Wednesday, 9 November 2016

best cure ever

i won't tell you what it is but it kills cancers within hours.   i just took out another batch.   i will give it to you when you come.  god said my skin has gone dark anthrax why they turned the water off  hiv worms as well.  i can not get better in this house i would die in here.   god said all i have are little worms left he just told me to take out the piece of shit in my eyes she is nearly gone my mouth is burning hiv worms coming out because of what i just gave her.  god said it is the carbon that saved me all of the anthrax worms who came in are dead worms it happened in chingford annn but i was able to wash them out the water was hot 8 9 baths a day 

the new cancer cure i promise you they don't know it is you they drop god said i have take out so many since i have been here what can i say you hit them everything starts moving do it again later.  you can keep doing it.  they are not getting that cure i need it for my family.

god said because of what i am giving to them and what i wash in none of the worms will root up in my body that is why i can wash them out.i soon as i wee they flood out but different ones come he said it is this house.  after i leave here i get rid of them quickly but hers are rooting up in her 

on my childrens life i can clean all of your cans out of your body in 1 week   you cuts wait for it,

the carbon is immunity that is what i found immunity why the anthrax won't kill me they see the haylo that is why they keep coming in

i have been fighting with the little worms but i could have cleaned out all of the cancers in a week all of them need a drink and food as long as they put their hand in there they are gone.

worms don't listen  as soon as one batch is gone they push them out the way and go in there is room that is what they say,

god said anna only put a little bit of anthrax in the house every fucking person coming to the door is throwing it in.  like the africans who knock the door and goes to the white woman across the road the council people and the african next door who has it rooting up in her and her childrens bodies and the man she is with and their friends and family.

god told me not to open any letter which comes here to me dss council anthrax is in all of them only a little but the powder is in there.

the worms anthrax will not touch my children they are fighting with me i'll take the fall.  god said the worms don't know we are leaving it hurts them  when we don't come back they go after the people who come in to this house.

god told me i am not allowed to take anything from this house because of the anthrax nicole called this morning i told her she can come at 1 on friday.  she asked if i wash shifting things. the cheek.  god said it was nicole he let me here say "i don't want that "   and all of the kedos were her odimiwa "no i am not alright"  kedo how are you 
god said i told the council i was george and charlottes family milli naire told nicole and she said she didn't want that.  even the african shop took out their tobacco all of the africans joining in is because of nicole.

they know there is no itch it is pins they hurt they know.  i can not wait to wash in hot flowing water they drop when i pour hot water overmy body qickly my legs pins fall down.

david better move himself god said they don't take him out it was him for the white woman.  god said we stayed in his hotel in archway he saw me and looked we kept washing he said he was going to stop me and my children from washing so that i could smell like the white woman.   god said he wanted to pick me up because of the ship that was how he came but to pick up a white woman he would never have done that to her.  the klu klux.

in asda the sticks were making whole for the pregnat cancer i took her out but the sticks are still here i took out some washing but they are in my neck and face it hurts all around my mouth i took some out today very spiteful my eyes as well i am in pain 

if i sit on the toilet seat you can see lots of pins like little hairs

your all fucking worms look what i gave to the dogs!  your dogs!

those worms are not sticking out of my neck they are sticking into my throught. i took some out this morning 

i better start thowing things out pain or no pain i need to  clean up.  bye

god said that is why he made me give the song to joshua who only go out with asian women. 

the bleach kills them straight away neat bleach it makes my face sinny for a little bit.  im sore.