Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Hello David

The other angel told me if i am looking for David i wont find him in the casino this is where i will find him on the blogger.

I went to the casino a couple months ago to see if i could find you because of what they have been doing to me and my family. Because i argued with social services and told the council within days of each other about my background history. Christmas eve I got to Liverpool with Ruby and Sapphire, there was a knock at the door, I was staying In my brothers empty house. This is the short version. They did things before but it was the police who told me they were going to section me because they said someone said i said "demons are coming out of the floor". And when they sectioned me, they and the doctors in Liverpool and at the priory said i was sectioned because someone said I said "demons are coming out of the floor" even though i told all of them i didn't say it, the police took sapphire and ruby to pedophiles houses, they were split up and distraught,. they transferred me to goodmayes hospital. to begin with i was put on a section 136 then a section 2, i spent a whole 28 days in the hospital full duration. I went back to Liverpool about 2 months ago to live by myself as my children were taken from me and again and i heard a knock at the door, it was an ambulance he said they were asked by social services to assess my mental state of mind. At the time i was ill with my feet, the police came after the ambulance and said they were sectioning me because i've got powder on my forehead and powder in my hair, all of it was a lie because i have a skin complaint, it was all of the anthrax evilness they kept putting through the door. This time they put me on a section 136, section 2 then section 3. I keep telling them i am not mentally ill, but they're all involved and they keep pretending like they cant hear me but David on Thursday I have to go to the hospital to find out if they are going to detain me or discharge me, they gave me one week leave and put me in a bed and breakfast probably because they wanted to rape Samantha. I think they are going to try and detain me even though i am not ill mentally. God said its not the hospital. I need your help John pelley. And also the angel told me earlier no one will touch any of my things from the auction because I did the write up and said it was the angel that told me , they are in fear of their lives but i need money to buy a house to get my children back.
Thanks David
ps god said all of it was Kelly why my children were taken, the social worker from barking and dagenham because she wants to be Andy's queen. but she still has her children David.

david i need your and johns help i have £30 to live on for two weeks.

i can not stand white women i am starting to hate asians for the spit in food for black people.  dogs!

your jealous of our colour beautiful black people keep looking you dogs i am going to rail road you back into your corners to be among  your own, your animals. this is mine all mine.

i going to make you have to prove you are british even white.  i am going to laugh.  lots of black british countries i have my grand fathers british jamaican 1st world war papers.

david myles came last night said his face was burning showed me the black mark said his whole body was burning the angel told me anthrax andy did it and said sapphire and ruby are the only ones who don't have anthrax on their bodies,   recently andy visited my whole family over the easter.

john and david can you step on it please.

david i have an appointment to go to john smith house council at 1pm on the 5th may the black man upstairs had one for this tuesday but it has now been shifted to friday 1pm i'm suspicious.

the black man upstairs just told me he was sectioned because the white man where he was renting stole his money he complained they called the police they sectioned him.

dirty stinking klu klux come on then?!

don't touch my songs anything of mine.

the klu klux is what the white woman made of hers but she fuck black men the white klu klux is not allowed.   you comic strips.  

the white woman sucks the black man's cockey!   the white man feels shame klu klux cause he can not stop the dirty white woman  to alleviate his frustration he takes it out on the black man.

she  suck his bottom as well i talk to black men.

to the klu klux the white women are dogs leave my black men alone put her on a leed.

as long as she is sucking his arse she can have him.    be glorified message to the black men bo!

the white woman shows a lot of disrespect she trained him the klu klux to accept she wants lack men but tells him if he wants a black woman he has to rape her.

lots of black women fall for white men you don't have to rape her.   mek the white woman golang.

i only date white men to hurt the black man.

i have to go bye.

a paki just brought my medication don't you know the angel withdraws poisons put it in his belly.
to the paki in this house "she is in her room getting taken out she should be gone in the morning is that alright for you"
"it's good she can carry on washing her clothes now."
that is not your level why your going to get taken out.

few nights ago myles came her husband thought i brought a man in here. the angel let me hear him telling his son to take out myles.   the angel spoke to me and said HE is going to spite the dad HE just took out his son.   it was because he knew myles was my son he wanted to spite me. the son is still here for now.  the angel said he is going to use the other angel to take out the son.   good!

the angel said where ever i go they come make the trouble and go.  tell her her son is going to get taken out no one can stop it because the angel looked and put him down the line  the angel said her son gets raped that is his level.  this is a dirty hotel.

the angel said it is not the black men she hates it's the black women.

the shower has not been cleaned i cleaned it bleach spay bad itch on my hands touching the wall.

doctor please
you lock me in a cell
i'm doing very welll
cause i believe in angels

i do i do i do beleive in angels
you do, you too you do believe in angels

he came to me last night
yes i been eating well
we danced the fantango
yes and sleeping well as well
cha cha cha?

theres no place like home

doctor please
(bang bang bang let me out of here!!)

it wasn't in my dream
the angels very real

don't put me in a spell
your taking pills as well?
i promise i won't tell

i believe in angels
(i believe in angels)
there's nothing wrong with angels
(nothing wrong with angels)
if you believe in angels
(if you believe in angels)

i don't need theses pill
you are making me feel ill
i'm glowing in the dark
palpitation in my heart  

i can't hack it
the straight jacket
they are making me talk to the four padded walls

why did you do dis?

last night the angel spoke to me and said the klu klux someone writes a film because of the song i put up here. he said he doesn't want the song too long.   that is ok i will clean it.later.

my spy song sweet sweet surrender and look what the cats dragged in. wow!  gchq

miss money penny it's me

hello james
"miss money penny call me in exactly 1 and a half minutes starting from now"


"hi honey your home?"

"i'm home because you left me jilted here that's why i'm home.....  that's the second time.   how many times must i go through this? i'ts embarrassing the quest wouldn't stop staring"
perhaps we should take it slow
any slower we'd be asleep

can we finish this discussion later i have to take this call

so they think the queen is an impostor your very good miss money penny

no james this is not a hoaxed assignment this job just came in
from a lorraine rees she asked if we could help her regain her title.she said she has old documents to prove that the british monarchy belongs to she and her family and brace yourself the french ship as well if this is true the world is in trouble she owns everything

this must be a mistake i know elizabeth she and her family would...i'll go and speak to her she is usually very accommodating

not this time she is being guarded heavily by army soldiers german soldiers
do you want this job?


i think it's best if you go and see lorraine rees first find out what she has to say she is have a dinner party tonigh at 8 should i let her know you will be attending? i have left the invitation on your desk along with her picture and copies of the documents. good luck
is there anything you want to take with you?

a cat

i think they will let you in the queen's corgis are beast
i have arranged your make up artist to go with you,
oh and well done james on your last assignment you got out of a marriage
thank you miss money penny but i could not have done it without you

cough cough bitch


i have everything i'm james bond 007 miss money penny have i told  you that i'm...

miss money penny?

keep the bed warm honey

see you next week james

you  must be

bond james bond your lorraine rees


let me introduce you to some of my guessed
this is harris harris this is james bond have you met?

can't say that i have so harris what do you do?
the whore jenner darling


have you met james

yes we have met

(he mingles)

james over here i want to show you something

please excuse me


your a piece of shit sit down only speak when you are being spoken to it is not your ship why should we protect you we could keep this for our selves  your animals harry has just cut William

William!!! who did this?

i did

why would you do this harry?

he and kate murdered my girl friend the woman i was in love with and wanted to marry
so i murdered the people he loved

you murdered his children
you beast!  why else would you do this?

william!  try to stop the bleeding

the neck wound is too deep and wide get some towels quickly
(harry bends down and kisses william)

he's gone

but he is still moving

just a little twitch

look at these james

very beautiful

a friend of mine was in an antique shop yesterday and over heard a conversation these were on the titanic all of it belong to different members of my family's gold

where are the documents?

i was told i was allowed to access the records with them in jamaica i tried only to be told  they were taken the people who took them murdered families and then left

here any friend of james would you mind if i held on to the papers sentimental reasons

that is why i am taking pictures

thank you james

sit tight

it has been agreed harry you are going to have to do all of the shows  by yourself from now on

but why do......

as part of your punishment.


james is impersonating an high ranking german officer

they speak in german
barak obama assasinated?
barak obama and his family were assassinated you are supposed to know this

sorry i got a little distracted for a moment yes 2013

that's right 

excuse me may i use the bathroom

your back you look like you have loosed a bit of weight take a seat

talk about the coloured family who are claiming the title is theirs i want to know more about them

her name is lorrain rees married to andrew rees she has six children and two grandchildren
where does she work it's not normal she has not been with  anyone for more than 7 years

she is a free lance script writer she and her husband no longer reside together she is ok but he her husband is the person we are concerned about he became friends with a russian and a german diplomat two very dangerous people he is claiming he is the king and is after the title and will stop at nothing to ensure he gets it he is an assassin. he is used by elizabeth.

does his wife know?
she does
she quoted somewhere that she uses special powers and that is how she knew
do you believe her
yes some of the things she writes about she has no way of knowing she make predictions.  mind over matter that is what you call it.
interesting i'd like to meet her
that is the idea we want the family eradicated  like elizabeth's we have a different german family to take the title regina and her family. elizabeth and her family doesn't have long.   your job is to find lorraine rees' family and to uproot the tree.
i understand

jackson where is miss money penny?

you didn't tell me barak obama and his whole family were assassinated i't nearly blew my cover speak to lorraine rees she mentioned something there is no time try to find out who did it and why.

elizabeth you are to go to do the procession then your birthday then that is it

they are taking out my family help me andrew!!!
sit down!
you have been spoken to already
i don't want a birthday party your murdering my whole family and expect me to be happy on my birthday?
you will behave yourself elizabeth and do as you are told.
why should i care about your family you did care when you had barak obama and his family murdered. i don't care if you are an old woman i watched you murder francis james for the queenship she was an old woman. shut up and sit quietly your always sniveling.
i can't stand it when you snivel
don't take out charles yet.   please if you take him out i will have no reason to be in that house elizabeth hates everyone her family is with.

camila said she is thinking of tom

OK he can live just until after the birthday party. then...

so the picture on the gold coin is that  of the black queen charlotte bun and not that  of victoria
it's not ours it has to  back to them


zoom in black royal family in their rightful place

i didn't say anything
they laugh and walk off


put whole cov later edit film director

hi david bit rude to ignore you, how are you? waiting in the wings sorry got a spy film to write will you help? i hate this i get inspired by a song i have to leave here on friday i'll see how much i can write before then.     for get some of the conversations they can fix later like when i am writing a song.   i just took a break  it's a dog eat dog world a bag full of gold and no love. don't make me have to trade those gold coins for food.   your the angel i hate you.  i fell in love with you took a long time to get you out of my system.   can i keep you?   there is no one in mind though.  the carrot on the string and stick and the horse story.   that is what the angel who looks after me does to me.   i love him so much.   i'm chasing the carrot but i listen why i have a bag of gold i pick things up because i like them.

i should have fucked you on that bar floor.   then you would have called me a dog the angel told me.   anyway i need a bath this place is itchy like the hospital.   sometimes i don't wash for 2 weeks the worms go thirsty.  i don't stink i don't have many worms only what i pick up like in here.   i'm doing a take out they drop their worms when they die they move around the body i'm not that itchy same places long stick went around my mouth why it has been leaking  i'm digging them out why they are leaving it hurts.   can't wait to get into a cold swimming pool. make them fly out they came to fight for the cancers. 

babes i'll talk later i'll treat you like the man that you are super human i so proud of you.

the hallway was stinking of piss he took out the sheets they cant say it is me they don't change my sheets i bought my own i wash them

i'm still a writer to film script please forgive me all of you professional script writers i am self taught.  i have to keep taking smoke breaks 

the other angel told me david you don't want to see my face like this.   i don't know what to do then.  i'm happy to be alive that is the level the other angel told me i was at deaths door why he helped because of andy and the anthrax.

i don't mind if you don't mind.   the grave yard i can't wait to hear what you have done with the song

they are changing things why are you so jealous? get a life

i'm tired so i won't make amendments 

david i bought the old picture with the two coins inside the black man upstairs said what did you bye i showed him to me it was the picture i liked the coins were black i thought that was their colour the other antique dealer rubbed it said "nickle" and slung it on the counter said he should clean it p a little first before he sells it she can have it it's nickle.   i was thinking that's gold i took it back to where i am staying and rubbed it with tissue and spit good old elbow grease i washed it after "this is gold i said"  i showed the black man again i said this is gold he said that is gold i cleaned them god told me he upstairs told his friend to rape me on the day i used a tooth brush the were badly tarnished because of the glue he said "you have used your tooth brush i have one for you"   i told him i have another new one god said he wanted me to give him a coin fuck offffff!   baking soda and soap powder then liquid 

i paid £4.00  she pushed the tpot on me even the goblets i just went in for the ivory boxes i spent..... £30 i potted the boxes and saw gold if it was brass it would rust.   like my ring box black  but i love trinket boxes you won't find those things again i want to keep all of it but...   i won't let go of my ring box though a ah  my ring box has no tarnishes green and red enamel 

that ring box is for david i'll find something for john.  the other angel called me a magpie 

david and john did i do good?

john can have my spy film

i'm going to buy astin martin cars for  my children i want vintage

i wanna be like white people

i'll sing for you down in aspers

black velvet 


because of the piano

cry me a river

two songs when i fall  in love

fly me to the moon
i'm going to learn ipanima

summer time

what if god was one of us

i'm terrible with words i make them up as i go along

a bosinova's beat

i'll lead dream a little dream of me

david have you got a band if so please learn life goes on cheryl pepsi riley

ah david kiss your love goodbye brian mc knight to you

david do you want me to talk?

david listen to kirk franklin lovely day on fuck off speakers

what do you do work wise? musician OK i'll write for you 

i would have chatted you up if my body wasn't looking like this i'm laughing

chat up lines i'm random you must stay up late that's good

i wrote a song for you gchq.

it is all about you my whole life.  i'd let you go like the song life goes on i learned years ago pain was my teacher.   it is a process getting over someone you have to go through but you go through now i am easy like sunday morning

i'm not trying to get with you it is only because of how i felt before this is how i talk sorry anyway my face is looking better.    i feel in a crude mood tonight like would put you off

did you see  my dance video i made by myself using street cameras 2012 the brewry playful david can you get it from romford police for me please  thank you david  i was dacing to chris brown with you head phones you can do the music  it was marshall's birthday  14 nov i want the bus footage 25 0r 86  the angels came it must have been good i broke down in it but i had fun

please can you get a copy of my songs from the holborn family court 4 songs thank you david

you asked me what i want you must not ask me questions like that OK?   your a darling wait until you see the video your going to wet yourself.   just undo the zip piss i don't care that is how much  i love the other angel as much it hurts he said he would murder me

good night if you are not asleep.

i want my children back david all of them.  i want a nice big house with a pool i want them to have their own rooms and nice clothes and cars later i want my ships.   

i need to go to the launderette this morning i'll do more on the film later.

song for barack obama my first cousin

i left the house yesterday morning

yesterday morning?
yesterday morning
i went outside in the garden 
i liked to sip on champagne and read the news papers

Andy from next door?

if it wasn't for my black wife next door 
i would have stayed and cut you more
cut him again

daddy that  man raped me 

i don't care
your father  knows the levels
my family are getting taken out 
donald trump, david cameron

david you asked what i wanted can you come and take the gold i don't care about my face the social worker paedophile wants this address i didn't give it to her.   the bag is heavy i do not have a car.  i don't want to leave it with my family i trust my children.

davi ward round has been changed to next monday 

the angel told me they want me to tell them where i bought the things in my bag fuck off!   stinking kelly the social worker

god said she thinks taking a wash so that you can not smell her is enough.   he shwed me her level of dogging with the paedophiles 

god said kelly the white dog.
david ward round is tomorrow bridget tried to change it but must have left it.  hopefully they will discharge me tomorrow.   how are you?   i have been listening to you.  "but you quietened her down?"  yeh right  i have not changed!  david wanted me to say i wanted him.   i want a fuck.   who would not want you david?

i need to get to know you.  i'll never cheat on you why the angel prepared me. i want a big fuck off diamond ring. if it is too small i will keep getting upset i'd rather not have one thank you. what would keep upsetting you?apart from the cheating.  she still has 2 more goblets royal white gold surround.  david i know where you can get two big diamonds from.   david i need them. 

the shop keeper said i could not have the diamonds make sure i get them  your the king you can have the smaller one david  i like bargains david what about you?
i don't if people are jealous fuck off this letter is to david not you.

the angel said it is kelly and her team when she saw what was in my bag she dropped back it hurt her.  she is saying i shamed her she is a paedophile that ishameful.   but i am not mad she shamed me   fuck off dog!!!

god said it was not andy it was kelly trying to get my ship why she took my children from me and  me in a mad house twice she complained she didn't ever want me let out he said it it is kelly all of it.  andy is easily led the angel said he is not blaming andy for it it is the white woman kelly and michelle

david they are doing spite to me in here the owners i tell you later

yesterday i came back and my toilet tissue had been soaked it was hard .   they won't allow me to do any had washing yet everyone else is allowed.   yesterday the usband pushed me.  all i did was put a chip rapper in the bin he took it out of the bin

he wipes the line with a dirty mop not his wifes clothe line

they tuned the hot water off while i was showering  today they turned it off but i took my show about 8 this morning while the white man was showering  like what ronda did at lizard lounge not as hard

he said i was going to fill the bin he keep moaning at me soke over there he talk to me like i am shit

kelly sent the two dangerous men after elizabeths family good for kelly i hope she gets hers
andy has sapphire and ruby when you are fighting mind my children don't go there

andy's mum cutvsapphires hair i made a complaint to social service later that day the ward staff at the hospital told me i had a call i took it the people said they were from southend mental health and that i left 4 messages on their answer phone i ask if the person sound like me and told them i had never heard of them and never called them the angel told me the white woman who at social services who i made the complaint to was the person who made the hoaxed calls and said she helped kelly to take my children and put me in the mental institution.

andy said at the time he was going too straighten sapphire hairs himself i was cringing what if he burnt her eyes   i told him not to and that his mother shouldn't be cut sapphires hair is they cannot take care of black mixed race child they should not be looking after them andy said it is not up to me.   god said at the time the mother likes to do cruelty but has quickly stopped because i said i was going to complain,

yesterday dotty stinking kellyb called said their mental health team if i wanted my children back i have to see them fuck off and i am getting my children back

the thing is the court told me the person i had see to do the report is in harley street this black man said he has no office fuck of f

david can you let kelly know it is because of my why elizabeth knows she had her family taken out using the two dangerous men.   thanks

the day the social worker made the hoaxed calls i call up the local mp for barking.

the court case is on the 22nd of may 17   east london family bcourt

david they put a restraining order on me i am not allowed to go near sapphie ruby marshall or briley i will be imprisoned

i met kelly for the first time at the second court hearing i was imprisoned for the first one and was served papers on the day of the hearing

the solicitor mine protected andy.   i made a complaint to her told her andy was ring marshall and talking about thing he shouldn't know and texting him.   she told andy andy ol me she said he must be careful about what he says over the phone because it is being monitored white dog.

the black man metal health social worker said he can do his assessment at my solicitors or where i am not at social services  paul crowley solicitors liver breck rd i was on wescott rd 4

fuck with me i will go to the news papers i can and will

i can't sleep

david how would you like to be sail boated into my fanny?
the angel told me you want me i love you

i like to do the talhing

when my feet are better we can do naughty shows.   i can wear long boots

david ii like to be slapped round the face

will you do that for me david?

i put the walking head song with london town musical gchq    i put cant be naive with the christmas song don't know if it works yet

your a braising hussey you  bitch maybe that song

david someone wants a song as long as he is an angel he can if you don't need it

you friend wanted a son for his car add give it to him the duel kick butt

david i don't have any friends give you friends my toy box apart from the grave yard and ship wreck the song i wrote for john it was johns

i want to give the black bar man some money help westfield casino

hey davids friend i can fix the duel if you want to use my   i do all my own backing y except 1 sing  i go studio by myself

yhe duel is all me i want a bigger drom roll

blue sky go  on star now chyna warren is me he fucked it up ok thoughtype in star now its a entertainment agency

i don't want to be signed i'll write and give for free its funny

i wrot all of the songs you picked for me at the family court and paid for all of the recordings carol my sister who came to the casino with me and dawn marie kempson did bvs on cant be naive everything is me.

i don't like women they need to fix themselves keep them away from me

i don't use treated vocals natural that is how i sound but i don't care.   theo gordon did the music he won't lie

i did those 2000  some i wrote before 99[98  blue ske 2003  baby this aint love 2001 a cromp why i wrote it   i fixed it recently for britney  i did 90% of the production for baby this aint love tony did the rest

my child benefit paid for the recordings i did it for my children.  i pushed myself to become a good writer to help them i didn't want to be poor but i was.  i denyed them so much i was sigle parent so that i could do the recordings that is why i want them all back i think they stopped loving me.

i hate myself not really.   don't you ever come between me and mind i will take you out for it i bust my cunt to bring them here to the dirty white women dogs whores paedophiles.

i'm going to take a show to go

i am a self taught writer.   since 14 i have been writting

i can write pop songs all day long but i am writting for film and tv

david i just stepped in i have been discharged

the obama song david gave to me its mine

i need to take the lap top back or ditch some stuff

this morning i heard you you said "OK i will" give it to them.   there is a lot on here get the blogger to open the pages

i have got a boyfriend you

you nice

the other angel said you wear new shirts every day i start picking up the ones you take of and give them to other people

yesterday i saw you speaking to the team you said "tell lorraine to make sure she is that round tell her to make sure she is there at ten o clock"

give him a song

i'll have to start writing pop songs they are quick to write

they angel showed me someone else came after me and came after me for the gold and papers in my bag.   when are you going to rescue me?

bridget my co coordinator is a piece of shit!

it was her why i nearly missed todays ward round and she dried to get the dr not to discharge me and she sai to everyone and me and kept voicing it that i should not get my hopes up about getting my children back black dog

i have my council appointment tomorrow with bridget

david i would like you in court with me next time i go but i want you to be my children's dad.   i'll have money because of what is in my bag the angel said your tril

do you want children i had the lightest and shortest period this month it's not being used

i usually have to be careful i fall quickly i never use contraception.

i want yours i want them to look like you  are your eyes blue or brown?  black

you don't ever allow me to see you face but the angel showed me you very good looking staight black hair you came to barking.  are you the person who came and took out the cancer you were black

you did touch down.

you have a gsoh  i want to see you youu want me to need you the angel told me  i need you
i need to see what i'm getting

are you romantic?  you like a little bit of ill treatment i don't want to give to you but i do specialize in giving that

i want you don't keep me waiting long

it's 12 already

i have to leave this place today the room has gone.   i achieved

are you messy? yes

i like to keep it tidy i'll tidy up after you make the mess i like the house clean

you can go to work i'll stay at home i can write  i like to have friends over but i don't have any.  what about you?   i like to feed people   i like to cook.   i'm a good cook

my children have lots of friends do you like living in an open house?  we like to have a party once a month is that OK?

you can see some of their friends on face book recon spartan is ryan zeeks is jake myles is myles steve

i don't think davina goes on face book

there is a situation brewing two black stinking dogs your end  tell the whore your mine full stop i need you.

tell her she took up the other trillionaire they both walked in to the santander bank chingford while i was living there.   but if she thinks i'm going to take this lying down while she walks off with him.   she is talking to her white woman friend.

she want a fight she is trying to through her black friend on you for a little while to see if she can get ou  of the relationship she is in . she whats you to go down on her level. she doesn't like his hair style

he is nice looking that is a trill hair cut.   she didn't have a problem withe hair when he was walking intoo the bank with her to open up the account to put her on the billionair level.   tell her don't ramp with me.   he married you don't make me open up accounts on you!

listen bitch my children need a dad and your not taking their dad from them

that's davids friend why should he show his friend your disrespect leave david alone.david can you stay away from her? put axe in it go and sit with your husband.

in the bank i was thinking both of you are acting like your hot but you not hot i was not jealous you looked like a rude couple.

davids l-o-v-e-l-y david is not a paedophile why i want him.

david you raped me i would never touch anyone twice i love you  just yo but it is 7 and a half years since i went with anyone.

she gets 2p if she leaves you.   that is why i want my own.  better cquarry de heavy bag

the angel told me last nigh the gold and poys are worth a billion   make me an offer

the angel told me george stuck the coins on the card they were his

david the night of the rape in the casino using spcial powers i was trying to talk to you i wanted a fuck but i wanted to be in it.i wanted to make love to you.   i wasn't with andy. that cheat he went with my aupair and a woman at his work place i have never cheated on him he went with a woman in the launderette

hi that stinking dirty white man trying to spit us up sent his wife only because he went with her white friend, fuck off i want nothing to do with you

the angel said that is why there is an itch on your wife you gave her hiv.     dogs nasty animals .     he told me you the germ an sent people to the council because i will be there.  why don't you be content with what you have troublemakers.   anyone who joins we will cut off!

david and i are in love.    why can you not be happy for us?

papa i know you'll be upset


the other angel has been showing me you.  he said others are coming they want the coins but you have always wanted me he told me me and you are mad according to them, you have spent time in goodmayes as well.  he said that is why you want me.

he showed me more things but that is enough i think. you are worried about something don't worry i know.   but you need a wife.  he let me hear you want to talk to me come to see me bridgette good girl placed me here tonight for one night.   you want me to move in with you OK.

i off loaded the antiques they are not with me.    i'm in ilford  david my number is on here you can call me if you like.

david buy something for me

let me teach you about anthrax later

part 1

anthrax is the dirtiest mrsa worm on the earth it comes from thhe bottom of the sea why it is a hot worm.  it can heat it's self up to temperature that can catch a human alight lots of people have the worm in their bodies.   there are different types of anthrax some are like flat hats some like snakes some are very fast growing.

they move around the body by hovering they blow air they are very noisy.    the angel told me hiv and anthrax worms work together.

boldness hiv likes cutting they behave like scissors a pair anthrax cut as well.  after hiv finishes cutting the hair low anthrax goes into the holes and heat themselves up and stay there.  you have to kill them off for your hair to grow back bleach spray.

they breed in there and do all the things they do in the sea they live in hair areas.

stop washing they come out of the holes they grow big bleach spray.

they hover on walls and ceilings.  brown on the walls HIV black anthrax.

when anthrax come out of the body they are moist make them dry it kills them i use a hair dryer.   ly can like anywhere on the body.  anthrax worms like snakes like to move around the body snap their necks by rocking and turning your it kills them.

drinking salt water doesn't kill anthrax but drinking baking soda does remember they live in salt water.

the anthrax worm can alter it's appearance change colours.   they when it is full inside come out lay flat on the body then soften layers after layers why my skin looks like it does but they are coming out because i am taking them out.all of the worms in and on my body are either white or grey because of the carbon.   they are all rotting.

david do you play?  i wanna be your groupie if you do.

  david on saturday night i might go to aspers in the eve for a drink with my sister.

to listen to that bad minded pianist.  the angel let me hear him "she can sing it acapella "   i can!

summer time oh little papa zazoos
and the living is easy

black velvet

to the pianist "whats this a funeral?   sounds like someone just died what's this the a wake?  you ain't waking no body!  maybe it was you who put him in a coma. "

i don't want to sing i want to listen.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017



I have a great lot coming up, the pieces come from the Titanic.
I have two trinket boxes, one is a copy but both have solid gold over them, ill explain after if put the pictures on. I would like to use the money to buy a house for me and my children, my children have all been taken from me.
all of the pieces displayed are original and only one or two were ever made.

Contact me on 07521636680

The angel told me the story about the boxes, He told me on the ship a different person took one of the identical pairs which came from the African kingship see if you can work out which on came from the African ship. The family that was murdering people for the pieces of art said to the person who took one of the boxes said to give it to him and the other person said no so he left him as it was his friend. He asked one of the Asian people to make a replica bu the Asian one wanted to show off and make his one look better than the Africans one, but he got murdered for it. The angel said to me he prefers the African one , i prefer the African one. I like the cut out diamond in the ivory. the two padlocks are missing.Indian gold is a tad yellower than what i can see. The angel told me all of these pieces were in the same family. it was only because the boxes were different she let them go, she didn't look properly, its gold. The person that sold them to me, it was her family that was on the titanic.

this is african gold
                                                  1000 years old not for auction.
These two pots were on the Titanic they come from Switzerland, The angel told me there were lots of investors on the titanic and all of them brought things with them which were then placed in cabinets to display. He told me when the boat started to sink, people took stuff but they didn't say anything, he told me there were fights and the families who got most of the stuff that was taken off the ship after it hit the iceberg, did a lot of murders

Its a set, these two were tarnished that's why the fella let go of them, these were also on the titanic.

This box was on the titanic, it came from Russians, one of many things they put on the ship to show off they're craftsmanship.

This was from the french ship and was brought on to the titanic to show of the french craftsmanship
the original solid gold chain with a teapot at the end of it is missing. It is very beautiful and heavy in weight. there was only one teapot ever made.

                                   Hi buyers

I have something great coming up for you, this is for the coin collectors a Penny and a farthing and pure natural gold sovereigns. The angel told me all of the gold i've collected over the last week is pure natural gold and has not been mixed and told me including the gold in the teapot is a handful of gold.
The teapot is made from a type of plastic and all you need to do is pierce the teapot spout with a needle but he doesn’t want me to do it, I will endeavor to get the picture of the coins up on the site for you ASAP.
The coins were stuck to Penny Farthing bike picture, very old the coins were black , I rubbed them with tissue and began to see the gold. He told me i have one gold bullion bar or more or less depending on which country cuts or mixes it, if Americans mix it i have one gold bullion bar. 

The penny and farthing and what is in the teapot the angel told me are the only red colour gold left on this earth.   he said everthing here belonged to my family from the ship the royal family he said the goblets are solid platinum, they are both hall marked.

do you know how fucking heavy this stuff is to carry around? even to go outside and have a smoke.  all i need is for them to section me again god said they would take the lot.  i have ward round next thursday i have to go back she said she would discharge me all goes well this week.  all of it is piss take i'll fuck them all up let me get my footage.  john and david i have two deeds for the whole world in my bag.   now which one should i marry? ip dip do.   both!   myles lent me his lap top i don't want to talk i'm hungry.   

someone moved in to number 1 next door he said call both angels.

the angel told me i get millions from the action because of what the items are it is not because of the gold.    

john and david takes care of the action for me.