Wednesday, 29 October 2014


GOD said they were all doing deals Matthew was in it but because of greed arguments broke out and they all started murdering each other.  I'm not sure which court it was in I presume it was at Bow. GOD said it was nothing to do with ME.   GOD said HE let ME bitch them because it belongs to ME.  GOD said they were fighting over the share they got all the German's the British money! GOD said there was lots of shouting in German.  GOD said the took the British gold to Germany what ever they got they took with them.  That is why HE said the Freemasons money has run out.

GOD said they took the money plates and machine and paper to print up the money themselves.

GOD said lots of police people went in there and helped themselves.  Those behind the cameras looked and kept quite for a share. They same team who put Ryan in the dock.

Please let MY son go he has not done anything wrong he doesn't get himself into trouble.  You are still not getting MY cure.

GOD is here.  GOD said the white woman they put up there just asked them to take Ryan out in there.

GOD said it was the doctors using MY cures who contacted the court today GOD said HE let them put Ryan on a rape charge so that he would be taken to the Old Bailey so that I could talk to them about what is happening.  Thanks you can have some of MY HIV cure. There are 3 male doctors.

You don't have to have HIV to take it.  GOD said they would have to come back HE will tell ME. On MY children's lives I have the HIV cure I'm not lying.

GOD said 2 doses for someone with HIV.That is all you need. 

I'm waiting for someone the area manager of TLS in Bristol near Laurence Weston. I want him to help ME to get things to make it up.

I want a science lab. Alzimas I don't know how to spell it I can not surf the internet for some reason. The cure is in the tank the black scientist was going in the right direction GOD said.

I want make calls but Paul is nice he owns TLS he is white.  I don't want you to hide the end time message from him. I'll let him help with decisions because I would punish you servilely. 

GOD said had he gone 2 paces more he would have had the alzimas cure.

You must not trouble black people everyone is here for a reason.

I don't want cold calling drop a note and let ME know when you plan to come back leave your phone number.  Had that policeman been nice and told the truth I would have let him have more turtle water, don't come back wait to be contacted.

GOD said the black scientist can see the alzimas immunity. Clever boy. 

Where is MY son?  GOD said one of the women who sexually assaulted Shredder had alzimas Regina.

Ryan left his car in a place where it can not get clamped in Forest Gate near his friends because Ryan is preparing himself to go to prison Ryan is short fused now stress.
Ryan has not got TB.
That's GOD behaviour.

GOD said there is nothing in this house except what is in the turtle tank.

GOD said it is the glue they poured inside of Ryan why he coughs. Ryan smokes.

If she is playing Sidney take DNA from her and test to see if Ryan is there.

Ryan just got back thank you.

GOD said David sexually assaulted all of the horses and gave al of them HIV when he found out he had it but he did it to them before that.   

GOD said HE didn't want the black scientist to have any more water yet because hasn't got any he is looking extensively and is finding lot.  Like ME when you have not got anything you look down different routes.  GOD said he is a genus like ME. 

I heard you the HIV immunity is in there as well.  Yes but... what I am using is better. GOD said I have never caught HIV.  For the new comers.  I have the cure and immunity. I wonder how may more things the cure I have would cure?  I know it cures herpes.  GOD told ME I don't have herpes.

I heard a white woman the day you came she told you to shoot ME through the glass.  I heard her thoughts "I don't care about the HIV cure I don't want those turtle here!" She didn't want any one to see her in the tank.  Nasty! GOD said the white woman who came with him went with him.

GOD said that was the scientist who saw his wife in the tank. Dash it!

GOD said she was pushing him to murder MY family to cover up her nasty filth.  She knew I had the cure.  I bet underneath is bubbling up like Shredder shell sometimes flare up. 

GOD said they have been taking people for the virus everything. That is what he caught off her.

GOD said the white woman and white man started everything when the sexually abused Shredder that is what started it.

I heard him all special power "I should I do it to HER?"
"Are you putting a black over me because I am white."
They were arguing.

I start on MY hair today.  I don't get time!

GOD said that was Shola's team.  Oh.  I don't want you to hurt him I want to work with him.  I can not catch everything I have already handled the turtle.  You can clean yourself.

GOD said people don't live long with everything 6 months or so.

GOD said because of the argument she took out her to make him shoot MY family and I she didn't want to get taken.  The team shot her so they left. 

GOD said she was going to shoot him. Was that Shola? Shola I did now you were a scientist.  GOD said I am more of a genus than you.

Shola sort it out quickly.

Earlier GOD told ME someone just contacted TLS. Thank you. Wait until you see him your going to hate ME.

GOD said because I boxed the 3 men down no one went up here they couldn't be bothered.  They though other went up there.

GOD said he is very posh like I used to be when I lived down there.  GOD said I cannot catch HIV from the tank but you can.

GOD said the children cannot catch it.  They are not taking what I take HE immune they while they were asleep.  HE come into this house any time.

GOD said Andy get rid of it quick the HIV.  

Don't come here!  "We need some more water out the tank!"  It wasn't Shola he was white.

Yesterday And changed the water in the tank for ME because I asked him to.  GOD said he told the dotty white girl he left turtle water in a bag in the bin for her to take but the bin came today.  Dog!  I'm going to make him disrespect you.

GOD said Andy was calling her but she didn't answer she was with another white man spreading everything.  Andy is a dog to himself.  No shame.

GOD said the letter which he wanted to give ME for the homeless persons unit in the plastic bag sealed had anthrax powder on it why he came she gave it to him to give to ME.

I thought it was a cheek to write out homeless numbers and addresses. He said he brought it the last time.  GOD said he didn't she told him to say that.  GOD said he is the post man on the floor in his house at night.  GOD aid that is how Andy get rid of the HIV quickly. 

GOD said that is why HE was here to clean everything he touched. GOD said HE went on the coach and cleaned every where Andy went with the bag and sopped at his front door.

GOD said Andy is a spiteful man he knew that is what his girlfriend did to take him out.  GOD said she has a new boyfriend.

He look scared to take it out of the bag it was in a black plastic bag he pulled it out slowly the letter was inside of a clear freezer bag it was in his shoulder bag.  GOD told ME Andy said he doesn't care about Sapphire. That was a few day leading up to Sunday when he came.

I shouted at Andy and said put it back in your bag I don't want to discuss anything with you.  I was remembering what GOD told ME that it is him and her trying to throw ME out.

I heard something last night his mother took him to the hospital.
"I'll be quiet I think it is anthrax poisoning."

The nurse shouted"You can't bring him in here!" GOD said the mother new it was her spite.

GOD said the mother new she ordered it and let people in the house to visit Andy so that they would get it that is what is hitting Bristol take your family and come bring Paul and the car sales man.
GOD said there is something in the tan to stop it.

"Serve him bloody right!"

GOD said some people don't bother to watch TV any more.  They been waiting for Andy to get his.

GOD said they are going to block off the roads in Bristol come quick.  They will shoot you if you try to come out it is still open leave things come out quick they will block it off in the night hurry they know about it.

The car sales manager is he VW dealer in St Annes Park.

Can you drop a note in Tony Licata's door tell him to get out quick he has an Ice cream van parked on his drive I lived at number 11 Weston Crescent Horfield he lived next door in he semi detached Richard lived next door to him.  If you stay you will catch it.

GOD said they are going to murder people because of the HIV.  Leave tonight.  GOD said the army is going in get out!

Tracy with the mixed race children and one white daughter tell her she lived on filton ave or close.

Warn the black people in Easton they have to go.

GOD said Annette knows she will tell people. The cure is here it is to cover up.

They are going to shut off communication.  Get the fuck out of there.

GOD said it is the German's they are going to murder white women with black children.

GOD said they are going to take all of the house it is the German woman.

GOD said they have already been putting up road blocks people have seen it they are using highway men to do it when it is almost finish the army is going to finish it off.

GOD said it is the woman they put in the house doing it and other German's are moving in.  Don't let any more in they are soldiers.

They are all paedophiles everyone in there are going to get raped and murdered.
GOD said the German's next door and the other door are moving over to Bristol.

GOD said no one went into Andy's house but that is what they are telling everyone.  GOD said it is happening because Andy got mixed up with them, and it is the paedophiles in the council doing it they are being show by them down here but there is something more sinister behind it.  The German's are taking over.

The camera people are going to get taken out you need to get out quick.

GOD said they murdered the highway men as soon as they finished put the road blocks up.

"Tell Lorraine to make HER mind up!" Stop moaning and get out of Bristol.

You need to warn the car sales manager he spoke to her to complain about the road block and didn't murder him because she fancied him she will take men like next door down to him.  Please!

GOD said the ones from down here went behind the camera up there and all of them want him men.  She went into the car show room and asked for him so that the men could see him on the street camera. 

He is trouble making because he is white.

GOD said he must not go back in there.  He does not have HIV.

Hook him up with Paul and the other one they will have a good time in London.

There is a lot of people from Bristol on here because of the beating up I gave them, tell people to get out.  

GOD said the man who does jobs for Tesco car insurance is on her I won't call you name.  He's hard!

You fucked up MY car you cunt!

"Make sure you come back from London and don't touch the dirty girl SHE's got MRSA!" He warns the car sales manger.

Head of Freemasons down there.

They are going to go for Julie and her children.

Hey you lots of people don't have money to get out help some of them.

What ever is in the tank is MY cure I told you there was immunity in it if you try to steal any credit even the alzimas I told you about I will make sure no one get it black people first so that everyone knows it is a black person cure.

You stinking piece of shit your not getting black people first.  GOD said the white woman is putting it on TV like it was white people that is why it is black first.  No white people are allowed in MY lab.

GOD said it was aired in America. You did it to yourselves.  White people on the show talking about it like it was them.

GOD said the car sales manger is here he was told to pick ME up I don't that with you sorry.

But your classy and nice to look at.

GOD said they told him to murder MY family he said he was not doing it.  GOD said HE doesn't want any white people in the house.

GOD said all Shola found was name of the white people in the tank there are no black people in it and started messing around and almost found something to help with Alzimas. 

GOD said white woman want to jump the cue and want to knock MY door and offer to pay ME don't knock MY door.

GOD said had Shola kept playing with he would have found the cure for alzimas but he woud not have know it was a cure but he didn't have enough water because the white threw it because she didn't want anyone to know she to a turn to sexually abuse the turtle by putting his head up her virgina which started a new virus called everything which killed Regina.

GOD said all of the white women and white men made themselves cum with the turtle.

Some of the classy white men and their families I'm going to put to the top of the cue friends.
They can choose any one and take it with members of MY family with it.

GOD said the only black people who will be turned away and told to come back 6 months to year are the one taking the quick silver.

I take it out of the jar and eat one same jar GOD said you don't need to come back only the quick silvers.

GOD said capsule people will be told to swallow it and not to chew it GOD said if they bite they will get taken out it's the white women.  

GOD said people will be asked to sit in a waiting room for about 2 hours.

GOD said they make it tasteless.  
GOD said the white people in America were advertising MY HIV cure and gave it a name without MY permission.  I'm going to leave Americans until last. 

GOD said it is the black one who is complaining you can just help if you like the white one wants ME.

GOD said the black one wanted Doreen.  So HE shifted everything around.

GOD said she wanted him.  I wanted GOD.   It is Doreen's house.

GOD said it is his sister who would take over and she shows a lot of disrespect HE doesn't want her in there.
GOD said it wasn't MY sister shouting rape MY family and murder us it was her.

GOD said no one touches them.

GOD said the car sales manager is half white and half Asian.

Your both as good looking as each other.  But I lie the Sales manager more because he is very classy.

"what about Davina?"
Your not having MY daughter just so that you can get in there it is only you brother who picks up one of MY family.  GOD said your mother is very spiteful and you are police and show a lot of disrespect.  We can give you a house which still belongs to our family. Try else where. 

GOD said HE took you out of Bristol because you are family to the Area manager who picked up Doreen already.  Your grumbling but the Germans are murdering black people in Bristol and your brother was too good to waste because of his looks.

GOD said it's the black people in Bristol who are going to murder them. Riccardo has a gun.

The sales manager is happy because I said yes I want to be with him.  Where suited you say "Follow me!" I go to the bedroom with you.  I like that sort of thing.  It's only right he is your husband he wants sex you have to drop what you doing and take care of it. 

I'm going to mix it up I'm not showing that type of disrespect to white people here because lots of them are nice.

"Why did SHE box down the white women more than the white men?"
Because told ME it was hurting the white men.

I asked the white men to stop her and they wouldn't so....
"SHE wrapped him up in swodline." Yes it hurt didn't it.  Not as much as the the crow bars and bottles. My dad had just died why the used the crow bars.

GOD said the white women saw I had white friends in e square I would sit with they they came in MY house and said I'm not mixing with them.  These are white women behind the camera. They made trouble because you cant see them.

GOD said two places I must not take the cure to Russia and Germany because of what they did which HE stopped.  HE they told their people not to take anything from ME.  HE said they can come here and get it but I must not go there.  HE showed ME a German man who's little girl had HIV because of paedophiles he stood up and said he is coming they tried to stop him so he murdered all of them and came and got it.  GOD said he is the first to stand up the Germans are afraid of the dictators and share the same views as many of the white British the white people started the trouble with the black family.

GOD said it is what thy would try to do to ME if I went into their country to give MY cure because of their racism.  GOD said because they have dictatorship in the part HE broke of for them, and they are white and because this is Europe and there was a German sitting, Because of the dictatorship why Charlotte George Marie and Benjamin and their families were murdered.  They think they can come here and do what they do in their part.  GOD said HE wants an end to dictatorship that is why HE is going to let the Russian and German citizens murder them for the cure.

GOD said it is not really the German's they have black people in their country but still have dictators who go there to dictate the Russian's.  GOD said Russia have more people with HIV than Africa.  GOD almost every Russian person is a dictator that is why they are all going to die.

GOD said the Americans on their TV said MY cure was American like they said Benjamin was born in America I was made in England and I am black it is a British cure.  I was not schooled in America Americans are renowned for that rudeness. 

GOD said lots of people are having fun with MY lemon cure for cancer HE said HE is going to let them open ME up to inject the cancer HE is going to let the Asian doctor sow ME up.  The cancer is dying.

GOD said I am like Benjamin but medical there is more. GOD said it is wrapped around MY heart.

GOD showed ME something yesterday and told ME to tell you all you need of MY cure for HIV including immunity is the size of an MM sweet.  That is it and HE was winding up the Jamaicans for their rudeness towards ME about the cure for HIV. "Mek SHE fuck off SHE no have no cure take the quick silver SHE can't tell us what to do!"  They can have it with the quick silver to help it run out of them.

"SHE is going around saying lots of things about white people."
"Tell HER to stop with the racism me cant stan it!"

GOD said it is MY mum on the phone to Jamaica causing people to hate ME out there because she is jealous of ME in a lot of ways.  GOD aid she is told him I am lying about the HIV cure.  Last week GOD told ME MY mum has HIV because William pays for sex from the prostitutes out side the from door he goes around the corner.  I already knew that about him but if I told her wow!

I need some one who knows William Benjamin's family in Clarendon Jamaica to talk to them about her and the trouble she is going to cause that is what she has always done to ME none of her other children.  Thank you. 

I wanted to box her down into the corner. I know who's got it next....

Prop up the dotty old bag that is in the corner for ME William!

"But I have got to go outside!"
"Yes but SHE has to go outside as well."  GOD said that is the friend telling her.  That is what she would say but she didn't because HE let ME say it for her.
GOD said I am not your punch bag why HE gave ME the gift to she where you are going t cause trouble for ME. 

I could never treat MY children like that. 
GOD said HE gave John a touch because of what he did for ME HE stop his who wife from ushering men into herself but she has cheated while you were in Westham she started again.

I'm help her to go outside because William keeps shaming her in front of the street camera she is dotty because she knows and still stays with him she can have MY cure when it comes out. Mrs Dotty! 

I know CPR! GOD sad she picked up a lot of things from William.

"It's not me it's my husband."
"Yes well you need to stop sleeping with him I have told you that before I want you to top coming here next time viit the VD clinic!"  That is big woman time she started taking care o herself I know the cure for Herpes.  Shame as the IV cure administered differently.  

He only came because of the cure I play.  GOD said he got a medical team and cameras to tell the white people it is a black woman's cure so that the will show respect GOD said don't push them away none of them.

I don't want a sudden rush.

I'm gong to publicise first before I put it out.  GOD said that i what the Americans don't want because they want to steal No publicity No cures.  You have a cheek!  I should keep it for just ME and My family.  I want MY kingdom!  Black people only I'm not fucking with white people I on't like your behaviour .

The white men and women who came down from Bristol are friends.

That is MY team the black one only cared about his family.  He is there as well.

GOD said HIV is an internal MRSA.
GOD said I am teaching you.

GOD said HE is going to let them open ME because HE doesn't want ME to have too much of what I am taking.

Viruses come and go they don't stay for long but look at all of it as a bug.

I want to work with African scientist.
The white men fighting for ME with it except for the sales car manager I show the cure to so that they can have it straight away like I take it.  GOD old ME to HE said they don't tell.  I saw 2 white women who are with 2 of them but in Bristol they wont tell.

GOD said they talk but they start giving it to friends I don't want it like that.

The area manger don't tell.  Get MY African team.

GOD said the team of white people can come in the house.

GOD said I am the only person HE will sit and talk to and play with and My family a little later because of your behaviour.  GOD said HE is going to keep showing ME things as I look like HE did with Benjamin.

GOD said HIV came from the hospitals because of the poor hygiene it still came from the fox.

GOD showed ME a white man who turned over on a hospital bed with no pants on.

I want MY black hospitals with all black worker who I will talk to about sterilization.  White people can come it is mixed. 

GOD said foxes bite dogs and owners play with their dogs and the get cuts HIV.

I went to Morefield eye hospital a few years ago while I was living in Broomfield street I saw a black woman doing the cleaning she was washing down walls.  GOD said the people there don't care about the cleaning as long as it looks clean. GOD said because of that one black woman there is no MRSA there in the whole of the hospital, she cleans everywhere she thinks people put their hands.  GOD said HE has to give her credit for it.

that is a very important job I'd pay her what I pay the doctors.

GOD said the people next door the Asians as well keep opening and shutting there doors trying to capture MY family every time they are coming in and going out.
GOD said all along the street because of white.

"SHE hurt us we lost a lot." Yes you hurt ME and MY family you started it I don't care about how many you lost why did they come? How many came to do the levels to MY family like next door levels? That is how many death MY family did not die. It's you racism you deal with it I told you and you kniow MY family are not racist it your loss because you sent them.

Right at the beginning I warned you about what GOD said HE would do to you if you came after MY family.  You laughed and sent them they got taken out in front of the cameras why you laughed and kept the end time message from them, so that you could carry on laughing because you are all evil.  

I just saw a white man who just came out of the woodwork "It's never going to stop we want her to stop I have only got MRSA internaly that is all it is."  GOD said it is racism because of the QUEENSHIP HE wants the white man to come out because it is them who start all of the trouble secretly.  Yes it is MRSA eating you alive and nobody wants your MRSA your half dead.  GOD said more than half.

GOD said the internal MRSA eats the internal organs thats MRSA.

GOD said with the cure the body starts to repair it self even in AIDS patients. 

GOD said the MRSA worms eat the lungs hence the funny breathing before an AIDS patient dies.  GOD said it is still HIV but further on they will eat you yo the bone but they eat the internal organs which kills you.  Like the worms that come after death to decompose your body they are meant to be here.  But because of deaths in houses like this one where bodies are left.... Hence MRSA  GOD told Me. That is why the Jews bury their dead straight away. GOD said the MRSA are the cleaners like the black woman in the hospital.

GOD said what HE showed ME was a dead man being tuned in the hospital bed after rigger mortice had set in that is when MRSA comes HE said.  GOD said they come while rigger mortice is setting in.  They are not present before that unless the person had it before they died.  GOD said lots of diseases come after a person dies that is what we are suffering from because of the dirtiness in people.

GOD said it happened in the 30s here in Briton they didn't even change the sheets they put a person who was not well in the bed white women. GOD said Matron what?  It smelt like hospital... GOD said the white people took the hospitals from the black people why it happened again otg keeps happening.

GOD said that black woman studies MRSA why she went to work in a hospital.

GOD said that is what cancer is exposed to radiation one big MRSA.

GOD showed ME white scientist with glasses and science labs and opportunities and said they like to look smart why they wear the glasses but they are not smart that is why they look at it wrong the ones at the top do it for their children who are not smart but black people now why they bury they take care of their dead quickly..  GOD said their children have the look that is all their parents are interested in why they let them steal from black people.

GOD said the undertakers know about the diseases which can be caught from dead bodies and that we can have open caskets but should not be handling the body without gloves but the under takers are spiteful.  They make the black people touch the bodies in coffins in their house but it effects everyone.

GOD said the Russians were the ones who gave Andy the anthrax and Andy was wearing a wire and they heard the way I told Andy off for the letter in the plastic bag he tried to give to ME containing anthrax.  So they poured a liquid on his hands to stop the spread of anthrax poisoning. GOD said HE did the cleaning of it in here.  GOD said Andy allowed himself to be used by them why it is happening to Andy and even though they want to stop it because they don't want ME to hate white people because of MY cure they will keep using him because of their compulsive disorder behaviours.Andy is the Russian property.  He spy's for the Russians but don't know who he belongs to, he is told to do things and he does it any one can pay for him like the Russians paid the German's paid the British for him then he was sold to the Russian's. GOD said that is what is happening to Andy.

GOD let ME hear someone "Andy was sexually abused before he came."GOD said HE let them turn Andy into a white slave that is what has become of Andy.

Back to MRSA GOD said the body of the man in the hospital bed was tuned so that necrophilia could be performed the person who performed it caught HIV even though the dead man did not have HIV while he was alive.   

I saw Andy's mother shout out "I don't want my son used for that!" GOD said they are there with them the Russian's are in the house why it happened and that HE is not going to help Andy because of the spite he wanted done to ME because I a black and he is white why he happily joined the British white spite team.

GOD said I shouted it for people to get out of Bristol.  There is still time to do something about it even the black area manger is going to get murdered he and his family.

GOD said they are planning the Russian's to block off the roads at the same time.

GOD said they sexually abused Andy in front of his mother and father but he likes he sex they give him that is what she did not want her son to be used for.

GOD said they are shooting everyone in Bristol those in there can not get out. I'm just finding out.  GOD said let Ryan go those are the levels you brought it to HE could have stopped it.

GOD said the said the judge who is judging Ryan's court case is mesmerised by Samantha's mixed race daughter who is testifying against Ryan and thy all know that both girls and the mother who told her daughter to give the judge a little kiss are lying the jury don't like the lies the judge who knows it is lies told the jury he will not hold them in contempt of court.  GOD said HE is fed up with the ritual.  Free Ryan from your shit!  GOD said HE is going to take people out in the court Samantha and the her daughter and the other girl are going to get murdered for the disrespect.  Because of who Ryan is.  GOD said the judge wants to rape Hanna Samantha's daughter. GOD said the Sarcosey's go back and their families are OK same with the Tesco insurance they take them out the Russian's. GOD said HE wanted then out of there for a little while.

GOD said they came to help their friend but they are friends.  GOD said the car sales manager move to Bristol like ME his family are not there. 

GOD said they get into Bristol through the bushes.

GOD said David fell in love with ME while he was raping ME and left everything he has to ME Westfield was one of the things he left to ME in his will.

GOD is protecting MY friends I don't want to hurt you you would not be here if you were there GOD told ME.

GOD told ME they don't have access to any information they are Russian not from here but are trying to get into the system.

GOD said the what is happening in the court is a Bristol spite.

GOD said the men who came down to help Ryan are Freemasons and know about the spite and what they plan to do to Ryan why they came. 

GOD said the judge who has Ryan on trial is a paedophile.  Ryan has had court two days in a row and is due to attend later this morning.

GOD said Andy is KGB. Dirty little man that is what his mother called him for enjoying the sex which the two Russians gave him one in the mouth one in the ass why they washed his hands they know he enjoys the rape.

GOD said every single judge at the Old Bailey are paedophiles. 

GOD said the German woman went to Bristol to take out the paedophiles. That is good!

GOD showed ME a white woman and white man judges at the Old Bailey who go there late at night with a child to sexually abuse GOD said thy are judges who sit at the court that is what the judges and the people working there use the court house for.

GOD said she walked into Bristol city council yesterday and shot all of the people in there paedophiles.  GOD let ME hear the judges over here telling her it was OK to do it because of hat happened to her children. Why her team was allowed to use highway men which they set up for the group to use.  GOD said it is because she is in there. 

GOD said the judges who are paedophiles gave her permission to take out paedophiles.  GOD said she has a signed letter.

I like her but she need to be careful she is taking down good people.

It is good that you came out of Bristol that is where they would murder you to the woman.

GOD said I have miss understood you HE said you are respectful and HE like you and that you are on MY side.  OK with the paedophilia no no. 

GOD said that is the woman I let come in the house she is a friend. GOD said she helped Ryan.  I don't dislike Russian.  GOD said I send Russia the cure.

When I am in the house I will tell you what to use GOD said it was the Russian's why HE wanted it controlled.  But they are helping ME because the dictator is gone.  It takes time to adapt.

GOD said you want ME to appreciate you now I know I do thank you. Lots of people in Bristol hate paedophiles.  GOD said it was controlled and you had names and addresses and you only took out paedophiles.  GOD said the highway men worked for the council and were paedophiles. GOD said the BBC crew who you took out were paedophiles.

Oh I know now your the German lady I hugged at the bar.
You wanted to murder ME I take it you didn't like MY dancing.

GOD said your very clean.  I didn't smell anything on you. GOD is a trouble maker because HE is white.

You like the car sales manager.  He like ME he has done for years he thought MY family got taken out but we had moved back to London.

I em like him but I haven't mixed with anyone really so I don't know how I feel. I like him. Both of you help Ryan 6 of you helped Ryan.

I did try to rescue you!

Yesterday GOD while the judge in Ryan's case was judging he called for recess he went into a little room where a woman brought a little mixed race girl who look just like Samantha's daughter so that he could sexually abuse her,  GOD said it was a white social work who often bring children who are in care in there.  While he was n the room sexually abusing the little girls he was being watched why he got murdered those who were involved were also murdered. 

GOD said the judge didn't get taken out he murdered the little girl and the woman.  Someone was in the room and filmed the sexual abuse torture and murders the person filmed it on their phone.  GOD said the person went to protect Ryan and was hiding in the little cupboard.  GOD said when he finished the murders y slicing he put their bodies in a trunk and told someone in the court involved to move it out of the way.  GOD said the two men put the trunk outside and a van stopped to pick it up.  GOD said it was the same music trunk that was used during the Olympics which I saw opposite  MY mums.  GOD said it was the same van and same 2 people in it.

GOD said it was Hanna and Samantha they got murdered.  They should never have fast themselves to lie good!

GOD said Sydney was murdered as well.  For the disrespect good I'm glad dogs!  GOD said it is a different judge today no one knows where he is.  GOD said the judge has gone into the house with the men and the case. GOD said they are taking out the families of the 3 liars. GOD said they did not get murdered there they got kidnapped. GOD aid Hanna brought her little girl to court with her an the little girl was sexually abused and murdered in the court house

GOD said the person who was pushing them to do it is gone and they know but still went up on the stand because they wanted the QUEENSHIP the dad told them to go for it the decant in the church because they are pretty girls. 

GOD showed ME a flower in Hanna's hair.  That is inappropriate for that time of day in a court room.  GOD said she was doing lots of flirting.  GOD said the dad knows HE is here it is a cheek!  GOD said HE told the judge to do it HE used the white women in the court to tell the judges to do it.  GOD said the men in the van are living in he house they use the underground tunnels there are cameras down there but a blind eye is turned because they are white.

GOD said Sidney's mother was take out too she was there. 

Don't call the the judges animals call the families animals for what they would do to Ryan for no reason.  They only just started going for the Ship! 

Hi Medical GOD said the cancer is a deformed MRSA I forgot to let you know.

it has been 3 times Ryan has had to take time off work a week at a time for this court case because he thought it was the trial time he doesn't get paid if he doesn't work.  Ryan left to go to the court about 10 minutes ago.  

Yesterday I heard white female medical staff they said "lease keep teaching us!" We are becoming friends.  I like teaching you why GOD teaches ME.  Give you some work to do.  I have some things to do I'm getting in the bath I have not been to sleep yet.

Just before I go I wanted to tell the black Dominican woman who judge ME yesterday that she has a cheek to say she doesn't care I should not say that about MY mum.  GOD said tell her YOU and your mother are detached and said that is black people they taught their children to show them respect no matter what they did to them.  GOD said it was the parents who abused their children who said it like her the black woman who just said it.  Don't fucking tell ME.  I Show respect to those who show ME respect.
That teaching is physical then emotional abuse.

Please respect the person who named HIV and AIDS I only explained what the bug was I referred to it as MRSA it is still HIV and AIDS.  I have to say that because of compulsive disorder behaviours.

GOD said think of it like this there are under water worms and worms that like to live in the soil the earth worm cannot live under water for too long under water worms can live out of water some.  

I know you are going to have to make little incisions where MY MRSA test shows the bug try to be discrete with the opening to consider the patient.  You can use a drop with a pepet of the sodium which you used to conduct the test inside of the open wound to make the worms come up to the surface then use suction.  As for the type of skin invasion like the one on the side of MY face I have it across the bridge of MY nose use only suction no incision for long periods at a time use the sodium to bring them to the surface.  Try that.

Make sure everything is sterile don't touch anything with the fresh gloves like cupboards or pens for example. bugs move around easily on latex perhaps there is a company out there who can produce latex gloves with some sort of cloth over the top. 

When you do the MRSA test mark the skin because the hives go down quickly.

GOD said Mary Mc Graph asked medical if they would use MY MRSA test and cure on her she has no more MRSA worms a jar and a half thank you for using it, it was very humble of you.

GOD said that is the only test and cure for the skin invasion MRSA worm.  Like maggots. They start out like bacteria not visible to the naked eye then they eat you and grow. 

You can flush them out.  you can use more the one drop of the sodium after he first lot come up to the surface to feed. It is better that they are mature at least you can see them.

Cuts and grazes.  GOD said necrophilia is being performed in hospitals the chapel staff undertakers and the morgue people are full of it.  That is whit it is in hospitals they touch you like the doctor who did the lumber puncture touch where he put the needles in MY back and gave it to ME. GOD said he had HIV and was going to rape ME but HE sent the other doctor to threaten and argue with which stopped him. The hospital past Fish Ponds he is raping patients in there GOD said he shows a lot of disrespect. 

It was whiplash that I had. He put ME to sleep against MY will I told him no put he didn't listen I complained to pal.  No on the record did it show he had put me to sleep.

He told Andy to go for a coffee Andy didn't want to but the doctor insisted.

GOD said the judge at Ryan's court case has told the jury if they let Ryan off he is not going to hold them in contempt of court he is going too murder them.  GOD said he wanted to give Ryan minimum sentence we would never see Ryan again.

GOD said HE wants ME to write to ask someone to stop what is happening to Andy for Sapphire.  They keep raping him.  Thank you.  GOD said they are going to murder him.

I don't want any money for the HIV cure GOD said I speak to governments over the phone and tell them what it is they help their people.

You know what is upsetting every minute not quite women a shouting for men to rape other women children and men.  It should be an offence to speak it!  It's disgusting behaviour. Lock the women up with the rapist it has become a fashion.

I keep seeing some getting taken out it is very low graded scenes I think is Andy.   The people said he is still getting taken out it's you car sales stop it, it is spiteful. It's inhuman. 

GOD told ME Michelle the drummer used MY song to show off her drumming only.  Michelle is nice. GOD said the other people in her group printed up copies of MY song I wrote the Audition which I finished on here and they too down and is fighting in court and is saying she wrote it from scratch to finish.  I sang the song to Michelle as I was writing it at the different stages over the phone the Freemasons have the recorded phone calls. 

GOD said Michelle lost her house they took it from her because that is what she using MY song.  Let the men who helped ME have it.  I don't feel sorry for Michelle she came back and took MY song down.

GOD said Andy's family in the house let them go. GOD said they took Andy and his family because they found out Andy and his girlfriend sent the men in the houses to the court to take Ryan out yesterday.  Michelle is lucky to be here I helped her all her band members were murdered for it that is what happens in America when you steal other people songs you are not allowed to do it.  I care about Michelle like she cares about ME.  GOD said because I did not rough Michelle up who is a piece of s
hit she is still here. is 

Michelle to the T watless that is Michelle it is because she doesn't have any children she probably don't even live in the house it's probably empty knowing Michelle.  I want the Sycosy's to have Michelle's house situated in London that is the house bought with the money she got from MY song.

GOD said the Michelle is telling them she just got a million advance they each got 6 million. For the Audition they were not interested in their shit songs. GOD said they toured.

Smash it up it is not going out.

GOD said Andy is a cabbage.

Michelle is nice.  Out of sight out of mind.
Jessica Simpson sang MY auditions song Britney Spares.  GOD said they got taken out.     

GOD said a big group of women are coming down here Beyonce did it because she wants he QUEENSHIP.  GOD said lots of them are going to end up in the houses.  They are going to get dragged like the Asian man who knocked next door the find out if they next door wanted them to grab Ryan. 

GOD said Andy's mum and dad and sister was brought over there for the paedophilia Andy's dad was doing in the schools hospital etc.  I should have left them in there.  But Andy is not a paedophile.         

GOD has bee speaking to ME about David you cold I'm cold because of all the shit.  I feel warm when I am with you. GOD said you don't have HIV and your not a paedophile.  I didn't go to sleep yesterday night. The judge they brought from Bristol David GOD said it is white spite send him back the car sales manager is a paedophile he is not the good looking man that one was in the nursery that I use to take Briely GOD said it is meant as an insult the other one wouldn't come because he has HIV this one has a little ear ring in his left ear.  GOD said the other men are good they are not paedophiles.  One of then is a trillionaire.  GOD said they were sent to take out Michelle but those are street men and work on principle the trillionaire like ME.  But went with someone..

You have done a lot for ME and My family David why I am hanging on even if I feel cold.  It is not obligation I fell in love with you.  Lets be nice to people. I am so tired I may go to sleep but I don't want Ryan to over sleep.  David will take the cure wops I've lost a key.

GOD said sodium kills MRSA worm. Oh te female scientist experimented on herself she has HIV she drank a big glass of sodium and made herself sick.  Don't drink it.  GOD said it is easier to get rid of the MRSA worm inside the body than outside like the ones which lives under the skin.

GOD said we are not making any trouble with the Bristol judge he came to help. Thank you.


They are not allowing ME to write MY film they have taken out what I just wrote.  They have taken away even the side up and down button
That's a nice car look out of the window!

My mum and dad's cars are here
I take it the pink ones your dads
Thanks for dropping me home
I'll walk you to your door.
Hello I'm Nathan, I work with your daughter.
I'm her dad I'm Chris nice to meet
That's my mum
Hi I'm Ester would you like to come in
I don't want to impose on you I just brought our daughter home.
Well I see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Thanks for bringing our daughter home.
That's OK bye.

             There are lots of office workers
             walking around.
 1 Worker:   Good morning Mr Evans 
 2.Nathan:   Good morning.
 3.Nathan:   Excuse me! Have you seen the     
 4.Nathan:   young black woman who normally
 4.Nathan:   sits over where you are sitting?
 4.Nathan:   Her name is Crystal!
 5.worker:   Shrug.
 6.Worker:   Good morning Mr Evans.
 7.Nathan:   Good morning. 
 6.Nathan:   Have you seen...
 7.Worker:   Shake.
             Nathan turn around
 8.Nathan:   Crystal! Why is someone else
 9.Nathan:   sitting at your cubical? and
 9.Nathan:   where are you going with the box
 9.Nathan:   with all your things?. Baby your
12.Nathan:   crying!
             Nathan kisses Crystal.They kiss. 
13.Nathan:   I don't want you carrying
13.Nathan:   heavy things put it down and talk
15.Nathan:   to me!      
16.Crystal:  Your dad told me to pack my
17.Crystal:  things and said I have to leave.
18.Nathan:   Oh he did did he? I
18.Nathan:   don't want you to worry about
18.Nathan:   money I'll take care of it.
18.Nathan:   Wait there.
             Nathan's father keeps walking
             away Nathan follows him.
19.Nathan:   Father why did you throw Crystal
20.Nathan:   out of her job? You have no right
21.Nathan:   I have share in this company I
22.Nathan:   practically own it! Don't worry
             I'll take care of her! I
23.Nathan:   do a lot of work around here I 
24.Nathan:   contributed into making this
24.Nathan:   company the largest construction
24.Nathan:   this company in the world You
24.Nathan:   have no right!
26.Nathan:   Last week I told you I was
26.Nathan:   interested in her that is why you
26.Nathan:   did this isn't it? It's because
26.Nathan:   her colour isn't it? well answer
26.Nathan:   me father! Why won't you answer
26.Nathan:   me? Susan is white she cheated on
26.Nathan:   me but yet you expect me to take
26.Nathan:   her back don't you? Crystal 23
26.Nathan:   she is a virgin and a Christian
26.Nathan:   I'm 35 I want a good
26.Nathan:   mother for my children I
26.Nathan:   Why don't you have Susan? I quit!
35.Nathan:   Save it! 

 1.Nathan:   Come on Crystal lets go...I Just  2.Nathan:   quit my job!

The car   
 1.Nathan:   So what sort of things do you      2.Nathan:   like doing in your spare time?
 3.Nathan:   I play squash with my friends.
 4.Nathan:   I'm into sport I like a healthy    5.Nathan:   lifestyle. What about you?
 6.Crystal:  I'm involved in  lot of church 
 7.Crystal:  activities my dads a pastor he    8.Crystal:  has his own church. 
 9.Crystal:  I need to use the bathroom.
10.Nathan:   There's a service station just
11.Nathan:   up the hill. I'll pull over.
12.Nathan:   Excuse I can see you work her?
13.Nathan:   Can you tell me which way to
             the ladies.
15.Nathan:   Can you fill her up for me
16.Nathan:   please.  Oh yes and can you 
             check the oil and water I can't
18.Nathan:   remember the last time I did it.
19.Nathan:   Thank you! Crystal!
             Nathan tips him.
20.Nathan:   The ladies toilets are over
21.Nathan:   there.
22.Nathan:   I just found it but its locked.
23.Nathan:   Lets go inside and get the key.
24.Nathan:   Excuse me can we have the key to 25.Nathan:   the bathroom? It's locked.
             He holds the key up.
26.Nathan:   Thank you. Take the key I'll                  stay here and pay for the gas.
             I'm not sure how much it is.
             Nathan wonders around the shop                Waiting to find out.
29.Nathan:   I know she like cheese I've seen
30.Nathan:   her eat it for lunch. I'd                    better get some sodas. I think                I'll buy water instead it's  
             healthier. I
33.Nathan:   don't want her to become fat. 
34.Nathan:   I've finished can you take for
             the gas and these groceries.
36.Crystal:  Here's the key thank you!
37.Crystal:  I'll just get gum.
39.Nathan:   I'll pay for those! Thank you
40.Nathan:   keep the change.
             He tilts his head.
41.Nathan:   Come let go! Get into the car.
42.Crystal:  Would you like one?
43.Nathan:   No thank you!
             Crystals is blowing bubbles
             keeps glancing over at her.
             He stops the car and opens the                door 
             Spit that out it will get stuck
             in the car sorry for shouting
             Nathan I could have killed by
             the truck!
44.Nathan:   I grew up around here. See that
45.Nathan:   little old house over there? I
46.Nathan:   was born in it. My family and 
47.Nathan:   I were not always rich.
48.Crystal:  You were poor like my family? 
49.Nathan:   Lets stop and take a look at it.
50.Nathan:   There people living here.
51.Nathan:   It looks a little dilapidated. I
52.Nathan:   could fix it up but I don't want
53.Nathan:   to come back here.
54.Crystal:  It's too far from our families.
55.Crystal:  Look this old water pump it     56.Crystal:  looks antique!
57.Nathan:   Leave the pump. Come lets get
58.Nathan:   back in the car I want to take 59.Nathan:   you somewhere.  
60.Crystal:  Where are we going?
61.Nathan:   It's not far I'll show you.

62.Crystal:  Why are we stopping?

63.Nathan:   I used to play here when I was a
64.Nathan:   child it's a nice spot to sit
65.Nathan:   and talk! Grab my guitar off the
66.Nathan:   back seat Lets get out the car
67.Nathan:   it's a nice sunny day! That tree
68.Nathan:   will give use some shade from
             the sun. 
70.Crystal:  You play the guitar? I sing in
71.Crystal:  church.
72.Nathan:   I've taken a few lessons. Come
73.Nathan:   and sit next to me.
74.Crystal:  Let Me give you a back rub you 
75.Crystal:  look tense. It was a stressful
76.Crystal:  morning.

             They start kissing he wants more              she wants to wait until she is                married because she is a                      Christian.

26.Nathan:   Yes! That's feels good.

             Nathan starts strumming.     

 1.Nathan:   You're the air 
             01.Nathan sniffs
 2.Nathan:   A smile 
 3.Nathan:   A picture
 4.Nathan:   A smile in the photograph
             04.Crystal giggles
 5.Nathan:   Don't laugh
             05. They both chuckle
 6.Nathan:   You're Crystal
 7.Crystal:  That's right! 
 8.Nathan:   A raindrop
 9.Nathan:   You're the orange in the sky
10.Crystal:  You're the orange in the water
11.Nathan:   There's more than one.
12.Crystal:  Orange?
13.Nathan:   Lake! The Orange is only a
14.Nathan:   reflection in the water!
             Nathan tries to kiss her again
             she backs off.
15.Nathan:   I want fuck you
16.Crystal:  Nathan I don't do that I've been 18.Crystal:  brought up to wait until I'm     19.Crystal:  married I'm a Christian.
15.Nathan:   I know But...! Wait there!
14.Crystal:  where are you going? Come back!
15.Nathan:   shan't be long!

 1.Crystal:  What is he doing over there? 

 2.Crystal:  Why is he digging up the ground?

 1.Nathan:   Hello! Your a very plump worm you

 2.Nathan:   looks like you've been eating
 3.Nathan:   everything around here where are
 4.Nathan:   the flowers? Your smaller I'll
 5.Nathan:   take you instead I don't want my
 6.Nathan:   girlfriend to jump.           
 7.Nathan:   I'm going to marry her today
 8.Nathan:   because I love her she's very
 9.Nathan:   nice. I'll have to ask her 
10.Nathan:   But I'm feeling nervous so 
11.Nathan:   I'm taking you to boost my
12.Nathan:   confident just until I propose 
13.Nathan:   to her, you know! Some of you 
14.Nathan:   are going to get taken as well if
15.Nathan:   she says yes it's only because 
16.Nathan:   your brown.             
17.Nathan:   Hey your pretty shiny! Nice       18.Nathan:   dress! You can be her bridesmaids
19.Nathan:   and you and you!
19.Nathan:   So what do you think? Should I go
20.Nathan:   down on one knee to ask her? You
21.Nathan:   can be the ring! Look at my left
22.Nathan:   hand it's this finger I'll show
23.Nathan:   you watch... keep practising use
24.Nathan:   this stick it's about her size
25.Nathan:   I'll take care of the flower
26.Nathan:   arrangements wait there!

 1.Nathan:   That's a nice one! 

27.Nathan:   I'm back! Hey where were you
28.Nathan:   going I need you? Your sweating  
29.Nathan:   profusively what's the matter are
30.Nathan:   you nervous too little buddy? 

31.Nathan:   Wait a minute your...not my best

32.Nathan:   nice shade though! lighter brown
33.Nathan:   almost my colouring you'll
34.Nathan:   compliment her rich brown skin
35.Nathan:   colour like me!

36.Nathan:   Your daintier one maybe two wraps

37.Nathan:   perfect! I want you standing next
38.Nathan:   to me when I do this I don't want
39.Nathan:   you leaving me to take all the
40.Nathan:   wrap! 

41.Nathan:   Her name is Crystal I don't

42.Nathan:   want you to come out of these
43.Nathan:   lovely soft roses where I'm going
44.Nathan:   to hide you until I call her name
45.Nathan:   and give them to her! Not you do
46.Nathan:   you hear me!

47.Nathan:   You look snug as a bug did you

48.Nathan:   think these flowers were for you?
49.Nathan:   Should I rattle you snake? Your a
50.Nathan:   worm! You know? Just as a cue?
51.Nathan:   No! she'll be holding you. That's
52.Nathan:   why you'd better come out I don't
53.Nathan:   want to have to take it back from
54.Nathan:   her. 
55.Nathan:   I need a ring that why your 
56.Nathan:   the best man! I would have chosen
57.Nathan:   Stocky but the suit won't fit
58.Nathan:   him. 
59.Nathan:   Remember as soon as she says yes
60.Nathan:   wrap yourself around the wedding
61.Nathan:   finger just like I taught you
62.Nathan:   just her finger I'll do the
63.Nathan:   wrapping around her you know?
64.Nathan:   Like I showed you with the stick!
65.Nathan:   do it quickly I don't want to
66.Nathan:   wait! I'm mean I don't want to
67.Nathan:   keep our other guest waiting!
 1. CrystalYou bring me roses 
 2. Nathan:  Which colour? 
 3. CrystalJust like the springtime's
             03.Crystal shakes her head
 4. CrystalPink ones
 5. Nathan:  But there aren't any pink ones!
 6. Crystal: Red then like the morning dew's!
 7. Nathan:  Take them quickly!
 8. Nathan:  It's because ...   
 9. CrystalThank you
10. CrystalYou bring me roses
11. CrystalJust like the sunshine's!
12. Crystal: these are the midday sun's! 
12. Nathan:  Wait a minute, are 
14. Nathan:  you saying that I stole
15. Nathan:  them from the spring,  
16. Nathan:  morning dew and the sun just to
17. Nathan:  give to you?    
             12. Crystal batters her eyelids 
13. CrystalOh...Nathan... I'm telling!
14. Crystal: Mmm...Earthy! You dirty worm what
15. Crystal: are you doing here? Nathan I can
16. Crystal: see a worm wriggling from out of
17. Crystal: a rose bud Yuck! Take the
18. Crystal: flowers!
14. Nathan:  Ouch! That was wild. I thought 
15. Nathan:  you would have appreciated 
16. Nathan:  that! I'm Sorry about the fall 
17. Nathan:  you just had Mr worm I do hope
18. Nathan   you're feeling OK! 

   Nathan the Ventriloquist

15.Nathan:   What was that Mr worm?
16.Nathan:   I fell on a leaf! 
17.Nathan:   Are you OK? 
18.Crystal:  I'm very sorry is the worm OK? I
19.Crystal:  didn't mean to...!
18.Nathan:   I bump my head on the stem arrest
19.Nathan:   her!
19.Nathan:   But Mr worm that's Crystal! 
20.Nathan:   The one I told you about! 
20:Nathan:   Arrest her!
21.Nathan:   That's very unforgiving!
21.Nathan:   What like this? (Nathan holds
20.Nathan:   Oh! I think I'll be all right!
20.Nathan:   It's jealousy!
19.Nathan    What did you say Mr worm?
20.Nathan:   I'm OK! I'm OK!
65.Crystal:  Make him put that in writing 
66.Crystal:  Nathan!
21.Nathan:   I don't want to turn him into a 
22.Nathan:   blood worm. Mr worm said he is
23.Nathan    all right and wants me to drop 
24.Nathan:   the charges.
22.Nathan:   Perhaps I'd better put Mr worm
23.Nathan:   back to bed before he changes 
24.Nathan:   his mind.
25.Nathan:   You like to play
26.Nathan:   don't you Crystal?                            022. Nathan taps feet and looks
             in the air, Both giggle
23. CrystalNot boy games! What should I  
24. Crystal: sing?        
24. Nathan:  May I have a go?
25. CrystalGo ahead!

 1. Nathan:  You're the moon
 2. CrystalThat's special
 3. Nathan:  The sun  
 4. Nathan:  The only one!
 5. Nathan:  The Orange in the sky 
 6. Nathan:  You're the star
 7. Crystal: There's more than one
 8. Nathan:  Oh you want me to make you
 9. Nathan:  special!
 9. Nathan:  OK, you're the Earth
10. Nathan:  The Universe!!!
11. CrystalDon't shout!
12. Nathan:  The Orange in disguise. 
13. CrystalNo wait!(overlap)
14. Nathan:  You're you 
15. Crystal: That's me
16. Nathan:  I'm me
17. CrystalThat's you!
18. Nathan:  That's why I'm writing it.
19Nathan:  Your the Orange song.
 3. Nathan:  I want to taste it, all of it! 
 3. Crystal: Nathan, I... ! Choo!

    CHORUS 2
 1. Nathan:  I brought you a poesy
 3. Nathan:  Fresh like the springtime's 
 4. Crystal: From the milchoo!
 5. Nathan:  That dust is pollen
 6. Crystal: pollen is like mildew when you're
 7. Crystal: allergic to it.  You gave me  
 8. Crystal: roses I suffer from hay fever!
             Nathan turns around to walk off.
 9Nathan:  But I didn't give you Hay!
             Nathan turns back.
 10.Nathan:  I gave you roses!
             Nathan talks fast and 
             clinical(trumpet)Umpapa like!
11. Nathan:  Now let me take a look at this
13. Nathan:  brain of yours.  Mmm! Ah yes! Oh
14. Nathan:  dear! I can see a small
15. Nathan:  Burst vessel there a tiny
16. Nathan:  drip along the membrane walls it
17. Nathan:  was made by the little sneezes 
18. Nathan:  It's called an aneurysm here take
19. Nathan:  this prescriptions it is so that
20. Nathan:  you can apply some tissue to
21. Nathan:  the...Tear ducts.
 8.Crystal:  Thank choo!
 9.Nathan:   The roses won't kill you and
10.Nathan:   neither will ah tishoo! Where is
11.Nathan:   that prescription?
11.Nathan:   Thank choo              
12.Crystal:  OK that's enough sneezes from 
13.Crystal:  you!                  
             (Crystal speaks to herself)
14.Crystal:  Where are all the bees when
15.Crystal:  you need them? They should be
16.Crystal:  here collecting some of this
17.Crystal:  pollen to make Nathan and I a
18.Crystal:  nice pot of honey for our tea!
19.Crystal:  I'm starting to feel hungry.
13.Nathan:   Did you just call me Honey? Wait
14.Nathan:   there!
14.Crystal:  Nathan we'll get stung! Leave
15.Crystal:  the bees alone!
15.Nathan:   You'll be all right!
16.Nathan:   This is for my girlfriend she's
17.Nathan:   hungry thank you...bit me!
16.Crystal:  Nathan let me take a look at
17.Crystal:  that!
17.Nathan:   It's only a little scratch.
18.Crystal:  Let me see it! I'll kiss it
19.Crystal:  better! My poor baby!
19.Nathan:   Well it does hurt a little. Aw!
20.Nathan:   I bought us picnic for us it's
21.Nathan:   in the car! 
20.Crystal:  Let...'s go... and get it!
21.Nathan:   I was enjoying that! 

 1.Nathan:   Sandwiches,drink, potato chips I

 2.Nathan:   bought them at the gas station 
 3.Crystal:  I know why don't we pretend this
 4.Crystal:  is our new business it's a our
 5.Crystal:  restaurant let's find thing to
 6.Crystal:  make look pretty. 
 7.Nathan:   I'll get the the stuff I bought
 8.Nathan:   they're in the car!    

22.Crystal:  I'm going to sneeze again as
23.Crystal:  you were picking I saw them
24.Crystal:  through your arm I was thinking
25.Crystal:  don't ask me if they smell nice
26.Crystal:  then...a tissue!

27.Crystal:  That's better! It

28.Crystal:  was that worms fault I leaned
29.Crystal:  forward and sniffed him he didn't
30.Crystal:  smell as nice as you! Nathan 
31.Crystal:  how did the worm climb up rose
32.Crystal:  bush?
13.Nathan:   wait! You saw them through my
14.Nathan    arm? What else did you see? I was
15.Nathan:   wondering, did you see the
16.Nathan:   three bridesmaids? Stunning!
14.Crystal:  Nathan I'm not playing! Maybe it
15.Crystal:  climbed like the rose bush. 
15.Crystal:  Maybe that's why... 
16.Crystal:  You give me roses 
17.Nathan:   That's my best man!
19.Crystal:  I don't know why (3 beat pause)
20.Crystal:  I love you
21.Crystal:  Your very naughty Nathan!       
22.Nathan:   (Nathan paces up and down)
23.Nathan:   Well anyway I Don't think 
34.Nathan:   he will do it now! He fell down
35.Nathan:   onto a leaf and bumped his
36.Nathan:   ...Crystal? On a stem?! Who's
37.Nathan:   naughty?
23.Crystal:  The worms is naughty he was in
24.Crystal:  the centre stealing all of the
25.Crystal:  lime light from you!  
24.Nathan:   I saw the way he looked at you he
25.Nathan:   fell for you! That's why I
26.Nathan:   forgive you. Who's naughty? 
25.Crystal:  Nathan don't you dare! I'm
26.Crystal:  ticklish stop it! Nathan!!! All
27.Crystal:  right I'm naughty as well! 

 1. Nathan:  Crystal you're all that I need
 2. Nathan:  and more!
 2. Nathan:  You're all that my heart beats
 3. Nathan:  for
 3. Nathan:  Let's stay together  
 4. Singers: For ever and ever.
 5. Singers: You and me.
 6. Singers: Say it's forever
 7. Singers: For forever and ever.
             (Nathan goes down on his left
 9. Nathan:  Marry me I'll do it properly
10. Nathan:  later. I mean I'll buy you a
11. Nathan:  ring!

   BRIDGE (2)
 1. CrystalThis is all that a love should
 2. Crystal: mean
 3. Crystal:  All that a love should be 
 2. Crystal: Yes it's forever  
 4. Crystal: For ever and ever.
 5. Crystal: You and me.
 6. CrystalYes. 
 8. Nathan:  She said yes! I'm betrothed
 9. Nathan:  I'm ecstatic!  


 1. Nathan:   Over the rainbow
 2. Nathan:   Way over the rainbow
 3. Nathan:   That's where I found you
 4. Nathan:   Waiting for me.
 6. Nathan:   That's what you
 7. Nathan:   you make me feel. 
 6. Crystal:  Did you write that? That was
 6. Crystal:  beautiful.That's how you make
 6. Crystal:  me feel
 1. Nathan:  That's where I found you up
 2. Nathan:  there and I don't ever want to
 3. Nathan:  loose you! 
 2. CrystalWhere?
 3. Nathan:  Way over the rainbow in the
 4. Nathan   Heavens.
 4. Crystal: How did we get up there?
 5. Nathan:  It was a miracle! We were sent
 6. Nathan:  down to meet here.
 6. CrystalThere are pots of gold at
 7. Crystal: each end of the rainbow, 
 8. Crystal: you know? A happy ending story!
 7. Nathan:  That's just leprechaun stories
 8. CrystalYes, but we didn't get to each
 9. Crystal: side to find out.
             08.Nathan speaks Irish dialect 
 9.Nathan:   We did, we just didn't know it
10.Nathan:   yet, as we were crossing the
11.Nathan:   rainbow we would join hands in 
12.Nathan:   the middle, jump down together,
13.Nathan:   like a falling star
10.Crystal:  Mmm, leprechaun stories...You
11.Crystal:  just told one.

 1. Crystal: (Gasps) Nathan, I just
 2. Crystal: saw something move, over there
 3. Crystal: behind that bush!  
 2. Nathan:  What did it look like?
 3. Crystal: It was furry, dark brown.
 4. Crystal: Nathan, why do you keep jumping
 5. Crystal: up? It makes you look funny.
 4. Nathan It looks as if someone is 
 5. Nathan:  playing with sticks.
 5. CrystalThe bush isn't that high jump
 6. Crystal: higher!
 6. Nathan I'm trying not to make a loud
 7. Nathan:  sound they're not sticks,  
 8. Nathan:  they're antlers, it's a
 9. Nathan:  stag, a male deer!  It's
10. Nathan:  coming out from behind
11. Nathan:  the bush it's coming towards us, 
 7. CrystalThere's another one. 
 8. Nathan:  Yes it's 2 deer! One of them
 9. Nathan:  them doesn't have any antlers,
10. Nathan:  that's the doe, the female she
11. Nathan:  looks good. Not as good as you! 
 8.Crystal:  They must have heard you
 9.Crystal:  shout, why they came.
10.Crystal:  They are incredibly big, and
11.Crystal:  scary, it' staring at Me!
 9.Nathan:   Crystal see if you can find Me a
10.Nathan:   longer stick! I'll use it as a
11.Nathan:   javelin poll so I can
12.Nathan:   jump higher            
10.Crystal:  Which stick would you like?
11.Nathan:   Look for one behind that bush 
12.Nathan:   that way the way we came Quickly
13.Nathan:   Crystal,you will have to be
14.Nathan:   quick,quicker Crystal it's OK 
15.Nathan:   Crystal take your time! 
16.Nathan:   He only about to charge like a
17.Nathan:   raging bull! 
12.Crystal:  That stick is too big he is not
13.Crystal:  hurting... that's little! well
14.Crystal:  it's a big! Deer furry animal.
15.Crystal:  Is this stick small enough?
13.Nathan:   Oh He won't hurt you! That's
14.Nathan:   little! Couldn't you find a 
15.Nathan:   smaller stick? 
14.Crystal:  No that was the smallest. Nathan
15.Crystal:  were you trying to get me to run
16.Crystal:  away without you?              
15.Nathan:   I will use this stick to save us
16.Nathan:   both is that OK? You'd better
17.Nathan:   leave my girlfriend alone you are
18.Nathan:   not having her! He turned away.
16.Crystal:  Good! Nathan would you really
17.Crystal:  have wanted to hurt the wild life
18.Crystal:  with a stick?
17.Nathan:   What, like the wild live worm 
16.Nathan:   which dropped on the floor? well
17.Nathan:   he had sticks. I wasn't after his
18.Nathan:   girlfriend she was cute though.
18.Crystal:  Nathan, you don't suppose they
19.Crystal:  are in love, why they're together
20.Crystal:  like us?  Nathan, look,there's a
21.Crystal:  baby with them! It's cute!
z19.Nathan:   It's called a fawn that's why he
20.Nathan:   didn't want to fight me, he's got
21.Nathan:   his daughter with him. I can
22.Nathan:   see why Rudolf the red nosed     23.Nathan:   reindeer had a very shiny nose!
23.Crystal:  That was a great hook!
23.Nathan:   The troublemakers it was the 
24.Nathan:   stick why he turned away.
20.Crystal:  Perhaps it was Santa!
             she falls down laughing and get              she Nathan falls grabs Nathan                under his armpit. 
21.Crystal:  Nathan get up and stop messing
22.Crystal:  around!.
23.Nathan:   Oh dear!
24.Crystal:  That wasn't funny!
25.Nathan:   Yes it was.
26.Crystal:  No it wasn't.
27.Nathan:   Well why are you laughing then?                Oh dear
28.Crystal:  Now your going over the top!
20.Nathan:   Come let me serenade you.
21.Nathan:   They say shimmery is dead.
             (Nathan points at her)
22.Nathan:   sit!
             (Nathan picks up his guitar)

 1. Nathan:  You bring me roses 
 2. Nathan:  Fresh like the springtime
 3. Nathan:  From the morning dew
 4. Nathan:  That's why I love you
 5. Nathan:  You bring me roses 
 6. Nathan:  Bright like the sunshine
 7. Nathan:  And the midday sun
 8. Nathan:  Maybe that's why
 9. Nathan:  Maybe that's why it feels
10. Nathan:  so good.
11. Nathan:  Whoops, I, baby I love you
12. Nathan:  I love you baby, yea
13. Nathan:  Whoops, I, baby I love you

 1. CrystalYou have a nice voice.

 2. Nathan:  That's a nice compliment so have
 3. Nathan:  you. Hold still you have 
 4. Nathan:  something in your hair
 3CrystalWhat is it?
 4. Nathan:  It's only a leaf. I want to make
 5. Nathan:  love to you.
 5. CrystalI've never done that before.
 6. Nathan:  I'll be gentle.
 8. Nathan:  not yet.
 8. Nathan:  OK.

    SONG FLICK 16 
 1. CrystalNathan, it won't go away.
 2. Nathan:  What won't go away?
 3. Nathan:  Oh... Crystal... I'm telling!
 4. Nathan:  That's it, you're mine.
 5CrystalShouldn't we wait until we're in
 6. Nathan:  a bed or on something soft.
 4. Nathan:  Crystal, I don't want to wait.
 5. Nathan:  You can lay on my coat take it 
 6. Nathan:  off.
 5CrystalNathan I'm nervous I'm shaking.
 6Nathan:  Lie down
 7CrystalWhat do I do?
 8Nathan:  hold me.

 1.Mother: Where's Crystal?

 2.Father: She's out with her friend Nathan
 3.Father: She called on her cell phone to say
 2.Father: she wouldn't be back until
 2.Father: later this evening. If you ask
           me not that you do! But I think 
           Nathan is too old for our little 
 5.Mother: Nonsense.

 1.Crystal:It hurts.

 2.Nathan: It will stop when it opens, hold

 6.Mother: Nathan is good for her, she is

 7.Mother: happy He is in love with her.
 8.Father: How can you tell?
 9.Mother: Don't you see the way he looks at
10.Mother: her? You use to look at me like 
10.Mother: that once! 
11.Father: I still do.
Try Me On
My baby's she ain't treating me right
(Suck the air)! 
Don't you keep me burning in hell!
(Spoken) Cause I'm scorching!
Oo! Ah! You know that I want you
You know that I will fit you tight
(Shout) Try me on!
I got nothing but my love tonight
(Shiver spoken) Take it all!
(Shiver spoken ) That's right, loose the shoes, and the dress yea! 
(Shout)Take it off!(Shiver spoken) Woow!

Take a cold shower.
Wait baby where you going with the bag?

 3.Nathan:  Don't touch yourself you'll get
 4.Nathan:  Your blood's all over my suite.
 5.Crystal: Are you upset with me?
 6.Nathan:  Upset with you?
 7.Crystal: Because I'm not doing it right.
 8.Nathan:  Baby I'm not upset with you. I'm 
 9.Nathan:  falling love with you, that's why
10.Nathan:  I'm doing this. 
10.Nathan:  I want you to be my wife because
11.Nathan:  your not doing it right. I'll show
11.Nathan:  you how I want it done later.
10.Nathan:  I don't care about my clothes I
11.Nathan:  can see your blood I won't be
12.Nathan:  able to go into your house with
13.Nathan:  you to talk to your parents.
14.Crystal: Is it open yet? It hurts.  

12.Mother:  They are seeing each other I want

12.Mother:  her with him he can afford to
12.Mother:  give her all the things we can
12.Mother:  not. I don't want her with boys
12.Mother:  from the neighbourhood! I want
12.Mother:  more for her.

15.Nathan:  Hold still I'm going to come!

 1.Nathan:  I want you to start looking at
 1.Nathan:  wedding dresses. 
 4.Nathan:  Iv'e got designers who can work
            with you. 
 2.CrystalWhich colour?
 3.Nathan:  You can still wear white!   
            (Crystal is pacing up and down)
 4.CrystalI need to wash it off what can I
 5.Nathan:  Don't let me catch you near that
 5.Nathan:  dirty lake again! It's dangerous
 5.CrystalWhat do I tell my mum and dad?
 7.Crystal: We'er Christian's! 
 6.Nathan:  I don't want you to tell them
 7.Nathan:  anything yet I want to tell them
 8.Nathan:  I need to work out how I'm going
 9.Nathan:  to tell them my mother and 
10.Nathan:  father! I'll deal with them
10.Nathan:  first!

 7.CrystalBut what if I get pregnant?

 8.Nathan:  I'm going to marry you!
 8.Nathan:  Come on lets go you can take a
 8.Nathan:  bath at home.

 1.Nathan: your mum and dad's cars are here 

 1.Crystal: they're home. 
 2.Crystal: I don't want you to
 2.Crystal: come inside I don't want them to
 2.Crystal: to get upset with you because I    2.Crystal: not dressed like how I left 
 2.Crystal: I'll explain.   
 3.Nathan:  I can't come inside you know...I    3.Nathan:  have your blood on me              3.Nathan:  you haven't cut yourself.
 4.Crystal: I'm wearing your coat they're
 4.Crystal: going to ask what should I say?
 5.Nathan:  don't lie to them tell what        5.Nathan:  happened and that I helped you.
 5.Nathan:  I'll tell them the rest later.
 7.Nathan:  My family are having a party
 7.Nathan:  tonight I need to go now to get
 7.Nathan:  washed and changed. I didn't
 7.Nathan:  invite you I'm not ashamed of 
 7.Nathan:  I just need to talk to my family
 7.Nathan:  and friends first about you they  7.Nathan:  are not like your's. They don't
 7.Nathan:  welcome you.
 9.Crystal: Because I'm black.
 8.Crystal: OK bye don't kiss me they might be
 8.Crystal: watching through the window I
 8.Crystal: don't want them to see us yet.
 9.Nathan:  I want you you to come out and
 9.Nathan:  meet me tomorrow night about
 9.Nathan:  eight we can go to my house.
10.Crystal: Nathan I don't want to do that I'm
10.Crystal: sore. OK we can drive up a
10.Crystal: bit and down a bit outside here.
10.Crystal: We can sit and do that all night
10.Crystal: if you like.
10.Crystal: OK! I'll come.
11.Nathan:  That's good when I come if your
11.Nathan:  parents are at home I will go in  
11.Nathan:  and speak with them.
12.Crystal: That's good you can meet the rest
            of us
            Nathan is sat looking around the
            neighbourhood I want to help you
            and your family. Take you out of
            My parents love the people in 
            their church. My dad calls them               family he won't leave them.
            But I'd like to help some
            of the people around here.
            They are OK at least they have
            houses to sleep in. I'll show you
            who you can help later.  

 1.Ester:   Hi baby what's wrong why have

 1.Ester:   you got on Nathan's coat? 
 2.Chris:   What did he do to you? 
 3.Crystal: Nothing I ripped my dress.
 4.Chris:   Did he hurt you?
 4.Chris:   No Nathan saved my life. I nearly
 4.Chris:   fell off a cliff.
 5.Ester:   What happened?
 6.Crystal: I slipped Nathan helped me I'm
 6.Crystal: all right I'm just tired. I'll
 6.Crystal: just go upstairs and get
 6.Crystal: changed.
            She walks upstairs to take a bath
 7.Chris:   We've lost our little girl.
 8.Ester:   Don't be stupid she's right
 8.Ester:   here.
 9.Chris:   Look!              
10.Ester:   She's old enough.
11.Chris:   You cannot admit when your wrong
11.Chris:   can you? That's why she is old
11.Chris:   enough!She wouldn't be old enough
11.Chris:   If you were not so stubborn 
12.Chris:   I'm a Pastor how can I go to
12.Chris:   church on Sunday's and preach to
12.Chris:   the young single girls about
12.Chris:   holding on to their virginity
12.Chris:   until after they are married when
12.Chris:   our daughter is doing it?
13.Ester:   You'll have to skip over that bit
13.Ester:   on Sunday's.

 1.Nathan:  I want to marry her. I going to
 2.Nathan:  marry her! I know she is pretty 
 2.Nathan:  but so is Crystal. It's finished I
 2.Nathan:  don't colour I don't
 2.Nathan:  I want Crystal's. I want
 7.Nathan:  Crystal! She's different when I'm
 8.Nathan:  with her....She's not boring!
 8.Nathan:  I asked her to come and see me
 8.Nathan:  tomorrow night. I'm staying with

 4.Nathan:  Hi Susan father why don't you chat

 5.Nathan:  with Susan I need to fix myself a
 6.Nathan:  drink! I'll chat with you later.
 7.Nathan:  Please excuse me both!

 1.Chris:   Hello Nathan come in I din't like

 2.Chris:   the state you brought my daughter
 3.Chris:   home yesterday!
 4.Nathan:  She rip her dress I gave her my
 5.Nathan:  coat I'm sorry it won't happen
 6.Nathan:  again Sir. 
 7.Chris:   I could see that! I'm not talking
 8.Chris:   about the dress I'm talking about  9.Chris:   the coat.
10.Nathan:  Oh the coat you saw that?
13.Nathan:  Well you see Sir.
14.Chris:   stop calling me Sir it's Chris.
18.Chris:   I want everyone to leave the room
19.Chris:   and shut the door children up to
20.Chris:   bed! Nathan sit down.
21.Ester:   Nathan can I get you a drink
22.Ester:   before I leave?
23.Chris:   I have a bottle of brandy here
24.Chris:   Nathan is a man he can take a
25.Nathan:  drink or would Nathan prefer a
            soft drink?
24.Nathan:  I drink brandy.

 1.Brother: Is Nathan in trouble with dad? 

 2.Ester:   Upstairs!  
11.Chris:   I'd like to know your intentions 
12.Chris:   for my daughter?

 1.Dilan:   Lisa the pisa
 2.Lisa:    Get out of my room! Mom tell
 3.Ester:   Dilan!
 3.Ester:   Get out!

15.Nathan:   Chris that is why I came in to
16.Nathan:  speak to you, yesterday I asked 
17.Nathan:  Crystal to marry me.
19.Chris:   That's good!

 1.Nathan:  Susan why are you here? Take Your
 1.Nathan:  hands off me you knew,why are you
 1.Nathan:  her where is what's his name the
 1.Nathan:  person you cheated on me with? You
 1.Nathan:  cheat!
 6.Crystal: No your the cheat! I saw you
 7.Crystal: holding her! I'll walk home!
 8.Nathan:  Crystal you've got the wrong end
 9.Nathan:  of the stick! Stay I haven't
10.Nathan:  finished talking to you yet!
11.Crystal: I'll take the bus excuse me!
12.Nathan:  Crystal wait!
13.Nathan:  I'm not going to allow you to come
14.Nathan:  between us she's gone
15.Nathan:  Your a bitch.
            Nathan slams the door in Susan's

            Nathan put his shoes on and tries

            to contact her on her cell phone
15.Nathan:  Crystal pick up!
            He goes out to look for her he
            sees her getting on the bus he
15.Nathan:  Crystal!
            The bus moves off. He catches up
            to her at the other end.   

 1.Nathan:  Crystal wait talk to me get in the
            car please we can we talk?
            She gets into the car. 
            I'm not with her, I 
            didn't touch
 2.Nathan:  her!
 3.Crystal: OK.
 4.Nathan:  Kiss me.
 5.Crystal: Nathan not in my neighbourhood
 6.Crystal: someone might see us I only live
 7.Crystal: over there. 
 8.Nathan:  Shush! Take your trousers and your
 9.Nathan   knickers off.
10.Nathan:  I'll move over to your side.
11.Crystal: Nathan. 
12.Nathan:  Open your legs
13.Nathan:  How is it feeling?
14.Crystal: sore.

I just saw Crystal in a car with a white man 
as I was riding past on my bike.
Do you think she was having sex?
It look pretty steamy in there.
Must be the same car! What did it look like?
Like 4 hot wheels! Nice!
Must be the same man.

15.Nathan:  I want you to where dresses every
16.Nathan:  time you come out to meet me.
17.Crystal: OK.
18.Crystal: Crystal What are you doing to me?
19.Nathan:  Lift up your legs.
 4.Nathan:  I want us to spend some time
 5.Nathan:  together. I want you and I to go
 6.Nathan:  away for a little while.   
 7.Crystal: Where should we go?
 8.Nathan:  I want to take you shopping.
 9.Crystal: Where like Macy's?
10.Nathan:  I like unusual things   
13.Nathan:  I want to buy things for when we 
            move in together.
12.Nathan:  But I was thinking of flying
            away with you to buy lots of sexy 
Phone call
 1.Nathan:  I need to see you.
 2.Crystal: What time.
 3.Nathan:  I can pick you up at 7 we can go    4.Nathan:  to my house
 5.Crystal: OK I'll see yo later bye.
 6.Crystal: Bye.
 7.Nathan:  Good she can take this down. Fuck!

I want you to start talking to me tell me what you want me to do to you.
What should I say.
I brought a film for you to watch I don't want you to say the same things I'll put it on. 

 1.Crystal: Mom come take a look at My 
 1.Crystal: wedding dress it just came
 1.Crystal: isn't it beautiful?
 2.Ester:   It's Gorgeous honey who made it?
 2.?????:   Nathan's designer Made it for me    2.?????:   well he didn't make it I don't      2.?????:   think.   
 3.Crystal: Dad you could marry us!
 4.Ester:   That would take away the shame!               You could start preaching again               without having to skip over bits!             You know just on Sundays?

 1.Crystal: Nathan's taking me shopping in

 2.Crystal: London next week.
 2.Brother: That's short notice You'd better
 2.Brother: check your past port.
 3.Alice:   How long will you be gone for?
 4.Crystal: I'm not sure.
 7.Ester:   You'll have to try and get
 7.Ester:   another job so you can pay your
 7.Ester:   way around here.
 8.Crystal: Take it Nathan gave me some.
            that's a lot of money more
            than what we get off the church
            plate on a Sunday!
            Take some back it's too much.
                            Nathan and I don't need it.                   His dad owns the company where I               used to work.
            I'll give you some more later to pay for the things we need for the wedding.
I can organise it while you are gone I don't ant you to worry about anything the women at the church can help.

London shop 1  

 1.Nathan:  Can you put that in a bag for me!
            She takes them off the counter.
            Crystal shout across to Nathan:
 2.Crystal: Nathan come and look at this        2.Crystal: teapot!
            Nathan's cell phone rings.
            Nathan shouts back to Crystal.
 3.Nathan:  Just a second!
            Nathan answers the phone.
 4.Nathan:  Hi Amanda!
            Can't this wait?
 5.Friend 1:It will give us a chance to catch
            up. Can you put it on hold for               me? I'm out shopping with my 
            fiancée. Just a minute!
            Shop assistant places Nathan's
            thing on the counter. 
 2.Nathan:  Thank you!
 4.Nathan:  Crystal bring the teapot over
 4.Nathan:  so that we can pay for it.
 4.Nathan:  Can you gift wrap the teapot?
            Nathan hands the teapot to the                 shop assistant.
 4.Nathan:  You can give that one to your
 4.Nathan:  mother we have already got one at
 4.Nathan:  my house well our home.
 5.Crystal: You've got good taste like me.
 3.Friend 1:He's with Crystal. He just called
 3.Friend 1:her his fiancée!
 5.Nathan:  What did you say?...we must be a    5.Nathan:  bad reception.
            Nathan hangs up on his friend.
 5.Nathan:  she'll call back later. Lets go!

London Shop 2        

 1.Nathan:  Excuse me can you get someone to
 1.Nathan:  carry these bags to our limo it's
 1.Nathan:  waiting at the front Oh make                 sure 
 1.Nathan:  you ask for his name. It's
 1.Nathan:  just in case there are other
 1.Nathan:  parked out there. I don't want
 1.Nathan:  them driving off with our
 1.Nathan:  shopping. Thank you!  
            Shop assistant takes the bags she
            walks of with them.  


            Bellman would you see to it that
            our luggage is taken up to our
            suite straight away please try not
            to drop the bags it's crystals if
            you know what I mean?
            I don't want her to break.  
            Nathan Tips bellman bellman smiles

Hotel Cuba

 1.Nathan:  Hi! 
 2.Staff:   Good evening sir.
 3.Nathan:  I made reservations in the name
 4.Nathan:  of Mr and Mrs Evans It's for the
 5.Nathan:  honeymoon suite.
 6.Staff:   Yes sir I can see the booking.
 7.Staff:   Sir I'll just need your credit
 8.Staff:   card for a few moments.
 9.Nathan:  sure
10.Crystal: Nathan it looks dreamy here like
11.Crystal: In an old movie!
12.Staff:   I'll get a porter to show you
13.Staff:   where to go and to carry your
14.Staff:   things.
15.Nathan:  Thank you.
16.Porter:  It's this way sir.
17.Crystal: Well at least it's clean.

Love scene

Hotel monitor room
Cuban 1:    That's the honeymoon suit man. 
            Look what he's doing to her!
Cuban 2:    Let me see! That is very abusive!
            Maybe I should go in there and 
            Save her! She is not wearing
            a ring.
            What are you doing Don't take that
Cuban 3:    Not over the monitor man! Wipe it!
            No not that the screen!
            He swears in his language.

Cuba shop 1

 1.Nathan:  Excuse me Id like to buy    2.Nathan:  some Havana cigars.
 3.Owner:   My husband don't speak good
            English we've run out try the next
 5.Nathan:  OK I'll do that thank you. 

 Cuba Shop 2

 1.Nathan:  Have you got any Havana cigars?
 2.Owner:   Yes come in.
 3.Nathan:  Fabulous! I'll take all of them.

 1.Crystal: Hi I'm Crystal do you live here
 2.Girl:    Yes.
 3.Crystal: Your very pretty where are your   
 4.Girl:    Over there.
 5.Crystal: I want to give you some money ask  6.Crystal: them if it is all right.
 7.Girl:    Yes mama!
            She shouts in Cuban
 9.Girl:    My mam said yes. 
10.Crystal: Take this to them to help them.
11.Girl:    Thank you.
            Excitement all around.  people                 open their shutters there is a lot             of shouting.
13.Nathan:  Can you but those in a box for me
14.Nathan:  please.
15.Owner:   Yes sure! 
16.Nathan:  Thank you.
14.Nathan:  What happing out here?

India Driving

 1.Crystal. Nathan look at all those children
 2.Crystal: they're look so poor lets tell
 3.Crystal: Lets stop the car and help them.
 4.Crystal: Nathan what are they saying?
 5.Nathan:  Gimi money, gimi money, gimi
 6.Nathan:  money!
 7.Crystal: You speak their language? 
 8.Nathan:  No! I usually use an interpreter    9.Nathan:  when I come here. 
10.Crystal: You'd better give them some then!
11.Nathan:  Driver can you share this out?
12.Driver:  Yes Sir. Thank you Sir!
11.Nathan:  Save some for yourself.   
12.Driver:  Thank you!
13.Crystal: Look Nathan there are more         14.Crystal: children where are they all coming
15.Crystal: from? Shouldn't they be at school?
16.Nathan:  We're in the slums there is
17.Nathan:  a lot of poverty here these
18.Nathan:  children don't go to a school! I
19.Nathan:  don't usually drive through here.
20.Crystal: It's good!
21.Nathan:  There are a lots of places like   22.Nathan:  this that's why I am taking you to
23.Nathan:  Africa. You can look after your
24.Nathan:  own.
25.Crystal: I don't see it like that.
26.Nathan:  Neither do I. We can look at
27.Nathan   diamonds for your toe rings.
28.Nathan:  I came to buy rugs.
27.Nathan:  Lets go before more of the
28.Nathan:  parent come.
28.Crystal: Where next? 
29.Nathan:  I think it's time for me to buy
30.Nathan:  some advance technology!
            The cab move off you don't see
            them in the cab you can hear
            them. They slap their legs. 
34.Nathan:  Gimi money,Gimi money,gimi money
35.Crystal: Nathan the cab diver what are you
36.Crystal: doing? 
30.Nathan:  I'm turning it into a song
            the cab drive laughs they all
31.Crystal: Gimi money,Gimi money,gimi                     They laugh           

 1.Crystal: Nathan these boats need fixing up!  2.Crystal: It smells here. 
 3.Nathan:  What did you think it would smell
 4.Nathan:  like?
 5.Nathan:  Lets go and say hello to some of
 6.Nathan:  the the residence.
 7.Nathan:  Hello you speak English? Me like
 8.Nathan:  Crystal show him the money.
            Crystal takes the money out of her
            back pack.
 9.Owner:   No for sale, no for sale.
10.Nathan:  You no understand. Fix it! Fix it!
11.Nathan:  You take money me no want boat.
12.Owner:   Ah good people!
            He starts shouting in his
13.Nathan:  I'll think I'll bring a team here!
14.Nathan:  I'll give them enough to tide them
15.Nathan:  over  I'll speak with the driver 
16.Nathan:  he can talk to them.
17.Crystal: Thank you Nathan.
            She kisses him.
18.Nathan:  You can thank me properly later.

 1.Crystal: Nathan Look at this dress it's  2.Crystal: gorgeous!
 3.Crystal: Excuse I'd like to try this on,  4.Crystal: where are the changing rooms?
 5.Assis:   Over there.
 6.Crystal: Nathan you'll have to come in with  7.Crystal: me to do up the buttons.

 8.Nathan:  What other colours does that dress
 9.Nathan:  come in?
11.Assis:   It come in three colours red,
12.Assis:   ivory and black.
13.Nathan:  I'll take all the different 
14.Nathan:  colours in her size.
15.Assis:   OK I take a look at back.
16.Nathan:  Just a second better make it
17.Nathan:  doubles just in case she spills
18.Nathan:  something on one of them.
19.Assis:   I see what I can find for you.
20.Nathan:  Thanks 

 1.Nathan:  Turn around I'll do the buttons up
 1.Crystal: How does it look? Does it fit? 
 1.Nathan:  Bend over quickly.
 2.Crystal: Nathan mind the dress, What if she
 3.Crystal: come in?
 4.Nathan:  I locked the door, keep quiet. 
 5.Crystal: It's messy.                   5.Nathan:  It's sexy. Wait... I'm cuming.
 6.Nathan:  It a sexy dress.
 7.Crystal: I need to change.
 8.Nathan:  Stay in it. 
 9.Nathan:  We'll go straight to the hotel
10.Nathan:  from here to take a shower
11.Nathan:  so that I can finish you off.
12.Nathan:  I'm still hungry I need to eat
13.Nathan:  you. 
            He kisses her
14.Crystal: We better go before she suspects
15.Crystal: we have been up to something.
16.Assis:   The dresses are ready for you. You
17.Assis:   want me bag!
18.Nathan:  No she'll wear the one she tried
19.Nathan:  on thank thank you.
20.Nathan:  Do you take tips?
21.Assis:   No OK! OK!
22.Nathan.  Take the tip.
23.Assis:   Thank you.

Hotel China

Love scene

Oprah House 
            Clapping!Flowers are being thrown
            on stage.
 1.Nathan:  Take a bow they're clapping for
 2.Nathan:  us!
 3.Crystal: Nathan!
 4.Crystal: Nathan all those white people are
 4.Crystal: staring at us it's because I'm
 4.Crystal: black and your white and where
 4.Crystal: together.
 2.Nathan:  We are at the Opera House they are
 2.Nathan:  looking at your dress you look
 2.Nathan:  beautiful! OK they're rude! 
            They stare as walking then they
            stare Menacingly and start running
 2.Nathan:  lets stare back quick!
 4.Crystal: Nathan I can't believe we you made
 4.Crystal: me do that it was funny!
 1.Ester:   Are you OK honey? Your not too
 2.Ester:   nervous?
 3.Crystal: I'm shaking like a leaf.
 4.Ester:   We don't have to stick to a
 5.Ester:   time scheduled.
 6.Crystal: I'll be all right!
 7.Crystal: are you sure?
 8.Crystal: Yes.
 9.Ester:   OK. 

 1.Guest 1: I love your dress you look        2.Guest 2: beautiful. 
 3.Crystal: Thank you.
 4.Crystal: You look beautiful that dress is
 5.Friend   to die for.
 6.Crystal: Do you like it?
 7.Friend:  I love it!

 1.Chris:   Where are your parents I don't see
 2.Nathan:  They are not coming! They cut me
 4.Brother: Where are your friends?
 4.Nathan:  There are enough of us here.
 5.Brother: I can be your best man!

 1.Ester:   Nathan! Your not supposed to see
            the bride yet. 
 1.Crystal: Nathan I have something to tell
 2.Crystal: you I'm pregnant! I did a test
 2.Crystal: this morning.

 3.Nathan:  Out burst I'm over the rainbow!
            He sings!
 4.Nathan:  way over the rainboawooo!
 5.Chris:   I didn't know my son in law could
 6.Chris:   sing! You can sing in church next
 7.Chris:   Sunday.
 8.Crystal: When we get back!
 9.Crystal: Mum dad the rest of you I'm
10.Crystal: I'm pregnant!

 1.Chris:   Nathan is a very lucky man.(He    2.Chris:   kisses her cheek) Before we start.
 3.Crystal: Thanks dad.

11.Woman:   I just heard Crystal telling her
            family she's pregnant. Shhh!
12.Man:     Satan got loose!!!
13.Woman:   Were is he?  I'm gonna stamp on
13.Woman:   the devil! She stamp her foot!#
14.Woman:   Amen!!!
13.Chris:   Oh GOD. She heard you couldn't you
13.Chris:   have waited until you came back
13.Chris:   off your honeymoon to tell us?
14.Crystal: I thought you'd want to know!
15.Chris:   Nathan you'd better go up the
13.Chris:   front and wait for Crystal I'll
13.Chris:   come and meet you first!
16.Chris:   Ladies and gentlemen It's a double
16.Chris:   celebration! Crystal has just told
16.Chris:   us she is with child!
            Hand claps!
17.Woman:   Sweet Jesus!!!
            Hand claps!
18.Girl:    But you said...That's why I didn't
            do that!
            Hand claps!
19.Woman:   Shameful.
            Hand claps!
            Lordy! Lordy!
            Hand claps!

20.Woman:   The organ is playing, the wrong
            music tell them to stop. 
21.Woman:   The bride to be is already walking
            down the isle!
22.Man:     Pastor they're playing the wrong
            music should I..? 
23.Chris:   Leave it! 
24.Chris:   Dearly beloved we are gathered
            here today .... 

25.Man:     Why are there no white people                 here?
26.Man:     Where's the grooms family?
27.Chris:   To witness Crystal and Nathan join
            together in marriage.
29.Bestman: Nathan's family aren't coming.
30.Man:     How do you know?
31.Best man:I just spoke to him!
32.Girl:    Pastor said I wasn't allowed to do
            It's the devil at work.
            How far gone is she?
            Nathan looks back.
            Hand claps!
            I gonna do the same.
            What did you just say?
            Hand clap!
            Let all toast the baby!
            But we're not allowed to dr..
            To the baby
            Ask her when the baby's due
            But she's walking down the isle.
            GOD told me he a boy when is he               due?
            I don't know I used a kit
            Glory!! Bless you child.
            She said she doesn't know.
            Nathan looks back.
            pastor better not say anything to             me.
 Vows 1 
 1.Chris:   Is there anyone here who knows of
 2.Chris:   any impediment why these two
 3.Chris:   should not be joined together in
 4.Chris:   holy matrimony?  Speak up now ... 

 Nathan's Family 

 1.Mother:  Our son's getting married to the
 2.Mother:  bla...girl.
 3.Mother:  Dad walks away
 4.Mother:  It's your fault you should have
 5.Mother:  left her to work.

 Vows 2
ris:   let's move on.
 6.Chris:   Nathan Timothy Evans, do you take
 7.Chris:   Crystal Analese walker to be your
 8.Chris:   lawful wedded wife? 
 9.Nathan:  I do! 
10.Chris:   Crystal Analese Walker, do you
11.Chris:   take Nathan Timothy Evans to be
12.Chris:   your lawful wedded husband. 
13.Crystal: I do.
14.Chris:   Exchange rings
Nathan you may kiss my daughter.
The Church shouts Yes!
And every body say Amen!

 Collection Song
 Pastor: turn to your bibles.
 1.Worship: Put it in. 
 2.Random:  What like Nathan did to crystal?
 3.Worship: Press it down shake it together  4.Worship: is a good measure?
 5.Brother: No!!!
 6.Random:  A $20 bill? I'll have that for my  7.Random:  shopping!
 8.Brother: It's not enough!!!
 9.Random:  1 dollar put the 10 dollar back!
10.Worship: Put it in.
11.Brother: That's right!!!
12.Worship: Press it down shake it together 13.Worship: it's a good measure!

14.Worship: We're giving it all to GAD
15.Worship: Who are we giving it to?
16.Worship: We're giving it all to GAD
17.Brother: GOD is smiling
18.Neigh 2: whoo! hoo!
19.Usher:   Quick get the white sheet!
19.Nathan:  what's wrong with that woman? 
18.Worship: We're giving it all to GAD
19.Man:     Must be the song!
20.Nathan:  Why she rolling around laughing?
20.Crystal: Nothing she just slain in the
21.Crystal: spirit.
22.Chris:   But this is our daughter's 
22.Chris:   wedding I don't want that here 
23.Chris:   today Nathan's here!
24.Ester:   No she can do that here today it's
25.Ester:   family!
19.Worship: When you give with a good heart!
20.Worship: We're giving it all to GADawawawad
            Deep voice I want to see that
            belch in the cameras lens he walks
21.Brother: Oh yeah!! Belch!!!
22.Random:  But GOD ain't here I want that
23.Random:  back in my purse!Pass the                     plate! That will teach you not to             burp in my face young man!
            or was it a fart?
            he turn around quickly and sees               her fanning herself he walks away.
24.Usher:   come on everyone where going over
25.Usher:   to the reception hall!
24.Usher:   What should we do with her?
25.Ester:   Leave her there she should behave
26.Ester:   herself I wish I could turn lights
27.Ester:   of in this marquee! But it's open
            air. I want to hurt that... Oh.               (she take a breath)Woman.
29.Usher:   (whisper)We'll see you later when
30.Usher:   the food and drink is finished.
            She gets up quickly. She is fat.
            She is first in the dinner queue!

How did you reach here before us?
First dance!
Pastor walks in to the reception hall with Nathan!
Good GOD did I just come down from mount Sinai? I know have Moses felt. He drops his glass!
Lets go into another room.
But I want to join in the dancing looks like fun.
But you have Crystal now.
Chris users is daughter to take him away from the dancing and over to Crystal.
 4.Alice:   So where are you taking our                   crystal on her honey moon?
 5.Nathan:  Our Cruise ship awaits us taking
            My wife to the South of France for
            two weeks, but first I'll be
            taking Crystal back to her roots
            we're going to the West Indies.
 Crystal:   But I was born in America like 

 Honey Moon

 Light switches off.  

 1.Nathan:  Lets play a game of sharades  
 2.Nathan:  I'm your white slave master I'm
 3.Nathan:  sending you on a slow boat to      4. Nathan: Jamaica. What are you? 
 5.Crystal: I haven't got a clue.
 6.Nathan:  let me peel you. 
 7.Crystal: I still haven't got a clue. 
 8.Nathan:  Let me squash you! OK where am I?
 9.Crystal: Whoops! Is the banana
10.Crystal: boat the answer? 
12.Nathan:  Yes because your my black Sex                 slave that's why I'm cuming with. you.

 1.Nathan:  You can have your old job back if
 2.Nathan:  you want. Iv'e just spoken to my
 3.Nathan:  father he is selling his business
 4.Nathan:  he has agreed to let me buy it
 5.Nathan:  I got it at a rock bottom
 6.Nathan:  price.
 8.Crystal: Talk to him.
 1.Ester:   I'm just gonna take a walk to the
 2.Ester:   shop is there anything you need me
 3.Ester:   to get?
 4.Chris:   Yes you can get me some shaving
 5.Chris:   cream. 
 5.Chris    OK see you in a tittle while.

 1.Neigh 2: The pastors daughter mm mm mm mm 
 2.Neigh 2: m shameful!
 1.Neigh 1: I mean her husband's our pastor 
 2.Neigh 1: it's our business to knows
 3.Neigh 1: what's goes on in their lives. 
 4.Neigh 1: She's coming out of her house.
 5.Neigh 1: go over to her quickly before she
 6.Neigh 1: goes. Run!
 7.Neigh 2: I wonder why is she not using the
 8.Neigh 2: car?!

 1.Neigh 2: Ester wait up where are you going?
 2.Ester:   Hi Melissa what's up?
 3.Neigh 2: Was that Crystal I... shouldn't
 4.Neigh 2: lie she saw coming out of a nice
 5.Neigh 2: car the other night? She had on a
 8.Neigh 2: funny red and cream coat was she
 9.Neigh 2: all right?
 6.Neigh 2: My son said he saw her last in a 
 7.Neigh 2: car with a white man down the end 
 8.Neigh 2: of the street! What's going on? 
 9.Ester:  They are seeing each other! Ain't 
10.Ester:  got something to do your friend
11.Ester:  across the street is waiting for 
12.Ester:  you to carry the news gotta run.  

Phone call
Hi Crystal it's Carla I was thinking of coming over later are you busy?
No I've got something to tell you I'm seeing someone.
Tell me everything.
I will when you come over.
Why don't we have a girly night in?
I call Miranda she if she can come I'll arange it.
OK see you both if she can come.

You made it come in lets go up to my room.
Hi mom and dad!
Hi mom and dad!
Hi sweetie
Those are nice girls.
What are you looking at?
Why are you looking at wedding dresses?
His name is Nathan his rich 
Don't you think it's a bit too soon for wedding dresses?
You can help me.
Have you two?
Speak quietly Yes.
Oh shit!
Stop swearing you know we're not allowed to swear in this house.
Does your mom and dad know?
Yes he spoke to them last night.
Where did you meet him?
His family owns the company I was working at.
He is older than me, but his really nice looking. 
When did it happen?
A few days ago for the first time it hurt.
I'm jealous 
So am I
I can't wait to meet him.
Neither can I.

I like the skirt I don't like the top,that top on that skirt would be nicer.
I'll speak to Nathan, he has designers.

I spoke to my designer she wants you to go to see her so that she can take you measurements she said she has some designs she wants you to look at next week. Or would you prefer if she came to you?
It gets noisy out our house I'll go to see her.
I'll arrange it. what day are you free. I don't have a job Monday fine.
What's her address?
I'll pick you up and drop you off, then I collect you we can spend some time together!
That will be nice.