Tuesday, 25 April 2017



I have a great lot coming up, the pieces come from the Titanic.
I have two trinket boxes, one is a copy but both have solid gold over them, ill explain after if put the pictures on. I would like to use the money to buy a house for me and my children, my children have all been taken from me.
all of the pieces displayed are original and only one or two were ever made.

Contact me on 07521636680

The angel told me the story about the boxes, He told me on the ship a different person took one of the identical pairs which came from the African kingship see if you can work out which on came from the African ship. The family that was murdering people for the pieces of art said to the person who took one of the boxes said to give it to him and the other person said no so he left him as it was his friend. He asked one of the Asian people to make a replica bu the Asian one wanted to show off and make his one look better than the Africans one, but he got murdered for it. The angel said to me he prefers the African one , i prefer the African one. I like the cut out diamond in the ivory. the two padlocks are missing.Indian gold is a tad yellower than what i can see. The angel told me all of these pieces were in the same family. it was only because the boxes were different she let them go, she didn't look properly, its gold. The person that sold them to me, it was her family that was on the titanic.

this is african gold
                                                  1000 years old not for auction.
These two pots were on the Titanic they come from Switzerland, The angel told me there were lots of investors on the titanic and all of them brought things with them which were then placed in cabinets to display. He told me when the boat started to sink, people took stuff but they didn't say anything, he told me there were fights and the families who got most of the stuff that was taken off the ship after it hit the iceberg, did a lot of murders

Its a set, these two were tarnished that's why the fella let go of them, these were also on the titanic.

This box was on the titanic, it came from Russians, one of many things they put on the ship to show off they're craftsmanship.

This was from the french ship and was brought on to the titanic to show of the french craftsmanship
the original solid gold chain with a teapot at the end of it is missing. It is very beautiful and heavy in weight. there was only one teapot ever made.

                                   Hi buyers

I have something great coming up for you, this is for the coin collectors a Penny and a farthing and pure natural gold sovereigns. The angel told me all of the gold i've collected over the last week is pure natural gold and has not been mixed and told me including the gold in the teapot is a handful of gold.
The teapot is made from a type of plastic and all you need to do is pierce the teapot spout with a needle but he doesn’t want me to do it, I will endeavor to get the picture of the coins up on the site for you ASAP.
The coins were stuck to Penny Farthing bike picture, very old the coins were black , I rubbed them with tissue and began to see the gold. He told me i have one gold bullion bar or more or less depending on which country cuts or mixes it, if Americans mix it i have one gold bullion bar. 

The penny and farthing and what is in the teapot the angel told me are the only red colour gold left on this earth.   he said everthing here belonged to my family from the ship the royal family he said the goblets are solid platinum, they are both hall marked.

do you know how fucking heavy this stuff is to carry around? even to go outside and have a smoke.  all i need is for them to section me again god said they would take the lot.  i have ward round next thursday i have to go back she said she would discharge me all goes well this week.  all of it is piss take i'll fuck them all up let me get my footage.  john and david i have two deeds for the whole world in my bag.   now which one should i marry? ip dip do.   both!   myles lent me his lap top i don't want to talk i'm hungry.   

someone moved in to number 1 next door he said call both angels.

the angel told me i get millions from the action because of what the items are it is not because of the gold.    

john and david takes care of the action for me.