Friday, 28 November 2014


We need a house urgently!
I had only 45 min to get to a viewing today spent £55 on a cab and missed it I'm tired I was up until day light working on the Orange Song.  

GOD said David picks up the film David even what I did this morning on it still needs a polish.

GOD said the reason why they threw us out is because they want to steal MY creativity. 

David GOD told ME you took a long look at ME the day I went to buy tights and liked ME but carried on looking why you threw ME back in the pool.  GOD said there is no one out there but ME.  I don't like to play second fiddle.  I know you think I am too full of Myself but I have a choice as well.  I have standards.  I'd rather be on MY own than to pick up shit.  That is how I view things I don't give a sit about the way you view ME.  Carry on looking if you want it is your prerogative.  But I am fussy. I don't care about your level even if you are GOD.  I respect  GOD but we are all here.  HE has no right to route ME out until HE routes out the shit.   Everyone goes first! Then it is ME.

David  saw every colour the same as black people same level but there is racism which wasn't in ME. Now I know they don't like ME because I am brown.  I don't like them. 

David keep looking I'm going to move south.  David I think you are a piece of shit!!!

GOD showed ME that you relax later and go off white people because they go after you because you help ME.  

GOD showed ME you gave it to white people because black people are too bad minded. Black people are bad minded.

I turn MY nose up at GOD HE wants to be sucked every day that is why he wants to be sucked every day I don't give a shit about his wants.  I'm not doing it.

I was drunk sorry.  I didn't tell you the cure that's good.

David I will chat with you on here later I need to tidy up and find MY glasses.

David they keep going after MY family.  Davina has been on benefit for a long time they are asking her for ID passport and other forms of ID or they are going to shut her money off again. 

David I think I have found a house I hope they don't spoil it.  GOD said you move in.

So David tell ME how are we going to get together?  I'm tuned into you.  You said you want ME to be your girlfriend and that you are going to slim ME down.

"David doesn't get what David wants?" You could do worst end up with her the white woman. I've got lots of gifts.

"Try and stop him." That is your friend the white woman. She is blond short hair she is in your team of writers she is the one trying to steal bits from MY film she like the "shimmery sit"

Beep beep beep beep.  
I'm tuned into lots of people but I don't bother with them I slap them.

I can write by Myself.  I can do different character black and white. Sadi madi pudi

GOD said she is the reason why I got thrown out of the last house. GOD said she did it secretly because she wanted to steal MY work and pass it off as her own.

How can you respect that type of writer?  David would you like to buy MY film?
How much will you pay ME? 
I heard the white man you got to write MY film he was trying to tailor it for the white woman, and said he needed to re write lots of sections.  On your bike! 

That is why I wrote it the other night to show you he is a piece of shit!

White people are so rude.  I'm not paying them I going to let the black people speak for Nathan's mother!

David the Orange Song has had a lot of publicity.  I want a percentage as well as money up front.  I'll go half with you David.

Nathan has a very good part he get to fuck the black woman.

"Hold my hand" That was David.

David do we have a deal?

David MY film is the best film out there and it is not finished yet.

David I need you to help ME with money I need to get set up.  I need a car and house and clothes etc.  I want to see how quick you respond to MY needs.

David GOD said it was her but your whole team was involved in throwing us out.  What does she think?  Everyone knows MY work she would get murdered I have friends out there. I play with a lot of people on here stupid woman. The thing is David they work for you you would get murdered.

David GOD told ME t is because I homeless again lots of people at your end including you are hearing about MY film and the HIV cure. 

I don't want to stay in Westfield.  I might be going North West London.
David I know the HIV cure I'm not lying.   GOD said I have never caught HIV.  I don't sleep around. I have never cheated on Andy. I have had sex with anyone for 3 years almost apart from what you did.

David have you seen MY dance video?  GOD said it is the best dance video out there never will there be one as good as mine.  It is because of the emotion.  I dance but I am not a dancer.  I made up the dance in the video on the spot it was good. I had lots of fun making that video.  I used the police cameras.   You need to speak to Romford police.  I made the video by Myself out side of  the Brewery shopping centre. I was dancing to Chris Brown's song with you.  I had MY headphones on.

It stopped a couple of times but GOD switched it back on.  I love GOD.  HE came to give ME direction while I was making the video.

HE told ME HE saw something near the bollard.

GOD sai David has it HIV he caught it from the white woman and she knew she had she went after him because David liked ME.

Earlier I heard David "There is hope."  More than hope it is immunity as well.

GOD said the white woman is a dirty whore that is why she caught it.

GOD said you sent people after ME HE took them out.

Now send them after her lets see if GOD will take them out for her.

Earlier I heard a white woman who said "Lots of people love GOD why has HE made HER special?" I am the QUEEN and I am not spiteful.

David I heard to white men the ones who come after you they said they are going to take you out because they don't want you to have 50% of MY film.  GOD said I must tell you they are men you sit with.  White people are very rude.  GOD said it is jealousy.  GOD said take them out before they take you out.

GOD said I sat with him the night I got raped in the casino so he feels 50% of the film belongs to him. 

I like David he came to see ME.

GOD said HE took gum men out last night from outside of this house.

They know I am here because Davina called 999 two nights ago.  GOD said HE let her do it because of the people who came HE didn't them here.  GOD said they are only showing ME respect because they know what will happen to them.

GOD showed ME a big group of white women HE said that is "Ted" The trouble is coming from them.  They are still there.  All of them have HIV.  GOD said it was hem who sent Beyonce, she got taken out.

GOD said they are monitoring MY calls for the white woman in you team to stop ME from getting somewhere to live.  You fucking white dogs!

I don't want them to have MY cure.
Andy and I have been speaking over the phone because he is helping to get us a house to live in.

GOD said that is why HE took them all out.

GOD said HE took lots of them out yesterday night the got the mental health team involved they got taken out.  GOOD!!!

I heard close your front door! that was yesterday.  That is he right levels for the white dog!

GOD said it was her who kept trying to have MY family thrown in the houses. GOD said she called out the mental health team.  GOD said she has done a lot f spite to MY family.  Homerton mental health team.

GOD said Mariah Carrey is in the group of Ted.
GOD said it was Mariah who coxed Beyonce Knowles to come here. 

GOD said they couldn't stop the belly laughter when they learned Beyonce got murdered.

GOD said even though Beyonce was bigger than all of them in the group she wanted to get the white women's approval.

GOD said there are lots of white men in the group.  GOD said it was the white people who grassed Beyonce up to the people over here.  They said she was FAMILY.

Make them all think it's a race.  GOD said Chris Brown is family.  GOD said it was Mr Disney and his team doing it.

GOD said it was Mr Disney who took out the family he is the person with the key he gave the key to FAMILY.   GOD said John Denver is involved.

GOD said they American's are messy the left 1 William he is the person who sent gun men.

GOD said David doesn't murder anyone.  GOD said the white woman team member is the person occupying the house.

GOD said the white American's took over all of the accounts.

GOD said it was the police Barking who took control of MY computer without MY permission and stole MY songs.  GOD said they are using anti terrorist law to attack MY family.  GOD said Ilford police station are at the top of it.  Why do you do it when you know I'm going to get you!

GOD sad William is showing ME lots of respect.
GOD said Romford police are involved as well.

Jake's court case is on the 2nd of December. Bow Magistrates. 

Jake didn't pass his driving test but has another one coming up.

GOD said HE doesn't give a shit about any American Dennis is on here he and his children can go and stay in Jamaica. Drop warning first.  Just for Dennis.

GOD said t was John Denver who gave the key to Mr Disney to get into the house to murder the family he blamed it on David. 

GOD said Mr Disney and crew murdered everyone in the house took all of the accounts and left straight away.  GOD said all of the usual top names in America agreed with Mr Disney when he was doing it but are now saying they want to take him out because he brought trouble to America.

GOD said Michelle/ Jennifer Obama went in the house with her children why they got taken out.

William and Kate are here I wouldn't go.  GOD said I could people would disappear.  William was born into it.

GOD told ME Michelle's real name was Jennifer a few months ago.
William want to give ME the house. I couldn't live in it something else,

Yesterday I heard David "I'd put it there just to appreciate the art."
GOD said the American's have been stealing bits and have been calling this the bank.

Last night GOD said All of the American's get wiped out now none of MY work is out there.
This morning GOD said there are lots of black people in the churches here who are at the same respectful level as ME even MY mum she taught ME but he is looking at the spitefulness in them.  GOD said not the American's in the churches they are not the same as the black people here.

This morning GOD let ME hear the stinking white dog! "I want to see Lorraine and HER children living in a car!"
"But there are picture you can see them."
"I don't want to see picture I want to see HER and HER cildren living in a car!"
GOD said that is her level.

GOD said Mr Disney was just a worker at the Disney company he took over because he want it that is the American's.  GOD said he brought his sword whit him to be disrespectful he and his crew hacked into the people who were in the house.

GOD said she gets kicked to death like the dog that she is.

GOD said the American's do it because they look around America and think "Who can touch us?" "Little old England what can they do?" GOD said the British own America the buildings they are looking at belong to the British.  GOD said Germany and Russia back Britain.

GOD said even the Air Ports in America belongs to the family.

I was listening to one of the songs Jake was playing yesterday an American rapper "If you love me let me know if you don't then let me go!" That's mine the tango twist.  GOD said that is what Mariah Carrey did with it he mixed his tune with Adele's song never mind I'll find someone like you.  

GOD said that is why they did 911 to the American's to disrespect them the same disrespect they show.  The only thing s you didn't let them know it was to disrespect them.  How are they to learn?

"That bit is not ours."
"Why who's is it?"
"It belongs to a black woman in England but you can use it we don't care about HER!"
"What about Adele?"
"You can use Adele we got her permission."
"I'll sing what ever you give me."
It was the voice of Mariah Carrey and the black rapper.
GOD said he wanted his song to stand out everyone's songs in America sounds the same. GOD said Mariah was being spiteful.
"But what if SHE hears it?"
"SHE won't hear it all SHE listens to is old music."
"But I won't my song to be around for a long time. What if SHE hears it?"
"Your song will be around a lot longer than SHE will be we sent people to take HER and HER children out for it!"
"OK then I'll use it."

GOD said that is the white woman who gets kicked to death for the dog that she is.  The other white woman team member got put into the houses for going into the house same levels as Michelle Obama.

GOD said he get murdered for his involvement Mariah enjoys sending people to their deaths.  GOD said Mariah Carrey is very racist why she did it to Michelle Obama and Byonce Knowles and Chris brown and the others.  GOD said Faith Evens said she was not going.

GOD said Mariah is a frequent visitor on here and know the levels people are being taken out she had the Obama's taken out Mr Disney is not on her level he was just an employee.  She sent peoples families after MY family knowing they were going to get taken out she and the other white people. 

GOD said there were lots of failed attempts but she and the other kept sending them.  GOD said that group are controlling our accounts.  GOD said Hilary is in there not Bill.  But there are others on that level in there.  The Bushes. 

GOD said all of those who were involved in 911 are involved.  GOD said Bill is a piece of shit!

GOD said it was Bill he started it then walk of he set it in motion!

GOD said the family hit on the banks in 911 because of the amount of money the American's stole from us.  Dawn was made redundant she was working for the Morgan Stanley Bank.

GOD said the Americans avenged 911 they waited a long time.

Yesterday I went to the laundrette I lots of men Newham policemen from behind the cameras "You very spiteful women"  GOD said them as well they planned to make us homeless.  GOD said it Newham police who started it.  GOD said all white.

GOD said David Cameron was involved he passed a law £500 cap for MY family.  GOD said his whole cabinet was involved except for the one black man. 

GOD said Scott is going to end up in the houses because of what he tells Davina to do to us.  GOD said Scott doesn't want Davina but only let her go there to tell her what spite to do to us the white women he is involved with are telling him what to do.  GOD said Davina tells him no I heard her. 

I heard the white women 
"That's us they can trace us we are going to get taken out!"
Why are you doing it if you know?

GOD showed ME Scott on Faircross Avenue.  GOD said Scott is very spiteful why he is taken there.  GOD said they don't touch Davina.  GOD said HE is going to let all of the people out of the mental institutions they are all at the level of Davina.  She copes well. 

Davina is 98% recovered.  GOD said 96%.

Davina is very intelligent. She is very intellectual.  she likes to talk about what she is into science, police what she was studying to do Army.

GOD said Davina can be turned she doesn't spend much time any she spends a lot of time on her own.

GOD said the only reason why she didn't throw us out is because Jake shouted at her.

GOD said the reason why she is 96% recovered is because of ME.
She is not dangerous I leave the children and go laundrette but I leave Myles to do things for them.

Davina is kind she spend money she doesn't have much of on them and ME.

I don't like Davina being too stressed out why I will give her MY last but I wouldn't tell her.

I think she stayed at Scott's last night she hasn't come back yet.  Te house is cold I don't know where she keeps things.

Yesterday GOD let ME listen to young black women from the church
"SHE knows he is the Angel but yet SHE won't won't use capitals for him but uses them for HERSELF which means SHE has made HERSELF more lets try and get there first"  GOD said tat is why you are last! You stinking pieces of shit!  GOD let ME hear David speaking to them he insults them he tells them they stink.

david gets what he is given!

All over this post i give respect to those in the spiritual realms but you don't why you pushing up your stinking selves you think t's about look don't you?

GOD holds ME with high regards, your running to disrespect ME do you think HE is going to take part in the disrespect towards ME?  Your very spiteful girls why you are running up there!
I don't care about who HE chooses.  GOD said it is the black churches sending them.  Dog shit!  If you had come to Fair Cross Avenue and the car you would have seen GOD that is the Angel.

I should do some of the film today but I feel as if I'm waiting to get thrown out.

What I heard was "Don't stop sending the pretty girls." GOD would pick up a white woman before a black woman. Lots of white people on MY level in terms of non bad mindedness.  

What's the difference between ME and those black girls you keep sending?  I'm Christian.  You dogs! Your jealous!  You in the church you fools!  You can hide from a man or woman of the world but not from a man or woman of GOD.  You don't have to make yourself transparent I use a knowing.

Why don't you want ME to have him?  It's partly because I mix with a lot of white people.I

David is white.

David already know your coming.  Don't you feel shame?  Dogs! He already knows your motives.

GOD told ME it is only because it is ME and I am black why it is black it would be white.  Fucking spiteful keep sending the pretty black girls.  Every single one of them you send are spiteful bitches why they go he doesn't like spiteful girls.  He doesn't like disrespectful people why he choose brown.  He doesn't like spiteful women why it is not from the black churches.

Iv'e been given another assignment.  I'll do it because GOD told ME that is what HE wants.  GOD said that is why I am here.

I heard a black man in a black church he said "I have a house Lorraine and HER children could stay in." He was told by the black women in the church to keep quiet about it and not to get involved she is one of those sending the pretty black girls.

I should take the child up to Stratford to do some Carroll singing.  Make some money to buy some toys.  Teach them to sing for their supper.

I'm feeling fed up.
Put a piano in Stratford Centre this year just for a little bit have an open mic I bet you will find so much talent. The acoustics are good in there. It will make the centre quiet.  David you play.  Carroll's around the piano.  Mauled wine and minced pies with Santa. Create a nice setting have a fire place and sofas.  Make it like Boxing day.  Lay a nice table like Iceland's do for the advert.  Fake snow.
GOD said the white woman has run up there to sing and is behaving like it is her idea that is the disrespect of the white people.
GOD said that is what he doesn't like about them.

David I just had a funny thought.  Hand me downs one of two of MY children could wear girls clothes only because it's their size dirty faces to make feel sorry for us while I'm singing in Stratford for money.  Do you think I will make any?  The only thing I haven't got is a dog but I might be able to borrow one.  What do you think?  RSVP.

Yesterday evening I was throwing the rubbish the Angel was out side he came to see ME.  I didn't know he was the Angel.  GOD said the white omen at Westfield don't want to tell the men where I am because they have a cheque for ME from all of the different Governments for the HIV cure.  They have been warned to to approach ME for any money.  

GOD said some will spite ME some won't I help the won't's.  If it will help the wills I won't.  Stinking dogs!

GOD said Scott has been showing Davina a lot of disrespect pissing on her walls having sex with the white women who told Scott to go with her why he doesn't want her.  GOD said the white women and Scott are trying to get Davina put into the houses why the y told Scott to invite her over why the white women and Scott are going in the houses.  GOD said HE took all of the people who were due to take Davina into the houses Scott sends her home when he learns he is going into the houses but he is still going in Davina doesn't.

Tonight I heard Scott "If I am going in Davina is coming in with me!"  GOD said you have not reached Davina's level, and the only reason why your are going in the house next door to where we have just moved from is because you tried to put Davina in it.  Same levels.   GOD said you and the white women are going to get your spite order.  Beasts!

GOD said the white spite are being warned if they try to get money from Andy or MY family they are going to get murdered. GOD said Scott knows about the cheque why he was being spiteful and has been trying to put Davina through the houses.

GOD said the American's are the only one who don't want to put money into the pot for the HIV cure why they will get wiped out.  GOD said t is because they don't want to pay. 

GOD said they want ME to attend a meeting to tell everyone the cure at the same time.  I'll come with MY family MY children but for the big ones to come you will have to show something.  It is only because I don't tell them anything and they won't believe ME.

An invitation or something.  I don't want to meet in Westfield.  Do it at a hotel or somewhere less busy.

GOD said the white men and women there would use the chemicals because the are wild dogs.  HE said they would go after Sapphire to be spiteful.  GOD said HE would change HIMSELF into a real man and take them all out.

GOD said those at Westfield would tell you where we were because they won't want ME to have the cheque.

GOD they were looking around for Davina's house when I happened to go outside to throw rubbish.

GOD said she has HIV and needs the cure.
GOD said they said they will pay for he cure so that she can have it but that is all she can have.  Don't break the bank OK.  Thank you. 

GOD said the only people I help are on shit street.  Even if those who put ME on shit street were on shit street they can stay on it.

Last night I herd people shouting "what did YOU think of the Angel?"
He is Jew.  I was thinking he's nice looking he looked smartly dresses why is he there maybe he is waiting for someone, then again why is he there is he carrying a gun I'd better go inside quickly.

The Angel was nice he smiled at ME and said hello I smiled said hello and asked him if he was OK he said yes then started to walk off.

GOD said HE wants you to be gentle with ME when you come to speak to ME.

Last nigh GOD told ME and showed ME a group of white women spoke to Scott's friend a group of white people and told them to put Davina through the houses.  GOD said Scott's group only just found out about the houses.

GOD let ME listen to a group of white women and white men 
"Does everyone agree to stop it?"
"We agree!"
"Everyone is in agreement.  Lets go."
GOD said they want to stop ME from getting the money they are all British.

GOD said hurt them to even have to use MY cure because that is all they are getting.
I want those who want to reach ME to safe guard themselves.  GOD said it was Westfield.

I heard her"We are not having that!" GOD said they know there is a cheque.   GOD said she knows it is from all the different governments bounced into one cheque.  But the amount must not be disclosed that is what hurt her.

GOD said it is the Westfield people who keep making all of the trouble every time it dies down they start to make calls again.  GOD said they drag everyone into it.

The cure is a cure like any cure going onto the market it has nothing to do with anyone either you want to take it or not.  The business side of it has nothing to do with anyone our there apart from those who are marketing the product.  I heard the white people speaking "White people are showing themselves up!"

Briely just made ME laugh in their video I thought he said "And the precious Ruby!" He told ME he didn't say that he said and the vicious Ruby.

GOD said they just said take Lorraine Rees and HER family out straight after SHE gives the cure out to us.  GOD said they want to get their money back!  Fuck off ! GOD said HE is going to take out all those who will try to take ME or MY family out.  Start taking them out!

GOD said she the stinking dog is from the Middle East.  I saw her shaking. Make sure you get her cheque first!
I am going to disclose the amount to make sure it is the right amount I want to see everyone's cheque!

Trillions each!  Cough up!
GOD said William got taken out for trying to take HIM out I want Queen's house and I am not paying for it the British have to pay for the cure as well!

I'll do the conference from the comforts of MY home QUEEN'S HOUSE!

I hate the British.

GOD said Kate got murdered with William but after their children are not Royalty they will go into an orphanage somewhere in there they will get taken out because of what they do in there.   GOD said all of the people working at the orphanage are white.  GOD said that is why they didn't take out the children.

I heard someone who said "I want mine back!" She was told she cannot have it.  GOD said they have already touched the pot.

I haven't told you how I want to be paid yet gold.  I don't want Indian gold.

GOD said the British is pretending MY HIV has something to do with them.  Let them give you the cure then!

GOD said all of the gold is going to be tested.

I heard the white British "It's for HERSELF." Yes it is a personal business deal and....?

GOD said a lot of German's are going to get taken out they were doing the collecting.
GOD said they collected trillion and the cheque they have for ME is for millions.  Are they crazy to think I would give away the HIV cure for pennies?

GOD said the German's are still here Westfield!

I'm on the Portway in Stratford E15 near the park.  It's a bit rude to give out someone else's address.  But they are taking the piss!

I tell GOD to let you murder ME and MY family if I didn't have the HIV cure.

GOD said the American are coming.  The quicker you get ME MY house the quicker we can do deals your being eaten alive remember that.  It is because of the amount of disrespect why I don't care.

I want what the cure is worth "Life!" 

GOD said there are lots of people on here from the different countries just sitting down.  Contact your government tell them about the cure point them onto here.

GOD said the white woman at Westfield knows she is going to get taken out.  Because of the white fraudulent behaviour.

I like white gold.

GOD said it was the Westfield crew who contacted Scott's group who were not white spite but spiteful because Scott was wit a black woman, and told them to put Davina in the houses.

GOD said it like what the other group of white women did to Andy. GOD said that is the white woman.

GOD aid a the white woman was cupping and dipping her stinking hands in the 
stinking fur cup she said "I the white woman will tell the black woman what SHE can have!"  Is it?

GOD said it was the Angels cheque he wrote out for ME she and her crew took it but he cancelled it.  That is why William went after him. 

GOD said a man on here who has HIV is calling up all of the governments in every country he said he is not waiting for the individuals to speak to their country.  I would like to meet him.

GOD said Scott's white women friends went themselves to get Davina to take to the houses.
"Haven't they come back yet?"
"No."  Shame!  GOD said a lot of people are laughing.  Good dotty white giyal!

GOD said that is why HE brought ME hear to take them out dogs!

The Sudbury house is a scam so we are desperately looking for a house.

I heard the white women "We are thinking of the families."  I am thinking of MINE!
GOD said the Angel doesn't come back because of the white woman they have gone after him she and the white man.

GOD said he is the only one who has shown ME respect.

GOD said the white women get beaten in the house for stinking!
We have been here too long.

GOD said the Irish woman gets people to take out the tenants she doesn't come over here that was MY assignment. 

GOD said the white woman just likes the deposit. Some of the people at Air B&B will do it for her because they get paid some won't.

When she is about to close a deal someone at Gum tree tells her to take away the add.  GOD said the man who wrote he went all the way Scotland to give someone the keys the person didn't show up him as well.

GOD said so far it is all white people which they have murdered.

GOD said it is her family who does the murders £900.00 a month all bills included for a four bedroom house in London plus DSS welcome?  Come on!

In the mean while what do I do?

GOD said HE was going to take out the IRA they are doing the murders.
Andy won't part with the cash.  GOD said it is Andy who they want to murder. But Andy is helping so HE won't let them take Andy out why he is still here and why William got taken out.  

GOD said it is because I am HIS friend.

Davina did come back today but I think she has gone back to Scott's.

They have put that restriction on MY computer again.  GOD said the white woman said the black woman goes on what we tell her to go on.  There are 7 lap tops in here.

David your a friend you move in the house with ME and MY family to help.  I need some help now! 

GOD showed ME the white woman this morning she was getting taken into the houses.  They can't touch you.  GOD said there was a big group of them getting taken into the houses.   White women and white men.

By now there are probably holes in their skulls. GOD said HE took out Scott's group of friends because that was their level.  GOD sad that white woman was dragged across the ground by her hair as she was being taken.  This makes the black woman very happy.
"There are holes already we can't let them go."  This makes ME feel content.

GOD said that is why he doesn't come back.  

That's funny.

David GOD said it is their own fault why the houses are still going they left them running to take MY family out in the Westfield crew.

GOD said after David got taken out they were going to see if they could take out the men in the houses and tat white woman jumped in and said she wanted to take the houses over to see if she could get Lorraine Rees and HER family taken out in them because we lived next door.  GOD said David knows.

GOD said David showed them a bit of respect but she talked down to them like they were dog shit, It's severe for them.

GOD said the only people who get put in the house are the ones who have put people in the houses.  GOD said they were just about to take out MY family the men in there but HE didn't want to take them out HE wanted to see them in there so HE let her throw ME out out of frustration because we were still here.

GOD said that white woman has put a lot of families in there.

GOD said that is the stinking voice woman.  GOD said they are her family they don't care so why should you?.
The white women don't really care they just want to make something of it get the white men to do something she is a dog!  Go on then!

Ryan went to stay with his friend but the friend didn't open the door tonight.
That is why I'm not going to help anyone.

Jake is with his cousin tonight.

GOD let ME listen to the Newham white women planning "Lets wait until SHE gets comfortable in he house SHE likes to do up HER houses SHE spends a lot of money on them they we will rip the Ikea rug from under her feet!  I'll say that's mine!"

Your all dirty stinking diseases you need ME the black woman.  Waiting like dogs for MY cure the black woman's cure!  If you want it you are going to have to pay the black woman for it.

I'm not disrespectful I'd still give the friend something for the help he has given Ryan.

Dogs to vomit that is what you are!  Your all dog shit!  David give ME cheque I'll let them die!  Mi nor care about the ugly IKEA rug!  Keep it to keep you warm as you are being taken by the HIV.

I've got the whole world in MY hands the black woman like it was in the beginning. So shall it be in the end for you!  You pieces of dog shit!

GOD said everyone is looking down on ME when it is ME who should be looking down on them with the HIV.

Start looking down on your dirty selves irresponsible whore that is why you have it! Nasty dirty stinking that is how you caught HIV!!

People in di church are going to pay! I'm going to take your wages I hate you!

Obama can come in.  Lets punish the dirty stinking evil people.

Barak Obama GOD said your family were tricked into going into the house by the white people all of the black people were tricked it was fun and games.

There are only 2 people I will except help from Barak and David.

White people are all fucking paedophile they don't control themselves yet they want to control black people fucking dogs!  They've got the cheek to look down on ME?

Not even dogs sex up dead dogs!
White people are the nastiest people on the earth because of the necrophilia. 

GOD said the white woman told Ryan's friend to let him in.  His friend called and he went over there.  I'm going to teach the white woman not to get involved in other peoples business. The white woman needs to learn how to control herself.

GOD said the white people old your family Michelle tat she was invited lots of invitation that is why they went in there.

GOD said as soon as they went in they were hacked into.  No rapes. They were kept somewhere first.

GOD said your family Barak were treated differently.

GOD said David showed disrespect by coming here and not leaving the cheque Barak Obama sent him to ring because he liked what the white woman said to him because he is a white man.

I heard "Tell Barak Obama."
"That's HER own you girls do as we tell you to do." It's a bit late now.

Barak GOD showed ME something the German's were doing to the food they are sending out to America and black countries putting anthrax in it.

They walked off and didn't do it then turned back again even here.

GOD said they went to India and returned with big containers full of anthrax they cleared the shelves and asked for more.

Some of the white women.  "We agree with Lorraine but if we were to help HER and HER family the other white women would take us and our families out the told us."

Iv'e got a handle on the area manager his name is Mike. Am I right or wrong? I don't think I ever caught your name.

GOD said that was who was outside Mike and the black people why David ran down here to deter them.  GOD said David is going in the houses.

Barak Obama said he sent David with the cheque so that I could box down David and David could box ME down. Charming!  I was because I threw down Mike.
GOD said David got taken from outside the front that night.

GOD said it is Doreen who get slapped in the house Mike tell her he doesn't want her but she tries to kiss him he breaks her nose. 

GOD said she is told she is not allowed to go out because of the rain.

"That's it we are going to use the underground tunnels!"  GOD said that is where they get taken out.

GOD said different people are fighting for different reasons.  GOD said it is because of what they have been doing.  GOD said that is why there are no white people they have all gone underground.

GOD said that is what the white people did to black people made them love them but they don't love the black people.

You better start stocking up on what is in the shops it lasts for a year.
GOD said the white woman caused it the murdered MY family.  GOD said even Whitney Huston's daughter was tricked the white people wanted all of the black people on display torn down from the display.  GOD said it was because she was jealous both of them him as well.

GOD said MY sister doesn't show any disrespect because I told her.

The white women involved keep saying they don't care while the white man is gently speaking to her.  She will care later.

GOD said it is the African army down in the tunnels.  Mind the entrances they will blow it!  Paper plates..... Plastic bowls.

One year after the bombs are dropped Russia and Germany.
GOD said they are going to tell ME not to take it up.  It's MINE you back off! We will let you wipe yourselves out!

GOD said it was Barak Obama who help Ryan even though he twist up his face.  He wasn't upset wit Ryan...

GOD said it's the trouble makers who go underground they have the keys.   I feel sorry for some of the white people "We are going to need lots of water make sure everything is air tight"  "Lets get some IKEA jars."
Power cuts. Lots of baby wipes Huggie are the best.
Sterilising tablets Milton 2 Bandages.... Powdered milk.  You can't flush the toilet.  Dig a hole.  Air tight bags.  
GOD said HE is waiting for ME to tell her again HE is going to put a dome over the black peoples houses. 

GOD said the white woman called for war yesterday I heard a white man "It's war!"

GOD said black people can flush their toilet he will clean what goes in and out, like the anthrax they put in they put in the house in Barking for ME an MY family to walk into. 

GOD said the white woman worker at Westfield who called for war is getting taken out in the houses they know but the still cause war.

GOD said it is the other white women who say they want war because the white worker was thrown in the house.  They don't care about them they care about the ship.  GOD said it was her who organised Barak Obama's family murders.  GOD said it was David who did it the one who was stood up outside this house. GOD told ME before I left the house there is a book inside the house with the blinds Barak Obama finds it.  It has everyone in there things are documented because the white woman likes to write things down.   I didn't write about it.

I just saw a white man he turned from ME.  White shit!  He was there paedophile.   GOD said there are tapes as well.  GOD said a picture is taken of everyone who visits the houses a profile is built up on them.

GOD said they would keep Michelle's body in there for long.  GOD said Barak Obama knows it wasn't Andy even though he was being blamed.

Barak Obama I would tell the white dogs give ME credit.  Lots I don't tell them.  Thins I know is going to happen to them.  I might tell just before to hurt them.

Back in the other house GOD let ME hear you call for you troops.  I din't tell them.

Barak I long for the days of when they are going to get murdered.

Barak how could I put them before MY children.  I don't know who is who but I heard that David say "SHE doesn't know who I am tat was a decoy." That man who came was not the man I bump into.  If any of them liked ME they would have helped ME a long time ago they are all dogs!  

A dotty house with anthrax.

I meant it I don't want nothing which comes from the white woman's womb.  It's either GOD or a black man.
GOD told ME Michelle know about MRSA in dead bodies she took the mutilated arm which she severed and rubbed it all along the walls and banister.  The painted over the blood on the walls and wiped only the blood you could see.

There is a lot of hate in the white woman's heart for the black woman why they don't give it a second thought to join white spite.  That is why I hate her.

Dirty stinking dirty white girl who came with the Marshall group.  GOD told ME what she was thinking like Debbie's daughter "I don't like that black woman I don't like HER colour."  GOD said the others were fixed but the white woman cannot be fixed it is in her.  Even she has HIV.

GOD said they are all getting taken out their families are involved.
She was about 7.

You plan to lynch MINE
I listening "Move our children out the way."  Don't worry the bomb will do that!

GOD sowed ME a white woman yesterday and said she was going to start sending paedophiles after Ruby because in the video Briely said Ruby is precious.  GOD said she is going to get murdered along with her family.  The white men let the white women do what they feel like doing to the black woman.

GOD said she is Westfield crew member.

GOD said  Barak Obama doesn't know if I can be trusted.  GOD trusts ME.   GOD said it was because I gave the children a £1 and their families murdered his family.  I didn't know that until a few moments ago.

GOD said I was cleaner than that girl who came to the door with her mother.  GOD said a lot of different diseases came to the front door that door that night event the mothers.   GOD said the little girls hole was as wide as her mothers.  GOD said she knows the white men who do it to her but she don't hate white her mother was growing her up like herself.

GOD said those mother came to MY door with their children for trouble hence the MRSA scare.  GOD sowed ME the mother shouting and trying to get sympathy "She s getting picked on because SHE wrote that about her."  GOD said the little white girl who is picking on her from the group you were with has HIV as well.  I told you that!  GOD said they are the reason why HE let the white woman throw ME out they were coming after ME the families once again HE didn't want to take them out they HE wanted to see them and their children thrown in the houses and said that is the correct level for them like Barak Obama's family and children and wife.

GOD said the Rice woman kept calling Michelle Jacky why they lied and said I was there. You have the tapes and books.  
I'd never throw MYSELF down onto that level.

GOD said they start trouble with black people all of the time but the other black people turn and walk away but not ME why the all joined in and won't stop.  I don't care I will go the distance.  Not one white person is better than ME. Apart from GOD.  HE is only coloured in.  MI have fi ask why HIM do dat to HIMSELF.

GOD said I am shouting in the house because of Mike I am with HIM.

GOD said Barak Obama told Mike to come but Mike only came because the white woman said he can come.   GOD said his family is protected same levels as MINE.

GOD said the dirty stinking white rat is trying to keep ME away from HIM she is trying to control what goes on in the house.

"SHE is not my level"
GOD said he will stay there but won't talk to ME why he is not MY level.  I'll stay on a different floor I don't like spite.  GOD said I am HIS wife I have not hidden it.

David said he didn't do nothing that is why he sent the decoy because the decoy did something he was part of the crew.

GOD and I are multi cultural HE is white and I am black jut the way the British likes to see it.  perhaps that is why HE did it to HIMSELF to tailor to the British needs.  They hate everyone who is not white but they put their foot in their mouths and now the have got to keep up appearances they will give you a good kicking behind doors later.  They are pieces of site why I am not going to drive out the Asians or control the Indian immigration who they white people let set up over here.

GOD David didn't show any disrespect he called ME out to empty the bin so that Mike couldn't say he didn't know which house I was in and even let ME empty the bin with the right flat number on it so that they couldn't say they didn't know which flat bell to press.  Barak Obama thinks the sun sine from his backside because of Mikes looks. GOD said Mike look at the cheque Mike is spiteful. 

GOD said HE would have put tat protection on him like what HE put on MY family if he came and wasn't sent by the white man but E won't waist that protection on him.  GOD said Mike likes his own way if he doesn't get what he want he sulks and becomes spiteful. 

GOD said Mike was the person who stopped the cheque from reaching ME some of the other black people who was with him as well.   GOD said that is what hurt the white woman HIM making ME IS wife.

"Just tear it open I'm not letting HER have it!"  Mike.  GOD said HE doesn't want Mike in the house e can come but stay in MY family section he is like MY brothers and sisters.

GOD said Mike was listening to someone in Westfield that night a white man white spite who told him to put the man that came into the house.  GOD said that is the decoy. GOD said the man I heard saying I don't know him was the man who came outside to stand up.  But was telling David he showed go because I know his face.  The man who walked down the Romford road and down MY brothers street.  GOD said he kept coming to take ME out!  Murder ME.  GOD said it was the man with the short trousers who called the man outside a decoy.  GOD said HE didn't want David there short trousers out side he would have used his gun.  GOD said he is gay why he wears those type of trousers.

GOD said because they tried to put the man outside in the houses he took some of them out but left Mike. GOD said Mike behaves like the white women.  HE told ME that weeks ago.  GOD said it was the man who stood up outside's cheque.  They took ages to deliver they were given the address the white woman said just off the portway to help with an excuse.

GOD said it as the time wasting why the man who wrote out the cheque to ME came down on this road to show them which house it was after looking on camera from the Tower at them ripping open the envelope and trying to stick it back.  

Sorry about that David I got lots of bit of conversations like a puzzle, but I'm good at fixing them.

I got "Decoy" That's it! "David showed disrespect" I take it you are not David. I got "Black people at the corner" "I'm going to have to take some of them out they want to throw me in there. I'm just letting you know.  I'm not going to tell YOU who they are "  Bara Obamas team.

I start writing from a knowing I find something out it doesn't make sense I re write. 
I don't want to incriminate anyone.

I hate typing why I refer to people as man out side for example because I am tired I'd rather shorten it than leave you to get taken out for something you didn't do because I wrote it wrong.

GOD said the white women are saying they didn't shout war.  They did Germany and Russian are preparing for war.
"Don't bother asking HER not to sit on it bomb the shit!" Russian and German men talking together .

GOD said HE will take you and your bombs together!
You are obviously uneducated I wrote about the suicidal bomber in South Woodford.  

"Lets not bother waiting for HER to sit down lets bomb the house now she can have the bricks."  GOD said the white women said bomb straight away they army's contemplated.  I saw them jump in a fighter plane yesterday which meant nothing to ME.  GOD said HE took them all out.  

I just saw a white blond man in a blue type Jesus robe.  He was looking at MY picture and smiling talking to others in robes.  

"If it looks too shameful we can say it was the church section in HER script"                 

I just saw a torso the body of a young black man GOD said te are turning on black people HE is going to start taking out white people before they do it to any of the black people.

GOD said the white women kept the endtimemessage from the Russian and German army.

Good I'm glad dog shit like that got taken out running because they heard black woman.

That is how you take nuclear weapons away.

GOD save the house it is ours it was before.

GOD said that is the families the white women felt sorry for she tried to turn it like it was the black who started the war.  GOD said it was her.

Who cares about their families they were all jeering them out to bomb the house where MY family lives because we are black.  They were given pin pointed locations.  Fuck them!  Don't worry the black torso wasn't MY son MY son don't wear black briefs.

Mike.  Mike came to do the job for the white woman.  Sell out it was the disrespect why it happen e was spiteful that's why.  GOD said the hit men did it other black men.

I'm glad it wasn't ME who called him own this time.  GOD said it was his first time down these sides of London. Well what did he expect these are big people he was ramping with.  Brack Obama is upset about his family he isn't going to tolerate white spite doing blatant site to his family.  He should have been more sensitive. 

Blame the white woman she sent him to do it for her.  He was fucking rude. Someone sends you do  give something and you agree it has nothing to do with you what is in it just give it.  GOD said e volunteered his services to do spite for the white woman he did what she told him to do. But it was the same behaviour as his.

GOD said the biggest disrespect for us it the black man doing it to the black woman for the white woman.  Oh! We'll kill a man for less than that! It is time to start teaching black people to be loyal to their own like white people are loyal to their own.

Barak it's time to take our black people back from the white people there is slave ownership going on.

GOD said even though the black man is shouting your not doing it here he knows he talks about it with his black friends!  shut the fuck up slave baby!!!  Mi know wha gwan!

GOD said the family felt you showed disrespect for coming to this country and stopping the black girl and other black people from getting murdered they feel they own the black people in this country ad they have to do as they are told.  Why they grouped themselves to fight ME secretly it is the mentality which you see.

GOD just showed ME the man who I bumped into he didn't want to take ME out he is hacking up white people.  He helped ME. He is not gay that is what they say about him he like the style. Nice ass!  You can wear it!

I need to tidy up maybe I'll get sleep later.

GOD said the white woman only told Mike about things I had written and didn't tell him the web address.  Someone in Westfield a man paid Mike to come in and murder ME why HE did want him outside the front of this house.  GOD said that is why he opened te cheque he never intended to give it to ME.  Barak Obama.  GOD said even though his family were murdered and he say he doesn't want the ship he is fighting for it. GOD said it was Barak Obama's men who took Mike out to cover up what he was asked to do. 

Barak Obama GOD said that is why HE let it happen to you.  I am HIS chosen yet you show no respect for HIM. HE is King HE is GOD HE deserves the best HE is a man and HE is not gay.

GOD made everything all of the elements it's HIS.

If GOD chose someone else I would still love HIM with everything within ME HE is GOD I admire HIM so much HE should be worshipped.  That is why I insult you all dogs!

I don't care if HE doesn't want ME I got beat up tat is why you did it.  But HE would rather be on HIS own.  I'd rather HE pick up a black woman you made the black women start. Stinking dog!  I wanted to put it there!  Because I am not worthy! That is praise. 

I enjoy using this gift for GOD.

I don't want anything from HIM.  I need a house same as what I would ask for in church if I was in this situation.

I know which one HE is the one I bumped into.

Well I mean don't get MY wrong I can find a man make up.  I got chatted up a few day ago I avoid going to the shop late men look.

I should have told him off but laugh with him so that next time I can dis him and e will laugh and leave ME alone.

You forget don't you look how long I have been out for?  He is harmless.  He was just trying his luck.  I was thinking I don't belong down here on theses streets they're ruff. 
He said he wants a good woman I was was thinking I bet you had a good woman. 

I was think I bet you've got HIV.

I was think I'm not you class, please don't. You must not judge book by it's cover. I'm not you class because of what I have been writing. I'm out of touch with your behaviour I wouldn't fit in with your friends.  haven't you got someone waiting for you at home I just got out of the shower I want to sit down.  I'm too old for this OK your old as well but.. we are not the same let ME go.

They were being as good as gold.  One of his Asian friends stated putting vegetable from outside the shop into MY bag.  I told him to stop but he kept coming back with more. I was thinking why ME?
they were drinking he was mixed race.

All the things I would have said to his face a little while ago.

I heard the white women yesterday Should I go down there make trouble for HER there aren't any camera's down on that street."
"How do you know?"
"Because I used to work at Stratford police station years ago when I first started."

GOD said they are from Barking police station.

GOD said they went into the shop
"I won't to the black shop."
"SHE bought all of our ready meals!"
"Which ones?"
I saw him he flew down the isle to the freezer he told her off.
"Don't come back into this shop SHE is a good customer."
"I will come back into this shop I am a police woman want to see MY badge take a good look at it, it's real it is not fake you will do as I tell you!"
"I want you to tell me ow much SHE spends every time SHE comes in or if SHE is speaking to any men especially if they are white.  Do you hear me?"
"SHE was talking to my friends outside the shop the other night"
"What colour is he?"
"Mixed race I'm not interested in him.  SHE has HIV the cure only in my colour white."

"I don't want you to tell anyone I came in hear just keep an I on HER, tell me everything SHE does and you will be OK I'll keep coming in to check to see what you have to tell ME about HER. Don't tell anyone or I'll bring others men am I making myself clear?"

"Loud and clear."

GOD said the other one stayed in the police car.

GOD said the men at Westfield who took Michelle and her family out are very interested in this.

GOD said they murdered the cab men who dropped us here when we left Barking.

I heard a white policeman he is vexed she said it's obsession she was trying to speak for the two white police women who came here and started trouble "I don't care their obsession has nothing to do with HER!" He waked out.  Where has he gone?

"Obsession?  Sounds as if your it it as well!"  Break her fucking beak!!!

He broke her nose don't touch him!  It happened here.  Call Westfield if you have any problems.

She doesn't want to have touched the mixed race man!  I haven't seen him.   He owns two of the car spares shops on this road opposite each other.  

He told ME he as a child and the mother is there. Ne said if I needed anything come to him I wouldn't go for car part but I'd pay.

GOD said the guys in the shop are blaming themselves not ME they said to much because of their jealousy. GOD said what they told her she went and checked his bank balance.
"He could help HER!"

"The men are starting to turn on us we will have to do it secretly let the rest of the girls know everything has to be top secret." 

GOD said his friend was jealous why he tried to show him up buy putting things into MY bag as an insult to ME as if to say I was after his money.  His friend said he will pay for anything for you he is nice.  GOD came and said he is nice if you could see what he would do for YOU I won't show you because of what is going to happen to him. Right here it happens as you shut the front door they do it to him.  Oh.  I have put a delay on it I don't want YOU to come back out tonight because of who is lurking.

She promised them the accounts if they did it. Why they did it.  Oh MY GOD.
GOD said they are now a team and are taking out his family that is what they from Barking started in Newham but it stops when it get to YOU, YOU are related to him.  Emily knows him.   GOD said he was related to ME on MY dads side.  GOD said even the Jamaican man who help to do it is going to fall he is connected.

They don't want to go South East.

GOD said even the 2 men inside of the shop re involved.  He hid the body in the back of the shop.  Like Barking.

"Do you want us to murder HER ad HER children for you?"
"No we just want you to watch HER tell us what SHE is doing!"

GOD said even the people across the road who hang out outside the pub knows what happened to him. Why they stop and look at ME when I go past. 

GOD said lots of people were jealous of him because he paid for all the round when he went into the pub they said he was showing off but he was just kind tat is how your family that side behave.  GOD said it is the KINGSHIP line.

I jut remember all ways thinking about people I felt sorry for people as far as I can remember and giving MY last.

GOD said he knew I was in trouble why he offered he said his spirit told him he described her Davina was MY daughter and I was staying in her small place he said she is his friend but there was nothing there why he was talking to ME.

GOD said someone from Westfield sent the 2 police women down there.  The man who stood outside he is obsessed with ME.
He will try to take you out the one with the short trousers.  GOD old ME. GOD said he works in the same office as you mind the scissor he throws them at you because I complimented you. 
Why ME? I said he was nice looking.

"You stupid girls to go down there after Lorraine and HER family what got into you?"
"I was David Westfield well that's what everyone calls him e threatened us he said if we didn't he would send people after us to take us out and our families.  Do you think we want to go down there?  We think e should leave HER alone."  GOD said David doesn't want to help ME stops people from helping ME and MY family.  He is very spiteful sick mentally that is his level. 

GOD said he put lots of people out there to stop ME having anything and he hates ME.  He was nice outside.  I thought he had a cute nose. What wrong wit you David you ave seen ME at the bar why didn't you talk to ME?

David you make a lot of trouble in MY family for MY family can't you behave yourself?  I would have thought you would be to busy to think about ME. 

Can't you buy a piano for Westfield?

David I won't come to Westfield to sing for you because of how you made ME feel about MYSELF. Your hurting MY turtles.  I only saw you for the first time the other night GOD doesn't usually let ME see your face.  I hurt about that mixed race man.   I can look after MYSELF.

I don't want you causing trouble with him in there they will take you out. Lots of people respect you why you are still here.  Every time there's trouble your name is mentioned.  I didn't say the love you.  But I did once I had a soft spot for you but you killed it.

I thought he's nice I didn't know it was you your a little fucker!
My life is in a mess again you don't care do you?

I wonder what you were like as a child.  David I need to tidy up I haven't slept yet.

David has special need that's why I had a soft spot for you.

Something GOD said yesterday and showed ME an old white woman in her house doing making calls to letting agencies and gum tree and places like that pretending to be interested in houses anywhere making appointments so that MY family and I can't find anywhere GOD said there are a lot of people doing it.  

There are a couple of nice Russian men who want the cure and would take anyone out for ME.  Don't touch them I think it's David being nice.  He is not being spiteful.

GOD said David got Scott to have Davina over to give us some space.  He had Scott's flat bugged so that he could monitor Davina's mental health he keeps laughing at her sense of humour. He hasn't bugged in her because I write.

David Davina's sense of humour is off key it's funny it makes sense. 

David is not mentally ill.  He is nice.

David put that song on for ME Christina Agueleia-Beautiful I think it's called that.

I heard someone who said "Most people would ask for buildings why does SHE want gold?"
I want the gold so that I can put t back where it came from in Africa on the dome.   It's disrespectful to have stripped it from the people there.

David I need to get out of Davina's space can you help?

David was fuming yesterday he could believe people on Benefits were on such a low amount and said each family is going to be given £1000,00 each week to live on.   I happy with that amount. Even if you work as long as you have a family and have a low income you can get it.

Davina is being really nice she made ME a cup of tea but I don't want to take up her space.

Andy and I had an £79000,00 income for a year after tax it was low with the amount of children we had we were fixing our house and were paying for a car we ran out of money each month. 

David Davina bought ME flowers ah no vase those.  I'm going to view a house on Friday Edmonton. 

There is nothing wrong with ME.  I'm listening to men and women 
"What's wrong with HER"
"SHE has only been with Andy, they took blood from Andy at the Newham General hospital he didn't have HIV "
I don't have spots I wash.  A tiny skin tag on the joint of MY leg and a mole I don't have HIV.  Go away I don't sleep around I'm fussy.  My motto "Not because I don't have a man it doesn't mean I want any man!" I have a mole inside the flap but it is a sign of beauty.  It's been there for years.

Yesterday morning GOD told ME I can eat from the pizza shop on church street but not from the chicken shop next door the 2 white police women from Barking police station went in there and did spite they gave them thing to put in the food.  GOD said it was the police behind the cameras in Newham who called Barking police station to do the spite.  GOD said those are the two women thrown in the houses who asked what they did wrong.  GOD said David told they would get murdered if they spited MY family or I.   

GOD said it was the 2 white women who came to Newham to do spite to ME and were the same two who had the sanitary towel sprayed with HIV that was supposed to only go to Barking but because white people are spiteful they have been sent every where.  GOD aid they are the same two who murdered the corner shop owner in the shop.  GOD said they bought their way out of the houses by showing the paedophiles next door to where I lived the end time message and MY daughters full address.  GOD said they still get murdered.   

GOD said the paedophiles are showing ME respect why they are still here.

Day before yesterday GOD told ME Barak Obama or Bram which his friends and family calls him gave permission for his wife who he was fed up of and his daughters who had HIV which they caught from the body guards who sexually abuse them when Bram first went in office to take his family out in the same way he took out other peoples families.  Because he did the same things.  GOD said Barak Obama was drunk when the team asked if they could take out his family and made him sign a contract. 

GOD said Barak Obama is a very evil. While his family were being taken out he sat drinking to forget it was happening but went to the houses where it was happening
"Bram look what they did to us!"
"Mr Disney bought his sword in here and used it on my family?"
GOD said Barak Obama murdered Mr Disney straight away and got people to take out his whole family and it was the Rice woman who did it to Barak Obama's family.  GOD said Barak Obama cannot go back to America because of what he did to Mr Disney and his children who were here why he is sitting down in Westfield doing paedophilia.

GOD said Barak Obama let them do his children because they had HIV. 
"It's OK take my family out use the gun."  GOD said Barak Obama was still drunk but knew what was happening.

GOD said Barak Obama took out Mike because he couldn't stand the competition the family came to London to look for him they are getting taken out now in Westfield.

GOD said the whole world is on the little girl because she is pretty but had HIV she had sex with someone who had it.
Mikes body was thrown in the lock.  Canningtown. Check to see if Mikes DNA is on Bram.

GOD told ME David left Westfield and came these sides why he was outside because they brought children into Westfield.  Bram and David who carry the music boxes with bodies in them.

GOD said Michelle was never in the house with the brown blinds Barak Obama already knows.  GOD said because Barak Obama no longer had a family he did want anyone else to have a family because he is very spiteful.  GOD said Barak Obama doesn't care about his family I wrote nice things to him  "What does SHE think goes on on this level?"  It was because I said GOD is not gay HE was with David box boy.  They split up the other night why HE came box boy took part in the paedophilia because there is an HIV cure.

David there is a reason why your spirit with ME HE cannot go in you!

GOD said the next spite is the white women are going to see if they can throw Davina out of her flat for being in breach of the tenancy agreement because she let us stay.

Oh yes David text messages are going around to up the spite because we are getting picked up white men and women are involver.  A woman then a woman then a man.  "Call the Gaylord."  We ordered food from there yesterday evening.

"Don't be silly we cannot call them we have to go there." The 2 white women police Barking station.
"Yes but we are GCHQ we can wipe any call."
"We don't trust anyone not even you." GOD said they went there after our food was delivered.
GOD said they murdered the boss because of the way he told them off.  

GOD said the man who got murdered was the friend a raspiest who wanted to rape ME not the man Chris who stops ME and chat to ME Chris didn't do it.  They know he was a rapist and knew he would have raped ME why they murdered him.   GOD said all of them have HIV down there but don't know if I have it or not but show respect.  Chris said he uses girls who see him by appointment and said come and see him. I didn't go out there now he knows I don't have HIV. 

GOD said it was the Asian's who took out the rapist for ME he was coming after ME.
"Your not touching HER SHE is posh! SHE is clean SHE just washed HER hair!" 

GOD said Mike didn't come down here it was Barak Obama and his team who opened the envelope with the cheque Mike was there with them.  GOD said the black people who were on the road were the people who stand outside of the pub and shops a few hundred metres up the road.  David was wearing a grey suite outfit trousers and waist coat I think he is tall. HE said he walked down along the street  so that they could see him and stood outside of Davina's so that they could see him.  David Westfield.

Please we need to go...  David!


The water went cold Jake asked if she could put the emergency on he was in the shower she went and got gas but they were arguing like the last time.  I button MY lips.

I have no glasses we are staying at the Viking hotel

GCHQ blocked MT bank account I cannot get cash out of MY account Ryan is going to pay for the other room when he finishes work later, Jake paid for this room.  Andy put the money in MY account but some one pressed the fraud button. "SHE knows it was us."
GOD said because I told Andy it was GCHQ over the pone and told him I was going to put it on here they are going to leave Ryan's account alone.

We went to the laundrette because Davina started packing our things GOD said it is Scott and the white women.  She asked us to all go out I went launderette in case she threw everything out on the street.  When we got back she wouldn't open we were outside for about an hour ringing, knocking at the window.  She was there her phone lit up.  GOD told ME she turns her back on us but turns back  because there is a cheque.  GOD said it is the white women.  Davina is bad.  That is a big chunk out of he deposit.

Tomorrow we have to view a house In don't have all of the particulars but I have MY passport birth certificates.

We are at the Viking the boss is nice.

Andy our phones are dead we need to buy a charger later.

This morning I heard David he wants to have breakfast here.  

David we saw the house today it's wrenk but I will take if the owner agrees. 

Earlier I listened to the people talking about giving ME MY house they said "we will give it to HER but take HER and HER family out in there!"  GOD said you are the one's who are going to get taken out!

Earlier I heard a man speaking with David who said "Are you going to pay HER for the cure?"
David said "No what I would give HER would be an insult SHE know what SHE can get for the cure!" David shows respect.