Saturday, 1 October 2016

nasty whites dave has already see all of it and laughted and the small print.  that is my husband and soo i won't come on here this was my life line

god said the men acoss the road are filling up next door  the primark fam.  god said the trillionaire makes it seem like a chore to fuck the other woman but he likes what she gives him more

god said she lied on me said i was beating up white women why she took it down the white man told her to hide the playful banter of the black woman.  that was for david put it back.  god said people are making copies that is what they are being paid for.

my sweet heart has picked me up finaly i'm feeling sudued why i didn't hit you.  who have you got?   shelley?

white people are the pits in last attemp to get the angel they are telling the white women to cry for it.  david is in love with me  he has bowed down alreay it is too late.  i am in love with david since 19934

god said the white woman in there stopped crying because of how long i have been waiting for david the klu klux in there murders her and say it was david

those klu klux murdered the white dogs in the blogger animals!

i'm listenibg "its so insulting " shut your stinking beaks!

maybe i am a little too hard on some of the white women god said she was defending me this morning ,

she was adamant to tell the truth she told i pushed david off at the bar.

i'll say something nice to her.  i box you because i know it hurts him but it is him.  it is her as well.  god told me some of the men break their computer they smash them up.

god told me to drink a little of that lemon flash shine it kills them just a little.  he told me too tell you no more than 400 cash point  size receipts.

god said it is not him taking the white american school girls out for the song it is the klu klux in america.  he said they have megan's law but it is them why megan's law is not being used.

i need to fix something on abraham god want accuracy

he said the white women were sleeping with the black men before abraham.  he said she keeps going for the black men which keep causing the trouble between black and white then until now.

i think people should go with who they want and it should not be any ones business. 

god said abraham married a mixed raced woman and the boy teased his son about it so abraham beat the boy with a metal rod and killed him for his son.  the daughter he slept with was not his another black man's.

there are clean and dirt people in every colour it is only because of the yellow on the towel why i say she stinks.  god said the dirtiest woman on the earth and he is god is the middle eastern women he said they stink.

i am not racist but yoou made trouble because i am married to andy who is white.

i don't scorn white women i have kissed a couple i am not gay but it just happened,  most of my girlfriend were white.

the white women keep starting on my family god said it startedwith elizabeth and her husband he wanted to go and see his mistress so he sent her after me at the london music school where her daughter attended then she did checks and found out my family are the royal family.  god said elizabeth donated her eggs.

i kissed michelle in the la rocker in bristol where i lived for 4 and a half years i fell for her god said she fell for me but both friends we were with pulled us away.

at the bar lizard lounge had the white women been nice and came up to me and danced i would have dance and they spoken to me i would have spoken to them,  but they were not being nice.

i got a scholarship at the london music shool in 1998-99  god said the spite was passed on.

god said all philip said to elizabeth was "she's pretty"  god said that is how they like to start it.

god said there are a lot of people involved in the beat up most of them don't know what it is all about they are just told to beat us up.  god said it is paki bashing and that every colour is involved even the black people.

why should i run from you?

god said david cameron has been making lots of trouble.  god said david cameron is victoria's family and philips son

god said almost everything on the shelves in every shop has anthrax.  i think a different country is doing a take out over here.

they are using the beat up as an excuse to do it.

i know what country.

god said it is the white people not the black people the ones at the top in the powder company who have been putting the anthrax in all of the powders people buy from them,

i told you what to drink.  god told me it kills off the anthrax any cancers in the stomach.  i take it with the carbon. costic soda soap powder i was drinking a little before they put death row in it .  but it kills them fast.  it is only the daz with death row.

soap powder will kill a big cancer all of them who attached in one day.

one eighth of a teaspoon i drink milk with it to line the stomach 

i use the daz on the floors because of the deathrow baby powder gets rid of grave yard worms it make them itch and kills them.

run and get some before she destroys it.  god said that is why the worms are leaving that and they are afraid of the anthrax worm who will eat them.  the big worm in me is dying it is nearly gone the flash.  drink it with milk  god said the carbon is killing it as well.

the flash is melting it that is why it is dying.

"|she is being nice we've goa do something to er now."   i just heard that,

that is why they got the black people to cut up my sons face my nephews face was cut as well.  because i sent out the carbon cure.  god said they said it was to show me respect.

god said she has left the soap powder and have gone after the baby powders anthrax.  god said she is german.  god said it is michelle.

god said some of the people who do it for her like doing it but most are in fear of them and their families being murdered if they don't like the woman and man who picked up the things i put outside.

god said tesco change their receipts to be spiteful asda as well and are using a very bitter carbon.  god said that is the spite but it is stronger.  it is better. i have just tasted morrison like tesco and asda.

it's the indians doing the take why they are looking.

god said all of the anthrax being used in the powder company as well is coming from the woman around the corner.  not the man she is with.

god said the indians are doing the take out because of sanita because she was very westernized that is what they are trying to push out.

sanitas mum worked at the junior school i went to as an english teacher sanita did not sound a bit asian.  i went th elmhurst primary school forest gate.  

sanita was very popular.  god said she grew up like that.  god said all of the asian community knew her they did make friends with her because she was different to them but they were proud of her,  the way she dressed and spoke and the mixing that she did,

sanita was an only child.  big bum.  i liked sanita at school.  god said she liked me but her mother tolder her to hang out with white because she would go further in life.  i contacted sanita in secondary school she moved away i spoke to her mum who wouldn't let me speak to her said she was out again.  god said that was why. at school her mum told me it was just her and sanita no dad. i told her we were a one parent family.

god said sanitas mum didn't really want her mixing with asian not even rita was my friend as well has cloth shops in green steet. rita was westernized. little kink of asian in her voice.

who know gushana patel she was nice until georgie pogy got hold of her he went to prison.  he got taken out. he abducted her.  gary greck's uncle.

nicole rider whore nicola fairchild nice.  alan banks

i went out with gary greck he is white we only kissed.

god said shirley got taken out at work. god told me yesterday.  he said she got caught up in it/  but she gave them cheek like the white women who didn't get taken out.  god said they went to do a take out because of a child who was in their care and got taken out by the paedophiles.  god showed me the white woman who sits at the top who shirley and sanita did things for and said she is a paedophile she invited it she is very evil a different level to those who got taken out for it but she is still there.

god said she is involved in the spite because of shirley and is afer sapphire.  god said she was the reason why marshall was locked up in the school office in south woodford..

i don't know the woman.  god said i have seen her in the bar.  i saw a woman who stood out drinking in the lizard lounge.  she was on her own.  50s look like she had a few bob.  not petty.  her face looked like worn down leather.  beat up looking.

god said she is a child catcher she looks for children to take she has social works who will take the children. god said once the go into her foster care system it stops there for the children.

david god said you saw my grave yard song on here what did you think?  true to life?  i heard something this morning.  i saw a black haired man who look at my picture and said "put your finger in it."  oh ny .... god said the klu klux told david he is not allowed to walk into queens house with me it has to be a white woman or they are going to take him out.  god said the white woman told him to pick her up.  god said she is anxious to know if he is going to pick jer up.  i heard another white woman who said "but he is in love with her i don't want to get involved it belongs to her family"  that is why i turned today.

david said the song is very good.  mecy i going to go now.  nthese are just updates.

what it was was she said she wants me and my family taken out.   the bar people.

god said there was a death note,  i head david and saw him "thank you tell the klu klux i got their message"

god you look gorgeous.  i don't know what it is about men with black hair white men but...  david has dead straight hair which flicks up when it grows a little bit long.  i saw our daughter this mornig she is blond.  she was 7 no front teeth,

she was laughing i told i would lover her daddy would tell her off  because he spoilt her and that i didn't her using her special power on me.

i told she should use her powers on her dad that is why she was laughing so that he would spoil her more.

sapphire is pretty but she is pettier.

god let me hear a white woman running around like a blue ass tit. frantically begging the hospitals not to give me ivf  david is an angel i don't need ivf  we have 7 children together she is the first.

david knocks it open that is why i was told to slow down.  he chooses which children he was he knows when to do it.

anyway it is already open the other angel told me he let the cancer open it thenn i took it out and the tentacle stayed where it was which kept it open,  he said the cancer opened it from the top.  david 
is making sure i get pregnant,  the cancer did it to put her worms down so that they could drink the blood.  they all did it but i took them all out.

they did it because i was starving them.  some cancers eat people mine where like people.

oh david i'm chuffed.  i was trying to remember where i saw that man.  it's your dad an angel he showed me himself before. the one who said put your finger in it.   he said he approved of me.   no in law has ever approved of me.

he came to chingford to talk to me and said you wouldn't want me would you thats me. tell him i'll reserve my judgment.

you middle eastern.  you far eastern promise you. 

who is josua then? i saw him in south woodford whilst i was waiting for a bus classy he is an angel he got into my cab.  is that mine?

you live through the gates we were neighbors  i better not say too much incase i put my foot in it.  bye then.

who's jacob then?

i can't wait to see david.  i bet every man with black hair is going to show.

i couldn't handle two men like cheating on both for nonths or years.  i can only love one person at a time,  so i have never done it

i have never had a twosome except with david in queen mary.  i could have but said no.

you little fucker it was you the angel told me this morning.

i thought you were upset with me i ran after you left that heaven reached almost.  all of it was you that is what you can do.

i feel very privileged. joshua i love that name.
you are not too youug for me i like.

i know you are an angel that is why you are not too young.  was that the first time you noticed me or did you know i was going to be there?

let me think back.

"didn't her mother ever teach her it is rude to stare at people?"  those were your thoughts at the time.   i'm glad i stare.  my children tell me of for doing it.

i like to observe people i write.

i couldn't for the life of remember how to spell teacher sapphire spelt it for me.  she taught herself how to read and write no one taught her she asked some times she and ruby have never been to school.

i taught davina she could read and spell any word before she started school with expression. 

because of them i don't have time/  god said they were asked to slow me down.  i taught myself to write film.

the orange song. i don't have it on this lap top it is not mine i have it on a hard drive in my bag. i only stopped to have a smoke. aviour

i have to ask "what kind of human would put anthrax on someone and their children when they have children?" then everyone of that kind go and stand to gether.  what sort of people are they?

it is a very white rascal extremist movement.  it's snow balling anthrax in all of the food they eat and none of them will stop it because they are all standing together.

why take andy out?  you are all the same. it is the progression which concerns me it was cutting off my money things like cutting it down to starvation levels to the rolling homeless spite you need to be stopped,

they have a cheek to say ii must not be picked up. 

all of the justice system doctors polce judges all of them are involved in the anthrax but are now learning it is going to affect them so now they are jumping up but have not yet sat down.

that is why there are angels here because it is theirs they put it here and they are here to judge the justice system and govern.  

i'd like to know why the white people are standing up

sod said there are lots of angels them..  he is god he is on his own.  god said you took out david so that he could not pick me up.  god did not want david to pick me up,  god said you can not do it to joshua.

god said the woman who stuck up for me yesterday is a judge she went against all of the other judges. the lku klux god said their names are all down as klu klux

god said it is them who put out the anthrax the judges.  you are not allowed to judge black people.

god said they are going to let out joeseph shirleys son so that he can go to the funeral.  god said he is going to get taken out.  god said the story the foster care woman gave the black people is what i wrote last night,  god said that is why she walked away.  god said it was her who asked the paedophiles around her to take out shirley and another black woman god said the people she used are the people who take children from her..  god said that is why the white people there are still standing together.
goshua said the man he showed me who told me to put my finger in it was a trillionaire who got taken out.  joshua said as if his father would look like that.

god said the asians are going to keep take out white people for sanita and will not stop just like the white man.

god let me hear the klu klux who raped sanita.they said that she had a funny smell on here.  god said she washed like the white woman at nights and the asian smell is different to the white woman that is what they meant . but that is what is upsetting the asians they don;t want to be bad mouthed. god said sanita finished with the whoring that is why
 she just smelt of. god said it was not fish.

god said i listen to them shirley smelt clean and they said the black people are the cleanest.  god said they are klu klux.

god said sanita had a husband and shirley had a husband.

i'll share something later.

god let me hear the americans who went to the take out at the care business "that was a beautiful woman she should not have been put inside there 

they should have sent her to us"  

god said they beat sanita for the smell,  god said shirley washes before she goes out.  sanita washed before she had sex with her husband that night got up and wiped.  god said shirley was beaten as well.  god showed me sanitas husband "move!"  god said they went there.  i don't blame the asians.

asians are alright to black people . it's just the young boys.

god said her husband was white she washed like him.

god said the white people have strange behaviors like before the earth quake and they are doing it around black people. 

god said the asians are looking at levels like the nlaxl people.  i heard sanita who god said was always complaining about her not shirley.   "i don't want to do that for her"  why is she asking me zan't she get someone else"  god said that is why she told them to take out sanita.

"she is going to tell on us i don't trust asians. i don't want black people in here"  her level

"we don't like taking out works it will bring their family in here"  "take them out i will push them out!"

before but i didn't want to give it to them.  god said asians in this country just live and work here they are not doing anything.

they bad mouthed the black people when they came in the seventies in a high influx why they are sat up there god said and they are involved in the spite. 

god tells me things i do the placements,

they put lots of black widow spiders through my door in chingford and flat flies i killed lots most of them they carry tb everything why they did it.

i was asleep then it was reality not a dream spirits shirley dawn marie kempson my two ex best friends aqnd sanita.  who came in bitched dawn because she was pretty shirley was pretty dawn was mixed race this is what i wanted to tell you.  god said they came into the house he let them in 

sanita said "look at her standing there like on a street corner.  is she trying to pick up or something?"  i said to god who was that?  he said sanita she wanted to come and see you she knows she was not your friend so she left.  i asked why is she attacking dawn~?  he said because dawn was your friend an that is sanita her behavior she has gone now they just took her out.

then dawn said "i have been thinking about you i want us to spend more time with each other"  then shirley started attacking dawn. so i said to shirley leaver alone i picked dawn up..i said to dawn maybe a couple of days .  dawn left god said they just took dawn out

shirley before that said i think you two you know love each other.  i said no it is not like that.  god said both dawn and shirley were jealous of each other.  i never ever bitch either of them to each other i kept them seperate because of the animosity i senced between them.

god said shirley just got up both are leaving at the same time dawn left fist after sanita.  the klu klux are going after your colour because of the white women that is one batch all three bodies are laying next to each other and the black people are sitting down the asians have got up.

god said out of the two which would you say was more of a friend.  he said shirley.  i said no dawn never tried to have my children taken from me.  he said dawn was a bitch like sanita different santa was like the white women.  but same level as dawn.  i said shirley let me finish is a piece of shit why i let them do it to her.  god said they cut up that piece of shit if you see what they did to her good,

gtod said he is going to march both dawn and shirley out of here because they got taken out they wanted to come so that ii could get taken out as well.  god said that is why dawn asked to spend time with her she is over the other side i teleported her here, because you said a couple of days they have been in the house for a couple of days not sanita.

god said both shirley and dawn are same level.  i wanted to say that to god even when i said a couple of days i wished i didn't say it i couldn't stand her.  god said both of them have sent the klu klux after you and your family because of their jealousy but the klu klux know they must not come here.

god said dawn is very spiteful shirley is very evil.

last night god said i hate the black people.  i do.  they are just like them.  god said a few weeks ago he like the white people for stinking together.  not what they are doing.  god said the black people are very spiteful why they are just sitting even though you have told them the white and asians are taking out black people.  god said he didn't want them to fight yet untill the built back up in numbers it is because of slavery their wasn't enough to fight why they did slavery.  but they are still builing but they get up and fight.

god said it is because i hate black people he doesn't hate me.

joshua i said this before .  if a black person and where i was then in spirit heard someone shout out they were gods bride and were push into living in a car with their children.  i would have been the 

first at the scene of the crime to help because i love god.

god said you are not allowed to touch my family.  i don't care if the black people fight for their lives or not they can stay sitting it is not for me or mine.

the klu klux are doing a brown take out that is the level.

god said they went after your children first to stop them bringing more brown into the world.

now i would leave them in the car like they left us 

in the car not out of spite like the black people.

god let me hear a black woman shout "tell her to go and wash herself!"  he said that is what she said.  why he hates black people.  i did wash in swimming baths and in a bowl like the stinking black woman.

she has a bath and shower but washes in a bowl and thinks she is clean the old black woman.  lazy.

one step up from a wipe.

we used the launderette we never wore the same clothes twice even in the car. 

god said the black people told them to slaughter 

my family it is them who are getting slaughtered.

a white person would never tell a black person to slaughter a white person.  god said it what they said why it has started

god said it is spiritual and the black people waved the wond.

joshua i have already seperated myself from black people who let their beat up and cut up mine for white people who would never allow black people to cut up and beat up theirs.  for a black woman

god let me hear the klu klux "leave her family and go after them."

god said that is why white people don't like black people the slave mentality.  god said the black people know the white people have sexually abused all of their children and are still trying to please the white people by doing things to my family to say sorry to them for the truth that i tell 

like the three black men in jr's the  west indian food shop up the road who is puttin anthrax and bad bugs mutating worms in the food for it started but for other black people for the white dog across the road dirty blacks!

god said it is because the black men like sleeping with the white women and don't want to be told to stop.

god said the white women are being told to start pushing the black man. they are going to take their children from the black.  your children will get sexually abused by the white man paedophile the cousins and the uncles and the dads good!

that will teach the black man for disrespecting the black who he beat so that he could go off with the white woman.  he will sit down with the white woman and leave his black children by themselves. n it hurts him to see a black woman with a mixed race child. i have let all of them with both brothers without a care in the world.

god said i could leave them with the half brothers as well.

it's the black making it bad for black people because of what is between his legs and where wants to put it in the white woman.the asians stick to themselves why the white man don't hate them.  they are doing it to my family the black man then turns and walk off.  so that the klu klux wont stop him from going with the white woman god showed me. fuck off!

he is the reason why black people don't stick together.  because of his mixed race children. 

the black man has been!  fucking dog!  don't use mine

god told me yesterday the white klu klux woman across the road her mother works for wilkingsons fucked the black man in the shop at the back why he did food spite to for her.  god said hios dna is in her.

god told me the white woman across the road got the container containg the gers from her trillionair boyfriend.  he does not know she had sex with the black man.  i saw the black god showed me he admited to putting it in her because she offered her body to him i heard it.

i needed to drag the black man back because he turned and walk off after murdering me and my children it is only god who made them not want the food even though they were hungry they waited for mac donalds.

god said it started with her flirting with him so that he would do it for her then she bent down and sucked him they were kissing the she tuned her back and fucked her then they both ended up on 

the floor where they finihed it

god said she gave him germ and said andy is a paedophile and doesn't have those germs.  i asked god what he meant god spoke to me whilst i was in the shop.

god said they had to move all of the pots and pans they put on the floor in the dirty little shop because it is small he said the other black stood outside the kitchen and kept asking what was going on in the kitchen.

god said when she finished she went home washed and had sex with the boyfriend.  that upsets the klu klux which is making them give black people a hard time.

god said he went home washed and went with the black woman  which is disrespect to the black woman..

god said it is her shouting take out andy for going with the black woman across the road they know what she is shouting the klu klux.

god said i show respect when they saw me with my children at the shop he didn't want to do it to me or my children but she already gave him the sex he had to.  god said the black man who came out with me to show me the way to mac donnalds made sure those on camera who he knew were involved because she spoke to him made a big m sign with his hands so that they could get ready to use the same in my childrens food,  god told me to let the children goi nin by themselves order and sit by themselves.  the peoploe didn't know they were my children until they had finished eating and i stepped in.

god let me hear her talking to some one she asked them to take out the black men in jr's.  he also let me hear her telling him the black man at the time not to say anything god said she knows the klu klux would take her out if they found out.

god said she spoke to davi9d cameron who she told she could get it done to god said she did all of the shops.  because it was black to black she had to give something she gave her body.

god let me hear her speaking to someone the white woman she spoke to told her she should npot have had sex with him.  that is why she wants the white woman the boyfriend is seeing taken out,

god said when she spoke to david cameron she calloed him sir "i will do sir"

god said the boyfriend had already given her the money but she didn't want to pay the black man.

god said the money came from david cameron.  nwhy all of the shops took in the germs,  she paid £59 for the food but not for him to do it.

god said everyone was paid a £1000 mqac donalds were paid more because they are bigger.

god said she was stinking of fish the two black went into the kitchen after and one of them started to vomit.

i heard the othe black men "man how gould you sleep with her?"  "i don't go to bed with those people" god said he laughed it off.

"make sure you wash your hands this is our shop you are not supposed to do that for the white  woman"

god said she gave him the sex to make sure he would do it and then said to him when she finished if you don't do it you and your family are going to get taken out.  god said she said it quietly.

"as long as you wash your hands."  "you put a condom on?"  god said he did not have time.

"if you do it for me i'll give you sometyhing."
"lioke what?"
"come here i'll show you."

god said how it started in the seventies the klu klux sent the white women out to sleep with the black men because the white women made trouble if the white men went with the black women because of the slavery.  god said the white men wanted the black so they said you have mixed race children for us.  they agreed why they let them go and did not trouble either of them.  god said the mixed race are prettier than the white girls why the white girls push them away the white man don't get any they end up with the black man.  who likes them.

i just killed a huge black widow i am shaking.

i usually call myles but he is out it was trying to get away i catch them with the mop.

god said it is not the one in the cupboad they have been posting them through the letter box.

god said this house is full of them because of the landlady who came in the day david cameron came.  god keeps reminding me to tell you a lot of people are going to get take out by the spiders.,7

god said the girl she told won't say anything but that is why she slept with her man because she sees her as disrespectful.

god said they are waiting for the black to say he put it in but he says something else he said it to someon else.

hi joshua god showed me what you are like.  you and i get on really well  i clean and you help i ask you to do things and you do them for me.  thats nice.

god said you stick to me like glue your not david.

god showed me that when i was in chingford.  why didn't i get back to you?

when i saw you i told you what i was thinking i put it on here. i was thinking his nice let me see your face.

i was thinking classy are you showing off with that nice phone ore are you nervous because i am staring at you?

god said you wanted me to come and sit down.  if i was not late i wasn't late i took a cab .  i would have gone in and got a tea and said "would you mind if i sat here?"

i did care about andy because his shit i would have said to him i met someone.

i would have said "i wonder why the traffic is so bad i have been waiting for a bus for almost an hour where do yo live are you with someone?"

i don't think i was with andy.  i am remembering what i wore something i bought to wear in to go to jamaica my dad died at the airport over there he was murdered.

i was thinking i am going to be late i wonder if you will come and find me.

god told me you said where is she going let me have a look she is going to get taken out.

i was thinking can that phone call heaven it's a 

nice phone who are you talking to?

i was thinking i hope i see you again.

you look nice in a suit.  that is what it was you wear it well.

god said you would have told to come over to you and would have fucked and not haven a shit about andy because you saw him out there,  god said you had see andy outside the front door staring at the white women going past.

i'm glad it wasn't then because of the cancers and what they have done to my body during the take out.  i can't wait to be in recovery.  god sai i am near finished.

they have cut me up turned me black burnt my skin caused itching made me incontinent.  lots of pain i would want you there.  i betterecept for pin right now in my body because of the white woman cutting the hot water off.   they cut all of my hair off my eye brows as well.  i shaved last night crackling god said that is why britney shaved her head worms.  he said anthrax worms are the only worms who do that.

the pins are coming out the angel told me to shve so that they won't come.  he told me to stand for long in the bath i use a bowl with hot water.

this house stinks of fungus.  he said even under the carpet there are grave yard worms.  because of the murders.

god said the white woman pricked up she thinks he is going to let her drag my wig off.

he said i have to keep shaving down there but i don't have to shave my head any more i can start to grow was growing fast.

i have not felt may worms dropping down there today god said he has lost lots just before he drops.

god said there is no hiv.  only a little in my feet which keeps happening because of the carpet  god said it is the carbon.

god said there is nothing in my stomach it is all gone.   he said the throat contrictor has gone it is just the claw doing it and he put his arm in and i 

tgave him a drink he is getting taken out.  

the helicopter is hovering that mean spite.


god said the woman starts taking the wigs off the shelves.

god said the angel is going to start taking them out.

god said he is going to start taking the helicopters.

they are still out there.

god said my colour is standing up for the wig.

joshua i am a good cook what sort of foods do you
 like?  you like steak rear med or?   what do you want on it   i like nothing

i fancy liver and bacon for breakfast.

i'll make you breakfast in bed.

god said andy is on here.   so what he treated me like shit from day o,  i feel a song coming on beatle juice.

i heard "this is your sausage."  don't make me laugh you can thank me for breakfast after in kind

i like soft eggs on top of my steak.  home made chips.

how about somthing healthy i don't want to spoil your shape.

creamy  mash with sausages cooked in gravy and onions.  black pepper.

i love home made potaoe salad with cream and mayo chives little galic onion.

do you like rice and peas mine is better than anyones

i season mine well onion garlic fresh time lots of coconut crem i shave you don't taste it scotch bonnet pepper oil salt i put a maggi cube in the water.

i made up a dish fish dish prawns, squid, smoked salmon. smoked haddock, scollops,mussels, cod all fresh mixed veg frozen butter easy cook rice add it to the rice whilst the rice is cooking.  a little mixed herbs and black pepper,  i don't cook with salt because of the seasonings.

macaroni cheese.   abig block of mild cheese cook the onion and garlic and macaroni boil mix to gether 4 eggs black pepper grated cheese mix it up put cheese on top sliced tomatoes then bake it until golden

i make nice  jerk chiken my recipe i blend everything then leave it on the chicken over night in the fridge  two onions 5 scotch bonnets a bulb of garlic one red and green pepper fresh time off the stork black pepper oilchicken seasoning then it goes on the bbq. and for the sauce over it   papya pepper sauce mixed with tomatoe katch up heated.

i like exotic fruits on scewers on top of the barbi and toffe sauce   cook butter and sugar .

i made up a dish butter suar toffe is what it turns into cook carrots in it then add toasted sesame  seeds and chilli.

in chingford i made a nice roas roat beef yorkshires macaroni cheese rice and peas veg roast potatoes lots god told me a white man and his wife could smell my cooking god said he was jealous so he said to his wife you've got kierves at home haven't you she said yes he said when we get home put them on.

if lenny is on.  he used to annoy me all day all all weekend he would lay in bed he wouldn't let me do anything he would say get back in bed he would order me around get him a drink make him something to eat cups plate the room was a mess  then he would look around and say this is a mess can't you clean it up a bit?

he wouldn't do any cleaning he said the day a woman put an apron around him is the day he hangs his cock up.

that's ryan and jakes dad.

he would cook he is a good cook but would be in competition with me,

bye joshua 

i heard in a very small voice "where is the mother?"  the angel came yesterday and said that ypug white woman across the road is very very evil that is why i am going to tell you about the black man.  

make sure she doesn't blame it on the klu klux she and the boyfriend just went in there with an asian young man.

i heard "they don't allow any other colour in there."