because we are spiting the black woman!"
"That's what you do to them make the starve live slavery days!"
Matthew I've just been paid but I've been under paid This Thursday will be 10 payment missed the letter they sent ME said that I am in titled to £303 plus a week which is still less than I used to get MY account balance is £2349

I'll type out the letter later.

Matthew GOD said you showed the tax credit people MY children's videos so that they could verify who Briely was.  GOD said the men looked around MY site and said I look after MY children and don't want anything to do with it, but the white women were jealous that I had been on Come Dine With Me and how clean I kept MY houses.  One of them said"Lets send HER an insult I'm jealous! I don't want HER fixing up that place."
   GOD said the white women were ask how many Briely's on their system they said none.  GOD said HE is looking and so far HE can only see one Briely living on the earth.

Matthew GOD said not one of the white men at the tax office got involved in the money spite, not even the one who I put the phone down on the spite was going on already why I called and spoke to him.  GOD said he had a moan and the white women tried to get him involved.  He said he wasn't doing it to women and children.

"I want HER to fix up the house I don't want HER buying clothes with our money I want HER children to look like dirty children so social services can go in there."
"What do you mean by look like dirty children they are dirty children they are black!"

GOD said I must say HE came here and spoke to ME to stick up for the men in the child tax credit office.  HE did.

GOD said the white women loose their jobs at the tax credit office.  Good employ some black, Asian and Chinese women pretty one's!  GOD said the head spite white woman in there is an old woman.
Make sure you sit with personnel.

GOD showed ME a big group of white women in the bank who want to take the money out of MY account.  GOD showed ME the white women franticly looking for one of the women who said she didn't care she was going to take it.  It's a drag!

GOD said it was the personnel which hurt her.

Andy babes can you call ME later mid day thanks!

Matthew GOD showed ME Andrea's eyes getting poked out with a poker last night evening.  I'm using special powers I don't have any contact with the low life white spite team they are trying to get MY family taken out they are lying.  GOD said Doreen is piece of shit because she is spiteful like the women she hangs out with but she is not involved.  GOD said HE hasn't shown ME yet why she is a piece of shit.  GOD said she doesn't spite her family but other peoples.  GOD said she is just a bitch.

Matthew MY family wouldn't murder your family.  GOD said Doreen would fight ME for you that is where she is spite. Even though you went with ME she would still go with you to up stage ME.  That is as far as she would.  GOD said they didn't tell her about what they were going to do to your family.  Because of her skin colour.

GOD said MY sister went with you Matthew after you raped ME, but she didn't catch HIV. GOD said she went with you because of what you have and did want you giving ME any of it!

GOD said they knew you went with her why they didn't tell her in case she told you.  GOD said they didn't trust her.

GOD said Rosie had the poker as well an like Andrea got the same punishment. GOD said the team are saying I speak to Rosie and I did at the bar about murdering your family.  Matthew we danced and spoke briefly about salsa and song writing and about hooking up, and then someone spoke to her she then brushed ME of like I was a fly.  Them a group of women waited at the bottom of the steps outside the bar as if they were going to do ME something.  GOD said HE had to suspend some of them.  To stop them from what they were going to do to ME.  HE said they were going to cut up MY face and body.

Matthew GOD said that is why HE asked ME to sit because of this. GOD said you got your family's bodies and other peoples and you Identified them I saw you it was a quick look like I did when I saw MY dads body.

GOD said it was pieces it was David you looked at.  GOD said Regina told Andrea to go why she did it to her.  GOD said Regina sent a lot of them out of Westfield why they did it.  They are dog shit trying to drag everyone down with them.  GOD said they discussed it to drag black people down with them but it is only white and Asian involved HE said other colours are there but no black it was kept from them.  Because they don't show the same level of evilness.  GOD let ME hear them."Make sure Anita is in it I'll do Ruth you can do...."

GOD said HE restrained the group of white women HE didn't suspend them.  It was so I could get in MY cab and go home.  HE said they would have turned over the car because I was in it after they finished slicing ME like what some of the there did to some of the people during the London Olympic season and after.  Those women are dread.

GOD said all of the women outside the bar the night they shot Mr Disney had the poker except one.  Mariah who was murdered. The lies they are telling makes ME bang MY drum.  GOD said tat was all but because you are involving ME HE is having to detangle ME.  GOD said the women at the bottom of the steps had the poker as well.  They did some.

Matthew I'am not a piece of shit.  Had I known it was going to happen I would have come straight on here and wrote about it.  I respect you family.  Not on here but...  I swear GOD strike MY children dead and I love them I would have told straight away. 

Matthew I was only playing with your family in the bar there was no disrespect.  It kept ME laughing at home.

GOD let ME hear Doreen's ugly black boyfriend who she thinks is good looking why she is with him.  He was shouting "give the Queenship to Ashleigh she shows more respect than HER!"  GOD said it is because he thinks he will be king.  I heard someone who said "get a Hercules bag!" GOD said Doreen's boyfriend has only just caught HIV because he is a little who who goes with other men.  GOD said Doreen doesn't have it.  They have not had sex yet. Matthew get the Hercules bag!

Dotty likle batty boi "Where's Buju?" I stand that ugly man he is rude!

I don't dislike gay men!  That piece of shit dissed ME the first time he met ME I said hello he ignored ME.  Because she wasn't speaking to ME.

He could have been curious.  He has no class that is why he keeps shout "what isn't Ryan going to prison?" He is very spiteful.  I only met him once. 

GOD said he is keeping the prison spite alive.  That Dominican pig shit is not coming any where near MY family.

Say wa?  Him use de back pussy?

I just made up the back pussy.  I want the Jamaican's to sing about it!  I can't even laugh because MY chest is hurting.

GOD said he has been using her friends back pussy the white girl who has HIV.  But he is gay as well.  HE let ME diss him for being closet so that I could make up the name back pussy.

Matthew I don't want that old hagg at the tax credit office taken out.  She soon dead anyway!

Oh!  Joshua is answering to MY cafe questions.  Oh baby!  I'll do more as and when.  Oh that's good it shows ME who you are.  I'll like that game. I'm a bit tired I have not been to sleep yet.

Matthew today is Thursday I'm meant to be paid child tax credit for this week nothing has come in.  GOD said that is why she and the other women get murdered.

"I know lets keep playing with HER money."

I want the money they owe ME all of it.  GOD said they are jealous that I know Matthew.  You people in Preston aught to be very afraid these people will go up there and wipe out whole families and you cannot touch them.  Matthew is very respectful and doesn't like disrespectful people.

Matthew is Philip's son not Regina's but was brought up by Regina.
GOD said that is what Matthew does murders and what he did for his family.

Matthew is evaluating just like ME he men in there could sot out he money if they were not involved.  That is why he wipes you all out.  You have had a chance.

GOD said Matthew is the king.
GOD said HE lets them do the murders to control the people.
Matthew I heard what she said The money in there had better last ME!

GOD said HE put ME on a higher level than Matthew.  Your all lower level to ME.  I would have you murdered including your families like GOD and Matthew.  he people need to show respect.

I'm learning how to deal with the ants/people.  I have been told to take MY hands off from what is goin to happen to the tax credit people. 

The dogs have been paid to do a job yet they exult themselves above dogs! 

White and other colours of people look at skin colour only and don't see the dog level the colours they are looking at are on because it is their favourite colour because it is them.  Why they have been put on dog level.  

A dog evaluates everything based on looks.  I could be a paedophile sexually abusing your children as long as
I am white it is OK!  That is why you are dogs!  Low level thinkers. To try and catch up to ME because I am black and your are other makes you dogs as well! You have not been put on that level GOD appoints leaders and it isn'tMy you! Because of your dog way of thinking.

Your dogs and will always be dogs because you are dogs!
White and other colours are on the same level as black people.  How you look down on black people you need to look down on yourselves as you are looking at us GOD and his family.  Your dogs!

We don't care about your colour!

GOD said that which HE showed ME of MY sister fucking her boyfriend when she said "My sister is a dirty bitch was her and Matthew."  GOD said Matthew has excepted HE and I because he had sex with MY sister.  GOD said it happened straight after ME because she is a whore.  Why she doesn't mix with her family.

Matthew told her I was cleaner than her I had no smell on ME which left no smell on him.  She made a nice smell until he went inside her she stunk of fish!
Matthew you can choose your friends but not your family!  But you can choose to stay away!

GOD told ME something the Asian children are being murdered here because of what the Asians are doing here taking over.   GOD said there are too many white people on the earth lots of them are getting taken out.  The most disrespectful go first.

MY chest is feeling better GOD reminded ME to do exercises to push the bone out.

Yesterday GOD said it was at that cafe in South Woodford HE first saw ME at the beginning.  Why HE chose ME.  It was because of what I was doing to HIM staring at HIM.  Why HE cam to the council to help ME.  Joshua I'll do some more of the cafe.

GOD said Matthew knows why his family got taken out and why he is still here.

Yesterday GOD told ME they are sending a woman here to tell ME I have to send MY children to school because the man out there wants Sapphire.  GOD said HE is going to take her outside the front door because I have already told you I am not sending MY children to school.  GOD said Ryan is not going to prison.  Be told!

GOD said HE has something planned for those people next door.

GOD said the spiteful white woman said she is not sending anyone else.  I think it is her who should get taken out.  GOD said she is getting taken out for it.

Yesterday GOD shouted I have taken everyone out who is seeking possession. 

GOD said Jane Trevor and her son got murdered.  Good!

GOD said Jane Trevor ended up in the house next door.  Thanks Matthew MY friend.

Joshua I really like you, your naughty.  You're like ME.  I was listening to your thoughts "Didn't HER mother teach HER not to stare at people like that for that length of time? Didn't anyone teach HER? Maybe someone in this square taught HER."  Oh Joshua!  If you were MY neighbour I would knock your door to borrow bowls of sugar.  That's a shame.  

OK! Let ME find out more about you.

I wouldn't knock really.

Joshua if I wouldn't knock your door and you wouldn't knock MINE how are we meant to get together?  I know where you work!
Joshua I want to unwrap you slowly like chocolate.  I need to tidy up.  Joshua save yourself for ME while I figure out how we are going to get together. OK?  This could take a long long time!  Little Miss Joslin.

Andy can you call ME a bit later I need to talk to you.   Cheers! 

Call Marshall or Briely's phone I don't know where MINE is it hasn't been switched on for weeks.

I have to keep taking breaks but I feel much better still hurts when I bend.

I just listening to Blue Sky  I can fix it some of the words.  I don't want to sing it. I like the angle.  I'll let any colour sing MY songs I'm not racist.  There are lots of nice white female vocal voices.

GOD said a white woman in America wants to sing Blue Sky.  She can put it out there.  But her record company needs to speak with ME first.

I'll fix it up for her I was still developing as a writer, I'm still developing.

Andy call ME can you type the words out to Blue Sky and put it on a fresh page thanks. 

Andy can you access edit while I'm signed in from where you are?
Your admin you should be able to.  Well anyway find the song type it then call ME if you need ME to sign out.  I'm not well MY chest feels weak.

GOD said Jane Trevor's son was at the hotel.

I head Matthew this morning he said "I'm starting to feel like a worker I better get on with some work."  GOD said Matthew keeps looking in.  Matthew do you think you can help ME to get together with Joshua? I want you to keep busy.  GOD said Matthew goes and talks to Joshua.  Matthew I'm thinking who I know is nice for you.  Matthew I want to give you the cure to HIV. 

Don't worry Matthew I won't let you die of AIDS. I love MY friends.  Matthew you can dance, you dance like a black man. I was watching you at the bar.  I can clean herpes too.  I'm not saying you have it.  GOD told ME how.

I'm listening to classical music. 

Joshua tells Matthew to leave ME right here.  Oh why?
Time for a cowboy wash!

I don't like white women she can sing MY songs but MY cure is not going out there because I don't like her.

When I build black hospitals I can be selective on who gets MY cure the white woman dog is not getting it.

I want the dirty white whore to die from her dog behaviour I hate her.  I have never hated anyone before.

The German's said I'm not sitting as QUEEN.  GOD said I am. Now shuffle back!  GOD said how I feel about white women is how white women feel about black women it is the same!  I neer even hated Bevan.  Bevan kicked and punched ME down then jumped on ME lots of times. Lionel Richie Stuck On You. "Truly" Bright eyes Art Garfunkel.  "Bridge Over Troubled Water" YOU CAN HERE SLAVERY SONGS FROM A MILE OFF WHEN WHITE PEOPLE ARE SINGING THEM!

GOD said Pavaroti was a paedophile who hurt someone's children and was murdered for it. It is not the same white people are dogs.  I can leave MY children with lots of black men.  White people want it to be the same.  GOD said everywhere you turn there are white paedophiles. White judges out give as little as 12 months suspended sentences to paedophile because they are paedophiles.

I heard a white woman who said to another white woman "you can leave Blue Sky up there!" GOD said HE dragged her!

GOD said it was Jesse J Price tag was written by a black woman her friend who she murdered and stole the song from.  GOD said HE dragged her like a rag doll for what she did t the black woman.  Good the dog! GOD said she wanted MY song Ship Wreck.  GOD said HE is not allowing any of them to steal anything from ME. It's funny! 
Black people should be laughing at the white people they are so stupid. It ain't about the money, money, money!  GOD said lots of rag dolls.

GOD said it is because of who I am why your not allowed to steal from ME I am the QUEEN!  GOD said the clip HE showed ME is far away but I am still here because I am with HIM.

GOD said it is going to affect the white population.  GOD said lots of white people have HIV.  GOD showed ME England it was like Jamaica HE said it was like that everywhere.

GOD said Jesse J was clean no HIV.

GOD said HE doesn't want to change it white people show too much disrespect.  HE said ME, YOU liked it in Jamaica?  Yes!

GOD said there white people dotted around like it was when I went to Ireland in the 90s but the other way around.

GOD said same with the Indian's dotted.  GOD said hey end up mixing with black and then there are none.

I'd like to make a film about that before all of the white people disappear.

I just heard a white man he said "and they are saying Ryan is not going to prison" Ryan is not going to prison because white people are being murdered that's why.

GOD showed ME the grey old white man who said it and said he is locked up in the prison waiting for Ryan to be sent there. Why Ryan is not going to prison. GOD said it is all set up by white and Asian.

GOD said if HE was not here HE would tell ME to take Ryan out because of what they would do to him.  That is why HE is not showing them any mercy.

GOD said right now in the Old Bailey judges are being murdered left right and centre.  Dogs!   GOD said it is happening in every court.  It is because Ryan is worth it.

A couple of nights ago GOD said Dave doesn't know but his brother has been murdered in South Africa because of what he was doing to he the black people out there.  GOD said it was because of what I wrote about him there are lots of African people who got MY message.  I love you so much for that.  Black people are MY people. White people don't know when to stop!
GOD said Dave knows now!  GOD said that message was passed along and went through so many people it reached South Africa quick.  That is a shiver!  GOD said they went by the name Brackett they found him quick and murdered him he is the first.
To the black people in Africa just before you murder the white men and women tell them thank you for the lovely buildings and for al that lovely money in the benk!

The disrespect white people keep showing they would allow black people to show.  They are not allowed to show that type of disrespect.

I just heard a white she said"Who do we think we are?"  That's respect it is acknowledgement.

GOD said Jesse J's family know the black girl was murdered they murdered her.  GOD said the took out some of the family as well  GOD said it was the white manager who told them to do it
.  GOD showed ME the white man.  GOD said the black girl gave Jesse J a piece of the song because the were both singers and friends.  The manger wanted to push Jesse J to the top and knew he could do it but didn't want to push the black girl.  GOD said it was the company director.  GOD said he helped to murder some of the black girls family who went in looking for her.

GOD said the black girl was pretty look at Jesse J!  She has an ugly shape face. GOD said Jesse J stole the black girls style of singing.  The family better not show at MY door.  GOD said HE took her out just before she recorded MY song Ship Wreck.  GOD said HE took out lots of them including the manager.  GOD said even for a little phase of MINE HE is going to take them out.  GOD said the dotty family came here HE took them out.  Gooder!!  Come onu dotty bombaclarts mek ME give onu a ras lick! Dotty conts!  

White people must think I'm going to go away!  They don't know ME.

I'm tuning it into MY occupation to get as many white people taken out as I can I like Tower Bridge looking like Jamaica! 

Ted is afraid for Lyn his daughter because of her white woman behaviour,  Ted is a friend so is Lyn. 

GOD said Dave's brother was shot from a distance because of HIV.
GOD said the first bullet killed him it was to the head.
GOD said the Thai people were contacted about Dave who is being watched to show the Thai people respect and they said they are going to take Dave out.

What Charlotte and George put in tat house I will keep their stuff will be put outside for white people to take.  The fucking statue of Victoria will be smashed up!

You can have all their jewellery all their shit I don't want it in MY houses.

I'd never wear their shit.  GOD said there is a lot. I don't want any fighting outside that is where the police can control everything.

GOD said there are a lot of diamonds.  I don't care.  It is a cheek the whole lot.

I've just been looking at pictures for the first time.  Pigs!

GOD said HE doesn't want us sleeping in their beds.  Nor ME!

Better get to IKEA.


GOD said one of the people controlling things scratch somet
hing but the cameras outside can see he did it.

GOD said the big dinning tables are not Charlotte's.  Some of the eats are Charlotte's which they coved and used which was respectful we can recover.

GOD said they got the diamonds themselves from Africa.

GOD said the stones on the crown was Charlotte's they melted down the gold on her jewellery to make the crown.  Why she left it in the Tower. GOD said there are so man clothes of theirs old clothes as well belonging to she Victoria and her family..

GOD said Victoria wore Charlotte's cloth she and her family even the dress she is wearing on the statue was Charlotte's.  I'll put them in a gallery. 

GOD said HE doesn't want to see any back people there to get things. The white people are complaining that it is white people things in the houses.  Let them have it.  Earlier HE said the white people are say they want to burn some of the house because it caught on fire and it was white people who fixed it.  GOD said it was the white people in MY house who burned it but by accident.  You are not burning MY house piss off!  Bad minded!

GOD said it was their children playing with matches the children said it was the servant they got taken out for it even though they knew it was their children who were lying.  GOD said they were making a statement that even though their children are wrong they are right!

GOD bone china there is so much of it Harrods!  HE said there are boxes and boxes of it.

GOD said we put out lots every day and it will take years before we finish it HE is going to bring the church in to help.  GOD said they know they must not take anything.

GOD said there is a lot in storage which belonged to Elizabeth's mother some Victoria she didn't care about keeping things good.

GOD said if the church people want anything they have to ask and if it is the white people they are told they cannot have it but they don't ask because HE is GOD.

GOD said Elizabeth' mum was into bureau's she liked to sit and write there are quite a few beautiful one's.  HE said every time someone decorated they change some of the furniture it went in storage in the house.  GOD said her taste was 1930s.  It is all yours.

GOD said we start putting things out the same night we move in HE wants Andy there.  Andy will live there.

GOD said HE calls the city police who get there first but the German's help to control.  I don't want to see any fighting.  I don't want to see broken things even though I don't want them.  GOD said everything we put out is very valuable and old apart from Harrods.

GOD said all of the dining chars you see in the picture are going.  HE said it to ME really.

GOD said one of the bureaus which belonged to Elizabeth's is beautiful HE asks someone who get it if HE can buy it but I give HIM a funny look. 

HE said HE is testing the waters.

I can't wait to see Charlotte's stuff they threw old prams and bodies on.  Pieces of shit!

GOD said Victoria left the bodies to rot in there.

GOD said the black people in red in the paintings are musicians. 

GOD said they have been in there.  HE showed ME  white woman who said "this is all Charlotten!" Meaning black.

GOD said Charlotte painted pictures of George and his family the pram is on top GOD said they were very disrespectful with Charlotte's things the kept what they liked in good condition. But not Victoria.  GOD said there are lots of broken things she and her family broke of Charlotte's in there.   GOD said it is not pierced but the pram's and other stuff has to be lifted carefully.  But HE is GOD.  GOD said there are paintings on the wall of George but the one's with his black family have prams on them.

GOD said the German's were only upset because they did some of the taking out and didn't get anything.  Oh!  GOD said HE took Matthew out to stop a war because he would give them anything.  GOD said HE wants to show she and he respect.  That is why.
The German's can also have paintings of Elizabeth's family.

GOD said they were collectors some of the oldest stamp coins everything they had it.  GOD said Charlotte started it off I want what is Mine.  GOD said MY coins are the oldest.  GOD said some of the coins have been in MY family from Roman time all MY family.  George gave them to Charlotte.  He collected.  That post man gives ME a fright but he did it next door as well.  It might be a leaflet they all do it.

I'm listening to collectors I won't part with my FAMILY'S because of the disrespect shown to us!  

GOD said you set up an action out side the gates but you are selling too cheep HE teachers you.  HE tells you the history.  To show you respect.  GOD said they collected antiques we won't rob you. 

GOD said eventually I come out we all make friends..
GOD said I show respect why HE chose ME to go in there with if that was another woman and told ME to put the dots.....

GOD said HE goes out with HIS cheque book to put things in HIS section of the house that is where the 3 trillion go.  It's too regal.  I'm joking but lots is not to MY taste.  Sorry!

GOD said there is a lot of Benjamin's furniture in there which they stole from Marie and the rest of MY family in France after they murdered them. Cousins aunties...

GOD said you are pleased with the diamonds you get.  There is a lot of things and furniture.

GOD said HE wants it left like how I see it except for the dining furniture and personal things of theirs.  It is MY house. Without you I would get it.

GOD said it is because the white women said they are going in there because they have no where to sit.  Sit on the street I don't care but your not sitting in there.

GOD said HE lets the German's in because of the respect they show. They can pick up their paintings etc.
GOD said they take out the white women who are causing trouble GOD said the church people are in there the police coming because they show respect they just want to see it.

Some of the furniture in there is absolutely gorgeous. 

GOD said they kept it a lot like Charlotte had it but the decore was plain when she was in it.  GOD said HE is making new friends.  I'm nice.  I'll make friends with men first.

GOD said the white women have said if they get in they are going to smash things up. I don't like you that is the end of it. 

GOD just showed ME a black man she the white woman get to pose as the church  GOD said it s a hit man but he become our body guard.  GOD said she doesn't know about the end time message.  They kept it from her.

GOD said the church people are like ME they are afraid to murder someone.  They don't like guns they will clean and move stuff but not murder he goes out with Ryan and Jake.

I'm listening to the German's who become friends they are looking at how many people I got murdered and are saying it was because they were spiteful to ME.  Darlings it is more than that they keep tying to murder my children and I before they can do it HE get them taken out by giving ME things to write. GOD could drag them but HE give them what they would  give to us why they normally end up in the house next door.  I have no sympathy for them.

GOD said Jesse J sent her family after ME and MY family to murder us because she wanted MY song she din't know about the end time message she was told bits. Like the person who told her to steal MY song,  GOD said they leave out chunks.  I know some of this stuff why I diss them.

GOD said Jesse J developed a liking for murdering people for their songs why the told her there is a good song the woman who wrote it is Lorraine Rees who lives.... 
GOD said HE ragged them.
Look I am still in this house and have not been evicted because of what I wrote  I didn't know it was Matthew doing the avenging I just kept writing then GOD told ME it was Matthew.  I'm getting in the bath now.

GOD said HE let box down the black woman and her son to keep her safe the people them they are very racist because of what I am writing they cannot get ME but go for other black people which would be our fault.  GOD said the side door was for them.  When i diss the person they leave them alone they are a weird group.   GOD said I shouted out about their side door. They didn't want to use it Matthew and the German's who he double crossed were after the people next door. 

It's like one of the scobydo endings isn't it.

GOD said Theo is sill here because I wrote the singer murdered him they murdered  the sing because they were upset they thought he murdered Theo.
GOD said it help the children in the school taking down the paedophiles.  Help!!  GOD said they were some of the worst one's.

It's like Kong Fu fighting movement without a physical movement  It is a mental Kong Fu fight but with a pen.  Bath's getting cold.

I have to jeer them up so that they will come they are summoned. They don't go away they lay dormant.

As I was writing I saw and heard Joshua who said "I want you to fight me!" That was last night GOD said Joshua know this address the end time message but has not had time to read it.  GOD showed ME a Goth white woman who shaved her hair and put a head dress on it to represent that she was the queen.  GOD said Joshua is with her and that I had a right to be afraid with people in the house.  GOD Joshua murdered the 4 German's who turned because I given the things.  GOD said HE wants the same HE s here dragging people.  HE said the German's were being nice but now they are gone because they stood in the way of Joshua and that piece of shit.  GOD said it was police HE showed ME shooting inside the house so they are not getting anything.  Like the white she kept everything of MY family a threw what she didn't want in a heap what we don't want we will put down.  Until we find use for it.  GOD said Matthew and Joshua were brothers Regina donated her eggs for herself to create an army GOD said it was Matthew who took out the German's he was finished with and it was Joshua who murdered Matthew because the both had women and were fighting for the kingship.  GOD said the black people were afraid because the white people air brushed Joshua and ME outside the cafe.

GOD said that spiteful white woman who was with Joshua sent Joshua and men to murder Ryan and the friends he is staying with HE dragged them.

While I was in the bath I heard the German's next door sharpening an ankle grinder it sounded like. GOD then said it is for YOU and YOUR family Joshua's woman gave the next door neighbours an order.  GOD said HE drags them.  GOD said the 4 German's were showing ME respect and were going to take out the German's next door for the disrespect.  Joshua chopped their head off and said it was treason.

GOD said I am on the 10th floor of the pyramid the space under the triangle the 11th floor are the people next door, the only floor HE had to step in to help because I won't murder anyone.  GOD said the 12th isat the peak which HE put ME on because I wasn't happy to settle on the 11th floor HE is on all floors.  I won't fight GOD well just a little bit. HE could have it all I would walk away.
GOD let ME hear them it fluctuates with the sound of things.  Earlier when I was giving things they said Ryan is not going to prison because HE told ME to tell them they are not having anything I heard Ryan is going to prison.  GOD said HE is taking you all out so that Ryan doesn't go to prison.  I don't take bribe.

Ryan just got a court letter this morning the post man banged informing him he has to be in court on the 12th of September which was yesterday.  You ave no jurisdiction and will get taken out don't try to arrest Ryan.

Don't come to MY door!You are not allowed to put your stinking hands on MY children or family you will get taken out before you can do it Ryan is not a rapist and you know it you are the rapist.

GOD said it was spite why you sent the letter late so that you could arrest him and hold him but HE allowed you to do it, HE didn't want Ryan at the court yesterday and you are all getting taken out for trying to arrest him.  Funny!  Why don't you all fuck off.  GOD said every single one of you are getting taken out for the disrespect.  Same with Jake.  HE only allowed you to arrest Jake to take people out in the police station and to make you think you could do it to Ryan.  Because HE was able to take more out police people around here paedophiles.

GOD said I am smart why I can Kong fu fight and work out the space in the middle of the pyramid was a floor straight no one else has even though they have been studying it for years.   There is someone else to fight. GOD said HE put everyone through the Kung fu fight and all HE was drags to bail them out HE hasn't had to do many drags with ME.  I got them all murdered and with the things I say.

GOD showed ME Matthews head being chopped off he was on the desk he was working at decapitated.  GOD said Matthew was about to take out MY sister but he couldn't do it HE would take HIM out.  GOD said I am really good at this.  I hope I don't Kung Fu fight GOD when I see HIM I'm on the defence.

GOD showed ME MY mum and sister fighting HE and I for the SHIP.  GOD told MY mum her SHIP would be in France this SHIP over here has nothing to do with her. HE told MY sister she is not getting it.  GOD said MY mother would take the French SHIP and do spite with it give it to everyone but ME. I fought for all of it by MYSELF all of them are MY SHIPS you can all fuck off if you don't like it stay where you are.  There! Don't bother tying to fight ME I will fuck you all off.

GOD said Grace has to be given times.  But she still shows up they speak to her but don't let her in.  Carol gets nothing and tries to sell her houses thinking I will give her one.  she can buy a big, big one if she sells them all but I am not giving her anything.  GOD said none of MY family would bother to fight for it.  They say I don't stick at anything.  I'm being judged on things I did under the age of 15 because I left home and have much to do with the.  Now I have nothing to do with any of them except John they don't know ME I am being pre judged.  GOD some may have started to fight but at the first sign of attack they would have dropped it on the floor for the white woman and man and Asian to take. GOD said it is still in MY hand dem not getting it!!!

Where is Mary Mary?  I just can't give up now!

Rufus pulled the same stunts on ME with the wood he pretends he is going to bite your finger so that you will drop the stick for him to take they are coming.

GOD said I must tell the white woman so that when she sees ME riding in MY carriage she knows that carriage the white and gold 

Is MINE.  GOD said Charlotte and George used to ride everywhere in it like they were going to the shop it was their car.  Elizabeth had it gilded and painted that colour George and Charlotte were not so flash. 

GOD showed ME that black man and said the last couple Joshua and co ordered him he is a paedophile he is not allowed in MY house.  GOD said he is not Christian.  But I will recognise him straight away.  Errol will throw him out.  GOD said Errol and I are neck on neck with the funniness we get on we have the same humour and already know the subtlety of the joke and the over the top jokes,  John would be the same but he is with her.  My sister would be the same but.... GOD said she is with MY brothers.  GOD said we are still going to pick up the the black woman and her son, HE boxed her down a little.

GOD said they cans stay for a few day but we give them house so that they can leave quickly.  Errol stays but still has his own house. Sarah can move in but her family cannot she can visit if she chooses to move in Errol and Joann give her money to help them.

GOD said all of the carriages are MINE George and Charlotte had other car but what  has been painted white and gilded gold was their favourite.

GOD said the house we give MY mum is too big for her she invites her church friends and William's family to live she say in a community with her and her husband.  But then she causes trouble she bitches ME all day long every day.  They tell her if it was not for for ME she would be where she is.  She believes she should be QUEEN.  because they tell her she gets upset and say they are attacking her like what she does to ME.   GOD said that is how the French behave HE cannot stand them.  GOD said the friends from Jamaica say they are going home and leave.  The church friends leave also then she calls them after a little while and says sorry she was in the wrong like what she does to ME. They go back to live with her then she does the same thing because they don't agree with her.   GOD said that is Marie to the T,Marie was a piece of shit.

GOD said there are house for Grace but no one wants her because she is a prostitute.  GOD said Wayne, Dean.  For MY mum's family there are houses,  There are house for MY dad's other family too. GOD said Ruth is not allowed in our house she cause trouble all day long but she has a house. GOD said HE wants ME to keep Balmoral it is bigger than QUEEN'S HOUSE and Windsor House. 
HE said there are more.

GOD said the white thinks she is going to be able to move in to one she will get taken out before she could go through or over the gates.
GOD said she had better settle for her own things. 

GOD said Doreen move to the house she chooses and doesn't come over to the house unless there is a big function to see who is there to pick up.  GOD when she looks down on ME HE sends her little reminders that she is a dog and to throw herself on top of Matthew because he wanted ME.  GOD said has developed a liking for take men who like other women she has become like the white women she has been following for years why she jumped on Matthews penis. GOD said she is cheap.  She left Matthew cheated of MY why he wanted to murder her.  She is a piece of shit.  Now she knows we all know.  GOD said she has doe things like grace. Same level!

GOD said HE didn't allow MY sister to catch HIV because she is MY sister.  HE told Matthew to murder the white girl to stop her going with MY sisters boyfriend.

GOD said because Errol is living with ME MY  mum wants Errol to go and live with her and because he doesn't she starts involving ME in er shit to make everyone think she is being ill treated by ME.  GOD said HE is telling Errol in advance.  She is the one who make all of the trouble with ME.  I don't fucking care I'm busy I don't have time for her shit.  Just ignore her Errol she keeps splitting us up she is jealous.  GOD said Errol ignores her so she tries to throw herself under a bus.

GOD said the tooth brush with the shit on it was not her she wouldn't go that far it was William.

GOD said we are going to throw out the worst troublemakers the quickest starting with MY mum and William then Doreen.  GOD said HE doesn't even want William to spend the night but sections are blocked of and there are keys.

GOD said the only reason why Elizabeth didn't make the road leading up to QUEEN'S HOUSE a private road was because she wanted to show off.  But HE can see protesters blocking up the road it happened when Victoria murdered Charlotte and took over.  The taxi's and other road users like looking at it but as soon as they show that disrespect HE is gong to block off the road by putting a big fence far out so that we don't have to look at it. 

GOD let ME hear something, HE said nine cleaners at a time go in at a time to clean our rooms one of the the cleaners said these people should teach themselves to clean up after themselves.  I agree with GOD we don't have to that is why you are there.  We don't want to hear any complaints.  GOD said it is black women. 

The only things we are not allowed to do is to eat,drink or smoke in our room.  Smoking is not permitted around the house.  I am allowed to smoke in the kitchen. 

I  do clean secretly. I'll show the cleaners how to clean to a high standard and point out bits that need doing and to take extreme care when handling things.  I want to spend more time with MY family. We have stables and castles I want to see them.  You need to wear white cloth gloves when dusting only use a damp cloth no polish. Don't move the furniture you will scratch the floor use a cloth on a stick to get behind it.  De scale taps once a week with Vikal and a toothbrush. You must dry the bathroom.  Rotate every thing I want the tile scrubbed once a week but washed down every day. Fresh lining  every day.

I want a food vending machine with a micro wave for snacks for the children I can't stand the mess they make. They all eat at different time I don't want to spoil their routine.  I like sushi and West Indian they like the same and burgers and Chinese and Indian and salads and pastas. Couscous, sandwiches, roast.  Once a week we can sit and all eat with each other.

We can eat breakfast together but the boys like to go out.

A drinks machine they will throw the rubbish if there is a bin close.  A chocolate and sweet vending machine.  They like different nuts no one has a nut allergy in here.  

We like puddings apple crumble and pie and Ice cream and fruit.

Myles is fussy he doesn't like egg, cheese, lamb, pork, fish there are lots of things he won't eat.  But he will find something in the vending machine salad or couscous or.. Burger. He like raw vegetables so do I.  We love raw brockly and cabbage.  Ryan and Jake don't eat pork.  Marshall an Briely have stopped eating pork I don't care if I don't have it.  We like vegi sausages and vegi burgers.  We prefer beef sausages from the butchers.

I'm not that messy.  Not like Ryan and Jake.  I get up and clean it.  It's only if I am going out and I don't have time to put things back.

Even if it was put in the vending machine the day before it is still fresh.  GOD said the food will cooked by the people in the house.  I like some foods from super markets. Chicken Satay on salad.

GOD said Ellen is on here and is upset about that I am QUEEN. GOD said Ellen said she was not friends with ME but with Myles why she called social services on us.  GOD said Ellen's family knew why Ellen kept asking for Myles to stay with her and her family.  GOD said Ellen is racist and used Myles to do thing which she didn't want her son to do.  GOD said that s why her family didn't do anything to Myles.  GOD said Ellen's son has HIV which he caught from Laura's youngest daughter who was nonced up by the paedophile at school Solomon had sex with her and caught and because Ellen is dirty she caught it from her son.

Andy I have asked you not to kiss MY children but you said "You don't believe everything YOU write do YOU?" GOD said you didn't have sex with Michelle on camera but at you mothers house while they were out.  GOD said HE is going to take you out.  You come but not  to do your spite I don't care how you get back tomorrow.  You are not kissing MY children or doing any spite in here!

GOD said Ellen keeps touching her virgina and and smelling it and touched the chicken I bought while I was staying there why I was violently sick.

GOD said Isabella has HIV as well because the house is kept dirty shy tidies.

Yesterday I was listening to lots of white telling the white men they want ME raped.  GOD said it s because of the type of QUEENSHIP.  She said it was because I said she stinks.  GOD said two white women on here is sending out the white men and telling them about this message and is their fault the people are getting taken out "If we tell them now they will go for us."

GOD told ME weeks ago that the German's were going to drop their bombs on ME because I am black and am the QUEEN but the bomb bursted on them and I murdered a million people acording to then and that I was going down in t heir history books as the evil  most evil black woman.  GOD HE will take her out HE will take them them all out as GOOD they go to print it for the disrespect. 
Good serve you all fucking right you dogs!  You fucking idiots! Hiroshima!(Greetings).

GOD said Jesse J and her people only took out the black girl not her family I heard the black girls sister yesterday who found out Jesse J got taken out "Oh she won't be paying with ..."  GOD said the family went to the police who knew Jesse J murdered the black girl but because Jesse J was white and the writer was black there has been no arrest.  GOD said Jesse J hurt the whole family the black girl was loved.  Why HE told ME to write the song Ship Wreck which I had started and wasn't going to finish so that Jesse J would go for it so that HE could take her and her family out.  

I heard a young black teenager on here yesterday GOD showed her to ME she made a comment after I called the police rapist she said "Oh YOU know!"  GOD said she was raped by the police she didn't know because they gave her chemicals but she knew and has HIV she i in the house HE touches her.  GOD said HE is using Ryan so that HE can take out the police because of the disrespect the white police show.  I keep listening to the white policemen and women who a  perishing because of their evilness wanting evil things to be done to MY family and I it make ME get anxious about them getting taken out quicker. It makes ME see the white women who send their men after US winding and falling and crying and grabbing onto things because they are overwhelmed with emotional pain which so hurtful it becomes physical like when I got raped the first time because the white women ordered it.  Ha Ha Ha He He He!

 heard a white who said "I have 10 million in MY account I want to ask HER if she will sell the QUEENSHIP to me for 10 million."  White dogs!  GOD said the white boxed her down and wanted to know where she got 10 million.  GOD said she was the person who murdered David and sucked money out of his account she got more but that is what is left.  She gets murdered.  As long as she gets murdered.  Her throat is slit like what she did to David.

GOD let ME hear Matthew a few days ago telling the police that his family won't be paying them the council can continue paying them.  Even though they worked for the family.  GOD said the policeman he was talking to went to where him. Because he said when I give him the cure he is going to pick ME up like he should have when he first saw ME and that I showed respect.
I would have given Matthew the cure.  I wasn't lying.  GOD said Matthew knew.  That is good.  Matthew was the best.

GOD said Matthew would have stayed with ME he was in love with ME but would have murdered ME because I wrote Sapphire has a little ball which stays little.  Because he got fed up of having the same thing.  GOD said Sapphire is seventeen and it is rape.  But he doesn't Sapphire he misses ME.  GOD said HE took us both out of it.  GOD said Matthew waited until she was seventeen because he didn't agree with paedophilia.

GOD said the white women are searching to find children's DNA on Matthew who has been with women he was straight who were or had been with paedophiles the lines are faint tiny little lines.

I have warned every one over and over that they will get taken out if they go for MY family I am on a dongle I am not IT literate like Andy who the white girls took away from ME to stop him from helping ME it is your fault if people get dragged.

GOD said Andy knows what to use to clean from the HIV but has not bothered to use it,  It wouldn't show up at this stage he would have made himself clean but he likes to show disrespect.  GOD said HE is not going to allow him to come in and show disrespect he wants to spread it to the black women in this house when he caught it from the white women.  Andy is a piece of shit.  Despite the do gooder habit he like to wear like the nuns.  GOD aid he is jealous of ME and MY family because we are ROYALTY!

GOD said they are going to meet Andy out there for him to tell them.  People will get taken out so that you wont know.  GOD already told ME. 

Ryan said he is going to court I am tired but I might as well wake him up to go seeing as he wants to go. I hope I don't fall asleep.  GOD said all of the rapist paedophiles who are gong down to the Old Bailey to lynch Ryan get taken out while he is on his way down there.

GOD showed ME a white woman who was trying to wake the judge who took Ryan's case "I thought you said Ryan was going to prison!"  GOD said the judge was dead she was the person who sent the letter which Ryan received on Saturday night after work, because she is fuming about the QUEENSHIP things!  GOD said they are all low class because hey are expecting ME to give them some. Fuck off!

Ryan only went to bed one and a half hours ago I'm not waking him.  Fuck off he is no rapist and you have no jurisdiction.

Come on down!  The stinking white woman can move.

GOD said the white woman who blew the whistle the the judged had been murdered i the person sending the police here knowing they are going to get taken out she is a follower.

GOD said I need to listen good it was her with the knife she murdered the judge she said "I thought you said Ryan is not going to prison?" after she murdered him then she went and took care of the camera footage and then typed the letter.  GOD said they stay over there because of the people she sent who HE took out it was her organising the rapes.  But she won't tell them.  GOD said when she found out the people he sent didn't come back she was angry not because they didn't come back but because there were no rape done to ME and MY family.

GOD said I'm still here because of the Asians.  Lots of them are coming after us. HE let ME hear them talking yesterday. 

GOD said Joshua is not HIM HE has blond hair and HE is MY husband and that I must not go off with Joshua he is the same as them.

GOD said that little white woman likes to stamp her feet.  OK!  She can stand where she is and continue to stamp it.  Tell her the black said HER son won't be going today because he is sleeping and SHE is not waking him! GOD said you are a murderer.

She said she is not taking it from a black woman.  Your taking it. Sit there and wait for him he is not coming you dog!   GOD said she is a judge at the Old Bailey and sits at the top the judge she murdered put her up there.

That was the monkey wrench I took and hit her in her head with the white monkey!

GOD said the judge she murdered was the judge who sent the policeman to murder ask Matthew to pay and murder him if he didn't why HE let her murder him to avenge it for ME.  Matthew was MY friend. 

GOD told ME the other night the brought sniffer dogs on this road to fin the policemen HE took out who she sent to rape ME and MY family.  GOD said the dogs had a quick sniff at MY gate because police has been on MY path and walked off but stayed next door and wanted to go in and at the end house. It was the same.  GOD said they are well trained dogs the speak though telepraphy and were wishing they could tell the police men about all of the murders done at both house and that the police they are looking or were not there recently but were involved.  I herd the police with the dogs asking why the dogs were fighting to go in both houses and not MINE he told them not to worry about those to houses.  GOD said it was the Sargent at Barking police station e paedophile. I was wishing that policeman with the dog could read the end time message to understand the dogs.  I think those police dogs are amazing.  GOD said it is the trainers.

GOD said we pay the police who are here but not the paedophiles. 

GOD said they were good police with the dogs.  GOD said it is because HE likes the dogs and  the training.  GOD said of course I give them HE has to tell ME to ease up on MY spending.

GOD said what I just did was hit her with the monkey wrench quickly and ran like I would do if I had to do a murder I would look to see if the was dead.  Like the prostitute who punctured David's vein it was the Sargent who murdered David with the woman. 
GOD said they blamed it all on the prostitute.

 GOD said the prostitute was taken out straight away at the hotel she and her friend. Then they raced off to find David.  GOD said they knew she was with him and told her to do it.  But she didn't want to they threatened her.

GOD said it was the air brushing they made the blood spray more and the whole bigger.  Pieces of shit!

GOD said HE doesn't want to take out good police.  GOD said the judge is crying.  So what?  HE said it was what she had set up at the court for Ryan.  GOD said he would have got sucked in.

GOD said there is a judge in there HE didn't want to get taken out he is nice and has been sticking up for ME. he told then It must be upsetting for ME and that they should show ME respect.  That is why I let Ryan sleep.  I heard the judge just before I went to sleep why I went to sleep.   The police over hear the paedophile I don't care about I'll let hem get take outside the door.

GOD let ME hear the white female judge who murdered the male judge "I'm starting to feel sorry for Sydney."  GOD said she knows the Sydney imitation the other white women put up there to play Sydney is not Sydney.  GOD said Matthew told them it is not her and that Sydney used to work for him and was taken out.  GOD said that judge is a very evil white woman.

GOD said they at the court knows what she set up in there why they are leaving us alone GOD said I let Ryan sleep why he doesn't have HIV but HE would take them all out they would have to close the court house.

GOD said they threatened to murder the prostitutes friend who was her brother.  GOD said neither of them were murderers.
It was the lie they told.

GOD said the group are very calculated they use every trick in the book. 

GOD said Matthew hate Regina for the things she did to him as he was growing up.  So he didn't care about what they did to her but was hurt to see David's body pieces but felt something when he found out what happened to her why he did the same to Andrea and her team.  GOD said he said it was still his mother even though she wasn't.  I can understand that.  MY mother doesnt feel like MY natural mother even though she is.   It's just respect that I have for her as MY mother but I hate her.

GOD said Matthew was murdered for what he did to Andrea the piece of shit.

I listened to Matthews thoughts last week which made ME call him friend it was something MY sister said Matthew remembered and was saying it to himself.  "My mum would hit HER for me but she would never hit me for HER SHE has been ill treated your a piece of shit that is why I am going to help HER I am putting HER up there to insult you you are the imitation you robed me of HER! "  GOD said that is who the white women hate some of them are in love with ME|.  I don't feel that I need to know that.  You need to show ME.  That is the way back.

If you are going to rally at MY door you better had come to show ME you love ME message to the white girls GOD won't hurt you.

Let ME reach out to the white women again we all stink of fish sometimes HE made ME smell of Marie I have her sent on ME.  
GOD said HE made sure because I dissed you.

I  want the white women to think think the same as a black woman if your boyfriend cheats on you with a back woman it's a back cunt a whore a bitch a stinking cunt!
Eventually the is no black it's just a cunt a whore!

I going to strip all that gold off MY carriages that was so Elizabeth trashy the white is nice.  She was showing off on people who didn't have.  

To the white girls it is really it scares ME to have all black friends. I'm just letting you know I like it multi cultural but I don't want spitting in MY food why I choose all black. That is the only reason 

on MY children's life GOD strike them down dead.

I want you to understand ME I am the QUEEN I  want to spoil MY white female cook because of her love for ME when all the white women out there have a problem with ME being black and the QUEEN. If white people make a statement throw the whole plate of food away with spit including the plate.

 Have a confession I love white women. GOD| said the black women are happy.  Why they didn't come.
GOD said that is what Regina and her family was searching for why they would have taken ME in.  I loved her sons.  Regina.

I  want the white girls to wait for ME don't move I'm fixing Myself.

Recorded conversation between Ruby and I.
ME "Were is MY lighter beep beep beep beep?"
Ruby "I found it" giggle
"That's fucking amazing beep!"