Wednesday, 1 October 2014



Almost MY birthday.

The bin men wouldn't take the extra bag on Monday I want clear out shit what do I do?

Some of it is still knew fashion mistakes.

Anyone want a chunky telly it doesn't work? Just joking!

MY bin is full thanks to the bin men!

I'm being ruthless today.  I haven't got that much in here.

I think I'll leave a please take bag I have corset I paid £160 I haven't worn it. I have a new big man's Ralf top I find things. I have a really nice quality pair of combat trousers brand new they are Mine size 14 I think.  I'll throw in the sleeves!

I have some leather look trousers and leather look shorts brand new. size 12/14 I'm not sure.

Just wash them they have been in this house.

You'll love the corset its burgundy with black beads and black lace tie up. I have a brand new pair of Marks and Spencers 3/4 length white trousers brand new.

I have a pair of white 60's style boots brand new.  I have a brand new black pvc novelty cat suit.

I'll put them out la in them out later about 4pm.  I'll put something on the wall and hang them over just in case different people want different items.  

I have a Gothic black skirt and velvet long hooded cloak brand new. The skirt is layered chiffon mini draw string.

I don't want you to knock just help yourselves.

I have black wedged heel I don't et sweaty feet they are not new.

The stuff most of it has been in the bags they came in, in a top cupboard upstairs.

let ME look at some of the sizes.

The combats came from China and say xxxL but it is a 14 it is nice it has pockets down the legs and leg it has a slanted pocket.  I'm a bit of a tom boy.  But I'm girly.

Shoe size I' a 5 but I think they 6

Some of the stuff like the leather look trousers a crushed but new it has been in MY suitcase.

I haven't tried any of it on because I bought them smaller.

I have a pair of black lace knickers used. But I don't want to give you that!

There is only a black bag full of stuff.

I need a fuck!  Crude is funny! I'm going to be know?  On MY next birthday but I am still 100% highly fuckable!

I'm going to listen to some music now.

I think I'll keep the Ralph top here I don't want any men at the door. 

The corset is 14 but it pulls you in.

The boots I wore in MY dance video is up for grabs.  Wait until MY video comes out. They are a little beaten up.

If it rains I'll have to put them out tomorrow or later.

GOD said people are working on MY video they love MY facial expressions GOD said it was at the bollard which did it.  I cant wait to see it.  I know I did good why I shouted it out.  One take that is what I was thinking. Now that I have started it the show must go on what do I do next I have an audience I must not disappoint them that is what I was thinking while I was making it.  I was thinking of MY dad as I was dancing he danced "scar" and it was spin off from his move he danced a MY BBQ 2008 MY sister was being horrible to him he just found out he didn't have long to live they said 6 months, but he didn't do it like ME. 

GOD said someone wants the boots and is hoping that it rains would you mind if I put the stuff out after 6?

My sense of humour is.. What do you think?  It is naught I make people laugh at bus stop like the man on crutches in Bristol then I walk off I leave them laughing. It is random I say what I'm thinking.

That is why I caused lots of trouble around MY dads funeral they started it normally I would have defused it but I wanted to upset them. Unfortunately I had to share MY dad with MY disrespectful brothers and sister hand it been solely MY choice I would not have allowed them to hurt him at the end of his life. My dad was nice like ME he was like ME.  Shit came but we laughed about it turned them into jokes because it hurt what else can you do?   They were even jealous that I was given the opportunity to go to Jamaica I wanted to upset them they have done lots of travelling. I kicked off!

I loved it while they were all doing there do gooder bit to show off when they couldn't afford it but because he didn't have anything visual and it was their dad an Denis who everyone looks up to was looking at them they all had to give something.  I told them I'm not giving anything pieces of shit dash it!

If MY dad could speak out at funeral he would have said "Fockuff Mi no want it keep it!" "Unoo move unoo blood clart!" I'd crack a joke at that stage and he and I would cry with laughter!
At that stage he would say "Lorraine I'm upset and you are making ME laugh!"I would fall on the floor. He would calm down. His birthday was on the 13th October.

MY wole family think they are better than ME everyone of them look down on ME and MY children.

That is why I am like this.  I used to try to get them to like MY didn't matter what I did for them every time they have their shit they drag ME and throw it on ME even when I hadn't even seen them for years I kept MY distance. On and off for years so that they couldn't involve ME they still involved ME.

GOD said they are on here!

They helped to give ME MY personality I give them I don't give shit treatment. They want to see ME cry so I laugh.

To MY family on here it is you who are the pieces of shit I put MY laundry out to dry your is kept hidden I'd dread to see what you have hidden in your laundry baskets. I'll MY shit is out there compare yourselves.  GOD told ME on the 5th March 2009 I haven't done that much.

GOD told ME I haven't done anything wrong and that I am good why you keep attacking and that I am kind and have good heart,and that I an gentle. He told ME HE wanted to toughen ME up.  GOD told ME I brought MY children up gentle and they wanted to toughen them up why they crow barred them! When we first moved to South Woodford if I told Ryan and Jake they had to be in 10 pm they would come in 10 pm it was shortly before we move there in started letting them go out they used to beg.

I remember what the suffer jet white woman in uniform said the day I called them about Chrislite school and they came to make trouble to find out if Briely was abused in MY care.  "Ryan and Jake are not on our system they have not even been quetioned before! mmm!" "Unusual." She said.  Next thing Jake started getting hassle from them. 

GOD told ME something they sent a lynch mob last nigh after Jake HE told ME Jake walks out but HE takes everyone of them out including Matthew who went to the court to lynch Ryan.  GOD said I got Ryan out but HE gets Jake out.

GOD said they know they better let him go and said this is the one a minute.

GOD said HE want Jake to know about white people. GOD said it is the white sparing friend.  GOD said HE is taking out their child as well.  You better let MINE go.  GOD said HE is not going to let you touch him.

GOD showed ME the black people shouting down the white people "You cannot take him out!" To save the white people.  GOD said they don't want them to hurt Jake because he is black. Take your gun out and shoot them!  Stop pretending with them!  GOD said even after you let him out HE is still going to take you out for the disrespect. HE said it will be like the council HE will show up and walk Jake out of there and talk to Jake and take the lot of you out! I don't like you.  Let ME leave the stuff in here I'll come outside someone wants to see ME.  I'll throw it in the bin.  

If you are getting taken out it is your fault you have been warned by GOD to leave our family alone HE has dragged lots of you but you keep coming.  Keep coming!

GOD said it was a set up people caught planes to come here for the lynching in the friends house but they didn't reach. GOD said HE wrenched them out!

GOD showed ME HIM walking out with Jake and sat that is the levels it will go to.  HE showed ME the friend gets taken out Jake doesn't do it HE does HE uses the dodgy drugs you put out there.  To force Jake to take he doesn't take drugs he is better than you!  HE feeds it to the friend.

GOD said the friend picks it up himself and takes it himself but HE told him to do it why HE did it.  GOD controls people who won't control themselves.

GOD said Matthew went there.  I heard Jake I not taking any of those drugs.  GOD said the friend was trying to force Jake to take it.  Matthew got dragged inside of there. 

GOD was speaking to Me while I was asleep and said Matthew took a test when I informed him that he didn't have HIV. He saw a woman she said she didn't have HIV and to celibate he wanted to have sex without a condom I heard "I just gave you HIV give it to HER!"
"You gave me HIV I'm going to murder you!" 
"I know!"

GOD said Matthew knew he couldn't go for the kingship because he couldn't produce any heir without HIV that is why you cannot have the cure.

GOD said it MY family who are going in there it the monarchy was started by MY ancestors George was King Charlotte was Queen Francis was Queen but the white shit to her thrown.

GOD showed ME Joshua who stood up at what he found out Matthew was doing to ME.  "I cannot stand Matthew he is very spiteful!" GOD said Joshua went to Bristol and got the car sales manager and the black area manager from TLS to come here and said I am going in with them.  GOD said Michelle wanted the black one why she and her friends have been etching their way into moving to Bristol.  GOD said because the men are classy eventually the team would have murdered the men because they are white shit.  GOD said Matthew had Michelle taken out for the disrespect of throwing the good looking black man in his face.  GOD said when Matthew saw the 2 men he shrieked back!.

GOD said Joshua brought the men to London they ran when they heard they were going to get taken out they are.  Matthew was angry

GOD said Jake was denied a phone call...

I heard Joshua "Good it is his own fault he should not have told everyone they are not allowed to see HER."

Jake just walked in he look like he was masking upset.

GO d told ME this morning Jake won't tell ME what happened.

GOD said Andy has done a lot of spite to ME for Michelle but Michelle only made friends with Andy because she wanted the black man after I spoke about the 3 good looking men she and her friend look at pictures and wanted them.  Andy can put on the song "silly." 

I'll still put the stuff out in case people travelled. 

Yesterday for the whole day I heard from the people in Bristol the toll of children who have been sexually abused keeps going up.  I heard something "I can't wait for the new intake of children some of them are so pretty." GOD said that was the September just gone.  Bristol.

They are not upset with ME enough people come on here I see the stats., I told the London police people. GOD said it was Joshua giving it out.

GOD said I must not throw those boys out.  I won't throw you out.

Why don't you look at yourselves  you are like zombies.  Not one of you have a just cause I'm looking at the innocent children in Bristol what did they do to upset you why you started on them?

There is more racism in London than in Bristol far more.  Bristol people treat black people in their circle like there own. GOD said it was bad minded Kate who started it. There aren't many black people in the upper circles I was in there.

They treat you even better than your own why I liked it there.  I was on all level.

To the men I am trying to tidy up the house but I don't have a car I don't like to ask and I don't have any bin space.  So what do I do?  It could take weeks to ditch the rubbish little by little because of the size of the bin.

You don' control ME when I'm ready I will get up for know I need to do you, you cunts!  Look how many I have done because I am sat.

I got out the bath 2 hours ago and I am still wrapped in a towel  I need to get dressed it will be later. I may walk to the shop later.

Even if I am with Myles you can still talk to ME.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hi Matthew

Sunday 28th September 2014

 UPDATE 14:46

Hi Matthew they took out the bitching yesterday because they didn't want you to know they look down on you because you are blind.  I heard some one speaking quietly about MY internet connection "just slow it down."
Matthew I heard you yesterday "SHE called ME a stinking little weed man I don't smoke."
I wrote what I was listening to
"All he does all day is smoke weed and stares."
I thought it was GOD telling ME why I played with you I though it was true.  I don't care about the weed everyone Iv'e know black men smoke it I thought it was funny. I'll do the bitching.


Man:"I just got him to give us the hotel stupid little man SHE didn't get it!"
Woman:"I wish I could go there and tell her!"

"Look at him he just sit there I bet he stinks!  Well how can he see to wash himself?"

"I know he is high class but I still wouldn't want him I would help walk him up the stairs then turn him around so that he would fall down em!"
"I'd kick him down them if he lived I could it wasn't me he couldn't say it was because he can't see!"

I heard the suffer jets say straight after they spoke about giving you HIV and going through there list "Don't worry about the HIV we are going to murder his family anyway.  That was what they took out yesterday that is what is missing.  GOD said it was said during the London Olympic season but was long term planned even before that.

GOD said there are lots of people involved all white and that the black people don't bitch you about being blind they are nice to you.
Matthew is very clean he even washes his nostrils I smelt his face no smell on him. I shifted him.

"I know why don't a big group of us push him down the escalator he wouldn't know who it was that is how we can get id of him!"
"He uses the lift and some of them around him... You can't trust them and this place is full of cameras. We will have to try something different." 

GOD said all of Matthew's female friend are involved in the bitching not MY sister but she hears. GOD said all of the white one's are involved in the planning of the the murders.  GOD said the room full of women were not in one room that is just how HE showed it to ME are all Matthews friends they are the one's who were in T-Mobile and other places who helped the suffer jet family and some of them are the ones slowing down MY internet connections and who took down MY songs from the blogger which GOD said is over here.

Matthew I am just starting to understand. They kept ME from you because you cannot see.  I heard something last nigh it was to do with the night a the casino.

"Look there's Lorraine Rees SHE just walked in lets go after HER I like HER I want HER."
"I want HER!"
"I'd like know what SHE looks like I have heard a lot about HER you have seen HER I haven't."
"OK let the blind man have HER!"
"Is SHE clean?" 
"SHE is clean that is why I want HER."
"How do you know?"
"Because they collected sample SHE and HER children are clean."
"Does SHE smell SHE is staying in the hotel that is why SHE came in her SHE is clean SHE goes to the swimming baths to was and washes in the car."
"Is SHE human?  Is SHE an angel I cannot smell anything."
"SHE just took a bath. That is why I want HER."
"SHE doesn't smell some of the other women take baths and you can smell them."

"I like HER don't touch HER!"

GOD said John Denver didn't know but he had HIV.  GOD said John Denver wanted to rape MY HE stopped it. John Denver was angry that Matthew stopped him from raping ME. Ii was John Denver who said he wanted your family murdered.  GOD said he started it because of what happened in the casino.  

GOD said John Denver was the one who got all of the women to start attacking ME. GOD said the disrespect volumes from all the people in Westfield towards your family and yourself became high because of what John Denver was saying and doing.

Something GOD showed ME last night was a mountain of white women's bodies HE said white men are in there as well.  HE showed ME a black man standing back looking to see if he could see the white woman's body he was with then I saw other people in the picture like the black man but they were all white.  GOD said that is how may are going ton get taken out when I am going into the house but HE doesn't care because the all have HIV even the black man that is how many she infected.  GOD said Coroline was working for Regina and the rest of the family she told them to do it but not to hers.

Matthew GOD said they show respect to you your face but you have heard them laugh at there secret comments as they are waliking away from you.

Last night I saw two white women "Maybe we should pick up a blind man as well."  GOD said she works with you. GOD said that was the one who said she would kick you down the stair.  GOD said if you picked her up she would kick you down the stairs worst! GOD said she HIV also has HIV why she is going after you.  GOD said that is the woman who cut the messages she and her friend. GOD said they are upset they are not at work today.

GOD showed ME a black man who you picked up yesterday to make sure you get your messages the black man on here gave it to you first. 

GOD said all of the men at the casino wanted ME why you wanted MY 
"I want HER because SHE is the QUEEN!"
"That is why I should have HER!"

GOD said that is why HE made ME say I am the QUEEN on her before HE told ME why and that is the reason why I don't have HIV.  Because it was the KING who took the QUEEN.  GOD said that is why HE put that family up there.

GOD said before the Olympics started the people listened they would have seen ME with Matthew and looked and walked away and thought nothing of it but saw a lot of disrespect coming from the family why the games were on.  Why there is so much disrespectful people working there lots of them were allowed to do the rapes and murders, and stealing and other disrespectful things.  GOD said Matthew is blind why he just sits. 

I listened to something two days ago.  GOD said you came outside MY mothers and saw ME outside smoking and thought I didn't care about you because of what I wrote about the blind the joking I did.  I beat you up because you didn't care. HE only flicked that you were blind but I didn't know what you looked like. Only the through the teleporting at Broomfield street and the two dimensional spiritual you.  I didn't know it was you at the casino I really just learning about you the first time I ever saw you looking like you do was at the bar where Ryan worked. But you were brought to ME looking like you do. 

Last night I saw you talking to a team of people you were sending them out to do jobs.  Then you asked "Does the QUEEN know what will happen to HER if SHE touches the ANGELS?"

The ANGEL said "I showed HER." That bit went missing yesterday.

Message to the ANGELS:

Does the KING know what will happen if he touches anyone? I will fuck off with the ANGEL!

The ANGEL said HE will appear and take over HE will leave you out there to get taken out by her.

The ANGEL said HE would murder ME for cheating on you before I could do it but HE doesn't do it because I don't show that disrespect.  I have touch anyone even before the night at the casino.

GOD said the black man told him not to touch the whit woman because she has HIV.  He went inside there.  That is why HE did the touch down because of what HE saw.

GOD said that woman sent someone last night to take Ryan and MY family out why HE came in here GOD said she used the person Ryan was with.  The ANGEL said HE just cleaned Ryan.

GOD said Matthew went into the house across the street to watch.
The Angel said Ryan has just gone back to sit outside but HE is going to keep cleaning Ryan HE is not touching the person.  GOD said Matthew has some sight,  GOD said she/they used the people next door who said they are not touching our family because they were warned by the two ANGELS.  GOD said HE wants them to sit there to continue taking people out same level as what they are asking for for others.

GOD said that is where Ryan just got immunity.

"Look at him he just sits there he makes me sick I could never have sex with him!"
"He won't be able to find the hole he is blind as a bat!  Stupid fool lets go for one of his family members same thing we can still get in there!  Fucking whores!"
"They are such a dirty family! I hate them. Lets start taking them down!"  GOD said that was the translator. 

GOD said the Westfield white women started murdering the family why they went to the other bar and shot the trillionaire at point blank range with the police sitting watching and no doing anything because all of them were involved.  GOD said Matthew went to watch the people on this side of the street getting taken down.

GOD said Matthew wanted to push something through MY door.  Matthew I don't want that insult. 

GOD said Matthew let people in all they are doing is hunting around looking for diamonds and gold.

GOD said they are not walking out with anything HE is making sure.
GOD said HE wants ME to sit here.  I am the QUEEN!
GOD said Matthew is a dog. The ANGEL said HE is going to take them all out inside there.  Like HE comes in here and take it away from her the translator.

GOD said HE want them all in there she brought her friends who are all involved one stone.

GOD said it hurt Matthew to give it to a black woman.

The ANGEL said HE took the white woman out before she could do it to Ryan.  GOD said the girl got dragged into the houses.  I'm not sure what's going on I'm just writing using a knowing.

GOD said even though I was being nice to Matthew.  He murdered the German people next door and tried to push a letter with key through MY front door and gave MY house QUEEN'S HOUSE. to the white woman.  GOD said Matthew was a busy boy yesterday.  He emailed MY Orange Song to all the German people and them to use it and told them If I go in there to start a war.  There won't be a war the ANGEL will wipe white people because they are disrespectful. The bodies are being teleported and pushed through the sun the mountain of bodies/the sea are not there HE was showing ME how many.

I fell in love with the ANGEL.

GOD said Matthew used the German next door to take people out for him even though he knew they helped to murder his family and went with the interpretor even though he knew she was murdering his family.  GOD said Matthew was like his family he sat there knowing his family was being murdered he had them murdered why he was still sat there he did it because they all had HIV.  GOD said Matthew murdered the girl.  

The ANGEL said as they try to come for us HE is going to take you out and won't stop because you won't stop.  The ANGEL said the white people know that they are being disrespectful from here onwards it is pride the competition is closed. GOD said the ANGEL is in the house. The ANGEL said HE dragged Matthew outside MY front door to stop him putting the deadly virus in here which was on the key.. 

It's a cheek!
GOD said HE is taking out all white women to spite the white men who sent them.  I heard a white man who group himself and said he wanted to come here to ask ME to speak to the ANGEL to get him to stop. GOD said HE is taking the suffer jets out who keep going for Ryan they said Ryan showed them disrespect by not going to court. GOD said I must start throwing Rans letter which comes from them.

GOD said when Charlotte was her there was lot of black people here the suffer jet became a big racist movement the murdered all of the black people in England HE care HE wants the same.

GOD said a lot of them went after Davina HE took them all out!

GOD said Matthew flattened Germany with what he did yesterday.

I heard a white woman who just said she is going to try and stop it she just got dragged.

GOD said it was the contents of the email why they are all taking it why HE is taking them.  I don't care don't come to MY door GOD took out the cheeky white men! 

GOD said Matthew sent pictures of white people stand around his family's bodies and said MY family did it to his family.

GOD said Matthew knew his family had people walk around Westfield infecting people with HIV and thought they did him.  He thought it was disrespectful of his family to infect him so he started taking them out and used his team to do it but is avenging it.

Joshua. All because a lady love Milk Tray!

GOD showed ME a white men speaking "Lots of white women have go taken they are spiteful they did us white men so I did them."

GOD said HE doesn't want ME to have anything to do with.  There is a feud between the white man and the white woman.  Which has nothing to do with YOU.

"The white woman didn't care when she sent the white men to disappear why should we the white men care about her the white woman I can't stand white women!"  GOD said they are all suffer jets they are turning against each other.

GOD said Matthew used Shirley's brothers to murder the German's next door that is what HE doesn't want ME to have anything to do with.  GOD said one of them got taken out by the German men "The stupid idiot I told him as soon as he goes in to start chopping take them all out as soon as we have finished using them."

GOD said it was Mark who got taken out first.  Matthew didn't tell Shirley's team about the deadly virus.  He planned to take them out GOD said they were told they had to come here as soon as they finished.  GOD said they got chopped in the house next door.  GOD said HE let Matthew go to take her out. Matthew is taking Shirley's family down.  It has nothing to do with MY family this is the first I am hearing about it. GOD said they are greedy why they took up the contract.

GOD said Mark was high on drugs when he went inside there and someone should have told him not to go in there in that state.

GOD said Matthew use his team to take out Shirley's team.  Matthew is shivering.

I heard someone telling Shirley to come here to read what I am saying.  Shirley wants to come here to speak to ME.  Don't come here I am using MY gift it has nothing to do with ME.
GOD said that is the picture Matthew sent to Germany and told it was MY family.  Shirley and her family are not MY family MY brother has a daughter with Shirley Martine is about 29 the relationship with Shirley and MY brother finish 30 years ago.

Errol said they are not touching Martine.  GOD said that is why they're not touching Martine.

Martine loves her family make them leave some for her. Take them out!

I don't want your upset don't bring it here take it to Shirley!  GOD said it is the white women tell them to take down your family.

GOD said Shirley put down the knife she picked up do ME with.  Fuck you!

Shirley knows she cannot justify taking ME or MY family out.  Go and find Matthew!
You did it to yourselves because you are evil.  What was going on in that house was nothing to do with black people you shudda let them take out their own shit! 

Matthew is very spiteful.  GOD said that is why e sits there scheming.

What was your family doing in dere?!!!  I getting something about Joseph he got dragged in there they went somewhere to bring him back.  I don't want to get involved I'm not looking. 

You sent you son to lure MINE.  Pieces of shit! That's why it happened. Come on Shirley tell them!

I have never allowed Joseph in this house. I let there friends in but not him. I don't like the mother it was nothing to do with Joseph the mother is dangerous that's why.

When I see Joseph by the door I always say hello to him.  Are you all right darling?

GOD said the people next door has murdered about a million people that was the type of people living next door!

GOD said Matthew didn't send them here they asked if they should do ME and MY family why Matthew did it to them.

I heard "as long as she lost someone she loves!"  GOD said that is the people who lived next doors family.  GOD said that is why Matthew did it to show Shirley family respect because he knows the German's.  GOD said Matthew did it for Martine because of ME.

GOD said Matthew wanted them taken out but didn't want to use white people because the German's would have started a war.  He was helping Ryan who is black so he used black.

Pack it in Matthew come in and shut the front dower!
What he done nower?  You can have your dinner but your not getting any tea tonight!

GOD said Joseph went inside the house next door and did some of the taking out why they went after him and took him out in his car. Well then!  GOD said it was the other German's who were there who made the decision. GOD said they have all of the names and addresses.  

GOD said it all kicked off because the men next door who took their team to the court house hacked up everybody in the court.

GOD said they were called to the court by the judge to do Ryan.  I told you they were going to get hacked up I saw it plain as day clips.

GOD said I message on here in advance to you I was going to let Ryan sleep.  Ryan thought the court date was in October I didn't push the issue.  The judge at the court insisted that they should still go to the court which made the people next door angry.  GOD said the judges wanted to change the order but not over the phone but because they are pompous they are rude.  An argument broke out. 

GOD said most of the people in the court were there to do the lynching to Ryan except the black man.  GOD said the judges told them to go and get Ryan so that all the people who went to do the wouldn't be disappointed.  But the judge were speaking to the men next door like a piece of shit!  I heard "You want to see a lynching I'll show you a lynching you can have one who do you think you are talking to start hacking them up!  Pieces of shit they are not better than us don't stop chopping lock the doors!  They are the same as us we are all paedophiles and rapist and torturers and murders these people have a cheek to get us out of our bed!  I'm not get Ryan! This is a court house for justice why did you call us to rape and murder Ryan? You are judges! Why are people allowed to come to the court to lynch people!  Ryan is no the rapist we are! Star raping the women! They came to see a rape rape them! SHE is the QUEEN this is HER family court house lets show the black family respect!"  

GOD said after the judges spoke to them like shit the said let HER respect.  He called ME the QUEEN and the rude judge threw something at him a book!

GOD said the white women in there started to laugh because they show no respect!

I'm only just listening.

GOD said the judge was fuming because of what I wrote about him and how I wrote it.  Yes but the lynching was already set up!


GOD said HE wanted the men to stay there because of the respect they showed ME but the people who's family were lynched wanted the men taken out which had nothing to do with Matthew he came to make sure no touched ME.  That is why I would stick MY neck on the block for Matthew. GOD said it was their spitefulness why they used the black family in MY post so that they could take out Martine.  But the black didn't have to go they wanted to become millionaire's get rich quick.  GOD said they said "show them some beads we will keep the diamonds!"

GOD said the same people who asked for Shirley's family to take part were the same people who ordered that after they finished doing their dirty deeds that they should be murdered Matthew just went along.

I'm listening to the black women "YOU must not touch him!I'm not a whore Matthew is MY friend he even stopped Andy from being raped at MY door because of the disrespect to ME and MY family and told them to take it up the road or to Bristol"

It is because he is respectful why GOD teleported him up and down!

GOD said all of Shirley's brothers who went in the house had HIV including Joseph who went with the same prostitute who David used to go and see.  GOD said Shirley told him to try and get Ryan and Jake to go with the prostitutes but he went there. Ryan and Jake said no!  I warn them.

All of those people in the court house got their just deserves!

Matthew didn't murder his family they did!  GOD said HE wanted to get some of them.  

I get lots of confessions. 

GOD showed ME Matthew who went to the court last Friday he threw down a video and all of the judges confessed to murdering David. GOD said all of the judges had HIV.

The Asian's across the road didn't do any filming.
Lots of confessions lots!

Round...... Dingalingaling! 

The Suffer jet.  They lived up to their name.

GOD said Matthew sits and prays to him.  Why he sits and stares.

GOD said the German's next door are still there but not Shirley's bothers and son who tell dem fi go in dere?

GOD said HE can hear lots of high pitched laughter from outsiders still black people because her family got taken out GOD said even HIM!

GOD said HE stepped in and had her family taken down because they heard about the QUEENSHIP and decided to come and take ME and Mine down dog shit!

"Oh well if GOD is laughing I might as well laugh with HIM!" Christian black woman. Shirley's friend the one with the son Shirley's family kick to death.

GOD said it was Shirley brother telling the other brother not to go in the houses but he was dead the brother couldn't hear.  GOD said it was the white woman who walked past Ryan and Ryan got immunity she had just come out of the house next door she set it up the German people knew Shirley's family were going after them GOD said she said it was same level as what HE does. GOD said Shirley's family know the white girl who did it!

GOD said lots of them from the different courts went to the Old Bailey Lynchings.

GOD said there was about a thousand.  Carnage!  You should show respect for other people building.  A thousand?  That is a good hit! GOD said and counting more went later the men were tired. 

Who wants to do a bit of working out on averages?  Put your hands up!

A thousand people how many children do think they would produce in the next 40 years. Keep in mind the following.
half of them have HIV
About a third were too old to reproduce
some see themselves as professionals and prefer to be a 2.4 family
Some would prefer not to have any 
Some would die 

HIV is a big factor base it on no cure available. 
I reckon in the next 5 years only a third of the population we be clean of HIV.
The paedophilia. 

Some people are so destructive. 

GOD said the white women said the minute she gets the cure from ME she is going to destroy it!  These people don't think she is not getting it I want more of her to drop first!

I watched the film Ted yesterday 3 not so good looking women in the whole of America they better not complain bout MY film.  GOD said MY film is better than hers.

GOD said HE wants this on here.  Ryan just told ME his manager told him his till went down by £35.00 yesterday.  £25 first he said he couldn't have made that mistake for the whole day he didn't do any £25 transactions he counted after he went to buy a pizza he was then told or he found out it was £10.00 down again.  He was on the phone telling his friend and Me.  None of MY children are thieves we would starve first.  It is piss take Ryan just got paid there is money in here he doesn't even have to ask.

Ryan said he caught the manager going down his bag and was looking at his court papers. He said he didn't say anything to him but when he speaks to him today he will pull him up.  GOD said the suffer jet want to go into paddy power to arrest him.

I heard you going to get taken out for it!
GOD showed ME people getting murdered for it but HE drags 2 suffer jet men in uniform.

Ryan just told ME the bag incident was 3 weeks ago.  He just told ME Max the manager asked him yesterday if he wanted a cup of tea.  GOD said he spat in it Ryan said he bubbles that wouldn't go and didn't touch it.  Ryan said Max is pushing him to call him major or sargent Max Ryan said he told him no.  Ryan said Max is acting weird.  GOD said the manger has HIV.

Ryan is on the phone to Max and have asked for a till lock, but there can be more than one key!

GOD said the 2 white male suffer jets in uniform were the ones who went to see Max to make the trouble HE didn't drag them they are still paedophiles with HIV!

Let them get taken out some of them are behaving themselves.

I'll be back!

I just heard someone who said take down the script song!

Pride put a man in hell!

This morning GOD showed ME some people trying to wake someone.  GOD said it was Shirley she killed herself that was the Andy who killed himself.

GOD said the suffer jet in uniform put out an arrest for Ryan.  GOD said Matthew know it is not real he went to the court that morning early and got the black security guard to open the door and forced his way in.  He told them not to tell the judge they were there I saw the black man telling the judge.  GOD said Matthew and his team held and the men had never heard of the End Time Message the women knew the judge didn't have time to issue arrest warrent for Ryan.  Matthew told the judge while he was with him and stayed with everyone at the court and told them Ryan wasn't going to be there.

GOD said the judge knew the men next door was going to be there with gun's but didn't know Matthew was going to be there and was going to murder someone he asked one of the men to do it.  The black man was asked not to tell any of them about the murder but only to inform them that they had arrived. The black African man was a troublemaker and the judge about the murder and said he was afraid and begged that the judge didn't tell other wise he would get murdered but the judge who said "Let me go and find out what is happening." Gave him up straight away so he was second person to get murdered.

I haven't slept.

GOD let ME hear the two suffer jet in uniform talking to Max they asked him if he had HIV he didn't want to tell them the coxed him he said yes. GOD said he is the knew manger they took the other one out this one went in to do the spit for them.  Ryan said he has only been there for about 7 weeks.

"Hello what are you doing here today why are you not at the other court in Snares Brook are you here to see the lynching?"
"Yes are you?"
"Shoot her!"
That was the first murder in the court.

GOD said some people live to see other people getting murdered because they are sick.  GOD said Matthew knew it was the same crew who lynched his family he didn't go in there to play about.

I didn't go to bed.  GOD said to ME you woke them up the window is open and you just shouted at Sapphire they want to come over here to take you out for it they need to justify why they are being asked to murder YOU.  They don't want to go to the court that is the respect they are showing you and they have murdered a million because YOU are nice.

I just had a film idea Bitch films they bitch each other with their films Like Ted and MY film fluff your hair bitch now it's MY turn.

GOD said she said sorry to ME she is not sorry she knows what is coming it's MY turn I'm not toning down but I like you.

OK because you said sorry I know you are laughing really the Orange Song was to spite white women.  It was bitching I was laughing while I was writing it.  It wasn't spite because MY feeling are genuine. I was retaliating. To films like Ted.  She is nice she said her feelings are genuine as well she said she was felling insecure when she saw the black women who went to the audition. That is a nice woman that is all it takes to be honest it pushes wrath away!

You just levelled lots of mountains I understand why the other white women do it.  I hope you understand why I have to do it to bring up the black woman's level because of the insecurity some of the white women feel. 

I liked your film concept it was unusual with the bear.  I love the singers voice I must have missed her name in the credits I couldn't see it.
I think what would be good if there was session to share as black and white women including the other colour of women and it was raw but no fighting.

Lots of black women feel ill treated by white and other colours of women I'm upset about it I crying I saw another black woman crying just now about it.

GOD just said Shirley's son is still getting taken out in there I wouldn't want that for Jake or Ryan or any of MY children please end it now.   Someone please stop it Joseph was nice like Ryan and Jake a little different.

GOD said what happened Shirley's family heard about the QUEENSHIP, they didn't care about what I said about them but were jealous and came onto this road to murder ME and MY family and used Joseph to keep Ryan and Jake where they could get them.  Joseph was dragged in the house it is a bit unclear.

GOD said Jake and Ryan are going to feel so hurt when they find but it is there fault why it happened they were told to stay off this road by people out there.

GOD said HE let it happen because Jake and Ryan would stay away from their family because of Joseph and it is what that jealous family would do to them because of who they are HE is with ME. 
GOD said they haven't been on here.  A white woman told them I'm going in QUEEN'S HOUSE, and they ran here Joseph did want Ryan or Jake to have that. GOD said Joseph had a knife but couldn't do it yet but would have another day or later.

GOD said the men saw Jake walking past and felt bad and stopped before HE told ME and I could write.  GOD said Shirley's family is going to get taken out because of what they are going to do.  It is there own fault. I really has nothing to do with ME.  Jake and Ryan were in cars 2 nights ago Ryan has a car I don't know were in them.

Then GOD told it has nothing to do with ME but didn't say what I wrote as soon as I knew it but I though Joseph got cut.  GOD is saying that is what would have happened to Jake HE used someone a German and the woman to speak to Shirley's brothers.  Oh yes HE told ME she knows Dave.  GOD said Shirley sent her son and brothers to do it, it is her fault.

I get things mixed up but the white woman told Dave "I have been asked to tell you to leave this road you must not touch any of the family because are a special family Lorraine is the QUEEN here. Someone s going to come out with a gun run!"

GOD said they were warned several times but wouldn't listen.  I think they were about to start on Joseph they can let him go.

It has been an ordeal but he and his family would love to have him back.  Next time they will show respect on gun man.

GOD said they carried on loitering any other person would have been taken out but Martine... GOD said they saw the gun men and stood there questioning them "Why are you guarding that dirty bad minded family? Come and guard our family."

They have/had the cheek to come on MY road to murder us and call us bad minded and to stand there trying to swing the people out side into guarding them?

GOD said Shirley get Joseph back they let him out.  That is very respectful.  You've got class you know. You are higher class than than all of the people in the court. Some people think high class is speech and sound.

Shirley and I have nothing to do with each other why is she running what is she MY shadow? It is rude.  Move yourself!  She compromise her on son.  I think they went to run but the woman set it up for them to go into the house just the woman. 

She sent her son to take Mine why is she crying.

Tesco finest chocolate cake. Wow!  

The jungle bunny family GOD said it was the white women behind the camera who knows Dave and asked but they jumped.

I want Joseph to tell Jake or Ryan what he was going to do to them.. The thing is they know about Christianity and know I'm with GOD,  That is the highest level of jealousy when you know you going to get murdered and still stand there fighting for it when you already know the game is over.  One last attempt or it is murder.  Dangerous people.

GOD said thy said they were doing it for the white women because they al have white women and love them.  GOD said the black man in front of the mountain of white bodies was mark who looking for his loved one "I only came here because of these white people who expected me to be here why am I looking for that stinking piece of shit! Good I couldn't wait to see the back of her!" GOD said it happened at a funeral his girlfriend not Linda! Linda Long gone!  There joke I listen to. GOD said he murdered the mother of his children and the children because she gave him HIV.

I was just taking a look at the George Home catalogue they are starting to step up some of the things are nice.

Ruby said Marshall is her best brother Sapphire said Briely.

I am a little bit flamboyant I'd have heavy drapes around the bath with tassels and a pelmet. I have got to have an old fire place in the bathroom very chic.  I want a dressing table in MY bathroom and a lounger.  One single free standing wardrobe.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Message to Bristol police department

GOD said Andy was suppose to start his job today but I must not get involved by calling them because he cut ME off.   They probably feel let down can yo call them thanks.  I'll tell you what happened later the real accounts. I need a cupa. 

GOD said you are showing ME a lot of respect by checking out MY accounts.  Thank you!

I just need to switch to some people at Barking council who want to send ME a court letter for non payment of council tax.  I'm not paying any nor am I going to court over it.  GOD said it is your spite you kept cutting of the housing benefit why the council tax isn't being paid.  GOD said it was the German's who put Jane Trevor next door why she was murdered to stop what she was going to do to ME and MY children.  GOD said they will go into the council and wipe the lot of you out even the black people.  Leave ME alone. GOD said even the court letter is spite.

GOD let ME hear what happened out side HE said let ME shut our door it has nothing to do with us it is white peoples shit.  HE said they are arguing it is going to turn into a fight I have suspended the children to stop them looking out of the window because it s Andy and I don't want them to see that sort of thing they are going to murder him right outside the front door.  GOD said if Andy and her were to stay together it would be like that all the way through.  Volatile.  GOD said she keeps looking down on herself when she looks at YOU!  

GOD said the shouting was loud lots of people on this street were looking out of their window even the Asian man who just got married said "Someone should tell Lorraine Rees."  GOD said he the Asian man was coming or ME but because of what happened he didn't want to hurt ME.

GOD said MY children would have ran outside to help Andy those people had gun's and were paedophiles one them showed a lot of respect to ME.  Why he murdered Andy outside to stop him from going through the houses.   GOD said Andy was being dragged and the policeman murdered him quickly and said I didn't want him to go through that you hit him first I thinking Lorraine and HER children when SHE finds out.  He didn't deserve those levels he was nice you should have left him with HER your spiteful both of you. She was with her female friend.  Who last night jumped in and called ME a whore after MY French talk and was shouted at by a policeman who said "SHE is not a whore everyone in here is whoring and has a cheek!"

GOD she didn't want anyone looking at what she though I was going to write about the fight.


GOD said Andy punched both of them Michelle got punched to the ground.

GOD said Michelle doesn't know Andy she thinks Andy is going to let her punch kick and push him because he does what she says.  GOD said weeks ago Andy is like Bevan but without the ignorance why HE let ME batter him to scare him so that he didn't do it.  GOD said HE wasn't having Andy punch down a black woman with the racism in him like he did to the white women without the racism.  

In the car I was punching Andy who never hit ME back but sang one and the boy broke his nose why I left him there was blood everywhere in the car lots.  I didn't want to hit the bloody man after that I told him to get it didn't her he was scared to put his hands on ME he showed ME a lot of respect he always said I don't want to hit YOU why I like living with Andy. Straight after I threw things he would clean it up.  Nice as pie "Have YOU calmed down yet?"

Andy and I were happy it was peaceful.  No arguments we laughed at the shit. We reached to that equilibrium. Believe it or not I never disrespected him he knew he was in the wrong.

GOD said Andy was fed up of Michelle and the whole group he was wishing he could go back and start again and just sit with ME and the children.  GOD Andy was reserved and was used to a slow pace of life.  With ME.  GOD said being with her and her friends was like being around Tracy Regan and her friends depressing every where they go trouble followed them fast lane.  GOD said Andy was living life in the fast lane and felt guilty and depressed around them.  The life wasn't the things they talked about he was a Christian and spent a big chunk of his life with ME it was opposite the life with her was not for him but he with her and wanted to get out of it why he hit her back.  

GOD said they latch on.  GOD said all they talk about is the murders they do and other people do and they hate for black people.  GOD said even in here I diss them for it on here but it was never talked about in here there is no racism. 

GOD said all they did was run our family down in front of Andy who loved all of us and knew everything they said about us was wrong he listened to how they twisted things and it hurt him but he had already put himself with her because of the sex which he didn't like with her because she was stinking and behave like the whore she was, he didn't wan her.  GOD said he didn't respect her when he looked at her she was threatening him.

After he punched her to the ground she was shouting "you go in there now and punch the black woman to the floor like you just punched me to the ground!  Go in there now do it!" Andy asked what did it have to do with ME and said "I'm not punching HER SHE is MY wife SHE has not done anything wrong it's me I ill treated HER SHE has been nice to me you told me to call HER a black dog to HER face which I did for you, your the white dog!"
"Are you call me a dog for the stinking black woman?"

"t is you who stink SHE is clean I have never smelt HER.  All of you bottoms stink I keep smelling all of you, you have cheek to try and defend yourself I have been down on HER and have never smelt HER you made me throw up!"

GOD said that was where the argument started "I gave you HIV!  You dog!"  GOD said she saw Andy bend down and hug the girls and saw Sapphire and was jealous of her.

GOD said Andy threw up because he went down on her.  It was like Ellen who touched herself and the chicken which I ate a small piece of that made ME throw up half an hour later.

GOD said the white men know about the white woman and Asian.  

I have not finished I take breaks.

"I'm going to fucking stab him!" That is the other girl.  GOD said Andy had enough of them and it had only just started.
"No your not I don't want blood out here how can we clean it?"
"Kick the door off take Sapphire to teach him a lesson for what he just did to the white woman for the black woman!" That is the other girl and the policeman.  GOD said it was all happening quickly.
"We are going in to murder Ryan!"
"Your not touching my children they are good children!"

GOD said it would have keep happening with every white woman he would have gone with because of who I am she is jealous.  GOD said she wants the same as Andy gave to ME but she is not the same she is a piece of shit!

"I wan Sapphire sexually abused in front of him for what he just did to me do it now!"
"Why?  I'll get dragged!"
"Because I am a white woman he is not treating me like this and walking from it!"
"That is my baby both of them your not touching any of them! you will have to murder me first!"  GOD said Andy came back and slammed the font door and was thinking "It's dangerous they are going to do something even though I tried to pacify her she is not stopping HE won't let anything happen to Sapphire or HER or any of them HE will to me because of how I treated them.  I feel sorry for Lorraine look what I did to her I deserve to get murdered.  SHE has every right to shout at me I am a piece of shit!"  GOD said that is why HE spoke to MY friend the policeman who I told to fix his clothes to take down Andy quickly he listened.  GOD said that is why HE said HE works with police that is the policeman.  I like him so much!

They held Andy the policeman "I'll shut it!  You are not touching HER or HER children leave it out here! It is your shit it has nothing to do with HER. Us men told you girls to leave him alone!" I love you!

GOD sad it was the other girl who called for back up the policemen came.

GOD said it was the other girl who made all of the trouble.  Andy pacified Michelle with MY HIV cure why HE had him taken out! "Michelle you gave me HIV don't worry about it OK I can clean us.  Don't tell anyone."  He whispered it to her and the other girl thought they were talking about her because they both looked at her while they were were talking.  GOD said Michelle said she wouldn't tell her she was going to sell it.  GOD said it was the other girl who pushed her to go to the Russian's because she had arranged something for her friend.  GOD said that is how the group behave but told the other girl what to do.  Andy was warned not to give it to them he smirk when he said he wouldn't like a mockery like my lips are sealed and shook his head "um! um!"  I waned him just before he left. 

GOD let me hear Andy's thoughts "Off course I'm going to give it to her you black piece of shit! Th"at is my white woman!"  You can have your white woman but you and she are not having MY cure you white piece of shit good!  That is why I don't care I heard it before why I don't care.

Like Ruby said to Sapphire 2 days ago after she boxed her down for causing trouble with her"That's what you get!" Is it?

"Well if the men can't have Sapphire they are taking Ruby!"
"Ruby is mine as well your not touching Ruby!"
"She is not yours!"
"She is mine I reared her with my hands! Your not touching her! She is the same as Sapphire! You are not going in there!"
"Hold him!"

GOD said it was the men at the police station who told the men who went to help to help ME because it is there shit and to take them all out if they had to.  But they don't want it touch ME or MY children!  GOD said the policeman got a pat on his back HE wants them all to get a pat on the back.

GOD said it wasn't really Michelle it was the other woman he hit what she did to him he did to her she spat at him and kicked him and pushed him and punched him and went in the car and called for back up.

GOD said Andy gave the other girl a black eye!

GOD said the men next door came out quick to take MY children so HE took them quick but it was slow.  GOD said policeman broke Andy's neck before they could drag him in their house.  That group are men but the demons the bible speak of they are beast they have done so many murders their continence have changed.  GOD said the same look on their faces was the same look on the other German peoples faces the night they went to murder Charlotte and her family.  GOD said he took pleasure in dragging them after Andy was murdered.   

GOD said the policemen who murdered Andy didn't care who saw because they were told to protect the family from those men next door.  Someone else wants them kept their why they cannot take them down. The the judges why they are going to all get taken down.

GOD said even though Andy was already murdered the beast next door dragged his body into the house and went through the who ritual.  Someone said they wanted the body to analyse it.  To see if he had taken MY cure.  GOD said the men next door were told not to touch it someone would go to collect it later Michelle was sent with them.  GOD said because they are dogs next door they performed necrophilia on the body they think to hide their DNA if the pour boiling oil it is the same as burning the body.  GOD said the cut his rectum and mouth and pour boiling oil in them to hide that they didn't do as they were told and then poured more all over him.  

I'll come back later I have some things to do.

I can sit pretty now MI just wash!  The things I do for you! I want to be Cleopatra again!

message to the people I am paying the toll to
I need to do a quick switch like someone switched from being MY friend to help the people I am paying the toll to take that stinking bitch out as soon as you get this message she has been told to take you out she switched because you watched the video of ME and Riccardo which you obtained.  Was it it in Andy's suitcase yes Michelle asked him to hold it why she wanted the case.  


To the people I'm paying the toll to there is no HIV she was whore whoring with the men except you MY little bunny rabbit! 

I'll come back later.

GOD said that is why she pushed her way into the group she was sent.

GOD said the female judge who MY friends were helping thinks she is going to get the queenship she paid the toll to the stinking voice German woman but.... That stinking voice German woman used the toll money to pay German contractor to take down she and all of the other judges.  I hate copy cat crimes.  GOD said she used black men to rape the judge and the rest of her family because I wrote GOD said HE is going to use African men.  GOD she did what HE wanted her to do because of the disrespectful order she ordered for ME and MY children.  She was here on Saturday taking to the people next door who are going to murder her next time. GOD told ME. She tell them she ha been told she is not allowed to go their again she is on here!  She is the puppeteer who pulls their strings and tells them what she wants them to know.  Someone is going to tell them. 

GOD said the contractor who went to the old people home she sent them down there and said they can enjoy themselves.  GOD said the people who's family are in there are after them.  They left the old people riddled with diseases.  

If you thought MY cough was bad!  GOD said they spiked the toacco I haven't coughed for a long time.  Leave it out one man next door I had never heard before was coughing like a gooden!  Oh GOD he keeps spitting,  GOD said close the window but I couldn't reach it and left it then I was suspended and woke up HE was here and said I've standing here for a long time blowing it out it is airborne TB I don't want it in here.  GOD said she sent him to Bristol old peoples home.  GOD said that is what has it Bristol.

GOD  said HE hasn't stopped it because they are all fighting ME.

GOD said HE is making sure MY family cannot catch it why HE let him come and cough. 
GOD said she told him to go to Bristol and to spread it anywhere he goes the people next door cannot catch it.  GOD said he has the worse case of it in Germany why she called him down.  He should be isolated. GOD said he coughed all over the church people who murdered Andy's family.  Sapphire can read a lot of things I better hide.  GOD said they all went to their churches.  Hypocrites!  

GOD said that is why she sent him next door
"Iv'e got TB"
"I don't care about that come in."

GOD said the church people started coughing and coughed all over the church people in their different churches.  GOD said the church people became some of the contractors to stop ME. Goood all over your children dogs why are you in church?!  It is for black people.  GOD said they are going to have to take them out.  There is only one GOD and HE hates white people because of their behaviour.  If you've been to church and there is no change.... Church is the ultimate.  Move man!

Ladies and gentlemen we are taking a break now pastor Lorraine Stevens will be back later.

I hop the media people and I can see eye to eye you know... Seeing as we are in the same line of business.  Perhaps we can work together nicely don't steal the credit!  Go down on the church GOD told ME MY police friends in Bristol checked out what I was saying and filmed the whole group in different place like Andy's parents house.


GOD said after Andy's family they are coming to do MINE.

GOD said it is not the pretty woman in the video with Muse she got taken out because she went into the brothel that the dirty girl on this street opened up and the lead singer while he was with the little girl the air brusher and video woman were having sex and he caught her.  Why it all kicked off in there that night Cliff Richards the Christian got murdered.   GOD said the stinking voice woman looks and smells like how she sounds and sat n the same room as Regina why she could murder Regina but not in the room at the hotel.  GOD said she caught the same TB as the man next door she caught it from him because she was called there to catch it because the people next door said she was disrespectful for sending a man like that to their house.  GOD said it has hit Westfield she sent him to Davina and MY other family GOD said HE is doing what HE did for ME for them none of them can catch it. GOD said the people next door let him in to do MY family! Because they knew they couldn't catch it.

GOD said she told him to catch a plane and come he said He wants to smoke and needs fresh air and wanted to catch a ship. GOD said he coughed on lots of people on the ferry but a lot of them cannot catch it But not Bristol people it is clean in Bristol.  

I'll come back later I need to cook.

GOD said the police in Bristol sent the BBC to film and told them to take all of the credit!  GOD said they did show ME respect they checked it out even them have caught it HE is not helping anyone down there and she know she must not use it.

GOD said lots of rag dolls!

GOD said the BBC filmed the Christian's taking things.  GOD said the man with the TB coughed on some of the policemen directly.  GOD said the police went in Andy's mum dads house and took things the white girl from the BBC stopped filming for the police t go in and help themselves and her crew stopped filming son that they could go in and take things  and said film the Christian's Lorraine Rees is a Christian. the white girl.  GOD said they said with camera footage to back them up it was the Christian's who murdered Andy's family it was the police down there the camera crew helped.  Don't under estimate the power I have been given.  You pieces of shit!

Oh yes be  fore I go I'll be back don't worry.  GOD said the type of TB the man has he won't last long and he just caught it!

GOD said he dies in the house next door I didn't hear him to day.  He came back from Bristol GOD said they didn't take him out because he showed them respect.

Yesterday GOD said it was not the tobacco it was an injection she gave him here why he has gone already it is no ordinary TB why HE came to ME and went to MY family and friends.  GOD said you heard coughing next door but it wasn't him.  She Michelle's friend tried to inject Ryan yesterday she was dragged.  Must dash.  GOD said he did have TB before he came here. He knew he was finished because he was injected.  HE was crying for money I heard him crying in German he said "I have no money why I came and still have no money because of what" she did to me."

GOD said the people next door know they are going.
"What did we let in here?"

GOD said any wafer's and stray!
I'm listening to the German's across the street something I don't like
They said I am at their mercy we fall out there is no one higher than GOD who put us all here I am at GOD'S MERCY NOT MAN!  I am being nice to you by paying the toll I don't have to. 
You take a dime view when you look at your own colour to push up there it is about good and evil.  That is how I see it!  That is why HE SAID ANY WAFERS AND STRAY!

They are white and German next door. Do you want them to live for ever?
We all know the difference between right and wrong.  That is how I am judging.

I just heard a German man who answered MY question to MY last question  he said as long as you family is around.   Guest what MY family is still around it is your family who isn't around because of them.  So MI see it so MI have fi talk it!  Chuck Fender.

I'm just remembering a reply I have had for may years since the 70s.

It is dress like I have seen Karen Carpenter wear.
My dad had 2 girlfriends at the same time Barbara was nice Grace Carol MY half sister was a piece of shit.  Barbara and I used to talk about Grace.  Barbara use to work s a typist.  SHE took ME into a clothe shop to buy the dress I loved on top of the hill opposite Forest Gate station near the launderette that has been there ever since I can remember.  I beg her not to buy the dress because I was worried she wouldn't have enough money left to get to work.  The god old 70s.  She said she didn't care and bought it for A LITTLE WHILE .  IT GOT RIPPED.

Hi had a little drink last night.

GOD said the policemen n Bristol didn't murder Andy's parents HE showed ME the police going into their house to rape them then showed ME two white men one was blond going in after the rapes were finished and hacked them up.  GOD said the 2 men enjoyed doing it.  GOD said there were lots of rapes.

When they finished hacking Andy's mum and dad up one of them said "SHE can have the house now!" 

GOD said that is why HE let them take Andy out from down here because of what he did for ME and the children.

GOD said Andy did know he got murdered HE took his spirit out quick.  They broke his neck.

GOD said they took Sue and her children out and the paster it was his children who was raped by black men.  They set it up.  GOD said the judges wife was coughed on moved the German away the person who coughed and that is why he was pushed.

I want more black people on here I was thinking this morning should I email them?  GOD said HE is helping all the black people the Asian family across the road and his family the policemen up the road they won't get taken out that way only respectful people.  GOD said HE is not taking them out the policemen.  Behave.  It's   because of the paedophilia but HE showed ME the group of policemen HE threw you out there and you got lost among the people your there but HE can't see what you did. HE said just you. GOD said keep turning over the new leaf.

GOD said they are taking out Lindsey and her husband it happened to the whole family because of her.  GOD said she hated Andy because he touched her little girl she was 10 he was about 17 he told ME he wanted to try it and stroked her hair that was as far as it went.

GOD said Lindsey always stays with Andy's parents when she go down there but hated Andy who was living there and told the women to take him out. GOD said there are different people doing the murders for different reasons.

GOD sad it was the police in Bristol who call the people down here to ask them to send the paedophiles next door up to Bristol to show them how to take people out they went and told them to hack them up. 

GOD said the person who wanted the house was Lindsey she is the person HE showed ME sitting and said it's a mess.  GOD said she was there in the back ground while they were murdering Andy's parents.  GOD said she went in he house to show Andy's parents it her why they were getting murdered.  GOD said they knew it was her.

She is very greedy she took everything from her mother. She threw her in that old peoples home.  GOD said she threatened her mother and told her not to talk. I remember Audrey her mum kept saying I gland you came to see me she kept wanting to say something.

GOD said lots of people do it to there wealth family member and the people in that particular old people home help the member of the family to steal.  GOD said it is a scam.  I was upset when I saw her in there I knew something was wrong.

GOD said Andy's mother was involve in the scam she got something.

GOD said it is run like a prison in that old peoples home.  That is what I saw.  GOD said they are made to spend a lot of time in their rooms by themselves.  Very rarely are they taken outside in the garden. GOD said their rooms are kept locked at night they are not aloud to move around.  GOD said they get beaten.
Audrey was in bad way after the stroke she could have paid someone to look after her at home.  She was a strong woman Andy told ME it had nothing to do with us it was Lindsey decision.  He wasn't involved. 

I spoke to Audrey and said Lindsey said we can have some of your things is that OK and she said "yes." What Lindsey gave us wasn't worth going to get. But we took it to show respect. 

GOD said it is Aunty Audrey who got someone to help free her why they are all getting murdered.  Good for them. She is posh.

I'm thinking back every time Audrey tried to speak to ME someone came in the room.  Lindsey's husband, other people.  GOD said they were watching us on camera.

GOD sid she didn't want to talk in front of Andy.  At the time Andy was good. GOD said they would have murdered her if I had helped, I didn't know but knew something was wrong.  It is only because of GOD why I know. GOD said because of the type of people they are the only way to have helped Audrey was to murder them. 

I'd never do it to MY mother regardless.

Last night I went to the off-licence around the corner it stunk of shit like some one died and was left.  GOD said the old white man shit himself and still stayed in the shop instead of going home and washing himself because he thinks he is need, touching everything.

GOD said that is the last time you will see him, because of what he has done.  GOD said HE is drawing it out from there. The Asia man started spraying the shop and said go home ad wash yourself.  GOD said the white man has the cough why he shit himself.

GOD said he touched the needle.

GOD said stand there I just took him out because of what he was going to do to you.  "Have I forgotten anything?" Only your bleedin smell.

GOD said the only person who got out of the old peoples home was Audrey,  GOD said it is MY team down there.  GOD said it her friend who used the team to get her out and is going to try and get her to sign everything over to her.  GOD said they beat her.  These people make ME shake MY head those people are going to get taken out.  GOD said Audrey was better off in there.  GOD said they went into the old peoples home last night. GOD said it is her church friends.

GOD said they have taken all of the deeds everything.  GOD said the stinking little white man in the shop didn't touch anything it happened just as I walked through the shop he went to get his things.

GOD said Michelle shouted to Andy "do you have to hold your children in front of me. Couldn't you have finished doing that while the door was closed?" GOD said that was the start of the argument.

GOD said it was Sapphire who grabbed her dad.

GOD said there are teams within team the ones within are taking down some of the team because they are taking orders from the woman with the stinking voice.  GOD said she was the one who told the girl with Michelle to cause trouble to try and get Andy and his family brought next door.  She told Michelle Andy was showing off his children in front of her and told her to say something.

GOD said the team think they are helping the female judge to go into the house but it is for her the woman with the stinking voice and her family who are in Germany.  GOD said it was her family who came to bring her the chemicals to inject and went back so that no one would suspect they had anything to do with it.  GOD said she did more than one person and sent them to Russia because the Russian's said they would fight her if she went in there.

GOD said lots of people in Germany think the family in Germany are being disrespectful because it is no theirs.

GOD said the people who she injected know she injected them they are like suicide bombers they are given money for their families but it won't benefit them but they agree.

GOD said the white man in the shop bent down to cough he didn't know he had it the people who agreed to have the cough, cough on people.

GOD said lots of white people won't get it because they come into contact with it but just the right amount.  But HE didn't help them.

GOD said HE wanted ME to get some more not enough blew through MY window.  Why HE sent ME to the shop.

GOD said what he didn't know when he coughed was that I was in the shop.  GOD said he was about to cough on ME why HE took him out.

GOD said he was old to start injecting things in the shop.  GOD said that is why HE let him shit himself so that he would forget about it.

GOD said HE took him out the shop HE wants him out there because of the people he mixes with.

GOD said they hate him let them take their own shit out.

GOD said he was just about to cough and started to shit himself again he left before it fell on the floor so that he could keep his job.

GOD said it gives you the shits. GOD said that is what is happening to the people next door.  I heard one of them "We have to go to the hospital."
"I don't want to go there."
GOD said some of it wasn't coughing he was being sick.

GOD said she told the man he would only be ill for 6 week him dead!  GOD said 48 hours.

GOD said he had time to go to Bristol and  come back because he felt too ill as soon as he came back he dropped dead but he was injected directly the rest it is incubating.

GOD said it was him who went into the shop and touched things why I was feeling ill.  GOD said I'm all right.  I'm not coughing.
GOD said turn it round Ryan bought home one of the bottle in the shop that was spiked before. I feel better now.

GOD said she injected him on Saturday she injected people with TB so that they would cough it out on people. 

GOD said it is the most deadliest virus which comes from their laboratory in Germany they have been sat there working on it for a long time.  GOD said it is airborne people catch the TB with it but the TB isn't what takes them out.  Germ., war-fear. 

GOD said she told them to say they are coughing because of the tobacco.

GOD said the people who were inn the house across the road were taken out last night because they knew I was going to the shop.  I wanted them to know, Why I put MY boots on and went out to look for Ryan I was getting ready to go.  Why are you out there?  Your problem!  Why are you after ME?

I like going to the shop.
The white girls said that was their families.  Yes and this is MINE! 

She said"Ours isn't worth anything only HERS" Sounds like your starting to show ME some respect.  You sound humbled you may go!

I just hard the Russian's who who thanked ME earlier for telling them about the virus.  Your welcome They are upset they are after her family the stinking voice woman.

GOD said that is where the ferry they caught as going to Russia.  GOD they just made it off the boat.  GOD said it was full of Russian people who live all over Russia they coughed on all of the people.  GOD said the German's are very evil people.

GOD said those are the two who tried to drag Andy into the house next door!  GOD for Andy he could have waited to show respect.  If it was ME I would wait until it was settle dog!  I never jump with someone straight away after I have finished with someone to show respect.  Riccardo and  I split up over a year before I got with Andy.

I thought the German's were very respectful?  I just heard her "SHE showed the Russian's it was our family!" Pig shit!  GOD said it is her who put the German's in T-Mobile but they are show respect those ones.

What you are doing affects the whole world!

GOD said the stinking voice got a different German family to come because she knew they would get taken out.  GOD said hates that family. Those one the ones she gave the key to for the house across the road.    

GOD said HE told ME to give T-Mobile to that group of German they are MY team they are the one who went to Bristol to take Audrey from them and collect what belongs to Sapphire.  Thank you, your nice.

GOD said Audrey can come and live with us like I wanted her to when I saw her in the old peoples home that is Sapphires grand aunt.  GOD said we will get people to look after her she can go out every day.

My mum is good with old people.  GOD said she like white people why HE lets some in there to look after her.  GOD said when she goes they leave.

I heard GOD bring in Aunty Audrey leave the white shit out there.  GOD said they all ready started taking her out in the hospital she has nearly gone.  I'd like to see her.  I'll look after her.  GOD said because of what they did to her she doesn't like white people.

GOD said she talks walks around but they won't let her out to MY team get her out for ME it's enough. 

I'm not sure hat area the hospital is in it wasn't far from Andy's mum and dads house.

It is a knew looking building with a ramp. It is quite a big building.  I just hear "lets go and get er!" Bristolian.  GOD said they want to shut her up from talking about what is going on in there.  GOD said she has all of her faculties.

GOD said the reason why Andy was not the same as them even though he was brought up like them was because they treated him like an outsider because of what happened to Lindsey's daughter.

GOD said the stinking voice woman called other German families who wants the ship so that they can get taken out.  Because she feel they have cheek to want the ship when she took the whole family out she said "What does she think I'm a woman like her does she think I murdered the all of their family to make her queen! Why did she come for me to make her queen that is disrespectful!"  GOD said she gave someone else the key. She said she is going to keep giving out the key until they show her respect.

GOD said she got someone to cut a big box of keys.  GOD said she is the most evil woman on the earth.

GOD showed ME something yesterday and reminded ME while I was in the bath a little while ago.  I was the policemen in Bristol raping Andy's parents HE said all those policemen  are paedophiles the one's who go into the schools and hospitals and said the German man also raped Andy's parent the one with the cough they wanted to put him last because... but said "We all have HIV lets show him some respect for coming down here put him first." GOD said HE sees sores and blisters they don't have the type of diseases he has.  GOD said the schools are open.

GOD said it is symptoms from the virus he was injected with.  GOD said that is why she is the most evil woman she knows what it does she didn't handle it she got the people next door to push the needle in.  He started to cough and throw up straight away.  GOD said they the paedophiles have already been in the schools.  Since they took Andy's family out.  GOD said they all now who the men are and let them.  Now they are running scared. That is why it stinks of shit in there.

GOD said the paedophiles go into the old peoples home as well.

GOD said the day Andy and I and Sapphire went to see Audrey it was happening in some of the rooms why they built the home where all of the old people have their own room.  GOD said Lindsey knew because her husband is in the ring, and told them not to touch her but the touch her why they took the family out. Because they knew she could make trouble for them.  "That's a pretty old lady."
"You must not touch that one."

GOD said it was the policemen who went to take Andy's family out because they already showed that disrespect they raped Audrey for the first time in there last week.  GOD said they didn't want ME and MY family only Andy and his family.  What did they think I would keep quiet don't they know ME?  I put them on National television and on National and local radio and world wide newspapers.

GOD said when Lindsey found our she flipped and contacted the BBC everybody she was the first to get taken out she the husband and the daughter that is why Andy's family are getting taken out!
GOD said they all using each others teams.

GOD said the police over here up the road Barking said "You are not touching Lorraine or HER family until you tell us what is going on why do you want to take out Andy,  what has e done?  Lorraine just sits there SHE doesn't trouble anyone Andy is with them you can have Andy but you are not having HER!"  GOD said there was an argument.  

GOD said when I did it to the people in Bristol they all thought it was funny it is because they hadn't started going into the schools yet.

GOD said why HE s not helping them is because of the paedophilia.  HE said I'm helping.

GOD said they thought Lindsey had lots of cheek to put her mum in there for things and her husband is one of them show the same disrespect as them yet she didn't want her mother touched and had the cheek to threaten threatened them.  GOD said there are paedophiles in the BBC now because the white women let them go into school etc so that she could stay up there and hurt black people.

I have friends! GOD said HE is going to show ME all of them even her the white women.

I saw a lot of white people as far as I could see a mixture men and women where HE threw the police up the road among them.  They are all MY friends. I want white friends.

GOD said none of it has anything to do with ME none of it. Andy is the last person I take down.... no he took MY cure and gave it to her.

I wonder if it would clean the virus? It is potent! Some of it.  I'm still here. 

GOD showed ME Michelle who was being dragged by the people next door they were beating her and she was trying to tell them MY cure but they didn't give her a chance they thought she was going to scream so they covered her mouth that was it.  GOD said even if she had told them they would still have murdered her.
Piece of shit.  GOD answered ME this morning HE said HE let her use the virus to take them all out up in Bristol HE doesn't want to save them.  That is a yes!  It clean herpes. I don't have herpes or HIV if you try to go in MY bin for DNA HE will take you out even at the tip.

HE said HE will tell ME when you can have it.

GOD said HE wants ME in a science lab I'm the best. HE said HE Just tilted HIS head to ME.  GOD said it is naughtiness why I discover these things.  HE said it is the way I look at things like I looked at the moon and saw the ball. GOD said I am not naughty.

GOD said when I am in there they can have it.

GOD said I invent a cure for boldness it make hair grow quick a full head of hair.  GOD said I help everyone. GOD said the hair only grows where the hair follicles are.  GOD said HE is going to show ME lots of things.

I've just come on to the women GOD told ME not to buy any sanitary towels up there they put them out.  I do like MY ancestors the old Queens I'll just lay there and let them change the straw in the bag of mattress.

GOD said them next door told Michelle we don't want the black woman's cure why it was server for her because she picked up Andy.  GOD said it was them who called for her but the team set it up her friend.  GOD said now because of what they have they are wishing the took it from her.

I heard the men next door "Lay down lets lay down together and think!"

GOD said they stood up "but SHE can not hear what we are talking about!" That is because I am a Genus.  I know! GOD said there is only one Genus on the earth ME! GOD said that is why HE tilted HIS head to ME this morning.  GOD said they are not coughing.  GOD said the are bubbling up on he inside.

GOD said all of those white children they say can work out big sum they tell them even on count down they stop filming so that she has enough time to do the working out.  The black man is good at drawing.  

GOD said that is why HE sits with ME.  HE finds ME interesting that I can do things like HIM and HE is GOD I'm just a human.  GOD said HE keep thinking how did this happen?  GOD said HE has to keep looking.  I think it is to with the respect levels it is to do with our inner man.  You have to empty your mind from bad mindedness. 

I keep forgetting people are evil.  GOD said I think the other way to all of you that is what he cannot understand.  GOD said HE keeps turning ME but I keep turning back.

GOD said the stinking voice woman sent that woman to the musketeers with paper to say she was clean she was a prostitute from off the street in Germany with HIV. 

GOD said she was stinking of shit. Every day. GOD said the men kept having to tell her to wash herself.

GOD said she said she didn't want MY bunny because HE was too posh GOD said if was the look HE shot her why she moved away.  But got angry when HE complimented ME.

"Go and make sure the men have a good time."

I just heard one of the men "I just wish I never got involved."  GOD said you came to take ME and MY family out! You need to analyse yourselves and be honest with yourselves and speak the truth.  You came to take us out.  Why are you talking like had you not come to help ME.  You decided while you were here to help. Your whores why she could give you HIV.  Low class why you share a woman.

GOD said you didn't even care about the toll because you are racist.
GOD said the German's are very respectful to each other white people.

I like MY team in T-Mobile. It's working faster tonight. Zee connection.

GOD said Andy didn't want to show ME any spite because he knew he was in the wrong but he was told in order to work out with the spiteful woman and get respect he had to show some spite. What a dead fool.

GOD let ME hear Michelle after she was murdered. "Andy are you there?"  GOD said she will remain by herself.  I sound like Mutley in stop the pigeon. How it sweet ME!  Was the cartoon Go Go Races?

I'm laughing in the face of danger!  That is what I do tilt the hat again!

I'm not giving out the cure until I am comfortable! You will all drop dead and end up like Michelle dirty white girls! I wouldn't pick any of you up as fren! Old white women that is good she is not competing.

I just heard the white men "I don't want to see any white woman down there!" She is a dog! Don't come in MY face!
Doesn't matter how many times you tell the white woman she still come because she is a dog!  You only have to tell ME once.  She will make herself a dog for things!

Even if it is not her she will send another white woman.

Wacky Races!

GOD said the stinking voice woman was being kept out of MY house by the Russian's who want the ship for one of theirs so she said I know how to make them drop it.  She contacted her family to help her and the brought the deadly virus to her to use on the Russian's.  GOD said it was only meant for the Russian's who said they were going to fight her if she went in.  All of it is a cheek.  I heard white women saying "The old Queens would have Murdered HER!"  Irrespective it is still MINE,  GOD wanted ME to be black.

GOD said children in Bristol are starting to vomit in school.  GOD said they said they are going to close of all the exits around Bristol.  GOD Michelle's family were the one who got dragged it happened this morning because of the wacky races.  It was the sister who was humbled.  GOD said HE dragged David Westfield. For playing bad man Michelle was his friend he sent her to take Andy thinking he could visit ME.

GOD said even though the Russian's are standing up outside the house with guns HE is guarding it and they know they will get dragged if they try to go in why they don't want it.  GOD said all of the Russian's who are guarding it soon drop then we can go in.  Pieces of shit!   I don't want you to give ME what is MINE. It is a cheek you are being shifted. 

By the hook or by the crook you will learn! GOD said HE is the hook she the woman with the stinking voice is the crook! Drop it! 
That is all I want the white people to learn it is not theirs. White shit!

GOD said the dirty white men and women in Bristol said the didn't care if the children caught HIV because they have it and didn't mind it being in their society. I mind it in being MY society!  Dogs!

I saw a flash of lightening a few moments ago.  GOD said HE just took out a big chunk of people to stop them going after the black people.  That is the second one I have seen in the last 3 says.  Pieces of shit! That is the quarantine!  I like to give talks it make the people dance to MY fiddle lots of white Bo Jenggles! Dance! Tap! Tap! Tap!

GOD showed ME lots of white bodies being sail boated into the furnace. That is the only to put them in the fire hot! You make ME laugh like Mutley again! Let the dead bury the dead!

GOD said it was Michelle's family they said they were going to give it to Andy cut off his daughter and took up Michelle and said they are the king and queen it was David Westfield who said he was going to give it to them.  Oh dear! Dirty dodo's! They never lost it they never had it how would they have got in to be the king and qu? Low down to the ground! It's the white people's shame! Mutley! Lots of black Mutley's.

GOD said David Westfield said Michelle's sister could take over the ship and be the ship in Westfield and that he was the ordained minister.  GOD said HE took out the ordaining mister and took out the shit!

I have friends all colour that is who is going to be left here them and their family! My friends are not dropping! 
White people like to shame black people with their shame they have been dong it for centuries!  They don't like being done to them.  Now they know how it feels.

The are the ones stinking they say black people are stinking! I'll take you all on by MYSELF!!

I heard a dirty white girl a few days ago who said "If they filmed Andy getting murdered then that means SHE can get a divorce!" GOD said Andy got his divorce papers they got it for him it was already there from what I did that they didn't issue why he cut off and went out to meet her!  GOD said that is why HE turned up to make it was filmed. Dogs!  I head GOD speaking to Andy before HE kicked him into hell for a little bit. HE called Andy a dog and other things! GOD said Sapphire would have sensed it had Andy gone through the house, HE looked Andy was in distress thinking about Sapphire why HE bailed him out of his shit.  GOD said that was the tear HE wiped from Sapphires face.  GOD MY whole family has been given a knowing they haven't started using it yet that is why!

GOD said they said I'd have to pay for their friendship not the black people to be MY friend you have to pay the toll go and fight for ME not the one who went to fight like the new T-Mobile owners or the  policemen up the road there are lots of people like them I haven't mentioned.  The Jonny come lately to save themselves or drop dead.  GOD said HE is not going to Bristol.  Guess what the toll has already been paid!

GOD said there are lots of white women in the friendship.  Yes because of him!  GOD said they start to behave themselves.  Yes because of him.  GOD said HE beats her. She said "Because of HER!" She behaves herself.  Why should I care if they drop I didn't murder anyone.  GOD said it has nothing to do with ME. It is your disrespect. 
Mek MI go buss a tune "Chuck it so" Buju!

I heard a white man who said "I'm still going to be a friend a late friend." Your in the first batch. I kicked you down.... You still stood up. That is a classy friend. The Judge!

GOD said to Andy where are you going you dog!  That is the QUEEN in there do you think I'm going to let you treat her like that and walk off with that whore.  GOD said HE murdered Andy HIMSELF.

If you are white trash why do you need to use spite to walk out to hide your for being dogs for picking up the dog?

GOD said to Andy who planed to take the ship from HE and I use it for the white shit what you have done is HIGH TREASON.

I just heard the white dogs in the house across the street She is wearing the same things from yesterday.  So what I don't stink I took a bath last night and there is traffic for the bathroom Jake is in the bath Ryan took one before he left.  If you were there since yesterday to see ME wearing the same clothes.  When last did you take a wash I bet your a whore as well!  You stinking dog!  I told you I behaving like the white Queen's MY ancestors! It them to come for ME to get here without them I wouldn't be here. That is why it is irrespective. It was George's seed all of them. Why the white woman never lost it, It wasn't hers! George choose a black woman to sit with as his Queen and her his seeds.  Dirty white women!

GOD said Marie was a Christian why she choose to sit with Benjamin Baneka who was black because Christian's are taught not to look at the colour. GOD said Benjamin was king of Africa why she pick him up he was on her level.

GOD said it was a fashion for White men and black women to be in relationships the men wanted it and let the white do the same with the black men.  Men were in charge of the decision making,  GOD said the white women were stinking that is why it happened. GOD said the only people who were not happy with the decisions were the white women. 

GOD said Marie just became pregnant for George the white woman murdered them so she could have the Queenship.  GOD said that is how HE dragged it from the white woman it was end of the line for like she said it was the end of the line for the black woman.  GOD HE did like HE did to Andy it was treason.  GOD said they cut it out of Marie's stomach.  GOD said HE let the white woman do it. 

In the Early hours of this morning GOD told ME a van just came and picked a body from next door they did it quick so I couldn't see them GOD said they called the people to come.  The white women watched MY typing to make sure the coast was clear.  GOD said they are dropping I heard the van.

GOD said it was one white woman who said she didn't need a seat to sit on she is queen down here.  "Pick it up!" GOD said the policemen came and picked up the body because they said they are not following a black woman's orders.  GOD she didn't tell him about the deadly virus she knew about it...... later.  She told him he has what he has. I heard shoot the policeman.  GOD said they all know.  GOD said My friends didn't go.
GOD said the other policemen told her not to pick him up.

GOD said the white women said they are going to start their own queenship.  That is HIGH TREASON!

While I was i the bath.  I wonder if she has had one yet? Well anyway I heard "I want you to throw HER out it's your families house I'm going to give it to you!"  She is troubling the Asian across the road.  Michelle told him MY web address GOD showed ME why she was taken out.
"What did you tell him for?"
"Make him chuck em out its his house why should SHE live init Andy is dead if he was s"
till here SHE could have it."  GOD said HE want to take her out there ad then but HE wanted it server for her.

She was arguing with the policeman.  GOD said her friend had already walked of down the road by herself because of what Andy did to her.  GOD said it was that policeman who got her taken out.

I then heard "I think it is time HER children went to school!" GOD said it was the same policeman who went to get the body this morning they like hiding themselves. GOD said they are the team in the team the hidden queenship that is another one just starting up. 

I need to clean up.

GOD said the men next door said "good give it to her she Michelle's friend went with him!" 

GOD said they keep having a think next door to see how the can murder ME before they die they keep lying down because of the pain it's lots of shiver!

GOD said they cannot stop this one. Because of Bristol their test centre.

GOD said the T-Mobile people went to Westfield to argue for what I gave them but because David Westfield was with the stinking voice woman he caught the deadly virus and they warned him to stand back but he lunged for them the had take him down.  You can still keep T-Mobile.

"I heard let pretend we are family to Regina!"  GOD said the white women are trying to get T-Mobile from the men. I saw him rocking if he goes I take it back.  You dogs!

I just heard the T-Mobile owners "should we pick up someone black I don't trust white women."

GOD said that is why George picked up someone black because the white women he went with tried to murder him so that they could take everything. GOD said that was before he took up Charlotte why all the white men agreed it and helped him.  That is the white woman.

I'm going to keep looking at that piece of shit anywhere she tries it she will get taken out for it. GOD said He will look at her she will get taken out!

He want's to give black people jobs give it to the German people it is up to you, I'll give back people jobs.

I can create new jobs.

I just heard someone "SHE makes lots of mistakes doesn't SHE?" So what I'm multitasking I use MY power and typing and keeping alert in the home where there is a lot of distractions the girls are in here.  Also I didn't get any qualifications which I haven't hidden from anyone! Piss off!

We keep finding nasty things in the Walkers packet The powder company belongs to ME I need someone to go in and talk to them nicely! GOD said it is because of the white woman they are starting to show disrespect.  Last time was big wide saving of guewy powder flavouring two bags full nothing else no crisps, this time it was a straw like twig.  GOD said they were told to do only this area but it is happening in different areas as well. There are lot of black people working there it is not them I want them left there or I will flip!

I'm keeping that for MYSELF!  I like the Tex Mex and KFC well....KFC! 

I'm putting the black men in charge.  Move the white woman.  Put those black people on here please.  Thank you.  It is not just T-Mobile it is all of them I gave you for the toll phones 4 U.  but it is T-Mobile. To show you respect.  I don't even have to say please or thank you.

GOD said watch that white woman the one you moved for ME it is her doing the spit in the powder company some of the white women help her.

Well I like the Tex Mex but it is a little bit bland. Like the self raising four the song!

Message to the judge who is upset with how the white women are treating him because he said he is not sending Ryan to prison.  GOD said you want the court house for yourself it's your You may keep The Old Bailey Court House.  GOD said there has been a lot of disrespect all over it over the years since the court was built.

I have a message for the Asian man across the street.

Davina came and was wearing Asian clothing there were white women in the house with the blinds. GOD stopped time and took them out to stop them from shooting Myles Myself Dave and the children who were near the door.  GOD said they threatened you and said if you didn't murder MY family to night they were going to murder all of your.  GOD said that is why HE made you a friend and told you HE will look after your family same level as mine from them.   I heard you commenting on Davina's clothes.  She like wearing Asian clothing.  You don't have to come GOD knows your family and can take them all out in the different places at one.  I got something wrong it Andy who told Michelle not to tell you this web address her friends some of them don't know about it she knew because Andy told her.

GOD said the Judge was sent Andy and MY divorce he watched it.

Can some reassure him?

I heard them "shoot the window!"

GOD said they raped Andy right on the street in front of this front door,  Michelle is a bitch and "I better go!"  GOD said her friend walked off down the street when she saw what they were gonna do Michelle caught up with "What about Andy?  You left him there why didn't you use your gun?"
"Who give a shit about Andy I told the to take him out for the disrespect of holding his children at the front door!" White dogs!  GOD said that is all of their behaviour in the woman group!  Andy should have listened. I was with Andy for nearly 11 years we were friends before that about that.  How can he just met someone and think she would have more of his interest at heart more than ME.  I have Sapphire.

GOD said it was Matthew/David why he got taken out.  Some one just said "For sexual assault?" Your a evil dog like Matthew it was broad day light that is a beast.  

GOD said it was Matthew who taught the people next door to do what they have been doing why HE let ME pacify him by playing with him.  GOD said he went to the bar to that to Ryan why HE kept sending ME there.  GOD SAID HE DID IT ALL OF THE TIME BUT BECAUSE OF WHO HIS FAMILY WAS......

GOD what happened to Andy was the same levels of disrespect he showed ME and HE used Matthew to show that disrespect HE could never show because Matthew was a beast. GOD said 

Michelle showed the same disrespect why HE pushed through that front door tat line.  GOD said Michelle was beaten her flesh was ripped of her they didn't rape while she was alive because of the disrespect they felt she showed everyone them ME MY children the white women...

Myles won a ferbbie it came today.

GOD Matthew did it to Andy because of the disrespect he was showing ME by bringing her to stand up outside MY front door.  GOD said Matthew even though he was them he was respectful why he kept helping ME.  I liked Matthew for that.  But he is not touching Mine!

GOD said the blogger people are clapping.  I'm laughing.  They said even though I beat them up. Cha man we will sort out later! I have to go. Saddle ME up GOD!

Message to the Eastham Police

Just before I came off GOD showed ME a white middle aged woman and said it was her.  HE just told she sent lots of police men to take Ryan out all of them disappeared they want to know who did it it was the manager.  She said after they all got taken out "Ryan is not going to get taken out because SHE just showed the white women respect by telling them Michelle got taken out for being disrespectful to white women!"  That is not how I wrote it.  She is sick!  GOD said that is the message she is passing on to all of the white women.  GOD said it is to show face.  I heard her "Good the men are not going to show us that disrespect."  GOD said it happened in Eastham only 2 policemen didn't go the ones who saw ME in a dress when I went to the pub Jake was working at the heard about MY family living in a car and wanted to show respect.  GOD said that woman comes on here at regular intervals. She know they would get taken why she sent them to do a sexual assault and murder to Ryan.

Before she sends any more!  Piece of shit! 

GOD said the white men know what I have been saying about them why they are being shown.  GOD said they are crying but it isn't because of what I have written about her because it's true it is because MY colour is the QUEEN and not hers! 

They are pieces of shit too to follow that order!

GOD said Matthew is outside and said he wants to give ME the key to the house.  GOD said Matthew likes to rape HE drags Matthew!  GOD said he is here for Ryan.

GOD let ME hear the white woman with the 2 men "leave HER here tonight lets go into the house!"  GOD said that is what the stinking voice woman told her to do she told her to give you a good time so that you will show her favour and that as you get in the house to murder the 3 of you and then she should call her.  That was the arrangement.  GOD said you get the key from Matthew.

GOD said you go without ME to look around first before we go in there.

GOD said that is the woman you tell not to sit there.  GOD said you bring her in there to insult her but she take you out first. I don't want her in MY house. GOD said HE will bedraggle her from outside. That stinking woman.

GOD said the 2 men made deals with her HE takes it all back from them.  GOD showed ME a big group of women outside the house waiting to go in because of the deal the 2 men made.  GOD said all of them would get murdered because of the 2 men.  GOD said they live over her.  GOD said it is MY family the men have been asked to murder everybody wants it for themselves.  
Including HIM for HIS FAMILY! GOD said no one except HIS family are going in there and HIM.  GOD said that is why she is crying.

GOD said they wanted to put that dirty white to sit in there because they have been with her.  HE took all 3 of them out why there was no HIV.   GOD said HE just wanted them to get the key for HIM HE didn't want to touch some of them with HIS hands because of their filth.

Yesterday morning GOD said it was just was just raped at the door. GOD said it was him who told them to take his whole family our because Michelle told him to. Oh!  GOD said Matthew was going to break his neck but decided to let him go. GOD said Matthew didn't want to involve ME and the children in a murder inquiry. GOD said Michelle got taken out. GOD said Michelle told him it was his family who had it done to him. GOD said the police was already down there because of Lindsey.  GOD said Andy was upset and said things.

That will teach you Andy sit there by yourself because Michelle wanted every thing from your family!  GOD said it was Michelle who told them to take down your family she and the other girl.  You dam fool!  Sell out for dotty pussy you dirty man.  GOD said you kill yourself. The helicopter is outside.

I just heard a white woman "why doesn't SHE shut HER mouth?" Because I am capturing white women.

She is looking to see if all of MY family are in here to send white men.

GOD said she sent men here HE dragged them.  I heard "how many d she send?"
GOD said more there are a big group of white women sending them from different angles.

I'm listening "We should have taken them down before but everybody enjoying spiting HER!  It' rude."

How can Andy go off with white spite after doing the typing for ME while I have been slagging the white spite off and not expect to get spited?

We are n a war so the white women said different if they put you on that side to spy and then tell you to come out.

GOD said Michelle got taken out in Andy's house.  By them for disrespecting ME the white woman said she is not take that disrespect from the men.  GOD said it is the woman in the helicopter.  GOD said she got upset because of the attention I was getting and she made  big thing about it because of her jealousy. 

GOD said she saw ME at the bar dancing.

I just herd "How do we stop HER?" I heard a white man   "We will try tonight!" They are as bad-minded as the women good for them!  She knows I am telling them but she is not telling them.  GOD said it is a vendetta it is Michelle's family why Matthew as murdered by the 2 men who he sent to take the men out next door. GOD said the men passed this house and went next door. But she sent some here HE took them out outside he front door! GOD said it was back and front.  GOD said they are all infected with the deadly virus because they went next door and tat they are not getting pas him.  GOD said she was trying to blame all of it on HIM the piece of shit!

I'm listening to men who saw Davina behind the cameras we like your daughter GOD said HE has someone for her!  

GOD said she told after they had finished next door they should come straight here.

GOD said HE had to stop time and change the tablets Andy worked inside here with Michelle told him to just walk in and put them in he cupboard that is why Matthew did it to him.  GOD said they have to tell Matthew everything.  Otherwise he would take their whole family out.  I liked Matthew a lot.  I'm sorry they took him out.  I said that to GOD last night.  It grieves ME.
I'm getting in the bath now!


I agree with Matthew GOD said they left her open in front of Andy and said you can have her now.  It would be injustice If GOD let Matthew get taken out I'll get MY key. I don't believe he is gone.

I' let the girls have the bath I'll jump in theirs to show respect to MY water company.

Matthew didn't rape Andy the 2 German men who were there did. I just wanted to clear Matthews name.  I love you Matthew sorry GOD I love you as well.

I keep seeing the stinking weed man ah! 

GOD said that is why Michelle told him she just gave him HIV. He caught it at the front door.  But the stupid man still went to Bristol with Matthew told her he would see her down there later.  GOD said she drove him down there to make sure he reached because of what was set up for him.  Marshall woke up with a headache I told him to take a tablet.  GOD I don't give a fuck about your family only MINE piece of shit.  GOD said Andy told them what cream I was using to get rid of the dark mark why the people in America wouldn't send it so he said with out a prescription.  GOD said he said he doesn't want ME to look pretty.  GOD said HE removes it. Leave him let him suffer! GOD said he doesn't care about his family only that he lost Michelle the weirdo! I bet he cleaned it all up."I'm not touching that!" GOD said he was beaten. Get out! Let he or she without sin cast the first stone.

GOD said he is still getting taken out.  GOD will drag him.

GOD said they went to lynch him that was the Shirley.  He was shaking that was the lighting.  I'm not Andy I have a heart!  Every body getting dragged dogs!

GOD said Matthew has the same heart as ME he went down there to try and help Andy because he has a heart but when he saw how many people were there he didn't know what to do.  GOD said people brought their children it was like Market day.  There were two sittings HE took everyone out who would have gone because HE has a heat as well.  

I saw the BBC white women interviewing a neighbour at Andy's
"All I saw was a lot of people standing outside the house I looked round and everybody was gone t happened again!"
GOD said I put it on here she knows she cannot use the filming.  She was coxing him "It was Lorraine wasn't it?"
"I don't know HER!"
"Say it was Lorraine please!"

Matthew I want the BBC in Bristol closed down and the radio station if they want they can use a different name buy their own equipment and change their formats and name.  Matthew close down all of My businesses in and around Bristol thank you.

They are all laughing super markets central budget funds take it away! Smash the buildings.

As they to touch our people who go down the their drag them GOD It's ours not theirs! Stop the deliveries.  GOD said all Andy has is HIV.  We can give him a house in London.  They smash up the shops and burn down the buildings!  GOD said the German with the deadly virus went n the house the night before so Andy got immunity.  GOD said even before because Michelle was with them. GOD said they are putting all of the blame on Andy and said he sexually abused their children in school even the police who has been doing it.  GOD said Andy is not a paedophile his dad was and the mum knew about it.  GOD said that is why the policemen raped the dad because he used to go with them but they are not touching Andy because it is their disrespect.  GOD said the school all the people at the top turned all of the parents on Andy! Savages! I think the army should go in to quarantine them! 

I'll be back just getting changed it is important that you don't touch anyone OK.

I'm going to get some of you out but I want you to stay in Bristol until you have been by your self and have not become ill for 10 days you wouldn't live that long GOD said the people who went in there heard funny breathing the virus was first used last Saturday where are we now? 

The was you get immunity is to breathe it in. The coughed in the shop about a minute before I went in but he coughed down not on anyone I walked in and the Asian man started spaying air freshener.  GOD said I want it pushed to YOU and Myles. Then HE said I am immune.  Shut off the suspension bridge if some commits suicide we are in trouble.  You cannot bun the bodies unless you are immune. I want road blocks put up Laurence Weston,  M4, Bed Minister, Bath road, right around Bristol all of the different entrances this is not a joke it is very serious!  You can Bed minster off from the rest of Bristol.  GOD said No one who got infected there has gone out of Bristol yet.   Put the road blocks up first before you tell people I to use some Doctors who I know. GOD said this is the worst one ever!

I'm not sure which hospitals they work at but it is probably the BRI. I worked for Home Maids and was sent to 2 people GOD said HE let ME work there to show you to ME.  One lived at Westbury-on -Trim and the other on the Gloucester Road near to Redland your both married couple and are Doctor couples!  GOD said because you have children you have not shown that disrespect.  I like to use Dave from Vinyard but not the wife who he was with whilst I was across there there is another Dr in the church she is a bitch GOD said she is spiteful and involved. That is enough I am putting you in charge of helping to give immunity and to keep them calm because of the body fluids.  

You need to move quickly with the road blocks.  Don't allow anyone to go in if some tries to get out you will have  to shoot them. people can go and collect food.  Ah some GOD showed ME a stupid person sends a bomb to bow up Bristol scan every letter and parcel GOD said the soldier would have built up immunity because of where they are they go in later.  You'll have to do test. No one must touch you gloves.

GOD said that woman in the BBC tried to make trouble for ME she is working with her in London directly and has it because she was in the house with the man who coughed.  GOD said she broadcast Andy and got her friend to put ME on TV using clips of Come Dine With Me.  HE dragged the friend this has nothing to do with ME I only wrote what HE told ME.  I have never seen Michelle before.  Nor her friend.

You must wear protective clothing white suits from head to toe. GOD said men in white suits go into ASDA up the road someone who works there has it the old man in the shop his daughter.  GOD said the women in the helicopter she caught it last night. She met up with the men sent into the house next door to take them out next door.  Oh gosh people are throwing up, shut down the schools.  After the road block broadcast tell people about it and them to sock up on food and drinks and other amenities,  Let them have the gas and electric and water so that the will stay in the house. Do house visits,  Don't look for a cough it is a shiver you need to look for.  GOD said people in the court the Old Bailey have it the German man was sent to cough on the female judge and he did. The judge was pushed but only his suit was touched the man finished coughing on the female judge and only breathed in the male judges face which gave him immunity.  Had he not pushed him he would have coughed on him he was having coughing fits.  Hey material gloves over the latex.  GOD said treat it lick anthrax but it is not it is million times worse that is what we are dealing with it moves around quickly on latex. 

GOD said every one wants to give ME a touch for that!  No thanx! GOD said in 3 more days.  GOD said it is like when you are given the polio vaccine people who change the baby's nappy who has just been given the vaccine can catch it,  You can catch it from ME. Although I haven't had enough to kill ME.  GOD said HE hasn't done Ryan yet I don't have enough to give Ryan.  I haven't touched him.  GOD said if HE did everyone in here at the same time we would catch it lots of people breathing at the same time too much listen to ME.

GOD said you can touch ME but not MY faeces. 

GOD said said it is very dangerous in the court they need to shut it down the judge knows. GOD said his wife died.  

Who is good at maths? Try and measure in cubic inches compare the difference try to get the figure of much polio vaccine is given in one child dose it maybe the same as an adult.  To how much air intake in normal breath intakes what is the volume? If you condense the air it ml liquid.  I want you to think about the faeces the level of the bacteria in MY faeces is the as the polio in the babies nappy and have he same level of infectiousness.  But it is not polio it is evil.  I was in he shop for approximately 5 minutes remember I am a smoker and I am unfit and I don't take as big a breathes as a fit parson I take shot little breaths.  I don't use the full lung capacity.  Myles was at the back of the shop for 2/3 minute he coughed near to where I stood GOD showed ME using power because it happened before I entered the shop and HE said don't stand there that is in side the cough.  GOD said because the male judge saw what he did to the female judge his wife he went up to him shut his eye and held his breath why he is all right.  

I was stood GOD said 3 feet away from the middle of the cough which was bursting out but he was not there then I move to the wine fridge for a minute which is 5 feet away GOD said.  While I was there he sprayed air freshener it not the Air freshener it was push that gave ME the immunity HE said the burst had not reached ME yet I did get any of the cough so to speak. Until he pushed it out. HE wanted it weaker. 
Any more would have been too much and said Myles' breathing is better than mine.  

Gosh think about MY faeces. I walked into the push HE said it was OK! GOD said it was 1 single cough and he shit himself which made him hold his breath which stopped him coughing it is not a cough.  GOD said if you burn the bodies using the hospital incinerator it will give everyone in Bristol immunity. The air will do the pushing!  GOD said you can keep burning them.

Something GOD showed ME he said HE is the Angel with black hair.  HE opened the window took a few short breathes and closed it and it it again and said little intake with intervals are good the other way is bad.  Oh I saw the Angel I love them.  HE must have been here a while it was day light before he came it was dime while HE was here and light again when HE left ah HE was showing ME TAKE YOUR TIME THAT IS WHY THE FURNACE IS BETTER. 

I have not slept yet.  I'm tired.

"I heard we need someone to burn"
"Try Andy" 
"He doesn't have enough in him!"

GOD said those people are always starting trouble why HE doesn't have anything to do with them.

The ANGEL said I am more like THEM HE is going to try something different HE is going to take ME and MY children out of here to be with them.  I'm Enoch. HE said HE is going to leave a hole in here.  I heard "leaver HER take someone else!" HE will take all of you evil people.  HE will wipe you all out.

GOD said I am still going in the house but and that when we come back we will be like HIM HAVE POWER TO SLAM DUNK YOU.

To the blond ANGEL I don't want to chose you with all due respect.  Sorry I like the blacked haired ANGEL who looked after ME at the bar and who slammed the person who made trouble balcony door.  HE is on time. HE did the touch down.  Sorry but I don't want to she you at MY door thank you!

GOD said that was the second flash of lightening. The ANGEL can come in and need a key.  I don't want a man he is not good enough.

GOD said Andy has been tortured for MY cure he doesn't have the right cure sorry. GOD said it is happening because of the blond man.  KKK The ANGEL is here have you no fear?

Hi MY Doctor friends are on.  

GOD let ME listen.
Michelle:"I want you to rape Andy he said he has the HIV cure!" Dog shit but so is Andy.
GOD said it is her people holding Andy because said he knows the cure to HIV.  Why HE said HE is not helping him.  GOD said they are all on the same class level
"Where is I'll go down there and beat HER!"

GOD said they want to say it is theirs. Andy doesn't know the cure I have it and know exactly what to use it is not Andy's cure he is a piece of shit why he said it was his and is getting beaten.r

GOD let ME hear someone who said "Get a nice house!"  Bux him down.  GOD said they know so HE took them out but Andy doesn't what I discovered after.   

GOD said it is the Russian's. Show some class.  GOD said Andy got taken out because said he doesn't know he got shot.  I'm not being rude I'm fed up with all of you!  I'm going to go on world wide TV and say I know and talk around it.  No white person is getting the credit!  

It's boxing down the cancer.  I't don't hear it beat when I don't take the cure when I take it it beats.  I using something else GOD said use that that is it.  Your hurting it.  I knew it was that which I used that would hurt the cancer more.  GOD said with that the HIV would be finished you would need to use it a few times. Keep using it to take out the cancer YOU keep upsetting it when you use that the other thing still takes it out but that it is turning and winding and falling but it is still. 

GOD said the cancer is not in MY ear it's down but I can hear it because it beats it doesn't care if it is getting taken out it is not like other organs it doesn't feel anything even if it is getting taken out it is just there.  HE said HE just wanted ME to understand the cancer that I have.  

GOD said for herpes you apply the cure to the the spots. It takes them out for good. I'm talking to MY doctor friends.

I heard a white man who just shouted "I know what it is!"  GOD said he doesn't know that is the behaviour of the white man looking to take all of the credit because I'm black they like to erase what black people have done.  Make it up then!!!

GOD showed ME a baby and said the baby can have same HIV as well.

I'm not worried about cancer I can cure it for some reason GOD said I cannot get lung cancer even though I smoke I'd like to take a look at the different cancers.  HE said it is because of what I am doing.  It is the cure.  GOD said even when the cancer is gone HE wants ME to carry on taking the cure.

Lemon is good as well it is a cure for cancer I discovered that it shrivels it. 

I heard a Russian he said "I don't care about the credit HIV is killing all of us because of the white woman!"

HE said the cancer is in MY neck both sides. I spend too much time with you I have got to go.

Oh yes I estimate that 1 pin prick of the deadly virus can wipe us all out! Because of the amount of people on the earth with HIV!

GOD said that is why she is evil and should't be here!  All of them involved because they knew why they used it so that they could have everything for themselves very dangerous people what will it be next time a hole in the ground to wipe us out?

The deadly virus behaves like HIV you can catch it the bodily fluids but is airborne.  GOD said only the men who were injected died the children who have been sexually abused by the people with the virus catch it like HIV but if they are sick on other children for example or touch the bodily fluids it can be caught if there is no immunity.  You can catch it through a mist from being breathed on. 

GOD showed ME something which I misinterpreted 4 people were in a care the people next door the stinking vice woman and someone else
"You must not touch it"
"That was spiteful quick get out of the car!"  GOD said they grabbed someone from off the street who was passing and put them in the car 
"Get out!"
"Don't get back in it!"
"It's MY car I cannot leave it here I'm driving it back I don't care about death!"
"Come on then!"

GOD said they didn't touch it.  GOD said it was an old white woman.  But that is why they are still here.  That was the day they went to East Ham to do it to Ryan.  But didn't want Ryan fighting with them because it was deadly. GOD said they said they cannot walk in the shop and throw it. It would get on them they sent her into the Paddy Power shop but Ryan wasn't in there he came home for lunch but it was after 5 I think.  I think they got out of the car to do her then pushed her into paddy power.  Got to go!

GOD said the held a gun to her head and put it in her mouth and told her not to spit or they would shoot her and told her to go into Paddy power and to spit at the black boy not the Asian.  GOD said she went to Eastham police station to tell them.  GOD said they were going to murder the woman but though send her out to do some she is dead anyway!  GOD said all the white women knew they were told they had something to do MY family all the white women and men sat waiting for us to drop dead.  GOD said she is dead. I think Ryan came it was the day Ryan shut his car key in the boot and had to join the AA might have been the day before....  He called ME to ask ME to pay on MY card and said I cannot on that car I can get cash get someone to do it and I'll give you the money to pay for it he asked his manager who paid on his card and Ryan gave him the money the next day.Ryan's manager is Asian Ryan and he are friends I just hear "They told us Ryan told her to spit at the Asian's!" They are compulsive liars.  GOD said it is because we are the ROYAL FAMILY! They are dog shit! Please tell the other Asian we Asians always have! You are black like us that is how they see you they don't like you like they don't like black!

GOD said they told her to spit at the Asian's HE made sure it never touched the manager all the Asian people moved immunity, But the policewoman at the police station came round from the the other side
"I don't know what they put in my mouth!" 
She was crying.
"Let me take a look."
GOD said everyone in there knew but she didn't everything that policewoman touch they touched and went home to their families.  GOD said it has emptied the police station.  GOD said let it be the white people's shame.  I'm helping them because that is what the QUEEN does.

I saw a white jump up "right go out again keep sending them out! We are not listening to HER we don't want HER helping us!" She is in Bristol and was talking to the police paedophiles who the German man who coughed gave a needle full of the deadly virus "We are done we are showing a lot of disrespect to our children!"  "Well infect me then I'll go out there just breath on me!"
"That would give you immunity."
GOD said she was already immune.
"OK inject some"
"Make sure you empty the whole thing in her neck. The piece of shit!" 
GOD said she dropped dead straight away.
"That' it now everyone can have immunity."
"Let everyone smell the white woman's smell! Black bitch!"
GOD said tat was the person HE showed ME being pushed in the furnace!
Bristol people are funny.
Bristol is a nice place to live. The people are respectful. It is a much slow pace of live than London.  People have more time for one and other.  

I'd better go.  Cya!

Last night GOD told ME Andy just got shot in the head.

Oh can some one please tell the judge at the Old Bailey Ryan will not be attending court today because he will be sleeping. I will not be waking him. Thanks!

GOD said the judge burns down the court which I gave him.  No respect!  GOD said the judge murdered his wife because h was fed up with her.  GOD said he is a dirty old man and rapist that is the type of man he is! GOD said he is a very evil man he called the paedophiles next door to go to the court to do Ryan.  Dog!  GOD said he gets murdered!Dirty stinking white man!  Go wash your under neat!  GOD said the judge is a paedophile who went to the end house the day David was being murdered  GOD told ME that last night!  Evil beast.  GOD said he said he is not sitting under black people and ask people to go to the petrol station I want MY court back it is MINE!  GOD said all of the male judges from that court went into the end house the morning they murdered David GOD said they didn't murder him straight away it was day they called the hospital to go down there to fix him up so that they could carry on "Put some supper glue on it!"

GOD said she squeezed the whole thing inside why he screamed out!

GOD said it went into his vein that is how she took him out. Day after.  GOD said while Regina was getting taken out David was still getting taken out.  The family went there but they kept switching between houses.
"We are going to have to take the whole family out his DNA is in her everybody's DNA is in here there are lot of big men who will get dragged down!" GOD said the Asian man across the street love filming, they cannot take you out!

Matthew stay in the house with us you are a Windsor.  Everyone in the house is a Windsor even the people working there.

We need to sit and confer anyway. I think it would be really nice.

I just heard the Sargent from Newham police who just said "That's why we raped HER!  I had a wife why SHE didn't catch HIV!" 
GOD said you still have a wife but it was because of the paedophilia you were into and the hacking up black people and rapes you did around the Olympic Season why you caught HIV.  GOD said all of you are going to get hacked same levels as what you did for what you did and for what you did to ME everyone is going to get their level even he black man you are all going to get murdered for it.

GOD said even the women who were involved HE knows all of you and is going to leave you here to brag!

GOD said HE would never allow anyone to sexually abuse any of MY children because they are HIS.  HE teleported HIMSELF each time to get ME pregnant. GOD said there has been no penetration and it is staying like that GOD said a policeman put his hand on HIS son penis and he is going to be ch
arged for it he is gong to get murdered.  GOD said HE only restrained.  That is why we don't pay the police.  GOD said HE asked somebody to send him out and out he went.

I want all of the police stations shut down WE are the police here.
"Some of these white women here wanna smack er!"  She is going to get taken out for the wanting!

GOD said the policeman asked to suck Him.
"No one touched HER son!"
GOD said it was the Sargent who sent the policeman out because of the rape he did to ME why HE let him do the rape to ME to have compassion because it was MY son!

GOD said HE is going to take people out for the lying.  GOD said HE would have showed up and sabared everyone there. But the officer listened.Forest Gate Police station.  GOD said that is why they set Ryan and Jake up for the knife crime they are all coming out.  Lots of white women in Westfield are already gone. 

Give Bristol their food.  I like them.  Leave the keys to MY fucking police cars get the fuck out of MY building sling your hook! You rapist, paedophile, murders, liar, thieves! I want the people to bare with ME I will give you more money not them they can have the dole money.

GOD said she knows she cannot do nothing more.  I saw a policeman kick the white woman right in her fanny because she refused to leave the building because I told her and I'm black lock the door I don't want the opened.

I'm listening to the black men "Yeh that is the kind of black WOMAN you have to open the door for!"

GOD showed ME a sex scene in the police stations toilets being blocked and flooding everything,  Black policemen for them. They are Animals.

Matthew GOD said the only people who have a problem with what I am writing is white people I heard them saying they want the blogger shut down it is because of the QUEENSHIP make sure they don't shut it down shut them down.  

GOD said that judge is family to Elizabeth and from the moment I wrote he is paedophile... GOD said all of them in that is is in it.  GOD said children are brought into that court by the compliments of social services. They are in it too.  GOD said lots of air brushing.

GOD said that judge along with the other male judges in that court went to the second sitting while David was getting taken out.  The white people like to hide themselves why they want ME shut down fuck off if you don't like it don't come on here!

GOD told ME there are three of us HIMSELF, ME and Matthew that is how we work.  GOD said Mr Disney like MY creative writing so he left it up but was taken out the other night.

GOD said the white American women are the same as the white women here but the don't care because t is not their QUEENSHIP.  GOD said same they share the same view as the German white women they don't care.  GOD said we own the blogger Regina's family went in there and murdered lot of people because she felt the insulted her by leaving this up here.  GOD said Elizabeth was behind it.  GOD said they took over the blogger for £1 to insult them.  As they were walking out said "Just like trading places!"

GOD said that is why Mr Disney came here to take Elizabeth and her family out why he got murdered the other night. GOD said Regina and the other family members went before David.  Dogs the whole lot of you!

GOD said Elizabeth and I same class level but different people why HE let them go up there.

GOD said it is to the court house the Old Bailey social services take children and into the house.  GOD said Elizabeth wouldn't have it in there because of principles.  I wouldn't let it happen in there. I heard a policeman a few moments ago "I starting to feel squeezed!" GOD said the people here are out of control and he is having to control himself like everyone else.

GOD said lot of police people got murdered for taking down the family and more was sent but they are the same they are all paedophiles.

Something GOD told ME and let ME listen to were the police women up he road.  "SHE buy a lot of bleach lets call the bleach people and ask them to do something for us to put something in it to make the hand crusty!"  GOD said they call the bleach company. They get taken out for it. 

GOD said they will fill the spaces and the police station they don't listen.  GOD said they are not going into schools yet they are waiting for things to die down.  GOD said the person who shut MY front door was Matthew.

GOD said the police refused to show Elizabeth respect because of their jealousy.  I want the police station closed down start shutting them down. The police stations are the Core of Evil!  GOD said the police started as a group of people who went around the streets and made sure all of the prostitutes on the streets were safe because it was their families.  GOD said they had to as Queen Charlotte if they could set up a little organisation.  Charlotte said they could.  GOD said Charlotte spoke to her husband George about introducing a benefit system to help women and children first. Her husband helped her to set it up before that every white woman you saw on the street was selling herself that is how the family ate that is why white women are whore.  GOD told ME.  GOD said while the women were out selling themselves the men would stay at home to look after the children and sexually abuse them that is why white are paedophiles. 

GOD said the type of men who use to use the women gave them a penny or two. Women filled the street where the say came from 10 to a penny that is how it was. Those days they were called wenches.

GOD said because there were so many lots of them went home empty handed they would stand outside the palace and sing
Charlotte"Some of these women have such lovely voice lets give them some money." GOD said she sent people from in the house to give them money.  They she had to start pushing them away there were crowds of people shouting form money from them.  That is why the benefit system was started. GOD said Charlotte was kind not as kind as ME.

GOD said there aren't that many trouble makers on the streets it is mainly white people when they are drinking. GOD said most of the rapes and murders which happen on the streets is the police they are the ones doing them.  They are the animals.  GOD said it is the job position.  

GOD said the group wanted to be in charge GOD said Charlotte paid them so they asked for uniforms so that everyone could see that they were in charge of the streets.  GOD said before that everyone used to control themselves I was because of Lewis Carroll why the families grouped themselves to police so George built The Old Bailey and prisons. 

I like Elizabeth so much GOD said she gave my family body guards there is no bad mindedness.   

GOD said Charlotte got fed up of looking out of the window and seeing the whole place full of white people juggling having sex drinking, shouting, fighting. Same like the bar the same low class level she started shouting at them.  They tuned on her because she would give them money they teamed up with the people in charge the American white women and the German's they murdered the who family. I'll have you all murdered first. GOD said like they did to Regina because she told them to leave.  White trash I don't care how you view ME.

GOD said white people are going to be shot at if the gather themselves around our house.  That is what Victoria and the rest of them did to stop the people hanging out from around the house on the grounds. Or it they show disrespect by throwing things on our grounds. Any disrespect.

I am going to keep speaking out on here.  Don't think of shutting ME up.

I don't care about your views you here you work you feed yourselves I have nothing to do with you! I am how I am and you are how you are. I control the discussions because of who I am you control yourselves because of who you are dogs! that is why GOD game to show you who you are and how we are. Every colour you are not on MY family level some of you like to involve yourselves you will get taken out for it mind your own business! This is a different QUEENSHIP why it is all in capitals GOD is here we you if you you don't control yourselves you disappear! Which should tell you you are dogs! It is because you are spiteful you put on the dog level. GOD said the dogs are the workers why HE made the dogs take the family down to put us up there! I am going to teach all of you how to behave! Even the black people are dogs GOD hand picks and even them...

GOD said HE likes the way I am handling you why HE chose ME.  It is because of  HIS class level which exceeds MINE which exceeds yours. GOD said there is no one high enough than ME for HIM.  GOD said the white woman keeps asking where she should sit HE want her to know she doesn't haven't a seat.  Sit on the floor you are a dog!

I heard a German man who said "That is why we choose HER family."  Move away!

GOD said the white British are afraid of the German's because of the harshness in their voices and but that they are the same as the white British.

I heard a white woman who said "Lets not gt involved." She said it to a white man.  GOD said you have already been involved and you are getting dragged back you are not walking from it neither of you!

I heard a whit woman she said "Yes teach our people."  Yes we will teach you.

GOD said Michelle and the man got take out for the toilet seat and vacuum cleaner including Andy.  You are not getting away with anything.  GOD said we have to cut down on the numbers of people on this plane and you are going all of the police except around 5.

GOD said the people who grouped themselves and wanted to be in charge want to be in charge wanted to be in charge to throw Charlotte's family out of the house she and George put them in.  The white people who put themselves in those house are coming out.  You are not staying in them.  You will be given notice to vacate. 

"We can build for ourselves." We are stopping the litter building.

GOD said it was because you threw us out you are getting thrown out.

GOD said Charlotte could see in the white people's face what their being in charge meat and said to her husband she didn't want it but because he was white he wanted white people to be in charge.  Even though he sensed something was wrong.  GOD said it was part of the suffer jets movement.  They were having secret meetings.

GOD said the police is the suffer jets.  I'm not paying the suffer jet.  GOD said it is the suffer jets who are fighting ME.  The suffer jets keep trying too murder MY family because of our colour I want them all murdered.

GOD said Elizabeth is on the same class level as ME but she is on the other side the suffer jet are a racist movement.  GOD said Elizabeth got taken out.

GOD said George started looking at all of the big houses Charlotte got him to build for her family even though his family lived in big houses. GOD said like Andy George started to move with them to spite Charlotte.  Irrespective they are MINE

GOD showed ME something Matthew came to stay with us.  We were in the studio.  Matthew fell in love with a big black woman the singer in Lovely day with the shiver.  There was a director chair with the markings QUEEN on it so she sat in it she was insulted and told to get by Matthew and told to take the stinking chair with here even though the chair was brand new.  She sat in MY seat because QUEEN was written on it.  I insulted her she took the chair with her like she was told to do. But dropped it outside and ran off to cry she was shot dead fr exhausting herself above ME because I am HIS wife.  GOD said to ME last night I wanted YOU to drop the chair on her for the insult she gave YOU,YOU are the QUEEN!

Matthew GOD just told ME something HE said you don't have HIV.  HE said you went for a test and they lied to you and said that you did so that you and I could not get together.  GOD said you didn't go with MY sister.  HE keeps showing ME something HE wants ME to tell you.  I'll tell you later I'm a bit busy.

Hi Matthew I have not been to sleep yet I'm.... I don't know day dreaming I'm listening to you.  I just listening and you like the Orange Song. Your a script writer fabulous. Your laughing in the right places.  I can't wait to write again now is not the time because of that lot.  But I'm glad you like it.  It is not finished there needs to be more rap-ore coming from Crystal but as I said it is not finished.  Must go Cya!  

"I'm going to take everything there and give HER the 3 trillion!"
It's not worth 3 trillion.  Didn't take that long to write I was being silly.

The people are so fickle and predictable "Lets all go out and buy the Orange Song hope SHE makes a bad deal!" I bet deep down you want ME to like you why you are acting up.
"The white girls hate HER!" Says the man.  I bet you don't secretly. Your like children.  Very petty.  GOD said it was Coralline with the bleach she is trying to spike the dyson vacuum cleaner Myles looked at yesterday for ME IN Asda What grown woman stoops so low? The mind wonders.

GOD told ME you are a suffer jet family member. What pieces of shit! GOD said you are re enacting riding off a name.  Maybe it is because you have no talent of your own.  I bet it was you who took MY work off the site.  Get a life!  GOD said it was you and your family who did the money spite, and that you and your family relocated to Barking police station because I am here so that you could spite our family.  GOD said you asked the white shit in Tesco to do the sanitary towels spite.  GOD said you came to the bar to spite ME.  GOD said you are following ME.  GOD you and your family all the way back are street people and troublemaker.  I heard "Oh no SHE knows t is us and SHE is telling everyone."  If you have to hide what you are doing it is because you know is it wrong. GOD said you and your family use the paedophiles next door and you were involved in the deadly virus spite.  I'll never be your friend.  GOD Victoria was someone outside the gate who beg for her friendship because she wanted to steal the Queenship and family were the ones pushing her.  Why don't you fuck off?

GOD said your family are fools stupid street people they waned the Queenship for themselves but were to racist to make friends with the black woman for it so they used her Victoria diddled your family and of the Queenship she had lots of them murdered so that she could keep it. You stupid family. The things you do are stupid.
There was nothing great about your family they didn't even have a seat they begged for liberation.  GOD said they were beggars, thieves prostitutes like Victoria cut throats paedophiles same as you. GOD said even you male family members are involved.  GOD said you keep finding people with HIV and asking them to do spite for you.  You are sick people is it that your family are still trying for the Queenship?  Suddenly the WI FI has gone slow what a surprise!

Every vacuum cleaner we have bought gives the same problem it last for about a week it over heats like the one we bought last week GOD said Andy didn't want to do it but Michelle begged and said "One last time!" 

There is a sticker you are not allowed to take the vacuum cleaner back. It's cheep but would work if it was not deliberately made faulty like the toilet seat you went to the company to beg for them to give you one which would blow  GOD said it was because I talked about Andy coming down to change it GOD said HE wanted someone to see the spite levels.  GOD said is only your family doing it because Coralline want the Queenship  But like her family who was didled out of George by Marie and the Queenship by Victoria you to scared to say you want it so you started pushing others to go for it.  GOD said your family are reason Why Regina's family were murdered and that HE is blaming you for all of it.  GOD said your family keep shifting the blame on others why so many people are being murdered but it is your family causing all of it and is dragging lots of people into your tornado.  GOD said your family are the most troublemaking family living on the earth. 

Ah Matthew I'm finding out about you.  Sorry I left without saying I had to jump in the bah quickly, MY finger started itching badly I was tidying up MY hair earlier putting fresh plaits I wash MY every day are a lot of bad bacteria in this house it has happened before.  GOD said it doesn't bother MY children Myles but it does ME.  

Matthew I have some very import things to say. The white woman who passes messages to you is taking chunks out she is working with Corraline or family to her.  There is a man in you team will give you the who message.  I just found out your blind.  GOD said HE gave ME things to write about your blindness to push you away because they would have murdered us.  Sorry baby! 

The place is a mess I fed up of sweeping Ruby likes to make mess oh dear bead crumbs! 

Matthew Croline and her family were the ones to give the order for them to get taken out  I'll do the voices after.  That is how I found out you were blind.  They were at the hotel which you have given to them to run the night Regina and her family were being murdered.  They were lading the whole operation the girl who I just wrote about not giving you your messages was there as well.  

Matthew your so nice I'm just finding out about you.

You were upset with ME you though I wouldn't want a blind person. I don't care about that.  That is why I kept seeing you just sat there.....

Please look after Matthew I bet you love him.  GOD said HE would drag anyone for you because of what you do for ME.  HE spoke to ME yesterday and said HE was upset but not with ME.  HE said HE loves ME as well.  HE said YOU didn't throw ME I threw YOU on top of him.

The voice are just hurtful I told you what you need to here first so you didn't have to wait.  They are just bitching.  I'll write them in a bit.

"How else do we need to give HIV to where is the list? Have we done him the stinking little weed man well some one else did.
There is someone else in the team not the man.

"Have we done her?"
"What about Lorraine's sons?"
"They don't have it!"
"Oh no!We will have to try again."
"What about Lorraine?"
"SHE hasn't got it but we told him SHE has it. We will have to get someone to rape HER while SHE is sleeping in that dirty thing!"
"I'll get on it straight away the dog!"
I missed bits I'm tired.

GOD said they infected a lot of people deliberately with HIV up in WESTFIELD!

Update 13:57
"I thought I just said the voices must not go back up there again!"  That was a man's voice he shouted.

Update 14:03
"I don't want it on here!"
"I can't take it out it's too late it out there!"
"But I don't want it on her!!!"
This man has a German accent. 

"He's a paedophile!" German.

"Who's putting it here?"
"It is a big black coloured woman!"

"It's slow."
"It's quick!" German's.

"Show me HER!"

"Someone is taking this family out!  Shit!" German

"Call somebody in Germany we should look at this gift."

"I told you I don't want her taken out yet."
"Let me go out and shoot this family."
"Someone has gone. The whole family is already getting taken out someone is there!"
"Shit nice gift."
"It is incredible!"
"Knock you out."


"Well I have got a temporary version."
"Lets use my version."
"Come on lets go."

Magazine.  Gun and book.

"Every body out!"
"We need her."
"We are all animal."

"Clean up everywhere!"

I need to go for a bit. (It's no missing this bit is low catching up.)

I'll put so more of the missing voices later.

"The Orange Song is My scrip song!"Man
"Put it back" woman
"I want HER to keep telling us!  No!"
I want to tidy up and go to sleep.  Next time.

"It's a good script song"German
"Lets go and get HER."
"They are calling HER the special family."
GOD said all German today.
Ah bless the person for sharing it.  It's good stops people from getting involved.  Thank you! Matthew.

"I wan't HER."
"Sit down."

"But I just said that."
"Maybe that is why Ryan got arrested."
"Oh my little GIRL."
"But he just said that."

Oh stop! Not you Matthew.

Sign out Saffy is hungry. GOD told ME Matthew is Catholic.

"You can't take Ryan out!!"
GOD said it happened when Ryan went out there. 15 minutes ago or so because of Matthew.touch hi
"You musun't touch his bother either!" German.
"Keep showing respect."

"But he is going to take HER in That house."Woman
"They are telling us to respect HER."
GOD said he is not a piece of shit he doesn't want to take the girl out she is nice in Germany it is because she has spoken with white spite.

GOD said both of them are good I have the best team it is just her she was the one who comes back.  I tell it later I haven't slept yet. GOD said she even takes out the two men I get taken out and the children all of us.  But HE is still here.

Matthew just said that is what I want for her! I keep the house spotless not this one GOD showed ME.

It was tidy yesterday I stayed up cleaning went to sleep about 10:30 am I woke up about 3:30 Oh GOD. 
You wouldn't want to see Ryan's room if I get enough sleep I will do it. Myles help why his room which he share with Jake the girls only sleep in it looks tidy. There is no bin space I have got rubbish to throw out.

GOD said it is because the children are fed up.  That is why the bad behaviour but they are still good. If they know someone is coming they all get up and help and don't complain that is the bad behaviour.

GOD Andy helps with the spite he tells them things why they know what spite to use.  When they ask him to help he doesn't want to but the tablets he could have thrown in the bin.  GOD said they change MY
"It's a big family moving in let get a smaller bin." The bin smells like the day we moved in.  I'm not cleaning it.  GOD said they took it down to where the dust men dump the rubbish filled it up then emptied it threw the rubbish out then brought it here the dust bin men did the spite for her. She told them we were black he told her it was a pleasure to do it for her. I cannot be bothered to do the voices.

It is the man who just ran outside to say he will take her out!

Matthew the took tons messages of here I will do them again it is the blogger people t-mobile and the internet people.

The mixed race girl has HIV. You must to have sex with her.  Someone get word to Matthew please.
GOD said they are all getting ready to go to Brazil.  They change their destination they book their tickets.

GOD said that piece please get word to Matthew he is trying to get the credit he told the girl to hold it back to get there first to keep the trust he is with them. I don't care who was first I don't want him to catch it. There are black friends of Matthew on here I trust you help Matthew.

GOD said just let Don walk out the white girlfriend went to the hotel to murder Regina's family Don didn't go what he does for them is slow it down. GOD said the girl is slowing it down herself.

"I told you you must tell me what is on there they know about the tickets now!"
Unbelievable! They are taking chunks out again.

You need to take the white girl out her husband comes later and fires a shot at you.  That is what is missing.  I'll come back later. When it speeds up,she and he is angry that you marry ME. They want their family to have it. The mixed race girl is involved.

GOD stood near the kitchen and said HE was felling tearful to give ME away.  HE said HE was an ANGEL and there are others.  HE is nice looking black hair HE is tall and slim. 

But told ME HE wanted ME to stay.  HE wears a black suit very clean and smart looking HE said HE is going to come because of what will happen because of some team members.  HE loves MY children.  GOD said HE will rip anyone apart for ME. 

GOD said I am nice why HE is with ME same levels as you Matthew.  GOD said you wanted someone you could trust because of your eyes that is why HE trained ME for you.  god said you didn't care about the colour.  Matthew you thought I wouldn't want you because you are blind. You gave up.  I love GOD but could't choose.  I know GOD would wait for ME. GOD said HE doesn't belong here.  Maybe we can visit where HE live HE took ME there before.  HE is so precious.  HE roughs ME up gently. Like the butler in Aurther  the movie.

HE said HE looks away when we are in the bedroom and blocks HIS ears HE is going to stay with us and doesn't touch ME.  HE said if you cheat on ME HE is going to take ME back.  HE said HE the DEVIL.  HE said HE really is. I was trained by HIM. ALL THE NICE BIT ARE ME.  I don't care who HE is HE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE EVER.  HE gives people chances. Matthew HE said HE is going to fix you eye sight.

I need to shut MY eyes.  Those two MEN out there are ANGELS HE is there.

"The women said take those MEN out outside!"  HE said the white women know but the men don't know about this.  They are following the women's orders. GOD said HE is going to start restraining people until we have passed.  GOD said I fix it why HE pushed ME up there. speak to you later.