Tuesday, 18 October 2016


hello david and the other angels first of all i would like to tell mike something the angel told me.  he said you are going to get taken out.  i think you are seeing charlotte that is why it happens i heard "pick him up"  god said white people are animals it is because they like the way he looks the paedophiles.  god said mike sent people to take out my family that is why he said it.  yeh right like he gives a shit about my family.  charlotte is bad new she went with my turtle as well 

secondly because i told on the angel mike i was given something to tell everyone about my sister.  i'll come back. 

david i have your number.  yeh.  i am going to punish you like you have been punishing me.

put youtube your honor pluto shevington go on you david.

my sister needs to learn how to humble herself fucking spiteful she thinks she is joan collins alexous those day are gone shoulder pads.  the angel came and said the only way she is not going to get taken out by the angel is if she starts going to church because of what she did.,  i don't want to hide her shit let her face like she like to expose everyone me.  god showed me dawn a week or so ago  and showed me doreen running me down to her.  god told me all of my friends doreen cut off from me even dawn.  she did shirley shirley told me but dawn did not.  doreen is sick why is she following me when i have not had much to do with her over the years?    this morning god said she is jealous because of how much you know.  i heard her analyzing.  "she has been around lots of white people like me but she moves around i hang with the same people,  i would move around but i have children.  but she has children.  i  have a job she doesn't have a job.  but then she is a good writer and she is on here people can see it.  i want it off there.  ii am going in that house she has a cheek to take the ship"  god said she is jealous i moved around.   i heard the angel she is not allowed in there because she said she is going in there.  you don't want to mess with those angels. they will put you in hell. 

god told me doreen met up with daw for lunch they both worked in canary warf  different jobs but the buildings were close to each other. 

god said doreen boxed me down to dawn who i loved one of my best friends my best friend she and i met 92 i was pregnant with ryan because of music i held and audition she was one of the people i pick for my girl group.  god said dawn listened to everything doreen said i think doreen had only met dawn through me a coupleof times when i first met dawn.   god said dawn was same class level as me dawn was a vp in the morgan stanley bank.  dawn was made redundant after the bombings in america i was still living in wapping i left the 02 may 2nd.  god said as soon as doreen finished dawn boxed her down.   dawn did what i would have done.  god said dawn marie kempson got murdered by george tykiff for her music it only just happened. god let me hear doree he said it was straight after the boxing down "i want dawn murdered for the way she spoke to me."   god said lots of people heard her say it she was upset god said they are using it against doreen because they wanted dawns song and murdered her the one she sent to trevor nelson.  god said he is involved.   god said it was the white woman who had dawn murdered harriette.    god said no one would have murdered dawn for doreen they hate her in there.

those were accounts i didn't know what was coming.   

i left wapping and moved to bristol god said they are trying to take doreen out for what they did to dawn all white people.   god said it happened in westfield,  make sure you do not touch my family i will wipe you out with a passion the angel said that is why he is the only one who will take doreen out.

god said he let them take out dawn because of whe she would have done to me she would have gone after the angel who i have been told i have to sit with and had sex with him.

god told me david is laughing.  i am glad he thinks it is funny.

i heard the angels speaking doreen said she is going to do it to me what she did to dawn that is her behavior shoulder pads  the angel said he is not going to let anyone take his happiness away from him.  god said he is the one dropping down with the things i write. 

oi you david that is part of your punishment.

the angel said you are the person i fell in love with and you fell in love with me but you don't look and there was a miss understanding so you have been punishing me but the angel said i was not this humble when we started like what happened at broomfield street. i kicked the angel in the nuts because he was trying to put a ring on my finger and told him i was married to andy.  

i called the angels cunt and kicked some down the staircase they opened up a portal and i jumped into a black hole but he rescued me.  god told me the other day the angels were vexed.

the blond angel said yesterday it should have been him picking me up he asked me first to marry him but when david came i yes to david the blond angel said that is why we protect you you are his it is for him.  the blond angel was playing a game he knew i was david's the angel told me this morning that is why david kissed my face at broomfield street.

david can you put on my redeemer lives nicole c mullen.  i want to praise you.

to my followers i am listening to something god played for me in the car on the way home from dropping my children off to school st mary and st michael e1 he told me to take the position statement into the court in holborn.  he said i must not be seen send andy they are taking people out in the court they are waiting for you.    music was not played from the music equipment in the car but it was like how it sounds.  i will run to you i'm not sure if it is hill songs she is white the singer sorry i can't do links don't know how to.
to my followers i am listening to something god played for me in the car on the way home from dropping my children off to school st mary and st michael e1 he told me to take the position statement into the court in holborn.  he said i must not be seen send andy they are taking people out in the court they are waiting for you.    music was not played from the music equipment in the car but it was like how it sounds.  i will run to you i'm not sure if it is hill songs she is white the singer sorry i can't do links don't know how to.

i love "faithful one"

two angels came yesterday the ones who have been looking after ma one of the said one of us is for doreen but she has to go to church first that is where she meet him.

that was the blond he was highlighted.

god said out of everyone in all of the churches i stood out more than anyone else like a sore thumb. oh,
i loved you more than anyone else.

i stood out more because i poured out love on everyone everything that is how i loved him.  robin mark love the songs.

god said doreen does get broken because of what mike just gave her.   herpes?   only under attack bath in a cup of soap powder 3 times a day don't use daz .

oh he said there is one angel left in church.  like mine.

thea angel who spoke to me said he has been sent to the evangelical churches for anyone.  he said the angel becomes a woman because of a man he saw in there.  someone white.  asian mixed.  joshua.

i'm listerning to those trying to steal my songs everything is recorded here or somewhere else you will get taken out for it you are not my family i don't care.  they are pretending they did not know i could sing only because i closed pages on this site.

i sang load in gchq  i was singing to myles one hour ago i am not playing with you you are too disrespectful.

the grave yard worms are coming out in droves it is bad.  all over my arns and face and....

your listening to my songs oh,  the judges at the holbon family court let you have a copy.  yes i did a position statement and a level 5 nvq so for the position statement i wanted to show i was competent 

we did the first ever nvq it was the pilot level 3 waltham forest college take the same level of competence to understand level as 5  i was the first in the class to understand it even though they all had degrees i was the only person to complete my business plan they used as a template for other students,

i was the only person to understand the tutor david.  i would only go into class when i did not have business meetings they sat there the duration bad mouthing me for liking white people even the white people who didn't really know what was going on with the afro centrics.

you need prof to show that are competent the only way to get that is by actively seeking to achieve what is being asked of you in the modules evidence.  

i was getting fed up with the ill treatment if i sat at theur dinner table everyone would get up straight away and leave people like spiteful people.  i had an outburst in the class room nearly got thrown out.   i ansk the person who was the ring leader "if you don't like the white man what are you doing in his country further more class room even more what are you doing in the white man's canteen eating his white chicken?"  i told him to loose himself and find jesus and to replace what he had around his neck with the cross of salvation.

he told everyone before he reclaimed his name in the outburst i told him not to res erect it but to bury it,  

that was really hurtful the dinner table leave them to get on with it.

i had to go to the edu to say sorry.  they were really nice about it i told the there were secret meetings and they wouldn't let me go.  the bible what is good bring it in the light.

i don't have to preach the bible just walk it.

i don't know how it started i think i might have mentioned my ex who was white i don't know i don't care they started getting up of tables i was on the american black girl they came to my house she and him we were ok.  next thing the white people started doing it.

i bathed every day before i left i was always in the bath that is where i spoke to god my closet.

she had bad gums god said it was her if she smiled blood would squirt out.  i might have said something to her.  i probably did.

god said he went with her that was his girl friend.  he looked well kept convenience probably.   i think i said can you look the other way when you are laughing i have not got anything,

god said she had hiv in her gum.  there you go why should i catch it i was celibate i had my children to think about.

god said because i told her she started washing her mouth out the hiv left,

i don't sit on any toilet seat except at home i hate this toilet  none of my children sit on toilet seats.  i let the girls stand on the seat with their shoes put chemical in cubicles.

we caught germ in her god said it will wash out jake washes it out quick every time he comes he leaves with some.

god said because these worms have come into my body they leave the children because it made the children throw up and they are children the grave yard worms have left my body why he let me come here.

god said there is only a tiny little bit left i have to use a brush downstairs they came out from the worms in my body and dug themselves in..

let me do some coverage on andy the white is too spiteful.  this morning god let me see a white woman he went with her why she went there quick.  she spoke to someone and said andy is messing around.  god andy knows he is getting taken out and is being honest what upset her they were asking him questions about the smelly women he has been with and were comparing all of the white women to me.  he told them he has never smelt me only in the car when we were living in it.  they asked and told them the white women were smelly he told them when he got down on me there was no smell other differences i kept the house clean but it got untidy because of the children and us.   god said she asked for them to take out sapphire.  i don't want andy to go through too much check her dna.

they asked when he went in was there any smell coming out of me.  god said the smell only a little was coming from andy because he was going with them.