Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Message to David Westfield

Where is MY Forum? David it was a joke.

GOD said David Westfield don't know what I put in the forum but his friend knows.  GOD said his friend wants to take him out so that he an go in.  GOD said it was Andrea who took out the forum.  David I messaged you because thy took MY blogger out GOD Andy was told to take charge if it why I had to use the forum messages.

Ryan was on the phone I heard him say "It's from the 27th onwards?"

I think they were trying to move courts but I think it is at the same court but they are using different people. GOD told ME last night.

You friend has gone to Munich because I messaged you to tell you Mr Disney copy write all MY work into his name and is working with a group of people I saw men that is why he murdered Joshua, so that he could get the key to do the copy write.  GOD said your friend is involved. In the messages I told you Mr Disney went in on his own.  Andrea has the key. That was the Doreen.

I told you I was not going to be petty and was going to make the cure available to everyone.

GOD said Mr Disney murdered Regina and her family and your friend helped.

GOD sad Regina and her family worked for you but they were secretly trying to take over Westfield lots of the white women are involved.

In the messages I told you Andy's mum made a call to the white spite women and told them she want ME taken out because it was a cheek that I wrote to her on here.  GOD said because Andy's mum joined Andy did mind signing up to join the white spite.  He said he would take it from ME.  GOD showed ME Andy's mum and dad they were shot I did see Andy today he was being sliced by the white spite woman.

The joke was GOD told you want to move in the house with ME.  I said it was big enough and I needed a toy boy.

GOD said Mr Disney went into the bank where the gold is.

GOD said you call Shredder Shreddie thats a cute name.

"Which one of you did that to Shreddie?"

GOD said Andrea asked if she can get the key.  GOD said she was told to leave the key but she walked off to get it.

I'm not sure what is going on at the moment I just writing what GOD came here to show ME and to tell ME.

GOD said they took some of the gold and ran off with it.

GOD said he called Andrea Doreen because she has changed because she is a white woman.

GOD said everyone who went into the back is getting taken out it is a bank robbery.  Cheap.

GOD said Andrea is a prostitute that is how she got the million the person who gave her the check told her before he had sex with  her that he had HIV and would give her the cheque if she was prepared to catch it from him and she said yes.  GOD said HE doesn't want her to have the cure. That is a cheap and nasty woman that is a dog!











I didn't want Andy he's cheap!

OD let ME hear a white woman who said she is going to vomit she s near you she has HIV why she is going to vomit.

She said she is going to vomit all over you so that you can catch HIV. 

GOD said HE was not guarding a house that MY family and I were not in and was not guarding it for them who were in it.  HE guarded the gold instead.

GOD said Elizabeth and he family got taken out.

GOD said lots of Westfield workers keep vomiting it is because they all have HIV and lots of them are working in the kitchens.  GOD said some of them are spitting in the food and drink and it is being spread.

GOD sad it is because o all the murders they have been doing.   

You need to shut it down for a while clean up. GOD said some of the blood HE sees in the kitchens is human blood. Because of Regina and her sons.  GOD said all under the tables there is human blood.

GOD said human blood and animal blood are not supposed to be mixed.  GOD said the is blood on top of the wooden blocks.

GOD said the cleaner don't have enough time to clean properly and that is a specialist job they need to be told.

GOD said new equipment needs to be fitted still clean the equipment before you put it out some people will take them up.  GOD said Regina kept human in the freezers and cupboards.  GOD said what is out there is the everything virus. 

GOD said HE took someone out out there to stop them from braking in here to get the turtles for the white woman who knows she is not getting them.

GOD said someone wrote out a cheque 6 million. Fuck off! GOD said they would help their white people and leave the black people.  GOD said those turtles are reason why MY family and I won't catch HIV.  

GOD said they wanted to use the excuse that cruelty was being done to the turtles, yes by the white women and white man Andy.  That is why you are being dragged.  GOD said I can go and work with the black scientist who was there while the tests were being performed.   GOD said what I gave you was enough to make up serums. It is the white people disrespect and shame.  Your not getting any more.

GOD said the white people have stopped saying they are not dogs and beast and animals and vermin and dirty and cheap and stinking and whores.  Because they know themselves because of the cruelty they did to Shredder MY turtle I paid for!

GOD said the friend takes the group out because it was his family the group murdered that is the type of group they are. GOD said the friend was involved with the robbery so he gets taken out.  

GOD said that is why he told them to take it of the forum he didn't want them to know he knew it was them who murdered his family.

He should have know I would wait for him to murder the first before I said anything he didn't need to shut ME out it's a cheek!

Its not spiteful they were after Ryan.

I see white men taking their hats off and tilting their heads to show ME respect, I just tilted it back!

GOD said that is why HE let ME show Myself in Westfield like that and walk out. I had to slim down for the part.  So that everyone who was standing in MY way would get taken out!

I on't care about MY song I care about MY son I wrote it knowing you would steal it but it did it's job.  I write because I can.

That is why the rape was funny I had to stay celibate it would never work otherwise.  I'm a grand mother for fuck sake it's tough competition out there!

They started and wasn't going to stop, so GOD lifted it all up.  GOD told ME HE was so proud of ME for teaching Myself to write songs that was what HE was going to use to make them all take themselves out. 

I used MY money to pay for Shredder Andy put the money in his bank for MY as usual when I want to pay for something Andy was getting £65 a week dole money Shredder cost ME £55 plus I bout food and filter. Mek the white woman golang. 

It was child benefit week I paid for all of it he moaned about ME spending MY money as usual I told him to fuck off as usual!

GOD said it was David Westfield who didn't want ME.  That's good I don't care.  I didn't care then.

GOD said someone is going to take you out for MY song if you take it! Ship Wreck and Step off!

Your holding MY cheque book and I want it!

That is MY house I can live in it by MYSELF with MY children.

They will murder you for the cure you better make sure I'm sitting in that house.

David said he doesn't want ME that's good. 

David said earlier I have to slim down.  I did before and you didn't want ME.  I didn't slim down for you.

David just called ME a piece of shit.  It must be the rejection.
That is why the rape was funny.  There was no disease.

I better go I know where David' gone to the house I will lock MY door.

I break every camera GOD said HE will tell ME where to look.

I'm looking at something I don't like.

GOD said David is worried I will find someone outside. 
I go out to a bar I meet someone he doesn't know who I am GOD tells ME there are no diseases I don't tell him where I live I bring him there. David tells him he cannot come in and beats him up.  I wont of that house.  GOD said the man is white.

change of heading sorry they glance

I want and end to this shit!  Everyone know Ryan did not rape anyone and know Jake did not assault anyone.

Ryan said the court date is not listed and has been told to ring up every day after four to fin out if he has to attend he just spoke to the solicitor.

GOD said it is the solicitor she is very spiteful she and the other solicitors in there think it is funny and she keeps trying to get Ryan taken out!  GOD said they are going to go after their families!  Good you stinking paki!

Every time you send people after MY you get other peoples family taken out you families should get taken out it is not funny!

I bet you are not finding it funny now are you?  Now that you know people are after your family!

GOD said all of those people who got murdered at the Old Bailey was because of the solicitor all of them were involved but she was the person who did it.  GOD showed ME her laughing HE said it was because of how many got taken out and because of the amount of trouble she caused.  GOD said she hid herself.  GOD showed ME all of them laughing. They did it.  GOD came that morning and said I don't wan't Ryan in the court today because of what is going to happen why I let him go out and come in late.  I was praying Ryan wouldn't wake up.

GOD said they al sat laughing because it was white and black people getting murdered.  They are all Asian.

GOD said they are trying to do it again.  GOD said they are not trying to get Ryan taken out but white people that is how Asians take over.

GOD said I'm getting the blame for it.  I didn't even know what was going to happen at the court that morning Ryan doesn't tell Me until the last moment or if he leave his open letter in here I will look.  I didn't know Ryan had court that day until he came in and told Me.  This morning he said he was late.  I had to ask if it was court he was going to.

GOD makes people disappear HE doesn't hack people up.

Trace the solicitors calls from that office and the other one and their mobiles.

GOD said HE would walk Ryan out and leave all of them to get murdered in there because you all dragged us in you shit.

GOD said the solicitor keeps trying to get ME take out because I am the QUEEN.

GOD said they keep sending white people.

All of the Asians here are illegally living here yet they want to control.  Because they came here to control like in Africa.

GOD said they murdered themselves because of what they did the other day GOD said they did it more than once.  But HE hasn't told ME about it only the one where Ryan should have gone to.  GOD said they did it at another court they want to become the judges.

I don't see any purpose to Asian's being here they don't mix. GOD said HE is going to close down a lot of chicken shops they keep opening them up every where you look and it why you can not find a fish and chip shop these days because they are forced to close.

The Asians said that is why they hate ME.  I have to detangle My family so you can hate ME.   You have no say in this country I am British you are not go back to India I going to take you out of here because your pieces of shit!  You know! that's you like the church hill advert with the dog who wobbles it's head You know! Sickening I stand you language. 

To the powder company stop supplying the powder for the chicken shops you can supply KFC .

GOD said they are using a strategy later when they have all of the shops on the high street they turn it into Bangladesh.  I hate you too.

You can give Favourite the powder.

They can go and buy Tex Mex in he supermarket! 

I am going to put up the business rate high to penalise certain businesses who are trading the trade business as the businesses on the high streets.  The rivals.

I going to penalise people with more than one house.  I'm going to base it on discretion you have got to be British to get the best. I want Green Street back!

I want the British to run their own businesses.  I want to see pie an mash shops.

And white butchers and sea food shops call Me old fashion.  Because of the Asian's there is a lot of congestion on the roads.  

I'm going to make the Asian's pay each 10 million a year to run a business on Green Street.  If hey don't pay the rates I take the business.

Black people here can run their own hair a beauty shop.  GOD said it is the Asian's running the hair shops in Green Street they have so many businesses they can not find family to run all of them.  So they put the black hair dressers in them and because they run the black hair product shops they get the clients of the hairdressers. 

All the nice bakery shops with chewy tasting doughnuts are gone we have  to settle for supermarket doughy doughnut like Percy Ingles.  IT'S A FUCKING LIBERTY.

All of the good hard wear shops are gone.  All the nice little clothes you wouldn't find down a high street gone chicken shop take over.
Asian have clothes shops but their fashion even if some of it is British fashion.  We want to run our shops in our country Asians have to go there is no room for us if you stay.

Get up!

At one time you could find dry cleaner. 

The Asians came with there £1 chicken and chips deal including drink.

At one time you used to find arts and craft shops people would sit and knit man and woman, and make things and sew there were lots of sewing machine shop.  People were more creative.

You could find patterns for clothes.  little family run cafe's.
Shoe cobblers.

Little catalogue return shops or last season shops on side streets. Like Ida's in Plaistow.  Who remember slacks and waffles? No one has collected the bag yet.  Nice little new agents with sweet they weighed for you. Cola cubes, bon bon the toffee ones.

Maltesers lost the holicks flavour years ago and bounty lost it's flavour and smell. Wimpy was nice.  We still have a few left.  I like Woolworth.  I like MFI the way it was in the 80s you got you furniture straight away.  Some people dont want to go to a big place like IKEA.  I want Ilva's back here lovely shop.  All of the cinemas closed down and bingo.
Who remembers Chelsea Girls clothes?  GOD said they are vex Elizabeth took over their business we will give it back.  GOD said the woman who started the business is not here now but her family want their business back.  I wouldn't like it done to ME you can take it. 

They said they want the interest give it to them. You can work together compensation they murdered the family. GOD said she took over a lot of businesses like that.  GOD said some will get compensation because of the things they did.

GOD said there is a lot of injustice done to ME why I'm giving what belongs to you back to you. A lot you and your families stole from family.  GOD is here to sort it out!

Throw Mac Donald's out from the corner of Stratford centre and put Chelsea Girl back there.  I was sent to work at Chelsea Girl HQ in Hanger lane once.

The amount of stealing we did in that shop! Not Hanger Lane I started to behave then.

GOD showed ME the white men in the powder company they left the spite they were doing in the yard and went to tell MY cousin what do.  GOD said white are very spiteful.  "I'll tell you what to do to them stop all the internet orders from going out to the chicken shop."  My cousin doesn't like doing spite neither of them.  It is not spiteful.  The Asian's are very disrespectful.
If it was one or two of their shops on the road no one would have a problem with it.

The Asians are feeling shame because they know they are being looked at now and everyone can see that they are taking over.  I told them to leave they are still here so I will do what I have to do.

Time is running out for them soon they won't have the privilege of selling. 

GOD said prisoners are take over the prisons and are taking out the paedophile in there like some of the guards they said they are not sitting down in prison while their children are being sexually abused and murdered in schools.  I head a woman speaking to her children's father on a visit "I think someone has sexually abused our little girl in school take a look at her fanny.. I haven't been anywhere no one come over I am waiting for you." 

GOD said those are the type of children they have been targeting families with fathers in prison.  She put her husband on here.

The prison officer said they are going stop prison visits.  No your not your sick why you enjoy holding people as prisoners.  
Message to the prisoners Let yourselves out control the fucked up ones.

There are more fucked up one out here than in there.  That is why I am letting you out.  I
 am the QUEEN and I am pardoning you.t is in human they are anxious about their children.  

Box them down if they get in your way.

"That is why I am in here"
"Me as well" 
"Controlling the fucked up ones"
"Me too!"

I'm fucking Spartacus as well ME too Doctor Driver!

GOD said Dr Driver is a paedophile why judge Finny put ME and MY sister in prison for defending ourselves and our children.

I just heard some ex villains who said "I  think I'll move into a shop forget the council waiting list where should we go?"
"Green Street!" 

The ex prisoners are asking how are they getting home.  People need to help them.

Take a bus there must be a bus driver among you.

Behave yourselves only go with prostitutes while your waiting for the HIV cure those of you how have HIV.  Don't murder them.

Those men want to open up brothels and gambling houses.  Cable Street E1.

The Kray's are local they will sort you out with the guns. I'm turning you into MY police men and women.  Even the prostitutes.

Take a shop lots of house and cars.

GOD showed ME MY white policemen they pulled an Asian family out the house and dash them in the street on the ground and said "I want it!"  GOD said they murdered the Asian's on the street that is the levels they have to go to.  Asian's are violent.

GOD said it them who clean the house for ME no one is getting taken out.  Lots of villeins on the street too join in. 

British people shouldn't have to live in council flats that should be for none British British should own at least one house.  It's a fucking cheek!  British people are living on the street they have more than one house many of them they started out by murdering British people for their house and are still doing it.

South Hall!

I own every bank in this country I will cancel all of the mortgages from the house you take and shops from them and cars.

You can have deeds in your name. start pushing the non British into the council flats.  I want to build a theme park over here we will keep the hotel you can mange that one up the road.  You can keep what you make from it.

We will rehouse some of the people when the time comes.

GOD said when the family wanted to build the A12 they didn't rehouse all those people they murdered them.

I'm going to give some of you companies to show you respect.  Like the Kray's.  
I'll let you choose.

I've got businesses in Germany everywhere.

I want to take down some of the council flats when it is full say sorry we are full.

I on't want any Mosque here because of the teaching in them I don't like the shape of them they belong in India.  Bull dose it in front of the Asians.

Why are we on the dole that hand out should be for visitors in trouble.

The slave are on horse back and the princes are on the ground walking.

I better finish cleaning.  

GOD said Paul went to the Kray's because of what the police and the family did to his children.  GOD said that is why the family is still getting taken down.

GOD said that was the murder to the whole family the police men behind the camera liked Bailey.  

GOD said the 2 white girls want to give ME the key.  Go to John's MY brother first talk to him.  You can come here with him and his family make sure he call ME to let Me know when you are coming John is nice.

If you give it to Errol I'll never get n there Doreen is the same.

GOD told ME just now that armed guards are guarding us they and Ray are showing the most respect.  GOD said not one of those 6 policemen are paedophile why they were entrusted they are the ones HE wants ME to show respect to. 

You have the heated cameras on the paedophile brought babies in boxes to the two houses urgent.

GOD said he told her to have a was before they started. GOD said mixed race born yesterday.

GOD said you have the heated cameras on it's good.  GOD said stink Debbie went to take up the Queenship she and her family got taken out.  The best outside.

If the police take their uniforms of they will be OK!  GOD said some of the people on this street like people to MY left are not involved but are asked to wait outside it is so they can take the fall if they get caught.  GOD said the guards stay in the house.  GOD said the white girls can stay.

They have their quarters. 

They have businesses too. GOD is here you get lots of free time.

Ray gets to choose as well.
I jut want to show off MY body guards.

My hands have gone crackly again bleach spray they are behaving now.

Ray wants the music business and film company. 

GOD said the Asians are told by the person they can have a plane ticket but to drop everything and run.  That is why they get murdered they are greedy.  Let them keep the money in the back they can draw it out.  

Most of them are multi millionaire and billionaires.

GOD said the Asian's over in India show a different type of disrespect.  They transfer the money to India why they get murdered there.  It's the same thing.

"I'm thirsty I want some of that Orange Song."
GOD said a lot of black people are going to get taken out for the Orange song and other songs of Mine.

GOD said Errol is mean why he would keep the key that is the only reason he is not disrespectful it is because we are level.

Doreen is spiteful and thinks everything belongs to her because she is beautiful so she would use the spite.

John wouldn't but they wouldn't throw ME out.  GOD said Marguerite would murder us to put her family up there but she behaves herself.  Because of what she did before.

GOD said MY mum is now behaving herself she won't cause any trouble.

The guards said they would march you out.

GOD said living with the guards will be like living in a block of flat I have MY front door they have theirs.

GOD said they live there already.  They were shutting their front door.

I don't want to ill treat MY family they can have a front door.

GOD said I give the powder company to MY cousin when I meet him.

I don't want to give the tobacco company away I'll give Shirley's family something else like it.   GOD said HE could see spite in the tobacco company because of greed they put the prices up HE and I want them to come down.

GOD want Errol to have the tobacco company the price drops a lot.

Lets go to 1970s prices.

GOD said Shirley's family can have Mac Donald HE wants to see if they will drop the price for the advert.  GOD said they do the rounds to make sure they are all cleaned to a high standard Eyvone! 

I bet Errol makes weed cigarettes GOD said he does. GOD said Errol sells weed over the counter.

It is up to you to control your children and it is up to Errol. Maybe specialist tobacconist.
I'll speak to Errol about letting young children buy tobacco product for their parents like I use to as long as they have a sighed note and ID.  If they want weed they will have to go out and get it themselves.
GOD said HE only want MY family and I in the house first the others can come later HE wants to show ME things. GOD said HE doesn't like MY sisters behaviour and is MY house.

GOD said her boyfriend had sex with her friend a white woman who spited her GOD said the German men told MY sister to respect her.  She is asking for to be taken out.  GOD said she is behaving like she is Queen and wants to show her I am QUEEN.

GOD said her boyfriend has HIV.
What has that got to do with it?

GOD said she kept asking for the key and said she wouldn't lock ME out she wouldn't let ME in why I  am not letting her in I do't want to deal with that shit she has had an easy ride.

GOD said she said she wanted to go in first.

GOD said as soon as she found out she pushed pat people and went to Westfield to find out where she could get the key.

GOD said she was shouting she wants ME and MY children raped.
She can have a house but she is not coming in Mine take her to church. 

GOD said those to white girl went to help her so that they could get in and take it from her.

GOD said Ray wanted it for his family and sent women with HIV to the German men outside Ray wants the music a film company.  
Ray still wants the music and film company.

GOD said it is his family doing the spite to MY family.

GOD said some people take more houses and everything even for their babies people take them out for the greed.

GOD said women know they have it and go to the special clinic to get checks one of them have full blown Aids the one in the trench mac. Beige.  The Ambrose clinic Royal London Hospital.

GOD said all 6 men have it because they went with Rays family who are all diseased even the children all of Debbie Buchan have HIV.   Even Bailey's father not Paul.

GOD said MY sister said she is having Westfield that's Mine you get what I give you!

GOD said MY sister is a dog!  GOD said she feel shame because of her behaviour.

GOD said she broke a glass at Westfield that's OK!  Don't hurt her you will get taken out before you can do it.

GOD said the white men tried to pin MY sister down and rape her white friends went behind her back and told the men to do it to her. That is why she broke the glass but HE took them out the white men are not allowed to do it to any black women or men or their children.  Because the white women are going to keep sending them.  GOD said that is who the dog is the white woman.  box the white woman over the side!

GOD said that is what happened to her yesterday.  GOD said it was because the white girl who knew she had HIV went with MY sisters boyfriend.

GOD said MY sister took the key from them the policemen.  GOD said it dropped out of his pocket she took it.

GOD said HE likes the way she did it why HE didn't take it.

GOD said HE took it from MY sister.

She said she doesn't want anything.  OK!

If they put MY sister on the new they are going to get murdered.  White dogs! I going to take the camera from the white woman!

The white people I'm gonna take the camera from them. She just said she know,  GOD said she was trying to think of an angle "Her SISTER deserves respect."  Yes MY sister deserves respect.  I 'll break your fucking neck!  Violence seems to be the only language the white woman respects and insults. Because she is a dog!

I'm giving Westfield to Myles because I told him I was going to get it for him.
That media woman better play nice.

GOD said that is the BBC woman who get murdered to stop her from putting it out.  Good!

Myles went to Tesco with Briely they were followed by the Asian men at the end house GOD said they were walking them back to push them into the house I want them murdered same as what they would have done if GOD let them to MY children I went out to wait for them the men started walking back and front of them. The dotty white woman sat in the house with the blinds.

Start murdering the beast on this street.  Next door all of them.
They are asking what level I don't care.  GOD said the white dog with AIDS because she is a dog said the paki's were walking the dogs!  Take the dog out she has AIDS. Take all of the Kray's out!

GOD said HE took out one of the Asian men they can stay.  The evil dogs.  I'm being trained.

I heard MY sister last night she said "I wish I could behave like HER but I have behaved like this now and everyone has seen it I'm going to have to stay like this now!"  GOD said go to church.   GOD said MY sister didn't get the key and HE was only able to get the key because she was fighting with the men the key fell from his pocket and she tried to grab it from HIM who got there first.

GOD has been telling ME about he guards they behave like MY husbands but they are not.  Very gentle and very classy and no racism.  They are studying ME.

GOD said MY sister is on her cycle like ME.  GOD MY family don't know ME, John I mix with and that is why HE had ME write this post so that they would understand ME.  MY mums friends the Jehovah witnesses are teaching her about ME.  

I heard an Asian woman who said "he must have tried to do something to HER." We are all in training. GOD said it is only because I came out to look for MY children I saw the men and why they are still here the would have got taken out before MY children could see them because HE is here.

GOD said HE doesn't want the guards to leave they train people in the house to show respect like the cooks.   
Does octopus taste like Squid? I love squid.  Or is squid a baby version of an octopus? I can not surf the net on here for anything. Saffy tried to surf the net on here and said "I can not go on anything! It's a cheek we pay for that!" That was yesterday.  It has been like it for months.  I haven't got time to look at anything I've got a lot to write.  I responded I said it is a cheek! She then said "We should say something!"  I said we should. Then she continued to do something on her lap top.
Sapphire make ME laugh she is like ME. She make complaints but are justifiable. "Who does Jake think he is?" GOD said Ruby and Sapphire are very posh.  After HE said that I then said to Ruby, your very posh it is the way she speaks.  She said "I want to be posh I like being posh that is how I want to be." I said is it? She said "yes I try to be posh."  I was think what does she know about posh. It was a very serious conversation why I found it funny but I didn't laugh in front of her.

GOD said Education the white woman said she is coming down but she is going to murdered because of the guards she has been told not to come here!

GOD said it is because of these guards why people respected Elizabeth and her family.  They murder people in a crowd to teach people to show respect to family. For Elizabeth it was a job opportunity for MY family we are the ROYAL FAMILY. 

GOD said HE let Elizabeth train the guards because of what she did to them why they are so respectful HE didn't want ME to do it to them. 

I don't want the guards to worry about HIV GOD said as soon as I get in the house tell you the cure.

I sat and listened yesterday to the guards outside.  GOD said that family the Krays are a very dirt family.  I just heard open the window I'm going to be sick.  Ellen.  GOD said some women don't care about where they sit.  On the toilet seat.

GOD said Bailey caught HIV from a policeman who fancied her from behind the camera he was the one who had sex with the young teenager.  GOD said he be friended her even though he knew he had HIV.

GOD said all of the school teachers all the white women and white families clapped and waved when the dirty Kray family told them they are going in the house.  They all got murdered is that OK?  GOD said it is because of what I wrote about fish and birds and their families the Kray's played as if they cared about families it was a race to see which side would shout first to murder the other side they are false.  GOD said they would have asked for MY whole family to get murdered as soon as they got into the house.  But HE would allow the guards to take ME out. 

GOD sad the door was opened they saw the hallway then the door was shut on their faces.  Because they were seen as dogs for going when they know the ROYAL FAMILY are here.  The guards already knew they were low class.  I't is there job to protect the ROYAL FAMILY which is MY family they are ones who has been helping Ryan because of our class level. GOD said stink Debbie were asked to go into a room to fill out forms.  Stink Debbie was asked to go to do cleaning for Ray.  who was not "involved"  "I can't wait to finish filling out this form see what the rest of the house looks like!"  GOD said their were different families in there all of them because they were dogs.  All went there with a plan to murder the other Kray families.  GOD said the guards were doing what they were trained to do.  GOD said on the for which was made up by Regina it asks you to write down all of the the people related to you who you have not brought with you and their contact details.....

GOD said the levels of what takes place next door and the door after that is the levels the guards are trained to take people out.  That is the level they got taken out at.  I saw scenes I was being trained last night.  I saw Bailey scream out she was on all fours after the sexual assault a knife was pushed up her.  

GOD said that is why HE doesn't want Doreen in the house.  GOD said they wouldn't do it but they would leave the house.

GOD said it is only because of the white women you bring why I shut MY front door.  GOD said she know she has to go but she comes to play with the men. Why they just live there and I don't use them.  Even though they would take her out if she started trouble with ME.  Because of the training they have had.

GOD said HE wants the guards to be with black women HE doesn't want to waste them because of her.  I like MY doors open.

When Andy came he had cold sores on his face they were flat going away Michelle's sister? "I told you to kiss Sapphire on the lips!"
"But she turned away and wiped it!"
 "You should have done it again!"

That is the final straw Andy seeing as you are being controlled I will send the white woman away your not allowed to come back to see Sapphire.  GOD said you know you should never have got involved that is not MY problem.

GOD said the guards to like Andy and because of the training will not let him in.  GOD said HE is using Michelle to keep Andy away. 

GOD said HE keeps turning ME from the white woman like she keeps trying to turn the white men from the black women.  But I keep turning back to her why I would let the guard bring them in like the white men keep turning back to the black woman.  GOD it hurt her and didn't want ME to be like that when I wrote the babies were mixed race because she knew it was only urgent because I only cared about the black in the mix just like how she only cared about the white in the mix.

GOD said she is only like that because of the Queenship she didn't want a black woman getting it because it was everything to her.  It makes her feel like more and she knows she isn't getting it because it is Mine I am black.  GOD said because of what she has been doing to get it it she is know starting to know she is a dog!  Because of her class level.

GOD said HE wanted ME to see them on Andy's face it is full under there.  Oooo!

GOD said HE doesn't want Andy in the house again.  Next time he will be told no.  I don't want anything from him.  Andy has HIV.  He is not getting the cure.  Unless I put it out.

GOD said they can have the immunity but not the cure.

GOD showed ME lots of white women sitting down upset because they have been whoring thinking they can get the cure if they needed it.

GOD said we build a black hospital.  GOD said only the people HE knows will not go back to them to get tested will get it.

Message to the black women:  Have you see the look the white women gives to black women?  It's a cheek! GOD said I stop turning when I have black women friends.

GOD said the white women even give mixed race women the same look because of the black in them.

GOD said the babies that were in the box last night were premature and were all white babies Premature babies are born brown but lighten up later to what they would be had they been full term.

GOD said the white women went out yesterday to celebrate the white people getting in the house and because of the heavy drinking the started opening their legs to all the white men.  Dogs! 

GOD said it was Michelle and her family and friends who went out to celebrate the white people she and her family pushed through the door where they were murdered she is now going to give Andy a knew set of diseases.  Syphilis and the smelly stuff!  

GOD said Sapphire didn't catch anything from Any no one in this house caught anything from him.  I always spay the toilet and wipe it before I sit on it I used it straight after Andy we passed each other he went straight out to the shops. 

I heard Michelle "what? She is not letting Andy see Sapphire that is a court battle!"  GOD said that is why the guards will take her out.

"Syphilis is really hard to get rid of I've had it before yo got to keep going up there until it's gone!"
"Who did you have sex with? I Ron I can't remember?"
"Well how many did you go with?"
"I don't know!"

"They were all over her!"
"Was MY husband there? He better not have gone anywhere near you! You've got HIV! I slept with him last night!"  GOD said the husband went with Michelle and then with his wife when he got home. 

GOD showed ME 9 white women upset with Michelle 9 of the men had sex with her everyone of them have HIV. Plus 9 women.  GOD said she has picked up minor infections as well. GOD said those are just her friends other men went there.  That is the Susan on the car outside the pub.

GOD said the fathers who went to MY house were tested they were asked if they can take out their families and they can keep the kingship all for themselves.  GOD said all of them who went there are pieces of shit even the children Ray said he wanted it more than anything in the world and yes they could have sex with their children and other family and murder them all of the fathers did the same Bailey's dad was begging for the kingship it was a competition among the group against each other that is how the families got taken out Debbie was like Ray but only said yes to her children being sexually assaulted all the other mothers held on to their children but let go of the other family members.  GOD said even the children some let go of their brother or sister but not the mum for the ship!  GOD said that is not happening to MY family because it is Mine.  

I know what all MY children would say.  Fuck off or lets get out of here.
GOD said they asked to leave but wee told they are not allowed to leave because of the thing they did to get through the gate.

GOD showed ME Miller and Bailey's dad on his knees begging for the kingship for his other family with the wife he was with while bailey was raped he said he didn't care about the rape because it was given to Ray it alternated around the group until there was only one person left the king or the queen.  The most shittiest person Ray!

That is what you do to pieces of shit.  That is what I call low life!

If they can do it to their own family what wouldn't they do to You?  GOD said they started it they tried to take the guards out.

GOD said the whole group knew what they went to do the whole of the 3 masons.

"We should not have brought our kids!"
"Yes but they asked us to bring our whole family that's how we got in here! Look we will take them quick!"  GOD said like they opened and closed the front door quick!  So they could see inside.

GOD said HE is showing the guards who are on their guard that it is MY family in the paintings why HE gave ME the gift.  GOD said they feel like ME they don't trust anyone because of the low life who has been going there for the ship.

Bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!

"Who's there?"

Coleman a you dat...?  A Mi man open up der door stop wasting time!

Come and speak to ME first a few times.

None of MY family will hurt you.  Unless they felt threatened like you and you have the guns.  I want to do MY hair first and I have a stomach ache.

GOD said that is why HE took the key from all of them Doreen would let them in there they would take everyone out inside there.  I understand what is going on.  You can search us.

GOD said Doreen can go in there but not her friends.  I don't have any friends Only Andy but I don't trust him not them him that is piece of shit!  

GOD told ME this morning that I must not go with any of the men it is not because they go with her it is not the HIV HE could have stopped them from catching it it is because they went with Elizabeth who wanted them to love her so they would protect her the dirty stinking white woman behaviour but they hated her for it. 

GOD said HE doesn't want ME in there yet the head cook starts it of all of the cook were made to go with her as well.

GOD said he gets up at night and gets his gun other people who work there are involved a well.  They go to murder the bodyguards,  Today I heard him he sounds as if he is from up north.
"I don't want HER to throw us out of the house."

Bodyguard"It is HER house if SHE asks us to leave we go!"
"I don't want to leave I like it here I don't want HER seated there!"

I don't want the cook in MY house I won't eat his food his services are required.  

GOD said the cook has HIV.  GOD said it was Elizabeth who past it on to them even though she knew she had it.  She told them she had it and had guns held to their heads so that they would still push down in her.

GOD said HE let them in the kitchen start before the cook stars poisoning everything. 

"Earlier while I was in the bath I heard white police men how old was Bailey?"
"Maybe we can say she was younger and say there is paedophilia taking place in the house so that we can go in."
GOD said the bodyguards sent the bodies back to the families to be respectful so that they could bury them. The didn't any of the children their DNA is not there.  

Andy and I did the flyers for Bailey's birthday party 2011.  Bailey was 17.  GOD said HE will take you out for those bodyguards same levels as HE take out people who come to take out MY family.

While I was in the bath the man next door came out of his garden and shouted "Fuck you."  Then using special powers I heard him say "I hate that black WOMAN next door!" Then I heard a gun shot.  GOD aid he is showing off they gave him a gun his neighbour as well he just shot the little baby which was already dead the person who brought the little girl already went there she died straight away. from the moment he pushed down.  Premature babies are sort after by the paedophiles it doesn't last that long but they think it is better.

GOD said he did what HE wanted him to use it so I  could see it.

After Ryan knocked on the door I was still in the bath the children were sleeping I went to the door but Ryan wasn't at the door I looked through the window and saw him pacing up and down while he was on the phone.  I saw one of the Asian men he passed Ryan and went to knock at the next door then he disappeared.  GOD said he went to get the white man's approval to find out if he and the other Asian's should grab Ryan GOD grab him before he could do it to Ryan.

GOD said the man in the van brought the guns and that is what he is dong driving around issuing gun's to the paedophiles.  You can shoot white and Asian but not black or black mixed race.  Or My bodyguards.

GOD said even though the Asians are like them paedophiles those in the ring they said don't give them any guns only white people.  GOD said the Asian's were out there watching they know the two white families were given guns.

GOD said there are a lot of people all over the house and have even moved into the rooms where the family were
"Change the locks when they are not here get the best locksmith."
"Who should I use I'll have think?"  GOD said that is why the bodyguards can still get in.  Because she is still thinking.  GOD said it is those out here telling them in there what to do.  GOD said those ones in there were working with the Kray's who you murdered.  Had they got in you would have all got taken out but HE would have taken them out.

GOD said the locks on that house are the best in the world after the person put them on he was murdered.  GOD said they murder the whole locksmith families after they fit the locks.

GOD said the bodyguards no about the end time message put not the other people in the house as always it is kept from them and they are told things.  GOD said they are sharing secrets in the house.   GOD said the cook and other people in the house was told to murder the bodyguards the night the Kray's were taken down but they were afraid to do it why you are all still here.

Message to the bodyguard I don't want anyone in in MY house apart from the seven of you.

GOD said the toffee nosed man who has just gone in there he will take you out they are letting people in. Shoot them 

GOD said that toffee nosed man shot the gate guard why there is only 6 of you she the woman house keeper said it is her father.  He is nothing to do with her. He said he want to be the king.

GOD said it was the white women who told Doreen to take the key from the policeman she only just found out.

GOD said the other policemen behind the camera who watch the house and the ones outside all know the house is being taken over. 

I'm listening to black people who are warning not to have anything to do with ME that is a nice big circle GOD and I want to see. Shoot them! 

GOD said it is because I said I don't have friends bad minded GOD is the best friend anyone could ever have your all rubbish I don't want you as friend I want it the same as it has been for years without you!

GOD said it is because you know you could never get up on that respect level.  Stay down there!

GOD said the bodyguards know the house is being taken over but I'm black but they are still showing ME some respect but they didn't know they are going to get taken out.  GOD said it is because you went to the court to fight for Ryan they are after you that toffee nosed man is a judge from the old bailey who you missed.  It is because you went with the white women why you just sitting down.  GOD said HE will just wait for everyone to murder each other then go in HE has the key.  GOD said the white women were sent to keep you busy.

GOD said that judge was in the court upstairs he went to hide on the stairs at first but he got out.  GOD said there is only 3 bodyguards left.  GOD said everyone in there has guns.

GOD said you get there on time why all 6 of you are OK.

GOD said what HE showed ME with the 6 policemen coming out of their front door in the house without hats is to come I hust get in there but I should  shut MY front door because of the HIV until they are clean.   GOD said they have turned the house into a whore house but that is what they use it as the other families before.

GOD said they have gone to the pub they come back.

GOD said white women like to behave like they are spoilt but they are the most ill treated woman by their families nearly all of them were sexually abused as children and badly beaten why they show a lot of spite and evilness they do what was has been done to them.  Dog shit families!
I can diss you families because I am the QUEEN.  GOD said I got up there because of MY class level.  Elizabeth's family were pushed in there. 

GOD said it was HIM who sent the 6 policemen to help Ryan.  I'll shout MY door.

I was listening to something last night I'm laughing you have been naughty you've gone to clean up for ME.

GOD showed ME the judge laughing at the fish with HIV GOD said it was the judge who walked in the house murdered everyone for ME and walked out again it was to show the same disrespect that was shown in the court house.  He is laughing because I said he murdered everyone for ME.  GOD said he is a paedophile.

GOD said the bodyguards did not do any rapes or murders or child abuse it was  the judge who brought men with him into the house.  The 6 bodyguards were in Westfield when it happened.

GOD said the judge gets one of his friends to knock up a cartoon of MY fish joke.  He likes to laugh.  GOD said you like MY Mac Donald avert.  I went to the shop an bought some wine and every thing has a 99p but I don't care for things.  I just came out with the phrase "We don't care about the penny in the pound." because it is petty.  I was on MY second bottle.

I wanted to work on MY film then they started playing silly buggers with the blogger why I wrote things to amuse MYself.  That is what happened.

You could use the fish sketch for a condom ad. I could fix it up.  I put ME in a laughing mood why I cam up with the MD AD.

That's a nice judge I'll fix him!

GOD said that is Doreen's behaviour. That is true the drip pole!  She likes her own way everyone does but you still need to be composed she gets away with a lot because she is pretty.
GOD said the white girls to be spiteful wanted Doreen to go in the house they would taken it from her HE would take you out!  I have been fighting the war by MYself I she got the key I'd walk in and throw her out piece of shit!

What does she think I like her?

Lead what? You so full of shit Doreen your deluded you nothing special to look at. 

You don't show any respect pushing up yourself fuck off and go back to drinking with your friends watless!  I'll break your fucking hands for it cheek!

GOD said told your friends to tell you to get the key from the policemen because of what was going to happen.  HE waned to show who you are!  GOD said you keep calling ME to everyone a piece of shit and when you ask why al you can say is that upset the family it is a shit family because you are in it!

Running with your stink self your rude!  Open show time.

Yesterday GOD said it hurt her because I said she can not have Westfield and that Myles is having it.  GOD said HE is looking and she wants to ask Myles for it so that she can be in the lime light like she is queen.  She can ask Myles she is still not getting it!  She most think I'm green like I just came off the banana boat.

She boxes ME down to push herself up there.

She would end up killing herself in there with drink she not ready for tings!  Galang wid your bow leg! 

Mi don't know how I can be upsetting anyone in the family when you don't see Mi.  Your a liar! The last time I saw MY mother was the I let to move into here!  The last time I saw Errol he came to throw ME Andy and MY children out of MY mother in the rain touch it I brok it!  we didn't do anything to MY mun she get up tht day like every day and twis up her face an go lie to Errol!

Biting the hands that feeds you!
All of this I did for MY whole family.

You Doreen are not being put before any of MY children!  Any way if it was measured that way it would be Dennis first! I'd brok de han!

GOD said HE would take Dennis out because of what he would have done to ME in Jamaica for Obama.

Doreen is never going to move in that house itis Mine and I don't want to live with her.

As you go to touch Doreen who you didn't put here your going to get taken out for it white dogs!

GOD said Doreen feel shame because of how she behaved she said she is not going back to Westfield.  Good!!!  You dirty little whore! That's all you a do tan up an a look man dotty! If you come to Mi door Mi gwan gi you some rarse licks.

You like fi gwan like say you a bad oman come!

GOD said she na come.

Mi woulder mek it soun like can a pepsi a open! Tssssh! Yeah.

Everybody knows her cause Doreen is a whore.  GOD said that is why she changed her name. Because of the prostitution she was doing at he time the Boney M people know!

She mek mi talk di lingo.

I heard Boby Davro the Boney M promoter "she left us in the lurch don't give it to Doreen!  it's true she is a hooker!"

GOD said the white men knocked her down and said she doesn't stink because they go with white women who stink and said My sister washed before she went out but she stinks!  GOD said I don't stink like she keeps telling everyone.  GOD said her boyfriend sleeps around why she stinks.  Use lemon you stinking fish!

I last saw Doreen at MY dads funeral 2011 February.

What she does is talk like Mi and her buck up an argue yesterday.  I just heard her "Take Ryan out!  He show disrespect when he stayed with me he kept my place messy!"  GOD said Jake kept it the same as Ryan but Jake is more talkative than Ryan so she got on better with Jake why she threw Ryan out but not Jake. Nasy bitch!

I'd never dream of asking for one of her children to get be murdered.  What kind of woman are you?

GOD said Doreen makes herself cheep that is where she is a whore she would have slept with the police man for the key because I dissed her she has not caught HIV.  That is how I keep MY family safe. Mi sen ar home fi go mine she pickney!

GOD said it was her white friends who told the policemen to rape her.

GOD said none of them are friends.  Move away!

GOD said the house HE showed ME the 6 policemen coming out of is a detach their own house.

I don't need bodyguards I have GOD.

GOD showed ME the Asian with a lot of things covered/ wrapped in white cloths HIS said that is because of YOU and said they even carried their pots with them that is the Asians they don't belong here pieces of shit.

GOD asked would you leave to go to a different country with YOU pot which YOU have used?  GOD said the white woman was putting Asians in the house.  GOD said everyone in there is being marched out.

GOD said the pots they are taking with them to India comes from India and they have money.  GOD said they packed the pots with the food from their kitchen cupboards open packets cockroaches, brown ants. They put everything in the container.  GOD said Asians sicken HIM.  GOD said they have no class that is why their country looks like that.  GOD said Asians are of the lowest class level.

GOD said HE saw them moving into the house those were the things the were bringing with them on trolleys no van running across the street in central London.  GOD said they are the dirties people on the earth.  The guards brought an Asian woman in there last night and is going to bring her family HE is stopping it the judge marches everyone out.
GOD said the Asians are not going it it HE will drag them.  GOD said MY family are going in it no one else.

GOD said HE let the guard take her in there to give her HIV.  GOD said her family told her to go with the guard.

I'd like to know why I received a letter in MY name from Grove Pension Solutions LTD thanking ME for MY inquiry about finding out how I can get money out of MY pension.  GOD said they say it was to diss ME.  Sounds like fraud.  I don't know who they are I have never contacted them before.

Grove Pension Solutions LTD

Grove House
London Road
Seven Oakes
Kent.TN14 7DS
Geoffrey Parker

The letter was sent 14 October 2014

GOD said that is the old woman who HE wanted ME to reach.  They have people in there Michelle.

GOD told ME HE can see Mac Donald's going bust because of greed n Shirley's family.  GOD said HE want ME to control it. No one wants to work for Mac Donald's because I told them to lower their prices the doc it from the peoples wages and there are of Mac Donald's worldwide and they are a small family.  

Everything is getting lowered and the wages are going up.  That is what is going to close down some of the corner shops.  

GOD said the people on the hat said they are not going. GOD said HE is going to let them drop bombs on you.

I'm cutting alcohol to 1980 prices.  I'm cutting petrol to 1980 prices.  I'm going to take a lot of old cars off the street.  I'm going to let people drive own residential roads I put speed cameras up.  I putting up the price of speeding tickets.

GOD said the Asian's don't belong here because of the look. I agree.  That look belongs in India.

I'm taking the greed I'm gong to let people park on their road for free it's a cheek!  You sitting in you house worrying if your car is  going to get towed away.  Might as well buy a knew car for what they are asking you to pay to get it back.  Greedy bastards!

It is not just here anywhere MY businesses are.

GOD said Paedophiles use sessions as a social gathering because there isn't much to do why they do it.  I don't want to know paedophiles are feeling sorry for themselves.

GOD said it is Michelle as long as she is here the cure is not going to be given out when she is gone.

I'm going to make Westfield 24 hr all the shops just Westfield. Make it like Vegas. Put a little brothel.  They can look in the window like Amsterdam. Open up a tobacconist. 

Lets change work hours make it later mornings. Cut hours!  When I'm tired even if I am awake I can't do much.

Earlier GOD showed ME the French man who has come over to talk about MY family he is with David Westfield. They are family to Regina. He has black hair the French man like David.

GOD said David to him to come over to talk about shifting the that is being generated from Euro Disney. GOD said all the hypermarkets banks like here in France belongs to ME.  Just like Costco.

David keeps saying he hates ME.  You like ME really.

GOD said the French man is a paedophile why children go missing all over France and in Euro Disney why he went there to mange it. GOD said he is from here.

GOD said he came here to discuss how to stop ME and wanted to put an insult in MY bank he wants ME and MY family murdered the French one's after ME.  Piece of shit!  GOD said his whole family are paedophiles. 

GOD said David is not a paedophile why he is still there.  Sounds like the last man standing.  Forget the prize.

No one chucked ME down on the ground I'm getting what s Mine by any means possiblu...

People are shouting "They are from the same family!"  GOD said t was David Westfield who sent the bodyguards to the court to take out Ryan "Help Ryan."  You weezle.  GOD said the bodyguards show a lot of racism why they were working for the family.  But they have been showing ME respect.

GOD said all of them are paedophiles but they are still here.

GOD said all over Germany children go missing because of that French family.  Everyone in the family ostracised uncle Albert years a go and said they don't care if he is dead because of the paedophilia he did to is children.   Peter his dad was murdered but lived or a short while after the kicking he got in the street by people we don't know.   GOD said it was his sex shop friends for the paedophilia.

This morning GOD told ME in Soho children are being brought in to the peep show shops and it is there family only David is here and fresh children are being ordered and supplied  and s all of the time David Westfield is running it.

I can leave MY children with any of MY bothers even MY sister and her children even the step overs. I have left them with Errol and John over night Sapphire and Ruby they have both looked after.

When were moving from Poplar to South Woodford during the packing I left the two girl with Errol and Joann over night and John. 

Everyone kicked of when they found out about what Albert did  big argument lots came out the wood work everyone was  crying because they remembered things the two of them did. 

My mums sisters all of them even Edward was crying people said don't hide anything.

It all happened years ago after we found out what Albert did to his children with Mauline.  Berlinda his daughter with Launa spoke about what he did to her Charline told everyone what Peter her grandfather did to her.  There was no HIV then. GOD told ME a few mornings ago Albert has become gay because he is in prison for paedophilia and caught HIV it was deliberate the person knew they had it.  They are respectful MY family they just talk loud together.

Berlinda kept calling social services on Albert so did I because she was worried about her half sister who mother died of cancer and her with Albert the daughter sent him to prison.  My Aunts went up there to check on her but said Albert has taught her well.

GOD said it was only Barak Obama and he is gone couple on his side the step side has shown that disrespect to their own children but they are in Jamaica.

You get bux down in our family for that!

GOD said Dennis Stevens and Barak Obama that is it.  There are 2 Denis Steven not MY brother Denis Stevens in America.  GOD said the bother of George who is here he cut them up not George.  Other people children because of Obama who he hanged around with I think he was taken out.  He was th one who came to the hose with the brown bridge where I was staying in Jamaica to murder ME but I was nice to him and gave him MY dads lighter.  I didn't know he came to murder ME.  I was just happy to meet family.

GAD woudda grapple wid him!
"Com ya!"

GOD said Barak Obama didn't know about his family but Elizabeth and her family knew from the time I started the course at the London Music School.  GOD said the bone of MY family are name tagged in the house.

GOD said Tun touched his children that's why. Tun's dad touch tun why MY grandmother left his dad and and married MY grand father Tobias who never touch any of his children including Tun who was not his natural son. GOD said that is why Tun was wicked because of the abuse.

MY dad told ME Tun was the only child MY grand mother had with a different man to Tobias. Cifas was MY grandfathers son. Tobias was the eldest out of 9 children Ms Becky had. Cifas is Steven that is his name. Tobias only had children with granny Becky.  I was at uncle Stephen's wake in the 80s in South East London. I met uncle Biddi pet names. Uncle Joseph. Esra. MY mum knows all of them.

Three sisters Avis, Miss Winnie and Miss Vita they were married and had children. Avis moved to America from Jamaica. My Dad told ME Avis had a lot of children.  GOD said Avis is still her she is an old woman like Aunty Winnie who is still here.  Miss Winnie is Grace's mum.  She was at MY dads funeral.

I want someone to assemble the family Grace likes doing things like that.

GOD said there is family in Germany.

GOD said that is why HE told ME to bux Doreen down same levels s she does to ME to her friends.  This is the assembling.  Doreen I like the trouble making that you are doing.  GOD said others in the family have paper work but didn't know they were important.  Lord Mi GOD!

I'll make family choose.

I heard a German white woman in a room with white men she said "Who told the sister?"
"All of those women in there were telling her!"
"That is big disrespect from the white women murder all of them!"
"That would be hurting a lot of families!"
"I don't care murder them still!"

GOD said that is what is happening.  Michelle.

"Perhaps it is you who have shown the big disrespect!" She was shot through the head.  Yesterday and it was MY sister ho was worried about the tiny bit of blood which splatted on her.  She doesn't have HIV.

GOD said Ryan is still not going to prison people will disappear HE doesn't care!  Same with Jake.  GOD said HE will clear the court house before Ryan gets in there so that he won't know about it. GOD said HE is clearing you out of the way already you mean nothing to HIM.  GOD said HE is already taking out you children because of what you are doing to Ryan Jake same level.  GOD said HE is making sure Ryan and Jake keep a clear record.

GOD said HE is not allowing you back in MY house! Dirty white women and men!

GOD said the judge drove them in the house out for himself!

GOD said Michelle asked to get taken out because she did want to see black in there it hurt her!

"Why did they have to chuck all of us out on the street all our things are in there!" That is what I will put out you pieces of shit!

GOD said them who were in the house helped Elizabeth and her family to do the South Woodford eviction spite to MY family and she and they knew who I was.  GOD said there are a lot of people homeless.   Sleep in your car same levels. Hot wire! They are MY cars. Trading places!

The white girls like to play a game with black women they call it "pretend friends!" GOD said HE will take the pretend friend out for anyone of us.

The QUEEN sits and writes that is what SHE does.

GOD said the judge murdered all of the people in the house we will take the shit to the tip.

Non family can come as well to help and see and be a part of history!  The place is full of gold diamonds everything.  Off course I know where it is.  That is what the white shit wanted to tell them in there the gunned the dog down! 

Teach the world
Make it a better place 
For you and for Me
And the entire human race
There are are people dying...

Michael Jackson I changed a line.

It's drop down comedy all night the people next door got dragged last night I was cooking in the kitchen the stinking voice woman was there they were going to leave early in the morning they speak German they went inside she told the friend who lives 2 doors away not to shoot I saw a white spark.  Well I'm still here! GOD said they plan to drop a bomb on this house.  GOD said they thought David was the ANGEL the paedophile he was discrete.

GOD said the whole family were in the house next door beasts.  HE took the whole lot of them that is who HE was waiting for.  GOD said they were suppose to be going in MY house.  Lots of gun shots out there yesterday.  It was the judge who ordered his guards to take down all of the paedophiles.  Who would stop him.  GOD said the guards were told not to speak to anyone just to shoot them.  It was because he didn't want them to find out about the end time message.  But they didn't know he was taken out and carried on.  He sent his guards to take out MY family another one but far.

GOD said MY sister has been reading MY script and is studying it and said "I wonder if SHE will teach ME."  Then GOD said she is the Beyonce with the scissors and said HE doesn't want her in the house.  psycho! I don't want the white woman in MY house or around MY children.  GOD said HE can restrain her.  GOD said she said to her self  "YOU left me there?" GOD said she thinks that all these years I was sitting down upset that she wasn't speaking to ME.  Fuck of dog like you call ME. Upset about what I was upset when I was in your lives that's why I walked out I have enjoyed lots of MY life because My family are not in it that is why I am funny I enjoy life! She needs to get over herself.  Loose yourself and find Jesus please!  GOD said you are the only one in the immediate family who went to dog levels.  GOD said she is jealous that I was celibate.

GOD said Doreen was going to the house and showed ME a white tent they put up when someone has been murdered but rapes were taking place inside HE got ME to send her home she was coming hear. She is a dog! GOD said HE didn't want to have to take out the gum men HE want them to do a job for HIM via the judge.  HE wants Doreen to behave herself.

When it is time to go in we will be assemble I will step in first the you can push past!  GOD said HE only want ME to call you a dog because it is the right level..... to what you've been calling ME all these years!  GOD said the goes on for miles 3 floors a basements and atics. "No George I'v see enough I'l look another time"
"I'll get someone to push you around."
"No George it's enough its been days."
"OK I'll carry you into the bedroom!"
"Which one it's far!"
"This one"
They were laughing.

GOD said not even the people who worked there has seen all around it just their section.  The white woman is not having that house it was built for My family.  Dog shit!

GOD said George built it to show off why Marie the white woman wanted it.  

GOD said there are places in that house none of the families who stole it for a while have seen their are secret chambers.  With thing in it in case of war. There are Gems belonging to William the the great even before Charlotte hid thing which George gave her.  GOD said Victoria and the other families kept promising themselves to look around to find things but were in no rush because she thought it was hers and her family's forever. 

GOD said what the took and made their crown with was Charlotte's.  GOD said the chambers look but once they are locked you cannot get out without breaking the wall or someone outside opening it to let you out. Some of the walls swing open their family hadn't seen it.

GOD said Augustina has got the key she took it from David but MY family also said they would break the door down.

GOD said all of it is MY house everyone can get houses and things but only MY family and I and HIM live there. We use special power to clean and to do things.  GOD said HE is looking at how many family members think they are going to move in.

GOD said HE doesn't ant all those people wondering around the house family can have a quick look and will be told when to leave. 

It's GOD's house as well I just say it is Mine.  GOD said it how many HE sees coming. 

You wouldn't come to this house even though you knew GOD was here.  You don't even care that GOD is there. It is your behaviour HE sees on the street.  GOD let ME hear family "We wouldn't have given HER would we we have big houses.  We are spiteful."
GOD said they were trying to fix themselves quickly.  GOD said said they knew I was homeless living with MY children in the car.

"I don't want it in MY house."
That is why I don't want it in Mine.

I don't like Ruth because of the trouble she cause between ME and Doreen leading up to MY dads funeral.  I don't like any of them.
GOD said family can come in a few at a time not a stampede.  I want a stampede it's MY house because of them.   I'll do it later.

GOD  said MY mum's family went with the white women to the house and got taken out.  HE said they were animals to eat humans.
GOD said Doreen wouldn't eat human.

Doing in MY family what was in hers.  GOD said the same look with those eye like Marie's when she was about to make trouble like what Ruth did she twisted everything not just one thing.  Why HE hated Marie.  I very tired.

It's all very rude it is MY house and I won't go there until GOD come for ME.

GOD said Doreen said she was not going unless some one went to get her to show her like ME.

I know where the gold is it is in the room with the paintings which are stacked under the floor!

GOD said HE did not help MY mum's family because they went there to take it from ME.

GOD said MY mum is a very spiteful woman HE let her family go to spite her which is the correct level of spite she has used on ME.  If she wasn't MY mother...  

Mr Disney is in MY house.

GOD said MY mum loosing her family is what it is going to take for her to fix up why HE let them do it.  GOD for MY mum like she said in front of ME about MY dad when he died.

I don't want the black haired ANGEL to go was that David Westfield?  I choose HIM.  I don't want Mr Disney.  

GOD said Edward didn't go "I hate Lorraine!!"
"So do I but I have MY children to think about."

GOD said Edward didn't go he was dragged there later.  They know they must not touch MY side.

GOD said it was Mr Disney who visited Soho while he was in Central London and asked for fresh children and said he was in the house why my mothers family were murdered. GOD said HE had to get ME to bux MY sister why she didn't go.  GOD said HE took the key from al of them.  MY family on MY dads side would have thrown out the people who lived in the house's shit onto the street to make a statement for cheek and would have broken down the door to let ME in.  My dad side are classy they have got things.  Mr Disney got murdered.

This morning GOD said the person in the house is the man I bumped into but not quite at Westfield the day I went to buy the tights.  That was nice.

GOD said it was Edward who kept saying he hates ME HE mixed up the voices.  Edward is low life that is why he hates MY he is a liberty taker he wanted MY mum to throw ME Andy and the children out because his daughter was coming to London to study and couldn't find a flat within his budget for both of them to live in.  So he was pushing MY mum to throw ME out. I cussed his stinking ass she sided him to be spiteful to ME. She would not have thrown us out for him she knows he is a piss taker.

His children are nice they are all mixed race different mothers. GOD said HE is not taking Edward up there.  HE told ME that last week or the week before.  I haven't had much to do with MY mums side of the family or years because I don't like them.  I let them in for the first time for years at the end of 2008 and Ruth caused the trouble with Doreen and Myself I only spoke to Ruth a couple of times since I let them in they can stay out.  They are thieves that is why I stole when I was younger because I hanged around them.

Edward came to MY mums one night and said he couldn't get in because his Landlord was asleep and fort his key at work and said he wanted to sleep and I said there was no where for him to sleep the night before that he did the same thing and I squeezed all of the children down stairs with ME and Andy and the girls I was thinking all off us stayed in a car this is bigger why I squeezed everyone.  So I told him there is no room.  He then said I'll get your children up I am your uncle YOU do as I tell YOU he ran up the stairs to drag MY children out of the bed.  I flipped I told touch MY children and I going to stab you you cunt.  That is why he hates ME.  I told him about himself I asked him who did he think he was I threw him out!

GOD said he wasn't paying his rent why the landlord took his key he is mean and was saving for the deposit for a flat for him ad his daughter.  That is Edward to the T.  Briley was a sleep and Edward was shouting Briely to get up so that he could sleep in the bed Briley wasn't waking so he said shouted I'll wake him and went to run up the stairs to drag Briely out of his bed. 

My mum and William woke up because of the noise I told briefly what happened because she was angry with ME for waking her up. But she said I was right. Because of the argument he started coming and making trouble he stared ME out like he was going to do something.  He went into the kitchen I told him not to take any of mine he came to start he started coming everyday.

GOD said MY mums family doesn't like her children because we think we are too good for them.  We are you pieces of shit! I heard a woman just now  "She said SHE came there and started trouble and even argued with her brother."  My mums friend.  My mother is a stinking piece of shit I hate her.

Andy didn't anything it wasn't really his place I didn't want her starting on him. Andy would have stepped in if he touched ME. Edward did karate for year why I would have stabbed him. I didn't a knife I have never picked one up for anyone but I would if I had to. 

Edward came on evening he pushed past ME as I was smoking outside and went in I said something he came back out and came up to MY face like he wanted to head but ME I swore at him and told to fuck off and to get out he said "Let me leave before..."  I said do it I'll stab you this is MY mothers house don't come here and cause trouble that is right leave. MY knows it's her.

I love MY mum don't touch her.

GOD let ME see MY mum talking to Edward she told him you must not go and trouble peoples things.  GOD said he was asking her to go with them. "Stay away from there, promise me you won't go!"

"We are going tonight"

"Edward if anything happens to you don't come to me crying because I warned you."
I heard Ruth who said "isn't SHE going to do something to help HER family?" 

What can I do? I can't stand you therefore I can't find it in MY heart to beg to save you!

It is your shit you sort it out.  Even if Doreen went she has every right it is her too.

GOD told ME this morning Mr Disney found out he was the bastard son of the suffer jet woman who George was seeing while he was married to Charlotte after Charlotte had his children.  The law was at that time and still is the bastard child gets nothing.  GOD said he still doesn't he gets murdered.  GOD said the suffer jet woman took money for her bastard daughter sorry that is what HE said and left why they were able to set up the Disney empire.  GOD said It is treason Mr Disney should not be in there he is a bastard that is MY house and MY mums family has a right to visit.  Take Mr Disney out for reason.

Disney has to come back to MY family. 

GOD said HE will come and get ME.

GOD said all MY mum's family did was touch the key Mr Disney said it was treason.  Everyone he brought with him into MY house take them out for the treason.

GOD said Mr Disney did a DNA test on himself last night and he was the great grandson  GOD the families up there in America stole a lot from this This QUEENSHIP why they are up their GOD said the families were street people who got friendly with George for things.  GOD said HE made sure George didn't have any children for the dirty white women they lied and said it was Georges child.   Mr Disney found out that he was not from this line but still went in the house.

I'll leave the American's with some. As they come I'm going to strip them.

I'd better go.

I don't want to take out Mr Disney but you must not go back in the house. White shit! It is because he is good looking. He is nice.

The black haired man I bumped into not quite but... I want him to bring the key.

GOD showed ME a white woman who men into the house to take out Mr Disney I said I don't want him touch he and his men can go.  She tells the white with her to murder Mr Disney and his men because want the white to follow the white woman's orders.  GOD said  she wants Mr Disney dead for what he did to the people in the house .  Take that white woman out for treason.

I'm not murdering Mr Disney for going in the house he didn't take anything.  GOD said she is a police woman who comes from the station that monitors the house she sent her family in there to take over and Mr Disney took them out she want him dead.

The blogger people keep fucking about take them out of there.

GOD said Ruth has HIV she caught of her husband who caught it from one of the women he went with in Africa.  JJ has it he caught it through needle he was on drugs Ian as well.  Agnita has it Agustina has it why she started going to church Gema has it because of prostitution she does, Geraldine has it she caught it of her boyfriend, Albert has it. Emily has it.

Mr Disney only went in there because the people in there keeps troubling the orange song.  GOD said someone else has gone in there.  GOD said they tried to take a piece of gold they disappeared. 

GOD said the white woman is pulling strings even though she has been told not to.  GOD said she is giving orders to take MY family out who has HIV even before I wrote about MY family having it.  Listen to the white woman that is why you are getting taken out.

GOD said lots of people have been going in the house to strip it as they go to take something they are being stripped.  GOD said they are even letting people from other countries go in to take the gold and other things that is the dole money.  GOD said all of those people who HE has been taking out for the dole money and other things were sitting ducks waiting for us to go in for them to make trouble.  It is a clear out.

I've been listening to you speaking to Andy because you are reading and your concerned about your son and MY children. You ask Andy what is on his face and has he been with Michelle.  GOD said you are concerned about the knew batch of diseases she wants to spread to Andy and your concerned about your welfare along with the rest of your family's welfare and you told Andy you on't want it in your house HIV.  GOD said the girl Andy is knocking about with tells him to murder you so he does it.  Andy has changed he is  weirdo.  When you speak with him it Andy gentle but there are a lot of underlining issues he does exactly what she tells him to do that is terrorist.  He is not allowed back in MY house when I move you can come Jon can come.

Ruby knows Andy is not her dad I feel sorry for Sapphire.  It is because of the type of person Michelle is but GOD said it isn't Michelle it is policemen behind her and lots of jealous women.  Put a lock on your door.  Andy is bad.  There has to be a line you don't do family.  You saw the cold sores that is proof. 

GOD said to ME their were only a few herpes spots on his face but underneath was full.  If he come after ME I wont see him he will get dragged I want you to know that.  I don't want it to happen because of Sapphire but GOD put us first before Andy.  GOD said if they take Andy out they are going to take out your hole family they are an evil group like next door.

GOD said what the flash was bout yesterday with the gun next door they were meant to murder MY family and I when Andy read on here and found out it didn't happen he fell down and was hurt.  GOD said I was meant to be brought into the house next door yesterday morning Sat morning.

GOD said they hate Andy because he has been with a black woman and hate your family for being there for him when he has been with a black woman.

GOD said when Andy reads this he asks for it to get taken down she can take it down.

Few days ago I heard white women "Well if Andy is not allowed to go back there we might as well take out the whole family!"
GOD said it was their family HE took out.

GOD said HE wants people to tell the black people in their jobs not to come here the white man and woman are now asking black people to come so that they will get taken out.  Like the black education wealth fare who they plan to send.  GOD said HE is not going to take the black people it will be the white man and woman who would ask the black people. 

To the man who I bumped into at Westfield the day I went to buy tights your friend is a bad minded liar Matthew never touched ME at the bar I wasn't drugged that night I went and sat on the orange sofa through the doors in the middle section of the bar.  No one touched ME at the bar ever I would know.  GOD said HE would have taken them out before they could do it.  I have not had sex for nearly 4 years I would know throw him out piece of shit!  GOD said it was you the night at the casino.  Had I know that I would have stayed in the lift at the hotel until you came up.

GOD said they air brushed and used a black woman to show ME in a different light your friend knows.  Look at the hands. GOD said the camera footage keeps flickering.

GOD told not asked I was going to stay at the hotel that night why I didn't mind the rape I was clean GOD wouldn't let ME catch diseases. I did know I was going to get raped though.  But it was funny.  Because GOD is naughty. Because HE told ME I was going I went to the casino to find out why.

GOD said you have only just been turned onto this post.  You recognised the shoes I wore at Westfield which I put out the other day she is nice the white woman who wanted what I put out.  I want to put her in charge of Westfield fashion I'll help.

I'm not being funny about Westfield fashion all of the shops are copying each other make a Carnaby street shop,and a Camden style shop. I'd go all over the world to pick fashion.

I bought a fantastic suit from America in 2001 it was shiny wow!  I was living in Wapping at the time the suit had fish scales. It made ME  feel like a mermaid! That's black humour.  It had a psychedelic patten.

GOD said you are David Westfield.  I want you to call ME lollie.

They are saying the paedophiles the white men I want you to take Sapphire and send her to school.  I had MY child and no one is taking her just because does not go to a school.  That man is going to suffer a death worst than hell. I want him put in the house 2 doors away.

I heard someone who said Michelle got raped.  GOD said Michelle didn't get raped Michelle saw the men around her and knew she had the HIV and wanted to spread it to her friends so she ushered the men into her.  GOD said Michelle didn't have the herpes yet she caught t while she was doing the ushering in.

GOD said the white woman who had shredder his head and pushed it inside of her virgina and gave Shredder everything.  GOD said it is the white woman's shame HE wanted her to see herself in the tank.

GOD said HE see right through even the people who were her before and none of the black women has ever done what he woman has done to shredder. GOD said more than one white woman sexually abused shredder.  GOD said they took it in turns to do it to Shredder that is why there is an everything they created a new disease.  GOD said that is what Andy has but it won't affect him because he change the turtle water even though he washed his hands.  GOD said Regina is in that tank. GOD said lots of white women are in the tank.

GOD said I must not get rid of the turtles.

GOD said Andy get rid of the HIV quick his body fights it off.  GOD said HE was looking for a dirty women to do it to a turtle and could find any from all the different colours of women except white women the nastiest woman on the earth.  GOD said that is why HE let them come in here.  But HE had to control them.

GOD said there is no HIV or herpes on Andy who is MY guinea pig just a rash because of he turtle water. GOD said that Andy is not allowed back in here he will steal the turtles for them.  Don't come back I don't like your behaviour.  I keeping MY family safe from you Andy.  Ryan an Jake know I will kick off at the door if they try to let you in.  Your not coming in don't come.

GOD said HE wanted the tank to stay stagnant why he threw Andy out.  The pump doesn't work properly no point putting it on. Nobody nar get no more water.

GOD said the all white team of scientists took enough out of the jar to do the test and because of annoyance told the assistance to throw the rest.  Before they even got the results.  Good! GOD said because of the shit they threw on the road in front of MY house I must not throw any of the turtle water outside I must throw it down the toilet up stairs.  GOD said the cure is in the water as well for a lot of things. 

I want to team up with black scientist. GOD said only that group of women could have given those result and they are all gone.  

GOD aid Andy is the lab rat.

GOD said it was the white women who were being spiteful in the lab because it came from ME and told them to make sure they picked it up.  GOD said the black scientist was the person who came and got they took the other stuff in the box but left the jar..  GOD said after she poured the water out she used the jar to wash round the sink with chemicals so that they couldn't get any more of the turtle tank water to do any more experiments.  

GOD said black people were in the lab.  It was the black scientist conducting the experiments.  I feel sorry for some of the white men.  But it is them who made her to behave like that.

I'd like to see that black scientist.

GOD said no two turtles are the same even if the could do it all over again they would need Ninja or her sister to sit.  I'll change the water today.

GOD said it was the drain I saw her using the jar to wash.  GOD said she is in the tank.

I'm hungry meatballs tonight.

GOD said the women are saying it is their turtle because it was the white women who did it.  GOD said the white men in there are saying it is their as well.  If it yours come and get it.  GOD said HE is going to take out people back and of this house.  Dot try to come in MY garden.

GOD let ME hear Regina "I don't want that turtle put in the tank with the other turtles."
"But I just marked him they can't get mixed up."
"Yes but he has just been given HIV it will contaminate the tank I like my turtles."
"What should with should I get someone to kill it?"
"No its going back to black woman and HER children why we gave it HIV, just throw it down in the bucket!"

"I put it down gentle if it is going back."

GOD said even David is in the tank he got the women to put Shredders head up his backside.  

GOD said the woman told Andy to still come.  He can come on this street but the white woman is not telling ME who comes in MY house.  Let ME tell the white woman he is not coming in MY house period.  GOD said that is why Andy and his family get taken out.  That has nothing to do with ME!  You got involved with her. Lots of white women I the show class as well.

GOD said the white woman just sent an order to take out all of the scientist. GOD said all of the DNA names are there.

GOD said Regina did it because I wrote Shredder tries to bite Ryan.  GOD said it was only to hold Ryan and would never have made him bleed.

GOD said the scientist found out Regina and her family all of them are related Regina is not related to Elizabeth Elizabeth is not related to George v or his family and that MY family are the ROYAL family.  GOD said Regina is the stinking voice woman related to them next door Mr Disney is related to them next door and the are in the house with a team talking out the gold to shift to German the army needs to go in there
GOD said even next door is going back and forth.  GOD said they going to start smashing up all the floor and was to look for the gold why I told them where it was.

GOD said if George was here he would say "Get off these are my great great and great grand children don't you put rotten hands on them! These are mine they come from me each and everyone of them push off!"  GOD said that is why HE loved George more than Charlotte.

George:  "I've been looking at the laws you have been making, so I except your colour but you don't except mine?!"
"Oh George it's not like that!  I love you and I love your family but I don't lover her the white woman that you are seeing she is trying to break us up!  I love you George don't walk out please George!" 

The dirty stinking white woman:  "I want the house."
"I built that for Charlotte and my children."
"But her family are in it!"
"I'll build your a house the same." 
"But I don't want to wait 20 years for it!"  GOD said Marie was an old woman.

GOD said George knew why Charlotte made laws but he had the white woman who made herself available to him why he behaved like that towards Charlotte.
GOD told ME something the other night HE said the film with Sydney Pottier.  My family made in the 50s with the black woman with the mixed race girl who looked white and was ashamed of her black mother was about Francis. The Americans ashed to do a film about her but didn't want to show she was ROYALTY anddid it like a poor slave girl background because of the white man's bad mindedness.

GOD said that is why Francis live because she didn't like black people why she was upset about Charlotte's family living in the house why she went to live in Jamaica with her dad even though they moved around the Island. 

GOD said George didn't like the smell that came from the white women and couldn't go back to Charlotte so he went to Dominica to have sex with the black women behind Francis' back but the white women knew and went out there to sit  with him. 

GOD said if Francis could see how many black people came from her she would drop down and say good for the white people who influenced her into choosing mixed race or white behind her families back. They are not doing it to Sapphire. GOD said she married a mixed race man her colour.

GOD said Francis was in the film.  She was there she was an old woman.  GOD said they were trying to erase black people from the ship after they murdered  Charlotte and her family and all of George's family.

I'm going to teach the fucking white cunts that black people were here first and that they are going to toe the line.  I don't give a monkey's how many white people get taken out they are not important.
White people don't belong on the earth because of the paedophilia. 

Yesterday GOD said it is Andy and the girl who want ME to be thrown out of this house.  GOD said Andy is very spiteful it is more Andy that is why he is a paedophile because of what he would do to Sapphire.

When came he kept say he needed to speak to ME about the eviction letter I wrote about on here and said it was important.  Galong!

GOD said the British army has gone to protect their gold they said they don't care about the house.  GOD said Regina emailed the German and the Russian's and told them to come over here and to take a piece of the walls and floor and things in the house to disrespect ME but is was so that she could walk out with the gold.  GOD said she said she doesn't care about the house because it is not in her country. GOD said because the army is guarding the gold for themselves.  All of the people who went in there are trapped.  GOD said lot of policemen all paedophiles went in there to take things for themselves they are all being murdered.  GOD said a lot of the soldiers are paedophiles.  GOD said HE is not allowing them to take down what they did not put up as they go to show disrespect anywhere in the house HE is dragging them.

I heard a police woman talking about the death toll she said "800and.. 700and.. 100and... 900and..

GOD said what is happen n the court judges have said that is their job to judge Ryan and they don't care about what is happening to the other judges.  GOD said every time a judge getup to go in there to take up the case they get taken out.

GOD said Andrea has HIV but she is the only person out of the group of white women who did not put Shredder up herself.  GOD said she was the one who took care of Shredder.  GOD said Andrea is a good girl.  She wanted to murder Regina for what she has been doing to MY family.

GOD said Andrea used gloves because of where Shredder had been and washed him off "He is stinking! Animals."  Nasty dirty disgusting white people.

"Put a condom on him."
"We cant put a condom on him he will suffocate."
"We have all got HIV just do it."
"Yes but some people here might have other diseases." 
"Look just smoke this we can get tablets."

GOD said they were drinking and taking drug while they were doing it but had made a decision to do it and knew what they were doing.  GOD said they are like Divine the white man who ate dog shit on TV.  GOD said he got murdered for it.  I had it on video in the eighties.  I think the show was called the worst things you can do. He wanted to get big why he did it.

Someone asked how did I remember that lots of people saw it the copies that was how I got the video.  I had to keep rewinding the video in disbelieve to make sure it wasn't camera trick.  The dog was shitting on the road he walks along catches it in his hand and put it in his mouth and eats it white man.

GOD said they were counting the gold bars to share it out. GOD said all of the gold bars were going to Germany and was be shared out for her family.

GOD said the scientist who conducted the experiment wife is in the turtle tank.  I just heard a man "She washed herself and laid down in bed with me an then asked me to suck her."  You can not was that smell off even with lemon I have smelt dirty women that smell is inside.  When a man cheats.  Jesse I asked him about it he said "that is how sex is supposed to smell."  I said this is the first time in months since I have been with you.  It was the last time.

Just went to take a bath while I was there GOD let ME listen to something very important.  HE said the guns that has been issued to police people to take down the paedophiles were given to paedophiles to shoot the families of the children they touched.  GOD said all the shooting that has been taking place is happening in the police station they are murdering the families.  

"I'm worried about what SHE is saying."
"I don't want my child to catch HIV sorry!"
"I'm not taking the chance my child has hot been touched."
GOD said as parents are finding out about it they are taking there children out of the schools

"It's OK let them leave when we finish taking out the families that we have done make sue you push them right back in there take them off the families who feed us."

Spread he news!

GOD said the big group of women were not police women they were mothers and fathers brought in with their children to police station.  They are using government buildings to take the people out in Catherine was one of those people somewhere else everyone is being sexually assaulted first Catherine like the others was watching her child being sexually assaulted on the mats they put down to do the abuse  school gym mats the borrow from schools.

"Where's Catherine why isn't her children at school?"
GOD said she got murdered for asking too many questions her whole family are gone.

Keep warning people give them this address!

"I've just been told we have a meeting after school tomorrow about our sons behaviour."
"What are they talking about he is the best behaved child in the school!"
"We have been told not to miss the appointment."
"Why didn't they tell us before that he's been miss behaving?"
"What's going on? Tell them I won't miss it!"

"Your child just killed someone we need to speak to your family the social workers will be here when you come."

"I'm having so much fun doing this."

"Why should we listen to a black woman?!"

"I just had a call from the school they said they are sending social workers round because we're not sending our children to school."
"Why should we when they are letting paedophiles in the school?  They are our children tell em to come round!  I'll give em a mouth full!"

GOD said South Woodford!!!  They took the family out in the house.

"I don't care how much SHE is dissing us SHE is not a paedophile.  Why I am taking our children out of the school!"

"She said three of her children has been done that's it ours aren't going back!"

GOD said even the social workers are leaving their jobs an are taking their children out of the schools.

"We are going to have to back to taking children off the streets!"
"We have been doing this for centuries that is a black woman SHE is not telling us what to do!"

"Me better give up my job!"
"Everything is going to come to a stand still."
"Make it stand still those are my children!"

"SHE name Miss Rees look on the internet."

The paedophile are not walking away! I doing what they do to ME they don't stop I'm not going to stop!  They have a big team they stop but I won't stop!  You picked on the right person!

"We're under staffed!"  You should not have run or the gold then! Don't join the police force!  GOD said they like to put the sirens on to sound busy and like there are a lot of them.

GOD said Catherine was a little girl who goes to the school up the road she only just got taken out it was the French man who did it.

Her mother had black hair, GOD showed her to ME a white family.
Catherine was 6 years old. Ruby! That is why I am not having it!

Take them out of the schools first then take over the buildings. I'm gonna help those families with the cure later speed things up.  I want some respect hat house is Mine I am the QUEEN.  I don't care about the colour but I'm not helping paedophiles.   GOD said give Albert. 

My children listen to each other more than thy listen to Me it hurts I'm proud really!  If Briely Sapphire to do something she jumps. if Marshall tell Brierley to do something he jumps I Ryan and Jake tells anyone of them to do something they jump if Davina tells 
Ryan and Jake to do something they jump.  If I tell them hey shout I have to get Ryan and Jake to control them everyone listens to Jake because he is a little fucker!  If he shouts everyone jumps up I don't. Jakes nice to ME he shows ME a lot of respect so does Ryan.  If I am nice to MY children they will do anything for ME.  If I argue....

Jake just bought Me the wrong produce he bought Me filters in stead of rizlaz I said he could take them back with the receipt to Tesco to change them.  He said he is not and that I have more chance of selling them on E bay.  I love to hate Jake. I love him. 

GOD said Andrea was the person who wanted the clothes  put out, and said Andrea is MY friend.  Andrea nothing has change except for ME.  Only because of them I am still warm.  It would be nice to catch up, your probably MY only friend left the rest I'd never bother with.  You and I never fell out we had upsets but we sorted them out we didn't leave on a bad note.

GOD said I make better curry's than a lot of Asians why they are upset with Me.  I make better samosa's that Asians I don't use filo pastry I use flour.  I make it into a dough roll it into a circle put of to flame to bubble turn quickly later I cut in half and fill past the edges with flour water mixture to seal then fry.  I make roti.  I'm eating a samosa which tastes lousy shop bought.  I cook and get out of this kitchen I hate it.

Today I'm cooking curry mutton Rice and peas.

I need a Proper Kitchen.

"When are we going to hear some more singing from HER?"  I' ll try to think of a nice song to sing you to sleep baby!  GOD said it was someone at the London music school who said it. I've got one fan!  Oh GOD said it was David Westfield.   

I've go songs to finish.  I want MY songs put back up there that is why I don't care to write.

I'd sing you When I fall in  love Nat King Cole because I'm feeling sorry for Myself right now.

How is MY Andrea I could tell her anything.  GOD said she is being a friend she is the only one.  Andrea is family.  It was the husband.

Andrea I'm going to clean you. when I see you I'll give you the cure.  I don't want to see you yet.  I don't want you to worry your not going to die from AIDS.  If it was very bad come to ME.  I took Andrea under MY wing.  Andrea is not spiteful she would get told off by ME for it.

I'm trying to make you like Andrea.

You can not change if you don't look and yourself your rotten.

A bit of trivia for you.  Did you know they cut the corners off of Rizla papers for blind people?

GOD said the Asian people who stole the hat in Africa said we are going to have to drop the bomb on them. That is your choice we will drop the bomb on you, you don't belong there.  The reason why you want an Islamic state s because you are missing home.

Message to Africa from your QUEEN start dropping bombs on the

 Asian people on the hat of Africa.

"We will go!"
Drop the bombs!

Mind MY tings drop it on Brunei first. 

It is going to have to be  ground fight around the attractions but you can bomb further afield.  

GOD said the head came of it's OK it can fix the Asians did spite.  It has come off before!
"I'm telling Larraine I am telling HAR!"

GOD said the head of the sphinx came off!

Who did it?  Own up! Granny Grimples. 
I'm not happy strike the Asian's!