Wednesday, 9 November 2016

best cure ever

i won't tell you what it is but it kills cancers within hours.   i just took out another batch.   i will give it to you when you come.  god said my skin has gone dark anthrax why they turned the water off  hiv worms as well.  i can not get better in this house i would die in here.   god said all i have are little worms left he just told me to take out the piece of shit in my eyes she is nearly gone my mouth is burning hiv worms coming out because of what i just gave her.  god said it is the carbon that saved me all of the anthrax worms who came in are dead worms it happened in chingford annn but i was able to wash them out the water was hot 8 9 baths a day 

the new cancer cure i promise you they don't know it is you they drop god said i have take out so many since i have been here what can i say you hit them everything starts moving do it again later.  you can keep doing it.  they are not getting that cure i need it for my family.

god said because of what i am giving to them and what i wash in none of the worms will root up in my body that is why i can wash them out.i soon as i wee they flood out but different ones come he said it is this house.  after i leave here i get rid of them quickly but hers are rooting up in her 

on my childrens life i can clean all of your cans out of your body in 1 week   you cuts wait for it,

the carbon is immunity that is what i found immunity why the anthrax won't kill me they see the haylo that is why they keep coming in

i have been fighting with the little worms but i could have cleaned out all of the cancers in a week all of them need a drink and food as long as they put their hand in there they are gone.

worms don't listen  as soon as one batch is gone they push them out the way and go in there is room that is what they say,

god said anna only put a little bit of anthrax in the house every fucking person coming to the door is throwing it in.  like the africans who knock the door and goes to the white woman across the road the council people and the african next door who has it rooting up in her and her childrens bodies and the man she is with and their friends and family.

god told me not to open any letter which comes here to me dss council anthrax is in all of them only a little but the powder is in there.

the worms anthrax will not touch my children they are fighting with me i'll take the fall.  god said the worms don't know we are leaving it hurts them  when we don't come back they go after the people who come in to this house.

god told me i am not allowed to take anything from this house because of the anthrax nicole called this morning i told her she can come at 1 on friday.  she asked if i wash shifting things. the cheek.  god said it was nicole he let me here say "i don't want that "   and all of the kedos were her odimiwa "no i am not alright"  kedo how are you 
god said i told the council i was george and charlottes family milli naire told nicole and she said she didn't want that.  even the african shop took out their tobacco all of the africans joining in is because of nicole.

they know there is no itch it is pins they hurt they know.  i can not wait to wash in hot flowing water they drop when i pour hot water overmy body qickly my legs pins fall down.

david better move himself god said they don't take him out it was him for the white woman.  god said we stayed in his hotel in archway he saw me and looked we kept washing he said he was going to stop me and my children from washing so that i could smell like the white woman.   god said he wanted to pick me up because of the ship that was how he came but to pick up a white woman he would never have done that to her.  the klu klux.

in asda the sticks were making whole for the pregnat cancer i took her out but the sticks are still here i took out some washing but they are in my neck and face it hurts all around my mouth i took some out today very spiteful my eyes as well i am in pain 

if i sit on the toilet seat you can see lots of pins like little hairs

your all fucking worms look what i gave to the dogs!  your dogs!

those worms are not sticking out of my neck they are sticking into my throught. i took some out this morning 

i better start thowing things out pain or no pain i need to  clean up.  bye

god said that is why he made me give the song to joshua who only go out with asian women. 

the bleach kills them straight away neat bleach it makes my face sinny for a little bit.  im sore.

i am itching down below hiv coming down bit the burning on the hair area is the anthrax.

i take them all out as soon as i go to sleep they go back in.,

antrax is in my ears i blow them out but they are dropping from the celin they are in my childrens hair but won't go in them god said they jump off my children.  they are not upset with them.  they love sapphire they think she is beautiful.  her hair was full not one went in.

i uswe tissue to brush them out they can not get out of tissue if i put the tissue on the table they shoot out of my body like just now  i f i put the tissue on the floor it is disrespect they come in  b god said serve every body right because of what is going to happen to them they are using anthrax to take me out and that is the behavior of that worm why the hiv worms are behaving like that 

god said before i moved in nicole sprinkled some athrax onto carpets he said her urin had hiv worms in it why the sticks are in the sofa whitch she poured her we on he said that is what they turned into.   

god said the people at the council in newham got her the anthrax why they took my deposit and rent and wouldn't give it back.

god said mention nicole to the worms who understand he said i make them understand they are teaching me to show respect to them.   i told them nicole made the water broken showed them hot and cold and the heating doesn't work she broke it they are after nicole. 

i told them to do it to nicoles arm she is the reason why it is not warm.  i am leaving the cooker on when i go.

the window ledges are full of water anthrax woms are all over the walls in myles' room i cleaned the windows and walls in that room two weeks ago the windows were black again i am not touching them god said leave them on the walls the back room i had a fight with them i'm leaving the soap powder they keep juming on me even if i walk in if the gas cooker is not on and it is cold  i will tidy that is it she did it.  lotss of disruting worms why the house is a mess.  it is not to bad just rubbish to throw out.  they keep coming in and leaving trying to cut my skin off my body.

anthrax did it all over the coats in the cupboad over ther suitcases in plates on the carpet.   babies nicole.

god said i needed sapphire they won't do it were here clothes are and that is why they won't touch my other children she is different from all of the other children in the house davina ryan and jake has been here they know they are mine 

god said even if sapphire did spite to them they don't care they love her colour.but not the white men and women.  she is like a cute little dog to them.

i can get up now lots of the worms came out i can still feel lots but they are not shooting out.

god said the cancer who  told the woms to stick out in asda knew i was out why she did it.  i lost lots of hiv worms why my sking on my legs were burning they left 

god said i have to wash first i have to we in the bath i am not allowed to use the toilet like i am doing in here  he said the worms get upset because they are somewhere different they don't shoot out they behave they are worried about their families

i worried about having to put on the same boots i have them on i went up the shop i can feel them trying to get out.

the boots are new i washed them after wearing them they are in my feet and come out for water and go back.

god said they look at the other worms around them when we leave and know they won't help them.  god said there are lots of worms in hotels none of them came into my body whilst i was staying in them anthrax worms and hiv.   the anthrax burns they are flat.  

there is a worm who called in every fuck worm stick into her body but let them go in mshe pushes them out she was not the only one streaming down my back i washed lots of them out two nights ago only at tiny streaming near my neck now god said that is why the sticks are coming in because i lost too many i washe for hour soap called them out and hiv streaming 

it was the night i went to asda i washed for hours that is why they put holes in me in asda.

gos told me to use the rum bottle to kill of the hiv inside.  each sip burnt.

my whole body is like my arm but specked but he said it has gone black and is not red they have all been killed of with the bleach bottle like he told me to do.anthrax

i washed in carbon as welll

god said they put the anthrax on me and is asking to take me out for it.   they get taken out they have it on them  even with the bleach it has gone inside them because of their dirty ness

god said they are asking if i stink of fish because all of them are involved in the water she stinks of fish i don't smell.  god said that is why he let you cut it off.

god said if it was her it was happening to the woms would have taken her out she would have sat there and not tried to take them out as soon as i feel them going in i step into the bath and wash all day long even if i put on the same clothes they are not in the cloths i change every day.

i don't care what i look like  god said everyone up the shops know about my water that is why i go like a tramp i am am cleaner than them i won't leave out with out a wash.

god said what the woms are doing to me is a take out.  take who?  god said it hurt them i wiping them out quickly.  why she called for worms that were not hers i walked up to mac holls before going to asda the hiv was not from this house why they left.

a little batch just walked in i take out more than what goes in.  it won't stop until i leave i am going to leave them until later i have things to do the get jealous of humans why they do it.  it hurts them because i am winning.i just threw lemon floor cleaner on them won't take them out they have gone ito a bag they made for themselves in the hair area.   later i will burn them out i won't tell you how.

god said that was hiv.  god said those are some from the wall they are brown all of the worms in this house likes to make trouble they did it to the woman nicole and her husband took out in here god showed me nicole he said she did some of the murders the children.  after the paedophiles were finished and she enjoyed doing it.

god said the white woman could wash them out but they still made trouble why they were moving out 

god said it is because of the paedophiles next door lots of the woms come from there they hate humans lots of them in here has been ito the schools

god said the council said they would help me now.

a white vwoman tried to take my bag in tesco two attemps god said they said she was a stinking woman.   she said "oops"  the second time she said "sorry for not taking your bag"  god said open the window i want anthrax in here the super bugs because of what hiv is doing to your body two nights ago.  he said that they came in and are doing a take out they told the worms in here before to leave me alone i showed respect by putting a pillow and water down for them god said the other level took out the white woman she only walked in to tesco because she knows they are looking in to see who will take my bag she thought because she is a white woman they would not do anything to her like andy .  god said what i did was called in anthrax it is a different level i have reach why they are getting taken out now.   god said the anthrax woms outside don't live in people and have told these one which are different to go outside like them in the cold and have told them they are dirtying up peoples walls god said anthrax only behave like the because of the burns they can give like the black widow spiders.  

god said the white women are saying it is ok because i have no where to live and no money so they are happy.   you are going to get a shock god said someone come to help.  god said they would take me out in that house but i show respect why they don't.  god said they said they don't care if we show off they don't want to see disrespect.  god said they speak to my children who listen.   they are respectful.  god said what they ask their children to do mine would never do.  i boxed them they are rebelling because of them   god said it is andy.  he called the council and told them not to help us he called the dss and told them to cut down all of our money because he helps and feels that is enough.  that is a stinking piece of shit.

god said andy was in there that is why were keep being made homless and why he slep with the dirty whore in there chingford time his dss friends arranged it for him.  i can't see 

the worms are coming out of my face the other ones went in so i would go and wash so that the ones in my face could stay and get a drink why i won't wash yet or my face i did this mornoing.

god said it is painful for the sticks to go into my face they were told not to come back in why they don't want to leave it is painful.

those ones are hairs little bit longer than the sticks like facial hairs they put on your bodies but do'nt straighten their backs.

i am going to give that cure to the person who comes to help me the secret god told me they won't touch it you have cancers.

like i gave the songs away give it to you to market.

i took the cure when i came back from the shop i think sheb is gone she controls my eye lids she is not doing it now she isalmost gone.

god said it is the klu klux who come a different level he said because i am respectful i become klu klux on that level.  i love to be nice i will throw out anything i write to you.  it is yours 

god said you are interested in my special powers.  i heard a judge who took pleasure in telling someone they are going to prison because i did the accounts.

i will take some of the cure to show you it won't hurt you then i will let you take some you will feel them i anm empty why i feel them.

god said he sees tablets lots of little tablets that is what you do with it.

rufus died from cancers yesterday which god told me pulled out of him they go through your organs.  sometimes when you take them out you feel the pain where they have gone through they burst why you feel it.   my liver my kidney my lungs and they where hitting the skin around my heart trying to go through they have hearts i took them out.