Friday, 22 August 2014


You very trouble making aren't you?  I have been looking at you your very jealous natured.  You are over here you want a fuck don't you?  That is why you came.  I need to do a few things first then I will meet you. Did you get MY house for ME?  I heard you earlier. " If SHE thinks....." It was straight after I wrote about the ticks I gave to Andy.   Yes I want to fuck you. I know what you look like black hair tall hansom really white teeth black suite slim.  I saw you grabbing your cock. You clean.  You said you know how to deal with ME.  OK! I don't like being fucked up the ass!  Is that OK?  But you can fuck ME back ways.  I let you thrust in MY mouth.  I'll push MY tongue your ass do you like that?  I get a little carried away some times you might get a slap will that offend you? Well if MY children were not up Id be you know.....? only because I saw you grabbing it. I'm going to sleep now to think of what I'm going to get from you! 

This morning I heard "Do you know where I can get chloroform from?"  You will get taken out for it show respect!

This morning My American boyfriend shouted in MY ear "I just like you!" That scares ME. Really.

Andy was easy he didn't give ME any trouble. It's GOD the American boyfriend.  Your not nice.  Your very over the top, why do you shout?  You don't like ME going out with MY friends.  You told ME to get out.  I don't know if I can handle it.  I'm a calm person.

Your going to have to calm down.  I want you lively don't want lots of arguments.

You went and got your gun!  It was because I was laughing at you while you were arguing with ME.  OK I wounded you up.  But why did you have to get your gun? I expect you to walk out.

You threw scissors that is what upset ME.  I saw it a few weeks ago. I blew it downwards.  You didn't aim it at anyone.

You going to have to behave yourself around the children. I don't care about what you do when they are not in the room or around.

He said he will behave himself.  
That's good!
I heard you just now you said"What does Andy think? I would never give him a woman as good as mine!" 

I can't wait to see you now.

Hi I am still here MY boyfriend is local I need you.  I know what you do for a living you are a bodyguard. 

I wish I could say something to the four judges but not on here I want you to go and get something.  GOD said I can leave MY children with those 4 judges and go out.   I'd like that,  I'm joking.

I want the judges to come here to ME.  I'll inform you later on times.  When the appointed time comes I'll tell you what to do next you'll to wait MY instruction.  I know you will come. When you come come with your guns keep them in your cars.  It is not dangerous, Just have them.  I want you to come later today 8pm  22nd August 2014.  When you are outside MY house wait be prompt you can bring who you like don't make it look too busy.d

To MY boyfriend help the judges.  Be around.  Can I see you later?  I want a kiss.

I still haven't had any money. 

I've had lots of updates I don't ant to write the judges know what happened to the other judge.

I know 2 bodyguards come to MY door,  I only want to fuck one.  Later not today.  I want the tall one the other one has been naughty.

The naughty bodyguards name is David,  I don't know what MY boyfriend's name is.
Hey naughty GOD showed ME what you did,  you looked at MY picture said  " want YOU but I want to have her first."
GOD said it was a black whore she gave you HIV she knew she had it.

GOD said after she did it she said "Go and help Lorraine.". in a subtle soft voice.  GOD said she is very spiteful.   She gets murdered for it. I have the cure don't worry.

MY boyfriend is funny he eats a lot.  I want you slim.  I'll slim down.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Elizabeth mind if I sit with you?

Hi Elizabeth mind if I sit with you for a few moments.  Yesterday GOD said they just murdered your grandson I saw his picture in Friday's addition of The London Evening standard.  GOD said every single one of the judges wives are involved not the judge but they all know what their wives are doing and are letting them.  They are judges and don't want to be seen to be involved.  GOD said you were thinking at least you have him to carry on. GOD said there are 2 people with you but they get taken out HE didn't tell ME why. GOD said HE took people out in your house yesterday to stop them from murdering you.

GOD said HE is going to let ME avenge it for you.  HE showed ME people who work for you you asked them to avenge your family murders for you they told you, they told you to use GOD's Angels. I'll speak more with you later.

GOD said the people in the house take out the 2 people HE just informed ME 1 was your grandson the other was his wife.  GOD said was involved at the end.  He was going to get them to take you out it was the wife pushing.  They said you were old.

GOD said HE is not going to allow you to give it to any of them HE will take them all out before they could reach for it.  Stop time for MY family and I to walk in.  But because of the disrespect HE wants you to let ME avenge it for you and is giving you the opportunity.  

GOD said MY team and HIS team are the same but HIS team are real Angels.

The paedophiles are going to get taken out low level can be castrated.

Let the German people next door go back we not touching them.

Why is education writing to ME?  This is the 6 weeks holiday fuck off!  The letter came from Sagib Ahmed 
Elective Home Education Officer. The letter was sent Friday, I received it this afternoon.  They didn't date the letter only the postal mark on the envelope. 

GOD said to show ME respect HE is going to make ME avenge it from in there.

GOD said they are all working together.  GOD said they are going to take out the Asian who's name is on the education form which they sent for ME to ill out but it is the white women in there.

GOD said people will never behave themselves they have to be controlled why the Angels have come down here.  HE said they came in the 90s but the people didn't want them here they said they were afraid and said the Angels cause trouble.  GOD said the people who said it the paedophiles Elizabeth's family but her family are not here she doesn't mind the Angels being here.  

GOD said HE and the Angels respect the people here why they left. They came to help someone at the time.  GOD said HE has been waiting a long time for someone to call or them.  That is why they are here.  I want you to stay here.  You all know how to behave yourselves but you don't want to.  Don't cry when it is happening to you.

GOD said I shouldn't wait for them to put the money in MY account they are going to do spite and are all going to get taken out or it.  GOD said the form hasn't reach them yet but it is on it's way. Look at your behaviour!  We are going to teach I don't care how many get taken out.  You did something why you got taken out!

You are no match for the Angels they have power they took down the metal fence in South Woodford.  You want a fight do you? Lets be having you!

If your families are crying it is your fault you have already been warned over and over again.

GOD said Elizabeth told them at the post office she wants the form.

GOD said HE s not murdering the little old lady's son he is not low level but is showing HE and I a lot of respect like the people next door.  GOD said HE can be castrated which can be done by the hospitals. 

GOD said David was in a heavy sleep when she stabbed him both of the girl got up quietly she told the Asian girl what she was going to do to him.  Straight after stabbing David she stabbed the Asian girl.  GOD said she did exactly as the man her friend told.  He said "tell her in case you don't have time to murder her she will keep quiet I'll murder her later but see if you can murder them both it's a cheek!"

GOD said that man her friend has done lots of murders. 

GOD said David got carried away and started making love to the Asian girl' like in the bar.  Yesterday GOD said what do you think David was doing while he was lying on the floor with you?  He was un-doing his belt and trying to get to his zip. The old lady's son was there.  David said he was going to fuck GOD's bride

GOD said some of the men are showing a lot of respect they take them out!  I saw what they did they filled her Virginia with broken glass. 

2 days ago Ruby said to Marshall "Marshall I nearly stepped on you shadow!" Marshall said "Ruby you could have killed me!  
Don't do it again!" Ruby said "OK." I though the conversation was funny I was in the kitchen listening.

Yesterday GOD let ME hear an Asian woman speaking to the education Asian man she said"Don't get involved with the white women they are paedophiles trying to force HER to send HER children to school to sexually abuse them they are all getting taken out! Don't get involved do you hear me?"  GOD aid the Asian woman works with him.  GOD said the white women didn't tell him what is going on.  GOD said the Asian woman knows the paedophiles are getting taken out.

GOD said they have started taking out the judges. 

GOD said the white people who were in the hotel car park taking out Regina and her family didn't want to murder the Asian people who work there and own it to stop them from talking. HE said listen "Lets murder the Asian's in the hotel they make a lot of money in here because of the white prostitutes down the road.  They are making money from our people!"
"I would but then their families would fight us and say it belongs to them!  We would have to take too many of them out that is all we would do if we were in there.  No! Leave them lets just do what we are doing empty their pocket take their jewellery don't forget to take the credit cards we can use them over the internet make sure they give you the pin before we take them out!"  GOD said some of the people murdered Regina and her family for things.  GOD said people went with the family to help and were rob and murdered along wit Regina and her family.

GOD said that is why most of the people who were there went there to get a share GOD said everyone got a share some got small amounts and went away happy like the man at the end.  GOD said it was him asking the man he was speaking to to murder the Asians in the hotel.

GOD said the man at the end played a very big part that night he was put in charge.  Find out what he knows.

GOD said someone said they heard someone shouting Regina needs hosing down.  but didn't know who the person was.  GOD said it was the man in the end house.  GOD said he got £20 and a ring.

GOD said he took the ring to a pawn shop the same one he always goes to.

GOD said when he got home he told the wife he has been out there doing hard grafting to fed his children.  She told him he should not have gone.  He told her had he not gone he would not have what he has in his pocket.  GOD said that is their class level.  GOD said she said she was glad he went and asked to see the ring.  

GOD said there was food in their house not like in this house.
Food or no food I still wouldn't do it.  Let us starve.

GOD said it was a nice Diamond ring.

GOD said those are the people who are all working together.  Off course they knew who he was.  GOD showed ME.  The man at the end went into the the hotel and asked for water they reluctantly gave it to him.  GOD said they didn't want their prints on anything and gave him some in a plastic bottle.  GOD said the ring belonged to Regina.

David let out 2 loud screams the last one was a long one.  GOD later said I didn't tell you it was David because I didn't want you out there because of the air brushing. 

Yesterday GOD said it is not Elizabeth's family doing the investigation it is the family of the people who went with the family who they took out. 

GOD said the white police woman who severed David's juggler vein told him just before she did it she was fed up with David and Lorraine and wanted to make sure it couldn't be fixed David and Lorraine. 

GOD said had Ryan not been in the bar HE would have let David but didn't want David on top of ME because he had bee with children.  That sobered ME.  GOD said had Ryan seen it he would have come from behind the bar with a knife he would have got from the bar kitchen he would have been murdered and so would I.  GOD said David's friends threw him out the back door to cool himself down.  He had a massive erection and went into his car "Lorraine how could you do this to me?" GOD said David asked someone to go and find ME and ask ME to come but the white women were being a little bit bad-minded  "SHE is at the front of the bar outside talking to women."  GOD said after I left David was trying to catch up to the cab Ryan and I was in hoping he could chat with ME before I got into the house.  But wouldn't know what to say because of Ryan.  Had I come home on MY on he would have stopped the cab.  GOD said he went to the red light area and had sex with the white prostitute instead the same woman who murdered him and he caught HIV from her.

GOD said had I had sex with David he would have rejected everyone after that and said no one was allowed to say no to David but I could have said no he would dismiss it come come over later and fucked ME, David fell in love with ME.  Why he is dead,  but he is up on the other plane. 

GOD said at the bar HE would have walked away because it would have hurt HIM.  GOD'S nice really nice gentle.  Even when I'm horrible.

GOD said David was sat in his car talking to himself  "why did't I ask HER to meet me later why didn't SHE get into the cab by HERSELF?"  Then remembered he and his family stopped MY money.  GOD said David spoke to his family and told them not to do that spite again to ME.  GOD said the white woman who did it this time is blaming it on Regina because Regina is not here any more.  GOD said white women enjoy telling lies.  

GOD sad Regina knew David had been murdered she and her family were not murdered on the same night as David.  GOD said Regina and her family went to the hotel where David was stabbed and that s where they started taking them out.  GOD said David worked at the Stratford social security office head of finance.  He worked with Andrew.  On MY birthday 2011 David looked behind the camera and was shocked to see ME sitting with Andrew.  GOD said he asked Andrew about MY family David didn't want MY family taken out. Andrew is John's friend John s MY brother.  MY mum and Andrew's mum were friends even before Andrew and John were born.

To the Christian's I have something to tell you later.  It is Spiritual It is about David.  I'm cooking so I'll say it in between.  I was gazing at the clouds 3 days ago and saw a black spiritual like smoke fly down it was different to the clouds but would have got lost in grey sky's. Th clouds were silver and light grey.  That black plane is where Angels live.  GOD said it was David he came back because of what the other Angels did to he an I GOD said they stirred the waters. GOD said deals are made before they leave to come down.  They messed David up to break it up between us because of their jealousy there is more.... GOD said they are as bad-minded as people here there are female Angels all different colours. It was the white one.  I tell you later.  David doesn't look the same.  remember on MY path GOD spoke to someone and him to get a different suit. 

GOD said David came back down to take the all out for what they did to his family.  Long story.  GOD showed ME different colour Angels who look just like us but said they have powers.  GOD said it was representative of what is here, and said HE doesn't have to tell ME what happens up there but to respect ME HE is telling ME because of what they did to ME because I am Queen and black. 

GOD said it is like a parallel world but the control things up there.
GOD said because it is them up there doing it HE looks after MY family and I.  GOD said it isn't really the white male Angel he only did it because of the white female Angel GOD said call her Eve.

GOD said the white ones are going to get taken out for the slavery.

GOD said Angels are not suppose to have sex with each other they an come down and have it with humans.  GOD said HE told ME people changed colour through incest to dis them.  But the white women have Eve's DNA etc.  That is why they are all the same just like her.  GOD said she jumps in to help them to do evil. He the white blond Angel who she goes with is trickish.

GOD said what happened the day HE shielded Myles and I was her everything is her Ryan and Jake on criminal charges are her.

GO said if she goes all the white women goes same with the white men because of him.  GOD said the white women smell like her.  The blond Angel finished with her she was trying to get back up there to get another one.  GOD said the reason why the Angels are here is because she came to take David out herself.  GOD said if she thinks HE is going to let her get the white one to push ME out so that she can become queen she can think again.

GOD showed ME a ha-rim of Middle Eastern women up there who are whores why the Middle Eastern women are in harims here, and said it was them those Middle Eastern women make a lot of trouble.

GOD sad they came down and started it off.  

GOD said I don't cause any trouble why them up there want to pick ME up.  I retaliate by bitching that is the trouble I make the bitching which everyone hates but find it funny.  GOD said they up there are jealous of ME even the black one a woman who didn't get involved but liked it because it wasn't her who all the men want.

GOD said she just blew ME a raspberry I knew she did it Brrrrr!

GOD said HE just took her out she stood up do do something to ME. 

GOD said HE took the black female Angel out why I a still here she was going to use her powers HIS powers.  GOD said the white one got the white male Angel to take ME out 2009 that is why HE sent ME up there to get a new suit and to diss them.

GOD said HE doesn't want ME with David HE wants ME.  Yes! David showed too much disrespect.  GOD said that is why she stood up.

GOD said all of them stink up there.  They are all whores.  GOD said the black one knew she couldn't have HIM.

GOD said the blond Angel wanted ME that is why she jumped and had sex with him.  GOD said there is no HIV but he knows he is not allowed to touch ME because of the disrespect to ME.  Mr Telford.

GOD said it was the mixed raced Angel HE took out.  GOD said YOU saw David fly down from YOUR back window he was supposed to be teleported outside YOUR back window and take possession of the first person he saw. GOD said he said he wanted t be Sapphire because of her light colour.  GOD she she thought/thinks every mixed belongs to her.  She gave her permission for the paedophiles to take mixed race children.  GOD sad no one in there cares about the paedophilia.  GOD said they don't touch MY children because I don't agree with paedophilia.  

GOD said HE showed ME David from where I was sitting but David fell at the front.  The little old lady was outside the front.  David took over her.  GOD said anyone of the Angels in there would have done it for David.  Because of their low standards.
I heard David "SHE is not going to know it' me"
I heard "how did I miss I never miss" GOD said messed with time HE made the Angels and they are trying to murder HIM.  GOD said the little old lay is gone her son notices she is different.  GOD said HE is stopping it it is too disrespectful.  GOD said the mixed race woman told David to go for any one in MY family because we are the Royal family.  GOD said that is how David got into Elizabeth's family and wanted more of what he is used to.

GOD said that is how they all come here fly down and take possession.  GOD said that is the last time for David when the old lady is gone so is David.

GOD said the earth was their playground HE made us for them.  Murders amuse them.

GOD said they take possession of people who show disrespect.  GOD said the leave some people to have children so that they can carry on.  They look into the future and know who is coming. 

GOD said there are a lot of Angels here the black people know.  GOD said all of the spite is coming from Angels.  GOD showed ME Central London lots of people got taken out but showed ME how many was left about 20 white families left in the Tower Bridge area and said the people getting taken out are the Angels. If they take 1 member of a family they take them all.   GOD said they take them when they are young.

This morning GOD said she let the Asians build all of those dome shaped buildings here when HE is here HE is going to make them take them down those type of buildings belong in India.  GOD said H is going to take Green Street from them and other streets like it many of them are selling the same things.

GOD said the Angels each made gods for the people of their colour to worship. So that they didn't have to respect HIM.  GOD made the Angel your all in trouble.

This morning GOD said the Angels were contacted and thy said it wasn't the who murdered the family.  GOD said I must keep paying the toll.  I don't care who did it!  I heard someone we want Lorraine to be QUEEN SHE will look after us.  Yes everyone I'm not greedy. 

GOD said that is why they did it everyone is fed up with the poverty.  Please stop the paedophilia I have children don't .  I want to hurt anyone.

Look how many nice looking women there are out there.  Men don't know how to treat them that's why. 

A child cannot give you what a woman can give you.

Cha let ME put n MY shoes and dance! 

Last night I heard a white woman who said "She knows why we did it!" GOD showed ME you and a few white women and white men and said watch what she does she pulls the white men for sex with her the   white men go with her because he thinks it is sexy.  That is all he thinks is sexy when he goes with her she is not sexy.  The white woman is on 1 level sex same as the whit man it is bland,  GOD said that white woman went and got the video of YOU and Riccardo and watched it and was jealous of the different levels black man and black woman's sexiness,  And that is why she is chasing after YOU.  That is why she murdered David she didn't want YOU to do it to David.  She is a dog!  

GOD said leave the white woman with the white man that is the right level HE wants the to stay at that level,and that is why Doug was murdered.  GOD said HE is white but HE is GOD HE is different.  GOD said the white woman is a very dirty woman that is why HE would never pick her up.

GOD said the hole the prostitute made in David's neck was tiny why he could get up and move around she made a massive hoe to separate it it.  GOD said the prostitute said it was er motions. GOD said she had long enough she got up and went out of the room and went back in and waited for David to fall asleep. GOD said it is the white woman and white man jealousy. GOD said it is because they are on one level of sexiness which is not sexy.

Mr Toy Story They other day I made a comment to Myles about Toy Story. Oo!  I wan't negative but he didn't understand ME I was thinking about the piece I played with he said "The Toy Story film is one of the best films all of then I like them all I looking at all of the the other films thy put out there and they ar not as good." All of MY children agreed with him.

Myles said he never gets tired of watching the Toy Story films why HE asked Andy to down load it for him. 1 2&3.  Lot of cheek!  I laughing.

GOD told what is sweeping across America is the rock song and performance I wrote better find out.  I'm so proud of Myself.  I only write hit songs! That type of performance song you have to put on stage first like I did with MY band Rock Solid no one else will dear go on stage to perform.  That's not our problem. If the audience are upset with not getting value for money tell them to take it up with the other performers we performed it has nothing to do with us. 

Go on give yourself a day off give them a free drink. 

GOD said some people went to hospital thy couldn't hear because of the roars from the performance he fucked the guitar. Fuck off! He did!  

GOD said there was no smell on him. GOD said women took off their knickers and threw them on the stage and in the air.

GOD told ME a few days ago to tell you Robbie Williams was murdered for the paedophilia cheek he sexually abused and murdered someone's children he knew the person they were friends. GOD said that is why the band split up because of the paedophilia he just got into the other members said they were not having it.  GOD said the cheek was he had children and said no one is touching his.   

GO said HE doesn't want the person to go to prison. GOD said Robbie murdered the parents.  He was a piece of shit.

The best song which came from the band was Light Up The Sky Robbie wasn't in it.  I love that song.  Jake plays it all the time.

GOD said here is no toll.

Elizabeth what they did has nothing to do with ME.  They would never give Me that much respect they would keep it for themselves. Teach them all a lesson. White people have the same emotions as black people we are the same but white people think they don't have to show respect because they are white.

message to the white woman and the white man.  People choose who the want to choose you have no right to interfere with their choices.  You think you are more than you are.  You not liked only by yourselves.  All the the colours of people think you are shit because you haveno class.  You behave like savages.  it is because thy are class they don't retaliate by behaving in the same way as you. 

GOD said it was Elizabeth who threw out the video of Riccardo and I why it happened.  GOD said she did it to disrespect ME because she likes disrespecting people.  GOD said HE  stepped aside.

GOD said wait until the white American's find out the song was written by a black woman all the roaring stops white people in America don't buy lack peoples music why they took it down.  No but you would steal it though. 

Elizabeth is nice. Thanks for what you did for Andy yesterday Elizabeth.  

Elizabeth I am not upset about the video I would have used it for music.  GOD said the hole the prostitute made in David's neck was a pin hole. GOD said it was a puncture.

Elizabeth GOD showed ME something yesterday it was a group of white women all involved in the murders of you family members.  HE said the women are in different places, and said they are the grandson's wife family it was them.  GOD then said to ME your grandson and his wife are monitoring phone calls why your grandsons wife told you that the team was after Andy but the wife's family are being monitor secretly.  

GOD said your grandson knows.  GOD said he doesn't care about his dad because he hated Camilla.  GOD said he is civil but hated William and Harry.  Patrick and Patrisha.   GOD said he is a very greedy man just like the wife that is why he hated them. GOD said that is why the wife married him. 

GOD said they are waiting for you to transfer it over to them to grab it and murder you to.  GOD said your grandson knew what was going to happen in Germany at the memorial why he made himself know as your oldest grandson in the news paper.  GOD said he is a piece of shit.  GOD said they are keeping you from the monitoring. 

GOD sai he didn't go to the memorial he said he had things to do.  GOD said he didn't expect you to come back.  GOD said the wife would take him out as well but needs him there to get everything why he is still there.  GOD said that is why it is one level.

GOD said your grandson was busy promoting himself and going through your things with the wife while you were at the memorial.

GOD said it was the wife HE showed ME who was shouting don't take anything, and the only reason why they didn't take anything because they though t was all theirs.  GOD said they murdered people in the house to stop them from telling.

GOD said all the white women HE showed ME went there as well her family and went through your things. GOD said they note things down an inventory.  Like what Andy family did to his aunt.   Put her in an old peoples home to take everything.

GOD said the people in the house are afraid to say anything because it is her grandson.  GOD said that is why they murdered some of the people to scare them.

GOD let ME ear you grandson shouting yesterday he was screaming  "This is ridiculous!"  This morning I heard the wife "SHE is upsetting all of us should I get them to cut HER of?"  I heard Elizabeth last night "Leave HER there!"

GOD said it was you grandson who did the murders in the house he is heartless.  GOD said I am freeing the people ask them.  GOD said it wasn't William who wanted to come and punch ME it was him.   GOD said he would bring his gun HE would take him.  That is why HE told ME the grandson and his wife and wife's family are being monitored to pin him down.  GOD said she the wife get someone to shut ME down, letting you know Elizabeth in advance. GOD said the people in the house would never hurt you but your grandson and his wife have moved into the house don't turn your back on them.

GOD said your grandson is being called the terminator he is the person at the top of everything why so many people joined in each with their own agenda.  GOD said it is family that is why the German's don't care.  GOD said they said the German's said they are not getting involved.

The wife "Take him outside and shoot him I don't want any marks on my floor!"  GOD said she said the same about the woman your grand son murdered.  GOD said she said it in front of the servants.

GOD said the German woman who came here and too people down was only preparing in the event that the grandson died she would take over because she didn't want a black woman to have it.  GOD said the German's told her it had nothing to do with her and that they would not help her and warned her family not to get involve.  But they did.  GOD said it was only that family because of her.

GOD said the wife is the person taking people down why she took over the monitoring.  She and her husband have been taking people down who know too much.  GOD said they have been doing the avenging for what happened to Regina's family,  but it was them,  GOD said the grandson took out the mussel first Regina's sons.
Not David that was different but they sent the the woman to finish David off why the wife "helped" Andy yesterday.  GOD the helicopter which was hovering this morning was taking picture of what was happening in the house up the road the girl was being taken out.   GOD said the people who work for Elizabeth in the house know they wouldn't get out alive if Elizabeth wasn't here. 

GOD said they could have patched David up with special glue his vein would have healed and closed up and he would have had a tiny scar on his neck.  Regina would have made sure it was tiny because of his looks.  But she severed it.  It couldn't be fixed after what she did.

GOD told ME it was her the wife who called lots of people in Germany and asked if someone succeeded her and the husband she wanted a German family to take over.  GOD said it was a bribe she has a lot of family sitting there waiting to take over.  GOD said Andy escaped yesterday HE is not protecting Andy because of what Andy is doing to ME and what he would do. 

GOD let ME hear her speaking to Andy "Get the hard drives from HER"  Andy asked for 1 of them yesterday and then said he wasn't sure which one it was he need to fix an old lap top to sell.  GOD said the lap top is going to them.  He asked if he could take both. I said yes.  Myles was down loading something of the third one.  GOD said that was the one he wanted.  GOD said Andy is very jealous of MY and wanted to help them steal MY songs.  GOD said Andy is not allowed in the house ans said look I can turn MY back on YOU, don't turn YOUR back on Andy he is working with social services against YOU. 

GOD said that is why the white woman who got taken out did murder Andy because of what he had on him. Andy is dog shit!  Even before he came GOD told ME about what was going on with Andy.  Andy was asked to take picture of this house.   GOD said Andy is helping them to document, but he is being honest the white women doing the writing is twisting everything.  GOD said I should take everything Andy gives ME. GOD said Andy is not a paedophile but is helping the paedophile to take his daughter from ME because he is spiteful.  He is going to loose people like that always do.

Mr Toy Story I have a confession to make. Even though I have taken MY children cinema to watch films I always fall asleep it is nothing personal.  Crocodile Dundee, Lord of the rings, Prince of Egypt Bugs life.  Maybe I work too hard.. I don't watch TV I haven't for 6 years I seen bits of a couple of things.  I don't like TV. 

I used to let Andy take them in the cinema sit in MY car and smoke I wait for them. 

I went to see Henry VIII sex film off course I got fucked on the seat in the cinema. 

GOD said social services from London went to see Andy in Bristol. GOD said Andy's mum look at the dad first and h is a paedophile and because it is social service told Andy to leave Sapphire with her brothers and sisters.  Andy said "NO SHE is not having everything for HERSELF I want Sapphire because of the QUEENSHIP!"  GOD said Andy said he and I are married for life.   That is why Andy is in Bristol to show him he has no control.  GOD said Andy know that our phone calls are being monitored and the reason why he threw the phone down on ME the other day was to stop ME from what I was saying, he and I have not had any sexual relation since it was the 5th but I cut off on the 6th January 2011. It is over!
Andy I don't want you, it is not for life I will marry again but not to you.

I couldn't bring Myself to have sex with you again it would be like having sex with a brother or son.

When couples finish the move out and move on why are you offended? You were asked to leave the house because we are not together.  It as over long before you or I knew I am QUEEN.  I don't re-conciliate I never fell in love with you.  Your are a very arrogant man but you don't show until recently.  I don't like you.  That is if any a scary place to be with ME.
Andy couldn't write a song to save his life not even a line he has a cheek to not want ME to get anything from MY song writing / writing.  GOD said he is like them and doesn't want ME  to have what I created by MYSELF.

GOD said Andy was told he couldn't have Ruby.  He didn't want Ruby but because of what Sapphire would have been going through she would have been a play mate to Sapphire in Andy's eye.  GOD said they told Andy they were going to take MY family out,  because of the kingship Andy agreed. 

GOD said Elizabeth hates Andy.  GOD said Elizabeth wanted ME to swear at Andy.  Swearing is to cause annoyance, when I don't swear it hurts the injustice you can swear.

GOD said Myles was down loading from the hard drive he wanted to take.  OD said Andy would have stolen it but moments before Andy had to go Myles asked ME if he could down load a film from it.  Andy knows Myles would have argued and I would have told Andy to l Myles continue get himself another hard drive second hand.

I asked Andy which one MY songs were on and he said the one Myles has so I told him he can have the other 2.  Because of Andy's behaviour over the year he became second class citizen  in the house. Nanny, Housekeeping MY armour barer, administrator, IT. 

GOD said they are saying I ill treated Andy why they went to tlk to him.  Andy didn't know any of them before they went to speak to him I don't know any of them.  GOD said that is why HE is going to take them out for involving themselves.  White dogs!

Andy is a white dog why he pick them up.  I treated Andy according to his behaviour he is a dog!

Anyone would have told the people behind the camera to fuck of and mind their own business.  Not Andy same behaviour he has been displaying I don't put anything past him he is capable of any thing same class as the people who went to speak to him because they are racist.

GOD said the same people who went to talk to Andy were in the hotel car park.  Andy wasn't there.

I started to see Andy's class level after he and I got together before we were married.  He was changing into some trousers and did it in the back reception which had glass double doors to the conservatory.  He was hovering in his boxers I had boys so.... but Yitka MY au pair walked past he was looking for her to see him.  I asked why was he taking so long to change I was in the room with him.  Yitka look and saw what he was doing they were flirting with each other.
I made sure Andy bought ME the car to hurt her.  That is why I stayed with him.

GOD said Andy nearly went with her she had HIV but the car hurt her she didn't.

Elizabeth GOD said everyone of Andy's friends were there it was them who arrange the event for your grandson's wife.  GOD said they are the whole apple for the abuse and murders the woman who was getting taken out this morning was the leader of that group.

"Should I invite Andy to come down there with us?"
"Don't e silly he might tell Lorraine She will tell on all of us anyway Andy wouldn't come to something like that."
"How do you know?"
"Because I am not stupid like you what are you thinking of Andy is not a friend he went off with a back WOMAN you can't trust Andy."  GOD said Andy would never go.  That was Michelle asking.

Elizabeth GOD said there is someone else in the house you need to be careful of you are in grave danger.  GOD said he took your grandson out you told him to.  He is  evil.  GOD said they are turning because you will not give it to white there are other people in there HE said will take you out. 

Elizabeth GOD said even though you told the the man you just wanted your grandson shot he ill treated him first behind your back.  GOD said Elizabeth said it is her grandson but he had her children murdered and she loved them more because they were hers.  If they got shot he can get shot it is the same.  GOD said it was like how the treated the shark who the caught in the ocean any shark and said it was those shark who killed the diver.  He threw him down.

I heard a white woman who said "She is not gong to tell me where my sister is."  GOD said that is the sister.  She is in the houses along this street being taken out in the same way she watched from the helicopter the woman she was having taken out this morning.  GOD said it started for the other woman when I called Andy back to kill a spider he was on his way to the shop.  Your sister didn't go after Andy she said she had bigger fish to fry Andy and MY family could sizzle until later.  She is in the same house being tortured.  Next to the nursery.

GOD said the white shit just dropped Andy"Michelle"  GOD said just like David.  Andy fell for Michelle had I not called him back to kill the spider he would have seen them taking her into the house he would have tried to help her an got taken in there as well.  GOD said I won't tell you how Andy was behaving hen he hear they murdered David and said HE was not upset with ME or falling in love with David HE showed ME David Michelle showed herself to Andy.  GOD said Any said good.  Good for Andy! 

GOD said people are calling this torture street.

Don't knock on MY door.  GOD said that is why it is further up the road.

GO said to ME Andy knows what is going on but YOU don't.  That was a few weeks ago.  GOD said Michelle told Any Regina and her family were getting taken out that is why the man at the dole office called Michelle stupid she told him Andy know she to him.  GOD said Andy sat there waiting for David's family to get taken out.  GOD said I would have helped them because it was David's family. GOD said Michelle is getting taken out with her family.

Elizabeth GOD said you are the Queen as well it is treason.  GOD said I am HIS wife it is a different QUEENSHIP.  GOD said Andy has been sitting and waiting for his girlfriend and her team to take ME and MY family out excluding Sapphire who would get taken out by Michelle and her team after she took out Andy he is so ugly.

Andy is white dog shit. He is so false. The plastic man. GOD said it is Andy who gets treated like the shark.

GOD said it is Andy who keeps sending the team after ME that's why I have no money Andy is behind it.  I still haven't been paid GOD said most of the people at the bar with David were dole office people. 

I heard a white man yesterday morning who said "Andy is a dirty man!" I just heard the rest of it "He knew and he didn't tell Lorraine!"  Andy didn't ell ME I didn't know until after same with David had I known the screams were David's I would have walk up to the Alley.  GOD said Andy lives a double life.

I would have sent a quick message via here to let someone know David was in trouble and then gone quickly.

GOD said David's friends was upset with ME.  Because have a gift GOD blocks things.  GOD told ME yesterday a lot of people went down to the alley David was sexually assaulted after he was gone.  GOD said it was different people from the one's who was at the car park but the same type but these one's were worse.  GOD said the man at the end was there.   

GOD said they came from Westfield the same one's who are upset with ME. 

GOD said David's friend the old lady's son was told to hold David's body it was taken from the boot of the car.  GOD said after they finished performing necrophilia they mutilated his body.  They wrapped it.  The hospital incinerator was off.
GOD said that is why he asked to take him out.  Oh GOD!

GOD showed ME a man on David in the ally HE said that is where it took place HE said it was one man.  The old lady's son David was still alive.  Dogs! GOD said they told the old lady's son to keep David alive.  They wanted to show him disrespect.  GOD aid they were jealous of David.

GOD said the new car he bough for himself pissed them off.

GO said David's body was brought to the end house why they called the man down from his window.  GOD said he watched the hole thing.  You can not see that far from here.

GOD said John Denver was he leader of the pack of wolves.

GOD said HE and I are avenging what they did to David.  GOD said the woman went into the house and she did the murder.  

GOD showed ME David who was still alive when he was brought into the end house.  GOD said that is when David wanted to shout out MY name.  GOD said David was hit over the head and told to shut up. They told her she finished it too quickly.  GOD said the window was open in the house at the end why I heard the screams.  He got told off for it why he was made to help at the hotel car park.

GOD said John Denver helped to get Elizabeth a new team they murder her they were there. At both episodes.  GOD said all of the episodes.  These are the one's Andy wants to bring in the house. 

GOD sad HE wants Andy to stay there.  Andy is not coming in. GOD said they are British soldiers. GOD said they are high ranking offices.  Who were shown on TV once.

A couple of months ago GOD showed ME Andy in central London being dragged because of what the give him to throw at us a bomb.  Andy was angry that we were waving at the crowed and he wasn't with us.

Yesterday GOD showed ME a black bag HE said it was full of spiders and spiders eggs, and said that is why HE let the high ranking officers and their wives/partners in the house to clean it the spiders and nests.  GOD said the murdered Elizabeth because one of the soldiers wives wanted it.  GOD said the wives said they cleaned but most of the white women cannot even clean themselves properly and said that is why I let YOU do cleaning so YOU know the standard. I heard "She better keep this clean lorraine rees" GOD said Elizabeth signed it all over to ME they changed their names to MY family names and took on white children because they didn't have as many as ME. GOD said HE took out the doubles.   GOD said GOD let ME hear the solders just before they murdered Elizabeth. "After we murder you we are going to go and murder the black WOMAN!"  GOD said they came here HE took them out I heard the white woman who desperately wants the Queenship "They all got dragged so how are we going to get in there?"  

GOD said Elizabeth called China and told them to leave IKEA and stipulated if I gave it away everything should be taken from ME.  Last week GOD let ME hear the Chinese after I said they could have it "We will give HER things we ill build HER a turtle tank."  GOD said because Elizabeth called them "SHE can build HER own tank"  GOD said they behave like people anywhere.  YOU can give them things.

GOD said he black women in the house do the cleaning.

Last night GOD let ME see Andy and Michelle who spoke before. "I have cut HER money off but I don't want HER to starve because I want HER to see the queen so help HER until SHE sees who then you can let HER starve to death."

GOD said it was the soldiers they were the team.

Yesterday GOD said HE erased David from existence HE just looked.  GOD said David asked.  He said if he has to stay up there he would rather be erased.

GOD said the people at the tax credit office were called by Elizabeth's team and told none of them were going to murder them, why they refused to pay ME.  GOD said HE shows up there gets them to make the payment first then takes all of them out for the disrespect.

GOD said Andy can stay with the mum and dad.  I'm cutting Andy off.

GOD said Andy doesn't throw a bomb because they are not here his friends but that is what is inside of him even though he see his daughter on the balcony.  There is a lot of shit inside.

GOD said the people who would have got IKEA would have made money for themselves they would not have help anyone.  GOD said they are not ME.  GOD said they make money, they make the furniture.

This morning GOD came and said if Foruk thinks everyone is getting taken out and he is going to stay sitting there, he can think again.  GOD said Foruk and his family are getting taken out it is his last night in the shop.  GOD said HE doesn't want Foruk in the court.  GOD said everyone has been enjoying the spite that is why they are getting taken out HE doesn't want those type of disrespectful people here  this is HIS earth.  Good serve them all right!

GOD showed ME a white woman in America who took down MY songs and scrip "You took a liberty taking down that black WOMAN'S songs now your getting taken out to teach you a lesson"
"How is murdering me suppose to teach me a lesson?"  GOD said she was afraid "It's too late for you but it will teach them the lesson."  GOD said he shot her in front of a big crowd full of white people. Someone stepped in a white man.  Why are you treating a white woman like that for a black woman.  GOD said he was murdered as well for the white woman's teaching she gave him.  Good serve you all right show respect.

He told her "you need permission to use peoples songs. It is because you are a white woman and she is black you think we are going to let you take HER work and show HER that disrespect." POW! IN THE FUCKING HEAD BACK!  GOD said she was beaten.  

It's a cheek I wanted to change something on Ship Wreak it was gone.

Those other songs would have been at a good standard the ones I just started.  The blogger people should be shot!

I was almost finished with Ship Wreck and was going to give attention to the other songs like the rock songs they fucking took them down no fucking respect. White dogs!!!!

GOD said the white people have taken them they have all lost their shape.  GOD said not one can write it as good as ME!  White dog shit!  Let them write them.

The black in the woman has nothing to do with it.  White people show no respect because  of their upbringing.

I saw the white blogger woman who GOD said has been calling people telling them to take MY work for free.  "She aid we won!" That is why GOD showed ME you, your going to get murdered for it.

GOD said HE like MY versions because of the bitching I do I can write like that.  GOD said I'm funny.  I bitched HIM the other day not on here,  I'm still laughing.

She said "Not like that!"  It's funny she the blogger gets thrown down the lift shaft.

GOD told ME months ago you all get taken out with her the doors are locked.

GOD said someone is angry they like MY writing.  It's is because I threw down MY pen because of what they keep doing taking MY creativity down.  Last night GOD said HE is not going to allow any of you to put any of it out there.  She died in vain.  That's a good film title.  The evil husband said it.  He marries rich women. He didn't get anything.

GOD said the white woman sits there all day and gets people murdered that is why everybody respects her.

GOD said Elizabeth took down Barak Obama and his family because she didn't like his skin colour reaching up there.  That is why HE let them take down she and her family to put another skin colour family like Barak Obama's family back up there HE liked have that skin colour up there.

GOD showed ME a stinking ugly white woman, she said I want that line taken out of the song it sounds too British.  GOD said IT hurts her the line in  YOUR song Ship Wreck "listening to the sea shells" She is jealous I'm going to make sure that one get taken out!

GOD said the men have everything I have written as they send it in they are getting taken out for it.

I heard a white man who said "there are some really nice words n the Ship Wreck song!" Thanks every line was thought up by ME it is original I never took any of those lines from anyone. It needs a little bit more arranging.

Yesterday morning GOD let ME hear a white man he whispered in MY ear and said "I'd like to use YOUR children." I told him no. GOD said YOUR children are here I said MY children are at the house.  HE said the men went and got them they have already been used by all the men and have been taken out that is the disrespect the white men on this level show.  I said take ME out HE said YOUR next they are already here.  GOD said HE wants ME to speak with you.  HE said HE sits with you but will never address it with you but will never allow you to touch MY children and will take you out before you can do it.  HE said HE is going to start looking after the other black women's children.  HE said you are kkk why you only show that disrespect to black people.  GOD said it is just HE and our children sitting.  Stinking white dog fuck your own children pass them around between you they are dogs.  

Dirty stinking white men and women.  I'll wipe you out dirty whores you stink! kkk is an excuse you wild animal.  Go and do it to the white women's children seeing as it is her who tell the white men to do it.  Her children are dogs they are not precious black children are precious don't touch them we have colour that is why they are precious.  Black people have different shade white people all have the same colour it is not special.

GOD showed ME how white people see themselves HE tuned ME white it hurt ME.  White skin horrible HE said they are jealous of brown skin. Pale and... boring like ghosts.  I asked GOD to change ME back.  HE did.

If GOD wasn't white I would touch another white man.  I don't want MY children with white people they are dogs! It isn't the white colour it is the white behaviour.

I just heard a white woman "That's it move away from HER!" Can you see ME close or next to any of you?  I don't want to sit with you, you are dogs!

GOD said you all murdered Obama because you are white.

Message to the black people any every white person will stab you in the back that is the white behaviour they cannot be trusted.  GOD said HE is looking at what they did to Regina and her family same with Elizabeth and hers, and what David's friends did to him over his brand new car.  Don't walk from white people run!!!!  They will rape you man and woman and sexually abuse your children.  If you drop your keys kick it all the way home!

Last night GOD let ME hear David who was brought to the house next door "Please I don't want any more." "There will be lots more."  GOD said the house was packed with David's friends everyone in there was white. Rapping David.  GOD said David deserved it he did the same thing in that house and the other houses to other people.  GOD said he knew he was getting taken out.

I just heard a white man he said ""Where is SHE we will go and take HER out!"  The white woman is making complaints it must be the QUEENSHIP!  Send the bread winner!  The white woman said "Yes it is the QUEENSHIP."  Well send him then.
The white woman is a dirty cunt she's not telling him he is going to get taken out.

GOD said Elizabeth put the guards to live in Queen's House because she and her family didn't want to live in it they turned their noses up at t because it was built for a black woman Charlotte MY great grand mother.  GOD said Elizabeth and her family would go on the balcony diss the people in the streets who went to see them and turn around and say "lets get out of here it reminds me of black people!"  GOD said Elizabeth told the guards she didn't want it fixed up because it was built for a black woman and wanted it to stay like it was to show how it was done up for the black woman.  GOD said Victoria painted it.  GOD said because I said I want it back.  Elizabeth ran and moved in there why she got taken out in there.  She told the guards they had to move out.

A few weeks ago GOD told ME Victoria got the German's and Russian's to pin own Charlotte onto her bed after they raped her on the floor and Victoria stuck a knife in Charlotte twisted it and cut her up.  The night Victoria moved in with her children GOD said some of Charlotte's children were raped an murdered in their beds that night so that Victoria could put she and her dirty children in MY families beds.

GOD said Charlotte's MY great great grand mother bed is still in the cellar.

GOD said an army of soldiers went into the house worse level happened to Charlotte and her children than what happen's next door and on this street Francis MY great grand mother was with her father in the West Indies.

Without Charlotte and George I wouldn't be here.  Victoria was poor the wealth she stole from MY family she used to make had stolen our money her grand children would have what they had MY are poor because of her family I want it all back everything.

GOD said Charlotte ha six children Francis was his favourite but he loved all of his children.  GOD said of course he fucked Marie Antoinette MY other great great grandmother but with the light off because of the scars that is why hi girlfriend was jealous.  

Charlotte & George

Marie & Benjamin 

GOD said Charlotte had black servants the soldiers raped and murdered them too.  GOD said Victoria is a dirty woman.  The soldiers raped Charlotte on the bed too the bed was stinking the soldiers stunk, Charlotte was a very clean woman it was full of blood, Victoria wanted to sleep told the people she brought to help her to get more lining and slept on the bed the night the next day they changed it for her.  GOD said before she slept she had sex with some of the soldiers as part of the deal she didn't even wash herself before or after.

GOD said all of Victoria's children were sexually abused by the soldiers but she didn't care she was in there and said she would deal with it later.  She never did she kept it secret.  GOD said she knew her children were in the other rooms being sexually assaulted and laid there getting fucked herself, but couldn't wait for the soldiers to go.  GOD said she sold her child that was the price.

GOD said all of Victoria's children caught sexually transmitted diseases. GOD said they all had the same diseases they went through the same ordeal as Charlotte and her children but Charlotte and her children were murdered. GOD said Victoria told her children to open their legs to the soldiers who would be gentle.

GOD said that is the level the white women will go for things why HE would never trust her with HIS children.  GOD said Victoria isn't the only white man HE has seen do that.   

GOD said Victoria could hear her children screaming in the other rooms and said "there is nothing I can do about it right now I'll take care of them later when they have gone I'll settle them."

GOD said she couldn't settle her children when she opened up their legs the next morning and saw how the soldiers left her children, she new she was a dirty white woman.  GOD said the soldiers took some of them out they were finished she told them to do it.  GOD said that is how she lost children who were young

GOD said some of the soldiers had HIV. Victoria let the soldiers go again the next night her children were sore.  But she was told she had to stick to the deal.  Some of her children died from young because they caught HIV.  GOD said Victoria opened up her children's legs for the soldiers and stood there until they were finished to make sure they were being gentle. GOD said the soldiers went again the next night too they kept going in the end she said no more an they went away. As long as social service kept coming to see ME before I said don't come back.

GOD said it lasted three years the soldiers kept going back.

 GOD said that is the Victoria the great! That is why HE let her have it for this long.

GOD said all of the children of Victoria who had children had children who were born with syphilis Elizabeth was born with syphilis her mother was born with syphilis. 

GOD let ME here a white woman's voice yesterday HE said she sounds like Joann that is the class level.  HE said she has HIV she is hurt that YOU don't have HIV.  GOD said they have been in MY bin and know no one in this house none of MY children nor Myself have HIV.  GOD said we cannot get it because we are HIS family. 

GOD said that white woman went with different British soldiers behind her husband's back so that they would help to make her queen that is how she caught it.

Sorry GOD said she already had it and they were all clean.  GOD said she and the husband already knew she had it. She went with the soldiers who have wives/partners everyone has it.  GOD sad it is on her medical record at the VD clinic she goes to.  GOD said it nearly reached the levels of Victoria with how many she went with in one night.  GOD said it was "behind" the husband's back but he put her up to it because he is spiteful.  GOD said it was her husband who murdered Elizabeth and took out the grandson.

GOD said the guards at Queens House/Buckingham Palace are the soldiers who were on TV years ago. 

GOD said HE want's ME to be nice to the guards what can I say your all whores!  I don't want to be nice to white people today.
Go and fix yourselves.

A little while ago GO showed ME a white fur cloak which dropped on the floor.  GOD said she had it made for her.  GOD said the German's who live here said they are avenging it for Elizabeth and her family, have gone after the guards, they take out all of the guards because they want to take over HE drags all of them. Good it is Mine now fuck off.

GOD said the French women are lying they said Benjamin ill treated Marie but because of the time it was Benjamin dear not mis- behave he behaved himself, Benjamin invented guns white men were carrying guns.  I just heard the French women "we can't say that think of something else"  Fuck you! It is Mine GOD said the French white women stole everything from Marie and her family why Marie was in Dominica planning war with George.

Your all stinking white whores why France is full of people with HIV.

I just heard the white woman "I hate HER!" I HATE YOU TOO YOU WHITE CUNT, WHITE MONKEY!







GOD said as they are fighting they are opening up the barriers cleverly taking more land the middle east and South Africa where the white people are is getting bigger!

GOD said that is why they are fighting to steal most of the time they are not firing at any target. The black people who live near won't go there to see what they are doing.

GOD said the black people are noticing the bombs are sounding closer than ever and are moving further out.  GOD said the white people in South Africa are doing the same but the fighting is with the black people on a different scale but they are taking more quicker.  GOD said it was the white people in South Africa who went to he Middle East and told the Asian's over there what they were doing and told them to do the same.

GOD said the black people in Africa just stood up.  "We can share Africa it is big enough keep murdering the black people" Wait for GOD and I.  GOD said the Middle East looks empty because it is getting bigger ready for them to fill with their farts/cockroaches/kids. Murder if you have to murder it is self defence. Because of what they are doing to you even if they don't physically attack you and you murder them it is still self defence.

I want the black African people to star preparing themselves for war!

People in Brunei get the fuck out! I don't want to see any Asians in Africa. Africa is 1 continent. You already have a Muslim State it is called India. 


Message to the African boroughs GOD showed ME something yesterday and again a few moments ago it was a black man working on a building for white men lots of black men the black man cut his finger.  The white man knew he had HIV, and shot him.  GOD said the white men over in South Africa are raping black men, women and children.  GOD said real slavery is taking place over there but the black people are not allowed to speak out because their families are being murdered.  GOD said the white men know who has HIV because it is them giving it to the black people when they rape them.  GOD said it was his wife they raped.  Free them wipe every white and Asian out from Africa.

GOD SAID THAT IS THE REASON WHITE PEOPLE WENT OVER THERE  "Stinking African's they they are not having that place all to themselves!"  GOD said it is the same level of slavery like in the film Roots.  I don't want those white people to escape. GOD said that is what Doug was doing out there.  Seize everything from them. Move quickly.  GOD said it is the white people in Africa spreading HIV to the black people they went there with it.  I have the cure.

GOD said the black people out there are being beaten some to death.  GOD take them out same level as YOU do with MY family before they can put their stinking white hands or foot on MY black people.  Kick them to death too get Hercules bags batter them with shovels put the bag over them first.  

GOD said it is because the white woman was sat there why it is happening.  GOD said Elizabeth was the one who has been sending the white people to the southern part of Africa and has been telling them what to do over there.  GOD said she had also been telling the Asian's over there what to do that is why she kept going over there to see the Asian in Brunei.  There is one QUEEN in Africa and that is ME Benjamin was King.  There are no Asian kings.  GOD said the Asians got the urgent message this morning to get out and are sending messages not to leave their post.  GOD said you are the Asian who HE told ME is going to get wiped out final warning. 

You have until midnight tonight to get up and start leaving.  GMT.

Message to MY people in Africa start seizing the banks.   GOD said don't worry about damaging artefacts where the guns are is far that's how much they have taken.  I want it all taken back. 

GOD said the black people know what the Asian's are doing over there but have been respecting them.  They haven't shown any respect I don't want the shown any.  GOD said it is more the white people in Africa murdering black people and doing slavery.  I want them shown the maximum disrespect.

Dave Brackett has a bother in the south of Africa.  GOD said he is finished.   GOD showed ME the guns the black people bring out and is shooting them with because of MY orders.  GOD said there are a lot of German's in the southern part of Africa.  Dave brother came to England he couldn't bring himself to speak to ME.   GOD said that is why white over here and in other predominantly white countries sit there having babies.  GOD said they are not being produced for this country they are for Africa.

GOD said the Asians are doing the same.  Sean an Asian youth I met at the London Music School was born in India he and his family moved to Dubai.  GOD said that is what they are doing but the black people don't know how many are going in because immigration is being controlled by the Asians over in that part.

GOD said that is why Cameron goes over there to give them guns all of them are in it.  Except for the Chinese they are not involved.  

Operation take back

Take the end of the riffle and bang the white babies heads mash it up in front of the parents in southern Africa. Do do any rapes they are dirty.  they look clean because of the clothes they wear but they stink white people are very dirty people.

I want one hit start taking every one of them out at the same time spread out, some go there some go there!  GOD said they are boxing you in go where ever they are one time murder them all.

I want every judge hear murdered take them all out seeing as they like playing slavery games.  Ryan has a court case coming up.  I don't want him there.  I want their families taken out including police people.  Leave the black one.

GOD said Sean and all his cousins, aunts their parents etc have all moved over to Dubai.  Lots of Asian families have done the same. GOD said there is no immigration control over there they just take more land.

GOD said Barak Obama found out what they were dong over there and was just going after them why they took him out.  GOD said HE spoke to Barak Obama to stay in the position HE put him in the position HE put ME in is the QUEEN position but Barak Obama wanted MY position why HE let them take him down.

GOD said HE lives in America and is at the top and spoke to Barak Obama regularly, and asked him to listen to HIM.  Barak Obama went up to Elizabeth and said you are sitting in my seat.  I want it.  That is why he was murdered.  GOD said I am QUEEN of America.

GOD said I have an Army the African Army every country in Africa.  GOD said because of what Barak Obama saw his friend David Cameron doing  in the Middle East he started giving the black African guns.  GOD said they have "Guns!!!!"

GOD said the white people are looking around at all the black countries and know they are boxed in.

Germany is just a pin prick like what they push into the condoms in Africa.  I am QUEEN of Germany! That is why they are being dragged! I am QUEEN even of China but they show respect I leave them alone.  I go there but it is a nice visit for them.  I'm going to move black people into countries like Germany to sit at the top.

GOD said that is why HE let the white people do the slavery to put black people everywhere to box them in.   White people stink as soon as they get wet a sour milky smell comes from their bodies.

I'm going to put black people to sit at the top in India to control you!  You did yourselves injustice when you decided to murder MY family!

GOD said Barak Obama said it to Elizabeth jokingly he meant it but it was the white woman in there who was spying on him who told her.

A white man "where  is Obama?"
white woman"I don't know but he as taken a lot of ammunition with him he has done it before quite a few times I'd better notify the queen of England."

GOD said HE is going to team ME up with Mandela Nacosi sorry about the spelling.  How are you doing?  Ryan has court in the morning Snares Brook Crown court.

GOD said I must not help the white woman only her. I don't care about any of you!  I have switch off.

GOD said HE doesn't care about you either.

Take out the Asian solicitors. They are helping to frame Ryan.

GOD said the white people from South Africa have come here because Ryan is at court later today.  While the white people from South Africa are here all of their families are getting murdered that is why they came here to murder Ryan.  GOD said serves them right.  That's why HE doesn't care because of what is going to happen today at the court.

The solicitor told Ryan to get there really early before 9am court doesn't start until 10am.  GOD said HE shows up and stops time.

That will teach you want it Mr Brackett?  GOD showed ME something HE said the Russian's were being shouted at because I was outside waiting for Myles who went to the shop and the Russian a different one who I have seen before didn't grab him or ME.  GOD showed ME a blazing mountain and said I let YOU hold on to the children I have allowed them to touch YOUR children like arresting them but they know they must not put their hands on YOU.  Same as your children. 

GOD said said the other Russian man was in the house but lying down he is gone it was the white people from South Africa who murdered him.  He showed Respect to MY family and I.  GOD said that is why Dave's brother murdered him. GOD said a group of them went in there and did it and has threatened the other Russian.  Why he has not said anything to the others.  GOD said they are doing what they do to the black South Africans.  they will all be at the court tomorrow.  GOD told ME yesterday.  Dave Brackett lives at 5 Brierly road Leytonestone London E11 the brother usually stays there when he comes over! GOD said it was Dave who called his older brother to fight ME for him. 0208 539 9327 that is Dave's number.

GOD said the whole lot of them Dave and the brother are paedophiles.  GOD said that is what upset Dave I called him a paedophile.

GOD said they are going to take out Paul and Jamie and there children.  Same level as Dave called them over here for ME and MINE.  I care about MINE!

Paul lives in America Jamie lives in Southend Lea on sea I think. Paul is married to Melony it's a wealth family he married into.  GOD said they leave the wife and his children because of her. Jamie's children have HIV because Dave sexually abused them.

GOD said Dave's brother and the plane load of paedophiles he came with don't end up going to the court today because they are fugitives.  HE has to stop time and take out a lot of judges to stop them from what they are about to do to Ryan,  GOD said Ryan doesn't catch HIV.  GOD said they are angry about Ryan being King. 

GOD said soon I will have all black men in black policing here!

GOD said hat Andy did was tuned his back on ME Freemason because of Michelle it was because she paid him a little bit of attention which was her job to win him over.  GOD said HE wants ME to turn MY back on Andy like he did to ME.  I just heard a white woman arguing with someone "I'm going to take out Andy!"  GOD said it is because she read he has no protection, more like being spiteful.  GOD said before it is to hurt Sapphire.  "Your not touching Andy!"
"Why not he is part of the team!  I am!"
"He is on a different level and your not!"

I don't care.  He put himself in shit what ever the consequences are he will have to live with them!

Had GOD not told ME Andy would have sat there and not told ME anything.  All he has ever said is that he has friends here in London who he has fun with.  He is a very disrespectful man it is the type of friends he made he knew they were attacking ME and MY children Sapphire is his and MINE.

She gave him his dole money 1 day early each week and that was enough for Andy to turn his back on his family he has been with for 10 years.  that man cannot be trusted. Totally un-provoked the man turned his back on his own child for a woman he doesn't even know people he doesn't know.  

But she was making him spite his own child and he did it.  I don't trust that father what would he do to mine?

Andy let them in this house while we were asleep the night they too Shredder.

GOD said I give Andy a little because of her the white woman he buys a flat she get the flat leave him with his mum until she is not looking the white woman.  GOD said what ever you give him he will give to her and she will leave him.

GOD said Andy said he won't GOD said she would get it from him.

GOD said after she get it he would expect ME to give him more.  I'm not keeping the white woman.  I heard a white woman earlier.  One of his friends behind the camera who went to tell him I'm treating him like a slave and to leave ME "I'm going down there to tell HER SHE is going to pick up Andy."  She knows Andy would give she and the other some, that is why he is not getting any.  Now fuck off!!!!!

Why won't you give Andy back his job he is not with ME any more we the black family won't benefit then he can keep you the white woman. 

GOD said it hurt Andy that we were all in beds upstairs and he was on a mattress down stairs!  We lived in a car for 3 months 2 months for Andy I sent him to his mum's we slept upright.  At least he could stretch out the right way MY legs kept swelling up Elephantiasis.   

The man is jealous of everything yet he never says anything!  I slept in a bed with the girls I wasn't with him there was not enough beds.  GOD said that is why he let them in.  That man is a liability.

GOD said they didn't touch ME or MY children they gave Andy the chemicals and raped him in here this room.  Because he told them he wanted ME raped. GOD said some of them like ME at Westfield someone came in here and stopped it.  Gave it to Andy instead. GOD said he knew what happened to him he got up and washed himself that is it.  Nasty dirty man.  GOD said it was David.  They wanted to kick him.  David was fuck but nice.  Good to ME in his funny way.

GOD said David stayed outside he didn't come in he told the what to do from outside.  I'm hurt Dave went through what he did. His friends should have shown him respect.  you are nobody's friends! 

You can't take it back and you can never bring David back!
David was good person who made bad choices,  You all did the same things as him but he was better than you,  I bet David only took out shit people. I bet he would not have done to you what you did to him.

David didn't really know ME but he kept standing in the gap for ME and My family to protect us from you.  you have no scruples why you can do that to your friend no one is safe from you.  that is why David had to keep standing in the gap.  David had a heart.

GOD said you robed David of his dignity he was a bigger man than you because of his family background he was entitle to drive anew car every week it was none of you business white people like to make themselves too familiar.  Nosy involving you selves why the spit snowballed out of shape.  It is disgusting how many lies you told to get followers.  Big judges got involved in small man's business no class. Each step of the way when thing backfired you blamed Me you started attacking us what for I don't care you cannot take any of it back!

Something is wrong with white they have a lot of things wrong with them.  I address them but the won't look at it.

I just heard "everyone is saying it is HER!"  I not the one raping people murdering or sealing for people it is you.  If you say there is something wrong with ME there is something seriously wrong with you you are all professionals doing the crimes you are running the country scary! 

Even when I am writing song and am not troubling anyone you take of the blogger that is great lengths. I got MY child benefit to day every day our stomachs rumble.  Still no sign of Tax Credit I received a letter last week.
GOD told the same people who murdered David and his family keep saying the miss the your very sick!

GOD said the Team behave like people in the movie Waco Disaster.

GOD said it is because of the things some of them took part in during the London Olympic season before that they wasn't too bad. 

Your hound dogs, you don't stop.

David and his family are not her now who is running the show anyone! That is why our stomachs keep rumbling.

GOD said Ryan got to the child benefit just in time they were going to recall it and said don't wait for the Tax Credit.  He went 12.30 last night and got it for ME all of it.

GOD said they  are going to be watching on camera to see what I do with the child benefit.  GOD already told ME what to do with it.  GOD said every time we go Tesco they write down what we by and how much we spent.  They check from the cameras.  Help!!! 

GOD said that's it send the Doctors over to them.  Get them to talk about Lorraine Rees just mention the name.  They might pull a gun out on you be careful! Say anything nice about Lorraine Rees you will get murdered by them the white women.
GOD said the people clocking up how much we spend in Tesco are the police they hardly do any police work in this area.  Because they are all paedophiles.

GOD said their whole focus is on ME and MY family who walk up and down when we are going somewhere.  GOD said they sit and wait for us an comment on what we are wearing etc.  Then do spite to us it has become a compulsive disorder.

GOD said it is a rolling spite what ever area we are in the spite is passed on to that team.

I just heard someone "SHE should make complaints."
It was Regina and her family I spoke to Anita Howard about what they did to Marshall at the school. She made a comment "I'd be afraid as well".  She is a social worker that was the end of it.  I'm not blaming her because she knows and is not allowed to get involve or take MY side. 

Look how they are spiting us Ryan should be going to court today he is having to pay cab fares.   They have done a lot to us I don't cry but I'm crying. Do they think I am mad to put MY children in their hands in their schools! 
The eviction court case is today what do I tell MY children I have not told them about it! It is them who did it.

I gave Ryan a hundred pounds he ad no money left he and Jake  have been paying for everything.

They did the same to Jake GOD let ME hear them "What should we do to Jake?"  They said ease of Ryan or it will make it look s if he is being picked on.

It might be past time games to them to make their day at work go quicker but it is ME and MY family the are hurting. Davina gets paid on a Wednesday Friday she had to meet Ryan he gave her money £20 why I have not spoken to her. 

I bitch Anita on here but Anita was nice, it was ME I was on the defence everything was precarious we just got out of the car and MY mum kept threatening to throw us out, it was stressful.  

I bet Anita has something nice to say about ME that is because we talked.  All the people who have joined in the spite has never even met ME yet they document.

Anita and the police who came to the car showed warmth a little. They didn't come with warmth the police but they were nice., in the end.  I wasn't nice.

I'd like to show too much feelings but I was afraid of them taking MY children.  It was like that every second of the day.  They knew we were homeless and it was during school term.

I felt dirty even after leaving the car like I wasn't clean enough to sit with people I washed.  I felt less of a human being.  That's how it makes you feel.  No one love you!  No one cares that's how it left ME feeling that is why I don't cry because no one cares.  GOD care HE makes ME laugh.

I wanted to show you I am more than what you think of ME I have talents so you should never treated ME and MY family like riff raff.

Ryan just told ME he has to go to the Old Bailey today at 2.30 today he is on the phone now with Jake.  How did it get to this?

My children don't deserve it they are nice they are so respectful to people.

I'm sicked by Andy's behaviour after they raped him he still up there wit them.  Is that the fun he is having?  GOD Michelle got thrown out of her job because of what she has been doing to ME.  Thank you!  Someone care.  GOD said that is the woman I don't want YOU to help! GOD said that is why she is still there I don't want YOU to help Andy. 

GOD Andy was denied a sexual experience same as ME he asked HIM to the same as ME. GOD said Andy is with Michelle that is why he listens to her.  Because he let paedophiles in MY home supervised visits only. I heard them an pretended to be asleep one of them said lets go.  It was the white woman who didn't want to leave without them doing something to us she wanted them to take Sapphire and Ruby the man said no. They did break and enter.  GOD said Andy left the window open for them. they called his phone to open the door and he did.  They said they were not climbing through a window.  

Andy changes and become like the people he is around he sounds just like them in a short period of time he act like them.  It is weird. 
He takes on their personality.  Like he is having an Identity problem.  That is dangerous.  He could murder under someone's influence.  I don't know how to put it any better.  Even his child he opened the to paedophiles on Jake and Ryan wasn't living here at the time.  I'd fight him in court if he ever argues for access on his terms and turf.

GOD said 2 men have come to help ME they like MY music. Thank you I need the help.  I need a break MY children need one even more.  These people put you on shit street and will not stop until put you under because they don't have a life.

GOD said it was Andy and the girlfriend breaking ME down.  Looks like I'm getting out of here see ya wouldn't want to be ya!

2 weeks ago GOD said HE is glad I taught Myself to write songs, HE said HE is proud of ME. So am I.  I wanted to give MY children a nice life why I pushed to become more of a developed writer I didn't have any qualifications. I am competent to do lots of job but I don't have certificate well I have now. the songs I write are the certificates.  He and his girlfriend tried to steal MY songs.  Andy is not a thief.  He picked up a rotten apple. He threw everything away for a rotten apple right at the end.  I'll never pick you up again as a friend I want you to know that Andy. You put MY children's lives jeopardy because she told you to.  What kind of man are you? You wanted to make ME jealous didn't you?  Why would I ever be. I wanted you to find love. I wanted someone to love you I wanted the best for you.

GOD told ME the man who David told to rape you in here was clean but Michelle isn't she has HIV.  But you have been reading My messages.  I don't want you around ME or MY children I'm sorry it is because you are spiteful that's why.  You a crazy man I know I've called you stupid but Andy your smart enough.  Any inclination of her having HIV you should have stayed away you know what to do.

GOD said you had ex with her the day you left here.  I don't want you kissing MY children.

I'm jumping in the bath now see ya.  I feel upset about everything.

I just heard a white woman who said "That is why SHE is saying that because SHE doesn't wAnt to give Andy any!"

Firstly I am not cunning like you why you jumped straight to that conclusion Andy is the first person I would help.  But I am not helping her or Andy because I agree with GOD. Secondly it is MINE I don't have to help anyone I wrote everything I put up there by Myself.  You defiantly not getting any no one is getting anything. Same as they gave ME nothing what I have is for MY and MY family.  You can all fuck off now!  

GOD said Michelle used My moves on Andy she laid on top of him like she saw in the video of ME with Riccardo.  GOD said it was cheep and she was dry and Andy started to feel empty.  She dashed him after she infected him.  She told him she infected him with HIV and wanted him to come back to ME.  GOD said she used all My moves and said to herself before she stared"SHE was making love to Riccardo I'll use HER moves maybe that is how it is like what SHE wrote in HER song!" GOD said she was stinking she told him she took a shower that morning before she went to work it was the night before the stink woffed out of her!  GOD said Andy went down on her.  That is why Andy is a nasty man. I'd never do that with a man straight away it's nasty and cheep.  

I have not slept I wonder how Ryan is feeling.

GOD showed ME a white girl tun away HE said YOU do knohere she is going don't YOU?  She has gone straight to do spit she has gone to the Santander bank"Good as soon as SHE puts it in I'll take it from HER!" FUNNY!  GOD said it is not funny she will take it all from YOU!  GOD let ME hear the men "we will wipe you out!"  

GOD told ME to put it in the NatWest up the road.  GOD said what ever goes miss the bank pays back and it is the owner who does the taking out!  HE told ME how to move money to keep check of what is in the big account.

I've been listening to 2 white female judges very intelligent nice they are interested in MY gift GOD said there is a group but they would bring spite but not those 2. I'd love to do some of the accounts for you!  It is very accurate. Something GOD told ME this morning HE said some of the judges at Snares Brook went into the end house the night David was taken in there and later murdered.  GOD said they raped him.  Their DNA is in his body.  Going back to that night David's screams sound like he was in an empty room but shouting with the window open.  GOD said they have a torture room. 

You were laughing at what I wrote about our stomachs rumbling you were laughing at how spiteful people are.   You said but the more SHE argues the more they will do it.  You said I want to I was listening but what your friend said you want to lash our at HER and you said not HER some of the white women who don't bother to wash themselves properly.  I'm tired sorry. I think GOD blocked it out.  It must have been naughty.  You sit at the Old Bailey.

GOD won't allow ME to be too intrusive if your nice.  It's the bad one I get to listen to.  I can look into what happened quickly.  I did account over the phone I think the case may have been brought to the Old Bailey.  During the Olympics. I'm not showing off it can help people and stop innocent people from going into prison. 

The phone number I used was 07765181853 I lost MY phone.  I did it a day late I think I documented it the day I went to the police station I was at MY mum's.  Danielle was the girls name it was a murder.  If I box people down it is only because they won't take it serious it is frustrating.

I'd sit and listen. Ten give the accurate account.

GOD said the judges inside the house told some of the men to take David into the back room and that they should take him out the girl jump in and said I want to do it. She was told they already asked the men she go on let ME do it.  She was being spiteful why she took him out quickly the said "You finished it to quickly!" "Any way let go It is good. I didn't want to waste too much time in here we have somewhere else to go when we leave here."  they went somewhere.  GOD said they went to murder other people.  When I'm not tired I'll look. GOD said that is all that group do.  GOD said the cut she gave David why he screamed the way he did was like what someone MY children went to school with did to another boy MY children's friend from the juggler to the chest. His name was Salom he went to St Pauls way school in bow. Same thing Danielle did to another girl her friend.  I made a call to the police about Danielle on the day I went to the police station I have recorded it.

GOD said you want ME to an account on a case you are working Yes that is why I have a gift I won't disclose any information. Time is of the essence GOD said out of curiosity the Bigger accounts I did a police woman want to see if the accounts I gave was true so she got diver to get the concrete out of the water where I said was with his body in it and it was true to be spiteful she made them drop it back in the lock. GOD told ME this a couple of months ago.  GOD said the white women have said they don't want it here that is why it is here.  GOD said she said it because she took part in what took place during the Olympics she is a paedophile, murderer. 

The men said but we want her to do music with us I can do both.  It doesn't take long to write accounts or music. I just need sleep.  If you get the opportunity and get hold of the Danielle accounts which I did over the phone I am fluently speaking from a knowing I'm knowing as I am speaking.  Daniel lied to ME.  She confessed to doing it but she lied.  The account are accurate.

GOD showed ME a judge at the other court today Snares Brook he was drinking alcohol, he was the judge who was meant to do Ryan's case.  GOD showed ME a white woman she told him to get drunk and to sentence Ryan and to use the drinking as an excuse.  Why GOD said HE wanted them to move it to the Old Bailey. GOD she asked a different judge and he said he wouldn't do it.  GOD said she asked them because they are involved they are paedophiles and was in the end house the day David was rape and murdered. GOD said she took out her gun to threaten them.  The one who got drunk said he would do it why he got drunk.  GOD said that white woman was the woman who cut David's throat.  I need to go I waiting up for Ryan I'm going to make a drink.  GOD said she cut her hair so people wouldn't recognise her. must go.

GOD said all of the judges who were in the room with her were at the end house there are more who were not there.

Hi ladies GOD said that with David only judges went to the house 2 men were not plus the man who live in the house.  GOD said at the hotel car park it was just street people none of the judges were there.  GOD said the judges were invited.  GCHQ . Go there they are no good some of them.  Make sure you take people with guns.  GOD said it is only because of Regina's family why the bad behaviour.

GOD said HE used Ryan to catch the judges because of what they are doing it is piss take.  Ryan is here he has been with Jake.

Everything is important.  GOD said the hotel manager was helping Regina and telling her what happened.  He got taken out.

GOD said the Asian community were threatened and told not to tell.  GOD said they were told not to report it.

GOD said some of the judges from the Romford court where I was meant to attend today for the eviction were in the end house, why both court cases were on the same day they planned to murder MY family and I today.  GOD said the judges who took the mark Duggan case the first and last one were in the end house. I told you were the bodies were dropped on the left side of the building the pub the Prospect of Whitbey GOD said you need to be super quick because I did it on here! Remember it was the river police who dropped the bodies in as a small favour. I heard them "Shouldn't we throw these out further?" "No because of who they are someone may want it this way we know where to find them it's easier."  GOD SAID THEY ARE ARRANGING FOR SOME TO GO AND GET THE BODIES BUT ARE A BIT AFRAID BECAUSE I WROTE ABOUT IT AND ARE AFRAID SOMEONE IS WATCHING. sorry about the big writing I can't be bothered I left cap on.  GOD said it is the same river police. GOD said get a big team it is OK to get the people from your area. There is park king something can't remember.

The pub is a 30 second walk from the little canoes in Wapping 

Get someone to watch it while you get your team.

Message to the judge at the Old Bailey GOD said Danielle said her boyfriend did the murder, went down with her she did it by herself he panicked and helped her to dispose of the body.  Danielle I met that day and have never seen again kept changing her story while she volunteered to tell ME. The women who you can see on camera who she spoke to knew about it she didn't hide anything I was a stranger she told ME in front of MY children who were put off from eating their ice cream.

GOD just informed ME she threatened him and said f he didn't help her she would say he helped.  GOD said HE let ME give a snippet because of the disrespect I saw them arguing.  I saw Danielle using the knife not her boyfriend. He helped to pick up the body.  I saw it.  She told him it as his fault had he not had sex with her friend it would never have happened and that she would make the judges believe her.  She said
I heard it not from her "I taking you down with me if I go down I've got children" she asked him to take the blame for her because of her children and he said no. 

GOD said he wanted to help her and said he will help get rid of the body.  GOD said he didn't want to but didn't want her children taken from it was mixed emotions.

I don't remember if I wrote this bit please forgive ME I still haven't slept.  GOD said the reason why the girl who cut her hair was because David raped in the Alley and she dug him with the stick.  GOD said there was cruelty a group of people walked past the Alley and saw what the friend was doing he had on his uniform.  GOD said that night Dave passed lots of people who look at him because of the blood which was dripping down his neck and it was spaying why they didn't help him they said "If it was just a drip.... but HIV." GOD said there are lots of witnesses.  

GOD said those are the people who the team went to find to murder, the witnesses.  GOD said some saw the judges it was a clean up they get the people behind the camera to watch which cars they go in or the street they go down and let the one who are doing the clean have he information.  GOD said that is the police work which is down around here lots and lots of air brushing.

GOD said he group of people who went missing were Asians they murder any colour and take the children they go into the house they have keys.

GOD said the police in other areas do it too.  In Newham it happens a lot.

GOD said people call them for help they tell them they will send someone round they let them in they murder the people take their children.  GOD said they are real police they are paedophiles.  Compliments of Regina.

GOD said when Ryan and Jake had the fight the police who were next door taking out Obama got a call to say we had called the Ambulance.  Go in there SHE has children.  They were barging to come in when they cam to arrest Jake I kept MY foot at the door and Jake can put his clothes on there in front of you.  He said " we till want to come in I said no"   GOD said they all carry guns.  He still barge to come in.  GOD said that is why HE let ME keep the second hand blue shoes they are rubber.

GOD said the paedophiles tried to do it in Boomfield street.the morning Ruby was born. But HE took a lot of them out leaving the one's who would not have done it except the one's HE took out being present. 

After I said yes I will do the accounts GOD said these are the accounts you wanted and that you heard about ME why you had Ryan sent to the Old Bailey to show ME respect.  Thank you!
One more thing one of the men who were dropping the bodies in the water had on a tan suite light coloured hair.  GOD said HE will tell ME later who HE is. I'll get a name later.  He said he wanted it put there for safe keeping. GOD said you get the bodies first HE is making sure.  Oh yes HE said there are steps to the left looking opposite why it was the left side. I think I only drank in there once the pub near the river police and the offy was more livelier.

Oh I know now who he is the bond policeman best air brusher in the business . He came out of Ilford police stations the day Ryan went for the bail conditions I was crying.  GOD said he helped to do the murders.  GOD said he is well known.  I don't know him I've seen him once.

GOD said David just woke up from the chemicals they gave him to knock him out "You spiteful cow couldn't you have waited until we covered his mouth." that was the old lady's son.
GOD said there were only 2 male non judges there the old lady's son and the man who live there the woman was a police woman who works with the old lady's. The wife was up stairs she stays with her children when the other paedophiles go there it is the husband who entertains he does the taking out. 

GOD said I am pulling up all of the buildings some of it leads to the Old Bailey, but n one there are paedophile but some knew the family were getting taken out.  That is good news.  It is the one's who are afraid of ME.

The judge who walked off at Snares Brook"I'm not getting involved every one knows Ryan didn't rape the girl I'm not show that disrespect for everyone to see." That was the judge who as kissed he was there.  GOD said he said he wasn't.  GOD said he was involved and was at the end house he is lying!  GOD said he is pompas.  GOD said the reason why she kissed him was because he is part of the team.  GOD said he has only just started showing that type of disrespect he did't have HIV when I last went to the court with Ryan but he went with David he was drinking he caught it.

He said he can prosecute Me that is why GOD wants the judge to get the bodies your lying!

GOD said the men in there the judges told him if he used 2 condoms he couldn't catch it "It's tight"
"Don't take it off"  GOD said he started pulling at it rip while he was inside David, but he was drunk.  The person who put it on him was the Air brusher best in the business it was just bitching when he messed up the police woman's air brushing he was flirting with her.
"I mean it don't touch it I'm looking after you, you've had a bit too much to drink haven't you?" GOD said they were all at the pub when some of them got the phone call to invite them.  The George Pub in Wansteadake used to work.  GOD said some of the team work in there like Holly.

GOD said HE forgives him so do I.  But don't lie.

GOD said after the old lady's son finished raping David.  He was worried that his family would find out and called the air brusher there were people there who could do it but he wanted it done properly because it was David. GOD said it was because of the air brusher why David was murdered "We might as well get more people down there have a party we will get some drinks I want some of David." GOD said lots of them used the 24 shop at the red light district.  Regina recognised his air brushing she just look when he showed it to her and he knew she knew there was more and that he was part of it.  GOD said every air brusher have their own style and she knew his because she regularly used him for air brushing the same shit. 

I'll sleep tomorrow.  GOD said the air brusher was jealous of Regina why he did it.  "You should try and pace yourself!"  "OK like this" he was thrusting in David GOO said he didn't know where they took him.  The air brusher drove, GOD said that was that judges first time and that is why he is angry he wishes it had not happened he vowed it was his last.  GOD said it was why HE forgives him.  The others have all done it before and knew what they were gong to do why the made more phone calls to invite others and rushed down there. GOD said they knew the house they had been there before.

"This is you air brushing why has it been air brushed what happened to David? why did you do air brushing tell me! Guard!! seize that man!!" 
"Ok I'll try and catch up to him what did he do what should I say he did if I am stopped?"
"Just catch him first on't let him get away he has done something to David!"
"Oh OK"
GOD said he didn't catch him. 

GOD said he ran out of Westfield.  GOD said he was the person running the show working closely with the man in the end house.  "She was going to take ME out so I took her out first!  It's self defence! It's not my fault. well... Dave but I don't care why should I die for it we all o the same thing."
I'm slow at typing one finger! I take rests as well have a smoke.

GOD said he was wearing the same suite I saw him in. GOD said because he murdered Regina's family the air brushing was no longer urgent he did only what he showed Regina and couldn't be bothered to do the rest. There is lots out there.  GOD said he is very spiteful and only air brushed what he was in all the judges are exposed.

I just heard "Crap!" he is in a rush the judge who said it.  GOD said start from the George go all the different ways to Barking different people took different routes.

GOD said HE only wants ME to do this account for you.  HE wants ME to do music with HIM.  

GOD showed ME something it was Andy and Michelle 
dirty woman she had a big sore on the upper circle of her virginal wall  near her bottom GOD said she has herpes she had sex with David and he caught it from her but didn't know where he got it from.  GOD said Andy is starting to feel itchy they were having sex on the floor in a room in the office where she works.  GOD said as soon a Andy was gone she let the other two men in the office on top of her.  They found it sexy what she was doing with Andy in there. 

"It never felt like this with Lorraine."  GOD said she was arguing with Andy because Andy told her I was clean and there was no smell on ME and it felt different to her but nice.  Why she told Andy about the HIV but forgot to tell him she was having an attack.

GOD said Andy fell in love with her why he let her push down on him GOD said she was using all of MY moves and was trying hard to make Andy prefer her to ME.  GOD said it was same levels as David and I on the bar floor.  But I stopped to show Ryan and Myself respect Andy carried on.  GOD said HE was with ME but not Andy.  Andy is a piece of shit! I showed GOD respect I stopped it I asked the men he was with to take him off MY I had to ask several times but they were respectful.  They took him off.

GOD they are David's friends they are upset about David it wasn't those one's the one's before.  GOD said they were jealous of the new batch.

GOD said if it is special HE will let ME do the accounts.

GOD showed ME a mixed race man with curly hair at the front and a hat on who was put into hand cuff and said they are trying to say he did all of the murders and by himself.  GOD said they would murder an innocent man like or send him to prison but he would get murdered because of  who got murdered.  Like Danielle's boyfriend but he help. The mixed race man was near when it happened. Like Ryan and Jake they are innocent and are being framed.  GOD said there are other courts in other countries all over where we will do accounts because of injustice.

GOD just showed ME a white IKEA jug.  GOD said the person who went and got the water to wash down Regina and kept going back to wash other members of her family her prints are on the jug other women and men who were involved touch it and left prints on it. GOD said Regina's hands prints are all over it because she was fighting with them because it was a big disrespect to her. GOD said the hotel manager told the staff who kept filling it to wear gloves because it was dirty due to what it was being used for and it was vital evidence.  GOD said all of those people who were there touched it the other police have all of their prints on file already.  GOD said the hotel manager told the people not to wash it it was kept in a cupboard because the staff on that night were murdered no one could tell the real police it is there. it has slight ridges going down it why I knew it was IKEA. 

GOD just showed ME a woman pouring a bucket of water on the kitchen floor in the hotel he said everyone of the team were trailing in and out the kitchen getting water themselves the staff got fed up. the woman only manage to pour a little she was taken out before she could finish.  GOD said the team said the Asians showed them disrespect by flicking up their eye and rolling them while they were asked to fetch and carry water after each man had finished the sexual assault on a particular member of Regina's family or the people who went with the family. that is why the air brusher decided he wanted all of the Asians murdered. GOD said there is everyone's DNA on the floor be careful not to leave evidence.  GOD said they are in there the judge has gone with her team good girl I'm proud of.  GOD said HE is proud of you.

GOD said Michelle said she only went after Andy because I went after David who she was with.  GOD David fucked her once and threw it away he didn't want her.  GOD said Andy doesn't want her he didn't like the sex she gave him it was the smell.  GOD said it was everything.  He realizes he doesn't like her.  GOD said he found the sex she gave him boring.  GOD said had I had sex with David he would have loved it and would have kept coming back and would have married ME.  Michelle Andy wasn't MY man like David wasn't your man why GOD said he was always down the red light district area.  You can keep MY the black woman's left overs. I threw it on the floor for you lick it up you dog!

GOD said Andy keep scratching himself because of the sex Michelle gave him an is him who is woffing up.  GOD said she left Andy stinking.  Oh Clifford. Pooh! 

GOD showed ME Andy's penis as Michelle was on top of him he was thinking this is empty.  GOD said he was expecting the same ball in her like what is in ME. GOD said that is the white man and woman HE said to leave together because it is the right level.  GOD said HE is knitting them together that is his wife.  GOD said it is the dissing I giver her why he stays with her GOD said everything she does she does to try and be like ME.  GOD showed ME hear reeling out MY video HE said that is all HE wanted her to do stay at her level why HE let ME tell her about herself.  GOD said Andy is now on the right class level.

GOD said HE just wanted to give Andy a wiff so that we don't have to keep thinking of Andy while we are together, making love.

GOD said she drinks like a fish.  GOD said Andy doesn't care about HIV or herpes or anything else she is going to give him because that is his class level, That is what people are wondering how he and I got together the class levels are far apart.  He did as he was told he didn't speak much he left ME to be with MY friend he gave ME control of the money I never took advantage it was ours, those are all ticks for ME. He never interfered with MY life but I didn't cheat on him! It was a marriage of convenience.  But it worked. 

GOD said it is the hernia which kills Andy she has a car but wants him to lift heavy bags for her like he did for ME.