Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hi David

Hi Ya!

I've been speaking on the radio(phone) GOD sowed ME something this morning it was a scene of an American white woman long blond hair she said "Can't we keep the turtles?" GOD said the short blond haired white woman gave you HIV because she knew she had it the American gave you everything because she knew she had it she is in the tank and tried to cause trouble in here she wants the turtles to take herself out of the tank she is in Westfield.  The white women bearers I don't want to use them.

GOD said the American is a spreader!  HE told ME different white women from different countries are in the tank the DNA is on the data base but no name because they don't live here that is how it is spreading they are whores and spiteful. MY HIV cure is also the cure for everything.   GOD told ME David Westfield had everything 2011 the disease hadn't come out yet he took offence I wrote what HE told ME.

How's Blondie? I want a boyfriend!

GOD said Andrea is the short blond haired white woman who gave you HIV.  She is the person who pours death row on to the sugar.

Oh! Oh the okekoke! You put your left leg in....

GOD said the American woman pulled back last night because she needs the cure she was sending paedophile in here.  GOD said she sent the European family in here to take Sapphire as collateral and to murder. GOD said the white women want to make money from MY cure.  HE showed ME a stinking site white women grouping themselves over GCHQ Leytonestone.  GOD said the white women know HE will drag them they will disappear!  GOD said the white woman Andrea is after the volt which David closed on ME because he thought that was all I was after.GOD said I am already a trillionaire because of the cure.

Andrea is not in the tank but has everything because she is a prostitute.

I said it on the radio but GOD said say it on here the white woman and her daughter and son who was sent here brought death row with them.  HE showed ME mother and daughter injecting death row into food in the freezer downstairs because there is all black people staying here.  The two black families downstairs to ME are African and are spiting ME so I don't and never have down leave food in the kitchen nor do I cook in there I only fill MY water bottles was up dishes and do washing.  I did cleaning in the kitchen and in other areas of this house which GOD let ME hear the African women say they felt offended by why the started the spite the house was filthy I cleaned for Myself and MY children.

GOD said blond David and the other men around David don't touch any of the women around David the don't have it.  David Westfield is jealous because blond David wants to pick ME up.  David you don't have the right to be jealous I sat where I was for a long time while you were there.

GOD said David said he would keep ME as a reserve and came to Davina's to look for ME contemplating as to weather or not he should pick ME up after he found out he caught everything.
Your naughty David.

David I need to write out some more of the commercial for you I did it over the phone but I'll write it later.

Mac Donald's

Follow on from what I wrote before
about the screen
Lets go inside
Who should I be Ronald you be Mac Donald.
(They go inside to the burger shop next in their uniform)
Man 1:Hi I'm Ronald
Man 2: Mac Donald
Man 1:Where from next door
PA Woman:  I sorry sir but they are doing a commercial
Man 1: We know that is why we came give them this tell them they can use it for free.
PA:  I'll tell them
Ronald Mac Donald's outside the old ME to give you this slogan.
Boss: What's this we don't care about the penny in the pound that's why we're rich?
They said you can use it for free
Boss: OK I will to teach them (He walks of )

There is a cue outside of the burger shop The to workers with their brooms are outside Mac Donalds
That cheep burger joint next door use our slogan
That's all I wanted lets go

Woman reads the poster They don't care about the penny in the pound that's why they're rich?  I care about the penny in the pound because I am not rich.  Come lets go
Child: Where are we going?
Next door to Mac Donnalds
Mac Donald's Happy Meal we don't care about the penny in the pound that's why it's only £299

I'll finish it of later
GOD said the white women are dogs the group HE sowed ME yesterday were trying to steal MY slogan and commercial she caught everything.  GOD said she is after the volt.  She won't live for long.

She is moaning someone is not flushing the toilet it's them we haven't been down there.