Friday, 16 December 2016

My instant HIV cure

I'd like to give out my cure for free, it kills cancers straight away and it's another HIV cure, it drives them out of the body. 

Baking soda, a tablespoon 3/4 times a day, as many times as you need it, it won't hurt you.
You can wash in it.

I'm having a shit life.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

to mr asda

hi there nice to know you and the black haired man are there for me i need your help.

i want to talk to you my son let me use his lap top for today so i have time.

i'm in a hotel in east london  i will give you my phone number.

they are trying to take my family out  i will tell you

i went o liverprool they went u there and started.

they cut off the gas and electric i ut fifty something pounds in the gas and electric and did not get any usage 

two men in a small van chased the coach on my way back said we all had to change coaches in the services in a service stn on the motoway passed birmingham god said they were sent to take e sapphire and ruby out they told them to keep sapphire they would be her guardian.  lots of stories.

i want to write them my god.

where do i start?

i went to the council because we were hoelesss the two months notice i gave nicole the landlady for 118 crescent rd  ended i don't care about the mistakes i am not going back just read it 

the council told me i made myself intentionally hoeless because i put the key through the letter box and that the would have told e to go back in  the house until she evicted me.   nicole sided them and wasw making trouble and was in it.  

had it got to that stage ithe council would have said i owe nicole money and so i made myself intentionally homeless.   ii don't owe nicole she owed us a hundred so she said but kept it

they tried to stop me washing out the pins in my body grave yard worms i don't have hiv nothing just grave yard worms but it is bad  why they cut off the gas and electric

they gave me temporary  accommodation for the week end i was upset angy the white woman at the council arranged it in boundry road barking it was the black girl whonstarted it it she ran to tell them not to help e god said she is spiteful and a paedophile like angy like everyone who work there he said why the dr surgery is in the council. to push complaints and help wioth the take outs 

on the 11th nov the day left crescent road i took a cab to my daughters with some of the childrens things  i took trains and busses i  had to take a cab from backing to get to the coucoil on time before they closed i went to the wrong place i went to barking town hall.  i was getting £200 a week i an on the lowest amount in the whole country because of elizabeth.  

all of them twist things the noted i was taking cabs everywhere and mentioned it to e said that was why i had no money.

boundry road i called  social services and asked for some money i was running out it was friday i had £40 left to last until next friday i had to feed my children over the weekend monday i would not have any nana the duty social work told me to budget i fed them once a day. a littlr

she told me if i ran out of money i could call up she would text the numbers she didn't.  the sunday i had £9 i had to hold on to to travel i pay for marshall and briley on the busses.  i called lots of time they were not getting back to me from sat eve

suday eve an an i spoke to said all he could give me was 15 or 20 pound  he came and brought me 20 pounds i fed my children.  he said if i want long term help i would have to go to social services.  i went the next morning all i had left after topping up the oysters to get to the council i bought breakfast fro greggs for them/

the white mani saw at t he socioal services told me his boss said no they will not help and that i should go to fopod banks if my children are hungry or soup kitchens and walk to john smith house he doesn't care.

i told him to tell his boss for e to fuck off.

on the monday i was told to go back to social services because the council wouldn't help me because they made a decision that i made myself intentionally homeless by posting the key through the letter box.

i left there and went to the council i called my brother he came he lent e 50 pound.

after john and his son left the council yles came to take briley and marchall to see their friends off who was going to live again in america.  i went to social services with just the girls.  my phone died i asked shy to charge it for me he did then he threatened me told me he copuld call the police to take sapphire and ruby because i am neglecting my children he said he was going to find out soething,  god said he went to call the police he made a call.  i asked the security for my phone i needed to call my children.  the security asked me to go into shy's office the roo we were in to get it then after he gave it to e i ndidm't want to go in there but he said i had to get it and to leave the girls in the waiting room for a minute he put his hand on my shoulder and said sapphire and ruby could leave but i was not allowed i told hi to let me out god said he was looking around for help but there was no one why he told me to push the button

i was asked to go back i was was with marshall and brilry ruby and sapphire shy asked me to keep them in the waiting room.   next thing i saw all of my children being walked into a room i got up shy said sit down but he stood up because i stood up.  he said the female social worker wanted to talk to them .. i told him not with out me being prsent i don't want anyo0n coxing my children.  i told him it was disrespectful not tpo speak to me first i started swaring after that 

god said sapphire is about to end up with the russian that is who picked her out and the cheif of police in barking

god said he had to keep suspending people in there that day so that me and my children could walk out onto the sreet that day

all of that tie i was sat in there i kept telly shy my children were hungry he kept staring me in the face myles kept bailing me out 

on the day security arrested me in there i left i could see what was going on so i took the girls to an internet cafe out of the cold whilst we waited for marshall and briley and to mac donalds to eat something.  andy called and said shy called him and that we can stay at boundry road that night but would have to go and see him the next day

a chinese woman and men are at my door knocking telling me to open the door and won't go i calkled the police i am in 6b  the travel inn romford road

same price as the premir inn

the police came quick.  i boiled the kettle

the police knocked on their door next door.

the woman and man next door kept saying "you are the black woman we came to see the black woman open the door

the police came back said it was someone else and another woman who have gone 

the next day was the day i had to keep telling shy my children were hungry i had to keep asking for help in the end they gave me a £20 asda voucher

i was fumming i said to shy a £20 voucher you just slipped an envolope to the white woman and white man you put it inside of a book .... and told them to close it quick they thank you.  i told shy he was taking the fucking piss i told him you kept the waiting and kept going up to the and saying sorry you told e what time to come you were two hours in a meeting no apology.   shy said he did not give them any oney god said he did because of what they just gave hi at the back children.  babies were being dropped off to social services ansd left there while i wad there one white woman said i washed her fed her liked you asked and i put a bib on her like you asked specifically for she then said she would collect the baby the othe couples.

hi mr asda i didnt finish last night.

so god said they are saying i showed disrespect they are disrespectful not me.  shay told me he had to finish doing his assessment on me .  i accessed the services because we are homeless.  shay said he wanted his colleague to speak with me i asked who it was he said mental health.  god told me had i gone the next day they would have locked me up in a mental hospital because shy picked out sapphire he liked her.  god said shy doesnt touch children because he has children but would have touched sapphire.

i told shy over the hone to fuck off and i threw the phone down on him.  i update this site regularly if there were mental health issues im sure someone would have stopped me.  

i told manina the black girl at the council that my family were being sited because of who my family are and told her who my family are i told her anthrax was poured in the house in dagenham regularly why the skin on my face went black flat black worm that let themselves go soft to stick to things and stuck to my skin.  i told her i used bleach in the bath to kill them off.  god said that is what they used to call in mental health.just like a swimming pool.  pieces of shit.  

im not a paedophile no one touches mine nasty dogs!  god said all of the black social workers at barking their children have been touched because they help.

i dont care about what the white woan tuned andy into touch hers.

the police woman who came to the hotel last night is not involved.  i like some of them.

i will tell you about liverpool in a bit.

the hotel staff member who came to my room door with the police last night said he look on camera and saw the eole at my door and it was not net door god sait it was next door. 

whilst i was at boundry road people got taken out

there was a white woman in there said she had been in there 7 months god said it was her fault she had sex with the stinking asian man who works there why she ended up getting taken out in the room next door to the laundry room the paedohile in there there are a group on the bottom floor.

god said because i look after people children in there he is looking after mine little black girl went and waited outside the shower room for her family member i spoke to her and gave him a look he left her because he saw sapphire. i asked her if she was waiting for her someone she said yes.

they try the doors with keys god told me not to tell anyone in there to chubb or they would kick mine off. they go checking with keys the paedophiles ground floor the workers gave them keys they took out a black african family you hear them using the stair doors and checking doors at night.

god said the white woman sat on a duvet whilst she was on her period and the black cleaners put it in my room the day i left and said it was me god said my blood doesnt stink hers does.  god said the black woman cleaner goes and sits in the roo with the paedophile she is going to get taken out.   he said i must not go back there.  whilst i was doing my washing i saw her in there.  

god told me it had only just started because they all share the white woman.  

i chatted with a white man in the laundry room he said he handed out news papers for the evening standard he was chatting with a wjite woan god said came from the council to start trouble for me she cae out of the paedophiles room she asked then to take e out.

god said they want to here more about the white woman the police is on here ok.

she was nice i like white people not paedophiles she had dark brown hair pretty she wore a onesy.
she sat with her friend in a car another white woman who god said is a piece of shit who pushed her friend into getting taken out god said she was a whore her friend got taken out as well.  god said someone behind the camera like her.

the angel i say god told me the person behind the camera told the man next door to the laundry to capture her. because the person behind the camera knew the man next door to the laundry room was paedophile.  i am always happy to help the police.

god said after she went with the asian man chemicals were used on her i heard them speaking "she was stinking"  the angel said it was because the asian an was stinking she washed.

the angel told me the friend who drove the car went in there to look for her and she got taken out.

god said the council peoploe at john smith house asked the paedophile next door to the laundry to take out the african family.   the an was at the council they were filming they spoke to him  the camera crew i was there the day john came to lend e the 50 pounds.

i told the caera crew at the council i didnt want to be filed told them i had been on tv before come dine with me but out other things, i aired my views i asked loudly where are all the africans coming from they know africa i dont know jamaica or doinica i was born here they can go back there is no room here in a nut shell.

the night the african family were dragged out of their room and i heard it the african an saw me near the reception he said "oh they  helped you" it was social services the council tell you your outcome in front of everyone.

the african man told me they that was where they gave him and his family for a while and he told me he was expecting bedding but there is none they gave him my old room.  he said the room was cold and that he had the key to the house he was evicted fro and that he was going to get a bus to pick up duvets and other things and that he was going to get a cab back.   the angel told me after they dragged the family fro the room and found out he went back into the house he was evicted from they used that as a disrepect to take the out.

this was about 11 oclock at night he was going to get duvets the next morning the cleaners were cleaning the room

i am exhausted to tell you tomorrow a take out liverool take out klu klux



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